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It's me. I write. Yes, I'm pretty fucking good if I put some time into it, otherwise a certain someone wouldn't have thrown horrendous amounts of money at me to write him a story. Yes, I might take on commissions, you'll have to ask.

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What are your commission prices, by the way?

Once I think of something, I'll send it your way

Eh. Who knows. I’m pretty flexible with what I am willing to write. What I like to write might be a different question, but I’m flexible with that, too.


Before I try, though, are there any ideas that you outright won't write about?

Unlikely, for the time being. Good ideas aren’t that difficult to find, the real issue is a lack of time. You can always try to send an idea into my direction, though. If there’s something to it, then there’s a decent chance it’s at least going to inspire my future writing.

  • Viewing 2 - 6 of 6
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