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Wolf Blood

After a few years of watching the show ideas always continue to bubble up in my head now's the time to release them.

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is this a different universe or same as the wolf among ponies

Yes! I wanted a sequel and here it is! :yay:

I hope he eventually is ligit brought back to life, the ending to the first story gave me post mass effect 3 rage flashbacks

7285578 it's same universe, the m.c. from wolf among ponies is dead tho.

Great chapter like always can't wait for more:twilightsmile:

When he finds what they have done to Luna, it will be the greatest shit storm of our time.

now hold on! How the hell did the caribou take over? Ash seen what happen in the off course story crossover so shouldn't they have prepared for better? Someone dropped the ball here

7285840 Ash and Rage never told anyone and the only one who knew and was alive at the time was Rage.

The amount of fire and blood in this one will fill an ocean when this guy finds a dear friend or family... OH SHIT LUNA AND THE KIDS!!!!

7285850 well midnight should only be two years old so he's safe-ish. Same for flurry heart(i hope) but pip....yeaaaah maybe not so much.

Author how often will you be updating regularly? I want more of this sequel! It's just as, if not better then the original.


WOOOOOOOO SEQUEL!!!!! Your a total insperation for me dude:pinkiehappy: Thanks to you I'm about to start my own. P.S.............WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!:trollestia:

God, you made a sequel to that garbage? You also made it in a completely different universe and applied even more HiE stereotypes. Way to make a bad thing worse.

Based on the last one and this one's description I'll give it 2/10.

Damascus Steel I speak to you and you alone.
Just because you have never written a story for the Fandom, does not give you the right to go and smear other stories that you are jealous of.
You Don't like it leave it alone, and walk away.
You have constructive criticism, be polite and share it.
Don't cross the line.

You can read my name.

So since he is undead and can't eat regular food is this supposed to be a tokyo ghoul-like character? Just curious

Can't wait for the next chapter!


Bone is Ash. The resemblance. Also, cutting of Unicorns horns Wolfy?

That is fucked up. I would like to see all Unicorns get there horns back.

Good otherwise.

7286866 i'm thinking more pirates of the Caribbean style all things considered. the similarities are enough that it might fall under the same rules.

The author was already given criticism on his last story and has yet to make any major improvement. Usually when writers fail to make any noticeable improvements it's time to get harsh and what makes you think he's jealous?

First you make a mediocre story with an original premises.
Then you make a mediocre story with a stock bash Fall of Equestria plot. Come-on man!

Since I abhor rape of any kind especially against the princesses I will refuse to read this story. While I hated the ending of the previous fic since I liked it, it is preferable to a caribou fic

Look i loved your first story, but im one of those guys who hates rapist. HIE FOE stories make me wanna deck the jerk off
( no pun intended )
Who first introduced this story arch type on this fansite in the first place. Please reconsider doing an alternate sequel where ash comes back and given another chance by all the gods. Seriously they all owe ash from the previous story. They can bend the rules for him.

7289197 Trust me, I'm in the same boat as you with the rape thing. He promised me that he was going to make it as minimal as possible,. Though the moment this story starts to go down that route more than I am willing to stand and that ain't much, I am gone.

7288077 I apologize if I offended you, however Wolf Blood is one of the best author's I have read. Yes he has flaws in punctuation, but he still is a fantastic author. Next being his first story he requested constructive criticism, not hate. I agree that if someone never tries to improve, then yes people should point it out to them, politely. Finally I have had experience with jealousy in my past, even being jealous of others myself, his comment 'way to make a bad thing worse.' tells me that he likes the first story, but can not or will not admit it, out of pride or another reason.
Again I never ment to offend, but I was scared that his words would be too harsh and hurtful, I know it would hurt me if some one said the same about a story of my own, after receiving praise for my good work, and numerous requests for a sequel. I could have handled it better, This for sure, and I apologize to Damascus Steel for how harsh I was in my fear and anger. I also appreciate you, Lou Alp-luachra, for pointing this out to me. I was in the wrong.

I hope that everyone has a good day/night.


Awesome!! Can't wait for the next chapter.

This reads like it was written in a hurry. A bunch of sentences back to back without any sort of punctuation. Also a glaring gap in logic that made me quit for now: why did no one react to Daring's lack of wing binders (or whatever they're called)? This just seems that you had an idea for a story, rushed it and didn't think it over or re-read it.

Just re-read that part and got the whole mud beard thing (referencing daring do's episode), just seems oddly comical and out of place in such a serious setting that my eyes glazed over it.

you should have had him have his metal arm

I wonder is the figure he sees is the spirit of ash blade

Instant favorite.:moustache:
If this is a new Ash(the established rebirth thing from the last story) or a student of Ash (???) I will lose it.(in a good way)

P.S. Yay, more.

Jesus...this is so edgy....makes that game "Shadow The Hedgehog" look tame! ... I lime it....i think.

good god how long have i been gone... oh well good story bro keep up the good work.

More I jest got back from my dads house so me whant more ... plz ps I'm now 17 my birthday was June the 4th

Duuuuuuude!!!! Was happening?!?!?!? Did Ash's body turn into a wolf, or did another spirit inhabit his body which turned his body into a wolf? So many questions to be answered. Next chapter please!!!!!

Bones is Ash.

Also, I thought you said Ash's arm was a normal white metal one? Now it's a future one...

7301117 I never said it was white I said it was made of metal and this arm is metal is it not.


You said it was iron, iron is white.

My favourite wolf will always be Bigby Wolf. Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

7301226 I don't recall iron being white unless it's painted white but anyway the colour isn't important it's basically how I imagined the arm to look.

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