A Wolf Among Caribou

by Wolf Blood

First published

I am a corpse without memories and about to fight against a bunch of Caribou who will rape any mare in sight this will be fun.

*Note first story must be read to understand some parts of this story*
*Warning Spoilers in comments*

Well there ain't much to tell about me because I have no memory of who I am. All I do know is that I wake up and notice I'm in a world filled with strange talking ponies that stand on two legs. But, the fucked up thing here is that there are also caribou here that can also stand on two legs. However, these guys are raping any mare they see and that for some reason makes my blood boil hotter then hell. If I had any that is...Oh didn't I mention I'm dead but that's not important right now. What is important is that I'm going to kill every single caribou and find out who I am.

Let the hunt begin. *wolf howl*

Opening Song

This story will take place during the Fall of Equestria and please keep in mind I will keep the rape to a minimal and I will add lots of caribou blood being spilled if that makes you happy.

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Chapter 1 The Awakening

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It has been 3 years since the Battle under the Eclipse and the death of Equestria's darkest enemy along with it's first king and beloved hero. Since then the land has been at peace...Until a species known as the Caribou invaded and captured the Crystal Empire. The Equestrian army fought hard against the Caribou but were ultimately defeated and betrayed by some of their own. Now Equestria is but a shadow of its former self where the male population rule over the mares using them as items to pleasure themselves. With Equestria's defeat it didn't take long for the other kingdoms to fall. Now every single female and many males prey for someone to save them from this fate.

Little did they know they were about to get their wish...

Far off in the dark southeastern jungles of Equestria

Daring Do is a tan Pegasus with a rainbow greyscale mane and tail. Before the fall, she was a proud explorer who loved the smell of adventure and finding treasure in trap filled temples or tombs. But, now she wore no clothing except a pith helmet exposing her body to her captors. She also wore a black collar and her wings were folded inside brown boxes preventing her from flying. She was 5'3" tall, her chest size was a large B cup and she was being led through a dark crypt. Bodies of an ancient tribe littered the sides of the walls, some of them holding weapons others looked mummified.

"Are you sure it's this way," a large Caribou asked.

"I'm sure," Daring said before she was slapped across the face by the caribou.

"I'm sure what?" the Caribou asked.

"I'm sure 'master'," Daring said spitting out the last word as if it were poison.

The caribou then pulled Daring to her feet and pushed her forcing her to walk forward.

Elsewhere in the Jungle First Person P.O.V.

Darkness is the first thing that greeted me along with the sounds of flowing water. I opened my eyes and I saw thick tangled pieces of wood around me, acting like a cage. I looked to my right and saw water almost smothering my body. I couldn't feel anything, not the water’s cold or the wetness, nothing. I tried to move but I couldn't do a thing. I strained my body to do something till finally I heard cracking sounds. Suddenly, the roots holding my arm came free. I got a look at my arm and saw it was skeletal. How I knew it was mine is because it moved as I wanted it to. I then managed to free my other hand and saw it was in the same condition as the other. I then reached out and grabbed the wooden pieces around me and tore them apart with ease. I then crawled out of the hole I made and saw I was in a river and I was surrounded by trees. I looked back at the spot where I lay and saw I was tangled in a mangrove's roots before I pulled myself out. I then looked up and saw the sky was dark and filled with stars. I crawled onto the shore of the river and looked at my body and saw most of my body was skeletal. But only my chest had a fair amount of old rotting flesh clinging to my ribcage.

I then gazed into the river and saw my face or rather my skull. The bone showed I once had a snout filled with strong sharp teeth and my head was sleek like. I'm not sure how I knew this but it seemed my head was a wolf's skull. I saw a turquoise blue flame sitting in the eye sockets, that must resemble my eyes. Now how I wasn't freaking out about this right now is beyond me. It was like I already knew I was dead and accepted it a long time ago. Suddenly, I saw a silvery figure standing on the other side of the river. It was tall but blurry so there were no details but it seemed like it was pointing somewhere. I gazed at the thing in confusion before I decided to try and move. I knew that wolves walked on four legs but it seems my body was designed to stand on two. So I slowly got to my feet but stumbled into a tree hitting my head and for some strange reason it hurt. I then tried again and managed to keep my balance before I took one step then another nearly falling a second time but managing to stay standing.

I then walked over to the figure, slowly but surely, till I reached it. But once I got close, the figure disappeared only to reappear further away from me, still pointing in the same direction. I then started to debate if I should follow this thing. But then I just thought fuck it, I'm dead already what's the worst that could happen to me now. I then put one foot in front of the other and walked through the mess of trees. I couldn't hear the sound of any living animals around me but I continued to follow the figure for a few minutes till I heard the sounds of voices. The figure disappeared so I then followed the voices and saw a light in the trees. I carefully walked towards it and saw two figures walking and talking to each other. They both had a pair of massive horns on their heads and had brownish fur and snouts of their own. But, instead of standing on two feet, they stood on two hooves and I saw they were wearing identical clothing and one had a lantern in their hand.

At first whiff of these two, who I figured out were caribou, I knew they were bad news. In fact just knowing and seeing them made me furious beyond anything. I couldn't help but let out a growl but this caused the caribou holding the lantern to spin around and shine the light in my direction. I quickly moved behind the tree and waited for the light to move on.

"What's with you?" one of the Caribou asked.

"I heard something," the other Caribou said.

"You're hearing things, were in a bloody jungle for crying out loud," the first Caribou said.

"Yeah...yeah you’re right," the second Caribou said.

The light then left my general area and the two continued their walk and I followed closely behind the group listening in on their conversation.

"By Diann I hate patrol, just what the hell does the boss want in the temple?" the second Caribou asked.

"The bitch said there was a great treasure in there big enough to allow us to by a hundred slaves each," the first Caribou said.

"Well that changes things," the second Caribou said.

I then stepped out of the shadows behind the caribou and wondered what to do before I decided to just go with my instinct. I walked up to the first caribou and grabbed him by the horns. I pulled his head backwards then bit down on his neck. A large spray of blood got into my face but it didn't bother me as I used my jaws to rip the caribou's throat out. When I looked at the other caribou I saw it was shining the lantern at me. I saw the caribou was trembling and paralyzed on the spot in fear. I then let out a blood thirsty growl and lunged at the caribou. I knocked the caribou onto his back then primed my right hand's fingers. I then brought it down on the caribou sinking my fingers into his chest before I ripped my hand out sidewards. I tore the caribou’s chest apart and spilled his vital organs all over the ground.

I gazed down at my kill in satisfaction before I looked at my right hand and saw the blood coating it begin to create muscle, skin and fur on my hand alone. I then looked at my legs and saw they were resting in puddles of blood as well and flesh was growing on them too. I then stood up and looked at my hands. I saw grey fur and my nails were long and sharp, perfect for slashing. I then saw the silvery figure had returned and it was pointing in another direction. I looked at the first dead caribou and looked at the size of his outfit before I gave a nod, grabbing the clothing and putting it on. I then followed the strange figure's hand and soon saw a large camp outside an ancient building that was falling apart and was covered in vines. I then saw more Caribou moving about the camp before I looked at my right hand and saw long sharp claws on each finger causing me to give a dark smile before I put on both the mask and hood.

Back Inside the Crypt Third Person P.O.V

The small group of six caribou and Daring continued to walk through the crypt till they came to a room filled with treasure. Five of the caribou then ran over to the treasure and began to fill their pockets till they were ready to burst.

"Well done slut, now let's go see what little goodies we can find," the large Caribou said as he took Daring into another chamber with even more gold. In the center was a golden throne with a pony skeleton on it wearing a golden headdress.

"Ah, beautiful workmanship, too bad it's wasted on the dead," the Caribou leader said as he dragged Daring over to the throne. "Let's change that," The caribou said as he grabbed the headdress and tossed the skeleton from the throne.

"Do you monsters have any respect for the dead?" Daring asked in outrage but was slapped again.

The caribou then grabbed a large handful of Daring’s mane as he sat on the throne and unzipped his pants, exposing his member.

"Suck," the Caribou ordered as he pushed Daring's face close towards his member.


"Argh what is it, can't you see I'm busy?" the caribou leader said releasing Daring and turning towards the door to see a caribou slowly walk in.

"I-I," the Caribou said.

"Spit it out already!" the Caribou leader demanded.

The caribou who entered stayed silent for a bit before he collapsed to his knees and then fell forward revealing his back with large blood stained slashes. The slashes were so deep they cut through the caribou’s ribcage. This caused the caribou leader to stand up in shock while Daring stared in shock as well. Suddenly, the room they were in went dark completely and a light fog leaked into the room crawling across the floor. Suddenly, a figure slowly stepped out of the shadows. It wore the caribou raider’s uniform but most of it had a lot of blood on it. The one wearing the outfit wore the hood and the mask concealing the wearers face. The only sound in the room was the sound of dripping from the figures blood soaked fingers.

"Who the fuck are you cause your certainly not one of my guys," the leader caribou said as he zipped up his pants.

The figure looked around the room before it spotted Daring who sat still, gazing at the figure in shock and curiosity. The figure then slowly turned its head towards the lead caribou and clenched its fingers into fists before it began to walk towards the caribou. The lead caribou pulled out a pistol and aimed at the figure. The figure stopped its advance and tilted its head to the side as if it was curious about the gun. The caribou then shot the figure in the head but the figure didn't even flinch from the gun but just rolled its head and started walking again only a little bit faster. The caribou then started to panic and fired three more rounds into the figure but it didn't even slow him. Once the figure was close enough, it got into the caribou leader's face and growled. This caused the caribou to literally piss himself if the smell was anything to go by. The figure then grabbed the caribou's face in its left hand as it gave off a silver glow. At first nothing happened but then the caribou's body began to rot and disintegrate, all the while he was screaming in utter agony. The figure released the caribou before it gazed at its hand all the while the caribou continued to disintegrate till all that was left was dust.

Daring watched the entire spectacle in fear and horror and tried to escape the thing but her hand brushed against some coins making them slide across the stone ground. This caused the figure's head to snap in her direction causing her to freeze on the spot. She watched as the figure walked over to her, it then kneeled down beside her and stared at her. In the gap beneath the hood and behind the mask she saw a pair of turquoise blue eyes. Those eyes terrified her yet at the same time they brought comfort like they were there to keep her safe. The two stared at each other before Daring shook her head waking her from her trance.

"Alright pal ya got me, whatever you’re gonna do...Just do it fast," Daring said before she closed her eyes and sat there waiting for whatever was going to happen.

Not long after, Daring felt something land on her lap. When she opened her eyes to look, she saw some of the caribou's clothing and some of it had some blood on it. When she looked at the figure she saw it was lighting a lantern before it picked it up and walked out of the room. Daring sat there spellbound before she quickly put on the clothes provided for her and ran after the figure. She ran into the next room and saw the bodies of the dead caribou. All of them looked like they were attacked by a wild animal that was out for vengeance. Daring then ran out of the crypt and saw the caribou campsite was in ruins. Torn tents, wrecked equipment and dead caribou everywhere. Daring then saw a moving shadow in a tent and went over to it. When she looked inside she saw her savior had its hood and mask off, revealing a dog like head. The head was covered in grey and wild looking fur making the dog look savage like. The dog was gazing into a mirror strangely, almost as if it was looking at its face for the first time.

"Hey," Daring said causing the dog to get into a threatening stance but when it looked at her it relaxed before it put down the mirror and looked at a map of Equestria that was on the table. "I...uh...thanks for saving me back there," Daring said causing the dog to look at her once again. "Sweet Celestia how I have been wanting to do that for a long time," Daring said but the dog just stared at her. "You don't talk much do you?"

Daring and the dog stared at each other in silence the wolf then opened its mouth but nothing came out of it except a raspy noise. The dog continued to try and make a sound till he closed his mouth and had an irritated look on his face.

"Can't talk?" Daring asked.

The dog looked around the tent and grabbed a pen and paper. He wrote a quick message and handed it to Daring.

"Trying to remember how to talk...Remember...Remember how to talk?" Daring asked to which the dog nodded. "Just what happened to you to make you forget how to talk?" Daring asked to which the dog folded its arms over its chest and gave her the 'really' look. "Oh, suppose you don't remember that either not even your name no doubt," Daring said causing the dog to shake its head.

"Well that's gotta suck...How about I give you a name till we figure out what your real one is because it's going to be awkward as fuck if I can't call you anything," Daring said to which the dog looked to be thinking it over before he nodded.

"Alright uh how about Blitz," Daring suggested making the dog recoil in what looked like disgust. "Ok no uh how about Atlas?" Daring suggested but the dog just shook his head. "Alright then maybe you should pick," Daring suggested.

The dog then looked to be thinking it over before he opened his mouth and tried to say something but the sound was too weak to be heard so Daring stepped forward and listened hard.

"B...B...Bones," the dog said in a deep voice that sounded a lot like a growl.

"Bones?" Daring asked causing the dog to nod. "Alright, Bones it is. By the way name's Daring Do adventurer extraordinaire."

Daring's savior, now named Bones, held out a hand and Daring shook it with a smile.

"So Bones uh back there in the crypt, you took at least four bullets, one to the head the others to the chest, how did you survive that?" Daring asked before she let out a yawn.

"R-res-rest...Talk...L-later," Bones said.

"Good idea see you tomorrow Bones," Daring said before she walked out of the tent but looked back inside. "Hey Bones...Thanks again for saving me," Daring said before she left to go find a bed.

The Next Day

Daring awoke from her slumber and saw she was resting in a comfortable cot with a blanket over her keeping her warm instead of sleeping on the hard uncomfortable ground. She was unable to use her wings for warmth since they were still trapped inside the boxes on her back. She got up, looked around, saw she was in the Caribou leader’s tent and that she remembered the events from yesterday. So she stood up and walked out of the tent to see that it was dawn. She then saw her savior Bones was sitting in front of a fire pit that was filled with nothing but embers and he was staring motionlessly into it.

"Morning Bones," Daring said as she walked over to her mysterious companion.

"Morning Daring Do," Bones said effortlessly.

"Hey you're talking now," Daring pointed out.

"Been practicing...all night," Bones said struggling a bit.

"All night...When did you sleep?" Daring asked.

"Couldn't sleep actually, also been...trying to...remember...who I am," Bones said while struggling.

"I see...remember anything?" Daring asked.

"Just shapes...and a lot of sounds," Bones said.

"Hm...Well it's a start I guess you can only learn more from here," Daring said.

"I guess," Bones said before the two entered an uncomfortable silence. "So what's with all these...Caribou?"

"These animals were forcing me to take them to a massive treasure of a long dead tribe so they could buy slaves," Daring said with a growl.

"You're mad...why?" Bones asked innocently.

"*sigh* Well since you don't have your memory I suppose I should explain it to you," Daring said before she got comfortable. "You see about 2 years ago the Equestria that you see today didn't exist."

"Hang on...I'm confused...Equestria?" Bones asked.

"Oh right Equestria is the name of the country we are in and this place, this jungle, is what's known as The Forbidden Jungle. I used to live here until the fall happened," Daring said.

"The fall?" Bones asked.

"You see these Caribou?" Daring asked gesturing to the dead bodies causing Bones to nod. "These guys didn't live in Equestria 2 years ago in fact we didn't know they even existed until they invaded us."

"Invaded?" Bones asked.

"Yeah they came without warning and took over Equestria. They claim there reason why is because they were liberating males from female tyranny. When they conquered us they turned the mares into sex slaves. I think even the princesses and the bearers of The Elements of Harmony were caught. As for the males that tried to fight back they were brainwashed into becoming abusive sex starved monsters," Daring said before she noticed Bones wasn't looking at the fire pit and his hands curled into tight fists.

"Who leads the Caribou?" Bones asked.

"Their king's name is Diann, he rules the entire world now along with his 8 despicable sons. Each son controls a country one for Equestria, one for the Griffin Kingdom, another for the Diamond Dog kingdom, the Minotaur kingdom, Zebrafrica, the Dragon Kingdoms and finally Diann and his eldest son sit in their kingdom. When Diann dies he'll hand his throne over to the eldest," Daring said before she heard what sounded like snarling coming from Bones. "Hey Bones you’re not planning on eating me are you?"

"Huh...oh sorry just...your story made me angry," Bones said.

"Heh well I'm glad that you feel that way, means you see this isn't right either," Daring said.

"Question...what are...The Elements of Harmony?" Bones asked.

"Oh a bunch of special gems some mares I know use to destroy evil. A friend of mine wields the Element of Loyalty and she is a Pegasus called Rainbow Dash. She's pretty cool to hang around with but fair warning she has a massive ego. She also claims to be the fastest flyer in Equestria," Daring said.

"I'll make sure...To keep that in mind...Lets go," Bones said as he stood up.

"Go, go where?" Daring asked.

"To save Equestria and kill the Caribou," Bones said.

"What...You have any idea on how insane that sounds?" Daring said.

"Yes but tell me...Do you want to be a broodmare for the rest of your life?" Bones asked.

"Oh course not," Daring said.

"Then fight for yourself, great things have to start small. All you need to do is get others attention," Bones said effortlessly, his voice low and intimidating but comforting at the same time and his words burning with hope.

"You know something, you’re absolutely right. If we're going to take back Equestria we need to start small and move our way up. I also happen to know where we can find one of the Element Bearers," Daring said.

"Who and where?" Bones asked.

"Her name is Rarity Belle, last I heard she's in Baltimare," Daring said.

"Sounds promising," Bones said.

"Alright let's just get some food and stuff because we've got a long way to go," Daring said.

Chapter 2 Freedom for Baltimare

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Bones P.O.V.

It has been three days since I awoke and met Daring Do and together we walked through the dense jungle which would have left many exhausted. But since I am dead I do not feel exhaustion not that that I bragging. In fact being a walking corpse is the worst thing to happen to you it's true I don't feel exhaustion and I am extremely hard to kill nor do I need to eat, drink or sleep. But, the problem is that I have a terrible hunger. Every I try to eat food it would rot in my mouth forcing me to spit it out I also had a great thirst but the drink would turn to ashes. And when I tried to sleep my eyes would sting forcing my eyes to stay open. Finally the only thing my body can register is pain so to sum it up being a walking corpse sucks balls. During my time with Daring I have kept the fact that I'm dead a secret because she may not take the news well.

"Hey Bones," Daring said snapping me from my trance.

"Wha-what's going on?" I asked.

"You've been staring at the ceiling for a while now," Daring said.

Daring and I were sitting in a luggage car of a train we managed to jump onto when it was passing by.

"Sorry just lost in thought," I said.

Suddenly the train began to slow down so I got up and climbed onto some boxes and looked through a window and saw we were approaching a station.

"I say it's time we left," I said before I led Daring over to the door we used to get in.

We walked out of the car and jumped off the train and Daring gestured for me to follow her. We ran into some bushes and scouted the area and I saw mares crawling on the ground with leashes attached to the collars which came in three colours black, red and purple. Some of them were also wearing the same box things on their back as the ones on Daring's. And there were others that had a stump on their foreheads. I also saw the Caribou and stallions were holding the leashes on the mares and many of the stallion’s eyes had a sickly green glow in their eyes.

"Hey Daring Do I'm still new to all this so what's up with the collars, the boxes and the stumps on the mares?" I asked.

"Well the collars mean we’re slaves for the male population. As for the colours the black collars mean the mare still resist her so called masters orders. Red means that they're obedient and purple means their minds have been broken and will do anything to get a cock. As for the boxes like the ones that are on my back they keep Pegasus wings tied up stopping us from flying," Daring said.

"You’re a Pegasus?" I asked.

"Didn't I tell you about the three tribes?" Daring asked.

"No," I said.

"Uh...whoops," Daring said.

"Ugh anyway back to the mares the ones that have the boxes on their back mean that they're Pegasi but one about the ones with the stumps on their foreheads?" I asked.

"Those used to be unicorns however when the Caribou came it was ordered that every mare unicorn was to have their horns cut off so they can't magic against the Caribou or stallions," Daring said causing every word to make my hatred for the Caribou to only grow. But, I took a deep breath quelling my anger.

"And the ones without either?" I asked.

"Earth Ponies," Daring said.

"Got it Earth Ponies, Pegasi and Unicorns," I said before I looked at Daring and saw she still had the boxes and collar on her neck so I grabbed the boxes startling Daring.

"What are you doing?" Daring asked in shock.

"Calm down," I said as I managed to rip open the boxes and then got rid of the collar on Daring's neck. "Wish you told me about your wings being binded like that must not be comfortable."

"Oh Celestia that's good," Daring moaned as she stretched her wings out receiving several pops from her wings. "Damn why didn't I ask you to free my wings sooner is beyond me."

"You’re welcome...Now how do we find this Rarity?" I asked.

"Hm she's the fashion and no orders from bad guy’s type she'll be doing whatever she can to resist these guys. And that will lead her to a lot of trouble so in my professional opinion she's in the re-education centre if not we can find out who is holding her from there," Daring said.

"Ok any idea where that might be?" I asked.

"There large dark building very hard to miss," Daring said as she pointed to the building in question.

The place was large and made of dark stone and steel and the windows were reinforced with iron bars going vertically and horizontally over the glass.

"Great now we just need to figure out how to get into the town," I said.

"Got it covered," Daring said before she scooped up some dirt and rubbed it over her chin making it look like she had a beard before she flattened her pit helmet.

"Think it's enough?" I asked.

"It'll do just as long no one gets any water on me," Daring said.

"What about me?" I asked.

"What do you mean you’re a male Diamond Dog," Daring said.

"Dog I’m a wolf," I said in an insulted tone and growl.

"Whoa sorry...But now that I look at you a lot is explained," Daring said.

"C'mon let's go," I said angrily as I put my hood and mask on and led Daring into Baltimare.

It was one of those classic seaside towns with sand white walls and red tile roofs the re-education centre was the exact opposite of that it was dark, gloomy and ruined the entire view. That and along with all the mares on leashes flagging their tails for the ones holding their leashes.

"Getting aroused?" Daring asked playfully as she nugged me while we passed a mare and stallion.

"There is nothing arousing about this," I growled causing Daring to back off fearfully.

The two of us didn't speak to each other till we reached the building I walked inside and saw a single desk with a caribou sitting behind it. I walked over to the desk and coughed into my fist gaining the caribou's attention.

"Can I help you?" the Caribou asked.

"Yes we're looking for a certain mare that goes by the name of Rarity Belle," I said.

"Oh great another bunch who want to fuck the bitch of generosity," the Caribou said.

"Actually we're relocating her," Daring said.

"Relocating but I have no forms for relocation to another re-education centre," the Caribou said as he looked through a clipboard.

"That's because she's not going to another re-education centre," I said before I slashed at the Caribou's neck with my claws forcing him to choke on his blood.

I then hid the body under the desk and quickly had a look through the clipboard and found Rarity's name along with a picture of her. She was a white mare with a curly indigo mane and she had a red ball gag in her mouth and tears were in her eyes from what looked like pain. I also saw a stump on her forehead meaning she's a unicorn.

"Says here she's on the dungeon floor and is scheduled for the maximum treatment damn this chick must be a real problem for these guys if she's being treated like this," I said.

"C'mon let's go," Daring said as she walked towards the elevator.

"Whoa hang on," I said as I grabbed the guard's security pass and ran over to the elevator. "We're going into a high security zone may come in handy."

"Hey for a guy without any memories you certainly know what you’re doing," Daring said as I swiped the card and hit the button.

The doors closed and Daring and I rode the elevator to the floor we wanted and when we arrived we saw a dark hallway with cell doors going along the wall. I looked in each door and saw mares and stallions alike in each one each one looking miserable.

"Hey you two halt!"

I looked at the voice and saw a pair of two Caribou guards wearing red armour that had biceps and abs on the chest piece and the pair of them were armed with spears and glaring at us.

"Well uh...you see," Daring began.

"Time's up," I said before I ran at the Caribou.

One of the caribou swung his spears at me but I jumped onto a wall and flipped over the caribou and slashed at his neck with my claws. I then grabbed a hold of the second caribou's head and spun around before I slammed the caribou's head into the wall. All that was left of the caribou’s head was a bloody smear and a crushed helmet.

"Yikes remind me to never get on your bad said but how did you do that?" Daring asked.

"I...didn't know I could it was instinct," I said as I ran down the hallway with Daring.

"Well instinct or not it seems to be working so keep it up," Daring said.

We continued to look for Rarity till I came to a door and looked inside and saw a mare laying down on a metal table with restraints on her arms legs and around her neck. She also wore a black collar and a black blindfold over her eyes. She also a pair of cables attached to her nipples and looked to be hooked up to a large battery of some kind.

"Sick bastards," I whispered to myself before I whistled to Daring Do. "Yo Daring I found her."

I kicked the door open and ran inside and saw the room was filled with a large arsenal of sex items before I began to work on trying to remove the restraints.

"If I've told you once you wrenched boars I've told you a hundred times I will not submit to you monsters," Rarity said in a posh voice.

"Wow certainly got fire," I said.

"Rarity it's me Daring Do where here to rescue ya," Darin said as she came in and helped me look for a release button or lever.

"Daring Do? If this is your attempt at some sick twisted joke I promise you will regret it," Rarity said before Daring removed the blindfold.

"No tricks Rarity," Daring Do said as she tossed away the blindfold and rubbed off her false beard and fixed her hat before she went back to her searching.

"Daring Do *sigh* it's so good to see a familiar face after so long...But who is this?" Rarity asked looking at me.

"The caribou's natural predator," I said as I strained to rip the restraints off.

"Look out!" Rarity screamed.

I turned around and was met with a studded club that sent me flying towards a rack of dildos. I then looked up and saw about five caribou going after Daring and another four coming after me. I stood up and let out a growl before I lunged at the caribou and drove my claws into the caribou's chest. I then dodged a sword’s swing at my head which ended up decapitating the dying caribou. I then removed my claws and grabbed the sword wielding Caribou by the antlers and pulled his head backwards and bit into his throat. With a quick jerk of my head I snapped the caribou's neck and threw the body into another caribou. I then slashed the last caribou across the chest leaving deep slashes and a lot of blood to leak out. I then turned around to go help Daring I felt something being placed around my neck before I felt a massive electric shock bringing me to my knees.

I then shook my head to shrug off the shock before I turned around and saw a new caribou holding a remote and aiming it at me. But, once I stood up to attack the caribou pressed the button shocking me again forcing me to my lay on my stomach this time. But, before I could push myself off the floor I hoof was placed on the back of my head pushing me to the ground once more.

"Well aren't you a fearsome beast," the Caribou said.

"Get your stinking hooves off of him," Daring yelled.

"Ah the great Daring Do now I know I'm going to enjoy our little sessions together but first take this mutt to a cell and keep him there till I'll begin to interrogate him tomorrow. If he tries anything funny zap him," the Caribou said before he removed his hoof from my head and two caribou picked me up and dragged me out of the room. I tried several times to escape but I was stopped by the electric collar around my neck.

I was then tossed into a cell and before I could run out and kill the guards the door was slammed closed I then tried to escape through the window but it was too high and had bars on it. I looked around and saw I was in a circular cell. I then went around the room looking for a way out but my efforts were unsuccessful. So I sat on the bed of hay that was placed in the room and soon the sun began to set and night fell upon Equestria. I just sat still gazing at the wall in a trance for an unknown amount of time. Suddenly, moonlight shined in through the widow and onto a wall and I saw something glowing silver appear on it. When it fully appeared I saw it was a strange mark of some kind yet it looked familiar.

Suddenly the figure I saw in the forest appeared and pointed at the symbol so I got up and walked over to the symbol. I looked at the figure but it said nothing but continued to point at the symbol so I looked at the symbol once more and felt it calling to me. Slowly I reached out and touched it and as soon as I touched it the world became a white void. I looked around and saw nothing but white till finally I saw something black in the sea of white. I walked towards the thing and saw it was someone. However, I couldn't see their face because it was hidden underneath a dark war torn cloak. But, from what I could see this figure was wearing strange dark armour on its chest and right arm but I couldn't see the figure's left arm because the cloak was covering it. As for the figures legs a strange wisp like darkness billowed around the figure, making the figure look like they were floating. Finally on the figure's left shoulder there was an object that looked like a sword's hilt.

"Who are you?" I asked but the figure only pointed at me. "You're me?" causing the figure to nod. "Then tell me stranger who are we?"

The figure then lunged at me and knocked me into darkness.

"You'll know soon enough but for now," a voice said which I guessed was the other me however the voice sounded different.

Suddenly a flood of information flew in front of me before my eyes snapped open and I saw I was back in the cell and the figure and the mark were gone. I stood up and felt a flood of energy running through me causing me to smile and rip off the electric collar as if it were paper. I then walked over to the door and reached out and pushed my hand against it. Suddenly, my hand turned into fog and I did the same with my body and walked through the door. Once I was on the other side I saw my outfit had changed to match the other me. I also saw the wispy shadow surrounding me but I realized it was actually magic overflowing from my body. However, I didn't have the sword my other me had. Suddenly, the lights were flickering on and off I then gave a smile before I set off down the hallway. I saw a pair of guards were there and they looked absolutely terrified of me. Suddenly, one of them worked up a nerve to attack but I back handed the caribou into a wall. As soon as the caribou flew into the wall I heard the snapping of the caribou's neck indicating he was dead. I then looked at the last caribou and saw him try to flee but he didn't get far because the overflowing magic shot out and impaled the caribou on a ghostly spear. Once he was dead I let the caribou fall to the ground. I then searched the building killing any caribou till I came across till I found the cell Rarity was in but I saw it was empty. This caused me to let out a growl before I decided to go ask the Caribou in charge of Rarity's location.

Warden's Office Third Person P.O.V.

Daring Do was not having a good time her arms were tied to the ceiling and her legs were tied to a bar that was forcing her to spread her legs. She was forced into wearing a skimpy latex corset that exposed her marehood. Suddenly, the door to the office opened and the warden walked in he was the same caribou that strapped the electric collar on Bones and shocked him. He was in his work uniform and in his hand was a black whip.

"You've been a very naughty mare Daring Do a very naughty mare sneaking in here to rescue one of the bitches of harmony tsk, tsk shame on you," the warden said as he circled Daring and came up behind her and sniffed her mane.

"You have no idea what shame is if it hit you in the face," Daring said.

"Tell me Daring Do why do you resist our way of life?" the warden asked.

"Because this isn't living!" Daring growled.

"Well you don't exactly get a choice in how you want to live do you," the warden said as he placed his hand beside Daring's mouth but Daring reeled her head back and bit the wardens hand causing him to jump back in pain. "Oh yeah I like the ones who fight back make them more fun."

Suddenly the main door opened and slammed closed to reveal another caribou covered in sweat and his face full of terror.

"What are you doing in here!?" The Warden yelled.

"Warden Sir...there's...we've," the caribou stuttered.

"Speak up you twit what's going on!?" the caribou yelled.

"There's a...a-," the caribou was unable to finish his sentence because three large black crescent shaped blades came through the door and impaled the caribou.

The warden then grabbed a gun and made sure it was loaded before he aimed it at the door. The blades retracted slowly and the caribou fell to the ground blood dripping everywhere. Suddenly, the air became cold and the Warden could see his breath slowly the door opened and a dark figure stepped in. It wore a cloak and armour but its face was hidden by a hood the figure was tall and whip like shadows oozed their way out from the gaps in the armour. The figure's lower half was shrouded in so much of the black mist it no one was sure if the figure was floating, or his legs were hidden beneath the fog, the warden then shook away the fear that was creeping up inside of him and unloaded a full magazine of ammo into the spectre like figure. But, the figure didn't even flinch instead the thing just spat out several objects. When they landed on the ground Daring and the Warden saw it was all the bullets fired at the spectre. As the two were looking at the ball the figure stepped forward and grabbed the warden by the throat.

"One question one answer where is Rarity Belle?" the figure asked in a voice that was familiar to Daring Do.

"Go fuck yourself," The Warden said.

The figure then threw The Warden into a wall before the wisp like darkness turned into a tendril and grabbed one of The Warden's legs. It then lifted the warden into the air before it slammed the Warden onto his desk shattering it.

"Wrong answer now tell me where Rarity is now or I'll pry the information from you by force and leave you as a hollow saliva dribbling shell," the figure threatened.

"Okay, okay you win...the mayors house we sent her back to the mayors house because he owns her," The Warden said.

"Not anymore," the figure said before tendrils lifted the Warden into the air.

The tendrils curled around The Warden's body like snakes The Wardens eyes held terror realizing what was about to happen. The figure snapped its fingers and the tendrils ripped The Warden in two before they dropped the body parts like they were trash. The figure then turned to the helpless Daring Do before he pointed at her and another tendril appeared. The figure made a slicing motion with its hands causing Daring to close her eyes in fear. Suddenly, she felt her hands fall and metal breaking sounds around her hooves. When she looked she saw both her hands and hooves were free and her clothes were being held by a tendril in front of her. She then took the clothes and saw the figure leave the room before she got rid of the corset and put on her clothing.

Bone's P.O.V.

I stood leaning against the wall outside The Warden's office and I had managed to turn back into how I normally look however I was back to being a skeleton. I figured out that the blood that makes me look alive is also a sort of battery and my powers use the blood to operate. So if I run out of blood my powers are also depleted. Luckily I managed to get enough blood to cover myself in blood once again and now I was waiting for Daring to come out. Suddenly, I heard the door open and Daring walked out.

"Hey," I said simply.

"Bones was-was that you?" Daring asked gesturing to the room.

"Yeah got some of my memories back turns out I can use magic," I said simply.

"Whoa back up use magic but that's impossible only unicorns and alicorns can use magic," Daring said.

"Well I did," I said.

"Yeah wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it for myself but still whoa...Hey how did you survive all that back there?" Daring asked.

"What?" I asked.

"Those bullets the warden unloaded a full magazine into you and you just spat them all out as if it was a bad apple," Daring said.

"I...uh listen we can worry about that later right now we need to get to the mayors house and find Rarity," I said.

"Fine but you'd better tell me what happened after this is over," Daring said before she ran down the hallway and I followed.

As Daring and I ran I thought about what I should tell her the truth or something like I am unable to be killed when I'm like that. Suddenly, Daring stopped causing me to run into her and falling over.

"What is it now?" I asked as I got up.

"The prisoners here," Daring said as she too got up.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Are we just going to leave them like this?" Daring asked.

"What are you saying?" I asked.

"We should save them get them to help take back Baltimare," Daring said.

"Hey you know that's not such a bad idea no doubt these guys are looking for a little payback and they could provide a major distraction for us," I said.

Daring and I both nodded and went different ways I went to the armoury and grabbed every weapon I could find and brought it to the lobby while Daring freed every prisoner in her sights. When the soon to be ex-prisoners gathered in the massive lobby while Daring and I stood in front of the doors.

"Uh hello name's Daring Do some of you may know me from my stories," Daring said only to receive silence. "Uh and this is Bones."

"What Daring Do is saying is that the pair of us have had enough the caribou have come to Equestria turned you're relatives, neighbours and your friends into sex slaves or rapists, and what have you all done to deserve this?" I asked causing the audience to talk to each other for a bit. "The answer is nothing absolutely nothing. No threats or acts of war no those honed headed dick sticks just came here and thought. 'Oi mares shouldn't be leading this country we'll invade and put males on top and mares will suck dicks'," I said making my voice sound dumb and clueless causing the audience to talk amongst themselves angrily. "Now I don't know about you but that isn't cool with me so for those of you who want to see the Equestria where everyone was free from the caribou, and life was great pick up a weapon and fight for what is yours!"

The caused everyone to let out a cry of war before they all grabbed a weapon and rushed to the door but Daring stopped them.

"Hang on before you all go running out there is something I need to let you know if you don't already many of this town's stallion population are brainwashed. So what they have done isn’t their fault and it’s possible to help them. This can easily be spotted by glowing green eyes so if you see one knock them out and bring them in front of the mayor’s house," Daring said.

"But what if we can't fix them?" a mare asked.

"Uh...I," Daring started.

"That's not important right now but there is still hope to heal them and if there is a way we just don't know it yet. Also gather up all the mares that have a red and purple collar and bring them to the mayor’s place. Knock them out if you must back just make sure that they are separated from the stallions. Also bring any children that are in the town as well and finally as for the caribou...Do what you will with them kill them or keep them alive to suffer the choice is yours," I said before I nodded to Daring and the mob of ponies stormed out of the building

I then picked up a plain one handed longsword and strapped it over my right shoulder before I turned to Daring who was staring at me.

"Hey Daring snap out of it," I said.

"Oh sorry Bones," Daring said as she shook her head.

Daring then went and picked up a whip before we ran outside where we saw the prisoners were entering houses and killing caribou on the streets and liberating other ponies. I then led Daring through the streets killing caribou and stallions and knocking out brainwashed stallions. We continued to run till finally we reached the mayor's house. I then walked up to the front door and opened it and saw the lobby was empty. I led Daring inside and heard movement coming from above I gestured for Daring to follow me and so we went upstairs and saw a light beneath a door. I crept over to the door along with Daring and I looked through the keyhole. I then saw about two caribou guards and one stallion earth pony guard. His eyes weren't green and they were all armed with some sort of long weapon that I learned later it was called a rifle.

Finally I saw a fat Caribou in a white tux and Rarity lying on the floor with a massive purple bruise on her cheek that wasn't there before that threw me in a rage. I then kicked the door of its hinges sending it sailing into the fat caribou sending him into the opposite wall. I then drew my sword and stabbed a caribou with it before I flung the body at the other caribou. This knocked the caribou to the ground but the Earth Pony charged at me knocking me down. He then picked me up and held me from behind and I saw the other caribou was up and charging at me. His head was lowered as he charged intending to impale me with his horns. I then watched as the caribou got close before I put my foot on the caribou's head and pushed myself up and over the Earth Pony. The caribou then charged into the Earth Pony and impaled him on his horns. But, it didn't stop the caribou from charging at me and I ended up pinned to the wall. Suddenly, I heard a gunshot and I pushed the Earth Pony away from me and saw the caribou had a hole in his back. I then looked and saw Daring with a rifle before she put it down.

"Nice shot," I said as I picked up my sword and sheathed it on my back.

"Thanks," Daring said.

I then walked over to Rarity and helped her up.

"Oh my heroes," Rarity said as she wrapped her arms around me.

"Whoa, whoa what are you doing?" I asked as I pushed Rarity off me.

"I'm hugging you darling," Rarity said causing me to raise an eyebrow at her.

"Hugging?" I asked.

"Come now darling surly you know what a hug is," Rarity said.

"Don't blame him Rarity the poor guy is suffering from major amnesia couldn't even remember his own name or how to talk when we first met. But, everything else seems to be in order," Daring said.

"Oh you poor thing," Rarity said.

Suddenly I heard a groan come from behind me and I looked and saw the fat caribou was pushing the door off himself. I then saw a pair of mares run in carrying weapons and when they saw the caribou they were about to kill him before I stood between them.

"Hold on I need this one alive," I said.

The two mare looked at each other before they nodded I then walked over to the caribou and when he saw me he pulled a gun out from his tux. But I knocked the gun from his grip causing it to slide across the floor before I grabbed the caribou by the collar and held him in the air above me.

"Unhand me I'm the mayor of this place," the Caribou said.

"Not anymore Baltimare is under new management," I said before I dropped the caribou on the floor.

The caribou then tried to kick me but I grabbed his leg and snapped the bone making him squeal in pain. I then dragged the caribou out of the room by his broken leg the ex-mayor screaming all the way. Once we were at the front door I pushed it open and threw the caribou outside and let him tumble down the stairs. When I looked outside I saw several stallions and mares tied up all of the stallions brainwashed and the mares wore red and purple collars. Finally foals were standing next to some of the adults looking terrified at what was going on.

"You'll not get away with this you'll be hunted down for this crime," the mayor said.

I then looked outside and saw a massive statue so I walked over to it and saw it was of a caribou with large muscles and his hardened member shown to the world. The caribou had a hoof resting on a rock pile and in his right hand was a large golden flagpole and the flag was black with a golden border on it. And in the centre was a golden caribou head.

"Hey tell me who’s that?" I asked as I gestured the statue.

"That's our glorious king the God King Diann," the ex-mayor said.

"God king?" I asked before I looked back at the statue.

Suddenly a tendril grew out of my shadow and severed the statue's head from the rest of the body before I used my magic to impale it onto the statue's dick. This earned several gasps from everyone I then picked up a piece of wood that had a few embers on it and tossed it towards the flag. The piece of wood hit and soon the flag caught fire. I then looked at the caribou who was looking at the statue in horror at what I had done. I walked back over to the caribou and grabbed the front of his tux and held him close to my face. I then snarled at him making myself look as intimidating as possible.

"You're going to go to this 'God King' and you're going to tell him exactly what you saw here tonight and you will repeat this message to him exactly to the letter. Tell him that Baltimare is only the beginning and that the days of the Caribou have been numbered now go," I said as I tossed the caribou away from me causing him to roll along the ground in pain from his broken leg.

"And how will I get there with this leg?" the caribou asked.

"Crawl back might give you some exercise," I said before the caribou began to crawl away quickly.

Once the caribou was out of sight I decided to explore the mayor’s home and check for any more trapped mares.

Chapter 3 God Pieces and the Everfree

View Online

I was looking around the ex-mayor of Baltimare's house for any other mares and I have to admit that caribou had good taste in interior design. However that doesn't mean I like the sick bastard, he raped innocent mares and was able to get away with it. Well, I’m actually glad to break it to him that's not happening anymore now that I'm here. But anyway back to the main topic. I was walking down some steps and into the basement. Once I was inside I saw several mares resting on some hay in a corner of the room. I then walked over to them and shook one awake. When she saw me she let out a gasp of terror but I placed a hand over her muzzle before she could scream. I then placed a finger over my lips for silence.

"It's alright I'm not here to hurt or rape you, I'm just here to get you out of here," I said causing the mare to just look at me in silence instead of thrashing about. "Ok listen I'm gonna let go now but no screaming please."

I released the mare's muzzle and backed off, allowing her to take in what I looked like and see if I was a threat.

"W...who are you?" the mare asked.

"Name's Bones, now let's get that thing off you," I said as I reached over and removed her collar then helped her up.

"How did you get in here, there are normally guards upstairs watching the entrance," the mare said.

"Not anymore. In fact every caribou in this place and every stallion that has betrayed Equestria is now lying dead in the street," I said causing the mare to gasp. "Sorry but you were gonna find out sooner or later."

"Does this mean...we're free?" the mare asked causing me to nod before she latched onto me in a hug.

"Uh do you mind, I don't hug," I said completely uncomfortable of the situation.

"Oh sorry," the mare said before she let go. "So now what happens?"

"Can you help me wake this bunch up?" I asked as I went to wake up another mare.

The mare agreed and went to wake up another mare. Soon everyone was awake and on their feet. Once they were up I looked around the room and saw a massive iron door on the far end of the room.

"Hey, do any of you know what's in there?" I asked.

"No, the caribou that owned us had us taken out of this place when he went in. So we never saw the combination or the contents," a mare said.

"Ok," I said before the mares went up the stairs. "So the ex-mayor didn't want anyone to know what was inside. I'd say it's worth taking a peek."

I then walked over to the door and remembered a trick that could get me in. I placed my right hand on the door for five seconds. When I removed it, there was a hand print on the door made out of rust. The rust quickly expanded and began to cover the door. Once it was fully covered the door disintegrated revealing another room. However the room was filled with empty shelves but at the back of the room, on a pedestal beneath a glass case, was a metal arm.

"Whoa and just what makes you so special?" I asked myself as I walked over to the pedestal and looked at the arm.

I then gripped the glass covering the arm and tossed it behind me hearing it shatter before I reached out to pick up the arm. There was a flash and I was looking down at the arm again however the arm had replaced my original one. I then saw myself real the metal arm back, curl the fingers into a fist and go to punch something. Before I could see what the arm was going to hit, another flash appeared and I was back to holding the arm in both my hands again.

"Whoa...that was freaky," I said as I rubbed my eyes trying to get rid of the spots.

I decided to take the arm with me so I put it in a bag that was on my back and put the bag under my cloak. I was about to walk out of the room when I saw a thin rectangular device with a pair of white cords coming out of it.

I then pushed the square on the bottom of the thing and saw the centre light up but did nothing else. I then shook the devise but it did nothing. I pushed the square button again, it didn't respond. I then touched an orange square with music notes on it and below the square it said music. Instantly the center changed to what looked like a list I then pushed one of the things on the list and I heard something coming from the cords coming out of the devise. I raised the end of the cord to my ear and listened


I smiled at the sound. I then tried pressing all sorts of buttons. I quickly figured out how the devise worked before I tucked it into my pocket and walked out of the room. I then walked out of the building and saw it was almost dawn. Both Daring and Rarity were helping some of the citizens.

"Sup?" I said as I approached the two.

"Oh hey Bones," Daring said when she saw me.

"Hello darling, were you successful in your search?" Rarity asked.

"One, don't refer to me as darling and two, yes. A small group of mares were hidden in the basement but I think they'll be fine," I said.

"I see, now we must do something about both of your...attire," Rarity said in a disgusted tone.

"What's wrong with my clothes?" I asked.

"No offence dar...Pardon, Bones but it looks like you took it from a dead caribou," Rarity said correcting herself in the process.

"Well I actually did take it from a dead caribou thanks, not like he was going to need it," I said causing Rarity to turn green but shrugged it off.

"Well anyway at least allow me make you something more appropriate," Rarity said.

"Oh yes please Rarity," Daring said.

"I'm good," I said.

"Bones I must insist, think of this as a thank you gift for saving me," Rarity said.

"And I'm saying no I don't want or need any new clothes," I said.

"Well Bones if you’re wearing the outfit of a caribou raider don't you think it may raise some concerns and cause a problem when you try to save others," Daring said causing me to think about it and realize she was right.

"Well, when you put it that way, I suppose you have a point but just as long as it doesn't make me stand out, comes with a cloak and something to cover my muzzle then fine," I said.

"But why do you want to wear something so...drab?" Rarity asked.

"If others saw a wolf walking towards them don't you think that will send the wrong message?" I asked.

"Good point," Daring said.

"Wait you’re a wolf I mistook you for a very hairy Diamond Dog," Rarity said causing me to growl at her.

"Excuse me?"

I turned around and saw a crowd of ponies staring at us.

"We were wondering what we should do now that we've freed Baltimare?" a stallion asked.

Rarity and Daring then looked at me causing me to give them a confused look.

"Uh why are you looking at me like that?" I asked.

"Well you're the one who said we should liberate Equestria so guess that makes you the leader," Daring said.

"Uh...," I tried forming words to turn this around on them but I couldn't think of anything so I cleared my throat before I looked at the crowd. "Uh hi...Listen I know all of you want things to go back to normal hell some of you want payback. Many of you don't know me and may not trust me. I don't have, or can say, anything to get you to. But I can tell you this Equestria is your home and Baltimare is one out of many to be freed from the caribou. There are other places and other beings out there that need our help to restore their homes. So here is what I propose...We gather anything and everything we can use or carry whether it be supplies, tools or camping gear and lay low until we have gathered more numbers."

"Are you saying we should hide?" a mare asked.

"I'm saying we should lay low and prepare ourselves before we do anything rash. We will be going up against an enemy that has beat you once. Starting a revolution takes preparation and time which is slowly running out. Soon we may have an army marching down on us hoping to take back Baltimare. So I suggest we go somewhere that the caribou won't find us and start preparing ourselves for taking back Equestria," I said causing many in the group to nod. "I want you all to get some rest and be ready to move out by tomorrow no doubt your all exhausted after the long night."

The crowd dispersed and I looked at Daring and Rarity who were smiling at me.

"Not bad Bones," Daring said.

"Hey Rarity how soon can you have those clothes ready?" I asked.

"Sooner than you think. Come with me." Rarity said as she walked down the street.

Rarity then walked into some kind of boutique filled with skimpy outfits caribou would dress mares up in ranging from roll-play to BDSM. I saw Rarity looking all over the store before she found what she was looking for and began to work on Daring behind a curtain. It was then that I decided to strike up a conversation with Rarity.

"So Rarity tell me, is this a place where you worked or is it a random fashion store we just walked into?" I asked.

"Oh I worked here or was rather forced to work here and design horrifying outfits," Rarity said with disgust.

"I see...Daring told me you’re also a bearer to something called the Elements of Harmony," I said.

"Well that is true Bones but I need to be with my friends in order to do anything," Rarity said.

"Any idea where we can find them?" I asked.

They would most likely still be in Ponyville except for Twilight she might still be up in Canterlot," Rarity said.

"Twilight sounds like the title for a bad movie," I said.

"I would prefer you keep such comments to yourself in the future Bones. Please tell me about yourself, how did the both of you meet?" Rarity asked.

"Well we met in the Forbidden Jungle just south of here. Bones here saved me from some raiders who were plundering an old crypt of an old tribe. Even went and defiled the chief's body by tossing it from its resting place like it was garbage," Daring said.

"These caribou have no ounce of shame in them," Rarity said.

"Hey, while we're in a chatty mood Bones, you were going to tell me how you survived those bullets when we were in the re-education center," Daring said.

"Oh...that, well uh...the truth is *sigh* the truth is I shouldn't have survived that at all," I said.

"You’re going to be more specific darling," Rarity said.

"Well to put it simply I was dead long before I got shot," I said.

A heavy silence hung in the air and I heard the two step out from behind the curtain. When I turned around the two were staring at me.

"What do you mean you’re dead?" Daring asked.

"I mean it how it's been said I'm literally a walking corpse that has no memories of when it was alive," I said and a heavy silence consumed us again but their faces were blank. No anger, no fear, no concern just blank. "You’re taking this better than I thought you would." I said waking Daring from her trance.

"Wait a sec are you messing with us?" Daring asked.

"I can drive a knife through my chest if that will prove it to you," I said.

"No don't I believe you but whoa first time I've had a normal conversation with a dead guy," Daring said as she went to sit down in a seat.

"Heh I suppose so. Most undead constructs wouldn't be able to utter a single word. As for me...well I'm not sure what makes me so special," I said before I looked at Rarity and saw she was just staring at me. "I suppose you’re going to scream and run out and tell everyone."

Rarity seemed to have woken from her trance and walked towards a chair and sat in it.

"I believe actions speak louder than words in this case. If you wanted to do something against us you would have done it by now," Rarity said.

"Whew, that's a huge weight off my shoulders. I was actually nervous about what you would think about me," I said.

"Wow I have a lot of questions about you, like what was dying like." Daring said.

"Uh Daring that's going to need to wait till I can get my memories back," I said.

"Oh uh right," Daring said.

"So Rarity do you think we can get my measurements done for some new clothing or are you uncomfortable?" I asked.

"Huh oh of course, this way," Rarity said before she led me behind the curtain. "Now Bones could you remove the cloak, sword and torso clothing so we can get started."

I did as I was instructed and removed them. I set my bag on a small table and when I looked at Rarity I saw her face was flushed red, staring at me. I looked at what she was staring at and saw it was my chest. I was just as surprised, my chest had a bit of muscle on it but on the right side of my gut was a large scar and over it was the same mark I saw in the cell. But the mark was white and it looked like it was made out of my fur. I then saw Rarity was still staring at me so I snapped my fingers getting her attention.

"You think staring at me after what you went through is a good idea?" I asked shaking Rarity from her trance.

"Oh my apologies Bones I shouldn't have stared," Rarity said before she went to look for the measuring tape but I could hear her mumbling something about 'why is it always the good looking ones.'

Rarity then went to work in measuring me. Fortunately I didn't need to remove any other clothing. Once she was done I picked up my stuff and walked out from behind the curtain where I saw Daring reading a magazine. When she saw me her cheeks turned pink while I set my stuff on the table and began to put on the clothing that went over my torso.

"Hey Bones what's in the bag?" Daring asked.

"This, not much it was inside the ex-mayor's vault," I said.

"Can't be nothing if it's in a vault," Daring said.

"Alright here," I said as I pulled the metal arm out of my bag causing Daring to stare wide eyed at it.

"Rarity you need to see this," Daring said.

"Just a moment darling I'm taking my measurements," Rarity said.

"Rarity this is more important than measuring," Daring said.

"Alright then but honestly what could be more important then-," Rarity started as she stepped out from behind the curtain but she began to stutter when she saw the arm. "Where did you get that?"

"Ex-mayors vault why, is it valuable?" I asked.

"Is it valuable dude that’s a Piece of Ash Blade," Daring said.

"Uh...Who?" I asked causing Daring to give herself a facepalm.

"I really need to get you a book about the important things in Equestria," Daring said.

"Ash Blade was once one of my dearest friends a long time ago along with being Equestria's first king. He was even considered by some as a god. He was caring, kind but to put it simply he had a heart of gold and this was his good side," Rarity said.

"And what about his bad side?" I asked causing both mares to shudder. "What?"

"Just prey you never have to find that out," Daring said.

"Okay then what is up with this Piece of Ash? If it belongs to him why is it here?" I asked.

"It was in between the time the caribou invaded us and Ash Blade's death. It was just a regular day when news quickly spread all over Equestria that Ash Blade's tomb was robbed. Everything in it, the artifacts, Ash's body all of it just simply gone," Daring said.

"Gone?" I asked.

"The ones who robbed the tomb took everything that belonged to Ash. His bike, his weapons, his armour and his left arm," Rarity said as she tapped the metal arm in my grasp.

"Wait this was a part of his body?" I asked.

"A fake limb to be exact. His real arm was burned off when he was saving a child from a fire," Daring said.

I then handed the arm to Rarity before I stepped away from it feeling unworthy to hold the priceless object causing the mares to chuckle in amusement.

"Anyway one day, while I was in Manehattan with my friends, I saw a stallion playing with a dagger. Now to many this dagger was nothing important but to me, I saw it was Ash's personal dagger so I grabbed it with my magic and brought it closer to inspect it and saw it was genuine. That's when I told my friends and when the stallion demanded it back Twilight had him arrested. We contacted the royal family and the first one there was Queen Luna," Rarity said.

"Oooo I bet she was furious," Daring said.

"She was," Rarity said

"Why would this queen be furious over this?" I asked.

"Ash Blade was her husband," Daring said.

"Ah," I responded in understanding.

"Anyway when Luna demanded where the other relics and Ash's body were the stallion kept demanding that we give him his God Piece," Rarity said.

"God Piece?" I asked.

"The Pieces of Ash were also called God Pieces by many all over the world because he was labelled a god after his last battle," Daring said.

"Anyway the stallion was sent to the castle dungeons and when guards searched his home they found a shrine dedicated to Ash. Also the oddest thing the stallion said when we interrogated him is that the dagger granted him great power. He proved that by hitting Twilight and managing to knock her into a wall. He was a Pegasus and not built enough to send a princess flying like that," Rarity said.

"Whoa so did the dagger really give him super powers?" Daring asked.

"I don't know it seems rather silly when one thinks about it," Rarity said.

"Actually when I touched that arm I saw a vision where that arm was attached to me and I was about to punch something. When it ended I felt...unstoppable," I said.

"Freaky," Daring said.

"Indeed and did anything else happen?" Rarity asked.

"No but anyway I'd better start getting ready for tomorrow it's gonna be a long trip to the Everfree forest," I said.

"The Everfree!" Rarity screamed.

"There a problem with the Everfree?" I asked.

"Of course there is a problem. The place is filled with all sorts of dangers we'll be a meal on a silver platter for those beasts," Rarity said.

"Rarity calm down, I'm more than likely going to be the scariest thing in that place besides, that's the reason why we're going there. The caribou will most likely know of those dangers but wouldn't dare follow us inside," I said.

"You know Rarity Bones makes a good point," Daring said.

"I suppose but it's all...dirty," Rarity said.

"Really you've been a sex slave for how long forced to crawl along the ground like a common animal and you’re worried about getting a bit of mud on you. Well I've got three words for ya, suck it up," I said before I walked out of the shop.

I then went around Baltimare and found some stores that still sold outdoor gear. So I grabbed a few tents and camping gear. I then went over to another store and grabbed enough supplies for Daring and Rarity. As I was walking back to the boutique I passed a music store where I saw a strange flute sitting in the shop window.

I felt a strange call coming from the flute so I went inside and saw a dead stallion on the floor presumably the owner of his place. I didn't say anything to the fallen stallion but grabbed the flute before I walked back to the boutique and spent the rest of the day preparing for the trip.

Next day

I led the citizens of Baltimare through the dense foliage of the trees many of the citizens were terrified of our current location. But as I suspected the beasts of the Everfree didn't attack out of fear from us or rather me. I could both see and smell them looking at us but when they attempted to get a free meal I got in-between the citizens and the predator. This caused them to back off before I walked up to the front of the group once more.

"We had better find a good campsite otherwise we might be beast chow when it gets dark," I said.

"This is the Everfree Bones the chances of finding even a decent campsite for all of us is very slim," Rarity said.

"Actually I think I know a place," Daring said.

"Really, where?" I asked.

"We're close I just now managed to recognize this place. Remember Rarity we were heading to the heart of the forest," Daring said.

"Of course the knights tomb Slender will surly allow us to stay in this time of need," Rarity said.

"I don't know what you two are talking about but if we can get a rest then it's fine by me," I said.

"C'mon I know where to go," Daring said as she took out a compass and walked off into the forest.

"So Rarity tell me more of this Ash Blade, for starters how did he get here?" I asked.

"Oh there's plenty to tell about him but let us start with how he got into Equestria he was just walking about minding his own business when suddenly..."Rarity began.

Hours Later

Now I'm gonna be honest with you, Rarity was really good at telling a story. If I didn't know any better I'd say her talent would be story telling. But she told me about the cutie marks and about how they tell others what their special talent is. For example Rarity’s cutie mark is of three diamonds and it means she is an amazing designer of clothing. Daring's cutie mark is of a brown and gold compass star which means she's an amazing explorer.

"...It was a lucky thing both Rage and Vinyl were able to switch the book over before Heartless could get to it," Rarity said.

"Wow quite a lot for one guy to take on board isn't it," I said.

"Indeed and yet despite all this he still continued on as if it was nothing," Rarity said.

"Hey Rarity, how did Ash die?" I asked causing Rarity's expression to turn to one of sorrow.

Suddenly, something sends me flying into a tree. I looked to see a white horse head filling my vision. There was no face on the equine shaped head only white and when I looked down I saw the thing had a tendril wrapped around me.

"Uh hi," was all I said when suddenly the thing raised another tendril and turned it into a drill aiming it at me.

"Slender, hold on!"

I looked at the source of the voice and saw Daring and Rarity running towards us. They were looking at the...thing holding me.

"Miss Rarity and Miss Do to what do I owe the pleasure?" a voice inside my head said.

"We can explain but do you mind putting down our friend?" Daring said.

"Oh, my apologies had I have known you were with Daring Do and Rarity Belle would not have attacked," the voice said again which led me to assume it belonged to the thing in front of me.

"No problem and I take it you are Slendermane," I said.

"Indeed I am but please call me Slender and you are?" Slender asked as he put me down and released me once I got a good look at him. I saw he stood on four hooves and had six black tendrils growing out of his back. He also wore a black tux with a red tie. As for his cutie mark it was of a red circle with an X in it.

"I am Bones nice to meet you," I said.

"Now would one of you please explain to me why there is a large gathering of ponies in my part of the forest?" Slender asked.

"We're running Slender I don't know if you've heard but Equestria has been conquered by a species known as the cari-," Rarity said but before she could finish Slender raised a hoof.

"Come," Slender said before he walked into the forest and we managed to get everyone to follow despite how scared they were.

As we walked I saw the trees had created a path by moving themselves just like Rarity said when she first met Slender. At the end of the path I saw a bright light and once we stepped out of the forest I saw a beautiful sight. A crystal blue lake, wide open area, a massive temple like structure and finally a collection of massive trees that seemed to be supporting homes within their branches. Connecting each house was a walkway of some kind. In this massive clearing were more technicolour ponies that had hands and stood on two legs. But the strange thing was that they all had insect like antennas and wings like those on a butterfly.

"So this is the knight’s tomb but who are they?" I asked as I gestured to the strange new ponies.

"The Flutterponies but how did they get so big in just a year?" Rarity asked.

"Faust placed a growth spell on them and it seems to be coming along nicely. Now there is actually someone who would be very happy to see you," Slender said as he led us towards the treetop village.

As we all walked towards the village we drew a crowd. My guess is that they were curious about us. Once we entered the village I saw a picnic blanket spread along the ground and on it were a variety of greens and healthy foods. Also on the blanket were all sorts of animals also a white unicorn mare that stood on four hooves and had a pristine white mane. She had lovely blue eyes and tufts of white fur on each hoof and a white tail that looked like a lions. Next to the unicorn was a buttercup yellow Pegasus with a pink mane and tail. She had blue eyes and a face that held great beauty. She was wearing a pair of jeans that hugged her legs, and a green sweater that was being held up by her massive hooters because it didn't go over her shoulders. Finally her cutie mark was of three pink butterflies.

"Fluttershy!" Rarity shouted causing the Pegasus to shriek in terror before she was wrapped in a massive hug.

R...Rarity?" the Pegasus asked in surprise.

"Oh Fluttershy I'm so relieved your safe but how did you escape?" Rarity asked.

"Oh...Well when the caribou came my animal friends told me to run while they held them back long enough for me to escape," the Pegasus said.

"She can understand them?" I asked Daring.

"Her special talent is for working with animals. She's the one that helps them find a home," Daring said.

"Daring Do?" the Pegasus said as she stepped out of the hug.

"Hey Flutters certainly been a long time huh," Daring said as she too hugged the Pegasus.

"How did both of you get away...if you don't mind me asking that is?" the Pegasus asked as she hid behind her mane in a cute way.

"Well it was all thanks to this guy," Daring said as she gestured towards me.

I looked at the Pegasus, she looked at me and we both stared at each other before I raised my hand to wave. But this caused the Pegasus to let out a very cute eep before she hid behind Rarity.

"Uh was it something I did?" I asked.

"Relax big guy she's like that when she meets someone new," Daring said.

"Fluttershy darling come out. You’re being very rude to our saviour," Rarity said like she was speaking to a child.

The timid Pegasus stepped out from behind Rarity, stood in front of me and stood there trying to avoid my gaze.

"I suppose I should make this easier for you my name is Bones," I said.

"Hi my name is...Fluttershy," the Pegasus said.

Now to most they wouldn't have been able hear that but to my ears I was able to hear what she said.

"Fluttershy huh lovely name matches your personality as well," I said causing the Pegasus to blush.

"Wow smooth talking," Daring said nudging my side playfully.

"So am I correct to presume you're one of the bearers of harmony?" I asked.

"Um...yes," Fluttershy said.

"Fluttershy here is the bearer of the Element of Kindness," Rarity said.

"I see so there's only four more left to rescue," I said.

"I hope none of you have forgotten about me," the four hoofed unicorn said as she walked over to us.

"Oh Amalthea I am so sorry I was too surprised by Fluttershy to notice you darling," Amalthea said.

"It's quite alright Rarity and you Bones, thank you for saving Rarity and Daring Do they are good friends to me," the unicorn said.

"Quite alright uh...Amalthea wasn't it?" I asked.

"Yes that is my name and I can see you've freed a lot of ponies," Amalthea said.

"Yes sorry for asking this of you but these ponies need a place to stay and many of them were broken by the caribou," I said.

"I see I'm afraid we can't do anything about the males that were brainwashed but I believe the Flutterponies can help the mares," Amalthea said.

"That would be enough," I said.

"Now Rarity let's see what we can do about your horn," Amalthea said as her horn was consumed by a white fire.

I then looked at Rarity and saw the stump on her forehead change into a long pointed horn.

"My horn oh thank, you thank you, thank you Amalthea," Rarity cried as she jumped around with glee.

"You can use Life Fire," Daring said.

"Only once a day...It's extremely difficult to summon," Amalthea said.

"Whoa," I said in amazement.

Suddenly I head a bird sound and I saw a raven land on Rarity's shoulder.

"Dust your here too," Rarity said in surprise as she petted the bird.

"Oh yeah I was taking care of him when the incident happened and he held back most of the caribou while I was escaping he was so brave," Fluttershy said.

"Takes after his old master," Daring said.

"Well I know Ash would be proud of you," Rarity said.

I gave the group a nod before I decided to go for a walk in the forest to have some time to myself. So I grabbed my sword and left. After some time as I walked the forest somehow came alive with music.


As the music played I saw the strange figure appear ahead of me so I walked after it. As I did I could feel my vision go blurry and my head began to spin. But I did not stop walking however, since I wasn't focusing, I fell down a steep slope. When I hit the bottom I felt something drag me into the dark.


"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"You know I do. I can't let this happen,"

"You know they will never agree to this,"

"Do I look like I care? I need to get stronger and they owe me this. I don't see why they can't do this,"

"Very well but remember, being The Reaper's Hand is not something for the faint of heart,"

"You let me worry about that,"

I opened my eyes, shook my head, sat up and clutched my head before I remembered the figure then the slope and finally the memory.

"What was all that about... that title 'The Reaper's Hand' was that who I was, what did I do?" I asked myself

I then looked around and saw I was in a clearing of sorts with a fence going around the tree line. In the center of the clearing were a bunch of foals. One was a filly unicorn who still had her horn and a light purple and pink mane. Next to her was a Pegasus filly with an orange coat and purple mane and tail. The one beside her was a yellow earth pony filly with a red mane and tail with a pink ribbon tied into her mane. The last filly in the group was an earth pony who had a grey coat and blonde mane and tail while her eyes had a golden glow. I then noticed a pair of colts were in the group, one was a Pegasus. He had a grey coat, a darker grey, windswept mane and matching coloured tail. Finally the last colt was a unique one he had a brown and white pinto pattern coat, he also had a brown mane and tail. But the strange thing is that this foal had a horn and a pair of wings which had feathers on the top half of the wings but were webbed like a bat on the bottom. The very sight of those wings clawed at my memory like a forgotten dream.


I was shocked from my staring when one of the foals yelled and ran towards an opening in the forest while I just sat there and watched them leave. I then stood up and saw the pink bow the yellow filly was wearing lying on the ground. I considered leaving it and heading back to where the others were but something told me no, demanded to return it. So letting out a sigh I picked up the ribbon and walked after the foals. I soon came to an old but still strong standing house. I saw a few marks on the door meaning someone tried to force their way in once. I walked up to the door and knocked on it three times. I waited a few seconds before I knocked again. This time I heard muffled voices from the other side. Suddenly, the filly with the glowing eye's head just phased through the door and glared at me.

"Go away you monster!" the filly yelled.

I stood there in silence. For some reason those words hurt me deeply but I didn't show it. We just stared at each other for a bit. I was confused on how the filly's head was phasing through the door but then I remembered her eyes and I sensed an aura of death around her.

"Now that's hypocritical calling me a monster when you’re a ghost," I said causing the filly to stare at me in shock.

"You know what I am?" the filly asked.

"Not that hard, have to be blind to figure out what you are," I said.

"And...You’re not scared of me?" the filly asked.

"No, but anyway I just came to return this," I said as I placed the ribbon on the ground in front of the filly and stood up. "See you around kid," I said as I turned to leave.

"Wait," the filly said stopping me before her head disappeared back inside.

I stood silently outside the house. I soon heard the door unlock. Three mares stepped outside and closed the door behind them. They were all earth ponies and all of them didn't seem happy to see me. One was a green elderly mare with a white mane done up in a bun. She picked up the ribbon but not without keeping her eyes on me. The next one had a mulberry coat and two toned pink mane. The last one had a grey coat and had a crimson mane and tail.

"Alright bub you have our attention now who are you?" the grey mare said.

"Bones and you lot are?" I asked.

"That's none of your business. If you haven't noticed we aren't too friendly with male adults at the moment," the mulberry mare said.

"Oh right, caribou thing. Listen I'm not interested in anything. I was just passing through when your foals saw me. When they ran off one of them dropped their ribbon so I decided to give it back nothing else," I said.

"And what were you doing out here?" the grey mare asked.

"Just needed some alone time and hoped to regain more of my memories," I said.

"Regain your memories?" the green mare asked.

"Yes you see I'm suffering from something called amnesia so Bones is a temporary name till I can figure out my true name," I said.

"Granny?" the mulberry mare asked the green mare.

"Seems to be telling the truth and I don't smell any cum on him at all but he certainly does need a bath," the green mare says.

"Thanks," I said in an annoyed tone.

"Well if you’re not with the caribou then whose side are you on?" the grey mare asked.

"The one that allows me to spill caribou blood. Now if you'll excuse me I need to get back to camp where the others are," I said as I began to turn around to leave.

"Others?" the grey mare asked.

"Freed ponies from Baltimare," I said.

The mares then seemed to talk amongst each other before they looked back at me.

“Hey, you willing to make a deal?” the grey mare asked.

“Just what exactly have you got to offer me?” I asked.

“Information about the location of each of the bearers of Harmony,” The grey mare said.

“Alright you have my attention,” I said.

It’s like this Bones I'll admit it, we need help out here. We're struggling to find food for ourselves and all the foals in our care. The beasts certainly aren't making it easy. Just yesterday a foal was attacked and injured by a timber wolf. Luckily it wasn't serious enough for anything fatal or permanent but the truth is we need help so please, can you escort us to this camp you mentioned?" the grey mare asked.

I looked at the mare's eyes and saw they were desperate if the bags under their eyes was any indication.

"*sigh* Very well but if we're traveling together I'm gonna need to know your names," I said.

"Suppose it's fair my name is Mitta," the grey mare said.

"I am Cheerilee," the mulberry mare said.

"Ah'm Granny Smith and if you try anything I'll show you I'm not so old as to kick some tail," the green elderly mare said.

"Understood now we'd better start making ground before it gets dark," I said.

"Now?" Cheerilee asked.

"No time like the present," I said.

The mares seemed hesitant but nodded and went back inside. When they came out I saw about 20 foals walk out of the house and I saw Cheerilee informing them on what was happening.

"I thought there was only six," I said to myself.

"Actually we were able to save every single foal in Ponyville," Granny said.

"Ponyville, is it far?" I asked.

"Not exactly bit of a march west of here though," Granny said.

"Alright now we better get going," I said as I led the group away from the crumbling house.

We walked for a long time many of the foals whispered about me but I didn't care. My only goal was to get back to the camp and think about what I saw when I had my tumble. I saw the sky was beginning to get dark. I looked around and remembered there was an old structure not too far from where we were. So I led the group there and once we arrived I led the group into a large intact tower that had a crumbling plant covered throne at the back in front of a set of windows. I also noticed five large and one smaller splotch of ancient dried up blood on the ground. But I decided to keep that information to myself just so the foals don't freak out. I then helped the mares settle the foals in and when it came time to sleep not all of the foals could sleep. But the mares seemed to have no trouble sleeping especially when I said I'd take the night shift. Now all the foals who were awake sat around me and the foals who were awake were the same ones who ran off. All except the ghost filly who had curled herself into a ball next to Mitta and was sleeping soundly. (lucky filly) Suddenly a baby started to cry and I saw the colt with both horn and wings stand up and walk over to the distressed baby. He then return to his sleeping bag and was able to calm him down.

"You’re very good with him," I said.

"He's my little brother I'm the only blood family he has at the moment," the colt said.

"Where's your mom and your dad?" I asked.

"My mum was in Canterlot when the caribou came and my dad is dead. He died in The Battle Beneath the Eclipse," the colt said.

"You got a name?" I asked.

"Pipsqueak," the colt said.

"What kind of parents call their kid Pipsqueak?" I asked.

"My parents didn't give me this name," Pipsqueak said.

"I don't understand," I said.

"It's a long story one I'd rather not go into," Pipsqueak said.

"Fine I won't press the issue, after all we all have our secrets," I said before I looked at the other foals. "What about the rest of you, any of you got a name?"

"Rumble," the grey Pegasus colt said.

"Scootaloo," the orange Pegasus said.

"Sweetie Belle," the unicorn filly said.

"Apple Bloom," the yellow filly said.

"And this is Midnight Star," Pipsqueak said as he gestured to the baby. He had a midnight blue coat with a black mane and tail with silver tips in his mane and wings that matched Pipsqueak's. "So what's your name?"

"Me…It's Bones," I said.

Suddenly Midnight began to cry once more and Pipsqueak tried to calm him down again. I felt my flute calling out to me so i took it out of my pocket and felt something take control of my hands. I pulled the flute to my lips and began to play a song.


As the song played through the warm night air the foals became hypnotized by the music and began to drift off to sleep along with Midnight but Pip was still awake.

"Wow I forgot that lullaby's work on Midnight thank you," Pip said as I removed the flute from my lips.

"You’re welcome," I said deciding to take the compliment.

"Hey I hate to ask this but since you’re staying up can you watch Midnight for me tonight I need some sleep," Pip said.

"Sure I think I can handle it if he stays asleep," I said as Pip handed me Midnight who snuggled against my chest when he was placed in my arms.

"I think he will," Pip said before he went to his sleeping bag and was out like a light.

I sat quietly on the floor against a fallen pillar and watched over the slumbering ponies unaware of the cyan reptilian like eyes that watched from the shadows of ceiling corner.

Meanwhile in Canterlot

Queen Luna stood on a balcony overlooking the city of Canterlot and the world beyond. Queen Luna was a midnight blue alicorn with a sparkling blue mane and tail that looked like her night sky and also blowed in a non-existent breeze. She stood at 8.4 ft. with curves that any mare would do anything for and any stallion would kill to simply touch her once. Her breasts were perky and large enough to get a custom bra. To go along with her generous chest she had an equally generous rear that wobbled like jello with every step she took. Luna's gaze was on the night sky above her as she rubbed a ring on her left ring finger symbolizing her marriage to someone. Her gaze then shifted towards the land that made up her kingdom. However, the view was ruined by the large army of caribou at the bottom of the mountain ready to attack at any time. The caribou had conquered most of Equestria but Canterlot was the only place that still holds out against them. When the caribou took the Crystal Empire and replaced the Crystal Heart with an artifact called the Crystal Cock. Fortunately both Cadence, Shining Armour and their daughter Flurry Heart were able to escape. Now Shining Armour's shield surrounds Canterlot in hopes of holding the caribou at bay.


Queen Luna turned her gaze towards her eldest sister Princess Celestia. She was a pristine white alicorn who had a slightly bigger breast and rear size with nice wide hips from eating too many sweets. She stood at about 8.8 ft. Her mane and tail shared the same colours as the morning dawn and they also blew in a non-existent breeze.

"Hello sister shouldn't you be in bed?" Luna asked.

"Funny I was going to ask you the same thing," Celestia said.

"I cannot sleep sister my sons are somewhere out there and neither Dream Catcher nor I can even enter their dreams to see if they are alright because of the caribou’s strange magic," Luna said.

"I know Sister I worry about them too but since mother has gone missing along with Discord you must lead our forces out of this mess. Our forces need a strong leader who can keep a calm mind," Celestia said causing Luna to sigh. "Luna I know there's something else isn't there?" Celestia asked but Luna didn't respond. "It's him isn't it, its Ash," Celestia said causing Luna to grip the remains of the feather Ash gave her tightly. "Luna every time you hear a wolf's howl you think its Ash calling out to you. You so desperately long to hear his voice once more you fly off after the howl only to find a plain timber wolf."

"What is your point sister?" Luna asked.

"I'm saying you need to move on Luna. You and I both know the dead cannot be brought back to life as a whole," Celestia said.

"That may be dear sister, however my heart refuses to move on and I refuse to give up. I know Ash will always try to get back to me if I was ever in danger because that is what he does," Luna said.

"Luna-," Celestia started.

"Please sister just return to your chambers I will return to mine shortly," Luna said as she raised her hand to stop her sister.

Celestia nodded before she hugged her youngest sibling.

"Get some rest and sleep well Lulu," Celestia said before she released her sister and left.

Luna turned her gaze back up to the sky and placed a hand on the burned feather.

"I hope you know how much I miss you Ash," Luna said before she blew a kiss to a certain star next to the moon that shined bright blue before she went inside.

Chapter 4 Nightmares and Wonderbolts

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I was sitting against a fallen pillar in a tower of the ruins of the Everfree forest, my eyes watching the foals carefully. All of them seemed calm even Midnight Star who was snuggling against my chest with a smile on his face. Suddenly, I heard a yawn and I saw Mitta was getting up.

"Morning Mitta," I said.

"Huh...Oh hi Bones, forgot you were even here," Mitta said.

"Guess it happens to everyone," I said before I looked down at Midnight.

"What're you doing holding Midnight?" Mitta asked in a scolding tone.

"If you must know Pipsqueak asked me to look after him since I was on night watch all night," I said.

Mitta then raised an eyebrow at me before she looked at the foal sleeping in my arms.

"If you want to take him off my hands then go ahead I won't stop you," I said as I held Midnight out to her.

Mitta then walked over to me, took Midnight into her arms and walked away. Suddenly, I heard something large and heavy coming up the stairs on four paws. I got up, walked in front of the waking group and watched the stairs. A lion's head appeared along with the rest of its body and let out a fearsome roar jolting everyone from their slumber. But I stood firm even as a massive scorpion tail appeared from behind the beast along with a pair of bat wings on its side.

"Well aren't you something," I said causing the beast to roar again. "However you’re going to need to do a lot more than that to frighten me."

The beast pawed at the ground and I got ready to charge as well. We both then charged at each other. Once we were close enough I slid underneath the thing just before it could bite me and grabbed its tail. I then began to drag it out of the room so it wouldn't hurt anyone. I dragged the beast down the stairs and tossed it into the room below.

"Ok big boy we can go all out right here," I said as I made a come at me gesture with both my hands.

This seemed to irritate the beast as it charged at me and used its paw to swipe at me. I jumped over it, grabbed its mane and started riding it while it tried to throw me off. Suddenly the tail knocked me off its back and I landed on the ground hard. Before I knew it the thing pounced on me and roared in my face. I punched it in the side of its head and that's when I saw its tail try to impale me. I rolled to the right dodging the stinger before I grabbed it and snapped it off the rest of its tail. I then drove the stinger into the beast's paw causing it to howl in pain. The beast moved back allowing me to stand and saw it was defeated so I let out a roar telling it to back off. So with a final glance at me the beast whimpered and left. I then walked back upstairs and saw the foals cheering for me.

"Are you alright?" Cheerilee asked when I walked over to the three mares.

"Yeah but what was that thing?" I asked.

"A Manticore, those beasts are very hard to take down though, I'm impressed you won," Mitta said.

"It was a push over, just had to turn its own weapons against it. Now we'd better get moving, the sooner we link up with the others the better," I said.

I led the group out of the ruins and once more back into the forest. The foals were complaining about not having breakfast but I couldn't do anything about that. After an hour of walking we walked into Slendermane's grounds. We were greeted by Slender himself causing the foals and mares to tremble in fear.

"Hello Bones, I see you've brought some company again," Slender said.

"Yeah, I have. Would you be so kind as to introduce yourself politely before you give one of these guys a heart attack?" I asked causing Slender to huff before he looked at the group.

"Greetings everyone I am the guardian of this place. I am Slendermane but I'd like you all to refer to me as Slender. Also I want you all to rest assured that you will not come under any harm while under my care. Now if you’ll follow me," Slender said as he led us through the dense forest.

The walk was short but once we came to the massive clearing the foals and mares gasped in amazement before we walked over to the others.

"Sweetie Belle!"

I looked at the voice and saw Rarity running over to us but instead of being in the nude she wore a white blouse and black skirt.

"Rarity!" Sweetie Belle screamed and ran towards the unicorn, hugging her as if she would disappear if she didn't. While they hugged I saw a resemblance between them.

"I take it your sisters," I said.

"Yes and thank you Bones for bringing her back to me," Rarity said.

"Eh no prob I guess," I said with a shrug.

"Oh, I almost forgot, Bones I've made some new clothes for you they're in your new home," Rarity said.

"Wait new home?" I asked.

Rarity gestured for me to follow her, so I did. As we walked over to the edge of the lake I saw Amalthea was there but there was nothing else. Just then Rarity stopped to face me with a smile on her face.

"So...Now what?" I asked.

"Amalthea would you please," Rarity said.

Amalthea nodded, with a flick of her horn, the air beside Amalthea rippled and changed. Before I knew it I was staring at a healthy living tree. Tangled in its branches was a circular house with a cone roof and in the roof was another circular building only smaller. Going around the larger building was a balcony and a single balcony on the smaller structure. At the base of the tree trunk was a wooden door.

"How did you set this up in one night?" I asked.

"Slender can make trees grow whenever he likes and a fair amount of magic went into creating this," Rarity said.

"But why?" I asked.

“Think of it as saying thank you for saving us. Now go try out your wardrobe," Rarity said as she walked behind me and pushed me towards the house.

I did as instructed and opened the door where I saw a wooden spiral staircase. I went up and entered a round room. It had a table, a kitchen and living room. In the centre of the room was a large tree branch going up through the roof. I also saw a spiral staircase leading upstairs so I followed the stairs and entered what appeared to be the bedroom. I saw a comfortable looking bed and a large wardrobe along with a door that led into the bathroom. The odd thing was that there was a second bed here as well but I dismissed it for later. I opened the wardrobe and saw a large variety of clothing. Suddenly I felt an eerie chill running along my spine. I turned around and saw a strange object floating in a strange dark aura in the centre of the room.

Slowly I walked towards the thing and grabbed it. The world dimmed and a strange but eerily familiar figure floated in front of me.

"Who the hell are you?" I demanded as I got into a threatening stance.

"Now, now my dear Bones, is that anyway to treat old friends?" the figure said freezing my body in place before the figure snapped his fingers and the world around us changed into a strange one.

"Where am I?" I asked no one in particular.

"Welcome back to The Void Bones."

I spun around and came to face the figure that brought me to this place.

"Welcome back, I've never been here before," I said.

"Not with the memories you currently have but you and I have known each other for a fair time now," the figure said but I just glared at him. "Maybe this will provide some answers," the figure said as he held his hand out towards me

Suddenly a bright orb appeared in mid-air. When I reached out and touched it I felt a numbing shock run through my body.

Outside Bone's Home Third Person P.O.V.

"You should have seen him he just slid underneath that Manticore and dragged it out of the room by its tail as if it was nothing. It must have weighed over as dozen pounds," Sweetie Belle said.

"Yeah he was fearless but after we lost sight of the two we heard a lot of sounds before we heard a massive roar and Bones came back up," Scootaloo said.

"I'm not surprised, guy can be pretty brutal at times," Daring said wearing a khaki explorer's outfit.

"What did he do?" Rumble asked causing the two mares to freeze.

"Uh...tell you when you’re older kid," Daring said petting Rumble's mane causing the little colt to pout.

"So do you fancy Bones Rarity?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"What, absolutely not. He's rude, uncaring and his only interest is spilling caribou blood. He is...absolutely gorgeous," Rarity said while looking behind the group.

Everyone looked and saw Bones stepping out of his new front door wearing a white shirt with black pants along with black combat boots. The fur around his head was shaved and some of his fur was tied back in a ponytail. Which no one could deny, he looked good with it styled like that. But the main feature was a black double breasted hooded coat that reached his shins with a silver stripe going over the middle of the hood. The coat also a large collar that covered his neck and small metal plates went over the shoulders and thin metal bands went over the ends of the sleeves. The CMC looked at Rarity then at Bones then back to Rarity before they fell over in a fit of giggles while Rarity tried to shush them.

"Something wrong?"

Everyone looked and saw Bones standing before them, his face was neutral but that made everyone gulp.

"No it's nothing Bones, just talking," Daring said.

"Uh huh well if any of you need me I'll be heading for the ruins," Bones said.

"Why are you going back?" Pip asked.

"I left my sword behind and I'd like to have it close when or if I need it," Bones said before he turned around and left.

Bones P.O.V.

My visit from the figure known as the Outsider was a strange one. He answered a few of my questions but refused to tell me the important one, who I was before I died. Now I was walking back to the ruins where I left my sword. Once I entered I walked up the tower's steps and found my sword leaning against the fallen pillar I was sitting against last night. So I grabbed it but before I could place it on my back I felt a presence behind me. So I turned around but saw nobody there.

"I'm going to make this plain and clear come on out and this won't have to get ugly," I said as I partly pulled the blade out of the scabbard.

A figure stepped out from behind a pillar. The figure stood at 8.8 ft. and had a jet black coat of fur and a wild billowing mane and tail that looked like a cold winter night sky. The figure had a feminine body with a large bubbly butt and breasts twice the size of her own head. Her eyes were an alluring cyan colour with black reptilian pupils that made them even more alluring and gave a mysterious feel to it. The mare was also decked out from head to hoof in light blue armour and her muzzle was filled with sharp teeth. Poking out through a hole in her helmet was a black spiral, serrated horn. Movement from behind her caught my attention. When I looked I could just make out the black feathers for her wings meaning this mare was an alicorn. Seeing this alicorn was unarmed I sheathed my blade but kept my guard up in case she tried anything.

"Who are you?" the mare asked.

"Bones," I said plainly.

"And what are you doing in my home again," the mare asked again.

"Your home. Sorry place was so...destroyed I didn't think anyone lived here," I said.

"I asked you a question peasant now answer me," the mare said with a growl hitting a nerve with me

"Did you just call me a peasant," I said.

"I was merely referring to your place in society. You certainly don't look like a member of royalty or nobility and none of either have any right to be here, peasant," the mare said.

"Ok miss you asked for my name already and I said it was Bones so I recommend you use it," I said with a growl.

"Are you threatening me? What do I have to fear from a filthy Diamond Dog like yourself?" the mare asked.

"Hey I'm not a dog, I'm a wolf," I said with a snarl.

This caused the mare to raise an eyebrow at me before she began to circle me, inspecting my form while I kept my eyes on her till she walked back in front of me.

"So you are," the mare said.

"Anyway I gave you my name isn't this the part where you tell me yours?" I asked.

"I am Nightmare Moon Queen of the Night," the mare said.

I recognized the mare's name immediately from the story Rarity was telling me about Ash. If this mare is the real deal, she was the one who tried to bring about eternal night by moving the damn moon with her magic. So that means I should be cautious with what I say.

"Queen of the Night, I thought that title was already taken," I said mentally slapping myself in the face repeatedly.

"WHAT!" Nightmare Moon screamed in a voice so powerful it sent me flying into the fallen pillar. "Who dare's call themselves Queen of the Night, that title belongs solely to me."

"Her name is Luna," I said as I rubbed the back of my head from the impact while Nightmare Moon's eyes widened in surprise at the name.

"So did my counterpart overthrow Celestia?" Nightmare Moon asked herself before she looked at me. Her mane grabbed me by the throat and lifted me into the air. "What else do you know?" Suddenly I made a dark tendril appear out of the shadows and had it cut Nightmare Moon's mane that was holding me, allowing me to stand on the floor again. "What trickery is this?"

"Did you think you’re the only one in this room who knows how to use magic," I said as I rubbed my throat and made more tendrils come to my sides. All of them where pointing at Nightmare Moon like snakes.

"How is this possible only the unicorns and alicorns are able to harness magic," Nightmare said.

Suddenly I heard movement coming from the stairs so I turned and saw a large group of caribou running up the stairs but stopped when they saw us.

"Well lookie what we got here boys we came out here looking for a pair of runaway slaves and we find Nightmare bitch and a Diamond Dog.

"Who are you calling a dog meat sack cause for your information I'm a wolf," I growled.

"Wolf, dog you’re all the same anyway. We'll be taking that bitch to King Diann," the caribou said causing me to growl.

"You dare call me a bitch and tell me where to go cretin!" Nightmare yelled angrily.

"You don't get a choice in the matter alicorn bitch, your property now," the caribou said as he took a step closer however I drew my sword and aimed it at him.

"Take another step and I'll split your face open," I growled.

"You dare raise a weapon at your fellow male," The caribou said.

"We are nothing alike, in fact you and your kind are nothing but spineless gutless worms," I said.

"Kill this trash and subdue her. Be careful she's an alicorn," The caribou said.

I rushed forward, driving my sword through the caribou's chest and pulled the blade upward splitting the caribou's torso and head in two before I let the body fall. I then gazed at the other caribou and gave them a dark smile.

"Next," I growled.

Two caribou ran at me and swung their swords at me but I blocked both weapons and pushed them away. I then kicked the caribou on my left back as the other caribou went with an overhead strike. But I grabbed his wrist holding the blade and saw the caribou I kicked was coming at me again. I brought the caribou's wrist down and saw the blade cleave through the caribou's shoulder. I then stabbed the other caribou in the chest. As I let the body fall I saw a caribou running at me and make a thrust at me with his spear. I dodged to the side and decapitated the caribou with my sword. I then saw more of caribou were ganging up on Nightmare. Nightmare was blasting caribou left and right with her magic and mane showing her ferocity. However one behind Nightmare jumped on her and attached a strange ring around her horn. Three of the caribou used chains to wrap them around Nightmare's limbs and pulled in different directions. The caribou on Nightmare's back brought Nightmare down by using his weight.

I saw one of the caribou was about to use his chain to grab Nightmare however I made a pair of tendrils and grabbed the caribou with the chain and tossed him towards me. I readied my sword and slashed him across his waist before I sheathed my sword and grabbed the chain. I then made three long claws appear on the second tendril and made the tendril grab the caribou on Nightmare. The tendril held the caribou in the air before the claws crushed his head like a grape and tossed his body away. I then used the chain and tossed the end of it to a caribou causing it to wrap it around his head and with one swift yank I snapped the caribou's neck. I then threw the chain again, grabbed a caribou's leg and yanked him towards me. As he came close I readied my claws and as he passed me I drove my claws into the caribou's back, letting the speed and momentum do the rest. My claws tore the caribou open like a fish before I then tossed the chain at the last caribou and saw it wrap around his midsection. I then pulled the chain overhead and I saw the caribou fly over my head, then plummet to the ground screaming all the way. It wasn't until I heard a sickening splat like crack confirm that the caribou was dead. I then heard dragging sounds and saw the third caribou I killed wasn't actually dead. Instead he was crawling to the entrance in a desperate attempt to escape. So I walked over to him, flipped him onto his back and glared at him.

"Have mercy," the caribou pleaded.

"Sorry all out of mercy," I said.

I then primed my right fist and slammed it into the caribou's face leaving the caribou's head as nothing more than another red stain on the ground. I then turned around and saw Nightmare was staring at me. So I walked over to her and kneeled down before I grabbed her horn.

"What are you doing?" Nightmare demanded.

"Calm down," I said as I inspected the ring on her horn and saw a keyhole.

I then used my magic to bring the caribou who put it on closer. I then found the key on his belt so I grabbed it, removed the ring and stood up before I walked over to the door.

"Sorry about the bodies Nightmare Moon but I need to go find these runaway slaves before another patrol finds them," I said before I left.

I walked out of the ruins and over the bridge. I heard the sound of flapping wings and before I could turn to see who it was, Nightmare Moon landed in front of me. Her wings were bat shaped but covered in black feathers that was supposed to bring fear but to me it was something else.

"Why are you following me?" I asked.

"You have yet to answer all of my questions," Nightmare said.

"I already did," I said as I went to step around Nightmare but she stepped in my path.

"I have new ones," Nightmare said.

I looked at the mare and saw she was not going to let up anytime soon so I let out a sigh.

"Fine but we'll walk and talk I'd like to find the two that ran away ASAP," I said as I stepped around her.

"Very well, for starters what were those vile brutes," Nightmare asked as we began to walk into the forest.

"Guess you don't know about the fall huh," I said.

"The fall?" Nightmare repeated.

I then went into detail about what I know about what is going on with the caribou and Nightmare was gob smacked when I told her everything.

"And that’s all I know I'm afraid. I'm still learning about this stuff as well," I said.

"These caribou are as pathetic as the dirt. The absolute nerve of them thinking they have the right to turn every mare into a slave so they can be rutted endlessly it's...it's...revolting," Nightmare said.

Suddenly I heard a cry for help up ahead. I gestured for Nightmare to keep her voice down before we crept over to the place where the cry for help originated from. I then saw a pair of mares were being pinned down by a non-brainwashed stallion unicorn and a caribou. I then saw the caribou was about to rape the cream coated mare.

"You dare run from your betters," the stallion said as he back handed the mare.

When I saw that my insides boiled in anger as I drew my sword.

Stay hidden," I said before I stood up.

I then tossed my sword at the caribou skewering him through the head but before the stallion could turn around I grabbed him and threw him into the tree. I then walked over and grabbed the caribou by the throat and flexed my fingers on my right hand. I heard several cracks before I drove it into the stallion's chest causing the stallion to scream in pain. I then found the stallions heart and wrapped my fingers around it this caused the stallion to panic and shake his head. But my response was squeezing his heart, he opened his mouth to scream but nothing came out. Soon he slumped to the ground dead after I absorbed enough of his blood to replace the stuff I lost when I was using my magic.

I then looked at the two mares and I saw one was struggling to pull my sword out of the caribou's head. She had a mint green coloured coat and white mane and tail. Her cutie mark was of a golden lyre. The other mare had a cream coloured coat with a pink and purple curly mane and tail. She seemed to have injured her leg because of the way she was clutching it. Finally her cutie mark was of three wrapped candies and both of them had writing on them. I walked over to the mint coated unicorn and saw she was still struggling to remove my sword. When she saw me she desperately went to try and pull the blade out faster. I grabbed the hilt of the blade causing the mare to back away and look at me in terror. I then placed one of my boots on the caribou's antlers and yanked it out before I sheathed the sword on my back.

"Are you okay?" I asked the mares causing them to stare at me in surprise.

"Did he just ask us if we are alright or did I hit my head harder than I thought?" the cream coloured mare asked.

"I don't think so because I heard him too," the green mint mare said.

"Did you hurt your leg?" I asked as I stepped closer.

However the mint green mare blocked my path and had a do or die expression on her face meaning she would fight and if necessary die to protect her friend.

"Don't you come any closer you perverted fuck," the mare said.

"Some gratitude. This wolf just stuck his neck out to save you two and that is how you thank him. If he wanted to rape you he certainly would have done so by now."

I looked at the source of the voice and I saw Nightmare step out from behind a tree causing the mares to freak out and huddle together in fear.

"Calm down she's with me and she won't harm you either I give you my word on that. She's right though if I wanted to do something I would have done it by now," I said.

The mares stared at me then looked at Nightmare and then at each other before the mint green mare stepped aside I then walked over to the cream coated mare and inspected her leg.

"You sprained it and you've also got a pretty deep cut," I said before I ripped off some clothing from one of the bodies and wrapped it around the leg to help stop the bleeding. "We need to get you to camp otherwise that injury will become infected," I said as I went to pick her up.

"What are you doing?” the mint green mare asked.

"I'm going to carry, her you don't expect her to walk do you?" I said causing the mare to nod.

I picked up the mare and held her gently before we walked off. Both the mares tried to cover the special parts of their bodies but I didn't say anything. As we walked the mares introduced themselves. The mint green mare was Lyra Heartstrings. The mare in my arms was named Bonbon. I gave them my name and kept walking. Soon we came across the clearing that awed the three mares. I then carried Bonbon over to the camp and I saw Rarity talking with Fluttershy.

"Rarity, Fluttershy I could use some help over here," I called out.

I got both their attention and Rarity ran over to me but Fluttershy froze. I set Bonbon down and Rarity walked over.

"Rarity I'd like to introduce...," I started.

"Lyra and Bonbon. I'm aware Bones, these two lived with me in Ponyville before the fall," Rarity said before she hugged Lyra.

"Wait, you know this guy?" Bonbon asked.

"Yes he's the one that freed everyone in Baltimare," Rarity said.

"Wait, Baltimare had been freed, when did this happen?" Lyra asked.

"Oh two days ago. Now let's see to that leg, Fluttershy can you help me please...Fluttershy?" Rarity called before she looked and saw Fluttershy hadn't moved from her spot. "Fluttershy why are you over there?"

Fluttershy meekly pointed behind us and when Rarity spun around to look at Nightmare Moon her face filled with shock.

"You!" Nightmare growled.

"You!" Rarity yelped in shock.

"Oh boy," I said before I got between the two just so they don't try to kill each other.

"What are you doing here?" Nightmare growled.

"I was going to ask you the same thing," Rarity said.

"Whoa, whoa hang on a minute," I said.

"Back off!" the two yelled at me.

I jumped back in surprise and the two went back to insulting each other. It was starting to cause quite a scene. I then walked up to the two and flicked them on the end of their horns causing the pair of them to yelp in pain. They looked at me in surprise while the audience gasped.

"Now that I have your attention maybe we can talk this out," I said.

"Bones that's Nightmare Moon the same one who tried to bring about eternal night she's evil," Rarity said.

"Well I wouldn't have had to unless pones loved my night like they do the day!" Nightmare yelled.

"Shut up!" I yelled causing the two to look at me in surprise. "The pair of you are behaving like foals while we have an injured mare here that has a wound that is at risk of becoming infected. So would you kindly knock it off until later so we can settle this like mature adults."

"I am over a thousand years old," Nightmare Moon said proudly.

"Well good for you but I couldn't care less because that's not gonna help this situation, so until I get back play nice. If you don't have anything decent to say to each other then don't say anything at all," I said as I picked up Bonbon and left two flabbergasted mares behind. "As for the rest of you don't you all have something better to do then stare?" I said causing the crowd to disperse and Lyra came running up to me.

I led the mares over to the medical tent and told the doctors about Bonbon’s leg. I was told she was going to be fine before I left. I then walked back over to where I left the two mares and saw them sitting down beside the lake. I then walked up behind them and heard the two talking so I decided to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"You know I've always wanted to say this Nightmare Moon but your mane is quite lovely," Rarity said.

"Thank you...and I like the curls in your mane I can never get mine to stay still like that," Nightmare said.

"I suppose that's one of the curses of having eternal manes can't stay still long enough," Rarity said.

"Tell me Miss Rarity...Are you a fan of chess?" Nightmare Moon asked.

"Why yes it is an enjoyable game," Rarity said.

"So nice to see you two getting along," I said surprising them.

"Ahem well yes I suppose The Bearer of Generosity is nice to be around...Where shall I be staying now?" Nightmare asked.

"Don't you wish to go back to the ruins?" I asked.

"No I believe that place is no longer safe for me. Those caribou could come while I’m resting," Nightmare said

"Caribou oh then we simply cannot send you back there then...But there will not be many that will accept you," Rarity said.

"Then where shall I go then," Nightmare asked.

“Guess you can stay with me Nightmare," I said

“Bones-,” Rarity started.

“I’m fine with it if Nightmare Moon is up for it,” I said

"Very well where do you live?" Nightmare asked.

I simply gestured to the tree indicating where she had to go.

"Go make yourself at home," I said.

"Nightmare nodded and left. Once she was out of earshot I looked at Rarity.

"Not so bad is she?" I asked.

"I-I suppose not but still Bones must you bring her here she could still be dangerous," Rarity said.

"If she is I'll deal with it. I haven't given you a reason to doubt me so far so all I ask is that you trust me," I said.

"*sigh* I suppose your right but as soon as I sense she's up to no good then she's out of here," Rarity said before she left.

I then walked off to find Mitta so I can get some answers. I found her talking to the ghost filly named Ruby.

"Is this a good time?" I asked when I reached them.

"Oh hello Bones how can I help you?" Mitta asked.

"I'm here to talk about our deal," I said.

"Oh yes, the bearers. Well since we have Rarity and Fluttershy there's only four left. Rainbow Dash is being held at the Wonderbolt training academy. Pinkie Pie and Applejack are in Ponyville and Princess Twilight is in Canterlot," Mitta said.

"Are you sure about all this?" I asked.

"Yes the caribou like to keep tabs on the Bearers so it's affirmative," Mitta said.

"Okay now how to get to this Wonderbolt academy...Hang on do you know anyone who has been there?" I asked.

"Uh yeah Rarity and Fluttershy went there once I believe," Mitta said.

"Great, thanks for your help Mitta," I said before I left back to my home.

Once I went upstairs I saw Nightmare was looking around the house in curiosity.

"Bedrooms upstairs when you wish to rest and this house is brand new so I haven't got a schedule yet so do whatever," I said as I walked to the stairs.

"Wait," Nightmare said causing me to stop and look at her. "Why do you offer me shelter, you know who I am. That may cause a rift with you and the rest of these ponies. Also you didn't tremble in fear when we first met, why?"

"Well Nightmare there's already a rift between me and the ponies of this place," I said.

"What do you mean?" Nightmare asked.

"Nightmare, when you look at me, what do you see," I asked as I held my hands out slightly for her.

Nightmare was silent. When she looked at me, she seemed to be taking in my appearance.

"I see a wolf," Nightmare said simply.

"Exactly, you see a wolf and do you know what ponies think when they see a wolf?" I asked causing Nightmare to shake her head. "They see a bloodthirsty vicious monster that has no emotion. That fact was proven when they placed my home all the way over here instead of being closer to the camp. Oh sure it may look nice and cozy but that's their way of covering it up like decorating a terrible gift with pretty wrapping paper and bows."

Nightmare Moon's P.O.V.

I was beyond words at the moment but what Bones actually said made sense. If he was really welcomed among my subjects, then they would have placed his home closer to where they currently reside. Yet they keep the brainwashed stallions in a cage right next to their camp instead of the one who saved them from them. In a way it reminded me of how ponies rejected both me and my gorgeous night.

"Seems you two have something in common."

"Well yes it seems so," I thought.

When I refocused on my surroundings I saw Bones was no longer in the room. I then remember he was going upstairs. I walked up after him to learn why he didn't fear me when we met. Once I saw the room I saw the walls inside were made of polished wood like the rest of the walls in the house even the roof was wooden. But the floor was covered in a pale grey carpet. I saw a large wooden wardrobe and two beds with midnight blue sheets on them. But the sight I was witnessing was Bones removing his coat and shirt revealing his bare but muscular chest. I then saw a strange symbol over a large stab wound on the right side of his stomach. When he turned around I saw anothermark on the right side of his back just above his pants on his back was a doorway of some kind with a swirling vortex in it.

"He's certainty good looking."

"Silence strange voice," Nightmare thought.

I watched as Bones went into the bathroom with a fresh shirt and soon I heard water running. I then took this time to remove my armour and place it on the bed on the left of the room. I then looked down and saw I was wearing a blue loose long sleeved shirt and dark blue pants.

"Perhaps I must update my attire," I thought before I walked over to the balcony and looked at the strange place I found myself in.

"Quite a sight isn't it?"

I turned around and saw Bones step onto the balcony with a blue shirt on with black tribal patterns on it.

"He looked so much better without that on."

"Quiet!" I thought angrily hoping to get the strange thoughts out of my head.

"Yes it is but what is this place. I've lived in the Everfree forest for some time now but I've never been here before," I said.

"Well, from what I know, we're on the grounds for the tomb of the Five Knights of Equestria," Bones said.

"So this is where they were buried," I said.

"So you knew them?" Bones asked.

"Yes," I said but Bones just nodded before he walked back inside. "Where are you going?"

"I'm heading off to go rescue another Bearer of Harmony at the Wonderbolt academy," Bones said as he grabbed his coat.

“What!” I asked in shock knowing more of those bearers were coming.

“Relax I won’t let them hurt you not while you’re living under my roof,” Bones said as he put his coat on

"And what should I do in the meantime?" I asked.

"Hell if I know. Haven't been around enough to ask what they do here. But maybe you can get to know ponies that way they won’t have a reason to fear you. Or maybe you can get Rarity and have a game of chess or get some clothing. After all wearing that armour around for so long must not be comfortable," Bones said as he walked away.

I watched him go while many questions lingered in my head about him. Like what is the purpose of his marks, why does he help us, what exactly makes him and I so alike, and what will he get out of helping us.

Bones P.O.V.

I walked out of the house and over to the camp. I received many stares but I ignored them and went straight over to Rarity who was stitching some cloth together.

"Rarity may I speak to you?" I asked.

"Oh of course Bones what do you require?" Rarity asked.

"The Wonderbolts academy, I need a picture of it and I was wondering if you could help me because Mitta told me you once visited it," I said.

"Yes I did but I'm afraid I can't help you Bones unless you can see my memories," Rarity said.

"I can do that I just need to see what this place looks like," I said.

"Oh um well as long that's all you need," Rarity said as I went to touch her head but she backed away. "Only that memory nothing more."

I gave a nod before I placed a hand on Rarity's head and closed my eyes. Soon I saw a massive pillar of rock that reached the clouds. On top of it I saw a runway and other buildings, some of them made of clouds, along with an obstacle course made of clouds. Once I saw all I needed to see I opened my eyes and removed my hand from Rarity. I gave a nod to her before I left. I walked out of the camp and over to a clear area where I waited for the sun to set. When the night began I took a deep breath and closed my eyes before I drew a rectangle in the air with my fingers. When I opened my eyes I saw a rectangular wooden door frame with a black wavy design etched into it. The design almost looked like tree roots. In the door frame was a spiderweb cracked mirror with a door handle on it. I reached for the handle, opened it and was met with a silver wavy wall. I stepped through it and was met with the same place I saw in Rarity's vision. A massive runway on a pillar of rock that reached the clouds. Around the edge I saw buildings and the obstacle course.

I saw there were a few Pegasi and caribou patrolling the grounds but thankfully none of them had spotted me yet. So I removed the door, took cover behind some bushes and pulled my hood over my face before I silently made my way over to the buildings. I made it inside without alerting anyone and appeared to be in what looked to be the mess hall. Luckily no one was in it so I ran over to another room and found a boxing ring that felt familiar. I walked over to the ring and inspected it carefully. I then felt a memory beginning to form.

"Hey you!"

The memory disappeared and I stood still while I heard hoofsteps approach me from behind and I felt something poke my back.

"Turn around."

I did as I was told and as I turned around I saw a stallion with glowing green irises meaning he was brainwashed.

"What are you?" the stallion asked.

I took the opportunity. I grabbed the stallion's head and slammed him against the edge of the ring, knocking him out.

"I'm a wolf," I said as I looked down at the stallion before I walked out of the room.

I went down a long hallway showing momentos of the Wonderbolts like statues and old uniforms in glass cases. I then saw a door that had the words captain Thunderhead written on the glass. I opened the door and saw a brown non-brainwashed Pegasus stallion with a brown coat and black mane and tail with a massive build. He was about to rape a brilliant gold coated mare with a fiery orange mane and tail with a fiery phoenix for a cutie mark. She also had a black collar on her and was staring defiantly at the Pegasus. She also had her hands tied behind her back. I walked in and grabbed the male Pegasus’s head and threw him into the wall. When he got up I slammed him into the desk shattering it.

"Who the buck are you!?" the Pegasus demanded before I picked him up.

"I'm the one you see as your life ends," I said with a growl.

I was so focused on the stallion I failed to see his punch coming that sent me into a wall, knocking over several items.

"You think you can come in here and threaten me. Do you have any idea on who I am and what I'm capable of!" the Pegasus yelled out each word as he stomped on me.

I then grabbed the stallion's hoof surprising him but when he tried to dislodge my hand I prevented him from moving it at all.

"No and quite frankly I don't give a damn," I said as I snapped his leg backwards right at the knee causing him to scream in pain.

I then got up and tossed the Pegasus away. Before I could walk over to him something in the wreck of the desk caught my eye. I walked over to it, picked it up and saw it was a golden schofield revolver with the word Damnation engraved on the barrel in fancy scarlet writing and there were demons engraved along the grip.

"Alright buster drop it."

I looked and saw the Pegasus was up on his good leg, holding another gun that was like the one in my hand. Except the one in his hand was an ordinary one with a fancy silver word engraved on the barrel that said Salvation and angels engraved along the grip. After inspecting the gun I looked down at the one in my hand and suspected that these two belong together.

"Put the gun down!" the Pegasus demanded.

I tossed the gun to the side of the room because I wanted to see the Pegasus face when he realized that bullets don't work on me. However, I never got the chance because a bang went off but it didn't come from the gun in the male Pegasus hand. He was on the floor screaming in pain and holding his leg. I then looked at where the bang came from and saw the mare from before had picked up the revolver in her right hand and shot the Pegasus in the leg.

"You dumb bitch you dare-!" the Pegasus shouted but he had his balls blown off by a blue glowing bullet, which was a magic bolt, causing him to scream in utter agony.

"You’re gonna regret the day you were born Thunderhead, I'll see to that," the mare growled as she aimed the gun at the Pegasus's head.

"Whoa hold on. Look, as much as he deserves your wrath I think we've made enough noise so right now can we find the bearer of Harmony and get out of here before we get caught?" I asked as I pushed the gun down.

"Who are you?" the mare asked.

"Bones and I'm...I'm the guy whose getting you out of here," I said as I kicked the male Pegasus in the face knocking him out so I could stop the screaming.

"And what makes you think I can trust you," the mare said as she aimed the gun at me.

"Go ahead find out what happens and good luck getting out of here," I said.

The mare glared at me deciding on what she should do before she lowered the gun.

"Alright I know where Rainbow is so I'll trust you for now. I'll take you to her however, you try anything I'll put a hole in your head," the mare said.

"You'll try you mean," I said before I walked to the door.

I checked the hallway and saw it was clear. Spitfire then opened the door further and ran past me holding both the pistols in both her hands. We ran across the grounds and towards a large building. We ran inside and I cleared out the guards that were guarding the building. We then arrived at a door. Spitfire opened the door and walked in while I followed. I looked around and saw we were in a private bedroom that had a bed and cages. In three of four cages of the room were two mares and a female hybrid. All of them had black collars. One was an aqua colour with a white windswept mane and tail with had green eyes. Her cutie mark was of a horseshoe with a gold wreath beneath it. The mare in the cage next to her was a cyan blue with a rainbow coloured mane in a tomboyish style. She had a rainbow coloured tail along with magenta coloured eyes and her cutie mark was of a rainbow lightning bolt coming from a cloud. The strange hybrid was covered in brown fur while the top of her chest and head had white feathers. Her wings were covered in brown feathers. She had a beak and some of the feathers on her head formed a wicked fringe giving off the bad girl look. Her legs didn’t have hooves but instead lion paws and her hands were the talons of an eagle. I then remembered Daring telling me about their kind and that they were called griffons.

"Spit's," both mares exclaimed when they saw the fiery maned mare.

"Hey you three, you alright," the mare said as she grabbed the keys hanging on the wall and unlocked the cages.

"Spitfire watch it," the rainbow maned one said when she saw me.

"Relax skittles he's cool. Gave me the chance to get some sweet payback on Thunderhead," the fiery mare said.

"Oh yeah what'd you do?" the griffon asked.

"Blew his balls of with one of Ash's guns," the fiery mare said as she held up the gold gun.

“Nice,” the griffon smirked.

"Ash's guns, so those are God Pieces," I said causing the mares to look at me.

"Well yeah, I guess but what's it to you?" the fiery mare asked.

"Nothing except I know where Ash's metal arm is," I said.

"His left arm, where?" the rainbow maned mare asked.

"Don't worry it's safe and I'll take you to it later but for now introductions, your Rainbow Dash correct?" I asked.

"The one and only ya heard of me?" the mare asked.

"I've heard you have a massive ego that's bigger than your fat head," I said causing the two mares and griffon to snicker while Rainbow grumbled. "But seriously I actually came here to help you reunite you with some mares you know, Rarity Belle and Fluttershy."

"Rarity and Flutters, are they okay?" Rainbow asked.

"They’re in the Everfree forest hanging out with a guy called Slendermane and Amalthea," I said.

"Well I know you’re not lying there you wouldn't be here let alone know his name if you were an enemy to Slender," Rainbow said as the fiery mare unlocked the cage.

"Believe me I know," I said.

“Come on which one is it,” the fiery mare said trying to find the last key to the griffons cage.

“We don’t have time for this,” I said as I walked over to the cage and ripped the door off with my hands, tossing it to the side while the four stared at me.

Suddenly I heard voices enter the room. I then used my magic to grab the two pistols that the fiery mare had and aimed them at the door. I saw a pair of male Pegasi walk in. One was a pale blue with a deep purple mane and tail. He had green eyes and he wore some kind of blue flight suit with a yellow lightning bolt pattern. Beside him was a dark grey Pegasus with a silver Mohawk for a mane and a silver tail. The Pegasus also had green eyes and the same suit as the other neither of their eyes weren't glowing. So that meant they weren't brainwashed causing me to pull back the hammers on the guns.

"Give me a reason why I shouldn’t put a bullet in your faces," I growled.

"Wait, wait they're cool, they're cool. They're just pretending to be traitors," Rainbow Dash said as she ran in front of me and in my line of fire.

I looked at Rainbow then at the stallions before I lowered the guns.

"You two are lucky," I said.

"Who the hell is this?" the dark grey Pegasus asked.

"Name's Bones the wolf and you are?" I asked.

"Thunderlane member of the Wonderbolts," the grey Pegasus said.

"Soarin vice-captain of the Wonderbolts," the pale blue Pegasus said.

"I'm lieutenant Fleetfoot of the Wonderbolts," the aqua Pegasus said.

"And I'm Spitfire captain of the Wonderbolts," the fiery Pegasus said.

“Gilda the griffon,” the griffon said

"Great now that introductions are out of the way what's say we get you lot out of here," I said.

"Sounds like a plan," Rainbow Dash said.

"Hey wait we actually came to tell you we found Ash's bike," Soarin said.

"Awesome we got his pistols," Fleetfoot said.

"Speaking of pistols do you mind," Spitfire said as she held a hand out for the pistols.

I was about to hand the guns over to Spitfire when I felt a weight was added to my waist so I looked down and saw a pair of holsters on my waist.

"Ok those weren't there a few seconds ago," I said.

"Hey those belonged to Ash too," Fleetfoot said.

"So what does this mean?" I asked.

"Well I guess it means the pistols like you and want to stay with you. I guess that means you carry them till we're somewhere safe," Spitfire said.

"I'll take good care of them till we get back, I promise," I said as I put the guns in the holsters.

Suddenly I heard the sound of running coming towards us so I gestured for the others to hide while I hid behind the door. As soon as the door opened the rest of the way two caribou walked in. I then grabbed the caribou closest to me and kicked him in the back of his knee. I threw him into the doorway and slammed the door on his head smashing it. When the last caribou turned around to see me I drew my sword while he struck with a massive axe. I went to block his attack but when our weapons met my sword shattered leaving the hilt in my grip. The caribou smirked smugly at the sight of my ruined weapon but when he went to attack again. I dodged the attack only to be hit in the face by the end of the weapon, knocking me onto my back. The caribou then raised his axe above his head to deliver the final blow but I rolled to the side to escape the strike. I used my legs and swept them under the caribou knocking him onto his back. I then repetitively slammed my fist into the caribou’s face before I grabbed the axe and brought it down on the caribou's head. I then stood up and wiped off the blood that had splattered on my face. I looked at my work and saw the others were staring at me.

"Let's get that bike and get out of here," I said.

"R-right," Soarin said before he opened the door and we ran down the stairs.

Soarin led the way out of the building and over to a stadium of some kind. When we entered we ran over to a tarp near some garbage bins. Soarin then pulled off the tarp revealing a rust covered motorcycle.

"Shadow Ranger...what have they done to you?" Rainbow whispered as she ran a hand over the bike.

I felt a strange allure coming from the bike that made me want to reach out and touch it but I was snapped out of my daze by several bright lights shining down on us. I looked and from what I could see we were surrounded by tons of caribou and male Pegasi.

Third Person P.O.V.

The caribou and male pegasi watched the group sternly, ready for if they tried anything. From the crowd, a caribou stepped forth with an angry expression.

"I can honestly say I'm disappointed in the both of you Soarin and Thunderlane. You’re throwing away your freedom to help these slaves who once ruled over you with an iron fist," the caribou said.

"Go fuck yourself ass wipe. Life was better before you sick perverts came along. Day after day my teammates and marefriend were raped for hours, well I've had enough!" Soarin yelled.

The caribou scowled at Soarin before his gaze locked on Bones in curiosity.

"And just who the hell do you think you are being here dog," the caribou said.

Bones lowered his head concealing his face beneath his hood before he took the I-Pod out of his pocket and removed the earphones. He then began to look through the songs before he pressed play on one.


Bones then put the devise away and as soon as he did he vanished as if he was a mirage causing everyone to mutter amongst themselves. But the music kept playing only it was echoing around the stadium making it impossible to figure out the source. Suddenly, just as the music picked up, a caribou in the seating area was slashed open. However, no one was there to do the deed. Nearby a group of three caribou were slain by the one in the center. The caribou slashed at a caribou with his sword and shot the other with an AK-47 before his head was twisted 180 degrees. Again no one was there.

"He's invisible!" a caribou shouted.

Suddenly the same caribou turned his gun to the sky and started shooting down all the airborne pegasi before he blew his own head off with the gun. A stallion was then pushed into the railing and then his head was twisted on backwards. Below the railing, a caribou was sent flying into the side of a set of stairs. Before he could slump to the floor he was impaled into the stairs by three swords that followed shortly. Suddenly, a stallion was pulled into a bowing position and his arm was held behind his back when suddenly he let out a scream of pain. A sword then appeared in his back that went all the way through him. Higher up near a searchlight a caribou was ripped in two splaying blood on a searchlight. A stallion took a swing at whatever was holding up the body parts. But, all the stallion had cleaved through was air before he was grabbed and tossed into the searchlight. This caused the stallion to be either electrocuted to death or die from the broken glass.

As the song went on more and more died and as it approached the end in the stadium's field a caribou armed with two swords had decapitated a pair of caribou before he drove the blades into himself. Another caribou was pulled into a bowing position before he was pulled forward. But something cut into his left shoulder before he fell over and died leaving behind only the small group. The caribou leader and the rest of the group stood still staring in shock at the carnage that happened before them. Just as the song ended Bones appeared in a puddle of blood with his back to everyone. He then absorbed enough of the blood at his feet to coat himself once again before he turned around. He then walked over to the caribou leader, who was too scared to move. Bones then grabbed the caribou's throat and pulled him close.

"I'm a wolf," Bones growled before his hand become silver and the caribou's skin began to get older till he was nothing but a papery corpse with hollow eye sockets.

He then dropped the corpse and walked over to the group who was staring at him in shock.

"How'd-," Gilda began but Bones raised his hand.

"Later, for now can we get out of here. There may be more," Bones said as he drew a rectangle in the air and the door Bones made earlier appeared surprising the group.

Bones walked in first and the group hesitantly followed after him. When they did they were met with a large camp filled with ponies staring at them. But Rainbow, Gilda and the two stallions recognized the structure that was the knight’s tomb.


Rainbow Dash was tackled into a hug and when she looked to see who it was she saw her little sister Scootaloo along Fluttershy. Both of them had tears in their eyes.

"Flutters, Squirt your both okay," Rainbow said with some tears of her own as she gripped the two in a hug.

"Thunderlane!" Rarity screamed as she ran over and hugged her coltfriend tightly before she kissed him.

"Oh I've missed you Rarity," Thunderlane said as he gripped the fashionista tightly.

"Oh Rumble will be so happy to see that your back," Rarity said.

"Rumble's here?" Thunderlane asked.

"Yes I believe he's with the other crusaders," Rarity said.

"Um excuse me miss Rarity but will we finish our game?"

The new arrivals looked at the source of the new voice and saw Nightmare Moon standing behind Rarity.

"Rarity watch out it's-," Rainbow started.

"Nightmare Moon I know darling in fact we were playing nice game of chess before you came along," Rarity said before she turned to the dark alicorn. "I am dreadfully sorry Nightmare but it has been so long since I've last seen my coltfriend and my friends. I would like to talk to them for a bit. So how about first thing tomorrow we continue where we left off and I'll have a new wardrobe's worth of clothing ready for you."

"Very well," Nightmare Moon said before she left.

"Okay what is going on?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Yeah when did you and Nightmare Moon become so...friendly?" Thunderlane asked.

"And is it just me or does she look better without her armour on?" Soarin added.

"Hey!" Rainbow yelled.

“Allow me to explain,” Rarity said.

"Hold on I just need to grab the pistols from Bones," Spitfire said. When she looked around she couldn't find Bones but she found the pistols and the holsters sitting on Shadow Ranger's seat.

"He’s good," Gilda said.

Third Person P.O.V.

Nightmare Moon walked back to the tree, walked into the bedroom and decided to get into something more comfortable. So she removed her top and pants leaving her in a small light blue singlet that barely covered the bottom of her massive boobs. Also a light blue thong covered her marehood. She then heard movement on the balcony. So she walked out and saw Bones on the right side of the balcony sitting on the railing resting against the wall.

"Good evening Bones," Nightmare said as she leaned against the railing on the left of the balcony

"Not exactly very regal attire for a queen," Bones said with a smirk as he looked at Nightmare.

"A queen can wear what she likes, be grateful I'm allowing you to see this much," Nightmare said with a huff.

"Whatever you say," Bones said before his gaze returned ahead of him.

The two were silent for a few minutes before Nightmare looked at the sky.

"It seems Luna has made another splendid night. She's even added some constellations while we were separated," Nightmare said. "Bones, Rarity told me your suffering from amnesia so does that mean you don't know about what I did...is that why you don't fear me?"

"No I actually do know what you did Nightmare but the reason why I don't fear you is because there is nothing to fear. The whole eternal night thing, I actually would have preferred it if I'm being honest," Bones said causing Nightmare's face to twist into one of shock. "Too bad it can never be."

"What no I can make it so. The only thing I need to do is regain my strength and then separate the Elements permanently. Then everyone will appreciate the night," Nightmare said

"No, no Nightmare that's not what I mean. Listen I know you mean well and that you only want to be appreciated for all you’ve done. It’s true, I love the night and prefer it over the day. But the world needs the sun if it is going to survive. Without the warmth of the sun, crops will not grow, the land will freeze and ponies will starve. Those that do not starve will freeze to DEATH. Tell me, do you want that?” Bones asked.

"No...I don't want to see my subjects die...I just want the world to love my night," Nightmare said.

"You know the world needs the night too. An eternal day like an eternal night would only bring disaster. Rivers and lakes would dry up, crops would whither. Grasslands and forests would become deserts. The night is needed to balance it out to prevent drought and the like," Bones said.

"I...I never considered it like that," Nightmare said.

"You know, I bet there are some things that ponies do at night," Bones said.

"Like what?" Nightmare asked.

"Have a look," Bones said as he got of the railing and gestured to the area around them.

Nightmare looked around and at each of the ponies sitting in the camp but frowned sadly.

"I don't see anything related to the night, they're still ignorant to it," Nightmare said.

"That's because you’re not looking closely," Bones said as he pointed to a group of ponies sitting around a campfire.

"They are just talking," Nightmare said.

"They are talking at night Nightmare. They don't have to be looking at the sky to talk, they can do it any time they wish and they're doing it at night. Also that group is filled with both mares and stallions. Normally the two groups stay far away from each other after what happened but now those wounds are healing," Bones said.

"You’re right," Nightmare said perking up a bit.

"And look, ponies like to study the heavens searching for proof that there is life on other planets or maybe they're just looking at the stars in wonder. Maybe trying to make up new constellations," Bones said as he pointed to a small hill that showed a pony looking through a telescope.

"Yeah," Nightmare said as a small smile graced he muzzle.

"Ah and another sign of healing wounds. Look at that, a few moments by a moonlit lake is very romantic, no," Bones said as he gestured to a pair of ponies sitting by the lake kissing.

"Indeed," Nightmare said with a bit of a blush.

"Over there I see some foals playing with some fireflies and they are nocturnal creatures," Bones said as he pointed to the CMC who were playing and dancing among the glowing insects while Nightmare just smiled with a tear threatening to fall. "The night is important Nightmare but just because they sleep through it doesn't mean that it's hated. It means they are regaining their strength to do all these wonderful things tomorrow."

Nightmare didn't have the words to respond. The only thing she could do was watch as the ponies play, talk, eat, sing and dance under the night till her eyes caught something.

"That colt doesn't seem to be having a good time," Nightmare said.

Bones looked at where Nightmare was looking and saw Pipsqueak. He was holding Midnight and was staring at the moon.

"That is Pipsqueak and he looks like he's longing for something," Bones said.

"Do you know?" Nightmare asked.

"His parent’s maybe. Kid's mother is up in Canterlot and his dad was killed in a battle a few years ago around the same time as Equestria's first king," Bones said.

"First king?" Nightmare asked in surprise.

"Yeah from what I know this king was considered a god. His name was...Ash Blade I believe," Bones said.

"I wonder who it was who married him because you don’t become a king of Equestria unless you are married to a princess of Equestria," Nightmare said.

"It was Luna," Bones said.

"Wait, Luna?" Nightmare asked.

"Yeah Luna, the two were married but during the battle Ash Blade sacrificed himself to save the country as the story goes," Bones said causing the two to sit in silence.

"Do you know whose Pipsqueak's parents are?" Nightmare asked.

"No but his wings are certainly unique shouldn't be hard to find a match," Bones said.

"Wings but he's a unicorn," Nightmare said.

Actually Nightmare he's an alicorn," Bones said.

"WHAT!" Nightmare yelled.

"You didn't see he has both wings and a horn same as his little brother," Bones said.

"Little brother, there are two male alicorns?" Nightmare asked.

"That would be correct," Bones said.

"But only alicorns can get other alicorns pregnant," Nightmare said.

"Well from what I know those two are the only male alicorns to exist in a long time," Bones said.

"And the only relationship in the royal family that we know of is the one between my counterpart and this Ash Blade, so that means *gasp*," Nightmare said.

"That those two are the sons of Queen Luna," Bones said causing Nightmare to look at the two with shock and a strong sense of longing. "Hey, how about tomorrow you go meet them see what their like y'know try and make a good first impression."

"I...I don't know what to say?" Nightmare said.

"Well then sleep on it," Bones said.

"What, sleep through my gorgeous-," Nightmare started but Bones just raised an eyebrow at her. "You’re right."

"Goodnight Moon," Bones said as she went inside.

Nightmare stopped in her tracks and looked back at Bones as he went back to his spot on the balcony. She wanted to inquire why he called her that but decided against it and went to her bed. She moved the covers before she lied down and pulled the blanket over her body while Bones pulled out his flute and a haunting melody began to play.


Nightmare enjoyed the music like last night when Bones and the foals were in her old home where Bones played his flute. She gazed at Bones in wonder as he played the flute. The way he sat, the way his eyes were so calm and focused. His very being was shrouded in an unknown mystery that Nightmare was more than curious to find out about.

"Just who were you before you lost your memories Bones?" Nightmare wondered as she listened to the song and let it lull her to sleep with a smile on her muzzle.

Chapter 5 From Ponyville to Canterlot I'll Spill Their Blood

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Third Person P.O.V.

Nightmare woke up in a pleasant mood, happier than she's been in a while. She stretched out her limbs and looked around. She saw she wasn't in her usual bedchambers but instead in a smaller yet humble room. Instead of sleeping on the cold hard floor with a tattered piece of cloth covering her she saw she was sitting in a comfortable bed with silk blankets covering her. She then remembered the events from yesterday that led her to where she was now. She looked over at the bed opposite her and saw it was empty. She then looked at the balcony and saw Bones wasn't there either. As Nightmare inquired where her roommate had gone she heard a door open and looked to see Bones step out of a steaming bathroom. He wore a pair of jeans and he was putting on a grey shirt when he noticed Nightmare.

"Oh morning Nightmare, hope I didn't wake you," Bones said.

"No your fine I've slept long enough but it is weird sleeping through the night instead of the day," Nightmare said.

"Okay I don't know what everyone does to get food around here so I have nothing for breakfast," Bones said.

"Its fine, there's a food tent at the camp so we can grab something there," Nightmare said.

"Oh okay well have fun I guess, I'm gonna go out," Bones said as he grabbed his coat and his sword handle, which was missing it's cross guard, and tucked it into his belt.

"Out where?" Nightmare asked.

"Catch my food. I'm a carnivore I don't eat pony food," Bones said.

"Oh I forgot," Nightmare said.

"Hey Nightmare out of curiosity do you eat meat also?" Bones asked.

"Why?" Nightmare asked.

"It's your teeth they're the teeth of a carnivore," Bones said gesturing to his own.

"I have molars, these sharp teeth are mostly for intimidation," Nightmare said simply.

"Fair enough I'll see you later then," Bones said before he left.

Nightmare climbed out of bed then walked into the bathroom and cleaned herself up before she walked out of the house and over to the food tent. When she arrived everyone present moved away from her and looked at her in fear. Nightmare let out an annoyed sigh before she grabbed some food and went to sit down at a vacant table and idly played with her food.

"Excuse me, mind if I sit here."

Nightmare looked up from her food and saw Pipsqueak along with the same foals she saw last night who were playing amongst the fireflies. Nightmare was in so much shock about what the children asked her she was panicking on what to say on the inside before she took a breath.

"Yes you may," Nightmare said as she began to eat a sliced apple.

The foals sat down and ate their meals till Pipsqueak spoke up.

"So you're the real Nightmare Moon huh?" Pipsqueak asked.

"Indeed I am and I believe your name is Pipsqueak correct? Bones has told me a bit about you. Is it true you are an alicorn?" Nightmare asked.

Pipsqueak just turned around and extended his wings for Nightmare who stared at them in awe.

"Bones wasn't exaggerating when he said they were unique," Nightmare said.

"Thank you, it was my last gift from my farther," Pipsqueak said sadly.

"Oh yes I heard about his fate and I'm sorry about that but, what do you mean your wings were his last gift?" Nightmare asked.

"It's actually both my wings and horn. You see I was born as an Earth Pony and was orphaned till I was adopted by both my mum and dad, Princess Luna and Ash Blade. After my dad's last battle he left me a note and potion he made that turned me into an alicorn for life," Pipsqueak said.

"Incredible, such magic is impossible to create. Your farther must of been well trained in magic," Nightmare said in awe as she studded Pipsqueak.

"Yeah, even our Aunt Twilight was amazed at what he did, but since he was a Demonic Angel I guess he knew a lot about magic," Apple Bloom said.

"A Demonic Angel?" Nightmare asked.

"Demonic Angels are the children of both devils and angels. There very talented in fact, they did all kinds of cool stuff like creating the Elements of Harmony and Disharmony," Sweetie Belle said shocking Nightmare.

"The Elements of Harmony, are you sure?" Nightmare asked.

"Well actually they made the Tree of Harmony and the tree made the elements but I think that counts," Scootaloo said.

"Tell me more about these Demonic Angels," Nightmare said.

"What would you like to know?" Pipsqueak asked.

"Everything," Nightmare said with a smile.

Few Hours Later Bone's P.O.V.

I was walking back to the camp after I had walked into the forest to practice my skills. I walked into the camp and was going to ask Spitfire if I could borrow Ash's pistols. As I passed the food tent I saw Nightmare walk out with the foals holding her hand. I saw each one of the group had a smile on their face before I walked on. I then saw Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow, Soarin, Gilda, Thunderlane and Spitfire were walking towards me. I also saw the new mare's and griffon had their collars removed, their wings were freed and they were fully clothed. I walked over and stopped in front of them.

"Hey you lot, is now a good time?" I asked.

"Oh Bones you haven't seen the foals anywhere have you?" Rarity asked.

"I'm sure they're around. Spitfire, I need to borrow those pistols," I said.

"Why do you need them so bad?" Spitfire asked as she folded her arms over her chest.

"I'm planning on going into Ponyville to rescue two of the remaining Element Bearers and I want to be prepared," I said.

"Shouldn't you get a new sword first?" Soarin asked as he gestured to my swords handle.

"Don't worry about that, all I ask is that I borrow the pistols and I will return them to you," I said.

"Alright on one condition, I come with you. I've been meaning to get some payback by any means necessary, I believe this will suffice," Spitfire said.

"I'm coming too, these bastards are gonna pay for what they have done," Rainbow Dash said clenching her fists.

"Yeah, I say they had this coming for a while now," Gilda said cracking her knuckles.

"I'm okay with this just as long as you lot have a way of protecting yourself because I'm not going to babysit you," I said.

"Actually I think I can help solve that problem," Thunderlane said.

Thunderlane had taken all of us to the castle ruins in the forest and opened up a secret passage in the library leading to what he called the assassins HQ. The group explained that Soarin and Thunderlane, along with Ash Blade and some others, were part of a team of assassins where Ash was the leader and trained everyone. I even saw statues of the five knights and of Ash Blade but I couldn't make out his face on account it was hidden beneath a hood. I saw he was not like anything from Equestria and he had a pair of wings that matched Pipsqueak's and Midnight's. As Soarin went to go get some robes, on which matched his fur and mane colours, Thunderlane showed us the armory.

"Ah here we go," Thunderlane said as he pulled a sheet off a rack of weapons.

"What's this Thunder?" Spitfire asked.

"These are weapons Ash had ready if ever the need raised, which I say it has," Thunderlane said as he pushed the massive rack out of the room and into the main room. "Rarity these are yours." Thunderlane said as he handed Rarity a pair of silver sticks with sapphires embed in them.

"Oh they are lovely as expected of Ash but what are they?" Rarity asked.

Thunderlane took one of the sticks and unfolded it revealing it to be a fan of some sort. Thunderlane then threw the fan at a dummy and we all watched as the fan sliced through it like air before it came back to Thunderlane.

"Fashion as a tool for death, satisfied?" Thunderlane asked.

"Most defiantly," Rarity said as she went to test them herself.

"Okay, I'm next. If Ash was able to do something that awesome for Rarity then Ash had better have something that's just as good for me," Rainbow said.

"Actually Rainbow Ash wanted you to have something he once owned," Thunderlane said as he handed Rainbow a pair of swords with a strange mechanism on them.

"No way, Ash's pistol swords. He...he really left them for me?" Rainbow asked.

"Yeah, was working on them for weeks making sure they were working properly," Thunderlane said as he handed Rainbow the swords.

"Aw buck yes" Rainbow said as she snatched the blades away from Thunderlane and looked them over.

"Gilda, Ash left you something very special," Thunderlane said as he handed her a pair of katanas.

"Ordinary swords huh," Gilda said with boredom.

"Come on Gilda if you know Ash as well as I do these are not ordinary," Thunderlane said before he pressed a button causing the blades to separate into smaller blades and were connected by a metal string. "These are whip swords."

Thunderlane flicked the deadly whips at a dummy causing it to wrap around the dummies head and, with one swift yank, he tore the head off before he retracted the blades.

"Ok that is seriously cool," Gilda said as she took the swords.

"Now Spitfire, Ash thought that if these weapons were to ever be used, you would need something to inflict massive amounts of pain," Thunderlane said.

"Damn right," Spitfire said with a smirk.

"Well Ash has left you this," Thunderlane said as he handed Spitfire a gladius with a serrated edge.

"Kinda short," Spitfire said.

"It's supposed to be. Ash didn't want to give you something that would slow you down. With those spikes there just impale the guy with those and pull. It will be like the victim is being cut up by a hand saw," Thunderlane said.

"I take that back, not bad," Spitfire said before she left.

"Hey Thunder, what about the rest of those weapons?" Rainbow asked.

"Oh those are for Twilight, Trixie, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy," Thunderlane said.

"Pfft Fluttershy, you’re kidding," Rainbow said.

"I kid you not kid," Thunderlane said.

"Fluttershy will faint at the mere thought of holding a weapon," Rainbow said.

'She's tougher than you think Rainbow and besides, her weapon is a special one so don't worry about it," Thunderlane said as he put the rack away and turned to me. "And as for you Bones, have a look around. Pick out what speaks to you."

"And hurry up so we can go kick some ass," Rainbow said holding her new weapons tightly.

Ponyville Third Person P.O.V

Ponyville was once a friendly community before the fall. The town was always full of smile thanks to Ponyville's party planer Pinkamina Diane Pie or Pinkie Pie by the residents. Ever since Nightmare Moon appeared during the Summer Sun Celebration five years ago, the town has had many strange events from a god of chaos to bug bear attacks even an urser minor. But, when the caribou came things changed. Mares crawl along the ground with collars on their neck and leashes attached to them being held by either caribou or stallions while moans echo about the town. Now this way of life was coming to an end.

Octavia, a grey coated mare with a raven black mane and tail and black collar, was crawling along the ground being pulled along by her master, a caribou. He had a few scars from previous conquests and battles. Beside Octavia was her marefriend, a white coated mare with a short electric blue mane and tail, magenta eyes and like the others her horn had been cut off. She also had a black collar. Before the fall Octavia was once a famous cello player and Vinyl was an equally famous DJ.

"Argh I can't take it anymore," the caribou growled stopping the mares and pulling down his fly revealing his massive cock. "Alright you two, you know the drill."

"No," Octavia said defiantly.

"You don't get a choice black bitch, now suck," the caribou demanded as he grabbed Octavia by the mane and pushed her towards his cock.

Around them, many males watched the show and began to stroke their own cocks or have mares give them a blowjob. But before Octavia's lips could touch the caribou's dick he was pulled into the alley causing him to release Octavia in surprise. Everyone looked at where the caribou was dragged to but the alley was as dark as a moonless night. Octavia suddenly couldn't help but feel a chill go up her spine.

"What the, who are you? What are you doing? No, please don’t, I'll do anything," the caribou that was dragged into the alley said before the sounds of something hitting something else echoed out of the darkness.

A few minutes later there was a large splatter sound before the sound of footsteps came from the alley. But instead of the caribou, a tall figure dressed in a black coat with gold trim stepped out instead and the figure's face was hidden beneath a hood. The only thing visible from this hood was a grey furred muzzle. What was confusing was that on the end of this muzzle was a black dog like nose and Octavia noticed the mouth was full of sharp teeth.

"Who the hell are you and what have you done?" a non-brainwashed stallion asked.

"I am no one of consequence. As for what happened to him, the same thing is gonna happen to you," the figure said.

Suddenly the figure drew a pair of pistols that were familiar to both Octavia and Vinyl from out of nowhere and shot all the males that had gathered around them. Time seemed to slow down as the male’s bodies fell. All the mares with black collars stared in shock, wondering if this was all a dream while the broken ones just stared. Time speed up again and the bodies hit the ground. Everyone stared only to be drawn back to the figure and see him walk towards Vinyl and Octavia.

"Octavia Melody and Vinyl Scratch?" the figure asked.

"Yes," the two said while trying to cover themselves up.

"I have something for you," the figure said before he snapped his fingers, two piles of clothing and weapons appeared in his hands.

Octavia and Vinyl recognized the items as the robes of the assassin brotherhood they had once worn when the Templars threatened their home. The figure then set the clothes down in front of them and the pair of them immediately began to get dressed while the figure began to walk away.

"Hey there mister all dark and mysterious you’re not gonna leave a mare unsatisfied are you," a red collared mare said as she ran in front of the figure and began to put her hand down his pants.

However before the mare could, the figure snapped his fingers and the mare fell asleep. Before she could collapse the figure set her down on the ground. Everyone looked to see a pair of caribou guards running over to the group, one of them riding a massive doglike beast. It had grey fur and dark hair going along its back. The thing stood on four hooves and had a pair of horns on the side of its head.

"War Beast!" Octavia yelled.

"A what?" the figure asked.

"A War Beast, a fire breathing creature with the strength of twenty earth ponies and are immune to magic blasts," Vinyl said.

"Sounds like fun," the figure said before he ran at the War Beast.

The caribou riding the monster gave a kick on the War Beast's side causing it to unleash a blast of fire. However the figure was faster and leaped onto the War Beast's snout before it could open. When it opened it's mouth the figure used the momentum to leap higher into the air. The figure then drew a silver stick from its belt. Suddenly a black blade appeared out of the end that looked like it could suck out all the light in the world. The figure then came down and brought his blade down on the caribou cutting him right down the middle before he kicked the caribou off. The figure then grabbed the reigns and saw the other caribou tried to run away. The figure hen aimed the War Beast at the caribou and the War Beast grabbed the caribou in its jaws and began to chew on him. This caused the caribou to scream in both horror and in pain, realizing he was about to become a meal.

The figure then let go of the reigns. His blade then extended and became bendy like a whip. He then swung it around and brought it down on the side of the War Beast's head. The whip then separated the head from the body and the beast fell dead before the figure jumped off. The figure then walked away while Vinyl, Octavia and all the other mares stared in shock at what they just saw. But Octavia just smiled.

"There's hope," Octavia whispered.

Bones P.O.V.

I finished off the War Beast and rescued two members of the so called assassin brotherhood. The mares and two stallions then began to search for others of their group and rescue civilians. Meanwhile I was tasked to find a guy called Spike and a Bearer of the Element of Harmony called Applejack. The last known location of Spike was the crystal tree palace in Ponyville which wasn't that hard to find since it was so massive. I walked inside the huge doors to find the place was massive and as crystallized as the outside with massive two toned green windows. There were crystal lamps that hung from the ceiling and from the columns that lit up the place. There were also two stairs that lead deep into the castle so I decided to take my chances and go up the stairs.

I soon found myself in a room that had a table and seven thrones around it. Six of them had a cutie mark on it. How did I know because I saw Rarity's was on one, she also told me about this room and finally on the table was a holographic map of Equestria. I then saw a massive set of doors at the back of the room. On the door was a six pronged magenta star and a white one behind it with five smaller ones going around them. I then walked over to the door, pushed it open and was greeted by a long room.

There were banners with the caribou's mark on both sides of the room along with some sculptures of ponies. However some looked vandalized. I noticed some large stained glass windows showing a story of some kind. Like one that had a mismatched dragon-like creature being blasted by what looked like six mares wearing some jewellery. Also in the window was a figure dressed in grey and black with a hood. Another one had a picture of a centaur battling another figure only this one had wings like Pipsqueak and wore armour. The wings clued me in and told me that this guy was Ash Blade. Soon the smell of musk and cum filled the air. I saw a long purple carpet that lead to a large crystal throne with the same purple and white star. But what was on that purple throne is what surprised me the most.

It was a large dragon that had purple scales and a green underbelly while large sharp dark green spines went all the way from his head to his tail. His snout looked squared and narrowed like that of a crocodile. His muscles would make the strongest men in the world look like wimps. His eyes had reptilian slits and his irises were glowing an unhealthy green telling me that he had been brainwashed. In his hand was a chain that led to a black collared mare sucking on his dick. The mare had a dark blue mane and tail and grey fur. The boxed on her back told me she's a Pegasus but the odd thing is I saw this mare had yellow slitted eyes and fangs.

The dragon let out a groan and he gripped the mare's head. I then saw the mare try and push herself off the dick but the dragon didn't even budge. I then grabbed a throwing dart from my belt that looked like a long nail, tossed it at the dragon and saw it hit his hand. This caused him to yelp in pain and release the mare's head, the mare ripped herself away from the dragon. The mare began to take deep breaths and the dragon growled at me while I cracked my knuckles.

"Let's go," I said.

"SPIKE SMASH!" the dragon roared.

The dragon, now known as Spike, spread his enormous wings, which I some how didn't see before, and flew at me, readying a fist to smash me into paste. I dodged to the side and punched Spike in the side however it was like trying to punch diamonds and it hurt like hell. Spike then backhanded me into a wall and as I was recovering Spike charged at me. I leapt out of the way and dodged the massive dragon, I then saw a statue ready to fall beside Spike. I used my shadow blade to cut the statue's leg and watched it topple onto Spike. However I only succeeded in pissing him off because he smashed through the statue and used his claws to swipe at me. I narrowly dodged the attack and started attacking at random spot's looking for a weak spot while dodging Spike's attacks. I soon found one when I punched Spike in the underbelly causing him to roar and cringe in pain.

"So that's your week spot also your most guarded area," I said.

Spike's tail then wrapped around my throat and tossed me into the throne where I hit the stairs and my vision went dark.

"Now remember this technique can only be used so many times. You must save it for the ones you really need, no one more."

"I understand."

"Now then my apprentice, I have a task for you but it involves you going to hell."

"What could you need from there?"

"It's not something I want, it's what's been taken from me."

My eyes snapped open and I saw the mare from before was shaking me awake.

"Hey, you alright there?" the mare asked.

"Fine," I said as I got up and saw Spike was walking towards us.

"I hope you've got a plan that doesn't involve killing him," the mare said.

"Listen I just need to get to his head can you distract him?" I asked.

"Yeah," the mare said before she ran to the side of the room and picked up a piece of the broken statue and threw it at Spike's head. “That’s enough Spike!"

Spike slowly turned to look at the mare and snarled in anger. While his eyes were on her I moved behind Spike.

"Spike, this isn't you. I know you better than that, you need to fight this," the mare said.

Spike roared in the mare's face but I took out my shadow blade and turned it into a whip, wrapped it around Spike's snout and pulled the jaws closed. Spike then tried to shake me off but I planted both my feet on him firmly. I then charged my hand full of magic and slammed my palm onto Spike's skull. As soon as I did I felt a shock like lightning race through my body and from Spike's roars he felt the pain as well. When I finished Spike collapsed to the ground and I fell off him. I looked at the dragon and saw his body shrink till it was no bigger than me. His snout became rounder but still pointed and he still had some muscle to him.

"Spike!" the mare shouted as she pulled the dragon's head into her lap as he began to stir.

"Wha- Shadow, what's going-," Spike started before it all came back to him. He then pushed the mare away, covered his mouth and ran over to the side of the room then abruptly threw up. I then got up, walked over to him and patted him on the back till he let it all out. When he was done he sat against a wall. "Ash have mercy on me...What have I done?" I decided to help the poor drake out so I sat down beside him. I then placed a hand on his back and rubbed it till he stopped crying. "I-I can't believe I did those things, I became a monster. I-If I'd h-h-had known...."

"This isn't your fault Spike, you were forced into this by the real monsters the caribou. The important thing here is that you're free now Spike and I have something for you," I said as I summoned his assassin robes and weapons, causing him and the mare to gasp. "Now there is only one question left to answer Spike. Are you going to sit here, swallow the blood in your mouth and cry about what happened to you? Or are you going to get up, spit it out and go spill the blood of the ones who did this to you?"

Spike sat there looking at the robes in my hand for a while before his hand tightened into fists and looked at me with a roaring fire in his eyes, a fire to spill the caribou's blood.

"Let's tell these creeps that this isn't their home anymore," Spike said with a growl.

I handed Spike his robes before I looked at the mare.

"You gonna be alright?" I asked.

"Yeah and thanks Mister...," the mare started.

"Bones," I said.

"Cool, name's Nocturnal Shadow," the mare said.

I gave the mare a nod before I left the castle and made my way over to what was known as Sweet Apple Acres, where they sell the best apples in Equestria. I've also been told by Soarin that Big Mac, the brother of Applejack, is also a member of the brotherhood. Also he is one of the few not under the spell of the crystal cock. Thanks to the fact that the two stay in touch Big Mac tries to help the mares out as much as he can when he can so he doesn't get caught by the caribou. He even managed to save a zebra shaman named Zecora by taking her in. But back to the matter at hand. I walked through the gate that led into Sweet Apple Acres. When I looked around I saw fields of apple trees as far as the eye can see alond with a wooden country themed house and a red barn. The place looked homey and had an inviting feeling to it.

I was about to walk over to the house and knock when I heard moaning come from the barn. So I walked over to it, opened the door and saw the barn was filled with mares. They all had been placed in stalls, some of them with red collars, others black and all of them had cowbells on their collars. They were all forced into a bowing position while tubes were connected to their massive breasts, milking them. I then looked at the hay loft and saw an unconscious mare on her knees while her arms were being held spread out by a pair of ropes. The mare had orange fur and a blonde mane and tail, both ironically tied into a ponytail. She also wore a black collar and her cutie mark was of three bold red apples. The only clothing she had on besides the collar was a brown Stetson on her head.

"Excuse me sir."

I turned around and saw a scrawny caribou with a pair of glasses resting on his muzzle.

"The Barnyard Fuck is closed today but if you want to fuck a bitc-," the caribou started but didn't finish because I slashed his throat open with my claws.

"I'm not here to fuck anyone you piece of War Beast shit, I'm here to free them," I said before I walked over to the stalls and started freeing the mares.

Once they were free, I removed their collars and the boxes on the backs of the pegasi. I then climbed up a ladder and began to cut the ropes holding the mare. Suddenly, a bolt of magic grazed my shoulder causing it to burn slightly. I looked at the origins of the blast and saw a pair of male unicorns standing in the barn doorway. The first one had a cream coloured coat and a red-white striped mane combed back and matching colour tail. He wore something similar to what a barbershop quartet would wear and his cutie mark consisted of a red apple slice. The other one was much older than him with the same cream coat and striped mane and tail. The only differences was this one had a red moustache on him, also his cutie mark was of an apple missing a slice. I then figured these two are both brothers and both of them didn't have glowing green eyes.

"Well, well oh brother of mine it appears we have a troublemaker stealing our property," the stallion without the mustache said.

"Indeed oh brother of mine and just what should we do with this troublemaker?" the stallion with the mustache said.

I drew the pistol Damnation and shot at the ground in front of the unicorns causing them to leap back when they saw the magic bolts. They then ran out of the barn, closed the door and bolted it. I then saw the shots had started a fire. I turned around and saw the blast that grazed my shoulder had also started a fire. I then grabbed the mare next to me and discovered she had plenty of muscle on her which made her pretty heavy. I jumped onto the ground floor and collapsed under the mare's weight before I picked her up and looked for a way out. I then removed Damnation, replaced the cylinder that was in it with a different one and blew a hole through the main doors.

I then ran through the hole just before the machine that pumped milk exploded. The force sent the mare and me tumbling along the ground. I then got up and saw a caribou had grabbed one of the mares I freed by the mane. I drew Salvation and shot the caribou's wrist forcing him to scream in pain and release the mare. The caribou then glared at me but I simply changed the cylinders on Damnation and shot the bastard in the face before I saw the mare was still unconscious.

"Wow you are one heavy sleeper," I said before I looked around and saw a well.

I picked up the mare once again, took her over to the well and placed her against it. I dropped a bucket into the well and began to pull it up. I then dunked a cup that was sitting on the well wall, dunked it into the bucket and gave the mare a drink causing her to stir. Suddenly, something slams me into the well and I flip onto my back only for a hoof to be pressed into the side of my head grinding me into the dirt but I could see it was the unicorn twins again.

"Well dear brother, looks like we caught our troublemaker," the one without the moustache said.

"Indeed but what is he Flim?" the stallion with the moustache said.

"He looks like a Diamond Dog brother but different Flam," the stallion without the moustache said.

"Try wolf," I said.

Suddenly the mare leapt at Flam and I took this opportunity to kick the stallion named Flim in the back causing him to remove his hoof from my face. I then rolled to the side and stood up to see Flam shoot the mare with his magic, leaving a burn on her waist that made me angry. I then drew Damnation again and aimed it at Flam.

"A God Piece!" Flim shouted before I shot Flam in the shoulder. "Brother!"

Flim then got angry and charged at me while firing off spells so I had to dodge them. When he was close enough, my knee made contact with the side of his head. This forced him to alter his path before I grabbed him by the back of his shirt and threw him at his brother. I saw his horn impale his brother through the heart. When Flim pulled his horn out he stared in horror at what he had done before Flam fell to the ground his eyes wide open but lifeless.

"You bastard, you die!" Flim said as he threw a knife he had hidden at me which impaled me in the chest.

Flim then fired a blast of magic at me causing me to dodge. When I looked at Flim I saw a hulking big maroon red stallion with huge muscles and hay blond mane and tail. The look on his face showed he was not something to mess with. Flim seemed to notice what I was looking at as he slowly turned around, saw the stallion and slowly backed away.

"Big Macintosh hi um...listen about our little heh position, how about we make a deal," Flim said clearly afraid of the stallion.

The stallion who I assumed was Big Mac for so many reasons grabbed Flim by the head, lifted him into the air and brought him close to his face.

"Nope," Big Mac said in a deep voice before he smashed Flim's head on the wall killing him before he went to check on the mare. "Applejack, you alright?"

"Ah'm fine big brother," the mare said in a country accent as she got up clutching her wound.

Big Mac helped up Applejack, I also got up and removed the knife in my chest then walked over to the siblings. But Big Mac fixed me with a dark gaze that made me stop. I know I'm dead and all but still, that guy is downright scary.

"It's alright Big Mac he ain't with them also got me out of the barn," Applejack said gesturing to the burned down barn.

"Uh yeah sorry about that wasn't meant to catch fire like that," I said.

"Don’t worry none sugarcube place had a permanent stench of cum in it so it's good it got burned down," Applejack said.

"Okay first off don't call me sugarcube secondly all's well that ends well," I said.

"Ya got a name partner?" Big Mac asked.

"Yeah names Bones, oh and Thunderlane asked me to give you these Big Mac," I said as I summoned Big Mac's robes bracers and a massive war hammer.

"Ya know Thunderlane?" Mac asked as he took the equipment.

"He's in town right now helping us liberate the place," I said as I gestured to Ponyville.

"Liberate as in fight back against the caribou?" Applejack asked.

"Bingo now let's go, there are some mares that would most certainly be glad to see you two," I said.

"Hold on, I just need to grab Zecora," Mac said before he ran back inside the house.

A little while later Big Mac came out with a zebra wearing a loin cloth and torn bra wrap. She was defiantly attractive and had a Mohawk for a mane.

"So this is the stranger I am to greet, but it is strange to see a wolf stand on two feet," the zebra said.

"Finally someone who can tell the difference between a wolf and dog," I said.

"You're a wolf?! I didn't know wolves could talk and stand on two legs...well besides Ash anyway," Applejack said.

"Anyway you must be Zecora, name's Bones," I said.

"A pleasure it be, but what brings you to this field of trees?" Zecora asked.

"I'm helping reunite the Bearers of Harmony, so far there should be five if the others are successful," I said.

"Whoa boy, you saved the others?" Applejack asked.

"Most but anyway, let's head back," I said before I led the group back to Ponyville.

The walk back was quiet but when we arrived in Ponyville I saw a lot of caribou bodies and blood everywhere on the ground, walls, roofs even the three with me were surprised.


I looked and saw Rarity running over with a bit of blood on her as she hugged Applejack tightly.

"Good to see you Rares but why are you covered in blood?" Applejack asked.

"Oh, I was dealing with some caribou who were raping some poor mares and well, let's say they won't be a problem anymore?" Rarity said.

"You killed them!? Applejack asked in shock.

"Applejack, do you have any idea what I went through. This anger towards them cannot be dealt with by calming breaths," Rarity said.

"No it's not that I'm just surprised you actually killed someone," Applejack said.

"Oh *ahem* yes but I'm afraid the one with the hatred goes to Spike it was like someone replaced him with a replica who's only instinct is to kill," Rarity said.

"So he did all this?" I asked as I gestured around us causing Rarity to nod while I whistled. "Damn I knew he was angry but wow."

"Hey you lot,"

I turned to see the rest of the group running over to us. But, suddenly I was knocked onto my back. When I looked at what it was I saw a pink mare with a fluffy mane and tail sitting on my stomach.

"Awe you’re not Ash," the mare said.

"What?" I asked.

"HitheremynameisPinkiePieandIjustlovemakingnewfriendsdoyoulikepartiesI'veneverseenyoubeforewhenIfirstsawyouyoulookedlikeaDiamonDogbutyoulookalittlebitdifferantfromaDiamonDogthenIrealizedyourawolfandthenIthoughtyouwereAshbutthenIrememberedAshwasdeadsoIranoverheretogetabetterlookatyoubutthen-," the mare said all in one breath which started overloading my head.

"Get off me!" I yelled pushing the mare off me. "Jeez do you always greet others like this?"

"Sometimes," the mare said happily.

"*sigh* And she is?" I asked as I stood up.

"That there is Pinkie Pie the Bearer of the Element of Laughter, if anyone can make somepony laugh its Pinkie Pie," Applejack said.

"Ok now what about what's going on here, has everyone been freed?" I asked.

"Yeah searched every house except one," Spitfire said.

"Which one?" I asked.

Everyone was silent and had lowered their heads till Rainbow looked at me.

"Ash's home," Rainbow said.

Suddenly I hear a massive shattering sound come from off in the distance. I looked to see on the side of a mountain was a castle with a massive magenta bubble around it. But the bubble was breaking like glass.

"Oh buck Canterlot is under attack," Rainbow said.

"They're gonna get to Twilight and the other members of the royal family," Rarity said.

"Not if I have anything to say about it," I said.

"Wait a sec what are you planning?" Soarin asked.

"Simple I'm gonna get up there, rescue the royals and kill the caribou. Any objections?" I asked.

"But they got an army up there," Applejack said.

"Fine by me just means I get to spill more blood," I said.

"You're crazy you won-," Applejack started but Rainbow grabbed her shoulder.

"Trust me AJ, he's got this," Rainbow said.

"Listen is there some kind of secret path that leads to the throne room, might make it easy for me," I said.

"Yes, there is a way. It was built recently but it exit's to a sheer drop," Nocturnal Shadow said.

"I can work with that, can you remember the location precisely?" I asked.

"Sure," Nocturnal Shadow said.

I then placed my hand on her head and saw the location and the path before I removed my hand and nodded.

"Alright, you guys stay here and check out Ash's house then head back to camp while I head up to Canterlot," I said as I drew a rectangle in mid-air and the door appeared.

"Wait a second why can't we go with you?" Gilda asked.

"I work better on my own," I said before I opened the door.

"Bones wait," Rarity said stopping me and I saw Spike was writing something on a scroll before he handed it to me. "That's to tell the princesses and Twilight about you and that you are trustworthy."

I gave Rarity a nod before I walked through the door and closed it behind me.

I stepped onto a ledge that was beneath Canterlot and removed the door I came through. I looked around and saw a massive waterfall beside the ledge. In front of me was a hole with a sturdy metal gate. I then walked over to the gate, ripped it from its hinges and tossed it away before I walked inside. I let my eyes adjust to the darkness before I looked around and saw I was in a cavern of some kind filled with crystals. As I walked, I got a little bored so I pulled out my flute and began to play a song that just appeared in my head.

Third Person P.O.V.

"AAARRRGGGHHH!" Luna screamed as a pair of the caribou king's elite guards branded her cutie marks with chains.

Luna and her fellow rulers of Equestria were inside the throne room of Canterlot castle with about thirty elite caribou guards. When the caribou broke through the shield many nobles turned on the guards overpowering them and allowing them entry into the castle. The Immortals, the personal guard to Ash Blade, fought valiantly against the caribou and the traitors. But, now the Immortals and Shining Armour are sitting up against a wall with spears held against them. Meanwhile the female rulers of Equestria have their wings placed in boxes and horns cut off. Finally, their cutie marks have been branded and each one of them now wears a black collar with diamonds embedded in them.

"So this is the famous Luna, certainly a pretty thing," one of the guards said as he grabbed Luna underneath her muzzle and inspected her. But Luna pulled her head away and bit the caribou's hand hard causing him to yell in pain.

"That's good I like the ones who fight back?" the other caribou said.

"You will pay for this," Luna growled.

"And who's going to make us pay, your dead husband," the caribou taunted with a laugh.

Suddenly the throne room doors opened and in walked three caribou flanked by two other elite guards, the three caribou were taller than the rest of them. But the one in the middle was bigger than the others, he had large muscles but unlike the rest of the caribou he had a grey mane-like hair on his neck with a little hint of white on them. His brown hooves polished with glistened light and he had green eyes. The caribou and the two beside him all wore royal regalia but the one piece of clothing that made everyone glare in hatred at the middle caribou was the crown he wore. It was gold and silver with a pair of wings on the side’s, one feathered the other webbed. On the front were a pair of black wolves holding up the most beautiful gem that could ever be seen.

"Ah Canterlot I must say it is quite a city you built," the middle caribou said as he looked at Celestia.

"A city you defiled Diann," Celestia spat.

"That's King Diann to you now Sun Slut," Diann said.

"Are you proud Diann to wear my husband's crown like it's a trophy," Luna said with enough venom to kill a hydra.

"The gem on this crown is said to only be worn by great kings I'm just embracing this truth," Diann said.

"Did you figure that out before or after you stole that from Ash's tomb," Shining said before an invisible force picked him up by the neck.

Shining was slammed into the wall hard enough to leave cracks in it.

"Shining!" Cadence and Twilight shouted in worry.

Shining Armour was dropped to the ground before Diann looked at the youngest and scrawniest of the three royal caribou.

"Bolanus my son which one do you want to fuck first?" Diann asked.

"Hm I hear Celestia has a wonderful ass but I'm curious as to why Ash Blade liked Luna so much," Bolanus said.

The caribou began to walk towards Luna but however stopped when the sound of moving stone echoed around the room. Suddenly the stairs to the throne sank into the ground revealing a dark passageway.

"You two, find out what's going on," Diann demanded as he pointed to two of his guards.

The two guards saluted before they disappeared into the passageway and all was silent for a few minutes when suddenly screams of pure terror replaced the silence. The two caribou were then thrown out of the passageway, not as a whole but in pieces. Everyone stared at what had happened but to add more fear to the atmosphere a haunting melody filled the air.


Footsteps then echoed from the passageway and Bones emerged from the darkness playing his flute. Once he stopped playing and removed the flute from his lips, he put it away and looked around though his gaze locked on Luna a little longer than the rest.

"Seems I'm a little late for the party," Bones said.

"And who in Tartarus are you!?" the second royal caribou said who was a little shorter than Diann.

Bones then looked at the three royal caribou and pointed a finger at Diann.

"Diann correct, I'm here for you," Bones announced.

"Oh are you?" Diann said smugly.

"Just make it easy on all of us and I promise this will be over quick," Bones said.

"What makes you think I'm going with you?" Diann said.

"You don't seem to be gasping this situation so allow me to simplify it, dead or alive you’re coming with me," Bones said.

"You're beginning to bore me now so why don't you thirty take care of him and whoever brings me his head I will allow that caribou to fuck a princess of their choosing," Diann said.

"Better check your numbers Diann because there's only ten still standing after I killed twenty," Bones said.

Suddenly as if on command twenty of Diann's guards fell dead some in pieces, others with holes in them and some were nothing but decomposing corpses. This caused everyone to stare in shock. When they looked back at Bones he was holding a silver cylinder and coming out of it was a soul sucking black coloured blade.

"So he's finally fed up?" Diann asked.

"No he's outrageously pissed Diann," Bones said.

"Stand fast boys this one isn't any ordinary opponent," Diann said.

Bones then reached into his pocket and randomly picked a song on the device before he pressed play.


As the song played the caribou charged. One of them thrusted a spear at Bones but he spun out of the way and used his sword to cleave through the caribou like butter. Bones then drew Damnation and shot two caribou in the head. All the rulers of Equestria and the Immortals gasped in shock at the sight of the weapon. A caribou then charged at Bones so he also charged but with a flicker of magic a tendril appeared in front of him and he used it to leap over the caribou. As Bones flew over the caribou he sliced the caribou's head in half and landed on the ground behind the caribou, letting it collapse to the ground. As Bones landed his sword became a bow and arrow, he drew the arrow back and shot a caribou in the throat. Suddenly the remaining caribou formed a line and their horns had an aura around them before they fired their magic at Bones. But Bones ran at them keeping, his head low and dodging the blasts of magic.

Once Bones was close enough, he drove his sword into a caribou's chest and leaped over the caribou using the sword as momentum to get over. He then shot three caribou before he pulled his sword out, landed behind the caribou and decapitated the last one. Once the last caribou fell, Bones turned to the royal caribou and aimed his sword at them.

"You're next," Bones growled as he twirled his blade around and walked towards the caribou.

Suddenly reinforcements arrived and charged at Bones. But he vanished before they could reach him only to reappear next to Diann. He then raised his sword and brought it down on Diann's arm causing him to scream in pain. Bones then leaped into the air and kicked Diann in the back of the head knocking Ash's crown from his head. Bones was then hit with a massive blast of magic that sent him flying across the throne room before he dug his claws into the floor to slow himself down. Bones looked and saw Bolanus's horns were smoking from magic and if things couldn't get any worse Diann picked up his arm, reattached it to the stump and healed the wound. Dian then flexed the fingers on the arm to show that damage had been repaired before he smiled smugly at Bones.

"Tch," Bones snorted angrily.

"You can't possibly defeat all of us can you? We have the blood of a god in our veins," Diann said as he and his sons revealed a pair of wings on their back. They were feathered on the top and webbed on the bottom like Pipsqueaks causing the royals and Immortals to star in shock. "So what are you going to do now?"

Bones removed his coat revealing his face to everyone before he stood there in silence staring at the caribou. Bones then suddenly flung his coat at the caribou where it turned into a murder of crows and began pecking and scratching the caribou. Bones then used his magic and grabbed the royals and guards, pulled them into the passage and began to seal it once more. But, before it could close the crows flew back over to bones and landed on his body becoming his coat again. Bones then put the hood over his head again as the passageway sealed itself.

"C'mon!" Bones yelled before he ran down the passage and the others followed him.

The place was a maze but they all followed Bones as he led them out but they all stopped when they came to the ledge.

"Please tell me you have a plan," Celestia said.

"Uh," Bones said.

"You don't have a plan!" Twilight yelled.

"Hey give me some credit for getting us this far,' Bones said.

"Well it won't be enough they're coming," Chrysalis yelled.

"Bones then ran back inside and heard the sounds of caribou fast approaching.

"Screw it we're gonna need to jump," Bones said.

"You’re kidding," Cadence said.

"Let's go," Bones said before he pushed everyone off the ledge.

The group was sent plummeting down, all of them screaming in fright till they landed in a massive lake of water that had formed thanks to the waterfall.

Bones P.O.V.

I hit the water hard and let out a scream of pain at the impact before I swam to the surface. Once I did I wiped the water from my eyes and looked around. I saw everyone I saved was gathering on the shore of the lake. I then swam over to them and got to my feet before I wrung out the water from the ends of my coat.

"Well all things considered I say that turned out rather well," I said.

"You pushed us off a cliff!" one of the guards shouted as he pushed me to the ground.

"Well excuse me for trying to save your sorry tail dude," I said angrily.

"I'm a mare," the guard said as she removed her helmet showing me she was in fact a mare with a mint green coat of fur and yellow mane.

"Well don't blame me that you sound like a stallion with that thing on," I said as I stood up and glared at the mare.

The mare looked like she was ready to have a throw down with me and I was more than happy to kick her flank.

"Stand down Lightning Dust."

The mare now known as Lightning Dust stepped away from me and went to join her fellow guards allowing the six alicorns to stand in front of me. One was pink with blue tipped wings, a tri-coloured mane and tail and she had a crystal heart as her cutie mark. Another one was lavender purple with a dark purple mane and tail. Both of them had a magenta stripe and darker purple stripe in them, and as for her cutie mark, she had the same star as the one I saw in the castle where I fought Spike. Next was a sky blue furred alicorn with an aqua mane and tail and her cutie mark was of a growing plant. The next alicorn's fur was deep purple and her mane and tail were the same colour as Nightmare's, it didn't billow like hers but it had a small twinkle to it, and her cutie mark was of a dream catcher. Next was an alabaster white mare with an ethereal flowing mane and tail that had the colours of the dawn and a body that matched Nightmare Moon's, her cutie mark was of a golden sun. Finally the last mare had a midnight blue coat and an ethereal mane and tail that twinkled and looked like the night sky. Her cutie mark was an exact replica of Nightmare Moon's but instead of the splotch being midnight blue it was black. It also had a crescent moon on it like hers. My gaze was drawn to the midnight blue mare like before for some reason but I shook my head. I then noticed the mares wore collars, wing restraints and also black chains went along each mare's cutie mark.

"I don't know who you are but you have our thanks for saving us," the white alicorn said.

"You’re welcome," I said.

"Why did you save us?" the lavender mare asked.

"Well my original goal was to rescue you only Miss Sparkle because I need you and your friends to use the elements to stop the caribou," I said.

"I'm afraid that's impossible because the Elements are in a dormant state and our harmonic magic would not work on the caribou. It’s because they are not disharmonious like other threats in the past so we would be all but useless on them," the lavender mare said.

The news hit me hard and caused me to pinch the bridge of my eyes in annoyance.

"Well so much for that idea," I said.

"Oi you got a name Diamond Dog?" a white stallion with a two toned blue mane and tail asked.

"It's Bones and if you call me a dog again you're gonna end up worse than the last guy who called me a dog," I growled.

"Are you threatening a prince of the Crystal Empire?" the stallion asked as he pushed his face against me.

"I'm making a promise to the prince of the Crystal Empire," I growled getting into his face.

"Alright that's enough, from the both of you," the pink alicorn said as she pushed the both of us away from each other. "Now could you explain what you are if you aren't a Diamond Dog?"

"I'm a wolf if it wasn't obvious, ouch!" I yelled because something yanked on my tail.

I spun around and saw the lavender alicorn had pulled a few hairs from my tail and was studding them.

"Well I guess it does explain why you look sleeker and your fur isn't dirty like a Diamond Dog," the alicorn said.

"Is it customary for you ponies to yank hairs out of other tails without permission?" I asked in a sarcastic tone but the mare didn't seem to be listening.

"I'm surprised there are wolves that can stand on two legs and are sentient. I'd like to study your fur further but I'm going to need more samples so would you mind...," the mare didn't get to finish when I snarled at her showing my teeth and growled making my answer clear.

"Twilight if you would please," the white alicorn said sternly causing the lavender mare to back off with an apologetic expression. "Now onto you Mister...."

"It's Bones no mister," I said.

"Well then Bones I don't know why you saved us but I assume you want a reward," the white alicorn said.

"Unless you can restore my memories and promise me Diann's head then there's nothing much you can give," I said.

"You've lost your memories?" The white alicorn asked.

"I believe this should explain things about me," I said as I handed the scroll Rarity made for me to the alicorn.

The white alicorn opened the scroll and scanned its contents before she nodded and handed it to the midnight blue alicorn who was staring at me before she read the contents as well.

"So you are an acquaintance of Rarity and also the one who liberated Baltimare?" the midnight blue alicorn said causing the other members to stare at me in surprise.

"Ponyville should be on that list too since we took that back today," I said.

"Are the others alright?" the lavender alicorn asked.

"If you’re referring to the other element bearers then they are all fine and freed from the caribou," I said.

"Hang on a second I've got a question, what was all that back there with you and Diann you sounded like you're a bounty hunter," the indigo mare said.

"That's my business," I said sternly.

"If you are involved with him somehow, I think we should know," the sky blue alicorn said.

"The only thing you need to know is that him and me don't like each other and are willing to kill each other at first sight," I growled.

"Enough!" the midnight blue alicorn yelled. "This wolf has already proved he is no friend to the caribou, even risked his own life to save us. He is also trusted by one of the bearers of harmony so far he has not given us a reason to doubt him," the midnight blue alicorn said before she looked at me. "However if you deceive us and lead us straight back to the caribou there will be consequences," the midnight blue alicorn said as she got into my face

"Noted," I said while keeping any emotion I may have had hidden.

I then snapped my fingers and the collars and wing restraints on the mares fell off.

"So now what?" the white stallion asked.

"We find a place to rest it will surely be dark soon," the midnight alicorn said.

"Celestia, Luna can you both still move the sun and moon?" the deep purple alicorn asked.

"No with our horns cut off we have no way of controlling the sun and moon," the white alicorn said.

"I don't think you have to," I said as I pointed to the setting sun and rising moon.

"Diann must have taken control of the sun and moon," one of the guards said.

"Come I know where we can rest tonight," the midnight blue alicorn said as she began to walk away.

"Oh one other thing," I said before I pulled out a bag and held it out to the group. "Figured you didn't want to leave without a souvenir."

The midnight blue mare took the bag from my grasp, opened it and let out a small gasp. She pulled out the crown that was on Diann's head and held it close to her chest. She then glanced at me and mouthed the words 'Thank you' to me before she turned around and walked away.

The walk wasn't too long and on the way I learned everyone's names. The mint green mare was named Lightning Dust and the names of the four other guards known as the Immortals. The first was Storm Cloud a white furred and blonde mane and tail male Pegasus. The next guard was named Quick Shot and he was a bat winged Pegasus like Nocturnal Shadow, which I learned are called Thestrals. However, this Thestral was male and had grey fur with a black mane and tail. The next guard was named Holy Light and he was a grey furred unicorn stallion with a white mane and tail. The last guard was called Swift Spear and he had a white coat with a dirt brown mane and tail. The last stallion of the group, the so called prince of the Crystal Empire, was named Shining Armour.

I then learned the lavender alicorn was called Twilight Sparkle and was the sister to Shining Armour. The pink alicorn was called Mi Amore Cadenza but she preferred to be called Cadence and was also the wife to Shining Armour. The deep purple alicorn was called Dream Catcher and the sky blue alicorn was called Chrysalis. The alabaster white alicorn was called Celestia, she used to be Twilight's mentor in magic, and finally the midnight blue alicorn was Luna.

We kept on walking till we arrived at another lake that mirrored the night sky above us, however this one had a grass covered island. On it stood a lone tree and a building of some sort. Luna told us we could rest in there and while everyone tried to find a boat I jumped into the water and started swimming towards the island, so the others followed. Once I reached the shore I started to wring out my clothes again while the others walked inside. Once I was done I followed them but before I stepped inside I felt a chill run up my spine but I shrugged it off and walked inside. I saw I was in a courtyard of some kind on the walls were names written in gold and a rectangular pool stood in the centre of the courtyard. In the centre of the pool was a basin holding a beautiful blue flame. I then noticed everyone had gone to the back of the courtyard. I saw they entered through a massive doorway so I followed them. As I entered the room I saw that it was shaped like an arch. The room was most likely beautiful when it was first built but now spiderwebs sat in the corners, holes were in both the walls and ceiling and the windows had been cracked and/or shattered. At the back of the room there was a ruined statue of what most likely would have been Ash Blade. I saw everyone was up the stairs so I walked over to them. Once I was at the top of the stairs I saw they were looking at a broken glass coffin that was lying in front of a rectangular alter.

"I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess this was once Ash's tomb," I said.

"Bingo," Shining said.

We then watched Luna walk over to the coffin and lie down on the ground before she curled into a ball, clutching the crown tightly. The group then walked off in separate directions and I sat with Shining Armour on the stairs.

"How much did she love him?" I asked.

"Well Cadence may be the Princess of Love but her power pales in comparison to what those two had. Luna refused to move from this place for a week so we had to bring her a mattress and food till she was back on her hooves again," Shining said causing me to look back at Luna before my eyes focused ahead of me.

"What was he like to you?" I asked.

"To me...Well, he was a friend and a damn good one at that too. Saved my life a few times, even helped me out when Cadence was having our baby," Shining said.

"You're a father?" I asked.

"Yeah but we entrusted her to both Rage and Eris to watch over till this all blowed over. Seems were going to be waiting for awhile," Shining said causing me to nod silently.

"Listen, it's been a long day for you. Get some rest, I'll take first watch tonight," I said.

"No way *yawn* I can stay up all night...too," Shining said before he drifted off to sleep. Soon I heard the gentle snoring of everyone else in the room, leaving me to my thoughts.

Chapter 6 The Hand of The Reaper

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Third Person P.O.V.

Shining awoke with his back felling both sore and uncomfortable. He looked around and saw he was resting on the stairs of Ash's tomb. As he sat up he remembered the events of yesterday and looked around for Bones who was nowhere in the room. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps appeared in the room and he saw Bones walking in with a plate of food.

"Morning," Bones said emotionlessly.

"Hi...where did you disappear to?" Shining said.

"I was getting breakfast," Bones said as he walked past Shining and placed the meal in the middle of the group. "Wakey, wakey. Got breakfast for you lot!" Bones yelled causing everyone to groan at the interruption of their rest.

"Can't this wait until later?" Cadence groaned.

“Maybe but I'd rather get to a more secure location then here. So the sooner you all eat the sooner we can get back to camp," Bones said in an annoyed tone.

"There's a camp, where?" Celestia asked.

"The Everfree forest I'll transport us there once you all eat," Bones said.

"If you can get us there instently, why didn't you do that sooner than kick us off the cliff?" Lightning Dust asked as she came over and sat down.

"You're still mad about that, get over it already. We survived it didn't we? I say it went well. And as for why I didn't do that sooner is because I was recovering my magic. I exhausted myself in that fight back in the throne room," Bones said.

Lightning gave me a huff. Once everyone had gathered around and began to eat I walked over the stairs.

"Not going to eat Bones?" Twilight asked while chewing on an apple.

"I already ate," Bones said as he walked down the steps.

Bones walked to the entrance of the tomb but as he did he saw something resting beside the door and went to pick it up. Upon closer inspection he noticed it was a double barrelled pistol however the gun was broken. It had a large hole in the side of one barrel and the other was ripped off the gun itself. Bones then put it in a bag for later inspection before he leaned against the doorway. Soon he heard hoofsteps approaching and saw the others were ready to go.

"So how do we get to this camp you mentioned?" Celestia asked.

"We'll take a doorway," Bones said before he drew a rectangle in mid-air but nothing seemed to happen.

"So do we just walk through this doorway?" Swift Spear asked as he gestured to the massive doorway.

"No, the one behind you," Bones said.

"But there's no doorway behind - whoa," Holy Light said before he turned around and saw the door Bones uses.

Bones then walked up to the door and opened it. He stepped through it and stepped into the clearing where the camp was located. The others stepped through and looked around.

"Our uncle's tomb, how did you find this place?" Luna asked before the door disappeared.

"You have Rarity and Daring Do to thank for that. Ah, speak of the devil," Bones said as he gestured to the two mares who seemed to be happy to see them.

"Twilight I'm so glad you’re ok!" Rarity shouted as she hugged Twilight for dear life.

"Once again you come through Bones. Nicely done," Daring said offering him a fist bump but he ignored it.

"Hello Daring Do I'm glad you are well," Celestia greeted with a warm smile.

"You too Princess," Daring said.

"Oh heavens I should have some clothes made for all of you as soon as possible," Rarity said.

"Thank you Rarity, it was uncomfortable having to spend the night naked outside," Chrysalis said.

"If I may ask where were you all last night?" Rarity asked.

"Ash's tomb," Bones answered causing Rarity and Daring's ears to flatten against their heads.

"Hey Bones is Diann...?" Daring started.

"I'm afraid the bastard still lives but I think I did well even snagged the crown he wore," Bones said gesturing to the crown in Luna's hand.

"Ash's crown!" Rarity yelled.

"Another God Piece dang those things just keep popping up, don't they," Bones said.

"What you just said implies you have other pieces of Ash," Shining said.

"Oh yes, we do. Even some items from your old home Luna that we managed to grab. Ash's left arm is also among the items we recovered," Rarity said.

"Thank you Rarity," Luna said with a grateful smile.

"Oh I'm afraid I can't take credit for that Luna, it was all Bones. It seems Bones is a magnet for these items," Rarity said.

"I see, then my thanks goes to you for recovering my husband's items," Luna said.

"No need to thank me. I just stumbled upon them and speaking of God Pieces, I believe you would want to take possession of these again," Bones said as he removed the pistols and handed them to Luna.


Suddenly the lavender alicorn was bombarded in a hug from the rest of the Bearers of Harmony.

"Girls, you’re all okay," Twilight said as she hugged the girls back.

"Hello you lot," Amalthea said as she walked over to the group.

"Amalthea, it is a relief you are safe," Luna said.

"You too Luna. I can see Bones managed to pull off yet another rescue," Amalthea said as she looked at Bones but he just stayed silent. "Anyway let's see what we can do about your horns," Amalthea said before she looked like she was straining herself. Her horn was then coated in Life Fire and both Luna's and Celestia's horns were restored to their former glory.

"Oh that is better," Celestia said.

"I'm glad," Amalthea said before she collapsed but Bones managed to grab her and help her onto her hooves. "Thank you Bones."

Bones gave a small snort before he backed off.

"Oh Luna, I complacently forgot to mention, both Pip and Midnight are safe and sound here," Rarity said.

"Where are they!?" Luna demanded.

"Why don't you ask them yourself," Daring said pointing over to Bone's home.

Everyone then looked to where Daring was pointing and saw the foals playing around Nightmare Moon who was sitting on the ground. Sweetie Belle was trying to put Nightmare's mane into a braid while Scootaloo admired her wings. Apple Bloom and Rumble were sitting down beside her listening to Pipsqueak as he held Midnight and he appeared to be telling them both a story. The new arrivals could only stare in shock when they saw the dark alicorn. Celestia's horn then lit up and a halberd appeared in her hand with a sun insignia on its blade. Celestia then spread her wings and flew at Nightmare Moon with a murderess intent. When Nightmare turned to look however Celestia was already bringing the blade down on her. But instead of the blade hitting Nightmare, she was pushed to the side and the blade struck someone else and sent them flying back a bit. When everyone looked they saw it was Bones lying on the ground.

However Celestia wasn't interested in that and re-aimed her weapon for Nightmare Moon again.As she brought it down diagonally the blade was stopped again by Bones. However everyone saw the top right corner of his body was annihilated leaving only...well bones. Celestia stared into the turquoise flame flickering in Bone's right eye socket and felt a chill go up her spine. Bone's right shoulder was pressing against the blade but Celestia couldn't cut through him. Bones then used his right hand to grab the halberd and ripped it from Celestia's grasp. He then twirled it around before he slammed the handle of the weapon into Celestia's stomach knocking her to the ground. This caused everyone to stare in shock at Bones as he slammed the handle of the weapon onto the ground scorching the grass before he clenched the weapon tightly causing it to shatter. Everyone stared in shock at Bones as he looked down at his broken body then his clothing.

"Aw hell, I liked this coat," Bones said.

"What...the...hell!" Lightning shouted.

"What are you?" Celestia asked as she got to her hooves and backed away from Bones but Bones did not answer the question.

"You six get over here right now!" Applejack shouted to the foals.

The CMC were absolutely terrified of what was happening and were staring at Bones in fear. It intensified when he looked at them over his shoulder. Bones then gestured with his head for them to go over to the other group, which they did quickly. The two groups stared at one another just itching for someone to ignite the powder keg that would set everyone off. However, Bones just turned around and walked over to Nightmare. He placed a hand on her shoulder and said something in a hushed whisper. He then walked over to the house made for him and walked inside. Everyone just stood there staring at what just happened. Nightmare then turned into a wisp of purple smoke and flew through the bedroom balcony doors. Once they were both gone everyone just stared at the house before Celestia's horn lit up intending to burn down the house.

"Haven't you done enough?"

Everyone turned to the new voice and saw Slender was standing behind the group.

"It will not be enough until Nightmare Moon is destroyed. That heartless monster that takes shelter in that house with her deserves a punishment just as great, I will personally see to it," Celestia said preparing to launch her magic at the tree however a tendril slams into the ground in front of Celestia startling her and stopping her from destroying the house

Slender then lifted over the group and set himself in-between Celestia and the house, his tendrils were in an attack stance.

"You will do nothing of the sort Celestia!" Slender roared.

"You defend them, They are both guilty. That...thing is more so for all the innocent lives it took!" Celestia yelled.

"The only lives he's taken are the caribou and traitors Celestia. I can tell because the trees watched him since he awoke and Nightmare has changed her ways!" Slender yelled back

"What do you mean Slender?" Twilight asked.

"Were you all so blinded by the fact that Bones is actually dead and by the sight of Nightmare Moon you all didn't see what was happening?" Slender asked causing everyone to stare in confusion. "Nightmare Moon was sitting down in the sunlight smiling. Allowing foals to braid her mane and telling her stories. Tell me, would the Nightmare Moon that was still linked to Dream Catcher and Luna do that?" Slender asked causing everyone to reel back a bit in shock at the words. "And what of Bones. Would a heartless monster as you put it even think about rescuing mares and brainwashed stallions from the real monsters. Also would he dare bring Equestria's greatest weapon, the Elements of Harmony, together and risk having himself destroyed Celestia?"

"What are you implying Slender?" Celestia asked.

"Surly you are not this stupid Celestia. This Nightmare Moon is not the same mare you battled against when you lost Luna. Also Bones isn't as heartless as you claim, even if he believes it himself. Which means if you try being nice to them instead of greeting them with a blade, you may be surprised on what you will find. If you will not talk to them Celestia then stay away from them for I will not tolerate battle here and those two have done nothing to deserve your wrath," Slender said empathizing the last word by slamming his hoof on the ground.

"Are you saying we should make friends with them?" Celestia asked.

"Have you forgotten friendship is a very powerful thing," Slender said causing Celestia to recoil at the words before Slender walked away.

The group stared at each other for a bit before they all walked away.

Three Days Later Bones P.O.V.

I was laying on the couch staring at the ceiling. After I told Nightmare not to retaliate and went inside, we sat down and I told her everything about me that I knew. Since then Nightmare and I haven't spoken to each other at all. I have been struggling to think of something to do to kill my boredom but my mind kept on being drawn back to how to kill Diann. If what he said is true about owning the power of a god, it will be difficult to kill the bastard. Nightmare Moon appeared to be bored and was playing a game of chess against herself which was amusing in its own way to watch. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and I don't think Nightmare could have moved any faster if she tried. When she came back up she had a smile on her face and was being followed by the CMC but all of them stared at me in fear because the damage from Celestia hasn't been fixed.

"Relax you lot, I'm not going to hurt you," I said.

"You sure about that?" Rumble asked.

"If I wanted you dead I would've done it when we first met kid," I said.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door so I got off of the couch, walked down the tree trunk and towards the door. I then opened it slightly, looked through the crack with the intact side of my face and saw Rarity.

"Oh hello Bones I thought I'd come by and fix that coat of yours," Rarity said.

"I'm afraid there is nothing I can pay you with," I said.

"Oh this is on me Bones," Rarity said.

I opened the door and allowed Rarity to come in before I walked upstairs. I then went into my room to grab my coat before I heard voices coming towards the house. I walked over to the balcony and saw Celestia, Luna, Dream Catcher, Chrysalis and Cadence walking towards the door. They seemed to be debating if it was a good idea to come here. But, before they could reach the door I opened it with my magic, surprising them.

"Door's open," I said getting their attention before I walked back inside.

I walked into the lower room and handed the coat to Rarity as I saw the princesses’ step inside.

"Had I'd known we were going to be this popular I would have had some snacks ready," I said as I lay on the couch.

"We're sorry we dropped in unannounced but we've had many questions buzzing around our heads about you and Nightmare Moon and we just need to know," Cadence said.

"Well shoot," I said.

"Alright then first Nightmare Moon, how are you here?" Dream Catcher asked.

"It was actually when Luna was in mourning for Ash Blade. Her hatred and despair overwhelmed her transforming her into...well me. Then the bearers came to use their ability's to destroy me however the feelings this time were so strong, Luna started believing she was me. Thus I was truly born and when the rainbow of harmony struck, it split us. Since the laws of harmony prevent them from taking a life, I was given my own conscious," Nightmare Moon said peeking my interest.

"So my grief, anger and sorrow created you," Luna said taking a step towards Nightmare.

"That would be the sum of it," Nightmare said.

"If that's so then why didn't you know about my dad then?" Pip asked.

"When the rainbow struck I lost my physical form, my power, my link to the moon and also many of my memories. It wasn't until you told me about Ash Blade did I remember everything Pipsqueak," Nightmare said.

"Nightmare Moon I have another question for you," Celestia said causing Nightmare to gulp slightly. "Do you still intend to bring eternal night?" Celestia asked causing Nightmare to bow her head.

Nightmare then got up off the place she was sitting and did something none of the royals were expecting...Nightmare Moon bowed.

"No…My friend made me understand the consequences of such an act…I never had the desire to see my subjects harmed. And if my death is the only way to prevent them from suffering then I will welcome it,” Nightmare Moon said as she looked at me while the royals stared in disbelief till finally Celestia cleared her throat.

"No Nightmare Moon. I did not come here with the intention of killing you. Even if I did surly Bones will interfere," Celestia said.

"Heh damn right, be a pretty poor host if I allowed my guests to die," I said.

"In any case Nightmare Moon I do not need the Elements of Honesty to see you are telling the truth and for that I no longer consider you an enemy," Celestia said. "But know this Nightmare Moon I do not trust you yet...However, I cannot ignore the efforts of someone running straight into my blade to save you, even if he is dead," Celestia said with a warm smile.

I laid my head back and closed my eyes when suddenly two heavy objects landed on my body.

"Rainbow Dash is in the tree house!"

"Wow nice place you got here but couch is a little funny."

I looked down on my chest and saw both Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash were sitting on me.

"Get the hell off me!" I shouted throwing the two annoying ponies off me. "What's wrong with the both of you?"

"What's wrong with us? what's wrong with you, lying on the couch!?" Rainbow shouted.

"I live here I can do what I like and where did you two come from. I don't remember opening the door for you," I said.

"The door was already open when we arrived."

I looked at the staircase and saw Fluttershy, Twilight and Applejack.

"Apple Bloom, I thought I told ya not to come here anymore," Applejack said.

"Why you worried I'll eat their brains or something?" I asked in an annoyed tone.

"Well...Ah," Applejack started,

"Save it you're just like the rest," I said.

"Care to explain?" Chrysalis asked.

"The fact you all think of me as a monster when the true fact is I haven't killed anyone besides the caribou. True murder is murder but can each and every one of you look me in the eye and tell me they didn't deserve it?" I asked causing everyone to look at the ground. "Thought not and besides being like this isn't a picnic either."

"How so?" Celestia asked.

"Well for starters my sense of smell, hearing and sight work fine however my sense of touch doesn't work and the only thing I can actually feel is pain from both physical and emotional wounds. So that heartless monster was a pretty hurtful comment Celestia," I said.

"You heard me?" Celestia asked.

"I'd be able to hear you if I you shouted it from the moon," I said causing Celestia to have a nervous look on her face.

"You know being dead doesn't sound so bad I mean you don't need to worry about eating, sleeping, drinking and you don't run out of steam because you don’t need air," Rainbow said.

"Oh yeah sure there a few small perks but the cons outweigh the pros. Example I can smell delicious food being made and since I am dead I have this terrible hunger and thirst. But, when I go to try some food it will rot in my mouth forcing me to spit it back out. Also anything I drink will turn to ashes. I'm constantly exhausted despite me not showing it and when I try to sleep it feels like someone lit a fire under my eyelids forcing me to stay awake. You guys get where I’m going with this? It’s like having something you really want in front of you but it’s just out of reach," I said.

"Okay, okay I take it back. That really sucks," Rainbow said.

"And the worst thing is I don't know who I was before this mess started. Just little pieces of my memory are there but nothing vital to telling me who I was," I said.

"Could you tell us maybe we can help," Dream Catcher said.

"Yeah!" Twilight said.

"Well what's the worst that could happen," I said before I took a breath. "Ok the first thing in my head was just a blur and sounds of clanging metal. I remember a lot of shouting in the distance and that's it."

"Okay anything else?" Dream Catcher asked.

"Yeah and these two are really strange but I remember...flying," I said.

"Flying?" Dream Catcher asked.

"Yeah I was flying over a forest. But I couldn't see much because of all the mist that surrounded the trees," I said.

"Okay and what was this other strange memory?" Dream Catcher asked.

"Well uh I was a wolf still but in this one I didn't stand on two paws but four. I was running through the forest chasing something. But, I couldn't get a good look at it because branches and trees kept on getting in my way. But, whatever I was running after was midnight blue," I said.

"Okay anyone else lost on what's going on here?" Rainbow said.

"*sigh* Told ya it was weird," I said.

"Hey it could be a memory Boney. You can use magic so who knows, maybe those things did happen and you used magic to make it happen," Pinkie said.

"Yeah I guess that is kinda true. If I did use magic who knows, those two thing may be possible," I said.

"Bones I would like to know what you would get out of this if I let you walk about amongst our subjects and help us take back Equestria?" Celestia asked.

"I don't know Celestia because I don't entirely know the purpose of why I'm here," I said.

"But what about in the throne room what you said to Diann," Luna said.

"I didn't say that, I mean yes but...grr...this is so confusing. The words did come from my mouth but I didn't want to say that. It's like someone else took control of me and forced me to say that," I said.

"But with Lightning Dust you said we had to stay out of your business," Chrysalis said.

"Would you tell a complete stranger what I told you and expect them not to call you crazy?" I asked causing everyone to form an o with their mouths.

"Well since you've saved many of my little ponies I will not have you destroyed but like Nightmare Moon I don't trust you yet," Celestia said.

"Yay we have a new friend!" Pinkie shouted before she started bouncing around the room.

As Pinkie bounced she hit Celestia in the back pushing her towards me were Celestia collapsed on me. Her hands landed on my shoulders, my hands landed on her flanks to stop her from falling on me and our muzzles ended up being millimetres apart.

"Well this is awkward," I said turning my muzzle away from Celestia.

"Uh thanks for trying to catch me but...do you mind?" Celestia asked with scarlet coloured cheeks.

I then heard some snickering coming from Rainbow, Pinkie, the foals and I swear I could see a jealous look on Nightmare Moon. I then released Celestia. She got off of me and backed away. Suddenly I felt a sting in my hand and saw my fingertips had a burning orange glow to them. I felt a great heat beneath my skin and clutched my hand over it in a futile effort to ease the pain, drawing the attention of the others.

"Bones, are you alright?" Fluttershy asked.

I then looked at my hand and saw the skin was now chard from burns. Suddenly my hand was engulfed in fire causing me to grip my wrist with my right hand and scream in pain. I collapsed to my knees as the skin melted off revealing scorched bone. But in a flash my hand was restored and the pain was gone.

"What just happened?" Rainbow asked.

"I-I don't know?" I said before I inspected my hand and saw a pale image of bones going along my pinkie finger and they looked like the skeletal structure of my pinkie finger. There were also bones for a part of my hand as well but as I looked closer I saw something. "Chains?"

Suddenly Celestia moved her dress and looked at her cutie mark and I saw the chains on her cutie mark were gone.

"The branding marks are gone," Celestia said causing her sisters and Twilight to look.

"Didn't they disappear when Amalthea fixed up your horns because I though Life Fire heals all injuries from what I've been told," I said.

"It was but the chains had an extremely powerful enchantment on them that prevents them from being removed. This was meant to remind and show others that we were slaves," Celestia said.

I looked at Celestia before I took a breath and stood up. I extended my hand once more and Twilight, Cadence, Dream Catcher, Chrysalis, and Luna gave a yelp of surprise. Their chains flew off their flanks and began crawling up my fingers and hand. They became another set of bones to add to the pinkie, making up the whole hand and forearm. Finally entangled in the forearm’s bones was a scroll and on it were the words The Reaper's Hand. Suddenly, I felt a searing pain rush through my body forcing me to my knees again. I placed my left hand over my right eye and curled my right hand around my waist to grip my left shoulder. I held in my screams of pain and once the pain ended I stood up shakily. I looked at myself and saw I was restored before I looked at the others and saw they were staring at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Ya'll might want to take a look in the mirror Bones," Applejack said.

Rarity then summoned a full body mirror and I saw my body was restored but over my eye was a strange rune circle made out of pale chains stained into my fur.

I didn't say anything as I brushed my fingers over the circle. I then removed my shirt ignoring the blushes from the mares and saw I had a few new pictures on my body. There was a flaming spiderweb on my right shoulder-blade and a clock striking midnight. On the left side of my back, next to the clock, was a snowflake, a calendar marked December 25 and many others.

"There's so many," Cadence said.

"Those weren't there before though," Nightmare said.

"She's right, because these are memories," I said.

"Memories does this mean you know who you were?" Twilight asked.

"No I'm afraid not. But I think this one tells me why I'm here," I said as I pointed to the skeletal image on my left hand.

"The Reaper's Hand wicked, but what does it mean?" Rainbow asked as she came closer to inspect my hand.

"It's my title," I said.

"What?" everyone asked.

"My memories of my time in-between. My time with the living and now have returned and during that time I'm what you may call a wraith," I said.

"A wraith!" Celestia shouted as she and her siblings backed away from me.

"Would you relax already!" I shouted.

"Yeah what's a wraith do that got you so spooked?" Rainbow asked.

"Wraiths are creatures that suck the souls from the innocent," Celestia said with a scowl.

"That's not true most wraiths are not like that!" I shouted.

"What do you mean most wraiths?" Celestia asked.

"*sigh* Listen most stories about wraiths that you know us by aren't true. We wraiths don't just pluck a soul out of someone whenever we want to," I said.

"Alright then Bones explain this to us. What is the purpose of a wraith," Luna said.

"Ok wraiths are known as Agents of Death when someone's time is up we go out, sever their souls from their bodies and take them to be judged. Then they are sent through either the gate of heaven or the gate of hell till their soul is reborn and returns to the land of the living to restart life," I said.

"Wait a second before you said most wraiths aren't bad as claimed," Twilight said.

"*sigh* For me to answer that I'll need to tell you how wraiths are made," I said.

"This ain't going to get weird is it?" Rainbow asked.

"A wraith is someone who has made a deal with Death himself asking for a few more minutes of life for themselves or someone else. When the deal has been made the person is then turned into a wraith to serve as one of Death's Agents until the life they borrowed has been worked off," I said.

"And how do they do that?" Dream Catcher asked.

"By collecting the souls of those whose time has run out. Death gives a wraith a name and an hourglass. The wraith goes out and stays with the person till they die. They will wait for the hourglass to run out before they collect their soul and take it back to Death. Then they collect another one and repeat this till the debt is worked off," I said.

"So we could have another wraith sitting in this room right now?" Applejack asked a little creeped out.

"Who knows I'm just as oblivious to them right now as you but I wouldn't worry about it. You all look like you'll live for a good while longer," I said.

"Very well but tell me what does all this have to do with...bad wraiths?" Celestia said.

"Well because of how long it often takes to collect one soul some wraiths will become impatient with their task and that will...uh get messy," I said.

"Messy?" Luna asked.

"Sometimes an unexplained death or mass amounts of death like wars is normally triggered by one wraith. We call these guys Rouge Wraiths," I said.

"So wars are normally triggered by wraiths?" Twilight asked.

"Not exactly you see just because a Rouge Wraith manipulates others into a war it doesn't mean it won't happen on its own. But the point is that what Rouge Wraiths do is the source of most of the stuff that you know that classifies us as evil," I said.

"Blamed for others actions," Celestia said.

"Bingo," I said.

"So if a wraith does go rouge what happens?" Nightmare asked.

"Well that is where I come in," I said as I showed them my left hand. "You see the title 'The Reapers Hand' means I'm more important than other wraiths. I'm harder, faster, smarter and more powerful than any other wraith. When a wraith goes rouge I'm the guy that's sent to kill the rouge."

"So what, like a bounty hunter?" Rainbow asked.

"Exactly you see Death has rules and he doesn't like having his rules broken. They normally are by both rouges and necromancers. When a rule is broken I'm the guy sent out to punish them," I said.

"So why didn't you kill Grogar?" Chrysalis asked.

"I do not know who that is and the last hand was released from his duties hundreds maybe millions of years ago depending on which world you’re in. I wasn't around until recently," I said.

"Do you know precisely when?" Luna asked.

"Hm can't say I do," I said.

"But why did it take Death so long to find a replacement?" Twilight asked.

"Death can't just pick a random hand whenever he wants Twilight Sparkle. There is a system that involves studying his candidates and ruling them out when they don't make the cut," I said.

"Okay," Twilight said.

"Bones are you supposed to be chasing a rouge wraith now?" Fluttershy asked nervously.

"Yeah you said you hunt down guys who mess around with some rules and stuff but if that's the case then why are you here?" Rainbow asked.

"Very observant but no I'm not looking for one but several targets," I said as I showed them my right arm and wrapped around it was a chain. On the wrist was a scroll and on it said the words Death List. Going along the chain were names and Diann's name was among them. "Diann and his sons are my targets."

"What did those guys do to get on your list, necromancy?" Rainbow asked.

"Of a kind," I said as I snapped my fingers.

Suddenly eight hourglasses appeared in front of me each one was curved and had the top half of a skull covering the top half of the glass. In the bottom half of the glass was red sand that made a mountain. However the sands that were supposed to be falling seemed to be moving in random directions. But never did it once touch the red mountains of sand. Finally on each skull's forehead was a name carved into it.

"What are those?" Dream Catcher asked.

"Hourglasses of life. These tell me how long someone has left to live and as you can see each one has a name on it that matches the name on my arm," I said.

"So Diann and these others are your targets?" Twilight asked.

"These others are Diann's sons but yes they are my targets," I said.

"But why are they like that, the sand isn't flowing like normal," Cadence said.

"This is the crime they committed. Secretly these pieces of filth have been stealing life from others for...100 years now. At first Death sent an ordinary wraith, however he never returned. When he tried again and it continued, it was suspected that Diann had found a way to kill wraiths. Then one day Death became furious with Diann and sent me down here to kill him," I explained.

"Whoa something tells me I shouldn't mess around with that guy," Rainbow said.

"Bones do you know why he became furious?" Celestia asked to which I just shook my head.

"I find its better that I stay out of his personal problems," I said.

"Well that was certainly an informative yet interesting talk and Bones I have finished your coat," Rarity said before she presented me with my coat that looked like new.

I then gratefully took the coat from Rarity and put it on before I bowed my head to Rarity.

"Thank you Rarity," I said.

"Oh you are quite welcome," Rarity said.

I then looked back at the group and I saw they were all looking at me carefully.

"It suits you," Cadence said.

"Hey Bones I was going to show Nightmare Moon all the stuff that belonged to dad you wanna have a look too?" Pip asked.

"That is very kind of you Pip but I've already seen all the God Pieces we have and I doubt I'm permitted to go anywhere near them anymore," I said.

"Please mother please," Pip pleaded.

Luna looked at Pip. I then saw him and the rest of the CMC tilt their heads sideways, make their pupils go as big as saucers and also made their lips quiver.

"Now how can I resist that," Luna said causing the foals to cheer.

"Really, its fine. You don't have to show me if you don't want to. I understand he meant a lot to you," I said.

"No its fine, besides Pip will not take no for an answer," Luna said before she led us down the stairs.

Chapter 7 Bolanus's End

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I was walking through the camp with everyone who was at my home but kept my hood over my head trying not to draw attention to myself. I then noticed Nightmare's muzzle was pinned to the ground and her pace had begun to slow.

"You alright?" I asked.

"Their looks...I can't stand their looks," Nightmare said.

I looked and finally noticed we had drawn an audience and many of them seemed to be glaring at Nightmare.

"Hey unless you got one hundred bit's so you can pay to stare shove off!" I shouted to the ponies staring and just like that they went back to what they were doing.

"Thank you," Nightmare said.

"Don't mention it," I said before I continued to walk.

Our walk led us to a massive red tent and the Immortals were hesitant to let Nightmare and I in but with a few little words from the princesses and Queen they allowed us passage inside. Once we were I saw this place was a collection of rooms. One I saw looked like a kid's pirate themed bedroom and on a table was a black flag. The end was ripped and torn from age while the image on it was intact. It was a picture of an hourglass that had the top half of an angry looking skull with pointed teeth sitting on top of it. Behind the hourglass was a crossed bone handled cutlass and a scythe.

I stared at the flag for a few minutes before I went to catch up with the others. I saw them step into a room and when I steped in I found myself in a room with all kinds of things. It all ranged from books to furniture and a few other items.

"We believe Silver Trey, Feather Duster, Moonlight Dew, Rose Petal and Flawless Job hid as much as they could in the basement before the caribou attacked," Rarity said.

"I hope we find them soon," Pipsqueak said to which Luna placed a hand on his head and began to rub it gently.

I continued to look around and saw a large portrait with a crimson ground and background. The figures in the portrait were incredibly detailed. I saw Pipsqueak was in front in formal attire and behind him was Luna holding Midnight Star who was also in formal attire. The last figure there was male human dressed in silver armour. The chest plate had a pair of wolves holding up a strange mark. It was of a shield and a sword sheathed downward in it and coming out of the sides of the shield were the same wings Pip and Midnight had. The male also wore chainmail over his arms, chest and thighs. His metal greaves were also silver along with the gauntlets. The pauldrons also had a strange symbol on them which was made of gold and silver.

The pauldrons reached halfway down on the upper arm providing better protection to the figure. Finally on the figure's back was a navy blue cape with golden leaves and vines going around the border. From what I could see the figure also had those strange wings and the figures face was something you'd think was crafted by gods. He had black hair with a silver stripe going through it and olive green eyes. He also wore the crown I grabbed from Diann.

"This is Ash?" I asked.

"Yes that is him and our family," Luna said as she walked up to me with Nightmare so she could see the painting.

"The painter has some serious talent," I said.

"Certainly the lucky one," Nightmare said sadly much to Luna's surprise but she said nothing.

I then walked away from the painting and saw some old armour standing in the corner at the back of the room. As I got closer I saw it was a wreck with large slash marks on it and the left arm was a hunk of twisted metal. All of it was covered in dried blood which had rusted the armour. Finally there was a gaping hole in the chest area where the heart would be that went all the way through to the other side of the chest armour. Finally there was the helmet. It was flat at the top and the front of the helmet was pointed from top to bottom in a vertical line.It was too short in length to fit a muzzle and the back of the helmet curved around. The helmet had a pair of holes on top of each other that went across the faceplate, so whoever wore it could see and breathe. But if it was among these other items this belonged to Ash somehow. I decided to leave so I walked back to the others and saw Pip showing Nightmare an old cutlass.

"Oh there you are Bones, where did you go off to?" Rarity asked.

"I saw some old armour back there and I gotta say the thing is a mess," I said.

"Oh that was when Ash fought against Tirek. He tricked Ash into holding me captive before he captured him and blasted a hole right through his chest and armour," Luna said sadly.

"I see," I said before I looked at the cutlass and was about to run my hand across its scabbed when suddenly my hand was encased in a silver ghostly glow.

"Whoa what are you doing?" Rainbow said.

"Oh sorry you see whenever I interact with items that belonged to the dead I can see memories of the time when they were alive," I said before I walked over to the painting and placed a hand on its frame. I closed my eyes as my hand regained its silver coated glow. "I'm in a room...it smells of paint and is full of colour...I'm looking at someone behind a painting canvas. I'm wearing armour...I'm also very fidgety. Suddenly, the painter tells me to stop moving and tells someone to move closer to me," I said before I open my eyes and look at the others who were staring at me.

"That was the day we were having that portrait done," Luna said.

"Like I said, interaction with certain objects allows me see memories of the one who owned them. All the things I've seen so far from Ash I can see he loved you all dearly. So dearly it must have hurt him harshly to do whatever he did to save you all," I said.

"Thank you Bones," Luna said.

Suddenly I notice a scythe sitting on a trunk so I walk over to it and upon closer inspection I see the handle is made of diamond while the blade is obsidian. I also see a secondary blade on the bottom of the handle, like a spear, and is also obsidian. I then picked up the weapon to test how it felt.

"That's the blade Ash used to save us from Heartless," Twilight said grimly.

"This is a fine weapon. If I remember correctly Rarity you said that he made this?" I asked.

"Yes, he did. He also used that when he fought in the griffin arena," Rarity said.

"Well...He certainly knew what he was doing," I said before a thought came to me. "This weapon was used to rip out Hearless’s soul right?"

"That was one time and the runes on it have been washed off before it was placed in the tomb," Celestia said.

"Well what if it could do it again?" I asked.

"What are you asking Bones?" Luna asked.

"Is it alright if I borrow this to kill Diann and his sons? Once that happens I'll return it to you, cleansed of its curse," I said.

"You're a wraith, shouldn't you be able to take their lives all on your own?" Dream Catcher asked.

"My last attempt was when I cut off Diann's arm, to which he just repaired himself. If I am going up against a group of individuals that have the abilities of a Demonic Angel, I'm gonna need a weapon that can kill a Demonic Angel," I said.

The royal siblings then looked at each other, their expressions said they clearly didn't like this idea but I stood silent and waited for their decision.

"Very well Bones you have our permission," Luna said.

“Thank you,” I said.

“So what kinda curse you gonna use?” Rainbow asked.

I then held the scythe out in front of me in my left hand suddenly eerie black chains left my hand and crawled up the scythe surprising the others.

"Now all I need to do now is get close to them to use it," I said.

"There may be a way. You see before the attack we were going to hold an event called the Grand Galloping Gala to help our little ponies forget about the caribou for one night. But the caribou succeed in breaching the shield," Celestia said.

"Seems a little foolish if you ask me but continue," I said.

"Yes well the Grand Galloping Gala allows civilians to enter the palace and enjoy a party. This would allow you to get close and do what you must," Celestia said.

"So it's a big fancy party...It's a good idea however there is one problem," I said.

"And what would that be?" Celestia asked.

"They know what I look like and will arrest me on sight," I said.

"I believe there is a way to fix that," Luna said before a wooden box floated over to us encased in her magic. It opened and a silver ring floated out of it then over to me.

"What's this?" I asked.

"It's a disguise ring. All you have to do is put it on," Luna said.

I gave a shrug before I put the ring on my right index finger. Suddenly my fur turned black and became shorter and smoother. I summoned a mirror and saw I had been turned into a black unicorn with a black mane and blue eyes. When I looked at everyone they were all staring at me in surprise.

"What?" I asked.

"N-nothing it's just...no never mind. Rarity, Bones is going to need formal attire, can you assist him please," Luna said.

"Oh yes...come along Bones, we have much to do," Rarity said before she pushed me out of the tent.

Canterlot One Hour Later

I was wearing the disguise ring while I walked around Canterlot. I had my hood covering my head and made sure no one got a good look at me. I was looking for a way to get into the Grand Galloping Gala. I've seen the caribou put up posters dedicated to informing the public that the Grand Galloping Gala will continue this year but with some changes which I found disgusting. I then discovered the entire royal caribou family will be at the party. I then walked over to the castle walls, made a door, walked through it and entered the castle gardens beside the ball room. I then climbed into a tree, took a large bag I was carrying off my back and tied it securely to the tree. Once I climbed down I looked around for any prying eyes before I left.

Once I appeared outside the castle walls I made the door disappear before I went to go figure out how to obtain a ticket for entry. Suddenly, I saw the gates to the palace open and out came a caribou wearing some kind of uniform and a satchel with a winged envelope on it. I then saw him stop beside a caribou male and hand the caribou a golden piece of paper before he left. I then remembered Celestia telling me the tickets were golden. So I decided to tail the delivery caribou and find a way to grab a ticket without getting noticed. I made sure not to draw attention to myself as I followed the caribou. When he arrived at a mansion he placed another ticket in the mail box and left so I began to walk over to the mailbox to grab the ticket. But before I reached it three caribou appeared in the street and walked in front of the house. I then assumed they were gonna be there for a while so I decided to follow the delivery caribou again and hope I get another chance. But I stopped and heard the sounds of the caribou knocking on the mansion's door.

"Hey Fancy Pants come out we know you're home!" one caribou yelled.

Suddenly a white furred unicorn stallion came out wearing a fine tuxedo. He had a short blue gentleman styled mane and a blue tail. He also had a thin blue moustache on the end of his muzzle and finally he had a molecule over his left eye. His eyes were baby blue meaning he wasn't affected by the curse however if he was a traitor or not I would have to wait and see.

"Oh good day to you how can I be of assistance?" the fancy stallion asked.

“Cut the crap we know your hiding that bitch Fleur De Lis,” one caribou growled causing the stallion to have a nervous expression on his face.

“I assure you all, the only ones in my home are me and my son, Saint Blade,” the stallion said.

“Out of the way Fancy Pants you know the law, every mare is to be collared and re-educated for our purposes,” the caribou said as he went to push the stallion aside to enter.

However the stallion grabbed the caribou and punched him in the face, knocking him out the door and onto his back.

"Stay away from my family you...savages," the stallion said

“Get him!” the stallion yelled.

I then saw the two caribou grab the stallion, drag him into the streets and start beating him. I then looked at the end of the street and saw the delivery caribou disappear around a corner.

“*sigh* Damnit,” I muttered before I walked over to the three caribou

“What the-” the caribou leader said as he turned to look at me but I pushed him to the side.

I then grabbed the second caribou and threw him to the ground behind me before I punched the third caribou in the face knocking him onto his back.

“Better get back,” I said to the stallion before I looked at the caribou.

“What are you standing around for hit him,” the leader caribou said.

The third caribou removed a police baton from his belt and ran at me. When he was close enough I grabbed the caribou and threw him into the second caribou that was getting up. I then grabbed his baton before I smashed it into the second caribou’s face breaking it. The first caribou then grabbed me from behind but I elbowed him in the gut and spun out of his grip. I then flung my left arm out and a knife flew out of my sleeve. I grabbed the blade while it was in mid-air before I punched the caribou in the face.

The third caribou then tried to grab me but I tossed my knife to my right hand. I blocked his right hook with my left hand and drove my blade into his exposed armpit. I then slashed at the attacking second caribou causing him to clutch his wound. Suddenly, the third caribou tried to attack me again but I blocked his attack and drove my blade into his neck. I then grabbed the second caribou and spun both him and myself around making us stand back to back. I then held my blade at his throat before I then stepped to the left and slit the third caribou’s throat killing him. I then sheathed the dagger beneath my sleeve again and walked over to the last caribou.

“Wait…What do you think you’re doing?” the last caribou asked fearfully.

I didn’t answer as I grabbed the caribou by the shirt and muzzle I then forced his muzzle to look upward. I pushed his head backwards causing the back of the caribou’s head to touch his back before I then looked back at the stallion and saw he was staring at me.

Ash?" the stallion asked.

"Uh no where did you get that assumption?" I asked as I removed my hood.

"Y...you look just like him," the stallion said.

"Hm...Oh sorry," I said as I removed the ring revealing my true self.

"You...you're a wolf," the stallion said.

"Damn right I am," I said.

"Well um sir I don't know what to say," the stallion said.

"Listen pal I just need the ticket that was placed in your letterbox," I said.

The stallion then got up and walked over to the letterbox. He retrieved the ticket and inspected it.

"A ticket to this year's gala, I'm not sure why you want to go there but I bet my best molecule it's not to rape the princesses," the stallion said as he handed me the ticket.

"Defiantly not besides, they aren't there to begin with," I said as I took it and put it in my coat.

"What but everyone was informed that they were captured," the stallion said.

"Hm then perhaps the caribou are covering it up, trying to make them believe they succeeded in taking over," I said.

"How do you know all this?" the stallion asked.

"Well who do you think got them out?" I asked.

"Y...you?" the stallion asked.

"Yeah but anyway I'd better get going already drawn enough attention to myself," I said before I put on my hood and I looked at the caribou around me. I then looked at the stallion who was looking at the bodies. "You know there's gonna be trouble if they figure out you were involved in this so you'd better come with me."

"Wait you're willing to trust me...just like that?" the stallion asked.

"Any guy who decides to land a punch on a caribou to protect both his son and wife from these fuckers is trustworthy enough," I said as I held my hand out to him. "Bones."

"Fancy Pants," the stallion said as he shook my hand.

"Better grab what you need. Tents, supplies, anything for the wilderness. Who knows when this will be over," I said.

"Thank you sir," Fancy Pants said before he went back inside.

I stood outside and waited for Fancy Pants to return. After a few minutes of waiting I pulled the ticket out of my coat and looked at it. Suddenly, the door opened and Fancy Pants walked out with a bunch of items in his magic grasp. Next came a white furred mare with a pink and white mane and tail, blue eyes and wearing an elegant dress. In her arms was a young colt with a white coat of fur, blue eyes, a pink and blue mane and tail and the child looked to be a toddler. I then noticed the mare seemed a little cautious of me and held the child a little tighter.

"It's alright Fleur he saved me," Fancy Pants said before he looked at me. "Bones, this is my wife Fleur De Lis and my son Saint Blade."

I gave a nod to them before I created a door and led the group through it. Once we were through the two adults looked around in awe.

"Same reaction of everyone who arrives," I said as I walked into the camp before I looked at them. "You guys should find a place to get comfortable. If you need anything just ask around."

I then left the group before I walked over to the royal's tent. The immortals allowed me entrance and I saw Celestia sitting in a chair reading a book.

"You’ll be interested to know I have a way in," I said as I showed Celestia the ticket.

"Impressive. Even though it pains me to admit it, having a wraith on your side is rather helpful," Celestia said.

"Not as bad as you think huh," I said as I folded my arms over my chest.

"You aren't what I'd expect from a wraith but that doesn't mean I can trust you yet," Celestia said as she looked up from her book to look at me.

"Pfft whatever," I said.

Suddenly I felt something on my leg. I looked down and saw Saint Blade was clinging to my leg while nuzzling me.

"Uh," I said as I lifted my foot off the floor but the colt held firm.

Celestia then noticed my predicament but placed a hand to her mouth and started giggling. I then tried to shake the foal off my leg gently but the foal just giggled and held on. I then reached down and pried Saint Blade from my leg and brought him up to my eye level.

"How did you get in here?" I asked the giggling foal.

Suddenly Fleur entered the tent in a panic and took a sigh of relief when she saw Saint Blade.

"There you are Saint...I'm so sorry, he's been able to use teleportation for a while now and we've been struggling to keep hold of him," Fleur said as I handed her Saint Blade.

"It's fine" I said.

"It’s a relief to see you Fleur," Celestia said as she stood up.

"You're highness," Fleur said as she bowed.

"Please Fleur do not bow," Celestia said.

I then took the opportunity to leave the tent before I walked back to my house and plan on what to do next. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door so I walked to the door and saw both Rainbow Dash and Luna were outside.

"Yes?" I asked.

"We need your help," Luna said causing me to raise an eyebrow in curiosity before I stepped to the side to allow them entrance.

I led them upstairs and into the living room before I sat on a chair and looked at them.

"Alright what do you need?" I asked.

"I left something very important to me back in the castle and both Rainbow Dash and I wish to accompany you to the Gala," Luna said.

Three Days Later.

I was standing in my room looking at a mirror and the reflection looking back at me was of a black unicorn with a black mane and tail with blue eyes. He was wearing a black tuxedo, white gloves and a bow-tie. I gave a nod before I grabbed a cane-stick which was actually a weapon I took out of Ash's personal stash in the assassin's HQ.

I then walked into the living room and was met with the princesses and the mane 6. Both Rainbow Dash and Luna were wearing latex corsets that left little to one's imagination Both of them had their wings secure in those boxes. Luna had disguised herself as a light blue Pegasus with a baby blue mane and tail with a star cutie mark. Meanwhile Rainbow Dash had a cream coat and purple mane and tail with a snow flake as a cutie mark. Both of them had red collars around their necks.

"I don't know what's worse, taking two mares into a party where stallions and caribou rape mares or taking them in while dressed like this," I said as I gestured to the two mares.

"As humiliating as this is I need to go back," Luna said.

"I agree but it will be worth it to see the looks on those bastards’ faces when you kill the king and his sons," Rainbow said.

"Anyway think of them as cover to get inside if you show up without a mare or two they might get suspicious," Twilight said.

"Doesn't mean I have to like this crap," I said pinching the bridge of my eyes.

"Bones let me make this clear to you. If anything happens to our baby sister, anything at all, I'll make sure you'll regret existing," Celestia said fiercely.

"I already do Celestia now quit worrying. Your baby sister is a grown alicorn who can move the damn moon. I seriously doubt she needs my protection," I said as I stepped around Celestia and over to the two mares. "You both ready to go?"

The mares nodded before I created a door, led the mares through it and into an ally near the castle entrance. The mares then handed me a pair of leashes attached to their collars before they got on all fours and I led them out of the alley. I then saw the entrance was being guarded by three elite caribou guards and also a metal arch only big enough for one person to fit through. Now how could I tell they were elite, because of their armour. It was bulkier and they had crimson capes on their backs.

"Seems they're taking security seriously," I said.

"Is that going to be a problem for us later?" Luna whispered.

"Possible but what is life without risks," I said before we approached the gates

"Invitation please," a guard said who seemed to take his job very seriously. I then retrieved the ticket from my pocket and handed it to the guard before he inspected it. "Right this way sir," the guard said before he led me over to the arch. "I'm going to need you to hand anything metal over to the guard here along with your pets before you walk through the metal detector sir."

"Of course," I said before I handed the cane and leashes over to another guard before I walked through the metal detector. But once I did the machine went off and a pair of guards restrained me. The guard then grabbed a rod and waved it over me. "Apologies you see I've had a little surgery on my right wrist recently. Artificial limb now, it's just simply embarrassing to mention."

The guard then waved the rod over my wrist. There was a beeping coming from the rod before my sleeve was pulled up and the guard checked my wrist.

"Alright but next time mention that before you walk through," the guard said.

"But of course," I said. The guard then handed me the leashes to the two mares and the cane before we walked off.

"Dude that was close how'd you fool them?" Rainbow Dash whispered.

"Slipped a large piece of metal beneath my skin before we left. I figured I should take precautions in case they do a weapons search and found the ring that disguises me," I said.

"Impressive," Luna whispered.

We entered the castle and I saw a room full of males standing around while several mares were being fucked. It took all of my restraint not to kill everyone here. I led the mares into the party and several males requested to rape Luna and Rainbow Dash but a simple no was all it took to send them away. Suddenly, trumpets echoed around the room and at the top of the stairs were eight caribou. Among them was Diann leaving me to assume that the rest were his sons. Suddenly, another male caribou appeared. I saw the guy was some sort of general judging by how decorated the guys armour was. Suddenly, all the males in the room applauded the caribou till Diann raised a hand.

"Thank you all for coming tonight it has been six days since we have completely liberated Equestria from the tyrannical mares that have ruled over you all for too long. Now with all rebellion against us crushed we will usher in a new age just like our gods foretold," Diann preached.

"Jeez this guy makes himself sound like some chosen warrior or something, talk about nauseating," I thought.

"And the liberation of Canterlot would not have been possible if not for your fallen member of royalty, now my right hand stallion and leader of the crystal empire, Prince Blueblood," Diann said.

Suddenly a pompous white stallion with a blonde mane and tail and wearing a white suit with what seemed to be a chain burned into the fur around his neck, stepped out of the crowd. He walked up the stairs to join Diann and his sons. The very sight of this guy made me dislike him already.

“Prick,” Rainbow muttered

"You two know him?" I asked.

"That's prince Blueblood, Celestia's nephew. He was banished from Equestria for several crimes. Always said he'd be back but I thought he was dead after the first day," Rainbow growled.

"Well looks like he's kept his word," I said before I watched Blueblood wave to the cheering crowd. "Alright Luna where do we go to find what you're looking?"

"We'd better get to a more secluded area first," Luna whispered.

I then led the two mares to a garden balcony and shut the door gently so I didn't draw attention to ourselves.

"Okay I think we're good," I said.

The two mares then stood up and removed their leashes.

"Alright I'm going to teleport ourselves to a hallway close to my room," Luna said.

Suddenly there was a flash and we appeared in a dark but moonlit hallway. Luna then led us through the hallway till we came to a set of stairs before we walked up them. We then came to a door with a crescent moon on it and Luna then led us inside. I looked around and saw a night themed bedroom with a four posted bed, a veil covering the bed for a mysterious look. I also saw a desk, books on a shelf and a door that led who knows where. I then saw Luna walk over to a wall, grabbed a brick and pulled it from the wall revealing a safe. She then entered a combination, opened the door and reached in before she pulled out a silver necklace with a midnight blue feather attached to it that matched Luna's.

"More items of Ash's?" I asked.

"A necklace symbolizing our love," Luna said.

"You're right," I said.

"About what?" Luna asked.

"Those were worth coming back here for," I said.

"Whoa bit out of character for you," Rainbow said.

"Just because I don't have a heart it doesn't mean I don't understand the value of stuff," I said before I walked over to the door and checked for any guards. "We're good."

I then heard the sound of struggling coming from down the hallway so I decided to check it out. I ran down the hallway following the sounds til I heard them coming from around a corner. I decided to have a peek and saw a pair of guards trying to restrain a black collared mare. The mare in question was a baby blue coated Pegasus with a white and baby blue mane and tail. Her cutie mark was of a snowflake sitting on a plant. I then decided to help the mare so I stepped out into plain view and held my cane in front of me.

"You gents sure you want to do that?" I asked gaining their attention.

"What the buck do you want?" a caribou asked.

"I want you two to let her go and go jump off a cliff," I said causing the caribou to laugh while one of them walked up to me and I saw he was a foot taller than I am.

"Do you have a death wish or something?" the caribou asked.

"No because I'm dead already," I said before I used my foot to press a button on the bottom of my cane causing a scythe blade to sprung out of the bottom.

I then used the handle of the cane to make the bottom of the cane rise up and the blade to piece the balls of the caribou. I placed a hand over his mouth to stop him from screaming before I then grabbed the handle of the cane and pulled out a blade. I then spun around and threw the blade at the other caribou impaling him through the neck. I then pulled the cane out of the caribou's balls and brought the blade down on the back of his skull killing him. I then retrieved my cane and then the blade before I looked over at the mare.

"Thank you," the mare said.


I look to the source of the voice and I see both Luna and Rainbow Dash round the corner.

"Sorry I heard a struggle and when I saw-," I started.

"Snowdrop!" Luna yelled before she ran over and hugged the mare.

"Never mind then, I can see you know each other," I said.

"I'm so glad to see you Luna," the now named Snowdrop said.

"Not as glad as I am to see you," Luna said hugging the Pegasus.

"Uh thanks for saving me," Snowdrop said as she looked at me.

"Names Bones now that we know each other I've got a royal family to kill," I said before I created a door and walked through it onto another garden balcony.

"Why're we here?" Rainbow asked.

Instead of answering I just climbed a tree, grabbed the bag I left here earlier in the week, jumped to the ground with it and pulled out Ash's scythes.

"You know, something just occurred to me," I said.

"What?" Luna asked.

"This a very special party yet I haven't seen any fireworks," I said as I pulled out a sphere shaped explosive charge that can stick to anything if wanted. "Wanna set a few off?"

This caused Luna and Rainbow to smile darkly each one grabbed a few charges and I gave them instructions on where they should go. We then walked back into the ball room and began our work. I placed a few explosives on the pillars while the mares placed a few under tables but we made sure to get any mares in the blast radius out of the way but still in view of the males. I even looked to see if there were any brainwashed stallions but there were none here. Once we were done we all gathered near the balcony entrance while I primed the detonator. I then saw Diann step onto a circular table with a glass of alcohol in his grip to make a toast. I then pulled off my gloves then the disguise ring revealing myself.

I then pulled out one more explosive, armed it and rolled it along the ground towards the table. Since all eyes were focused on Diann no one saw the bomb roll under the cloth once it was all set I waited for Diann to raise his glass. Once he did I pressed the button and an ear shattering boom rocked the room along with fire burning or blowing the guests apart. I then took my chance and walked over to the brothers and got ready to take a swing at Bolanus. But one of the brothers saw me and pushed Bolanus's head down causing me to only cut off his horns. I twirled the blade around and impaled Bolanus through the chest causing all of them to freeze in shock.

"I take you all know what this blade is," I said in a whispered growl that brought fear to any who heard it.

I then summoned a lantern into my left hand and opened the door.

Suddenly black chains appeared from the scythe, reached into Bolanus and pulled out a pale blue orb. They placed it into the lantern and closed it before I made it disappear. I then pulled Ash's scythe out of Bolanus's body and let it slump to the ground lifelessly.

"You...you monster!" one of the brothers yelled.

"I get that a lot these days but you are no better than I am," I said.

Suddenly I felt a presence behind me so I vanished and reappeared a good distance away from the royals were I saw the general had tried to slice me in two. I then noticed I was surrounded by guards.

"General Servius, destroy him!" the eldest brother yelled before his horns lit up for teleportation.

Realizing what was happening, I tossed the scythe at the royals in hopes of killing them all. But before it could touch them they disappeared and the scythe impaled the stairs. All they left was Bolanus's body.

"Dammit!" I yelled before I called the scythe back to my hand.

"You will not leave this place alive," the general named Servius said.

"Who said I was alive," I said before I levitated Bolanus's horns over to me, held Ash’s scythe ready for battle and selected a song.


As the first part of the song played I glared at the caribou, making sure fear sunk into the very atmosphere. As the music started to pick up I gave a dark smile. I then used the same technique I used back at the Wonderbolt academy to kill all those caribou. This technique pulled me into limbo and allowed me to see, hear and touch anyone around me who is in the world of the living. But anyone in the world of the living was oblivious to me like I was never there to begin with. However I can’t hold this technique very long otherwise I will become exhausted easily.

I then slashed at a caribou’s waist before I spun around, impaled another caribou, yanked the scythe out and twisted the two making a large double ended scythe. I then tossed a caribou into the air and sent the scythe after him. I watched as the scythe grinded against the caribou like he was being pushed up against a sand belt machine. Blood and organs were sent flying all over the place. Once the blade returned to my grasp, I slashed at another caribou, then another and tripped a third onto his back before I impaled him.

I then took the opportunity to reveal myself before I slashed at more of the guards ending their miserable existences as painfully as possible. I then pulled the scythe in two and cut more down. I reattached the scythes and twisted them to make a double bladed scythe again. I then spun the weapon around really fast and anyone who ran at me got torn up like they were in a blender. Once I was done with the guards the song had ended and I looked at the massacre around me in silence.

“Y…you slaughtered them,” Servius said behind me but I looked at him out of the corner of my eye.

“Yes I did,” I said emotionlessly

“What in the god’s name are you…do you even regret what you have done?” Servius asked.

“Do you regret on what you have done to this kingdom?” I asked but instead of answering Servius attacked but I teleported behind him. “As much as I’d love to continue I’m rather busy at the moment.”

I then slammed the scythe's end on the ground and a giant cloud of darkness shrouded the room blocking out all sight and light. I then ran over to Luna, Rainbow Dash and Snowdrop, grabbed them and led them down a random hallway. We kept on making lefts and rights trying to avoid guards.

"C'mon," I yelled before I led them through a doorway that led to a balcony were I stopped at the edge. But before I spun around to tell the mares to go another way they ran into me, knocking us off the balcony. While we were in mid-air only one thing came to my mind. "Uh Houston, we have a proooblemmmmm!"

Suddenly, we hit the ground and we started to slide down the hill. One of the mares then grabbed hold of my ears and was using them as a steering wheel. Which I gotta tell ya hurts like crazy along with my chest skidding across dirt, rock and roots. The mares then steered me towards a river and we went in or rather, I went under. I felt the mares get off me before I got up and glared at all of them.

"Thanks for the ride," Rainbow said.

"Next time you three be the sled and I'll hold on," I said with a growl after I spat out a lump of dirt.

"You're dead already so it's not like you’re going to die after that," Rainbow said.

"Still Hurts!" I yelled.

"Wait your dead!?" Snowdrop asked in shock.

"I'll explain later but for now we best leave this place. Bones, would you be so kind," Luna said.

I didn't say anything as I picked myself up, made a door, walked through it and entered the clearing. I then walked over to the house and entered. I saw the others were there and as soon as I entered everyone turned to look at me. Rarity then let out a scream of horror when she saw my shredded, wet and dirty clothing.

"Wha - what happened?" Rarity asked.

"Ask them," I said as I pointed to the three entering mares. Everyone got up and greeted them while Celestia walked over to me where I handed her Ash's scythe. "Like I said she didn't need my protection."

I then walked into my bedroom, sat on the balcony and watched the sky.

"You seem angry."

I turned to look at the voice and saw Nightmare step onto the balcony.

"Sorry?" I asked.

"You seem angry and not at the rainbow one, my counterpart and the new mare riding you down the mountain," Nightmare said.

"*sigh* My targets were all gathered in one place tonight and I let seven of them escape. Wraiths never let their targets escape and I'm no different," I said.

"At least you killed one," Nightmare said.

"Not good enough," I said.

Nightmare didn't say anything to me but instead walked back inside.

"But thanks for trying to cheer me up," I said and after a few seconds I could feel Nightmare smile at me.

I gazed at the night sky for a few more minutes before I pulled out my flute and played a familiar melody.


Once I finished, I rested against the wall and pulled out the strange crystal that I recovered from the castle. I gazed at it till my eyes felt heavy and closed.

Chapter 8 Hellish Fury

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Roam, Capital City of the Caribou Empire, Royal Palace Third Person P.O.V.

Diann sat on his throne in his palace, his body fully regenerated. His eyes focused straight ahead locked on his six remaining sons who were kneeling before him.

"Are you all positive that Bolanus is dead?" Diann asked in a calm tone as he looked directly at his eldest son Titianus.

"We are sure farther. We all saw his soul pulled from his body with our own eyes," Titianus said causing the others to nod in agreement.

"And the one who did the deed?" Diann asked.

"It was the wolf again farther and we have been informed he is the same one who crushed our hold over Baltimare and Ponyville, even freed the Bearers of Harmony," Titianus said.

"No matter, the Elements are useless against us. What interest's me is this wraith. It appears Death is pulling out his finest. No ordinary being or wraith would be able to do so much in so little time nor would any wraith free entire towns instead of going for its targets immediately," Diann said.

"Farther do you think this wraith is The Reapers Hand itself?" the second youngest of the caribou siblings asked.

"Most likely Mercator. Which means he must have been a great warrior in his time," Diann said.

"Let him come, I'll mount his head on a wall for what he has done to my little brother," the third youngest of the siblings said in hatred.

"Patience Gratian you have the right to be angry, I am too. However we must use our heads to think ahead. This wolf is not an ordinary opponent remember he is a wraith, no doubt a crafty and also powerful one at that. He has no doubt allied himself with the princesses and quite possibility the Knight of Vengeance himself," Diann said.

Suddenly an elite guard burst into the room carrying a box in his arms.

"Your Highness's," the guard said as he kneeled.

"There had better be a good reason for interrupting us!" Diann yelled.

"I'm sorry sir but this just came for you, it was marked as urgent," the guard said trembling before his king as he held the box out towards him.

Diann grabbed the box in his magic and removed the lid. A letter addressed to him was sitting over a piece of packaging paper.

Dear Diann King of the Caribou

Do not say you didn't have a fair warning for you had the chance to pull your forces from Equestria and her neighbouring countries then surrender yourself peacefully. But now you must pay the ultimate price for your stupidity. I will now be coming for you, your sons and reduce your empire to nothing but rubble. To prove my point, and make it clear, I sent you a gift. Call it a reminder if you will.

Diann removed the packaging paper and when he saw what was underneath he stared in horror. There in front of him was Bolanus's horns, a light coating of blood staining the area where his horns connected to his head.

Each time one of your sons falls to me I will send a piece of them back to you to remind you how you failed them. However that will be nothing compared to what will happen to you. When I come for you brace yourself Diann because the wolf is on the hunt and this hunt will not stop till you face your punishment for your crimes. Till next we meet.

The Reapers Hand.

P.S. I ran out of ink so I had to use your son's blood to write this letter. Hope that's not a problem.

Suddenly the letter burst into flames and Diann's hand became demonic, tightening into a fist. The brothers backed away, fearful of their father’s anger.

"Inform General Servius, tell him he is to hunt this wolf down with extreme measures. He is to eliminate anything that stands in his way, stallions, mares and foals alike. Also, if possible, I want this wolf taken in while it can still move that way I can torture it myself!" Diann roared while a flaming aura surrounded him.

The Dream World

Luna and Dream Catcher were walking down a path of doors surrounded by an endless void of stars. Each door was different then the last and each one led to someone's dream.

"Oh it is good to be back after so long," Dream Catcher said.

"Indeed sister, I've missed doing this," Luna said.

The two alicorns looked at the never-ending rows of doors checking each one for any nightmares. Suddenly, the two come across another figure in the dream world a figure the two sisters knew all too well.

"What are you doing here Nightmare Moon?" Dream Catcher asked, not in a threatening tone but a casual one.

Nightmare Moon did not answer nor did she move. When the sisters moved closer they saw she was staring at a door. Or rather a simple wooden door frame filled with a pitch black void and no door.

"It's a strange door," Nightmare Moon said her eyes never leaving the door frame.

"Do you know who dreams beyond this?" Luna asked.

"If I had to guess, I believe it belongs to Bones," Nightmare said.

"How, he cannot sleep he said so himself," Dream Catcher said.

"Does it matter? We have an opportunity to find out more about him, we must inform the others," Luna said before her horn lit up and a portal appeared above them. The mane six and the rest of the princesses along with Mac, Soarin and Thunderlane fell out, hitting the ground hard.

"What the- where are we?" Rainbow asked as she looked around.

"We apologies for interrupting your slumber Rainbow Dash but this is important," Luna said as she gestured to the doorway,

"Do you know who's dream door this is?" Chrysalis asked.

"We think it's Bone's," Dream Catcher said.

"But he said he doesn't sleep," Twilight said.

"Unless he was lying to us," Celestia said.

"But why would he lie about such a thing?" Nightmare asked.

"Y'know, she makes a good point," Thunderlane said causing most of the group to agree.

"Well I say we're wasting time when we should be looking for answers," Rainbow said before she flew at the doorway. But when she made contact with the darkness, it was like flying into a brick wall.

"Rainbow Dash be careful, we can't just go jumping into a rando-," Twilight started however the darkness then reached out, grabbed everyone and pulled them in.

Once the group recovered everyone saw they were surrounded by a volcanic landscape. The world about them was a flaming crimson colour and the air was hot and dry. Screams of pain and terror was one of the sounds that could be heard along with the sound of roaring fire.

"Where are we?" Thunderlane asked as he looked around.

"I can only think of one place that matches our location. It's a place where the wicked are sent to be punished for their crimes in life. One of the places where Ash's bloodline came from, Hell," Celestia said.

Suddenly the group heard screaming above them and saw a humanoid being, thin and showing its skeletal structure beneath its pale dead skin, falling from the sky. The soul was then impaled on sharp rocks on the edge of a cliff next to them. However the poor creature did not die but withered in agony causing Fluttershy to faint.

"Ok this is starting to become a little too much, even for me," Rainbow said.

Suddenly the rocks crumbled beneath the soul sending it falling into the inferno below.

"There are so many who are banished here," Luna said as she gazed at the millions of falling souls who looked like comets in the night.

"Why do you think whoever dreams here is dreaming of such a horrible place?" Chrysalis asked as she looked around.

"I don't believe this is a dream at all," Nightmare said.

"What do you mean?" Twilight asked.

"I tried to use my magic to alter this place but it seems I cannot do anything," Nightmare said.

"She's right, it appears we are walking in a memory," Luna said.

Suddenly the sound of laughter echoed on the rocky terrain. The group then followed the echo around a column of rock to behold a sight. There before them was a massive flaming pit with souls pouring into it. But resting against the column of rock the group was hiding behind was a massive pile of treasure. Hanging over the edge of the pit was a large crane like object and hanging upside down at the end of the crane was a figure in black robes. Chains were attached to the figures legs while its arms dangled loosely almost as if the figure was unconscious. The figure was wearing a hood concealing its face in darkness even in the light surrounding it. Finally, standing in-between the treasure and the old looking machine stood a row of seven demons.

The first demon was a muscular male with tan skin, a disturbingly charming face and bleach white fangs that looked well cared for. He was thin around the stomach area and on his back, in-between a pair of bat like wings, was a word branded upon him and that word was PRIDE. The next demon was a fat red Cyclopes with a sickly yellow eye and sharp teeth going around his mouth. Finally upon his stomach was another word which was also burnt into his flesh and it was GLUTTONY and resting on his shoulder was a large machete. The next demon was a green colour but was shorter than almost every demon in the group and was easily the ugliest. He seemed to be giving the prisoner dangling over the flaming pit a jealous look. Finally, branded upon his right leg was the word ENVY.

The fourth demon was an amber coloured demon who looked dragon like and also had bat wings. He was flying around the prisoner seeming to be searching for something. Grasped tightly in his left hand was a katana in a black scabbed and a strap attached to it. When the demon got close to the prisoner, and went to grab the cloak covering him, one of the demons growled at him. This caused the demon to back off. Branded upon his right hand was the word GREED. The demon that let out the growl was more muscular then the first demon. He also wore armour on his shoulders, legs, waist and a bit on his chest. He had dark blue skin and he was giving the prisoner a deep unfriendly scowl that was begging for the prisoner to step out of line. He was also cracking his knuckles and the word branded upon his forearm was WRATH.

The sixth demon was actually a lavender purple succubus. She wore a black leather bra and panties, a pair of thigh-high black leather boots, and a pair of shoulder-high black leather gloves. She had long sharp claws almost a foot long and branded upon her neck was the word LUST. Finally, resting upon a large floating pillow, was a pale and old demon. He had a long beard and appeared to be sleeping, Branded upon his chest was the word SLOTH.

"The Seven Deadly Sins," Twilight said.

"I'm impressed you know about them Twilight," Celestia said with a warm smile.

"The Seven Deadly what?" Rainbow asked.

"Ash mentioned them once. He said that these demons are the very embodiment of the sins they're named after and those words branded upon them kinda gave it away," Twilight said.

"Then who is that?" Soarin asked gesturing to the prisoner.

"Something tells me we're about to find out," Nightmare said.

"Jeez, I thought The Reapers Hand was supposed to be tough and yet it's only been a week since we caught him," Wrath said with a growl revealing the figure's identity to the group.

"Hey Pride can I have a taste? There's no telling what his flavour is and he's been over that fire for a while now. He's probably perfectly roasted all the way through, just the way I like it," Gluttony said as he operated the crane to pull Bones over to the demons.

"Hold it fat ass, I wanted to use him as a punching bag and I don't feel like going through your filth to do it," Wrath growled.

"Well I think I might copy his body, could be useful in the near future," Envy said as he gave Lust a wink but Lust responded with a look of disgust.

"Oh please Envy anything with your face on it repulses me. However I actually like the idea of taking this one to my chambers and giving him the ride of a lifetime," Lust said as she leaned down next to Bones. Suddenly, a serpent like tongue extended from her mouth and licked the face within the darkness of the hood before she pulled away. She then placed the back of her hand on her chin and gave Bones a sultry smile while Nightmare glared at Lust. "And I can tell this one is a fantastic kisser."

"Well Gluttony did ask first but only a small taste Glut, there are others who want to test him out," Pride said.

Gluttony then grabbed Bones and removed the chains on him, which was easy since he was twice Bones size. He then held Bones above him and held the machete at where his neck would be before he drew the blade across it. Suddenly, blood began pouring out of the wound at an alarming rate and into Gluttony's mouth while Bones withered around trying to stop the bleeding. But, Gluttony then stuffed Bones head first into his mouth and began to devour him whole much to the group's shock. Once Bones was gone Gluttony let out a massive belch that echoed through hell.

"You fat one eyed nitwit. I told you I wanted to use him!" Wrath roared in fury even Lust had a scowl on her face.

"Sorry Wrath, it's just he tasted too good to not finish up but in a strange way he tasted familiar," Gluttony said.

"Well when he passes maybe we can find out and by we I mean you Glut if you're smart enough to figure it out," Envy cackled.

"Don't say that Envy," Gluttony said.

"That's enough Glut when you're done with him you better clean him up and hope he's still moving otherwise I won't hold these two back," Pride said as he gestured to Lust and Wrath.

"Sorry Pride," Gluttony said.

The group of demons then began to leave when suddenly Gluttony let out a gasp causing everyone to look at him.

"Oh seems like you do have limits what's the matter Gluttony indigestion?" Envy asked mockingly.

"Nah just got caught in my throat is all," Gluttony said pounding on his chest.

Suddenly a discomforting bulge appeared in Gluttony's stomach before it reverted back to normal. Not long later another bulge appeared before it disappeared. This happened a few more times before a left hand burst its way out of Gluttony's stomach. It made the hole wider before Bones pushed his torso out of Gluttony's stomach. He then grabbed Gluttony by the shoulders, pulled his legs out and crouched on top of Gluttony's stomach. Bones then brought his face close to Gluttony's, no doubt driving fear into his very being. While leaving Gluttony paralysed and gobsmacked.

Bones then pulled himself back and tossed a strange object up and down in his left hand. The object was blue, red and also had sickly yellow lights on it. The item was connected to Gluttony's insides and pulsing. Gluttony then realized that Bones had torn his heart out and was showing it to him. But before he could do anything Bones reeled back his left hand and shoved the heart into his mouth and gave Gluttony an uppercut to the chin. This caused Gluttony’s teeth to smash against each other and destroy the vital organ. Bones then back flipped off Gluttony's stomach and landed on his feet before the demon. Gluttony then covered his mouth with his hands when suddenly he exploded leaving behind a spine and destroyed ribcage. But Gluttony's head continued to sit upon the spine. A piece of Gluttony had landed on Bone's shoulder but he simply flicked it off before he turned around to face the shocked demons and began to crack his knuckles.

"Alright...Who’s next out of you idiots?" Bones said as he cracked his neck.

Greed then flew at Bones from behind and went to grab him. A rune circle appeared below Bones and he leapt high into the air much to everyone's surprise. Bones then landed on Greed like a hammer in water smashing Greed into the ground. Bones had one of his feet on Greed's back before he reached down and grabbed the base of Greed's wings and ripped them off. The way Bones ripped the wings off Greed with such ease left Rainbow in shock. She then folded her wings against her body in fear of Bones ripping them off next. Bones then grabbed the katana and slung it over his left shoulder. He then grabbed Greed by the back of his head and slammed it into the ground leaving behind a red bloodied stain on the ground.

Bones then stood tall only to be knocked to the ground from a punch by Wrath. Bones lay on the ground and Wrath leapt at him determined to beat him to a bloody pulp. But Bones placed his feet on either side of Wrath's head. Bones then pulled him over himself and slammed him into the ground face first. Bones then kicked Wrath in the chest and sent him skidding across the ground and rest against a rock column. Bones leapt onto his feet once more before Lust let out a loud whistle and summoned a massive group of strange demons.

These demons were smaller then Bones, coming just barely up to his chest, but their numbers were more than enough to restrain him. Sloth's pillow then floated over to Bones and took a deep breath causing all the smaller demons to move as far away from Sloth as possible. But they still remained close enough to restrain Bones, much to the confusion of the spectating group. Suddenly Bones then pulled himself forward along with a group of demons as Sloth breathed out a strange purple smoke. The demons holding onto Bones flew into the smoke while Bones managed to dodge the cloud, all the demons caught in the cloud fell asleep instantly.

Meanwhile Bones got up and started to kill the small demons with his bare hands. He drove his fist through one demon and tossed the body at another. This sent them both flying off the edge of the cliff and into the flaming pit below. He then gripped one's head in both hands and tore it and the torso in two. He then kicked one in the side of its knee, breaking the leg entirel,y before he smashed a fist into the demons head. The punch was strong enough to destroy it.

While Bones was busy with the small demons, Sloth was moving closer to him before he took a breath. Before he could release it, Bones spun around and placed a gloved hand over Sloth's nose and mouth. Sloth panicked and tried to move the hand but soon his head began to swell at an alarming rate before it exploded. Bones then tossed the remains of the body aside before he looked at the frightened demons around him. No one could tell the expression on his face because of the hood which made him all the more terrifying.

Suddenly the back of Bone's head was grabbed and slammed into the ground by Wrath. Bones rolled onto his back then held his hands in front of his face to block the onslaught of punches that rained down on him from Wrath. Bones swept his feet under Wrath and punched him in the side of his head, throwing him off Bones. The two then got up and faced each other before Bones made a taunting gesture at Wrath. This caused Wrath to let out a roar and charge.

Bones then dodged a punch that was coming at him before he punched Wrath in the face and drove his fingers on both his hands into Wrath's neck. Bones then tore both his head and part of his windpipe and spine off of his shoulders. The body then stumbled about before it fell into a heap and lay lifeless.

"That's it, I'm gonna finish you off myself," Envy cried getting Bones attention before he cupped his hands together and a cloud of smoke appeared around him. But when it disappeared another being stood in his place. The figure looked exactly like Bones, however Envy's face was under the hood. Bones tilted his head at Envy and Envy did the same almost like a mirror image. "Alright hot shot, let's see if you can get past me. Anything you can do, I can do better."

Bones and Envy stood silently staring at each other for a few seconds when Bones lifted his hands to grip the front and back to his head and Envy did the same.

"Bet you can’t survive this," Bones said.

Envy's eyes widened in realization and horror but before he could do anything Bones twisted his head 180 degrees and Envy did the same, supposedly killing them. Envy's body then returned to normal before he collapsed to his knees and then stomach. But Bones just spun his head back into place and rolled his neck all the while several sickening pops and cracks echoed from him.

"W...What are you?" Pride asked in fear.

"I...am the last face you see when you're corpse goes cold," Bones said.

Pride was shaking now, but in fear or anger no one could be sure, before he let out a roar and flew at Bones but he disappeared causing Pride to stop. Suddenly Bones appeared from above, landed on Pride and brought him to the ground. He then grabbed the top of Pride's head and placed his fingers in Pride's mouth to grab his lower jaw. Bones then ripped Pride's lower jaw from his head much to everyone's shock before he pulled Pried overhead and impaled him on a pointed rock.

Bones then looked at Lust who just collapsed to her knees in shock of what she just saw. She then gazed at the bodies of her fallen comrades and servants before she looked back at Bones. Who was now standing in front of her but Lust was paralysed by fear and couldn't move. She just sat there staring into the darkness beneath the hood.

"Where is it?" Bones growled causing Lust to point at the pile of treasure her eyes never leaving Bones. "Smart," Bones said before he began to walk over to the treasure pile.

"Y...You're not going to kill me?" Lust asked fearfully.

"Are you going to stand in my way?" Bones asked causing Lust to shake her head quickly. "Then clear off."

Lust then got to her feet and began to run away before she took to the air and vanished. The group then walked out of cover to see Bones walk on top of the treasure pile. He then started picking up objects and tossed them away almost as if he was searching for something.

"What is he doing?" Rainbow asked.

Bones seemed to have found what he was looking for before he pulled it from the pile and inspected it. The item was long and covered in a large piece of cloth but Bones then removed the cloth revealing a massive scythe. The handle looked like it was made out of the spine of some poor creature. While sitting on top of the scythe was as a large humanoid shaped skull with a wide open mouth. Coming out of the mouth was the blade but the blade looked like a webbed wing. Bones then twirled the scythe around in one hand before placing it on his back with a click. Almost as if something on his back had grasped the weapon on its own.

Bones then slid down the pile of treasure before he began to walk away when suddenly Pinkie let out a sneeze causing Bones to stop. He then turned around to face the group causing everyone to look at him in fear.

"He can see us," Rainbow said.

"D-don't be ridicules Rainbow, we're in a memory. how can he see us?" Twilight said while trying to rid her fear with her logic when suddenly Bones disappeared. "See, nothing to worry about. Now then, shall we- oof."

Twilight was knocked onto her butt when she ran into something. But when she looked and saw what it was, she let out a shriek when she saw Bones. He was there staring at her with his arms folded over his chest while the others stood petrified that he was there suddenly till he pointed at them with his right hand.

"Mm-Mm-Mmmmm," Bones hummed as he shook both his finger and head at them.

Suddenly Bones snapped his fingers and the ground beneath them opened and the group was swallowed by darkness.

Nightmare woke up with a start, looked around and saw she was in her bed. She then went to the balcony and saw Bones resting on the rail against the wall, his eyes closed. From what Nightmare could here he was snoring gently. That, for some reason, brought a smile to her face before she shook her head.

"Why do I have these strange feelings about him. I feel jealous when he's with another and I feel safe when he's close," Nightmare thought.

Suddenly the sound of hooves came thundering into the room and the group from before charged in or tried to, but there was not enough room for everyone to fit through. Soon Celestia pushed past while the others stayed back.

"Where is he?" Celestia demanded.

"Still asleep on the balcony, why?" Nightmare asked.

"I have some questions for him," Celestia said.

"Sister can't this wait till tomorrow?" Nightmare asked.

"We are not sisters Nightmare Moon. Let me be clear on that and if you don't move aside now, I will force my way past and wake that monster myself," Celestia said.

"Try it and I will show you what a true monster looks like," Nightmare said bearing her sharp teeth.

"You'll defend that thing even after what we saw? He butchered all of them," Celestia said.

"That 'thing' has treated me as his equal ever since we met. Not as a monster or a member of royalty and power but as me when the rest of the world saw fear. He is the first one in my entire existence to show me kindness and also inspired others to do the same. He even offered me a place in his home when I had nowhere to go Celestia and I am grateful for that. I don't care if he did do what we saw in that memory. I was told Ash did the same thing when he was alive. And if you forgot, he let Lust live. He had every able opportunity to kill her easily but didn't," Nightmare said.

"Because she didn't stand in my way."

Everyone looked and saw Bones leaning against the doorway and a scowl on his face.

"Oh...Hi Bones did we wake you?" Twilight asked still a little fearful from when she slept.

"Yes and I wouldn't be surprised if the whole camp is awake. Also you all intruded upon my mind without permission. I can understand Luna and Dream Catcher hell even Nightmare Moon checking on dreams but all of you flat out looked into my memories," Bones growled.

"We were looking for answers," Celestia said.

"Then ask me first is that so difficult. Trust needs to be earned both ways and so far you lot are doing a lousy job of earning mine while I'm working hard to earn yours," Bones said causing everyone to stare at him in surprise.

"You're right and we apologize for our behaviour," Celestia said as she bowed her head slightly to both Bones and Nightmare.

"Get some sleep you never know if it will be your last for some time," Bones said before most of the group returned to the living room and both Bones and Nightmare settled into their own beds.

Morning Cadence's P.O.V.

I woke and found myself sleeping on the floor of the tree house that was made for Bones. I then remembered everything and shuddered when I thought how Bones killed those demons. Yet when Ash did kill it was different. Bones did say death and killing are all the same and I couldn't help but agree with him there. But when Ash killed he showed humility in his attacks. It was like what he was doing was right even though it meant taking up a sword and killing. But with Bones he just slaughtered anything and everything in his path. I thought about this all through breakfast and barely ate so now I sat by the calm waters of the lake while still thinking about it.

"Do you mind if I join you?"

I turned around and saw Nightmare Moon was standing behind me wearing a turquoise dress that reached just below her knees.

"N-no not at all," I said as I gestured to a spot beside me.

Nightmare Moon sat down beside me and looked at the lake before us. I sat silently staring at the lake but I couldn't help but glance every now and again at Nightmare Moon.

"I can tell my presence discomforts you," Nightmare Moon said.

"Oh no, it's just...This is actually the first time I actually get to see you closely without your armour...You look very beautiful," I said while stroking my mane.

"Oh...Thank you," Nightmare said before we entered another moment of silence. "I can tell there is something else."

"Many things actually," I admitted with a sigh.

"Do you wish to talk about it?" Nightmare asked.

"Well it's about Bones, the caribou and also our entire future but much of my concern goes towards my little Flurry Heart," I said

"Do you have a child?" Nightmare Moon asked.

"Yes a lovely alicorn filly her crystallizing was one to remember for certain," I said.

"I remember being told about that Rarity described it being a battle between gods and monsters," Nightmare Moon said.

"Indeed it was I've never seen anything like it before," I said.

“Tell me where is your daughter now?" Nightmare asked causing me to look at the water in sadness. "I'm sorry I guess I'm not allowed to know that yet...It's just you see Bones suggested I should get to know others that way they aren't so terrified of me."

"Oh no Nightmare it's just *sigh* when the caribou first came the first thing they presented to us was Ash's body. It was striped of its clothes and his left arm was missing. We learned that the items that Ash had gathered during his time in Equestria was scattered across the lands. All thanks to the caribou. When Ash's brother, Burning Rage, found out *shudder* he became furious," I said.

"I was not aware of a brother," Nightmare said.

"He's technically Ash's half-brother for you see he was actually Ash's subconscious fuelled by hatred that had separated from him. Now at first the two hated each other. But after some time the two grew closer till they finally started calling each other brother," I said causing Nightmare's eyes to widen.

"Incredible but tell me what happened with Rage when he became furious?" Nightmare asked.

"It was frightening to say the least. When Rage saw Ash's body in such a state an aura as hot or hotter than the very sun surrounded Rage. It was made up of pure hatred and bloodshed. The walls and ceiling began to melt and any caribou that were too close were burned alive. But Rage decided to show them how he used his swords and it put Bones to shame in brutality. Diann and his son's retreated and took Ash's body with them but even with them gone Rage took his frustration out on any caribou he saw. You could practically taste the bitter hate in the air that day. It was Rage alone who drove them out of Canterlot. It was agreed that Rage should go out and raise an army against the caribou. And for safety we gave Flurry Heart to him to watch over till we could be reunited," I said.

"I see...I hope that day comes soon," Nightmare said.

"As do I Nightmare Moon...As do I," I said.

Bone's P.O.V.

I was practicing with my sword within a clearing in the forest, all the while the memories I had regained danced across my mind along with many other questions. Like why I could sleep now when I couldn't before. I was so busy slashing and stabbing the world around me almost disappeared. My attacks were getting faster and faster when my concentration was broken by a snapping twig. I then spun around to deliver a killing blow. But stopped when all I saw was a blue butterfly fluttering in front of me. I then removed my blade and put it away before I held my hand out to the gentle creature. The butterfly then landed on my hand allowing me to have a good look at its wings which were a lovely shade of blue.

The butterfly crawled along my hand causing me to turn it over a few times before it flew away. Suddenly, I hear movement and my head snaps in the direction of the sound and I see Celestia walk out of the bushes.

"Can I help you?" I asked.

"Apologies Bones I wasn’t aware you were out here," Celestia said.

"Uh huh," I said.

"But now that we are I have some questions for you," Celestia said.

"If it's about how I fell asleep or how I saw you in my memories then I'm afraid I can't help you there," I said.

"So you have no knowledge of how any of that happened?" Celestia asked.

"Not a clue," I said before we entered a long silence. "So what brings you out here?"

"Sometimes I like to think on my own away from others and everything," Celestia said.

"I see, ruling for over a thousand years can be tiring," I said.

"You have no idea," Celestia said before silence covered the clearing once more. "If I may ask Bones, why did you open your home to Nightmare?"

"Why shouldn't I? She was lost and alone when we met, kinda like I am. I guess you can say we have a bit of an understanding on a large number of things," I said.

"I see...Bones, I need to know right now are any of my little ponies on your list?" Celestia asked.

"Even if they are I'm afraid I can't tell you that it's kinda a rule that's been set up," I said.

"I understand," Celestia nodded.

"Hey Celestia feel free to answer this but at the Gala I found out you have, or was it had, a nephew before all this began," I said causing Celestia to stare at me in surprise before she looked at the ground with a slightly saddened expression.

"Yes, I did and once he was very dear to me but that's when he became jealous and angry which lead him down a dark path. I tried to help but it wasn't enough and when I saw something I wish I never saw I knew it was too late," Celestia said.

"So what happened?" I asked.

"He was banished," Celestia said causing me to nod silently. "Now tell why were you in hell of all places?"

"Ah yes well unlike the first two questions I can answer that one you see one day I was summoned by Death himself for a mission. I was to go and retrieve something that The Seven Deadly Sins had stolen from him," I said.

"You mean that scythe?" Celestia asked.

"The Grim Reaper's scythe, yes. Like every agent of death we all have what we call a Death Weapon this weapon is what we use to harvest souls and fight off other things," I said.

"Other things?" Celestia asked.

"Reaping the lives of the living isn't the only thing we were created for Celestia," I said.

“Alright but what is so important about the Reapers Scythe?” Celestia asked.

“Whoever holds the scythe controls Death himself along with the power to manipulate life. The mission was to retrieve it and kill anything that stands in my way,” I said

“So that is why you didn’t kill Lust,” Celestia said.

“Exactly, I just follow orders nothing more,” I said

Celestia was about to say something when suddenly Slendermane came out of the bushes.

"Bones intruders have breached the temple grounds the trees have told me that it's the caribou," Slender said.

"Took them long enough to find us but anyway you two get everyone ready to leave, I'll buy you all time," I said.

Celestia and Slender nodded before they ran back towards the camp. I put on my hood, ran into the forest and found the caribou using my highly trained senses. I then climbed a tree and ran across the branches till I was over them. I then saw that general Servius was leading the caribou. I gave a nod before I decided to play a familiar tune to freak them out.


The music echoed through the trees bringing fear to all the caribou except the general. Once I finished playing I summoned my blade and looked for a good way to attack them. Suddenly, I remembered a technique called Shadow Jumping. This technique allows wraiths to use shadows as a type of portal to come out of another shadow. Smiling I jumped into a shaft of shadows that had been created by a leafy branch blocking out the light. I then appeared out of another shadow beside the large group. I then pounced at a caribou and used my claws to kill him and push the body into the bushes. I leapt into another shadow and appeared on another branch overlooking the caribou.

The caribou looked terrified and kept their weapons trained on the bush. I then jumped on top of another caribou that was at the back of the group and then fled into the bushes again. I looked back at the dying caribou and watched his life vanish from his eyes. When he was gone I stepped out from behind the tree to face the caribou. But kept my hood over my face, giving the caribou a fearful image.

"Well this is a surprise Servius. I wasn't expecting you to pay me a visit," I said.

"Hand of the Reaper you are under arrest for the crime of killing Prince Bolanus, son of King Diann, the murder of several civilians and the liberation of mares," Servius said as he pointed at me.

"Please Servius no need to use my formal title just call me Bones," I said as I placed a hand on my chest and gave a small bow.

"I don't care what your name is, surrender now otherwise we'll take you by force and kill everyone who is hiding out here with you," Servius said.

"I take it Diann wasn't too happy with my letter, well It's not very cool if others get caught in a punishment that's meant for me so tell you what. I will go back with you and I won't put up a fight that way your soldiers can keep your lives. But only if you let the ones who are with me go free you will not pursue them or capture them but leave them in peace for the rest of their lives. Bloody fair deal if I say so myself," I said.

"Sir please tell me that you’re not going to accept this, think of all the mares we can fuck," one of the caribou said causing my eyes to narrow on him dangerously.

Servius seemed to have gone into deep thought, looking at his troops then to me and repeat till he finally took a breath and looked at me.

"I have my orders, you will be coming with us either way along with anyone else out here. Take him," Servius ordered.

After he gave the order I snapped my fingers. Tendrils rose from the ground and started killing the caribou troops but the one who spoke up he was tossed at me. I then grabbed him by the throat with my left hand and summoned my blade. I then placed the blade at his neck and slid the blade across it causing blood to spill out of the wound. Blood also went down his throat where he drowned in his own blood before I then tossed the dying caribou aside. I looked at Servius and made a tendril slam him into a tree before I walked towards him.

"I offered you a chance Servius. You only have you to blame now. Did you rely think this lot was going to be enough to catch everyone?" I asked.

"Who says I didn't bring more," Servius said.

Suddenly I heard a scream come from the camp causing me to look back in that direction before I ran towards it. when I arrived I saw caribou were all over the place. They were grabbing mares while the non-brainwashed stallions tried to hold them off. I then ran into the mess and began killing all the caribou in my sights, freeing mares and helping out stallions. Finally I made it inside the royals tent and saw all the alicorns and the mane 6 were there holding back the caribou. I joined in and before you knew it we killed them all.

"Bones!" Twilight said in surprise.

"Sorry I'm late but where's Slender?" I asked.

"He's locking down the temple and helping the Flutterponies," Celestia said.


I turned around and saw a group of about twenty caribou standing there carrying rifles and all of them were trained on me.

"You gonna make me," I said.

"Fire!" one of the caribou yelled

And before anyone could blink the caribou shot at me filling me with bullets but I stood still and took the punishment while the others ducked for cover. When the firing stopped I stood as still and as silent as a tombstone.

"You done?" I asked causing the caribou to freak out from the lack of damage they inflicted on me while I looked at the others. "Better cover your ears."

Instead of questioning me the group did as I requested. I then turned to the caribou and my head became a scull terrorizing my opponents. I let out a massive scream so loud and fierce you could see the sound-waves blasting out of my mouth. The force was powerful enough to rip flesh and muscle from the caribou leaving them as nothing but mutilated corpses. I then covered my face again in flesh before I looked at the others. They were all staring at the mess in shock and surprise at what I did.

"Damn and I thought Luna's Canterlot Voice was loud," Rainbow muttered.

"Now we need to go I hope you got everything you need," I said

"Hang on," Luna said before the entire royal tent was shrunk to the size of a toy and placed in a bubble and transported off someplace.

"Handy," I said.

"Bones we need to buy time for everypony," Celestia said.

"Alright," I said before I ran off.

As I ran I decided to play some music as I killed my opponents.


As I listened to the song my fury began to grow and my attacks came faster and hit harder. It was like the music was giving me new energy as I tore through the caribou. I even slashed at a caribou who was trying to sneak up on Big Mac. I then noticed a caribou with a flame thrower was burning down tents and I heard cries of help from inside one which was the food tent. I ran inside and saw Scootaloo, Sweetiebelle and Pip were inside and Pip was struggling to use his magic. I ran through the flames which touched me but did nothing to burn me.

"You three alright?" I asked when I reached the terrified foals.

"Bones watch out!" Pip shouted.

Suddenly something smashed into my neck and sent me flying into burning tables. I looked and saw a large axe embedded in my neck before I pull it out. I then sat up and saw the caribou that was burning this place down was going for the foals. I snapped a burning table leg off the table and whistled to the caribou to get his attention. Once I did I tossed the makeshift burning spear at him and watched as it impaled him in the thigh causing him to scream in pain. I then ran at him and kicked the caribou onto the burning ground. I then watched as the caribou squirmed and screamed from the raging fire. I then saw the foals were struggling to breathe. I grabbed the foals, ran out of the tent and placed them on the ground. When I looked around I saw caribou had surrounded me and with them was Servius.

"Should have taken the offer Servius," I said with a growl.

"Don't make this difficult," Servius said.

I responded by pulling out my blade while Servius drew his which was on his hip.

"You three stay behind me," I whispered to the foals.

Servius then charged at me and I blocked his attack before I swung my blade back but he blocked as well before I thrusted at him. He spun to the side but I blocked his attack. Suddenly I feel a slash going downward on my back leaving a burning sensation. This forced a scream of pain from my mouth and caused me to collapse to my knees. I then looked behind me and saw one of the guards had slashed at my back with his sword and the wound was smoking

"What the hell was that?" I asked in a raspy voice as I turned to glare at Servius.

"Blades granted to us by the king the same weapons used to end you're fellow wraiths. Blades made from soul steel," Servius said causing my eyes to widen.

"Impossible," I whispered as I shakily stood up.

"Leave him alone!" Pip said as he grabbed Servius by the leg.

"Shut up you little brat!" a caribou said as he grabbed Pip.

"Let go of our friend!" Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo yelled as they tackled the caribou.

Suddenly two other guards restrained the fillies but that's when I struck. I swept my feet under Servius and ran over to the guards. I killed them easily before I got ready to deal with the rest of the guards.

"You three get out of here!" I shouted while I was locked in place with a caribou causing the foals to run.

I then used my claws to strike at the caribou. But suddenly I felt something drive into me and when I looked I saw it was Servius. He had impaled me in my chest with his sword. I then pulled the blade out and walked backwards till I collapsed onto one knee. The wound suddenly had smoke pouring out of the wound and my vision began to darken.

"Any last words?" Servius asked but I remained silent and stared at him waiting for the ending blow.

However it never came. Suddenly a massive wall of fire appeared around us and I saw a tall figure standing on two legs walk through the fire. At first it was nothing but a shadow but when it walked through I saw it was someone wearing a suit of armour that looked like Ash's old armour. However, this one was blood red with two massive bull like horns on the side of the helmet pointing upward. There were spikes going along the top and back of the helmet and down the spine with spiked knuckles on each gauntlet. In the figure’s hands was a pair of swords with silver handles. The cross-guards were made to look like skeletal wings and on the hilt of the blades was a snake head bearing its fangs. Suddenly, two large skeletal wings extended from the figure's back and that is when I knew nothing but darkness.

Chapter 9 Fragment Hunt

View Online

I slowly opened my eyes and saw a bright light, forcing me to cover my face with my hand. I then tried to figure out where I was and that's when it all flooded back to me. I sat up quickly and cringed a bit before I looked around fanatically for the foals. I felt a hand over my shoulder and gently pushed me back to the bed. When I looked I saw Nightmare Moon and Celestia were beside me.

"The foals, are those three alright?" I asked causing the two to giggle.

"They are fine and it appears Slender was right when he said you aren't as heartless as you make everyone believe, if you’re asking about those three as soon as you wake up is any indication," Celestia said.

"What...no...I-it's just if anything happened to them you'd blame me and I'd rather not let that happen," I said as I looked away from the two.

"Oh...I see," Celestia said in an unconvinced cheery tone.

"Well anyway, I think I've done enough laying around," I said as I went to get up but I felt a sting in both my back and chest again. When I looked at my chest, the stab wound was still there.

"Well that's problematic," I said.

"Can you heal it?" Nightmare asked.

As if on command the wound started smoking before it closed up.

"After a while yes I'm lucky I'm not wiped from existence after that," I said.

"What weapon did this?" Celestia asked.

"A sword made of soul steel. It's a rare metal that can only be found in Limbo," I said.

"Limbo?" Celestia asked.

"Limbo has many names. One is the spirit plains or the valley of death. It's where Death and his wraiths reside along with any lost souls who still have unfinished business with the living," I said.

"What is soul steel?" Nightmare asked.

"It's the one thing that has the power to kill anything ranging from immortal, mortal, monsters, demons, gods and wraiths. It is also the same martial we wraiths use to make our Death Weapons. But with a little enchantment that is exclusive to wraiths, only then the weapon becomes a single strike weapon," I said.

"By Faust to think something like that actually exists," Celestia said.

"Relax I don't think they would dare use them on you mares I think their intentions are only focused on me," I said before I looked around. "But tell me where exactly are we?"

"You're on board my brother’s ship the Pale Horse."

I looked at the source of the voice and I saw a human decked up in the same blood red armour I saw before I passed out. But the helmet was missing allowing me to see his face which seemed handsome yet roguish with a scar on his right cheek. His eyes were a dark crimson and he had black thin hair that reached his shoulders.

"And you are?" I asked

"Oh where are my manners I'm Burning Rage the Seventh Knight of Equestria, Knight of Vengeance, and brother to King Ash Blade may god rest his soul," the human said.

"First I've heard of a brother to the king," I said.

"Yes I was told about you're amnesia and also the fact that you're a wraith Bones. I gotta say I'm greatly surprised," Rage said.

"Surprised you didn't want to get rid of me," I said.

"You saved many ponies and even risked yourself to save both my sister in law and nephew Bones. Also I choose to give others a chance to prove themselves otherwise I become their executioner," Rage said.

"I'll keep that in mind," I said as I got off the bed I was in and suddenly felt shaky on my feet. "You said we were on a ship yes that would explain the shaking."

"Indeed but not one you would expect," Rage said before he gestured for me to follow him.

Rage led us through several corridors till finally we stepped onto the deck of a tall ship. However, when I looked over the railing I realized this ship wasn't sailing on the ocean but rather it was flying. I saw massive engines on the stern and a massive blade on the bow to ram through ships and just above the blade was a pale horse figurehead just like in the name.

I looked around and saw many escaped ponies were with us and I assumed there were more on the other two airships flying beside us. I then looked ahead and saw a breathtaking sight before us.

"Incredible," was all I could say.

"If you think it's great now you should have seen what this place was like a couple of thousand million years ago," Rage said as he came up beside me.

"This place is that old?" I asked.

"You better believe it. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go land this ship," Rage said as he walked off.

“Wait,” I said stopping Rage. “What happened after I lost conscious, what happened to Servius and the civilians I rescued?” I asked causing Rage to sigh

“The general you are talking about escaped along with some mares, Flutterpony mares and all of the brainwashed stallions,” Rage said before he left and I turned to look at the endless horizon with a deep scowl on my face.

The ships flew towards some kind of docking station and we were greeted by many soldiers in golden armour and others in strange armour. But, in the gaps of their armour was a strange blue fire.

Suddenly a gangplank was lowered and Burning Rage walked down it along with several awed out civilians and finally the mane 6 then the princesses. This caused several golden armour wearing guards to kneel and cheer. But, Nightmare Moon was hesitant so I decided to help. I walked over to the gangplank and offered her my hand which she took. I then led her down the gangplank and I could feel the guards sense of shock and worry. But I kept my eyes on Nightmare and her alone. Before we knew it, we were at the bottom of the gangplank. I then let go of Nightmare's hand and we walked over to Rage, the mane 6 and the princesses only to be stopped by a pair of pony guard's spears.

"It's alright boys let them pass," Rage said noticing our predicament.

"But sir that's-," one of the guards said.

"I'm well aware on who she is soldier but that wolf there saved her and the princesses from the caribou and I have their conformation that they are alright so let them pass," Rage said causing the guards to remove their spears before we walked over to the others.

"Thank you Burning Rage," Nightmare said.

"No sweat," Rage said before Nightmare looked around.

"So what is this place?" Nightmare asked.

"Heh only one of the greatest and most powerful kingdoms you'll find anywhere Aephoceria, the kingdom of the Demonic Angels," Rage said.

"So this is Ash's home. I thought he had a mansion in Ponyville," I said.

"This is actually Ash's birth place. He was born into royalty but one day the place was attacked and Ash was hidden away till he came to Equestria," Bones said.

"I see," I said.

"Rage we've found several items that were in Ash's tomb along his scythes, pistols and Shadow Ranger however the last one is in poor condition," Luna said.

"I understand I also have something you all need to see," Rage said.

"What is it Rage?" Twilight asked.

"Later for now let’s get you all settled," Rage said.

"Rage where's our little Flurry?" Shining asked as both he and Cadence gave him a pleading look causing Rage to smile.

"Follow me," Rage said as he gestured for us to follow.

Rage then led us to the castle and as we walked Rage pointed out several rooms to both Nightmare and I. I also saw some ponies doing construction on parts of the castle.

"As you all may have noticed the guardians and ponies have been repairing this place, making it liveable again. Many ponies have even taken up residence in the town below," Rage said.

"I'm amazed that you did this all in one year Rage," Celestia said.

"Oh no this has been going on longer than that," Rage said.

"Come again sugarcube?" Applejack asked in a confused tone.

"Oh right Ash didn't tell you guys," Rage said.

"Tell us what?" Luna asked.

"Well you remember all that gold and treasure Ash got from the Treasure Seeker?" Rage asked getting uh huh's from everyone but Nightmare and I. "Well Ash put it all towards restoring Aephoceria to make it liveable once again. Even went as far as to provide burials for all the dead who were still here. Went through a lot of records to find out each name and that was with the guardians help so now their bodies have been granted a place to rest in a proper cemetery."

"Even in death he continues to surprise me," Dream Catcher said.

"Indeed but why go to all this trouble?" Celestia asked.

"Ash told me when I found out that it was his dream to have this place full of life once more and also he thought the castle could be used as a summer palace. You all said that Canterlot can become unbearable in summer. But it's warm during the winter and Ash figured out this place is perfect in summer what with the ocean close by and all," Rage said.

"Sounds like Ash went through some serious thought and trouble on this," Chrysalis said.

"Damn right. Now come on lots to see not much time to see it," Rage said before he led us down the hallway.

As we all walked I was introduced to many rooms like the throne room, library, store room, armory, servant and guard quarters and the ball room which left Rarity speechless. Finally we came to the dining room, Rage opened the door and allowed us entrance. I saw the place was massive and had a long rectangular table. The wall opposite us was a massive semicircle window with large circular frames inside it and a large one in the centre.

Finally, sitting at the table, was a strange female creature made of different animals. She had a lion paw and eagle talon for hands a cloven hoof and dragon leg for…well legs. She also had a snake tail with a tuft of white fur on the end. The creature also had brown fur for the body, neck and head and part of her chest was covered in grey fur. Her head appeared to be dragon like with two different antlers on her head. One was of an antelope and the other was of a deer. She also had white hair that reached her shoulders. Her eyes were yellow with red irises and white pupils and I also saw a short black mane running down her back. Also on her back was a purple bat wing and a blue feathered wing. I also saw the creature was juggling a pair of kids around in her magic. One was like her only looked male with shorter hair and the other was a snow white furred alicorn with a purple mane and tail.

"Eris, we have company," Rage said.

"Flurry Heart!" Shining and Cadence yelled as they ran over, grabbed the alicorn and held her in a hug while the foal giggled.

"Oh no love for the Draconequus, rude much," the female creature said with a huff.

"It is good to see you Eris," Celestia said as she hugged the creature now known as Eris.

"You too Sunbutt," Eris said causing Nightmare to snicker at the name. I even thought that was funny but didn't show it while Celestia gave Nightmare a dark look.

"Now who is this little dear?" Rarity asked when she noticed the little creature. I learned later their kind are called Draconequuses.

"Oh, I forgot...Everyone this is Eris and my son Loki," Rage said.

“HUH!” everyone but Nightmare and I screamed.

"Loki as in the god of mischief from Norse mythology?" Twilight asked.

"Damn straight, we thought it would make sense but mind you he's a bit of a handful," Rage said.

Suddenly I felt something on top of my head so I grabbed it, pulled it off and saw it was Loki.

"I take it this is yours," I said.

Suddenly, Loki looked like he was about to sneeze which caused Rage and Eris to duck for cover but when Loki sneezed nothing happened. Then Loki wrapped himself around my arm like a snake and fell asleep.

"Uh," was all I could think of at this time.

"Care to fill us in on what that was all about?" Rainbow asked.

"Sorry it's just Loki wasn't exactly given his name without good reason that's all. Decorated the palace in polka dots with a single sneeze once," Rage said.

"Thank you uh," Eris said as she flew over to me and took Loki off my arm.

"Bones, a wraith and Hand of The Reaper," I said.

"Oh well this is new. A wraith walking around Equestria with old Sunbutt and the other princesses. With him stands the princess of fear Nightmare Moon. I'd say Tartarus has finally frozen over," Eris said.

"Answer me this, are you by any chance related to Discord?" Nightmare asked.

"Indeed I am Eris daughter of the God of Chaos himself," Eris said.

"C'mon I'll show you all where you'll be staying," Rage said before he gestured for us to follow him.

Nightmare's P.O.V.

I was looking around my new room, which was night themed just the way I liked it, when I noticed it was bigger than my old room in the Everfree Castle. I then realized if a mere guest room was bigger than the size of a room fit for royalty, then what other rooms does this castle have to offer. With my mind made up I left the room and began my walk down the corridors when I heard a sound enter my ears, so I followed it till I came to a door. I listened through it and realized it was a type of song and before I could understand the lyrics a new one had begun to play.


I listened closely to the lyrics of the song and when I opened the door the song's volume increased massively causing me to fold my ears against my head in an attempt to muffle the sound. When I looked again I saw I was in a bedroom and staring out a window was Bones. It seemed the music was coming from a strange rectangular devise in his hand. I then listened closely to the lyrics and couldn't help but enjoy the song also till it came to an end.

"Well that was interesting," I said causing Bones to turn around and see me.

"I don't believe you knocked," Bones said in an unhappy mood.

"Oh apologies should I go and knock?" I asked.

"Kinda pointless now. What did you want?" Bones asked.

"Nothing actually I just heard music and couldn't help but follow it," I said.

"I see suppose I should turn it down in the future," Bones said.

"If I may ask, what is that?" I asked pointing to the strange device.

"I think it's called an IPod, if the words on the back mean anything. Anyway would you like to listen to some more I'm not busy," Bones said.

"I will admit this music has piqued my interest," I said.

"Well get comfortable," Bones said.

Bones P.O.V.

Nightmare and I sat on the bed listening to the music coming out of the IPod till Nightmare discovered a game where you shoot birds at pigs. She seemed to be loving it when suddenly we heard a knock at the door. I grabbed the IPod and put it away. I then walked over to the door and opened it only to see Rage and the mane 6.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Hey Bones we were just wondering if you wanted to join us for dinner?" Rage asked.

"I don't eat but what about you Nightmare, you wanna go?" I asked as I looked back at the dark alicorn.

"Wait Nightmare, what was she doing in your room?" Rainbow asked but I ignored her.

"Hm very well I am rather hungry but you can at least come along," Nightmare said as she walked out of my room and grabbed me before we began our walk down the hallways.

We stopped a few times to collect the princesses before we walked back to the dining room but as we did I heard something. I looked through a doorway and saw a large balcony were I saw some zebra's and ponies. They all seemed to be praying to a statue of Ash Blade that was inside a shrine.

"Zebrafrica hailed Demonic Angels as gods and when things happened with Ash, ponies started calling him a god. Built shrines in his honour going as far as to build temples and tests of adulthood in his name," Rage said who was also looking at the scene before us.

"Are you sure this is wise?" Celestia asked who was also watching.

"They haven't caused any harm so far. But some of them claim that Ash will return wearing blood rusted armour with wings made of the darkest shadow bringing death and destruction to the caribou kingdom and all its citizens who have wronged Equestria," Rage said.

"That's slanderous, blood rusted armour wings made of shadow. They make him sound more like a monster or worse a Fallen Angel," Luna said.

"In any case I hope this doesn't become another Radiant Dawn incident," Celestia said causing many in the group to shudder.

"Do we even want to know?" I asked as I gestured to both Nightmare and myself.

"Maybe not but anyway let's go I'm starved," Rage said before he led us down the corridor.

"If only all of us could actually eat," I said to myself.

We walked into the dining room and we all sat down. Suddenly, a cream coated earth pony mare with a black mane and tail wearing chef clothing walked in and bowed to the princesses.

"Perfect Serve!" the eldest princesses exclaimed in surprise.

"It is good to zee you your highnesses," the now named mare Perfect Serve said in a strange accent as she finished her bow.

"We have much to discuss Perfect Serve," Luna said.

"Perhaps after dinner for now allow me to take zee order," Perfect Serve said.

Perfect Serve then went around the table taking everyone's orders till she arrived at me.

"What can I create for you?" Perfect Serve asked.

"I'm not eating," I said simply.

"What but you must eat to keep your body going," Perfect Serve said.

"It's not like I don't want to eat I just can't," I said.

"I fail to understand," Perfect Serve said.

"*sigh* Does anyone have an apple or something?" I asked.

Suddenly, Twilight floated a bright shiny green apple over to me with her magic before I grabbed it and took a bite. A second later I spat the piece into my hand and showed everyone. The piece and the apple were already rotting. The apple had blood and worms inside it, grossing a few of the group out.

"Sacrebleu what kind of torturous curse is zis. To see and smell delicious food only for it to rot in your mouth is horrible. What kind of monster would do zis?" Perfect Serve asked.

"That's my business," I said causing Perfect Serve to nod before she left.

"Why didn't you tell her that you're a wraith?" Rainbow asked.

"Uh hello if I did that what kind of reaction would you get?" I asked

"Oh," Rainbow said.

"It appears that I'm just wasting my time here," I said as I crushed the apple in my hands turning it into dust before I got up to leave.

"Wait Bones at least stay. You said it yourself, you have nothing better to do," Nightmare said as she grabbed my arm.

"Well I guess your right there also," I admitted before I sat down again.

Everyone talked amongst each other and when their food came out my nose was flooded with delicious smells, it was torture. But I just sat quietly and tried to think about something else.

"Hey Bones."

"Huh-wha-?" I asked as I looked around startled from my thoughts from a voice and as I looked around I saw everyone was done eating.

"Back in the Everfree I saw you were having it rough over there I've always been told that wraiths are indestructible yet you almost had your ass handed to ya," Lightning said in a mocking tone causing Nightmare to growl.

"Well if I had my Death Weapon with me things would have gone very differently but the reason why I was almost beaten was because some of them were using soul steel weapons. If that metal was in a wraith's hands it would be a one shot kill. But in a mortals hands they'd have the power to kill anything, even alicorns but it would take several strikes. What bothers me is how they got so much when it can only be found in Limbo and is also very rare," I said.

"Maybe Rouge Wraiths," Luna suggested.

"It's quite possible but wraiths are hard to bribe. If they did manage to get in touch with a wraith then the one making the deal would need something of great value as payment. I mean majorly big payment," I said.

"Like what?" Applejack asked.

"Who knows, for me it would be my memories," I said causing everyone to stare in silence.

"You know Rage, Bones here was able to kill the Seven Deadly Sins," Dream Catcher said causing Rage to spit out his drink in surprise.

"Correction it was most of them, not all of them. Besides they were nothing that special," I said.

"Dude this is The Seven Deadly Sins were talking about," Rage said.

"That were just humans that became the embodiment of the sins that they were named after," I said causing everyone to stare at me in confusion. "Really, you lived with a Demonic Angel whose parents were pure bloods and you didn't know?"

"Ash didn't know too much either," Luna said.

"*sigh* Alright you all know how wraiths are made right?" I asked earning nods from everyone except Rage and Eris. "Well there are two types of demons, one's that look like monsters and the ones that look human in nature. Now the ones that look human those are pure bloods, the first demons, and they only have kids with other pure bloods. Now the ones that look like monsters, those are humans who have made deals with devils and offered up their souls as payment.

"You mean those monsters were once humans?" Rarity asked.

"Bingo now also in hell there are actually two versions of it," I said gaining confused looks from everyone. "*sigh* I'll explain, imagine a massive world in front of you. This world is Hell however the world is split in two. One half is where the pure bloods live. Where they have sun, sky basically it looks like an average regular world with houses and shops the whole damn deal. But, the other half is the land you lot are more familiar with, the nine circles of hell. This place is actually a prison for the worlds wicked. The monster demons that sold their souls live there, punishing their fellow humans until they are granted freedom."

"But what about the sins?" Chrysalis asked.

"The Seven Sins are unique. They are humans who have, out of anyone, committed the sin they are named after more than anyone. Example if someone was picked to be Greed they would have to be greedier then anyone," I said.

"I get it so they have to literally live up to their name," Rainbow said.

"Exactly," I said.

"Well this is quite an interesting topic to talk about but Rage, you said you had something to show us earlier, what is it?" Dream Catcher asked causing Eris and Rage to frown before Rage got up.

"Follow me," Rage said.

We were walking down the hallway's following Rage when we arrived in front of a pair of doors being guarded by the humanoid like guards. These guys were called Eternal Flame Guardians which were powered by an inextinguishable flame called Greek Fire. The guardian’s then let us pass and we walked into a large square room filled with several items. I saw a mannequin wearing some strange armour and a helmet that matched the one on Ash's old armour. But the colour matched this armour, the shoulder paladins also looked like alicorns and the gauntlets had the images of a wolf's heads on them. There was also the strange mark of the sword sheathed downward in a shield and Ash's wings were coming out of the side, which I figured out was Ash's cutie mark, etched into the breastplate. Resting at the boots for the armour was a heater shield with Ash's cutie mark on it. However it was dented and a part of it was missing. Like something bit a part of it off or it was done by magic.

Beside it there was another mannequin only this one held Ash's assassin robes, if the other ones were anything to go by. However, this one had a metal silver mask that covered the lower half of the face leaving the eyes exposed. On the ground by the robe's boots was a pair of devices that looked like they went on one's arm.

"You found Ash's armour and robes!" Luna exclaimed.

"Yeah, wasn't easy. Some low life's were planning on selling them on the black market, that is till I stepped in but that's not what I wanted to show you," Rage said as he walked over to a pedestal that was being covered by a piece of cloth. "The only ones that know about this are you guys, myself and the guardians," Rage said as he removed the cloth.

The first thing I saw was a large glass jar on the pedestal but what was inside caused many of the group to gasp. Inside was a head but not an ordinary one but Ash Blade's.

"I found it when I was trying to dig up info in the crystal empire about the crystal heart's location and found it mounted on a wall like a trophy," Rage said with a growl.

"Then that would be Blueblood's work since he controls the empire now," I said.

"Blueballs huh, well I guess that makes sense cause that seems like his work. He did promise he would be back one day...Can't believe I was arrogant enough not to take him seriously," Rage said.

"Yeah well I may not know a lot about revenge but I do know one thing. This little prick and the rest of the caribou have just earned themselves a nice spot in hell for what they have done. No one and I mean no one disrespects the bodies of the dead while I'm around," I said as I cracked my knuckles.

"I think I may actually grow to like you," Shining said.

"Not so bad now is he?" Rage asked causing a few to shake their heads in agreement.

I noticed Luna was mortified at the sight of her husband's head in a jar. Her siblings crowded around her and were ready to comfort her. But Luna stepped towards the jar and placed a hand on it while letting out a few tears. Nightmare seemed hesitant to do anything so I then took a breath and got onto one knee and kneeled to Ash Blade's head.

"Bones what are you doing?" Twilight asked.

"Showing respect," I said before I stood up again after a few minutes.

"Rage, was there any sign of the rest of him?" Celestia asked.

"No this was all I could find I'm afraid, but there's something else," Rage said before he walked over to a small chest and opened it before he pulled out a crystal shard. "One of the shards for the Crystal Heart," Rage said as he handed it to Cadence.

"Where did you find this?" Cadence asked.

"It was among some papers in Blueblood's study same as Ash's head," Rage said.

"And the other pieces?" Celestia asked.

"Scattered I know Diann has one but the other two I can't say. Rumour is Diann tossed it into the void," Rage said.

"So we can't fix the heart then," Shining said.

Suddenly the crystal shard floated into the air much to everyone's shock before it pointed at me. The fragment then began to spin around before it flew at me and hit me in the chest sending me flying into a wall causing me to scream in pain before I dropped to the ground.

"What the hell was that about?" Rainbow asked.

"You tell me," I said as I cringed in pain before I looked at where I was hit and saw a decent sized hole in me before it closed up. I then looked behind me and saw no hole in the wall or any sign of the fragment.

"Ok so what now?" Chrysalis asked.

"I don't know about you lot but I'm not comfortable with having some crystal object running around in me," I said before I prepped my claws and dug them into my chest before I pushed my whole hand into my chest much to everyone's disgust.

I moved my hand around to find the shard when I felt something hard. I then grabbed it before I began to pull it out. But when I did I saw I pulled out a large crystal almost shaped like a heart though it looked like there was a piece missing from it.

"The Crystal Heart!" everyone shouted.

"But how did you come by all of this?" Twilight asked flabbergasted.

"Well that one piece must have been drawn to me and I remember picking up a large piece of crystal when I killed Bolanus. But there's more than two pieces here maybe three," I said.

"The one that was tossed in the void...So you had it all this time," Rage said.

"It appears so," I said as I handed the incomplete heart to Celestia.

Celestia took the heart off my hands and everyone crowded around it but suddenly my vision went dark.

"Now understand, this is what binds you to Equestria and if you take it out you will die. So never let it out of your sight or leave your body. Once it's returned so will all you're memories."


I woke up with a gasp and saw Nightmare had her hands on my chest and I saw everyone was staring at me.

"Uh what happened," I said

"You were unconscious after you gave us the crystal heart are you okay?" Twilight asked.

"The heart...Is keeping me alive so to speak if I take it out then I'm as good as dead," I said as I got out.

"So there is a way to control you," Celestia said.

"Willing to rip hearts out of others now, that's low even for you Celestia," I said.

"Hey listen I've got something important to ask and that is, what now? We need that heart to take back the empire and we need Bones to take out the Caribou," Rage said.

Everyone then stared at me expecting an answer from me.

"What are you all looking at me for I'm just as confused about what to do as the rest of you," I said.

"Perhaps it would be better if we discuss this another time it's getting rather late," Chrysalis said.

Everyone agreed before we all went to bed. I got changed into a set of PJ's and went to bed. However, after an hour of not being able to sleep I heard a knock at the door.

"Bones are you still awake?" Nightmare's voice said from the other side of the door.

"Yeah come in," I said.

The door opened and Nightmare walked in wearing her light blue singlet and thong. The mere sight of her in the moonlight coming through the window made my face feel warm all of a sudden.

"Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if I could stay here tonight?" Nightmare said.

"Why?" I asked quizzically.

"Well...You see I've been on my own for quite some time now but when you showed up I began to take comfort in that there was someone close to me while I slept. It made me feel...Safe. But now with us in separate rooms I can't sleep," Nightmare said.

"So you can't take comfort knowing I'm not around," I said causing Nightmare to nod. "Kinda weird and kinda stupid for the great Nightmare Moon to say something like that."

"Why you-," Nightmare started with a growl before I raised my hand to stop her.

"However it's even weirder that I feel the same way I mean the rooms nice and all but seriously makes me feel...I don't know the place is just so daunting," I said.

"So is that a yes?" Nightmare asked before I moved the covers off the bed indicating for her to come get some rest. "Wait, we're going to share the bed?"

"Well, yeah. I really don't want to move from here right now and I'd hate to make someone sleep on the floor. Besides, damn thing is so big we don't need to touch each other," I said.

"I see," Nightmare said.

"Come on," I said before I rolled over and faced the opposite wall.

I heard the sound of approaching hoofsteps and movement on the bed indicating Nightmare had climbed in. Soon I heard the sound of gentle breathing in a steady rhythm indicating Nightmare was asleep.

"Sweet dreams Nightmare," I said before I shut my own eyes and felt sleep take hold of me.

Chapter 10 New Directions

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I opened my eyes but, for some strange reason, my vision remained pitch black and I had a bit of a difficulty breathing, not that it mattered. I tried to feel around but my hand came up against something warm and fuzzy. When I pressed my hand against it I felt the thing move slightly. Suddenly light appeared above me. When I looked I saw Nightmare and she had a small blush on her cheeks. I then figured out that I was in-between Nightmare's massive milk jugs. She was also holding me there. How I know that is because I can feel her arms at the back of my head, keeping me pinned there.

"Uh Nightmare," I mumbled through the mass of boob flesh and poked her causing her to stir.

Nightmare opened her eyes and looked down. When she saw me she let out a shriek and pushed me away. But the push was so strong she pushed me off the bed. When I recovered I saw Nightmare was using her arms to cover herself.

"What do you think you were doing?" Nightmare asked with a growl.

"What was I doing? You're the one that was holding me there," I said.

Suddenly the door burst open and I saw Burning Rage fly in with flaming swords in hand before he looked at us.

"What happened?" Rage asked.

"Sorry Rage it's just...uh," I started.

"We awoke in an...unusual position that surprised me," Nightmare said.

"Oh...I understand but anyway breakfast will be ready soon," Rage said as the flames disappeared from his blades and he lowered them before he walked to the door and left.

After a few minutes of silence I got up and left for the room's personal bathroom. I got myself cleaned up before I left for the dining room because I had nothing better to do. When I arrived I saw I was the first one there. Soon enough the others came in and sat down, placed their orders and began to eat.

"So what was with all the yelling this morning?" Rainbow asked causing both Nightmare and I to tense up and blush.

"Did something happen with you two?" Cadence asked with a cheeky smirk.

"Just a misunderstanding that's all," I said.

"Uh huh must have been interesting if you’re blushing," Cadence said.

I then gave a dark look to Cadence out of the corner of my eye which made her gulp.

"Hey Bones you should know you've become a bit of a celebrity right now. There's a massive bounty on your head," Rage said.

"Oh how much am I worth?" I asked with a smirk.

"200 million dead or alive," Rage said.

"Oh well that's disappointing I was expecting it to be higher," I said.

"That's what you’re disappointed about?" the mane 6 screamed in union.

"What's it to you?" I asked.

"Having a bounty is a bad thing. It means you'll be a bigger target now," Twilight said.

"Well I'm not worried so why should you lot be? Anyway I think I'm going to take a walk," I said as I stood up and began to walk to the door.

"Where to?" Celestia asked.

"Is that any of your business?" I asked.

"When it comes to my subjects then yes," Celestia said.

"Isn't it the queen's duty to worry about her subjects and not an older sibling?" I asked.

"Watch yourself Bones otherwise-," Celestia started.

"Or what you'll put me on a shorter leash then the one I'm already on," I said.

"We merely wish to make sure you don't cause a problem for our subjects Bones," Luna said.

"And I explained it to you all that it is my duty and my job to only take lives that have their names on my list. Nothing more, nothing less," I said as I showed them my right wrist.

"We can understand that but forgive us if we are weary of one of Death's Agents walking around," Luna said causing us to sit/stand in silence

"I was planning to explore the other districts because I can't stand being cooped up in this place. The palace may be huge yes but there's only so much to see with construction going on," I said.

"Very well but are you sure that's wise? The subjects may not be kind to you," Celestia said calmly sipping her tea.

"I bet it will be better than being stuck here with you," I said under my breath before I walked to the door.

"May I join you, I wish to explore this kingdom myself," Nightmare said

"If you wish," I said.

"Hey girls, why don't we have a look around also? We didn't get to see much when we first came here," Twilight suggested.

"Yeah because of all the bodies and smell of death that lingered in the air," Rainbow muttered causing Applejack to nudge her in the arm with her elbow.

"That sounds like a marvellous idea I bet they have many stores open at this time," Rarity said.

"I like that idea too. They may even have some parks filled with all kinds of critters," Fluttershy said.

I then walked out of the room and then out of the castle and through the richest district till we came to the one just before the massive gates which I'm going to call the middle district. Now the reason why we were in this place is because, the middle district didn't have others staring at you constantly. Apparently many nobles and rich ponies worldwide managed to escape the caribou and by some miracle made it here where they took over the upper district. Also the lowest district beyond the wall, or the harbor as I like to call it, is still being repaired and won't have much to look at. So now we were walking around the cobblestone streets taking in the sights. Suddenly, I heard music coming from somewhere.


We followed the sound till we found a massive open area filled with various stalls and shops which turned out to be the market and in the centre was a stone fountain.

I then looked up and saw there were flags on strings strung overhead running from building to building and each one was blue with either the symbol of the Demonic Angels

Or Ash Blade's cutie mark. Even the equestrian flag.

I looked around at the various items on sale and saw foals drawing pictures using chalk onto the cobblestone streets near others which were much more lifelike. There were drawings of beasts ready to just jump out at you or you could just walk or jump into another world.

To say the least, I was amazed at the drawings and even a blind pony could tell the others thought so too. Everyone went to look around the market and so did I. I looked at each store and found one selling jewellery. I looked at each item till one caught my eye, a gorgeous necklace.

I then thought about Nightmare wearing it and for some reason I felt like buying it for her. I then remembered during my time here I swiped some bits from dead caribou...What? it's not like they were gonna need them in the afterlife believe me I should know. Anyway it turns out I had just enough to buy the necklace before I walked over to Nightmare who had her back towards me. I then use my magic to hold the necklace and carefully but quickly place it around Nightmare's neck. I then grabbed the ends and connected them before I let them go. Once I did Nightmare noticed my presence, spun around and saw me with my hands in my pockets. Nightmare then looked down at the necklace around her neck and held it up for a better look. While she was doing that I walked away.

Nightmare's P.O.V.

I gazed at the necklace around my neck and smiled. The item was absolutely beautiful and when I looked at Bones he had disappeared.

"Oh now isn't that sweet."

"It is beautiful a fitting item for one such as me," I thought.

"That's not exactly what I meant. I believe Bones may like you,"

"You know what Cadenza said, Bones can only have negative emotions," I thought.

"If that's so then why was he smiling during breakfast and I know you saw him blush when you had him in-between your breasts."

"I...uh...I don't," I thought with my own blush.

"Here’s a thought for you. What if each piece of that Crystal Heart restores a part of himself....Just a thought though so don't think about it too much."

The voice inside my head ended and I was left standing in the middle of the market pondering if it was right about the Crystal Heart. It is true that the artifact holds great power but is it actually possible.

"Oh my, that is lovely."

I was pulled from my thoughts and saw Rarity. She appeared to be admiring my new necklace.

"Oh yes, it is lovely," I said as I brushed my hand over the item.

"If I may ask where did you find that piece I can only hope they have something I appreciate," Rarity said.

"I'm afraid that information has to be given by Bones for you see he gave me this," I admitted.

"He gave you this?" Rarity asked before she studied the necklace before she looked back to me. "Well I will admit he has fine taste in jewellery. He must think something of you if he gave you something like that. The silver and blue simply look astonishing against your fur.”

"Do you think so?" I asked.

"Darling, items like that aren't given without some meaning," Rarity said before she walked away.

Bones P.O.V

I was walking down the streets and saw many stores till my eyes caught sight of Twilight exiting a book store with a bag filled with what may be books.

"I didn't take you for a scholar Miss Sparkle," I said causing her to almost leap out of her fur and turn around to see me.

"Oh it's you Bones," Twilight said placing a hand on her chest in relief.

"Apologies, it wasn't my intention to startle you like that," I said.

"Oh it's quite alright Bones but what brings you here?" Twilight asked.

"Oh I was just exploring but what about you, looking for some reading material?" I asked.

"Hm oh yes. I've always been interested in magic ever since I was little. Princess Celestia herself took me under her wing to train me in magic. And during my studies I earned the right to become an alicorn," Twilight said.

"I see," I said.

Suddenly I heard the sound of screaming and I saw a massive cart filled with ponies and other items come barrelling down the hill towards us. I then saw Twilight use her magic and she levitated the ponies out of the cart but the cart kept on rolling. I then saw it was heading towards an unaware crowd of ponies.

"Oh no!" Twilight screamed.

I then walked into the carts path. The look Twilight had on her face was 'are you out of your mind'. I then put my hands together making a clapping sound before I placed them on the ground. Suddenly, four massive hands made out of the street rose up and caught the cart well before it could touch me. Twilight then set the ponies in her magic on the ground before they thanked us and reclaimed their cart and left. Once they were gone, I returned the street to normal as Twilight walked up to me.

"Bones what was that?" Twilight asked.

"That?" I asked as I pointed to that place the hands appeared from to which Twilight nodded. "That was alchemy."

"Alchemy?" Twilight asked.

"Jeez you said you were a student of magic and yet you don't even know what alchemy is," I said as I placed a hand on my face.

"My lessons revolved around physical magic and that of the magic of friendship Bones," Twilight said angrily.

"Okay, okay chill gosh. To put it simply Twilight alchemy is a combination of science and magic. It's about the transmutation of matter into something else, even combining matter with other matter. What I did back there was reshape matter to serve my purpose before I repaired it," I said.

Twilight's eyes were wide open and full of sparkles when I gave her the brief rundown on what alchemy is. Suddenly a bell echoed within the city and I saw a clock that read 11:30.

"Let's head back now I'm sure lunch will be ready soon," I said.

We all walked back to the castle silently and everyone had something in their grasp except me. We walked into the dining room and I saw the princesses along with the foals and Eris were eating.

"Welcome back everyone how was it?" Luna greeted with a friendly smile.

"Hello Luna and the market was amazing, there was so much to see there. All the time and bits was certainly worth it to restore this place," Rarity said.

"Yeah plenty of pictures to show you as well. You wouldn't believe the talent those chalk artists have," Rainbow said as she held up a camera.

"Since when were you into art Dash?"

I turned around and saw Gilda had walked in and sat at the table with us.

"I ain't totally into it but you gotta give credit where credit is due look," Rainbow said as she handed the camera to Gilda.

"Hm sounds like I should visit sometime soon if you’re interested Rainbow Dash," Celestia said with a smile as the food came out for everyone who just walked in.

"That's pretty Nightmare," Cadence said as she gestured to the necklace by pointing at her on necklace.

"Indeed," Dream Catcher said.

"Oh this was actually a gift from Bones," Nightmare said causing me to look away from everyone.

"Really?" Cadence asked with what I could feel was a smirk.

"I...had some bits in my pocket at the time and I....uh...decided why not and well brought it for Nightmare," I said nervously as I kept my gaze from the group.

"Uh huh," Cadence said.

Well it's certainly lovely," Celestia said emotionlessly as she drank some tea.

Suddenly, Rage walked in and kissed Eris on the lips before he sat down and was served his lunch while everyone ate in silence. After a while I noticed Twilight was barley eating and kept on glancing at Celestia then her food.

"Hey egghead you alright?" Rainbow asked poking Twilight in the side noticing Twilight’s mood also.

"I want to ask Bones to train me in magic!" Twilight blurted out.

Rage started coughing and pounding on his chest, probably trying to dislodge some food in his throat. Celestia spat out her tea then she and everyone else, including me, stared at her with widened eyes and gaping mouths.

"The hell did that come from?" I asked when suddenly I was flung into a wall.

When my mind caught up with me I saw Celestia was pining me to the wall with her left hand wrapped around my throat and a fury was in her eyes.

"What did you do to her?!" Celestia yelled.

"The fuck are you going on about?" I asked.

"You must have done something to warp her mind and now you will pay!" Celestia yelled as she drove her other hand into my chest and began to pull out the Crystal Heart.

I grabbed her hand with both of mine and held her arm in place to prevent her from pulling out the heart.

"Celestia wait it's not what you’re thinking!" Twilight yelled but her words fell on deaf ears.

I then decided to do something. I raised my leg and kneed Celestia in the stomach forcing her to drop me. I saw a shadow in the corner so I scrambled to reach it while Celestia had recovered and ran at me. But I leapt at the shadow disappearing into it much to everyone's surprise and reappeared on the other side of the room.

"Are you bat shit crazy Celestia!" I yelled getting everyone's attention.

Celestia then rushed at me but was then trapped in a crimson red bubble. I looked around and saw Rage had a hand outstretched and his hand was glowing the same colour.

"That's enough Celestia. The castle doesn't need to be destroyed any more than it needs to be," Rage said.

"Celestia please listen this wasn't Bone's fault. It's just he knows some things on certain magic’s that you don't, magic’s I'm interested in. I am aware on what he is but I'm not worried about that. I know what magics are wrong to use and I promise I'll be careful," Twilight said.

"Also sister you should not be so greedy. Twilight Sparkle is not your student anymore, she is a grown mare and a princess at that. She can defend herself. Besides, what if Rage started teaching her a few things in magic, would you lose your temper at him?" Luna asked.

"No because I trust him. I just don't trust Bones or the magic he uses," Celestia said coldly.

"Not all of his magic is bad Princess. I even saw him save ponies lives today by using his magic," Twilight said causing Celestia to raise an eyebrow.

Twilight then pulled an orb out of her head and the orb showed me step in the cart's path. Then use alchemy to stop the cart, much to everyone's surprise.

"Now that was awesome," Rainbow said.

"Hang on half a minute, has anyone considered asking me how I feel about this because I don’t remember saying yes," I said.

"What’s the problem? I’m powerful with my magic so that can’t be a problem," Twilight asked with excitement.

"Are you all idiots? The strength of your magic has nothing to do with it. The issue here is, why in all of Limbo should I teach you?" I asked.

"Well I want to do more to help others I feel I can protect everyone if I had a wider array of magic," Twilight said.

"Do you have even the slightest idea on what you’re asking of me? Wraiths aren't meant to teach stuff. Our only purpose is to collect souls whose time is up and prevent pests from destroying the system that's going on," I said.

"Pests?" Chrysalis asked but I ignored the question.

"I am well aware of that but this is so I can protect everyone I care about. I don’t care who my teacher is. Please I beg of you to help me," Twilight said as she bowed.

"I hav’ta agree there. I want to learn how to protect the ones about me anyway I can, even if ah hav'ta take a life," Applejack said.

"Same here," Rainbow said.

"Hear, hear," Rarity said.

"Me too," Pinkie said.

"I also want to protect others," Fluttershy said quietly.

"So let me get this straight. You all want to learn how to protect others by any means necessary even if it means to take a life?" I asked causing the six mares to nod hesitantly. "*sigh* you guys are gonna need to give me some time for this."

I left the room and walked down the halls till I came to a balcony overlooking the kingdom. I watched the horizon till I heard footsteps coming towards me. I then turned around and saw Rage walk into view.

"Didn't I say I wanted to be alone?" I asked.

"You did," Rage said.

Then why are you here?" I asked.

"Because I'm the one you want to talk to in situations like this," Rage said as he walked over to me and leaned on the balcony wall like me causing us to stand in silence.

"How did you do it?" I asked.

"Sorry?" Rage asked.

"From what I was told Celestia didn't trust you at all but now...How did you earn everyone's trust when you were nothing more than the emotion of rage and bloodlust?" I asked.

"Well it wasn't easy. But after being around me for so long, and seeing there was more than one side to me, everyone began to warm up to me, Celestia too. You're doing great so far, you just need to endure it and maybe try to show a little consideration every once and a while," Rage said.

"Humph," I grunted before I looked at the horizon. "I assume you didn't come here to hear me talk."

"Your right...You remember Bolanus right?" Rage asked.

"How could I forget, unless of course I lose my memory again," I said causing the both of us to chuckle.

"Well anyway turns out the caribou haven't cleaned up after themselves since the Gala. They've devoted every possible means of tracking you down Bones," Rage said.

"What are you getting at?" I asked.

"Bolanus's body has yet to be moved or buried Bones. I don't care if it's wrong, I want to get some payback on the caribou and I could use your help," Rage said.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked.

Canterlot Castle

I was walking through the empty halls of Canterlot Castle with Burning Rage. The sounds of our steps was the only sound that filled the empty castle. Ponies still lived in the city itself. we walked into the ball room and I saw the place was as I left it scorch marks, destroyed furniture and dismembered bodies.

"Damn must have been some party I missed," Rage said.

"As I said it needed a firework show and what better way to do that then inside where all the guests are hanging out," I said.

"Bones I like your style," Rage said with a smirk before he walked over to Bolanus's body which was beginning to rot away.

"You sure about this I mean you are the Knight of Vengeance and I wrote a letter to this guy's dad using his blood as ink. Even sent his severed horns back as well but even the dead deserve respect," I said.

"Tell that to my brother who had his tomb plundered to make a statement," Rage said.

"You're right I'll take his arms," I said before I grabbed Bolanus's arms.

We took Bolanus's body to a spot on the castle walls where everyone could see it, but right now there was barely anyone on the streets. Rage then used his magic and conjured a massive stone statue of Ash Blade in his armour with his wings outstretched and holding a blade in his right hand. Rage then floated Bolanus's body upside down in front of the statue. I then used alchemy to make the statue grab Bolanus by the hooves and aim Whispering Wind at him, almost ready to impale him. As I did that Rage placed beside the statue a massive flag pole. On that pole was a blue flag with Ash Blade's cutie mark.

"Ash was known as the Knight of Freedom before his rise to king. But his cutie mark still stands for freedom against those that would make us bow to their will," Rage said.

"A fitting flag then," I said in agreement.

Suddenly I heard a train whistle, I looked towards the train station and saw a large steel grey coloured steam powered locomotive with six cars attached to it. Half of those carriages were well armoured and they were all at the back of the train.

"Mare and prisoner transport for the unbroken probably being taken to The Crystal Empire to be ‘re-educated’ by Blueblood," Rage said.

"Well then since we're here why don't we really ruin their day?" I asked with a smirk.

Rage smirked with me before we left but not without taking a picture of our work. We climbed onto the Pale Horse, which was cloaked in a camouflage spell, and took off after the train. After some time Rage led me down into the cargo bay where the front part lowered allowing us to see the train below.

"At this time I'd advise you to put on some protection gear even a way to guide you onto the train. But by that look in your eye I can tell you've already got something planed!" Rage shouted over the howling wind in our faces.

"You just worry about getting down there," I said as I turned around and walked towards the back of the room before I turned around again. "I'll make sure I grab their attention."

I then ran towards the door before I jumped out and fell through the air. The wind hit my face hard but I didn't mind it. I saw the train below me so I angled my body towards it and as I was falling I pulled out my IPod and began to play a song.


As I got closer I saw a few caribou were on top of the train. I then took my blade handle out of my belt and, when I was close enough, I curled myself into a ball. Once I hit the roof I leapt into the air and slashed a caribou's head clean off before I spun around and blocked a caribou's attack. I then pushed his blade to the side and threw him off the train. I then saw the caribou were staring at me so I raised my left hand and gestured for them to come at me.

A caribou then charged at me and made a swing at me but I moved to the side and held my blade in reverse before I drove my blade through his back. As I pulled the blade out I slashed at a caribou's waist who had charged at me. I then twirled the blade around and drove through a caribou's mouth and let the body fall. I then spun around and placed a hand on the blade to help block a halberd's strike from another caribou. I then pushed the weapon away and drove my blade into the caribou's stomach. I then made a jumping rune appear below me that allows me to jump higher before I leapt over the caribou and pulled my blade upwards splitting the caribou in two. I landed on the other side and dodged a caribou's attack from a sword. I then ran my blade up along his back and used the claws on my right hand to slash another's face open. I then ran across the train and I saw caribou armed with some kind of rifle.

The caribou then began to fire some strange blue bolts of magic at me, similar to Ash's pistols. I ducked, dodged, weaved and used my sword to deflect the incoming bolts. Once I was close enough I cut the rifles and then the caribou. I then saw a caribou was about to take my head off so I ducked below the attack and plunged my sword upward into his face. I threw him at another caribou which threw him off the train. I then turned around and I saw a caribou had charged into me with the intent to throw me off the train. As I was airborne the whole world seemed to slow down along with the song. Suddenly, I felt someone grab my hand and I looked to see Rage was standing on the train and a caribou was attacking from behind. Rage then began to swing me back onto the train just as the song picked up. I flew towards the caribou that was gonna attack Rage and kicked him of the train before I landed on the train again and held my blade in a reverse style. I then spun around as I moved towards the caribou like a twister. Once I cut through them I stopped in a kneeling position just as the song ended.

"Wow. You my friend have style," Rage said.

"Oh it was nothing," I said.

Rage and I then went inside one of the unarmoured cars while I made my way to the engine. It wasn't long before I heard caribou screaming for their lives. Meanwhile I gave the engineer which was an earth pony with glowing green eyes strict instructions to keep going. I then went to look for Rage. When I stepped into one of the cars I saw the walls, floor, and ceiling were splattered in blood and body parts. The same went for the next car. When I found Rage I saw he was punching an unconscious caribou repeatedly in the face. Rage's swords were driven into the caribou’s shoulders pinning him to the floor. Rage’s fists were coated in a flaming aura and the spiked knuckles were drenched in blood.

"You Think...You Have...A Right...To Wear That!" Rage shouted with each punch

"What he do to piss you off?" I asked causing Rage to stop and look at me.

"This piece of shit is wearing a glove I gave Ash as a gift which was placed in his tomb when he died," Rage said as he held up the caribou's left arm and showed me a metal silver glove with strange black markings on it.

(Imagine this only it's silver and it's not wearing the ring and it has black wolf tribal like markings on it and it's for the left hand)

I stared at the glove for the moment before I walked over and removed it from the caribou.

"Here," I said as I handed it back to Rage.

Rage took the glove before we walked out of the car. I went to check to make sure there weren't any stragglers while Rage went to the engine. Once I arrived at the armoured car I saw the door was locked tight. I placed my left hand on the door and watched it disintegrate before I walked in and saw mares and stallions all with black collars and no signs of brainwashing.

"Everyone alright?" I asked.

Who the hay are you?" a stallion asked.

"I'm part of the rescue team, We're all getting out of here," I said.

"Wait a sec it's you. You’re the one that saved me and the others from Baltimare," a mare said who I recognized from the town she mentioned.

"Yeah that's me," I said.

"It's alright everyone he's a friend," the mare said.

"That's not all I'm here with the knight of vengeance Burning-," I started.

"Rage," A stallion finished.

"Yeah, you a friend of his?" I asked.

"Not many ponies don't know him but yeah I know him name's Comet Tail," the stallion said.

Comet Tail was a yellow unicorn with a purple mane and tail. He wore blue jeans and a yellow top with a white long sleeve underneath.

"Well then Comet Tail name's Bones. But anyway I came to check for any caribou so I’ll be on my way,” I said before I left to check the other cars. Once I was done I got onto the train's roof and looked around for any reinforcements. Soon my eyes locked on a moving column of smoke. So I ran to the engine and saw Rage was keeping an eye on the driver. "Rage we got company ahead."

"Must be reinforcements oh well. Driver full steam ahead," Rage said.

"But if that's reinforcements then it means it's a military train, We'll be smashed off the rails," the stallion said.

"Not with me here," Rage said.

"You fuckers are crazy!" the stallion said before he jumped off the train.

"I suppose you have a plan B?" I asked.

"Can you drive this thing?" Rage asked.

"I'm not an engineer!" I shouted.

"Calm down I just need you to shovel coal into this thing and make sure it doesn't slow down," Rage said before he climbed to the very front of the train.

"Easier said than done," I said.

I got into the engine box and did as requested. Luckily most of everything was labelled so I shovelled coal into the fire box and hit the accelerator before I blew the whistle. Suddenly, I saw the engine begin to change from steel grey to a flaming monster. The boiler had turned into a ribcage and spine while the front grew a skull with fire pouring out of its eyes. Sparks flew from the chimney and finally the crankshaft, connecting rod, piston and cylinder became a pair of skeletal hands and forearm bones to turn the wheels.

"Like it?" Rage asked as he stepped back inside the engine box.

"Certainly something,” I said

“Yeah well whenever I make Hell Fire come in contact with stuff like this...Well you saw what happens," Rage said.

Suddenly the other train blew it's whistle and I saw the thing was equipped with heavy ramming gear. I then pulled on the whistle's cord but instead of the usual whistle the trains response was an ungodly howl and our speed had increased instantly almost knocking me over.

"Look out boys the pain train is coming through!" Rage yelled with a laugh.

The train then smashed into the opposing train and there was a thunderous boom before the other train's engine was turned into a burning wreck along with the caribou riding it. As our train continued, I looked at a train car wreck and I saw Servius crawl out of it. We then looked at each other and before we went out of sight I gave the caribou general a two fingered salute.

"Now that was awesome," Rage said.

"Heh ya. Damn right that was," I said.

"Y'know something I think I'll keep this train may come in handy in the future," Rage said.

"Do what you will then," I said.

"I can tell you've made up your mind about something also," Rage said causing me to smile.

Later at Aephoceria Castle

We were in the castle gardens and we were escorting all the ponies who were captured on the train into the gardens. The princesses, mane 6 along with Soarin, Pierce and Mac were walking over to us

"Comet!" Twilight shouted as she ran over and hugged the stallion Comet Tail who I was informed was Twilight's coltfriend.

"I'm so glad you’re alright Twilight," Comet said.

"Why didn't you tell us you were going on a rescue mission?" Thunderlane asked.

"Well it wasn't supposed to be one but the plan changed while we were out," Rage said.

"Where did you all go?" Celestia asked.

"To get a little payback," I said before Rage showed them the photo of Bolanus and the statue.

"You seem to have made you're statement very clear but why did you go Bones," Celestia asked sternly.

"Hey lay off Celestia Bones here actually saved my ass a few times not only that he's pretty cool if you give him a chance," Rage said slugging me in the left shoulder playfully.

"But anyway Twilight," I said gaining the mare's attention. "I've come to a decision on training you and the other bearers," I said causing Twilight to give me a hopeful expression. "We'll begin tomorrow morning,” I said causing the mares to cheer. “But let me be clear on this, I will be fair but very firm in teaching you all. You will all follow my commands to the letter and if I find any of you unworthy then that's it no second chances."

The mane 6 continued to jump up and down while cheering I simply rolled my eyes before I walked back to the castle but a hand landed on my shoulder stopping me. I didn't need to look to know it was Celestia.

"Promise me you won't let anything happen to them," Celestia said.

"I can't promise you that Celestia. The training they have asked for is hard and life threatening. I can't guarantee anything for their future that all depends on how strong they are. But note that I have given them an option to drop out," I said before I looked at Celestia's hand causing her to let go of me before I walked away.

Chapter 11 Training and Acceptance

View Online

Branches flew past me as I ran through the thick forest. I looked down and, instead of seeing my hands, I saw paws. My eyes then turned to the path ahead and I saw a midnight blue object running away from me. My body then seemed to run faster but the thing never got closer but stayed at its distance. Suddenly I saw it run through a bright light in the trees. I followed and saw I was on a hill overlooking a vast valley, and before me was the midnight blue thing with it's back to me. The thing seemed to be gazing up at the bright full moon that hung in the star filled night sky and as the thing was about to turn around the world vanished.

I opened my eyes and saw I was not in-between Nightmare's breasts again. I was staring up at the ceiling calmly, my mind a complete blank. Suddenly something white waves in front of my vision. At first I thought nothing of it but when it appears again I then look up and see Loki was curled up upon my head and was sleeping soundly. I then felt movement on my stomach. I looked down and saw Flurry Heart and Pipsqueak were resting on both my stomach and chest like I was some kind of pillow. I then looked at Nightmare and I saw the other Cutie Mark Crusaders along with Midnight were resting on Nightmare who seemed to have a small smile on her face.

I then gently moved the foals off me without disturbing them before I went to go get myself cleaned up. After that, and seeing that the group on the bed was still asleep, I made sure to exit the room quietly. Once I shut the door I felt something whoosh past me but when I went to look, it was gone. I shook my head before I decided to walk around the castle on my own for a bit. I also saw a few panicking servants here and there that made me wonder what was going on before I stumbled upon what appeared to be the throne room with Luna, Eris and Cadence inside.

"Any sign of them?" Luna asked.

"Nothing, it's like they vanished," Cadence said.

"What's going on? Everyone seems to be in a rush this morning," I said as I entered.

"Bones please tell us you know where the foals are, they're all missing," Luna said as she flew up to me with a panicked look in her eyes.

"Whoa, calm down, listen I know where they are and I can assure you that they are safe and sound. I'll take you too them now," I said.

"WHERE!" the three mothers screamed at me.

"Take it easy I have a question for you also," I said as I backed away a bit and created a door before we walked through it and stepped into my room. "Why exactly are your foals in my bed?" I asked as I gestured to the sleeping forms of Nightmare and the kids.

"Wait you didn't take them?" Cadence asked.

"Both Nightmare and I went to bed before dinner could get started so how exactly could we have done that? Besides why would either of us do such a thing if we know how thin the ice is between us and Celestia, including you lot," I said.

"Fair enough but if you didn't take them then how did they come here?" Luna asked.

I then noticed Eris was trying to avoid my gaze and was rubbing the back of her head.

"Something on your mind Eris?" I asked.

"I...may have sorta...miscalculated in teleporting the foals to their beds," Eris said causing us to sigh in annoyance.

"Well no matter. They've been found and they're all alright but we'd better get them outta here before someone freaks out," I said.

"Oh, I hate to wake them besides they look so adorable like that. I wonder what it would be like if you were mixed into it," Cadence said before I gave her an annoyed growl while I shot her a look.

I then noticed Luna was looking at Nightmare with an irked look as Nightmare held both Pip and Midnight in her arms gently. I then used my magic to move the foals from Nightmare's arms and allowed Luna to grab them. I then saw Nightmare reach out for the missing foals, so I handed her a pillow and watched her hug it gently while the others removed the remaining foals. Once that was done, I placed a blanket over Nightmare.

"Awww," Cadence and Eris cooed.

"Oi let's go before we really do something we'll regret," I said before I made a shooing motion with my hands.

We left the room and informed everyone that the foals are ok and if it weren't for Eris admitting her fault Celestia would have had torn the crystal heart out of me and probably taken Nightmare's head also. Now I was waiting for the mane 6 to show up outside the kingdom grounds and when they finally arrived I saw they were all wearing training clothing. The expression on their faces told me that they were hungry to learn.

"You all seem to be ready to go," I said.

"Ya damn right we are," Rainbow said.

"Yeah, hit us with everything you got!" Applejack said.

"Alright then," I said before I made a door and led the group through it. When we all stepped out we were surrounded by trees.

"So where are we?" Pinkie asked.

"To you, it's a forest and it will be your training grounds for the next month," I said.

"Next month?" Rarity asked.

"So what do we do first?" Twilight asked.

"Survive," I said as I tossed her a dagger.

"Wha?" the mane 6 asked in sync.

"You six are to remain and survive in this forest for the next month. No camping equipment, no supervision and no wings," I said as I snapped my fingers causing Rainbow's, Fluttershy's and Twilight's wings to disappear, causing them to shriek in shock. "And also no magic," I said as I snapped my fingers causing Rarity's and Twilight's horns to disappear.

"What's the big idea?!" Rainbow shouted as she lunged at me. But I just turned myself into smoke and she went right through me before I flew over to a rock and sat on it while I re-materialized myself.

"You can't expect me to make this too easy on you lot. All of you are going to need to use your instincts if you want to survive," I said.

"But what's this have to do with combat or magic?" Rainbow asked.

"This is introductory training. If you do well you progress into the main training and if you don't die...that's a bonus," I said with a shrug.

"Wait half an apple picking minute!" Applejack shouted.

"Oh one more thing...'One is all and all is one' you have till now and then to figure out what that means otherwise I have nothing to teach you. See ya in a month," I said before I made a door and left.

One Week and Three Days Later

I was sitting in a comfortable chair in the castle's massive library reading a book. Once I returned to the kingdom I informed the others on what was happening to the mane 6 and told them everything that was said in our conversation.

"You Did What!" Shining yelled in my ear.

"As I explained like the last one hundred times I've told you, I put them in the middle of a forest and left them to survive. Now if you don't mind keep your voice down. We're in a library and your screaming is bothering me," I said never taking my eyes off the book

"How can you say that so casually?!" Shining yelled.

"Relax would you, they aren't going to die," I said.

"Don't say that like you know my sister!" Shining yelled as he knocked the book from my hand.

However, before the book could get too far away from me, I grabbed the book and slammed the spine of the book into Shining's face right over his eyes, knocking him out. I then opened the book and continued reading.

"Don't you think you went too far?" Celestia asked as she and the other princesses spectated the entire scene.

"Maybe, but I can't exactly think unless there is quiet," I said.

"I'm confused Bones. How is leaving the element bearers in a forest considered training?" Luna asked.

"This is to help them understand the way of life and to get a better understanding on the flow of the world. While they are out there they may have to do things that they may regret horribly in life. Example, to take an innocent creature's life but that's all part of the training," I said.

"How is this considered training?" Celestia snapped.

"Celestia, the forest they are in is filled with all kinds of beasts that will consider them a snack. If they don't stick up for themselves and show the beasts that they are not for eating then they will die. So the best way for them to survive is to kill before they are killed. Now depending on what happens in that forest if they do take a life then it means that they've made it past the hard part. If not then there is nothing for me to teach them," I said as I looked at the others.

"Nothing to teach them if they don't take a life. What kind of training is that? These are the bearers of harmony we're talking about. Taking any life is forbidden for them," Celestia said.

"They said they were willing to do anything to protect the ones they care about Celestia. So they must back these words up with actions otherwise there's nothing I can do. If I train them in combat and they go into battle then they hesitate to kill, they will die. I'd rather not send others into fights just to die in the end Celestia. So tell me, would you do the same?" I asked with a scowl on my face.

"So, in a way, what you’re doing is make them do the hard part without a large risk of being killed," Cadence said.

"I wouldn't say that...You see they still need to be mindful of the beast's that live in the forest," I said.

"But how will you know that they've taken a life?" Chrysalis asked.

"The dagger I gave them has an enchantment on it. The blade tells me what's been killed and who was wielding the blade at the time," I said.

"You seem to have this all covered but what does this have to do with alchemy and' one is all and all is one'?" Luna asked.

"Well the two things are actually related but with 'one is all and all is one', that will depend on the answer they give me," I said causing everyone to stare at me silently. "You know there is another reason why I'm even considering training them."

"Then what is it?" Dream Catcher asked.

"You know how those girls have been trying to befriend me?" I asked causing them to nod. "This training will shatter that bond and also prevent them from trying to befriend me."

"What but why would you do that?" Celestia asked in surprise.

"This is why," I said as I tapped the area where the Crystal Heart was being held. "Sooner or later I will need to give this thing up and when I do...Well y'know what will happen. I'm doing this not because I hate them but because I want to spare them the heartache of losing another friend. If I do become their friend then it will be harder for me to give up the heart," I said to the stunned alicorns.

"You'd do that?" Celestia asked causing me to nod.

"Now was there anything else?" I asked and after a minute they left but Celestia stopped to look at me.

"Y'know you could have made the training a bit easier," Celestia said.

"Oh please Celestia. What they are going through most alchemists would consider this soft training. Most are tossed into frozen wastelands during the winter and survive for a month. Those six have got it easy so long as they use their heads, which if the stories are true about them, then they will be fine," I said with a laugh.

One Week and Four Days Later

I stepped through the door I made and appeared in the forest I left the girls in. When I looked around I saw a camp that had tents made of massive leaves and twigs and an old fire pit. Also in the camp was the mane 6; their clothes torn in several areas and Rainbow had a leaf wrapped around her left thigh, and each one of them had a scowl aimed at me.

"Today's the day you lot but first do you still have that dagger with you?" I asked before Applejack tossed the dagger at me and it automatically informed me that they've all taken a life with it. "Secondly, your wings and horns," I said before I snapped my fingers and returned the missing appendages.

"Yes! Look out sky, Rainbow Dash is back," Rainbow said lifting herself into the air and did a few loops.

"Alright then and finally the answer for one is all and all is one," I said

The girls then looked at each other and nodded before Twilight opened her mouth to speak.

"One is me and all is everything around me," Twilight said.

I stared at the girls in silence, my face stoic, as I watched the girls for any hesitation and when I saw none I grew a smirk on my face.

"Alright then now the real training begins but first I'll let you all get cleaned up and rest," I said.

I led the girls through the door and let them go on their way before I went my way. I informed everyone that the mares were back before I settled down in the gardens to read a book and as I did I wondered what the future would bring for me and those mares. I read well into the afternoon before I walked back inside and as I walked I was about to walk past a hallway when suddenly I heard somebody mention me. When I went to have a peek I saw it was the mane 6 and Celestia.

"It was horrible Princess. Bones just tossed us out into the forest with no survival equipment and barely any instructions. it was a miracle we survived!" Rarity yelled.

"That bastard left us out there to die. Didn't even seem to care none either," Applejack said.

"Yeah and what was the point of that anyway because personally I think he's screwing with us," Rainbow said.

"And I don't even want to mention what we had to do out there," Twilight said.

"I don't normally say this and I really don't want to even think it but...," Fluttershy said.

"We Hate Him," the mares said in unison.

Their voices echoed down the hallway for a bit and we all just sat in silence till Celestia started laughing.

"Ok I know a lot about laughs and how to make ponies laugh but I'm confused here," Pinkie said.

"This isn't supposed to be a laughing matter! Uh...Celestia," Twilight shouted before her voice quieted.

"Forgive me girls but it appears the training actually went better than I thought," Celestia said.

"Huh?" the mares asked in complete and total confusion.

"There were actually two purposes as to why you all went through what you did. One, Bones was testing you to see if you could back up your words about protecting everyone, even if you have to take a life and also it was to prevent you from creating a bond with him," Celestia said.

"Huh?!" Everyone said louder.

"You are all aware of the crystal heart being inside of our wraith here also the fact of what happens if it's taken from him correct?" Celestia asked.

"Yes but what does this have to do with anything?" Rainbow asked.

"Bones knows that, sooner or later, the heart must be returned to the empire and when that happens he will perish. This is his way of sparing you all any heart ache when that happens," Celestia said.

"WHAT!" the mares shouted.

"But...That's," Twilight started.

"All this time he was doing this so that we didn't feel sorry for him in the end," Applejack said.

"That is...The stupidest thing I have ever heard. He's just going to roll over and accept this? I outta clock him in the face for this!" Rainbow shouted.

"But Celestia isn't there another way?" Twilight asked.

I remember asking Bones the same thing and his answer was 'why should it matter this way I'll be out of your mane'," Celestia said.

"He's really doing this, he's not going to figure out how to stop it?" Fluttershy asked.

"No," Celestia said.

"So what happens now?" Rarity asked.

"I guess we go about our day like normal," Twilight suggested before the group walked away and I went mine.

Next Day

I was in a training area, which was nothing more than a large circle that had a spectacular view of the horizon. I was in this circle, my eyes partly focused on the pages on a book and partly the mane 6 who were trying to attack me. I was simply stepping, pushing, dodging and blocking all of the mares attacks away from me as if they were children fighting me. All the while I was lecturing Twilight on alchemy.

"The basis of transmutation is the power of the circle which denotes the circulation of power. In order to call upon and harness this power, one must draw a structural matrix over the circle," I said as dodged an attack from Pinkie causing her to hit Rarity, knocking her onto her back.

I then saw Applejack run then leap at me to kick my face but I tossed the book into the air and placed both my hands beside Applejack's legs and spun her around, sending her into a barrel roll and land on her back before I caught the book.

"This is also the circulation of power...It's best if you experience it first hand to get a better understanding," I said as I made a come at me gesture at Twilight but she seemed to be looking at me nervously.

Twilight then sucked up some courage before she ran at me. She then went to deliver a punch at me but I dodged her punch, grabbed one of her legs and sent her rolling out of the arena. I gave a sigh before I felt a presence behind me and used the spine of the book to lightly hit something.


I then looked at what I had hit and saw Rainbow was trying to sneak up on me to attack. But now she was rubbing the top of her head fiercely.

"What the hell was that?!" Rainbow asked.

"Stop screaming you wuss, I just tapped you," I said.

"That wasn't a tap, felt like you dropped a brick on my head," Rainbow said.

"Actually that tactfully looked like a tap," Fluttershy said who was lying on her stomach causing Rainbow to growl at her.

"Yep that was a tap," said a recovering Applejack.

"That's enough for now keep reviewing the lesson till lunch Twilight. As for the rest of you keep sparing till lunch, especially you Fluttershy," I said as I began to walk away. Twilight pulled out a piece of parchment and a quill and began to write everything down.

"Wait a moment Bones. Now, I'm no expert in magic but when I saw you use alchemy you just clapped your hands together," Rarity said causing me to stop and look at Rarity while Twilight did the same. "You don't need a transmutation circle?"

I looked away from the others and brushed my hand over the mark over my right eye before I shook my head and removed my hand.

"If you think about it in a certain way I myself am the matrix and my arms are the circle of power," I said.

"How do you do it Bones or is it something that can only be used by wraiths?" Twilight asked.

"Perhaps it's something you'll learn if you see the truth," I said before I continued to walk away.

As I walked down the hallway, memories flowed through my head. I stopped by my room and put the book away when I heard hoofsteps running past the room.

"C'mon mom Scootaloo and Rumble are gonna do some sweet tricks at the new skate park," Pip's voice said outside the door.

"Alright Pip settle down it's not going anywhere," Luna voice said beyond the door.

As the hoofsteps became softer I stepped out of the room and saw Nightmare walking down the hall seemingly following the footsteps.

"Oh hey Nightmare where you off too?" I asked.

"Uh...nowhere but where are you going?" Nightmare asked.

"I heard there's a skate park thought I'd might check it out wanna come since you're not going anywhere," I said.

"I...I don't mind. In fact I needed to get some air myself," Nightmare said.

The two of us then set off down the hallway following Luna and Pipsqueak till we made it to the park which was in the harbor district and beside the beach. I saw many ramps and places to grind, even pool basins.It seemed everyone here was having a good time and there was a decent number too. I then saw Luna and Rumble were talking while the foals were having fun.

"Well here are a pair of faces I didn't expect to see."

I turned around and saw Rage was here wearing a white singlet and a pair of jeans. He also had a skateboard in his hand.

"Oh hey Rage yeah we were bored and heard about this place. So we decided to have a look," I said.

"Hey it's no trouble Bones you two are welcome here," Rage said.

"Thank you Bones I wish the same could be said for everywhere else," Nightmare said.

"Hm hey since you both are here wanna have a go?" Bones asked.

"Me, do that. I'd rather not," Nightmare said.

"Suit yourself how about it Bones?" Rage said as he tossed me his board.

As soon as the board landed in my grasp I felt a familiar sensation. So I stood up and examined the board.

"Alright I suppose I can give it a shot," I said.

"Alright then," Rage said as he led me to the park.

Once we were inside I decided to get a song ready to listen to. Once we made to the top of the ramp and when I was ready, I pressed play.


I then kicked off the ground and fell into the pool basin. I began to skate around it with surprising ease, almost as if I knew how to do this. I then decided to show off and do some awesome tricks like mid-air 360's and ledge grabs even a few grinds along the surface of the basin. Soon the park was cleared so everyone could spectate me. All the while I couldn't keep the smile off my face and when the song ended I got off the board and stomped on the end, launching the board upward and into my waiting hand while everyone clapped.

"Damn Bones how'd you do that?" Rage asked as he walked up to me.

"I...I don't know. it's like I already knew how to do that," I said.

"Hm maybe you enjoyed skateboarding before...well you know. But anyway that was totally cool none the less," Rage said as he patted me on the back.

"Heh you know I think I found something I can do if I ever get board at the castle," I said.

Suddenly I hear shouting. I look to see both Nightmare and Luna are yelling at each other and the foals are standing off to the side, looking at the two alicorns with a worried expression.

"Hey what's going on?" I asked as I walked over to the foals.

"I think mom doesn't like me hanging around you and Nightmare Moon. I know you both aren't evil at all so why does everyone have to treat you so badly," Pip said sadly.

"*sigh* Pip you are young but you need to know many will judge others on who they are and what they look like. Hell even what they did in the past when something goes wrong others find it easier to blame those who seem bad," I said.

"That's not the way I was taught," Pip said.

"I know that Pip and I hope that part of you never changes," I said before I looked at the two quarrelling alicorns.

I then decided to step in and stop them. As I got closer their conversation became clearer.

"I've told you before Nightmare to stay away from my sons. They are all that I have left and I will not have you hanging around them!" Luna yelled.

"If that's the case then you should be telling them to stay away from me. I was merely sitting here when Pipsqueak walked over to me!" Nightmare yelled.

"I don't care, if he does approach then you leave!" Luna yelled.

I then created a door beside the two and opened it before I pushed them inside. I then walked in and made the door vanish. When I walked out we appeared in one of the castle's hallways.

"What do you think you’re doing?!" the two alicorns yelled at me.

"Trying to stop you two idiots from acting like a pair of spoiled foals," I said.

"Silence creature you have no right to intervene in this!" Luna shouted.

"I agree he has no right to intervene but you will not refer to Bones as a creature, stupid child!" Nightmare yelled.

"Why you-," Luna started but I didn't allow them to finish because I slapped them upside their heads.

"Knock it off. The pair of you don't like each other, fine. But can you at least try and get along till no one is around?" I asked.

"Me, get along with her?" the two asked in sync.

"Yes Ash was able to do it with Rage so it can't be more complicated than that," I said causing the two to stare at me in surprise.

"That...that was different," Luna said.

"The hell it was!" I shouted causing the two to back away from me in shock. "If you actually try to talk to each other you may actually get somewhere. You don't have to agree on everything but just enough to not be in each other's faces while yelling at each other. An example would be that you both care about Pip and Midnight Star."

The two mares then looked at each other before they looked away while I walked away from them.

Third Person P.O.V.

Luna and Nightmare watched Bones walk away and when they looked at each other they struggled to begin a conversation.

"Is it true that you care about Pip and Midnight?" Luna asked.

"Well...Yes. Ever since I found out they were yours, I felt the urge to protect them just like I would if they were my own. Before you were rescued I took the liberty of watching over your sons, also listening to their problems and easing them," Nightmare said.

"I see...well thank you for being there for him," Luna said.

"I've also taken a bit of an interest to...gaming," Nightmare said.

"Sorry," Luna asked.

"*sigh* I enjoy video games," Nightmare said before she stood there expecting Luna to laugh at her and after some silence Luna spoke.

"What kind?" Luna asked.

"Huh?" Nightmare asked.

"What kind of games do you enjoy?" Luna asked.

"You're not going to laugh at me?" Nightmare asked.

"What, no because I enjoy video games as well," Luna said.

"Really?" Nightmare asked.

"Yes, I have a vast collection of them in my room...Would you be interested in joining me in a few rounds of Doom?" Luna asked.

"Doom?" Nightmare asked.

"I think you'll enjoy it," Luna said before she led Nightmare to her room.

Bones P.O.V.

I was done training the mares for the day and I had just left my room after getting a fresh set of clothes on me. I was on my way to the dining room because everyone was there having dinner but on my way there I ran into a laughing and giggling Luna and Nightmare Moon.

"Hello you two off to the dining room?" I asked.

"Actually we were heading for a zebra tribe just outside the kingdom for a banquet that Zecora invited us too," Luna said

"Just outside, why not live in the houses provided?" I asked.

This place is sacred to them and they do not wish to step inside unless they are asked to despite my invitations to them," Luna said.

"I see. I don't suppose there's any harm in me coming along, I'd be bored crazy here," I said.

"What are you talking about you are also invited," Nightmare said.

"She's right now come along we must gather Pip and Midnight so we can go," Luna said.

The three of us then went and collected the foals who were brought back by Rage. After explaining that Pip could hang out with us we all then left and made it to a small settlement of huts, walls made of mud and roofs made of straw. As we walked the foals ran off to play while Zecora came over and greeted us at the entrance.

"Princess Luna so good to see, welcome to my home that is temporary. I see you brought Nightmare that seems no longer sour and The Hand of The Reaper. It appears both are sweeter," Zecora said.

"It is good to see you also Zecora and yes it appears I was wrong in so many ways about my counterpart. If it wasn't for Bones here I wouldn't have seen that," Luna said.

"Ah it is a pleasure to see peace among former enemies. Now sit and enjoy for tonight we express great joy," Zecora said as she walked away.

We walked into the village and saw many zebra's about. In the centre of the village was a shrine dedicated to Ash. I then saw the mane 6, the princesses, Gilda, Spike, Comet, Mac, Thunderlane and Soarin were here also. Soon a song of welcome rang out amongst the zebra in their native tongue. Suddenly a zebra filly, who wasn't watching where she was going, ran into Nightmare's leg causing Nightmare to look down at her and for her to look up. Once they made eye contact the filly tilted her head to the side and Nightmare did the same.

"Jy lyk pragtig," the filly said.

"Huh?" Nightmare asked.

"She said you look beautiful," I explained.

"Oh thank you little one," Nightmare said.

"Toe sê sy: dankie," I said to the filly causing her to smile and run off.

"You speak Zebafrican Bones?" Luna asked.

"Sure do," I said as I walked past the two and joined the others.

"Well this is a surprise. I didn't expect to see you here," Chrysalis said.

"For your information Nightmare and I were invited to come and it would be a terrible shame to waste such a thing," I said.

"Well either way I'm glad you came. That way I can humiliate everyone by telling them I knocked you on your ass today," Rainbow said.

"Really?" Celestia asked.

"Correction you used a cheap playground trick with Pinkie so that doesn't count," I said.

"Does it matter still knocked you down," Rainbow said.

"Whatever not like it'll do you any good," I said.

Soon after the feast began. The small village, along with the rest of us, sat around a bonfire while I watched everyone have a nice time.

"I ain't gonna drink anything without anyone telling me what the hay it is," Soarin said.

"(I believe Soarin is scared of cider)" Zecora said in her native tongue causing everyone who understood to laugh even I let out a small chuckle.

"That's funny to everyone huh mm hm," Soarin said as he downed the drink but started coughing and started pounding on his chest while laughing causing everyone to laugh including me.

Suddenly Zecora began to sing something in her native tongue and the rest of the village joined in. I listened to the song, I didn't try to understand it, I just listened.

"They're singing the legend of Ash Blade. The story of how a slave rose to the title of king," Luna said.

"He was a slave?" Nightmare asked.

"Yes and no matter what he went through he maintained his gentle spirit. He wasn't bitter or cruel unless something provoked him like when me and my sons were kidnapped," Luna said causing me to turn to watch the flickering flames of the bonfire but I still listened to their conversation.

"What happened?" Nightmare asked Luna was silent for a full minute before she opened her mouth to speak.

"Midnight had just been born when we were taken. Ash never stopped looking for us even tortured members of the group to give up our location. When he found us, he was captured and tortured until the rest of my family showed up. After they rescued me Ash became the kidnappers executioner and it was truly a sight to fear. I will admit the kidnappers had it coming to them and deserved what they got but it was still frightening," Luna said.

"This group...Who were they?" Nightmare asked.

"They were a cult dedicated to making Celestia Queen of the entire world. They worshiped her and despised me and my sons along with Ash. They feared that I would become you again and saw the only way to stop that was to kill me. This cult was known as the Radiant Dawn," Luna said.

"I heard that name before. Celesta said she hoped to avoid another Radiant Dawn incident when she saw some ponies preying to a statue of your late husband," Nightmare said.

"It was mostly so Ash didn't go berserk like that again," Luna said.

"He was that terrorizing?" Nightmare asked.

"There's a bit of a saying Discord came up with for him Nightmare. If you were Ash's superior he would obey you if you were his friend he would die for you but if you were his enemy then Gods help you," Luna said.

"I'll keep that in mind," Nightmare said.

I then stood up and walked away while no one was watching. Once I was out of the settlement I made a door and walked through it to my room. I then went to get ready to sleep and when I did, I closed my eyes and surrendered to my slumber.

Chapter 12 Requesting Reinforcemants

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I opened my eyes and continued to listen to the sound of crying echoing through the castle. The noise was distant but loud enough to be heard and I could see Nightmare was out cold, not being bothered by the screams. I recognized the screaming was of Midnight, Flurry and Loki so I got up, rubbed the sleep from my eyes and went to investigate. I walked down the almost empty corridors following the sound of crying foals till I arrived at a spiral staircase I followed the screams and saw a doorway that framed two identical doors. I then opened one door and the screaming intensified before I saw the beauty of the room.

The room was average sized and circular with pillars that looked like trees formed a smaller circle within the room. The room was also painted with metallic gold and navy blue paint and was filled with toys. At the back of the room was a stained glass window with the symbol of the Demonic Angels and in the centre of the room was a large wooden crib. Above the crib was a mobile with blue crystal wolves and crystal silver like ravens on it and finally, next to the crib, was a stool and a baby monitor on it along with a box. I then looked into the crib and saw all three babies were crying their eyes out till finally they all looked at me and stopped crying.

I was confused as to why the foals stopped crying when they saw me and this caused me to tilt my head to the side and the foals did the same thing only they did it cuter then I did. I then moved my head down and closer to the foals unsure of what to do now but as my face hovered over Midnight he sneezed on me, forcing me to recoil and wipe off what he sneezed on me. When I looked back at Midnight with a raised eyebrow he just stared at me before he started laughing and reached out for me with his tiny arms indicating him wanting me to pick him up. I then looked around the room before I looked at the door and saw no one about before I looked back at the crib where Midnight was still waiting for me to pick him up.

I then reached into the crib and picked the foal up with both my hands but held him at a comfortable distance to examine him all the while he was releasing a cooing sound. I then turned him around and examined the wings on his back when suddenly I heard a strange noise coming from Midnight so I spun him around and saw he was blowing bubbles with his saliva. I then popped the bubble and held the baby close to look at him. All the while he ran his fingers over my face till he drove a hand in one of my nostrils causing me to snort in discomfort while Midnight giggled. Then the little foal grabbed one of my fingers and then placed his palm against mine I look at the foal in wonder before I placed him in my arms and began to rock him gently back and fourth till he let out a yawn.

I placed Midnight back in his crib and the other foals seemed to just stare at what just happened. I then opened the box and a strange song played from it.


As I listened to the song I rocked the crib gently till the foals were asleep once more before I left for my room but, unbeknownst to me, a figure watched me leave the foals room.

I was walking down to the dining room and walked inside where I saw everyone besides Rage was there eating breakfast. So I sat down in a random chair and tied to listen in on as many conversations as I could till someone got my attention.

"Where were you last night Bones?"

"Hm?" I asked as I looked at the group of ponies that were looking at me.

"Where were you last night Bones?" Cadence asked.

"Around," I said.

"Around where?" Chrysalis asked.

"The castle." I answered.

"Where exactly in the castle?" Luna asked.

"Alright what the hell is going on?" I asked.

"I saw you leave the foals room last night when I went to go check on them and make sure their baby monitor was on," Cadence said.

"Well you could of gotten there sooner those foals were screaming for half an hour before I decided to show up," I said.

"That wasn't for you to take care of Bones," Celestia said with a snarl.

"Oh here we go," I said as I leaned back in my chair.

"What?" Celestia asked.

"You've been on my case since the moment you found out I was a wraith. Not the moment I saved your fat ass from Diann and his sons Celestia," I said causing a few to gasp at my insult.

"And I have a right to be considering what you are," Celestia said as she stood up from her chair.

"Didn't I explain it that most wraiths don't do what you claim?" I asked in an angered tone as I stood up.

"And how exactly can I trust a word you say?" Celestia asked.

"Maybe if you start using your head along with your eyes and ears you lazy mare and sorry excuse for a princess," I growled.

Celestia then picked me up in her magic and tossed me out the massive window. I then bounced of a tower's roof but then I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. I was placed into the massive garden and when I looked I saw Nightmare.

"Thanks but you do know I would of survived that," I said.

"I know but why did you have to say all that? Celestia is patient but even she has her limits," Nightmare said.

"Well she doesn't need to be in my face about every single damn thing I do and where I go," I said before I walked off into the garden on my own.

The garden was huge and easy to get lost in but thankfully there were signs about. The garden was full of plant life and there were even a few Flutterponies flying about tending to the plants. I heard talking so I followed the sound and saw Amalthea, Slendermane and Rage were talking beside a small circular pool of water with water pouring into the pool from a decorated wall.

"Appears we have company," Slender said making my presence known to the three.

"Sorry it wasn't my intention to interrupt. I just needed some time to cool off before I went to train the mane 6," I said.

"I take it Celestia tossed you out a window huh?" Rage asked.

"Sounds of breaking glass?" I asked.

"Sounds of breaking glass," Rage confirmed.

"*sigh* Sorry, I'll help repair it once I have time to chill," I said.

"It appears to me you need more than that, as in you need to hit someone," Rage said.

"That I do. Any suggestions?" I asked.

"Well I was planning on something but-," Rage started.

"But?" I asked

"Unfortunately we can't get to this place because I don't know how to get there and the devise to get there is missing," Rage said.

"Devise?" I asked.

"A two barreled pistol," Rage said causing me to remember the wrecked item in Ash's tomb.

"Is this it?" I asked as I summoned the gun and held it out to him.

"Where did you find it?" Rage asked as he saw the gun and took it.

"It was just lying in Ash's tomb and in pieces," I said.

"Damn it then there's no way to get over there now?" Rage said with a sigh.

"If I may be so bold to ask but why do you need to get to this place and where is it?" I asked.

"*sigh* This place is an alternate dimension to our Equestria. There are two people who live there that have dealt with the caribou before and are very good friends of ours. When they first encountered the caribou they got blasted here and met up with Ash and me. We were then able to send them home and we joined them on a trip to their world to put an end to the caribou's reign. Now I was planning on visiting them in hopes of them coming to help us," Rage said.

"So basically were asking for reinforcements?" I asked.

"Yep," Rage said.

"And these two people, how strong are they?" I asked.

"Their basically gods," Rage said causing me to look at Rage with a raised eyebrow.

"Well as long as they leave the royal caribou to me we'll get along just fine," I said.

"Weren't you listening, the gun's busted," Rage said.

"That may be but," I said before I took the gun from Rage and looked it over. "I think I can make a portal to where this thing is transmitting to. Granted I don't know where it will drop us but I do know it will be in their dimension and on their world."

"You can do that?" Rage asked.

"Long story short wraiths are needed to jump between dimensions and I'm no different when it comes to hunting down Rouge Wraiths," I said before I scanned the gun and took out a piece of magic. I began to figure out where it was coming from before I tossed it into the pool.

Suddenly the fountain of water stopped and the water in the pool began to swirl around becoming a whirlpool and glow light blue.

"There's our portal," I said.

"Nicely done Bones now let's go. I'm eager to see what happened since we left," Rage said before he jumped into the portal. I summoned my sword and also jumped into the pool.

I hit the dirt hard and looked around. All I saw was a barren wasteland of dirt and death. The air was thick and heavy with what felt like poison and I noticed the night sky was above us. While I looked around I saw Rage with his back to me and he was looking around.

"Can't believe those nukes did this," Rage said.

"Sorry?" I asked.

"I got a letter from one of my friends explaining what had happened here after we left. But this...This is more then what I was expecting," Rage said.

I stood in silence watching the scenery before Rage began to walk towards a massive mountain and I followed. As we got closer I saw what appeared to be the ruins of Canterlot Castle sitting upon its rocky perch. Not too far away from it was a massive metal craft sticking out of the ground with white writing on its side. Before I could make out the words I saw something flying at supersonic speeds away from the ruined mountain.

"Elisa," Rage muttered.

"I take it that's your friend?" I asked.

"Yep," Rage said.

"Any idea where she's going?" I asked.

"No but let's follow," Rage said before he got behind me and wrapped his arms around my chest.

"Hey what are you doing?" I asked as I forced myself out of the weird hug.

"Going to give you a lift we're gonna need to fly to catch up to her," Rage said.

"I can do that myself thanks," I said.

"Wait you can fly?" Rage asked.

I then extended my arms forward and curled my fingers to grab something before I made a pulling motion with my hands and arms. Suddenly the shadows around us reached out towards me and crawled up my back, creating a pair of black ghostly feathered wings.

"Whoa hang on how come you've never mentioned that or hell used those?" Rage asked.

"There was no need to. Besides it uses up a lot of magic and I only have as much as I have blood covering me. These wings cost me a hand and a forearm of blood," I said as I rolled up my right sleeve showing my decaying skeletal arm.

"Fair enough now let's boogie," Rage said before we took off.

We flew for awhile before we came to what appeared to be the remains of the Zebra Kingdom, if the two worlds are similar, and I looked to be surrounded be a shield. The place seemed to be in quite a state of an uproar recently judging from all the shouting and explosions that kept on trying to knock both Rage and me out of the air, forcing us to fly low to the ground. As we approached the shield, I saw a figure standing before it. It looked to be another human but appeared to be female. She had tan skin, white hair and black feathered wings on her back that faded into white as they went down. She wore tight black shorts, which stopped a little bit above her knees, a white tank top that hugged her torso well, a pair of black steel toe boots and a pair of brown leather cross-draw shoulder holsters. I could also sense a strange but familiar aura around her.

"Certainly a hard bastard to keep up with," Rage said as we landed on the ground behind the woman and I dispelled my wings. The woman then spun around and pointed one of her pistols at Rage before firing at us. But Rage moved his head to the side to dodge the shot and that's when I saw her eyes was red before her left eye became amber coloured. Also above her chest and below her neck was a baseball sized hole that went all the way through her. "The fuck girl that's certainty one way to greet an old friend!" Rage shouted causing the woman to holster her gun before she turns around and looks at the dome covered city.

"Don't do that Rage." the woman said before looking over her left shoulder at Rage with a hardened look. "Especially when I'm like this."

"Let me guess zebra took the ones you care about and now you're gonna go beat them to pulp?" Rage asked as he walked up to the woman and stood next to her.

"Yea...Soooo who's the rookie?" the woman said as she looked at Rage and that's when I remembered what her aura signifies as.

"Watch it Shinigami you're not the first of you're kind I've killed and I doubt you'll be the last one either," I said knowing who the woman was referring to.

"Watch it bub. I'm not really in the mood for this shit, so if you'll excuse me I have an appointment with the king to get to." the woman said as she started walking towards the dome and raised a hand. A blast of red energy launched from her hand and impacted the massive shield but sent her flying backwards and into the dirt. "Dammit that hurt!"

"Well that went well," I said as I rolled my eyes.

"Shut it! I thought that would go better," the woman said before she stood up

"No Bones is right you just can't expect them to let us just waltz on in do you. Not after what happened with Diann," Rage said.

"Well you got a better idea?" the woman asked

I then decided to use my Wraith Walk and disappeared into limbo. I walked past the barrier before I reappeared.

"Wait, how did you-?" Rage began.

"Wraith Walking didn't I tell you I can do that?" I asked

"Bones I don't know half the shit you're capable of," Rage said.

"Yeah well you two just sit tight and catch up while I go introduce myself and figure out what to do with this," I said as I lightly kicked the shield with my boot.

"I suggest we split up," the woman said as she pointed at me. "If you find any royalty, do not kill anyone. If you find the king notify me of his location because he's mine" she said but the last words were distorted, almost as if multiple voices were trying to speak at the same time but came out not in sync, also for a brief second I saw a dark energy emit from her being.

"Fine however if I do run into any royals and they get in my way and go for the killing blow, I can't promise if they will survive before you arrive," I said as I began to walk away.

"I don't really care who you kill, as long as they aren't females or innocents. Just don't kill the king. If you find him let us know." she yelled as I continued to walk away.

My walk into the capital was so far quiet. Houses were shut tight and the streets were abandoned leaving me to guess that the civilians were all scared off by the zebra's shooting at us. I then closed my eyes and scanned the city. As we approached the city I felt the shields magic frequency and was scanning the interior for a match. Now each person has a magic frequency that is entirely different, like a fingerprint. However, unlike the fingerprint, there are some things that can be added to the frequency like the women back there, Elisa I believe her name was called. She has magic of her own yet I can sense she has the powers of a Shinigami combined with that magic. Anyway I learned the shields magic frequency and was now scanning the interior of the shield for a smaller signal. Soon I found it right inside the castle but I guess that's to be expected, the zebra will be desperate to protect that and it's my guess that's where the ruler was, which I found cowardly.

I then walked deeper into the city being mindful to avoid any guards by using shadow jumping till I arrived in-front of the castle. I could see the place had heavy guns on top of stone towers and a pair of iron golems standing outside a heavy iron gate. With my current powers I'm left with only one option and that is to use stealth. So I went over to a wall out of sight from the golems and made a black tendril. I launched it onto the top of the wall before I was pulled up on top and once I was up I saw the courtyard was clear of any guards. I jumped into the courtyard and walked over to the massive doors and placed my hands on them. With one last look around I pushed the doors open and was met with a whole room filled with guards prepping their weapons.

"Oh crap," I muttered to myself.

"GET IT!" one of the guards yelled.

"Did you just call me an it?" I asked with a snarl.

The guards ran at me but I snapped my fingers causing the sound to massively echo around the room and made the guards halt in their tracks. At first there was only silence till finally a loud buzzing sound came from outside suddenly a massive swarm of locusts flew in and began to devour many of the guards of any fluids leaving them as dry papery husks and as for the ones that were screaming the bugs flew into their mouths. Each and every guard was dying before me, all except the one who called me an it. As he was distracted I walked up to him, grabbed him by his throat and lifted him into the air.

"For the record I'm not an 'it', I'm a wolf. You got that?" I asked saying the last words with a growl causing the zebra to nod fearfully. "Good now it's going to take me awhile to search the entire castle so can you tell me where I can find the source for the shield?"

"Fuck you do you have any idea what will happen if you shut down the shield?" the zebra asked causing me to slash at his leg tearing it open and causing him to scream.

"I know what will happen to you if you don't start giving me directions," I said.

"Ok, ok it's in the throne room. Go upstairs take a right then a left and another left at the first corridor. Go down the corridor till you see a set of massive doors, those doors are the doors to the throne room," the zebra said before I dropped him.

I was about to follow the directions when suddenly I heard the sound of running coming towards me. That's when I saw more guards charge in from both the entrance and other doors within the room, surrounding me. So I drew my Shadow Blade and selected a song before I got a ball of fire ready in my left hand.


The first guard charged at me but I stabbed him in the chest and tossed him over me before I slashed at another's face and tossed the ball of fire at some guards, incinerating them. I was cutting down as many soldiers as I could along with using my magic. I slammed my hand into the ground and watched as several black tendrils shot out of the ground and impaled many guards before disappearing. Suddenly a guard ran me through the back of my shoulder but I spun around and slashed at the guard using my claws. The guards then rushed me all at once, covering me and forcing me to just kick and punch till finally I blew them all away with a blast of magic. I then saw my body was full of weapons, I was missing a lot of flesh and my clothing was badly ripped and destroyed on the top right, leaving nothing to hide my skeletal appearance on that side, but I still had enough to cover the left side of my body. I saw many of the guards get up so I had to rely on my sword. I then caught the wrist of a guard holding a sword and slammed my blade down upon him repeatedly before I grabbed another by the head and slammed him into the ground killing him. I also slashed at a guards legs making him fall to the ground before I drove the sword into his face. As I pulled the sword out of the body and sheathed it the song ended.

I then looked around at the damage and saw I did a number on the place. Broken architecture, burned banners and a lot of corpses each one in a different state. As I looked around I saw the zebra from before was looking at me in absolute horror but I just rolled my eyes and walked up the stairs. I followed the directions till I arrived at the massive doors that led to the throne room. I then pushed the door open a crack and saw the place was filled with several guards. I also saw a male zebra sitting on what I believed was the throne since this is a throne room and there was no other chairs. I also saw the male zebra was wearing a crown telling me this guy is the king he also had five strange rings on his hands that had a magic aura around them, three were on his right hand and two on the left and he appeared to be panicking.

"What have you done, why did you bring them here?!" the king yelled as he gestured to a wall on the left side of the room. Leaning against the wall I saw several strange metal tubes with a fogged window on them.

Finally, sitting next to the tubes was a grey furred Thestral mare with a purple mane and wearing a blue and yellow jumpsuit. Her hands were in cuffs and she appeared pretty beat up. I also saw a white furred alicorn. She had a crimson mane but she wasn't wearing any clothes and she appeared to be unconscious. Also in the room on the right was a large cauldron sitting over a pit of coals with a bubbling magenta liquid in it and with a quick scan I saw the cauldron was the source of the shields power. I then saw everyone was distracted with the pods so I slunk in and walked over to the cauldron. I placed a foot on the edge and pushed the cauldron over, spilling the contents. As soon as I did I saw the shield disappear and all eyes then turned to me.

"What the, who the hell are you?" the king demanded before I looked at them reveling the broken part of myself that was damaged by all the guards downstairs. This caused a few of the guards to stare at me in horror like I was something that crawled out of their worst nightmare.

One of the guards seemed to grow a backbone and charged at me with a sword in hand suddenly he ran his sword through my chest just below the crystal heart but I just took the blow without flinching. I glared at the zebra causing him to sweat bullets before I drove my fingers into his throat and ripped him apart in a shower of blood and gore. I glared at the remaining zebras causing all the guards to huddle in the corner in absolute terror along with the mare. The king also seemed just as terrified and whenever one of the group went for a weapon or tried to escape I gave a growl, telling them to stay put, which they understood clearly. Suddenly the doors that I used to enter opened and I saw both Elisa and Rage step in and Elisa looked pissed.

"Oh hey you two what took you so long?" I asked.

"Well we were waiting on you to take the dome down. Not to mention the large amounts of weapons stationed outside." Elisa said as she crossed her arms below her chest.

"*sigh* Whatever but anyway I kept my promise. I present you with the king and even a few spare guards I can't be bothered killing," I said in a tired tone that indicated I was not in the mood to argue.

"Let's not waste any time then." Elisa said as she walked past me while Rage walked up to me.

"So that's one of the friends you were talking about?" I asked.

"Yep that is Elisa the God of Death here and be careful, she has a short temper and hates being called short," Rage said.

"Well if she's a God of Death she ain't a very good one," I said.

"Hey what did I just say," Rage said slugging me in the shoulder.

"I'm being honest here if I could get in here while she couldn't she must not be very good," I said.

"Listen just try to get along okay you haven't exactly started out on the best foot with her," Rage said.

"In case you forgot Rage I'm a wraith, I'm not supposed to make friends with anyone," I said before Elisa slid across the floor towards us. When I looked I saw the king was sitting on the throne with a smug smile on his face.

"Dammit I lost my cool again." she whispered.

"Weren't you supposed to kill them?" I asked.

"I was trying to get some information out of them first." she said as she rolled on to her back and got on her feet.

"Uh huh and how is that working out because they don't look as scared as when I spooked them," I said.

"Okay I'm going to tell you this once," she said as she pointed a finger at me. She was about to continue but the asshole of a king butted in.

"Hey-" the king started but Elisa just turned around and pointed her finger at him.

"Shut the hell up!" Elisa yelled before turning back to me. "I don't know what fucking problem you have with me but stop. I can tell in the undertone of your voice that you’re annoyed by me."

"I'm not annoyed with you, I'm annoyed at how pathetic your power is. Compared to this guy, you're a joke," I said as I pointed at the king.

"You dare-," the king interrupted.

"Butt out ass wipe, can't you see were arguing?" I said as I gestured to Elisa and myself.

"Well I'm not using most of my power because I don't want everyone to think I'm op." she yelled.

"And what the hell is wrong with that from the stories I've been told, this Ash guy went op when his family's life was in danger. So instead of holding back shouldn't you be doing everything in your power to make sure they live you idiot!?" I yelled getting into Elisa's face.

"I'm not talking about everyone here," she gestured to everyone in the room. "I'm talking about everyone out there." she said as she pointed in a random direction.

I looked at where Elisa was pointing but saw nothing out of the ordinary.

"Ok now I know you're pathetic and crazy," I said.

"ENOUGH!" the king yelled causing the attention in the room to be drawn to him. "I've had enough of the foolishness and am tired of your babbling. I had plans to deal with the bitch and her whores, but you gentlemen are something I didn't anticipate." he paused, "No matter, after I kill her and make her friends into my personal playthings I'll take care of you two."

I then looked at Elisa and felt a powerful aura radiate off her before she went for the katana on her hip which I didn't notice was there.

"It's been a while," Elisa said in a more mature voice as she grabbed the hilt of the katana and unsheathed it a little bit. I saw Elisa's body start to glow a blackish purple and I could see her hair start to float upwards. "Since I've felt true blood lust."

Suddenly Elisa disappeared leaving a crater in her place and when I looked at the king I saw she was there with the blade fully unsheathed and aimed at his neck but she stopped. When I looked down I saw the king had his right palm facing Elisa's stomach and a large shard of ice had impaled her.

"Elisa!" Rage and the Thestral mare shouted who was still in the room with us along with the unconscious mare however the strange tubes were missing.

Elisa then lost her grip on the katana causing it to clatter to the ground as the ice shard shattered. Elisa stood there for a few seconds before falling to her knees and then her side, leading me to assume she was unconscious. I dashed at her with incredible speeds and caught her before she hit the floor.

"You fool, never let your emotions get the better of you like that," I whispered before I brought her back over to Rage. I snapped my fingers releasing the two mares from their cuffs and bringing them over.

"Rage, can you help her?" I asked.

"I think so but not here," Rage said.

"Get these three out then I'll handle things here," I said.

"Alright, you know that giant piece of metal near Canterlot Mountain?" Rage asked causing me to nod. "Meet me there."

"I don't remember giving any of you permission to leave. GUARDS!" the king yelled and soon the entire doorway was blocked.

"Now what?" the Thestral mare asked.

"I've got this," Rage said.

"How," the mare asked.

"Don't you know...I'm one of the reapers to the Angel of Death," Rage said causing the mares eyes to widen in excitement before Rage took his shotgun off his back. It was a silver pump action shotgun with demonic beasts on the side of the barrel and an angry skull with pointed teeth on the end of it with the word Punisher engraved on the handle. Rage then squeezed the trigger and held it. The demonic beast's eyes on the sides of the shot gun lit up with fire along with the skull on the end of the barrel and when Rage released the trigger there was a massive demonic roar from the weapon. A massive torrent of fire burst out of the gun and towards the doorway creating a massive blast and when the smoke cleared all that was left was a massive hole that showed me the outside of the castle. Rage then put his shotgun away, picked up the unconscious mare and Elisa, and left with the Thestral while I turned to the gobsmacked king. I then noticed the katana was left behind so I used my magic and brought it over to me and when I grasped the handle I heard sniffling coming from a young female within the blade.

"Hello there," I said to the blade causing the sniffling to stop.

"Uh...hello...can you understand me?" the blade said before a face appeared on the blade which was of a human girl at the age of seven years old with violet hair and eyes.

"Indeed I can. Now can you tell me why you're crying?" I asked.

"Because Elisa was *sniff, sniff* she got hurt," the girl said as tears appeared in her eyes.

"Calm down little one your friend is going to be fine alright Rage isn't going to let her die," I said.

"R-really?" the girl asked causing me to nod.

"Tell me would you like to get some payback?" I asked as I moved the blade so she can see the king.

"Yeah," the child said as if her parents said she can get an ice cream from an ice cream truck.

"Well if I'm going to be using you, I would like to learn your name," I said.

"It's Shi," the girl said.

"Alright Shi my name is Bones," I said before I pointed Shi at the Zebra king. "Hey you old fucker," I said gaining his attention. "Don't think for a second you're going to get off the hook that easy."

"You can't kill me didn't you see what happened the last time you filthy mutt?" the king said in a boastful way as if he had won already.

"Care to repeat what you just called me?" I asked calmly.

"Mutt, that's what you are M-U-T-T. A filthy, disgusting, wretched mu-AAAHHHH," the king said but didn't finish as I cut off his hands causing him to scream in pain.

"This is one impressive blade," I thought to myself. "Now that the source of your magic is gone your highness let's see what kind of fun ways there are to torture you," I said before shadows crawled up onto my left hand causing the fingers to turn into a set of drills, saw blades and knifes. I had a sadistic smile on my face while the king was terrified.

"NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" the kings screamed, his voice being heard across the kingdom.

I was flying back over the wasteland with Shi in my grip and Elisa's Berretas. Shi seemed to have calmed down after I exacted vengeance for her. The kid seemed nice despite the fact her name means death in Japanese. Right now she was helping me find our way back to Canterlot Mountain and as we approached I saw the massive metal object from before was being held up off the ground by strange metal supports and there was something moving around its surface.

"I take it that's the work of Rage's other friend," I said.

"Oh you mean Evo yeah this does look like his work," Shi said.

"Well than I suppose I'll have to meet this guy," I said before I flew over to the massive piece of metal.

As I got closer I saw the moving objects were tiny robots and they seemed to be repairing the object. As I flew around I saw an opening on the right side of the metal monstrosity and as I gazed at it I could just see Rage flagging me down. I flew down towards him and landed on the ground in front of him.

"Hey Rage how's she doing?" I asked.

"She'll be fine I guess but what happened to the king?" Rage asked.

"The walls of the throne room have a new decoration, he wouldn't be causing a problem anymore. Even snagged some souvenirs," I said as I pulled the five rings the king was wearing out of one of my pockets to show Rage.

"Well I'm sure Elisa will be glad to hear that. C'mon let's go see how they're doing," Rage said as he lead me into the massive structure. The walk took about five minutes but neither of us said a word to one another the whole way and when we arrived I saw the Thestral, the alicorn and Elisa were in some strange pod things and they were all naked. Also in the room was another human that looks to be 24 years old with dark tan skin and green eyes. He was wearing a Black button up jacket with a white tank top below it along with a pair of blue jeans and black military boots. I saw him talking to a hologram of a human woman in her early twenties. She had short hair and had what looked like a sailor’s uniform on. uniform

"I'm back," Rage said announcing our presence to the human and hologram.

"Hey, who's the wolf?" the human who I assumed was Evo asked as he pointed to me.

"This is Bones Evo and he's a wraith without his memories so don't ask about his background too much," Rage said.

"Well," Evo started as he walked over to me. "It's nice to meet you." Evo finished as he held his hand out to me.

I decided not to say anything and shook his hand with my still damaged hand. As we shook I could see he was uncomfortable in shaking my hand so I released it.

"How long?" I asked as I looked at the pods containing the three from before.

"I..... Don’t follow." Evo said as he looked at me with unease.

"How long until those three are healed?" I asked as I looked back at him.

"Well Lucky and Faust should be healed quickly, but for Elisa there's going to be a problem." He said as he looked over to the pod.

"What kind?" I asked when suddenly the sound of shattering glass filed the room.

We all looked at the source of the noise and saw Elisa had smashed the window on the pod and was crawling out of it. Evo then rushed over and tried to push Elisa back into the pod.

"Let me go dammit!" Elisa yelled as she struggled to get out of Evo's grip.

"No-ugh- you need to heal! You still-huff- have a big ass hole in your gut and you're making it worse." Evo said just as Elisa coughed up some blood.

I then pushed my way past Evo and placed a hand over Elisa's wound causing her to grunt in pain when suddenly the wound began to close without so much as a scar before I backed off and allowed the two to stare at where the wound once was.

"Bones...What was that?" Rage asked.

"It's a technique I just remembered how to use. Something about Elisa and Evo struggling reminded me of a similar experience with a patient who wasn't supposed to die yet. So I just did the same trick however there's a drawback," I said as I almost collapsed in pain while clutching my own gut. "The pain and wound has to go somewhere," I said before I stood tall and shrugged off the pain.

"Dude you didn't have to do that. There was a powerful healing spell I knew that we could have used." Evo said as he let Elisa go causing her to hit her head on the ground. She let out a groan as she pushed herself up and back into the pod.

"Eva- I mean Evo can you tell me where my clothes are?" Elisa asked with a large blush.

"I had to take them off or least they hinder the healing effect of the pod," Evo said

"Okay now where is Lucky and my daughter?" Elisa asked

"Rage brought them and you back, and they are in the other pods." Evo said causing Elisa to let out a sigh before looking at us.

"Now I know Evo has asked this before, but what do you guys need?" Elisa asked with a serious expression.

"Well first I think you should have these back first," I said as I held out Shi and Elisa's guns. Suddenly, before I could even blink, Elisa punched me in the chest causing me to drop the weapons and send me flying through several walls till I hit something and fell to the ground face first. "What kind of lousy excuse of a thank you was that?!" I shouted as I picked myself up and began to walk back through the holes

"One, don't touch my weapons! Two by you touching Shi that is essentially touching me!" Elisa shouted.

"Well how was I supposed to know about that also what was I supposed to do, leave them there?" I asked as I stepped into the room.

"No! They're the last things that will remind me of who I was." she said in a sad tone as she looked at the floor.

"Then you understand why I picked them up for you then," I said as I went to lean against a wall and we all sat in silence.

"I guess I should tell you both on what we are doing here huh," Rage said breaking the ice between us.

"Please do, it's getting a little awkward for my tastes." Evo said as he sat down next to Elisa.

"Alright well as Elisa here knows we have a bit of a caribou infestation back home and we could use your help," Rage explained.

"Hmm well as much as I'd like to help you guys, I need to stay here on the ship and make sure the repair goes well, finish fixing the engines and make sure no one gets on here." Evo said as he leaned back against the pod.

"But I can go." Elisa said as she raised her hand a little.

"You don't seem to get it we need both of you this time," Rage said.

"sigh How bad is it?" Evo asked.

"We're not dealing with just Diann this time, he has eight sons with him and each one now controls every single country and caribou are almost popping out of the woodwork. They're like weeds, cockroaches and rabbits all in one and with Ash gone I can barely hold my own on the battlefield," Rage said.

"You, have trouble? If you're having trouble then that must mean there a significant challenge to defeat." she said before she started to laugh.

"I guess I'll go along." Evo said before looking over at the hologram. "Delma put the entire ship on lock down. Do NOT let anyone in under any circumstance, and if any Caribou or Zebra get near this vessel you are clear to use lethal force to stop them."

"Understood sir." the hologram said.

"Y'know for the record Elisa, we have every reason to be having trouble. Each one of those royal assholes have stolen some of Ash's power," Rage said.

"They did what now?" Elisa asked as she looked at Rage with a deathly glare, and her voice seemed to drop a few octaves.

"Allow me to explain, you both remember being told about Heartless right?" Rage asked.

"Yes I remember you telling us about him. Evil guy trying to destroy everything." Elisa said.

"Yeah but what you didn't know was that he was Ash's clone," Rage said this got shocked looks from both of them.

"Huh ya learn something new every day." Elisa said as she looked at Evo causing him to look at her.

"I guess so." he said before looking back at us.

"Keep in mind this wasn't his choice, it's Lilith's doing. She wanted to make an army of Ash's to take over Heaven, Hell and Earth. So she tried to kidnap him but that's when Ash's dad intervened, forcing her to steal the vial of blood that was going to be used for testing and after Lilith succeeded in creating a squad of Ash's, his parents appeared and destroyed them all but missed one give you a guess on who it was," Rage said.

"Heartless." Elisa and Evo said in unison.

"Yep but anyway I should get on with it uh oh yeah, it was the day of a natural eclipse in Equestria. The day that both Ash and Heartless would fight and let me tell you it was like nothing you've ever seen. But as they fought it turns out neither of them could win so there was only one option left. Ash sacrificed his own soul to stop Heartless once and for all and saved Equestria in doing so," Rage said.

"Yea." Elisa said in a sad tone causing Evo to look at her with a scowl on his face.

"You knew about this and didn't tell me?" Evo said.

"I know. I was trying to find the right time to tell you because I felt it before I read the letter he sent. Trust me I was going to tell you." she said before the two looked forward to continue the conversation.

"Well I'm glad she didn't because it's really my job to break the news to you two. Anyway after the battle a massive tomb was built to honor the dead who fought with us along with it being a place to lay Ash's body to rest. The entire world went into a mourning period for a month after the funeral," Rage said while he lowered his head slightly before pausing for a few moments. "A year after the battle I received word that something was happening at the tomb and by the time I arrived I was too late because you see, Ash's tomb was robbed of everything including his body."

"So let me guess, the leading Caribou stole anything related to Ash and used what they took to take over the world?" Evo said in a grim tone.

"Actually no, they scattered everything that belonged to Ash across the countries. Devoting everything we had into tracking them down we didn't even realize we were being attacked. When Diann first appeared along with his sons they claimed they were friendly. I was suspicious so I told Faust and Discord of what happened here in this world and so they went out to visit the other countries and see if anything was wrong but no one has heard from them since. When they were ready Diann told us of their true intentions and presented us with Ash's body like it was a trophy and let me tell you everyone was pissed. Luna was outraged but I was furious," Rage said before a hot flaming red aura surrounded him for a second before vanishing. "In my anger I melted half of Canterlot Castle, stone turned to magma, metal turned to slag. I alone drove the caribou out of Canterlot but when I faced off against one of Diann's son's I was shocked to see how strong he was, he even had the wings of a Demonic Angel on his back. That's when he told me that they had drunk the blood that flowed in Ash's veins granting them the same powers Ash had."

I heard the sound of metal groaning and when I looked to the source I saw Elisa's hands pushing against the floor creating dents. That was before the metal snapped, making holes in the floor as she squeezed the metal in her hands. "When do we leave?" she seethed before looking at Rage. I saw that her left eye was blood red again and had black smoke coming from it, as well as a black aura surrounded her.

"Right now but let me make one thing clear to you two leave Diann and his sons to me," I said.

"I can't promise you anything." Elisa said. "But if I happen to kill one I'll be sure to keep ahold of it for you, though you can kill Diann all you want."

"You will do as I say!" I shouted causing Elisa, Evo and Rage to flinch slightly. "Diann and his sons have been on Death's list for a long time now. They have been killing wraiths and stealing innocent souls and adding them to their own lifespan to keep themselves alive for hundreds of years. They are my targets and you will not interfere with this," I growled.

At this Elisa shot to her feet. "I don't fucking care what you say! I will kill any and all that are wicked, it's my job! You're not my damn superior so you can't order me around! So get that through your thick fucking skull! I may not be from your dimension but in this one I am Death here, not Death's right hand woman but Death itself! I earned this title form the last Death that was here over a thousand years ago. So if you got a problem dealing with that then take that stick out of your arse." she finished with a huff as she looked at me with narrowed eyes.

My anger spiked and before I knew what I was doing I had my right hand wrapped around Elisa's throat while I was lifting her in the air.

"You may be Death here but that doesn't make you better than me either, for I have killed more Deaths who have strayed from their path then you can even begin to count. I serve the high reaper himself, the one that gifts Death's their powers. The same one who is known in every world as the guy in the black cloak," I said as the air became cold and unforgiving. Shadows reached out and billowed around me and some became dark tendrils that were moving around fanatically just itching to kill. I could see in the reflection of Elisa's eye the insignia on my right eye was glowing, even the skeletal hand on my left arm was glowing. While I was looking in Elisa's eyes I saw fear but she tried to be furious with me. I then remembered her left eye which still had smoke pouring from it and was red but after a snap of my fingers her eye returned to being amber coloured which surprised her. "So listen here and get it into you puny brain I may not be able to tell you what to do but that doesn't mean I can't kill you here either. The only reason why I haven't snapped your scrawny neck is because we need your help to fight Diann," I said before I dropped her to the floor and walked over to the door but stopped. "I recommend you grab what you need cause if I'm right you won't be back here for a very long time," I said before I left.

I marched down the hallway in a rage tossing aside wires that hung from the ceiling and kicking aside lose pieces of metal on the floor without a care. I was too infuriated with everything going on around me, it's almost unbearable. First there's my lost identity, then there's having to deal with Celestia and everyone else back in the other Equestria and also now, when I just threatened to kill a possible ally. This whole thing about wraiths and friendship is beginning to do my head in at an alarming rate, so bad it hurts whenever I try to think about it. I had stumbled across a large corridor that had large windows on one side that showed the outside of the ship. I stood in place watching the scenery before me for who knows how long when suddenly a voice echoed through the hallway.

"All nano bots please report to the service bay to be checked. As for passengers, Elisa and Bones you are needed on the bridge."

"And how am I supposed to know where that is?" I asked myself before I looked down and saw a blue arrow with the word bridge written on it in bold white letters. "Of course."

I then followed the arrows for a few minutes and in that time I felt the ground beneath me move before I arrived at a pair of electronic doors with an arrow pointing at it. I walked in and saw a lot of electrical stuff and a set of stairs that led to a platform that looked over the entire room. At the front of the room was a massive window that showed the outside and on the platform was Evo and Rage. I was about to speak when suddenly I almost fell backwards from the craft's movement and the window showed we were moving forward.

"Bones please stand over by Rage if you'll be so kind." Evo said without looking at me so I walked over to Rage and watched as Evo stood there for a minute before turning around and clapping his hands. "Alright, I have good news and bad news. Which one you want to hear?" he asked.

"Don't care," I said plainly.

"Okay, well the bad news is that we can't get back to your world-" Evan started.

"THE FUCK!" Rage shouted.

"Hey hey hey," Evo said as he did a pushing motion. "I did say there was good news."

"Then it better be a way back," I said.

"It is. All I need from you guys is coordinates and a magical signature from the planet. Seeing how you guys have magic from your world that's one less step we have to take." Evo said as he motioned for us to come over to him.

Rage and I looked at each other before we walked over.

"Now what?" I asked.

"Just place your hands on this sensor and feed some magic into it. Then after that enter the coordinates into the computer and we'll be on our way." he said as he crossed his arms.

I let out a sigh before we did what was asked and began feeding magic into the sensor causing numbers to appear on the screens. A large rift appeared before us and the ship lurched forward into the unknown.

Chapter 13 Welcome to The Inferno

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The ship lurched to a stop that threw me and the others forward. I shook off the dizziness, gazed around and saw the ship was hovering over a planet.

"Hey Evo that the planet we came from?" I asked as Evo recovered.

"Yes, yes it is." Evo said as he looked out the windows before looking to Rage. "Where do you want us to land?"

"Why don't we simply take the ODST's way down, I'm sure it will make Luna jelly," Rage said with a smirk.

"Well you guys and Elisa can do that I need to make sure the ship gets there okay. AI's can only do so much sometimes." Evo said.

"Hey I take offense to that." the AI said.

"Any ideas on where she is?" Rage asked.

"Hmmm if my scans are correct then she is in the left hanger bay. No idea why she's there though." He said as he scratched his chin, but he mumbled the last part of it.

"Alright then c'mon Bones and please try not to piss her off more then you already have," Rage said as he began to walk away so I followed while rolling my eyes.

Rage and I walked down the hallways heading towards the hanger that supposedly Elisa was in and as soon as the automatic doors to said hanger opened I saw Elisa was standing in the center playing on a violin. The song was bewitching and calm and beautiful. Both Rage and I remained silent till the song had ended and Rage began to clap causing Elisa to whirl around and spot us.

"That was beautiful Elisa. Since when do you play violin?" Rage asked.

At the sound of Rages voice Elisa let her arms dangle limply at her sides.

"It's something I usually don't let people know but I've known how to for the last thousand years or so." she said as she looked out the open hanger doors, at the planet below. "It's been a while since I've seen Equis full of life."

"Well we're certainly glad to have you back," Rage said.

"You certainly have talent with that," I said as I gestured to the violin.

"Hey you should play for the others once we're on the ground. I'm sure they'll love it. We haven't heard a violin play since...," Rage began before he stopped and looked at the ground with a saddened expression.

"Hey can someone please explain to me how we're getting down to the planet. Rage mentioned something about ODST's," I said trying to break the ice.

"Oh is that how we're getting down?" Elisa said with surprise. "Where is he?"

"Who Evo? He's on the bridge," I said.

"Why is he still there?" Elisa said before she paused. "I guess he has to park the ship. Oh well follow me I'll show you to the drop area," Elisa said as she walked past me and began to lead Rage down a hallway.

"Hey don't leave me in the dark what's an ODST?!" I shouted as I ran to catch up with them.

"It's an acronym for Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, ODST for short." Elisa said as she continued walking.

"Kay but that doesn't explain how we're getting to the surface," I said as I folded m arms across my chest.

"Oh you'll find out." she said, and I could practically feel the smirk that was on her face.

"Why don't I like the sound of that?" I asked in thought.

Elisa continued to lead us down the hallways till we arrived at a room with weapons and large strange metal objects.

"So what now?" I asked as I looked around the room.

"You get in the pods." said Evo from the intercoms, just as three of the large metal objects opened up revealing a chair.

"Now what?" I asked as both Rage and I sat inside our pods.

"You strap yourself in and get prepared. Elisa has seen the game and gone over the protocols for this so listen to her and you'll make it out intact." Evo said.

"Please follow my orders. The last person who didn't got himself killed because he didn't follow orders." Elisa said as she went and got into her pod. "Now it's time to giddy up." she said as the doors closed with a hiss.

Suddenly the door to my pod closed sealing me inside the pod then moved backwards and spun around. I saw we were hanging over nothing with the planet down below us and before me i saw both Rage and Elisa's face's appear on screen.

"Hey Bones you nervous?" Rage asked with a grin.

"Not sure what I should be nervous about since I'm still confused," I said.

"You still haven't figured out Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Bones? Surly you can figure that out now," Rage said.

I looked around and managed to piece it all together before I looked at the two on the screen.

"Dropping from orbit above a planet...Well certainly one way down I'll say that," I said calmly.

"You're freaking out on the inside aren't you?" Elisa said.

"Not really if anything I'm curious as to see what happens if I fall from this height," I said calmly.

"If you say so buttercup. Now use the sticks at the end of your armrest to angle your pod once I give the order." she said as she looked to me before looking to Rage. "Rage, since this is your area I need you to tell me where to go."

"Alright our destination is in what many call the undiscovered west it's past the forest and on a beautiful plain of grassland close to the ocean. Not much in the way of construction but if my guess is correct we may have plenty of turbulence so watch it," Rage said.

"Okay, that's nice to know. Evo you hear that?" she asked.

"Yes I did. Moving the ship over the area as we speak." I heard his voice come form one of the speakers above the screens that showed Rage and Elisa. He didn't speak until about a minute later. "We're in position, you're free to go at anytime." he said before going silent.

"Alright boys. You ready?" Elisa asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be," I said.

"How'd it go again...Oh yeah we are green and really mean," Rage said.

"Yea, we are. Now lets go." she said, and a second later we were launched down towards the planet.

I felt a burst of speed that forced me to jerk my head upwards till I managed to move my head again I then grabbed the handles by my side to stabilize myself I looked out the window and watched as we entered the atmosphere. I was above the others at the moment and I saw a large pole with flaps on the end extend from the top of the pods, slowing them down. I even felt my pod jolt meaning mine had done the same before my pod was hit with some turbulence.

"You guys alright?" Elisa asked.

"I'm good, Bones?" Rage asked.

"Same," I said.

"Good. We should be at the castle in about a minute, and hold on tight before we hit the ground." she warned.

Suddenly my pod begins to rapidly shake and suddenly my pod is sent spinning meaning the turbulence was back with a vengeance. I couldn't tell which way was up because the images in the windows were impossible to make out. Suddenly the pod hit something and all I could see was black. As I lay there in the dark I saw a sandy area filled with crumbling ruins pocking out of it. My vision then flew across the desert and as I looked I saw several weapons poking out of the ground and among them, resting against a rectangular pedestal, was a katana in a black sheath. The fuchi (collar/cross guard) was a wolf and a raven circling each other and on the handle there was the lunar phases going along it. Tied to the hilt was a white ribbon and that's when the vision went blurry and I woke up. I saw I was on my back and the sight ahead was of cracked glass and smashed electronics. I shook my head, pulled my foot towards me and kicked the door off the pod before I climbed out and saw Celestia, Luna, Nightmare Moon, the mane 6, Rage (who looked like he was gonna be sick) and Elisa.

"Well that was fun. We gonna do that again?" I asked as I leaned against the pod for support.

"The buck happened to you Bones?" Rainbow asked as she gestured to my still mangled body.

"And what happened to the clothes I slaved over?" Rarity said as she gasped at my ruined clothes.

I saw Elisa sit down beside Rage's pod and conjurer up a box of cigarettes before she took one out and lit it.

"Some really bad shit happened and I nearly died." She said as she took a drag from the thing before continuing. "If it wasn't for Bones here I may have died. Again." She finished as she let out a large puff of smoke.

"It's quite a surprise to see you here Elisa," Celestia said causing me to huff at her in frustration.

"Somepony care to fill me in?" Nightmare asked.

"And how come you all got to come down in O.D.S.T. pods?" Luna asked with a jealous pouty look which I found adorable.

"Elisa here is an old acquaintance of ours from three years ago and the pods were my idea but not a very good one. Also when do you smoke?" Rage asked as he gestured to the cigarette.

"Eh I think since a hundred and three years ago. Don't tell Faust I do this, she'd kick my ass for it." Elisa said.

"You know those are gonna kill ya right," I said.

"Well now that is out of the way why are you here Elisa?" Celestia asked.

"I'm here to help Rage and Bones with a pest problem. But I didn't come alone." she answered.

"Is Evo here as well?" Twilight asked.

"Yea he is. Who do you think is piloting that frigate?" Elisa asked as she pointed to the large ship looming a few miles away from the city.

"Strange I feel like I've seen that ship before but where," Celestia said as she lifts a finger to her chin.

"Same here," Twilight said.

"Well I don't know where you'd think you would have seen it before. It's not even from my universe." Elisa said as she took another drag.

"Also you lot should know yourselves from Elisa's world are on board after a little 'mishap' with the zebra's," Rage said with air quotes.

"Oh gosh are they okay?" Fluttershy asked while hiding behind her mane.

"Little? That's a damn understatement." Elisa said with a huff.

"Regardless the king won't be causing anymore problems," I said as I flicked a picture at her showing the king in the throne room and was impaled with so many weapons, he looked like a pin cushion with the words Stay Away written in blood below him.

"Whoa and I thought I was brutal," Rage said looking at photo.

"Also snagged these for you as well. It was how he survived your attack," I said as I reached into my pocket and pulled out the rings I took and tossed them to Elisa, letting them hit the ground with a clatter.

Elisa immediately shot up, grabbed them and held them in her hand. "Finally!" she said as she closed her eyes and she started to glow. Her hair started to raise into the air as the glow got brighter, and after a few seconds the glow died and her hair fell back down. She gave a sigh as she opened her eyes. "Ahh that feels good to have that back."

"I'm not going to even bother asking," I said.

"Hey Elisa what's up with your eye, was it always like that?" Rainbow asked.

"No. It wasn't." she said with a glare.

"Easy Elisa she doesn't know," Rage said.

"Know what?" Twilight asked.

*sigh* "You all remember the amulet Ash snagged from that Lich?" Rage asked causing most to nod. "Well it's kinda found a new home," Rage said while gesturing to Elisa.

"And the fucker doesn't know when to shut up either." she said as she sat down criss-cross and looked at everyone as she rubbed the left side of her head.

"I'm sorry to here that. If you need anything please don't hesitate to ask," Celestia said.

"Indeed now let us fix your attire Bones," Rarity said.

"No need where I'm headed now will most likely mess it up again," I said.

"Your leaving already. What about training?" Rainbow asked

I'm afraid it's going to be canceled for today because this is important," I said.

"What is it and where are you heading?" Nightmare asked.

"I just remembered where I left my Death Weapon and as for where it is, it's in the most dark and twisted place imaginable, the inferno itself," I said causing a few to stare at me in shock.

"The inferno as in the prison of the damned?" Luna asked.

"Yep," I said as I snapped my fingers and suddenly the ground opened up revealing a massive hole and a rush of hot air flowed upward along with the smell of sulfur.

"I may not have a say in this but I highly suggest before any of you say that you want to come along, don't. Hell is too dangerous for you guys." Elisa said as she pointed to the main six.

"Too dangerous my flank," Rainbow said.

"Don't give me that crap I saw how spooked you six were and we weren't even in the first circle," I said.

"Oh yeah, I say bring it on," Rainbow said.

*sigh* Fine not like I could stop you lot anyway but keep in mind, you do as I say without question and what you see down there is on your heads. Got it?" I asked receiving nods from everyone.

I jumped into the dark hole without hesitation. The fall was a few minutes long till I saw the end and fell through it. I saw a vast landscape of fire, ash and dried up magma. I continued to fall and fell into a burning pit then all went dark. Before I knew it I awoke on the edge of a cliff overlooking a dark and dirty river while thousands of souls fell like comets in random places but each one stood and walked towards the river. Suddenly I heard a grown behind me and saw the others were waking up.

"Welcome to hell," I said.

"To be honest I thought there'd be more fire." Elisa said as she walked to the edge of the cliff before snapping her fingers, causing her wings to disappear.

"Oh there's fire alright but we're still not even in the first circle. We have to take Charon's boat to get there," I said as I pointed to a large wooden craft the size of an ocean liner sitting beside the shore and on the bow of the ship was a wooden figure of a man with a bright orb in his grasp to light the way.

"Bones, what's happening to you?" Applejack asked.

I looked down and saw my form was changing into my true form. Metal wrapped itself around my body becoming armour and a dark war torn cloak wrapped itself around me. Shadows leaked from the gaps in my armour and I assumed my face had become shrouded in black thanks to the hood.

"You look badass man." Elisa said as she looked me up and down as she rubbed her chin.

"It's what I really look like. The wolf you all normally see is nothing but a disguise so I don't terrify others but that didn't turn out so well did it," I said with a sigh "Let's not waste time Charon will be leaving soon."

I led the group down a twisting path till we arrived and I saw hundreds of souls boarding the ship when suddenly a thundering voice came from the bow of the ship which was the figurehead Charon.


Fluttershy squeaked and hid behind me in fright and was shaking like a leaf.

"Jeez if you're this scared why even bother coming, besides he's not going to hurt you," I said before I led the group over to Charon's ship and made a couple of silver coins called drakul appear in my hand as payment for passage into the inferno.

"What are the coins for Bones?" Luna asked.

"Payment for passage across the river Archeron. The dead get a free ride these days but since we are not dead we must pay one drakul for each life," I said as I led the group inside and dropped the coins in a statue holding a bowl by the entrance, securing our passage before Charon took off.

"How long should this ride be?" Elisa asked as we climbed and walked through the bowls of the ship.

"If we're lucky not too long," I said as I led the group onto the deck and stood in the row between to groups of souls.

"I can see their sins. Each one that earned a place here," Rage said as his eyes scanned over the crowd of the miserable looking souls.

I then saw Celestia reach out and place a hand on one of the souls before her eye's turned white but I grabbed her and pulled her away from the soul causing her to try and shake off the dizziness when I heard a deep groan come from the bow.

"YOU WHO ARE LIVING BEGONE FROM THOSE WHO ARE TO BE DAMNED!" Charon said in his thundering voice as he looked at us over his shoulder.

"Forgive us Charon we merely wish for passage into the inferno," I said as I let go of Celestia.


"My reason's are my own, all that must concern you is you guiding your ship through this gloom old one," I said causing Charon to turn his sights back on the water.

"So what do we do while we wait to get to our destination? I hope I can take a nap." Elisa asked.

Suddenly the ship lurched to a halt and I saw the souls beginning to get up and leave.

"Ain't no rest for the wicked," I said before I led the group off of Charon.

"Damn." Elisa said as she rubbed her right eye.

"You okay?" Rage asked.

"Yea, just tired," Elisa said.

"Well then this trip is going to leave you dead tired before we even reach the halfway mark," I said.

We got off Charon and I led the group over to a massive stone and iron gate before I walked through and into a strange and foggy forest where the branches looked like arms that reached out for weary travelers.

"Where are we?" Celestia asked.

"This is the first circle of the inferno, Limbo. Here are those that did not sin yet did not have the required faith. This is the realm where virtues pagans and unbaptized babes reside. I suggest none of you stray far also touch nothing," I said.

"Babies?" Rage asked in shock.

"If it comforts you they do not suffer and are freed from this place much sooner then any soul here. They probably spend a day here or a week at the most before they are returned to the world above. Contractors may be cruel once a deal is made but they still have some heart in them just not a lot," I explained as I continued to walk.

The forest was eerie and as silent as a grave. The walk was long and I could not help but get the feeling we we're being watched. I then heard what appeared to be crying, I tried to ignore it but I saw Fluttershy walking towards a human baby lying on the ground. I saw she was about to touch the child so I ran over to her but before I reached her, Fluttershy placed her hand on the child causing it to spin around and scream at her. The baby had a pair of scythe blades for arms. Fluttershy screamed in shock as the creature leapt at her but I pushed her to the side and took the blades to my chest before I grabbed the thing and tossed it into the forest before I grabbed Fluttershy and pushed her towards the others.

"Run!" I shouted.

The group did as I shouted and I ran after them. When I looked behind I saw a hoard of those things chasing after us and they were using the scythes as legs to increase their speed. I then turned my sights ahead and saw a tower standing high above the trees.

"In there!" I shouted as I pointed to the tower.

We ran for the tower, none of us daring to look back. I saw the tower's doors were wide open but it was on the other side of a large gap. Some of the group jumped over the gap, some flew and others teleported into the doorway. I jumped across the gap and looked back and saw Rarity had tripped on something. She was about to get up but the creatures were close. I then made a tendril of shadow appear out of my hand, launched it at Rarity and grabbed her before I yanked her over. Once she was inside I slammed the door closed sealing off the creatures and looked and saw everyone was out of breath.

"What...happened...to don't touch anything?" I asked with a growl.

"I'm...sorry," Fluttershy whimpered causing me to let out a tired groan.

"The hell were those things!?" Elisa yelled as she pointed one of her pistols at the door and the other at the ceiling.

"Sentinels designed to blend into whatever environment we're in while in the inferno. They take care of any trouble makers that just jump out of random portals that lead to different circles in hell, just wish they didn't look so creepy in this place," I said.

"I remember something like that back on Earth. Some bozo Templar opened up a hell gate causing demons to crawl out like crazy. Fortunately we were able to stop it and the bastard got tossed in along side them," Rage said.

"Well whats the plan? Cause I doubt we can sit here forever." Elisa said, still being vigilant.

Suddenly the sounds of whispering echoed around us.

"More sentinels?" Luna asked.

"No," I said before I led the group down the hallway

We soon came to another door. I pushed it open and we were met with a bright light and once it dimmed we saw a large circular room filled with dozens of ghostly souls who had stopped chatting and stared at us.

"Who are all these souls?" Celestia asked.

"Those who awaiting their judgement," I said before I led the group through a pair of doors on the opposite end of the room.

I led the group up a set of stairs that seemed to spiral around the tower till we made it to the top. I saw a stone walkway and at the end of the walkway was a large circular like area with a massive gap in the ground and a spiked wheel. On the edge of the gap two story stone walls that looked like the walls of a court room where spectators could watch went around the area and they were full of damned souls. Finally, at the back was a large monstrosity which was a combination of tentacles and a man with a tall headpiece attached to his head that looked like a crown. The creature then grabbed a soul from the shelf and brought the poor soul close to it's face and sniffed it before he called out it's sin. He then dropped them on the spiked wheel and pressed a button sending it plummeting into the dark abyss below.

"Bones, what is this?" Elisa whispered.

"And what is that thing?" Rarity asked in horror.

"That is Minos. In life he was a king of Greece before he was boiled alive in his own bath. Now he is known as the Judge of the Damned, sending souls to their circles for the sins they committed in life. He is blind but be careful, he has the nose of a hell hound. Best let me talk to him otherwise this won't be pleasant," I said.

"Well good luck. Hopefully he doesn't smell the sins on me." Elisa said as she looked at Minos.

I walked across the walkway with the others behind me till they stopped at the end of the walkaway leaving me to walk on ahead. The sound of my armour clanking or my smell seemed to grab Minos attention because he stopped reaching for a soul and turned towards me.

"Who comes into my house of pain?" Minos asked.

"One who seeks passage into the lower circles Minos," I said.

Minos then brought his face close to mine and gave me a sniff.

"The Hand of The Reaper, I remember your stench the smell of your sins clings to you, sins of wrath, violence and...hmm... treachery," Minos hissed with his forked tongue.

"Watch yourself Minos," I growled as thunder and lightning shook the sky from my words but Minos turned his head towards the others and sniffed the air.

"Eleven no ten living souls one is dead and overdue and also reeks of sin and another smells of wrath and bloodlust-," Minos said causing my fists to tighten with each word.

"Silence Minos or I shall rip your tongue from your throat. We are here to descend and then leave this wrenched place. Now stand aside before I decide to force my way past!" I interrupted with a yell.

"YOU DARE GIVE ORDERS TO THE JUDGE OF THE DAMNED!" Minos roared before he tried to hit me with a fist but I rolled to the side to avoid the attack.

"Bones." Elisa said causing me to look at her. "Is it okay to fight or is it a bad idea?"

"Do your worst," I said. causing rage and Elisa to charge in.

As soon as Rage and Elisa charged in we were met with an onslaught of Minos's tentacles bursting out of the ground trying to impale us, forcing the three of us run and dodge them which was pretty easy to do till finally they stoped. I then looked at Minos and saw him move backwards and began to suck in large amounts of air causing my eyes to widen in realization.

"Get on the wall!" I shouted before I made a jumping rune appear below me allowing me to jump and latch onto the wall.

I looked and saw the other two did what I did just before Minos moved forward while unleashing a scream creating a powerful wind that would have blown us into the abyss. I saw the mares were covering their ears from the scream but remained away from the fight. Once the attack ended Minos kept his head at ground level and was searching for us. I then jumped down along with Elisa and Rage. I saw Elisa pull out her guns and empty the magazines into Minos's left eye socket causing Minos to reel back and cup the wound while blood flowed tremendously fast from it. As Minos pulled back I then pulled out my sword and gestured for Rage to help me attack and attack we did, slashing at the bottom of Minos without mercy

Minos stopped nursing his wound from Elisa and got ready to unleash another scream but like before we jumped up onto the walls to avoid it like last time and once it was over Minos stood at his full height and summoned four hunchback human looking sentinels that looked to be starving and had a demented look in their eye sockets and were armed with swords.

I increased my power and used it to grab three of the sentinels that were closest to me. I brought them closer before I leapt high into the air and charged up as much power into my fist as I could and slammed it into the ground, unleashing a wave of holy magic that burned the sentinels. Rage then stepped in and slashed one across the waist before he struck at the next. But the sentinel blocked the attack while I dealt with the third who was charging at me. The sentinel took a swing at me but I dodged the attack, grabbed it's arm and pulled it behind it's back and thrusted my blade through the back of it's head before I pulled it out and let the body fall. When I looked at the others I saw they just finished up.

"I am well acquainted with your treachery!" Minos yelled as even more spiky tentacles shot from the ground but this time they were faster then the first attack.

Suddenly one of the tentacles burst out of the ground below Elisa but fortunately Elisa was able to dodge the attack but her shirt was sliced open on the front. She stared at the shirt in horror as if her favorite and cutest plush toy was ripped apart by someone before she looked at Minos with a face full of anger that didn't sit right with me. She drew Shi from off her back and held it out in front of her.

"Scream, Shi no sakebi." Elisa said in an even voice, which portrayed no emotion, as she ran her palm down the blade and I saw the katana transform into a scythe coated in black flames that reminded me of Death Fire, a power that's exclusive only to Deaths and Elisa's ripped shirt changed into a set of bandages that covered her chest. I then remembered the tentacles were still trying to skewer us so I refocused my attention on that. "Now remember this doesn't leave here okay?" Elisa said as she looked at us.

"What do you mean?!" I yelled as I managed to avoid getting impaled.

"This." Elisa said as she held a palm over her right eye. "Releasing restrictions, level five."

Suddenly I felt a massive surge in power come from Elisa and I saw she was using power from her Lich eye.

"You stupid idiot!" I shouted at Elisa but I doubt she could hear me.

Suddenly tentacles shot from the ground and headed towards Elisa, but when they got close they instantly evaporated which caused Minos to scream in pain once again. He reared back and brought his left arm down to try and squash us but since he couldn't see us he missed. After that he smashed his arm on the right side of the arena and drug it to the other side in another attempt to hit us.

"You slaughtered hundreds!" Minos roared as he brought his arm up to smash again but once again we dodged the attack easily .

After Minos did that he continued to smash the arena form the left side to the right and so on and after a minute of us dodging his attacks he tried to hit us with his open palm. Elisa twirled Shi around as she jumped up and dug the blade into his hand. When she did that he reared back and brought his arm high into the air, and when it was at it's arc she dislodged Shi from his arm and embedded it in his forearm. Doing this caused dark blood to spew forth from the wound.

"Virtue means nothing to you." Minos said as he brought his arm to his left side and then flung it open, causing Elisa to be sent flying sideways.

But Elisa stopped in mid air and jumped back at him and began to cut up Minos's face and hands like crazy till he went to let out another scream causing Elisa to drop to the ground to avoid it. Once Minos was done he tried to nurse the wounds and that's when I then saw Minos was exposed at the bottom. Rage must have seen it too because we were both running towards it and began to slash at it building up damage with each strike.

"Your weapon will never be returned to you!" Minos yelled as he summoned more minions, but this time it was four of those sentinels that we ran from before and two big brutes wielding swords which I saw were once humans who had made deals with devils and offered up their souls as payment.

One brute went for Elisa while Rage went for the sentinels leaving me with the demon. I decided I was not in the mood for this so I ran at the demon and dodged it's first attack and managed to leap over it and placed my blade at the front of his neck. While I had one hand on the handle and one hand on the blade and I was resting on the back of the demon I then pulled my arms forward and sliced the demons head from his shoulders and landed on the ground just as the body began to disintegrate and when I looked I saw the others were done before we regrouped.

"We need to end this," Elisa said just as Minos brought his arm down once more, crashing into the ground where we once stood. "Any ideas?!"

"I got one. Rage when I say you take out an arm," I said before I ran before Minos "You know Minos I was expecting more then this pitiful display. It appears you got old and lazy you slug," I said causing Minos to raise both his arms and slam them down on where I was. "Rage now!" I shouted causing Rage to put his blades together and form one massive burning blade which was almost as long as Minos's forearm.

"Here it comes say hello to my Battle Buster!" Rage shouted before he cut through Minos's left arm as if it was made of butter.

Minos's head fell to the ground and I took the opportunity to grab Minos's tongue and began to pull it towards the spiked wheel but Minos tried to crush me with his still good arm but I just kept dodging it and when I was close enough I impaled the tongue on the top spike before I looked at Minos.

"This is going to really...really hurt," I said before I stomped on the button that activated the wheel.

The wheel spun around and pulled Minos towards it and impaled his face and under his chin. The wheel momentarily stopped because Minos was pulling in the opposite direction but in the end the wheel won and shredded through Minos head, tearing away at anything that may have been inside before the rest of the body fell backwards revealing a set chains that led down into the circles below.

"I did say I'd rip your tongue from your throat," I said.

"Well that was fun and all," Elisa said as she whipped some of Minos's blood off her. "but how do we find your weapon now?"

"We keep descending," I said as I gestured to the chains.

"Did you have to kill him?" Celestia asked.

"He's not dead. Minos made a contract with a devil and used his soul as payment that landed him a position here. He can not die till he's worked off the debt, so give it a few minutes and Minos will be back sending souls to their circles once again. So I suggest we leave now," I said as I walked over to the chains and grabbed one before I descended into the darkness.

The way down wasn't long and I jumped from chain to chain till we reached the ground I looked and saw our surroundings were made up of a violent storm. We were on a bridge of some kind and going along the bridge were a pair of human statues arching over the bridge and were reaching out to one another.

"Bones what is this place!?" Rage shouted over the howling winds.

"The second circle in the inferno, Lust. Here you will find faces like Antonyand Cleopatra. Each one of them are now forced to be blown about by the winds of Lust," I said as I dodged a soul who was flying at me only for it to smash into a statue before it was carried off.

"Wow good thing Cadence isn't here otherwise she would be furious at those who are trapped here," Twilight said.

"Enough chit chat. We need to get moving." Elisa said with a serious expression and tone.

I gave a nod before I led the group across the bridge and saw a massive tower appear out of the storm. We arrived at the main doors and I opened them to see the demon Lust herself sitting on a lounging couch filing her nails.

"Hello Lust," I said grabbing the she-demon's attention.

"Oh shit not you again," Lust said before she tried to escape.

I let out a sigh before I turned into smoke, flew ahead of Lust and solidified in her path causing her to run into me and fall on her butt.

"Calm down Lust," I said.

"That a joke cause last time you were here you killed off the group," Lust said as she tried to crawl away from me.

"I just need you to open up a portal downward," I said.

"Downward as in you want to go lower into the inferno?" Lust asked as if I was crazy.

"Exactly," I said.

"But why?" Lust asked.

"That's none of your business," I said.

"All you need to know is that it is important that we get further down." Elisa said as she walked over to me.

"And if I decide not to help?" Lust asked with a smug grin.

"Hm I kill you here and now and walk trough this circle anyway cutting down anything in my path," I said wiping the smirk off Lust's face.

"Your a heartless bastard you know that," Lust said.

"Mm-hm just means that I won't show remorse with who I kill," I said while getting into Lust's face.

Lust then snapped her fingers before a portal appeared.

"That will take you down to the next circle," Lust said.

"Can't it go lower?" Rainbow asked.

"No nit-wit I can only make portals to go either up or down to the next circle you lot want to go lower you need to use your legs," Lust said as I stopped Rainbow from trying to land a hit on the demon for the nit-wit comment.

"Thanks for your help," I said.

"Just don't come back here again," Lust said before she left.

"I'll be honest, she was hot as hell. But she sure acted like a bitch." Elisa said before she paused. "Come on we need to go I'd like to get back as soon as possible so I can take a nap" she said as she walked through the portal yelling 'allons-y'.

I just sighed before I walked through the portal and appeared in a large area the ground was rocky but had plenty of hills. It was raining lightly but enough to make puddles on the ground and all around us I could see piles of food just sitting around while fat souls devoured as much as they could.

Certainly calmer then above but what is this place?" Rage asked.

"The third circle, Gluttony. Here are those that could never be satisfied in life but now they will be forever denied sanctification," I said.

"They're devouring the food like pigs," Nightmare said with disgust.

"Yeah don't seem to be a lot of punishing going on here," Applejack said.

"Oh they'll be punished however I'd rather not be here when that happens," I said. I was about to lead the group out of here when I saw Celestia staring at something. "Something you see?"

"Those damned, they're ponies," Celestia said as she pointed at a pile showing Equestrian pony souls eating away at the pile like there was no tomorrow.

"Wait a second, I recognize one of those guys. A Templar that goes by the name of Gold Mine. Ash assassinated him at the Masquerade Party before Hearths Warming," Rage said as he pointed to a soul drinking from a puddle as if he were a dog.

"What is he doing?" Rainbow asked.

I then held my hand out and let drops of rain land on it before I gave it a sniff.

"Smells like wine," I said.

"Fitting. There was a version of him in my world and he was a complete asshole, but I don't know what he was like here so I could be wrong. But still I don't see what the problem is." Elisa said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

"They are still my subjects Elisa," Celestia snapped at Elisa.

"A subject that made a wrong decision in life that ended with him being here. Besides you didn't honestly think the inferno was just for humans did you?" I asked.

"It's not Celestia. It's for every wrong doing creature, no matter the race. I don't give a rats ass if they were your subjects, your friends, or even a lover; if they are in the inferno it's for a good reason." Elisa added.

Suddenly a massive roar echoed around us that made the dammed souls stop eating and tremble in fear.

"What was that?" Luna asked.

"Punishment time we need to move," I said as I ran in a random direction.

"Bones the hell made that noise?!" Elisa yelled as she followed me, along with everyone else.

I leapt over a trench but suddenly I felt something grab my leg causing me to fall onto the ground before I started to get dragged when I looked I saw a pale yellow tentacle had grabbed me before I was lifted into the air and when I looked again I saw the source of the tentacle. It was a massive three headed worm like monster with four paws supporting it's body.

"Cerberus," I said to myself.

Cerberus's heads were devouring any unfortunate souls that were close to it. I struggled to loosen myself from the monster but it's grip was too strong it wasn't long before one of the heads noticed me and tossed me into it's maw as if I was a snack. Fortunately I managed to avoid Cerberus's teeth unlike the other souls but I slid too far and was sent sliding down the monster's gullet till I landed in his stomach face first in it's liquids. I looked around and saw many souls had been reduced to skin and bones while in here suddenly I heard screaming and saw both Elisa and Shi fall into more of the stomach liquids so I made my way over and coughed into my fist causing Elisa to whip her head around to face me.

"Not exactly a pleasant way down huh," I said as I offered Elisa my hand to help her up.

"No, especially when the tongue gropes your privates." Elisa said with a blush as she grabbed my hand.

Suddenly I hear screaming from above and before I could look something lands on me pushing me back into the liquid.

"Aw nasty are we in this thing's stomach?" I heard Rage's voice ask.

"Yes. Yes you are, and what happened to going with the girls!?" Elisa yelled.

Suddenly there was more screaming and before I knew it the weight on my back increased.

"Ok that...was so...not cool," I heard Rainbow say.

"So this is the belly of this vial beast," I heard Nightmare say.

"Hey can you lot continue your conversation after you get off me?" I asked as I tried to push myself out of the muck.

"Oh sorry Bones," Rage said as he and the others got off me except Rarity. "You too."

"But it's so...disgusting," Rarity said.

I then used my elbow to knock Rarity off me and into the liquids causing Rainbow, Applejack and Elisa to giggle while Luna looked around.

"The inferno can't get more horrible then this place," Luna said.

"Wanna bet?" I asked as I stood up and began to wipe off the sludge

"Well since everyone is here. We better go and find a way to kill this , least we become like them." Elisa said as she twirled Shi and stopped as she pointed her at a large collection of souls in another pool of the liquid.

"Relax fortunately this isn't the first time I've been eaten by this overgrown worm," I said

"Well then how and please don't tell me we don't have to use the back door," Rage said.

"Unfortunately we can't kill it like Elisa intended but yes there is a way out without being a pile of shit, come on," I said as I led the group through Cerberus's bowls till we arrived at a pulsing black organ.

"Is that what I think it is?" Elisa asked.

"Cerberus's black heart care to do the honors in destroying it?" I asked.

"I'd love to." Elisa said as she crouched before jumping up into the air. "Shi no surasshu!" she yelled as she spun around. When the blade started to slice into the heart the black flames that covered it started to spread onto the heart. I watched as she jumped back and landed right in front of us. "There that should do it."

"Oh I forgot to mention you all might want to hold your breath," I said.

"Huh?" Everyone asked.

Suddenly blood rushed out of the heart like a geyser washing us all away I allowed the current to wash us out of Cerberus's mouth and over some chains that were suspended over an abyss I managed to grab onto one and I saw the others had the same idea.

"Well that wasn't so bad," I said only to hear a roar come from Cerberus and when I looked up I saw him looking at us. "Crap."

Cerberus slammed his head against the chains shaking us off and sending us plummeting into the darkness.

I woke up to the sound of groaning metal and screaming so I opened my eyes and saw a large cavern ceiling above me. Suddenly the ground beneath me began to move and when I sat up I saw I was on a massive bronze gear and before I could do anything I fell backwards and onto a wheel belt full of souls and when I looked to where we were heading I saw souls going over the edge of the belt I then got up and jumped over the side and landed on a platform. I then looked and saw a large bowl filled with melted gold and the souls were being dropped into it. Suddenly the platform beneath me broke and I fell onto another gear. The gear began to move quickly and I saw another gear below me that would crush me if I didn't move so, crouching down, I leapt into the air and over the cog, fell to the ground and landed on my side with a groan. I looked around and saw massive piles of gold and I saw most of the group were sitting on the piles and rubbing parts of their bodies but I couldn't see Elisa anywhere.

"Good to see your all still alive," I said.

"You...you...you," Rarity said in an angry way as she approached me and as she did I noticed her fur had been coated in red.

"I what Rarity, but before you go blaming me one, there was no other way out and two, I had no idea Cerberus was going to upchuck us over the trench," I said as the others also approached.

"I have to agree with Bones this once if that was the only way out then so be it also we can't blame him for our fall either," Celestia said while her coat was also coated in red.

Rarity let out a sigh before I noticed Nightmare was looking upward.

"Something on your mind Nightmare?" I asked

"It's just that circle from before, it seemed like a harmless sin and yet the punishment is quite severe," Nightmare said.

"Those souls did more then just stuff themselves full of food Nightmare and it is a sin if they stole said food from others to satisfy themselves. But anyway tell me, have any of you heard of the saying hungry for power?" I asked causing everyone's heads to nod. "Well those that hunger for power to satisfy themselves will find a place in the circle above."

"Speaking of circles which one is this because there's more gold here then I can imagine," Rainbow said.

"This is the forth circle, greed. All the worlds treasure that's beneath the moon or ever was can not bring relief to these weary souls," I said as I watched a collection of souls being buried in gold coins.

Suddenly I hear a loud thunk beside me and I saw Shi was embedded in the ground. I then looked up and saw Elisa was on top of the machine and was fighting the zebra king from Elisa's world only he looked different. There were parts of his flesh that were ripped open as if his skin was too tight along with multiple puncture wounds all over his body which must have been remains of me killing him back at the empire. Besides his appearance the only things he had on him was a pair of raggedy shorts and a set of chains that went around his neck and under his arms.

"You okay Shi?" I asked the blade.

"Fine but I'm gonna have words with Elisa for dropping me like that," Shi said.

I looked back at the fight and saw Elisa and the zebra were now fighting beside a massive vat filled with molten gold and the king was missing both his arms suddenly Elisa walked over and grabbed the zebra by his chains and lifted him into the air before she stared at him, I recognized the ability as forcing the victims of this trick to feel the pain of the ones they hurt the zebra started screaming in pain for a few seconds before he went limp Elisa then dropped the body before she turned around to walk away but stopped when she saw me.

"What?" Elisa asked in an emotionless tone.

"Nothing but if your done playing with the damned we have five more circles to get through," I said.

"Well let's get going then." she said as she walked past me.

I walked over to the others and I saw Elisa pick up Shi and boy did Shi have much to say before I heard a massive roar echo around us.

"Don't tell me that was Cerberus or some other creatures trying to eat us," Twilight said.

"No that would be the dragons," I said calmly.

"Dragons?" Fluttershy squeaked.

"Yeah dragons who let their greed get the better of them but anyway let's go still got a journey ahead," I said.

I led the group beneath the machine and pulled a leaver that opened a hole down before I jumped in.

I fell into a dark forest and looked around and heard angry voices echoing through the trees and soon I was soon joined by the others.

"God it reeks of fury." Elisa said as she looked around.

"Wouldn't be surprised if it did after all this is the fifth circle Anger," I said.

"I cannot stand this place I can hear every word here being shouted at me urrgh it hurts," Rage said while clutching his head.

"Don't worry we just need to get out of this place," I said as I led the group through the forest till I saw a soul filled with golden cracks sitting on it's knees with it's arms wrapped around it as if it were cold and that's when I then realized it was a lost soul so I walked over to it.

Bones what are you doing?" Celestia asked but I didn't answer.

I stood before it and when it looked at me I grabbed it by the throat and looked into the souls eyes and saw this soul was a kind one. So with a bit of magic the soul glowed brightly before it disappeared.

"What was that all about?" Applejack asked.

"A lost soul. Sometimes rift's to the inferno open up by accident and it sometimes sucks in members of the living and when that happens the sentinels kill them. However since they haven't been sentenced by Death they become souls and can't move from where they die nor can they move on till, shall we say, a wraith intervenes and sends it to either heaven or Minos," I said.

"So that was-," Luna started.

"I was sending it off to meet God and his angels," I said before I led the group over to a black river. "The river Styx."

"The fools." Elisa said as she looked over the damned.

"Any ideas on how to cross?" Applejack asked.

I snapped my fingers and a small wooden boat rose out of the waters and at the bow was a lantern hanging off a long stick.

"All aboard those who can't fly," I said as I got on the boat.

"In that, I believe we would be safer swimming," Rarity said.

I leaned over the side of the boat, tore off a piece of my cloak and dropped it into the water. As soon as it touched it screams of anger echoed from the water and made the piece of cloth sizzle and disintegrate.

"Still want to swim?" I asked causing those that couldn't fly to shake their heads quickly "Then get in."

Not wanting to test my patience Applejack, Pinkie and Rarity got in the boat and I summoned a staff and pushed off the shore I steered us across the Styx while the others flew above I could tell the three that were in the boat with me were uncomfortable about being this close to the damned so I decided to ease their fears.

"There's an enchantment on this boat that prevents the damned from trying to attack us also even if they the did this river has a guardian that protects those that cross called Phlegyas and he was once a king in life," I said.

"Well that's reassuring," Applejack said.

"Oh, oh why don't we play eye spy first one to spot Phlegyas wins," Pinkie said.

"Really darling how are we to spot him if we don't even know what he looks like?" Rarity asked.

"Oh don't worry he's very hard to miss," I said.

We continued our path across the river till we made it to the other side and was met with a volcanic like area filled with fire, ruins, decaying skeletons all that typical stuff you'd expect in hell.

"Okay where are we?" Rainbow asked.

"We're on the boarders of the City of Dis, place called The Plains of The Titans. Long ago the city reached all the way out here that is until a great calamity from another world came and wrecked havoc through hell destroying everything in his path. Legend goes that just speaking his name is a bad omen," I said.

"He as in there was only one guy who did this?" Applejack asked.

"So what's his name?" Rainbow asked.

I looked around me just to make sure no one else was listening before I focused on the others.

"I don't know his true name but his title was 'The Slayer'," I said causing a giddy expression to appear on Nightmare, Luna and Elisa faces.

Suddenly Elisa lets out *squee* attracting everyone's attention.

"What's with the fan-girl crap?' Rage asked.

"I've heard of this guy and he was the main protagonist in my favorite game back when I was still human." Elisa said with a blush.

"He's a game character to what?" Rainbow asked.

"Doom," Luna and Nightmare said in sync before they looked at each other and giggled.

Suddenly I heard a humming sound of something powering up and that's when realization hit me like a train.

"Get down!" I shouted before I pushed everyone to the ground with my magic before ducking myself.

As soon as I hit the ground I heard an immense blasting sound above us and when it ended I looked up and saw the ruins above my waistline, if we were standing up, had been blown to dust and when I got up in a crouching position I looked for the source of the blast and saw a massive hulking demon with a cybernetic blaster instead of a right arm and other bits of metal scattered on it.

"Bones care to explain what that was for?" Celestia asked in a annoyed tone and clearly not aware of the new threat so I just pointed at the new demon who in response roared at us.

"A cyberdemon. Be lucky, Bones just saved your ass." Elisa said as she turned Shi back into a katana while looking at Celestia before looking at me. "You want to tag team him?" she asked.

"Why the hell not after all this guy and me have a score to settle from my first time here," I said with a grin.

"Okay then lets do this." Elisa said as she summoned a shotgun.

I drew my blade from my belt and rushed at the beast alongside both Elisa and Rage. The cyberdemon then used it's intact arm to send a wave of hell energy at us forcing us to dodge the attack. I then leapt onto a broken stone pillar and used it to leap at the demon and try and aim at his head but the demon activated the thrusters in his back and charged at me. Before I could do anything the demon hit me with his good arm sending me fling through a crumbling stone wall but I quickly got up and saw Rage was using his shotgun but it didn't seem to be having a serious affect on the demon even Elisa's shotgun was doing little damage. I then decided to pull out a gun of my own so I opened a portal and reached in and pulled out a multi barreled mobile turret.

I flicked a switch on the gun and the barrels extended outwards and in no time flat the gun let out a spray of bullets along with a roar from the gun. It was tearing through the demon really well but suddenly the gun stopped and I saw the barrels were red with heat. The demon noticed this too because he fired a barrage of missiles at me from his gun arm forcing me to dispel the massive weapon and take cover. Once the barrage ended I had a peek and saw Elisa and Rage decided to forgo with guns and try and take down the demon with their swords. The two were able to leave some serious damage on it and that's when I pulled an RPG out of a portal and aimed it at the demon. Once I had a clear shot I fired it at the demon and hit it right in the chest and once the smoke cleared I saw it's chest was a bloodied mess of exposed muscle and tissue but even that wasn't enough to stop him, instead it just pissed him off. The cyberdemon then plunged it's good arm into the ground and when it pulled it out a wall of rock shot out of the ground forcing me to dodge the attack but unfortunately the attack caused a wall behind me to fall on top of me pinning me beneath it. But before I could work on freeing myself the demon's laser cannon began to charge up like before while he aimed it me and just before the blast could be unleashed on me a familiar golden halberd with a sun etched on it struck the arm causing the arm to go quiet. Both myself and the demon turned to where the attack came from and saw Celestia, Luna and Nightmare were there and both Nightmare's and Luna's horns had an aura around them before they fired a magic blast at the demon hitting it in the face and causing it to stumble back a bit and fall to one knee.

"Take it out!" I shouted.

Rage answered my shout by appearing on the demons back with his shotgun but the demon had one last trick up his sleeve because several explosions went off on the demons back. I then remembered the demon had missiles in his back for taking on multiple enemies around him. Rage just got a face full of them but once the smoke cleared Rage was still on the demon's back and his shotgun seemed to be charged up.

"My turn," Rage said.

Rage released the trigger and with a massive demonic roar from the weapon a massive hole appeared in the cyberdemon's chest before it slumped the ground. Soon Elisa and the alicorns came over and got the wall off me.

"Thanks but I didn't know you cared Celestia," I said as I looked at the alabaster alicorn.

"I don't however I'd rather not be in your debt for saving us Bones," Celestia said.

"Well I say everything turned out well but you said you had a score to settle with that guy Bones. So what did you do to piss him off?" Rage asked as he come over while examining something in his hand.

"Long story but for the record I did nothing and finally what is that?" I asked as I gestured to the item in Rage's hand.

"Hm oh just a tooth I knocked out of our friend there," Rage said as he continued to examine it.

"I'm glad that you didn't cut his head off, but what do we do now?" Elisa asked as she stood up straight.

"We keep walking," I said.

"Can't we take a break?" Rainbow asked.

"Yeah I'm pooped," Pinkie said.

"Rest could mean death much sooner then you can blink we keep going," I said.

I led the group across the plains of ruin and came across several giant demonic corpses each one slain in a different way. Like one had several slashes and a hole in the forehead but it was as if someone did it from inside and leapt out of it. Soon we came to a wall that seemed impossibly high and before the wall was a deep moat of fire. Going over the moat was a single bridge that led to a set of thick iron doors that seemed to have seen better days.

*whistle* "Sure made this to last didn't they," Applejack said.

"Had to. This just goes to show how afraid the demons were of The Slayer when he was here," I said.

"So they built this to keep him out...Seems like overkill," Twilight said.

"Believe me when I say this guy was as tenacious as he was brutal," I said before I walked over to the massive doors and placed my hands on one and began to push but at first nothing happened so I had to dig deep and soon I managed to push the massive door open just enough to squeeze through. So I went in first and just managed to fit. "C'mon but fair warning it's a tight squeeze."

One by one the group squeezed through the gap till all that was left was Celestia and Nightmare but Celestia seemed to be having trouble getting through so now me, Rage, and Luna were pulling while Nightmare was pushing Celestia through the gap.

"I thought I told you to lay off the midnight snacks sister," Luna said as we pulled.

"But the cake had cream filling you know how hard it is for me to resist that," Celestia said.

"After we're out of this forsaken place I'm having Perfect Serve put you on a diet," Luna said.

"Not happening sister and in case you forgot I'm the eldest here," Celestia said.

"Well guess what sister I'm the queen," Luna said.

"Are the pair of you done cause if so we can get back to getting Sun-Butt here unstuck," Rage said.

"You'll pay for that later," Celestia said before we managed to pull her out of the gap.

"Alright Nightmare your turn," I said.

"I doubt I'll fair better then Celestia considering our figure is similar but alright," Nightmare said before she tried to come through but she also got stuck so I grabbed her and tried pulling to no avail.

"Ok I have an idea but it may be a little weird and uncomfortable," I said.

"As long as it get's me unstuck," Nightmare said.

I gave a nod and wrapped my arms under Nightmare's as if I was hugging her and placed a foot on the door for extra push and so using the strength in both my arms and leg I managed to pull Nightmare out in one pull but the end result was us rolling along the ground, Once it was over I regained my senses and saw Nightmare was on top of me and I was still holding her close.

"Um...thank you," Nightmare said with a blush.

"Oh uh...of course," I said as I realized it was about time I let go of her so I did.

Once we stood up I noticed we had an audience.

"Keep staring and I'll charge you 100 bits a second," I said causing them to snap out of their trance.

"So where are we now?" Luna asked.

"The City of Dis." Elisa said as she gave me three hundred bits.

"Close, this place is the combination of the City of Dis and The Tombs of Heresy

I looked around and saw thousands of towers around us. Each one made up of stone coffins and in the cracks of the coffins one could see fire flickering and hear the screams of those trapped inside.

"Who were all these souls?" Nightmare asked.

"Heretics one and all," I said.

"Hey, any idea what that thing is?" Rage asked as he pointed to a lonely coffin lying down in the middle of the path.

I looked closer and saw a small red and black imp with a long flexible tail and two horns made of flesh on it's head that curved backwards over it's head. The creature barely reached up to my knees and was sniffing around the grave.

"Follow me and quietly," I said as I went to take a path around the creature.

"Wait as in we should go around that thing I doubt he's that much trouble," Rage said as he began walk over to the creature.

"Rage I wouldn't do that," I warned.

"C'mon I'll be fine," Rage said as he walked over to the imp but I just sighed as I put in my earphones and began to play a song.


"Oh look at you ain't you cute you want a butt kicking little fella yes you do. Come on I'm gonna drop kick you to hurty town come on little gu-arggh," Rage said as if he was speaking to a baby but when he extended a hand in a way he was letting an animal sniff him the imp let out a small growl before it clamped down on Rage's fingers causing him to jump back in pain and land on his back. He then he got up and tried to shake the demon off. "Get off of me you little gremlin!"

Rage tried to shake the little terror off him but the imp was too quick and nimble for Rage and so it climbed onto Rage's head (luckily Rage was wearing his armour) before it wrapped it's tail around Rage's helmet and jumped onto the lonely coffin and began to slam Rage's head against it repeatedly.

"Ow, your scratching the helmet," Rage said before he managed to loosen himself from the imp.

As I watched the fight go on I couldn't help but laugh as Rage was being beaten around like a rag doll by the smaller creature and judging from the sounds the others felt the same way. It wasn't till the creature was on Rage's back and was trying to hurt him with its tiny fists that Rage landed a hit by quickly standing up, spinning around and hitting the creature with his forearm. But the imp wrapped it's tail around one of Rage's legs and tripped him onto his back before it began to hit Rage again. So I stepped in and introduced my boot to the imp's face and sent it flying into a flat rock. But it landed on all fours on the rock and sneered at me so I used my magic to make the rock fall forward and crush the imp beneath it. But the imp made a hole in the rock by jumping through it and growled at me before it jumped onto the coffin and ran at me. So I braced myself to take a swing at it but once I did it leapt onto my arm and crawled onto my other arm, so I shook it and it landed in front of me but the imp leapt over me and onto the coffin and charged at me but I hit it with my elbow stunning it before it could attack and with it stunned I punched it in the face forcing it skid across the floor. When it came to a stop, it growled at me but then Rage stood next to me with a heated rock in his hand.

"How about a snack ya little bastard," Rage said and just like that the imp charged with it's mouth wide open. "Catch!" Rage shouted as he tossed the rock at the imp which landed in it's mouth and went down it's throat. After two seconds the imp was running around like a headless chicken with smoke pouring from it's mouth till it ran out of sight. "Keep on running you filthy little hermit crab, that spicy meatball is on the house!" Rage shouted as he pounded on his chest twice.

I looked at the others and saw they were watching the both of us but Elisa seemed to be staring off into space.

"What was that cause Rage had his butt handed to him," Rainbow snickered causing Rage to growl.

"An imp the most annoying little pest's in hell," I said.

"So that wasn't a demon?" Nightmare asked.

"No those little bastards like to pick off pieces off damned souls whenever they find them," I said.

Suddenly the ground began to tremble violently causing us all to collapse and for the ground to fall away leaving a dark abyss in it's place before the shaking stopped.

"I didn't know Hell had earthquakes," Luna said.

"It doesn't, that was the Harrowing of Hell. Christ's death forever shakes this place," I said.

"So what now the way forward is gone," Applejack said.

"Not necessarily for you see we just need to go down," I said.

"And how do you purpose we get down?" Celestia asked.

"Oh lord in heaven do I need to spell it out to you?" I asked as I walked to the edge and looked at the others. "We jump."

"Okay that's just crazy," Rage said.

"Most of you have wings to carry others remember and if it's height your worried about don't sweat it's a lot further down then it looks," I said as I jumped backwards while doing a spin and began to plummet face first into the dark and after a few seconds I began to lounge on my back while I fell "I AM STILL FALLING," I shouted back to the others.

"REMEMBER TO FALL WITH STYLE!!" I heard Elisa yell after me.

I fell for a solid 10 minutes before I saw the ground coming up quickly so I reached out to the shadows and created a pair of wings to slow my decent before I landed on the ground gently. When I looked around I saw I was on a shore before a river made of blood and I could feel intense heat coming from it. I also saw large statues standing or were partly submerged in the heated blood and finaly, also in the river, were damned souls screaming in agony suddenly. I hear something land behind me and I turn to see the others had joined me but everyone besides Rage and Elisa were staring at me in awe.

"What?" I asked.

"You...have...wings," Nightmare said.

"Oh," I said before I made made my wings vanish. "It's a spell I use when I need to fly."

"So what circle is this?" Rarity asked clearly disgusted by the river.

"The seventh circle, Violence. Here are the souls that did violence against others and now they are left to be boiled in the blood they have shed. Here you'll find souls like Alexander the Great, Xerxes, Hitler, Attila and countless more," I said.

"These souls seem worse off then the ones in The Styx," Luna said.

"As they should after all these were the kings of bloodshed," I said.

"Any ideas on how to cross?" Celestia asked

I responded by clapping my hands together and placing them on the ground and soon a massive bridge appeared out of the river.

"God knows we should be in here." Elisa said as she looked to Rage.

"No kidding. You, me and Ash probably spilled enough blood to fill this river a hundred times over during our years," Rage said.

"I just prey we don't find him among them," Luna said sadly.

I led the group onto the bridge and walked across it many of the group stared at the river probably hoping they don't see Ash among the damned.

"I don't believe it," Rage said while looking over the right side of the bridge.

"What is it Rage?" Celestia asked.

Rage simply pointed into The Bloody Phlegethon and when we went to look I saw what looked like a small village standing in the river.

"Is that...Sunny Town?" Rainbow asked.

"You all know what that is?" I asked.

"Yes we do. Ash sent this place here after we saved a mare and her daughter from the town." Elisa said as she looked at the town in pure hatred and the others had slimier expressions.

"Must have done something really bad if they got under your skin or fur," I said.

"Oh believe me they did," Rage said.

"We'd better keep moving cause I'd rather not be standing over a river of boiling blood," I said.

I led the group across the bridge and soon made it to the other side where we came to another set of woods I don't feel comfortable entering.

"Something wrong Bones?" Rarity asked.

"It's these woods...I can't stand them," I said.

"Why what's wrong?" Luna asked.

"You'll understand once we enter but you must listen to me when I say that you need to stay on the trail and be mindful of what you touch," I said causing the group to nod before we entered.

"So Bones," Elisa started.

"Hm?" I hummed.

"How strong would you say you are?" Elisa asked.

"I guess that would depend on how you see me. Example emotionally I'm not good with expressing myself because I'm not in total sync with my emotions but physically, well you saw me push open that massive door in the city why do you ask?" I asked.

"Oh, well I'd just like to know where you stand in the terms of power." she said with a shrug. "I'd like to know how strong you are at full power and what destruction you can cause."

"Well if you want to be specific I'm basically the one that deals with rouge wraiths and by dealing with them I mean kill them. A regular wraith is said to be unbeatable in a mortal world but they can't stand fire. As for me I have all of a wraiths strengths and more but no weaknesses, not including soul steel. As The Hand of The Reaper it is my job that no life leaves the world before it's too soon. I don't always succeed in this Elisa because there is only one of me. As for destruction I could bring down an empire just by snapping my fingers and in a few days said empire will be reduced to nothing but ruins and a graveyard," I said.

"Oh," she said looking saddened.

"Something wrong?" I asked.

"It's just that you are so much weaker than I had hoped for and I really wanted someone to fight!" Elisa said.

"Don't sell me so short Elisa not sure if anyone told you this but never underestimate your opponent till you actually fight them," I said.

"I know, it's just when I release my level zero restriction I have the power to destroy an entire planet with one of my ceros." she said as she opened her right hand and a ball of blood red energy appeared.

"Elisa, I need you to listen to me. What you have in your eye is not something to be used when you have little to no control over it. I can tell just by looking at you that you haven't had it for very long and that is dangerous. The power is rebellious and growing stronger with each second you leave it and that is what creates the most dangerous of beings to exist. You need to understand control before you release anymore levels then number five because when you unleashed four you almost lost yourself," I said.

"I have no idea what your going on about. These restriction levels were placed on me by my wife after the changeling invasion in my world." she said as she brought her hand to her side. "The litch eye has nothing to do with it. Hell the damn thing just makes me intimidating as I can easily overpower it's influence because the one thing that I can't stand and will not stand for is when someone fucks with me or the things I care about," Elisa said

"If you think that's the case you are more foolish then I thought. You may not see it now but you will. The eye want's you to think your winning and once you think you've silenced it, the eye will destroy you for it loves nothing more then to crush hope and leaving despair in it's wake and once it's done with you it will go after and destroy everything around you. Take it from someone who has seen it countless times," I said.

"If you say so." she said dismissively. "By the way I'm sorry for punching you back on the ship. I was totally in the wrong for it."

"It's cool I understand Shi is important to you," I said when suddenly I hear a snapping sound come from behind causing me to spin around and see Rainbow holding a branch in her hand.

"She did it," Rainbow said while pointing at Applejack which in turn earned a scowl from the mare.

"Why must you break me haven't I suffered enough?"

"Who's there?" Celestia called out to the forest.

"I am here among the bark,"

I looked around and saw what looked like a body made of wood leaning against the tree but the body looked to be a female pony of Equestria.

"Bones this is no normal forest is it?" Rage asked.

"No this place is the Woods of Suicide where those that have done violence against themselves are left to be punished," I said.

"Punished for taking their own life?" Nightmare asked.

"Life is a precious gift given to souls and when that soul destroys it's own life Minos judges it to this circle where it sprouts and shoots up like a sapling no bod only the pain of what had killed them," I said as I place a hand on the tree. "This one was placed here two day ago after she slit her own throat."

"It is true I couldn't take being raped constantly by the caribou and so I...*sob* *sob*," the soul said but no tears fell from the now wooden eyes of the soul. "I lost so much to them I just wish I could take it back.

I saw Celestia approach the soul before she knelt down and embraced the wooden body in a hopeless attempt to bring it comfort. I heard some sobbing among our group and I saw Elisa and Rage's fists were tightened to the point their fingernails would split their skin, hell even I was as angry at the caribou for causing this mess.

"This is not right surly there is something we can do. This mare doesn't deserve this not after what happened to her," Luna said.

"I couldn't agree more with you even if I tried. In fact I distaste this place just as much as you all here do but sadly that's how this damned place works," I said.

"Here young one." Elisa said in a surprisingly motherly voice and she walked over the the soul and placed her hand on the bark. A second later the tree started to dissolve and disappear. "Now be free." She said as the tree was finally gone, before bringing her arm to her side.

"Elisa you-," Celestia started.

"Sent her to Heaven. It's our fault for being here so long and not up there freeing them." She said with a sad smile as she looked at where the tree once was before turning away and facing the group. "Now let's hurry and get that weapon."

Suddenly a massive roar rings through the trees which was so loud it forced us to halt dead in our tracks.

"Aw shit I knew this was gonna happen," I said as I tried to move my feet but couldn't.

"What's going on and why can't we move?" Celestia asked.

"Elisa freed one of the damned, surly you all know that something like that doesn't go unnoticed by the guy who runs this place. Now we're in for it," I said.

"Shit sorry! Thought he wouldn't notice." Elisa said as she drew Shi from her back.

"Forget it cause if I'm being honest with myself, if you didn't do it I would've," I said when suddenly a massive beast came charging in through the trees and roared at us.

"Bones, ideas now!" Elisa yelled.

"No idea!" I shouted while struggling to move.

The demon let out another roar before slamming both his arms on the ground before he walked over to us and kneels down and stares at them one by one in the eyes leaving them to collapse to the ground in some kind of a trance finally the demon marched over to me and stared into my eyes leaving me with a feeling of dizziness and I saw the demon walk away just as feeling of movement returned to my body soon the dizziness wore off and I stood on my own before I glared at the demon which had stopped and slowly looked back at me.

"You know I could use a punching bag about now for all the pent up anger I've got. So do me a favor and stay still so I can take out my frustrations," I said while cracking my knuckles.

The demon roared and several smaller demons appeared from behind the trees. So I growled at the demons before I decided to play some music to get me in the mood and decided to use a double barreled shotgun that's designed to shoot Soellkraft 8 Gauge Shells. I then placed the shotgun on my side for later before I cracked my knuckles.


As soon as the song began to play a demon charged at me but I stepped backwards and let him pass me before I grabbed him by the arm and ripped it off and began to strangle him with it. Once I did I saw a demon charging at me with his head lowered in an attempt to impale me on his horns but I managed to stop him with one hand before I grabbed one of his horns and ripped it off. I spun it around and jammed it through the demon's right eye. I then spun around and delivered a kick to another demon who was sneaking up on me and knocked him to the ground. I then placed my boot on his chest and grabbed his legs before I ripped off his lower section and used it to hit another demon. I saw three demons charging at me so with a snap of my fingers I made dark tendrils pick them up and rip the demons apart limb from limb. I then moved my head backwards to avoid being slashed b a demons claws before I kicked the demon in the chest knocking him onto his back before I punched him in the face, shattering the head. I kicked another demon only in the side of his knee shattering the limb before I kicked the head off with the soul of my boot and as the song went on so did the thinning of the demon ranks, till finally all that was left was the big guy and me. The big demon seemed scared of me so I ran at him and leapt at him and knocked him onto his back before I put fresh shells in the shotgun and wedged it into the demon's mouth. The demon gave me a pleading look and shook his head slightly but I just pulled the trigger blowing the head apart leaving only the lower half of the head intact and when I looked back at the others I saw that some were staring at me in shock while others were just coming out of their trance.

"Holy Hell," Rage said as he looked around at the remains.

"Rage you and I both know there's no such thing," I said as I sent the shotgun away and folded my arms across my chest.

"Sweet mother of me what happened here!?" Celestia asked as she recovered from her trance and saw the surrounding area.

"Forgive the mess had a lot of pent up anger I needed to vent," I said.

"No kidding, you practically butchered them," Rage said.

"Enough about me what happen to you lot?" I asked causing everyone to avoid everyone's gaze.

"We...we saw our greatest failures," Twilight said.

I looked around and saw Elisa was still out of it so I walked over to her and saw the enchantment was gone but she was blocking everything out like she didn't want to come out.

"Hey Elisa kinda need you to wake up here," I said as I tried everything from shaking her to slapping her across the face.

"What's up?" Rainbow asked.

"Elisa's locked herself in her head. What ever that demon showed her must have really gotten to her," I said as I picked her up and placed her on my shoulders.

"What now?" Luna asked.

"Now we get out of here and hope we don't run into anymore sentinels or demons as we do," I said as I began to lead the group out of the forest.

We walked through the haunting trees and saw more members of Equestria much to the sadness of the princesses. Once we were out, we were met with a vast desert where ruins were scattered about and I even saw the wreck of an old tall ship with an old rusted plaque on the bow the words were almost faded however I could still make them out which said The Flying Dutchman.

"No way," Rage said after I read the plaque.

"You know this ship Rage?" Celestia asked.

"Every sailor worth his salt knows this ship. Long ago the captain of this ship Hendrick van der Decken wanted to go out to sea however a storm prevented him from leaving and it was also Easter Sunday but Decken wouldn't have it. So he spat at God before he declared loud and proud 'If I shall not sail with god then I shall sail with the devil' and so on Easter Sunday morning Decken sailed however the skies became black and the storms battered against his ship but in a flash of lightning the ship disappeared. On that day it is said Decken became cursed to sail the seas for eternity, never allowed to rest. As time went on many people claim to have seen the ship, old and weary, simply drifting in a fog with a ghostly crew on board," Rage said.

"So it's basically a ghost ship," Rainbow said causing Rage to sigh.

"Yes Rainbow a ghost ship, way to sum it up but why it's here is beyond me," Rage said as we resumed our walk.

"Well the story is pretty accurate Rage but what you don't know is that God cast the ship down here for disrespecting his son's day of resurrection and in doing so he had harmed god. So Decken and his crew were sent here and will sometimes return to the land of the living to sail the waters before being dragged back down here," I said.

"Harm, so we're still in the seventh circle?" Twilight asked.

"Indeed, the Abominable Sands. Here are those who did violence against God," I said as I felt something on my foot and when i looked down and lifted my leg I saw a decaying skeletal arm had grabbed me. I gently shook my leg free before I crouched down and used my magic to wipe away the sand revealing a soldier clad in third crusade armour causing me to shake my head.

"What kind of souls will we find here?" Nightmare asked.

"Those that went to war in gods name like this guy. Ones that have disrespected god in the worst ways, even Necromancers," I said as I stood up.

"Necromancers!" everyone shouted.

"Mm-hm they disrespected God by toying with his most sacred gift, life," I said.

"I fear the more I know about this circle the more certain Ash is in it," Luna said causing Rage to place a hand on her shoulder in comfort.

"Well I cannot say for certain but if Ash is even half as good as you all claim he is, he may not even be in the inferno but as I said I cannot be certain," I said as I led the group through the sands.

"So any idea on where your weapon is?" Applejack asked.

"I'm glad you asked for you see it's somewhere around here," I said.

"Great any ideas on where to look?" Rainbow asked.

"I can sense it out so just follow me and I'll find it," I said.

I led the group through the sands following the call of my weapon till we came to a wide area filled with countless weapons and off to the side was a rectangular stone block with my Death Weapon resting against it. I set Elisa down before I walked over to the katana and picked it up and felt a massive rush of power enter me.

"That it?" Rage asked.

"Yes this is my Death Weapon Hingure or in the English translation Nightfall," I said.

"Interesting name," Nightmare said.

"I found it appropriate. Most of humanity use the word for the coming of the night and some use it for the end of something, say the year or perhaps a life heck some even say it's darkness," I said.

"Darkness...well I can't have that know can we."

I was about to look around for the source of the voice when suddenly the middle of the area began to bulge before it burst leaving behind some kind of monster. The creature's lower half was black and it had feet with thin yellow claws on the ends of its toes. Its upper half was a grey like blue with cracks in the chest and claws on its hands, two upward curved horns sprouted out of its forehead and its eyes were magenta in the white’s area and yellow with slitted pupils. The head was equestrian for sure and the creature had spiky silver grey hair on top of his head and also I saw parts of it's body were rotting.

"Moloch!" everyone but Nightmare and myself screamed.

"So you remember me I should feel honored," the figure said.

"Friend of yours?" I asked.

"Defiantly not this...monster. Moloch is the head of a cult called the Radiant Dawn created to worshiping Celestia who are also responsible for the death's of hundreds of Thestals, kidnapping Luna, Pip and Midnight, starving Pip for days and torturing Ash. They also planed to sacrifice Luna and Midnight to Celestia," Rage said.

"Wow now I'm beginning to understand on why Celestia was worried about those ponies worshiping Ash," I said.

"Worshiping the beast of the Night Mare just how low has Equestria sunk since my death," Moloch said.

"The world is better off without you in it Moloch," Celestia said scornfully even more so when she's talking to me which begs the question how much does she hate this guy.

"Your Immortal Shining Majesty even if it's with scorn your voice fills me with warmth," Moloch said.

"Is this guy for real?" I thought.

"Now if her Grace will step aside it appears I have two Night Mares to rid you of," Moloch said before he disappeared.

Everyone but me scrambled around to find Moloch but I was well aware of where he was. He was moving so fast it was impossible to find him but for me I was looking for the tiniest changes in our surroundings like a sword vanishing or rocks falling from old walls, even if the sands were disturbed and when it was time I jumped in front of Nightmare and held my blade defensively and managed to block Moloch's attack while my sword was still sheathed.

"Sorry pal but I've kinda grown to like Nightmare's company, so killing her will only happen if you get past me," I said as I raised my knee into Moloch's stomach before I hit him in the face with the bottom of my scabbed forcing him to stumble back while holding his face. "Rage grab Elisa and take the mares. Head that way till you come to a massive hole with three waterfalls while I take care of this," I said as I gestured to a direction.

"Bones this guy is not some average guy he-," Rage started.

"I'm aware of what he is I can practically smell it but you seem to forget what I am, besides I don't need to beat him just keep him busy," I said

"Alright," Rage said as he picked up Elisa and left with the others.

"You believe a little distance will save the Night Mares from me?" Moloch asked.

"You are not much of a threat to me down here I bet even if I was blind I could take you," I said.

This seemed to anger Moloch because he rushed at me in a blind rage his very presence was like a battlefield what with the demon part of himself fighting against whatever was left of his mortal self, if both sides of him were working together against me this would be bad for me. I dodged Moloch's swing and placed the tip of my scabbed in the sand and dragged it along as I dodged again when he attacked as I dodged his attacks I read Moloch's sins like a book along with his life story. I discovered he had always admired Celestia and if anyone had disrespected her he would have them punished even made a cult to worship her. But when Luna returned he feared she would overthrow her and that made him angry and that anger only grew as more alicorns appeared. I read everything all the while I kept dodging his attacks.

"Stop moving!" Moloch roared.

"Why?" I asked smugly.

"You have a sword so why don't you fight back!?" Moloch roared.

"I don't draw my sword on trash like you. I mean you wouldn't be able to even cut a log in two, even if it was stuck in the ground," I taunted.

"Then how do you expect to beat me?" Moloch asked as he took a break from his attacking.

"I don't need to beat you remember, but trap you on the other hand," I said after I stepped backwards and dragged my sword across the ground in front of me completing the circle that went around Moloch.

"When did you-?" Moloch started.

"As you were attacking me I dragged my sword in the sand making this," I said as as I clapped my hands together and placed them on the circle causing a purple rune circle to appear before several chains leapt at Moloch and captured him. "Now that your taken care of I bid you adieu."

I walked away from Moloch and placed my blade on my left shoulder and watched a strap appear around my torso holding he weapon in place and soon I caught up with the others and saw they were staring into the hole I mentioned.

"You're alive!" Nightmare cheered when she saw me before she rushed at me and hugged me tightly.

"I'm fine but not exactly alive remember," I said before Nightmare released me but smiled at me.

"So what happened to Moloch?" Rage asked causing me to look at him and saw the mane 6 were giggling at something but I decided to ignore it.

"He's been dealt with now onto the next circle," I said.

"So more free falling?" Rage asked.

"Yep should be an opening in the wall down there somewhere so eyes peeled," I said.

The ones who couldn't fly were picked up by the ones who could before they dived into the hole and I followed them and as we fell I felt a presence behind me and when I looked I saw Moloch was flying after us.

"Your not getting away!" Moloch yelled

"Oh so you want a piece of us on the way down huh fine by me," I said as I created my wings.

I then flew up and hit Moloch in the face sending him into a spin but he flew back at me and hit me in the chest sending me into the wall. I managed to recover and saw him fly at Nightmare again but I flew at him and before he could hurt her I pushed him into the wall and held his head against it causing his face to drag against the wall. He elbowed me in the chest knocking me off him.

"You will not stop me," Moloch said.

"Wanna bet?" I asked as I drew Hingure with my left hand revealing a soul sucking black blade with silver running along its back.

Moloch charged at me but I flew upwards dodging his attack and sliced off his wings in one swing causing him to scream in pain.

"Bones the opening!" Twilight yelled as she pointed to the opening in the wall before she and the others flew towards it.

"No!" Moloch yelled as he tried to attack the others but I turned him to face me.

"You're not going anywhere Moloch now stay and burn," I said.

"You-," Moloch said before I kicked off him and went for the opening leaving Moloch to plummet, screaming into the darkness.

I flew into the opening and landed on the edge before I looked into the darkness before I gave a snort then I looked at the others.

"I thought you said you took care of him?" Rage said.

"I did but if you thought I killed him news flash if he's here then he's already dead," I said.

"I'm curious as to why he was cast into that desert I thought it was reserved for those who did violence against god," Rarity said.

"Isn't Faust a god for creating Equestria?" I asked causing everyone to look at each other. "Think about it, Gods create and rule over worlds. Faust created Equestria so she is labeled as a god and since you alicorns are her children that technically make you gods also and since Moloch tried to kill one of you that earned him a place back there," I said

"So what'll happen to him?" Rainbow asked as she looked into the hole.

"No idea anyone who fell in hasn't come back to tell the tail," I said.

"So now that you have your sword back Bones I believe it's time we left," Celestia said.

"Agreed you all might want to huddle up for this next part," I said as I tapped my foot on the ground twice.

Suddenly the area around us changed to an icy tundra causing everyone but me to huddle up for warmth.

"Where are we?" Celestia asked over the cold wind.

"The lowest circle in the inferno, Treachery. Here are traitors of all kinds much like the Fallen Angel Lucifer," I said.

"You mean that pile of black feathers is here?" Rage asked in anger.

"Judging by your tone I say you have a bad history with him," I said.

"Damn right in fact we all do," Rage said causing everyone to nod.

"Wait a second Bones we passed through eight circles I thought there were nine," Twilight said.

"There are nine however we skipped one because I teleported us down here the one we missed was Fraud which is the one above," I said.

"If you had the power to do that why did we walk through hell in the first place?" Rainbow asked angrily.

"Without Hingure my power is restricted Rainbow. I couldn't activate 85 percent of my power without it but now that it's in my possession again I'm a lot strong-," I started before I caught wind of something.

"Bones what is it?" Nightmare asked.

"There are two living souls nearby *sniff**sniff* and one of them oddly smells like you three," I said as I gestured to the alicorn siblings and Nightmare.

"They must be Equestrians," Celestia said.

I followed my nose through the icy area and saw many souls trapped in the frozen walls and ground till we came to a wall and I saw beast like sentinels made of ice clawing at a wall. I gave a sharp whistle getting their attention and causing them to growl at me. So I reached for Hingure and pulled it out slightly causing the beast's to shrink back and run away.

"What was that all about?" Luna asked.

"They were just realizing who the alpha here is," I said as I sheathed my blade.

I walked over to the wall and tapped on it discovering it to be hollow so I drew Hingure and slashed at in an X pattern. I placed the tip of my katana in the centre of the X and pushed it in causing the wall to crack and shatter revealing a cave. I then summoned my soul lantern and sheathed Hingure before I walked inside the frozen entrance with the others following me. I kept my eyes on my surroundings till I saw an orange light reflecting off the walls. I stepped deeper into the cave but my foot hit a loose chunk of ice and sent it skidding across the ground causing the sound to echo around the cave. Suddenly a crimson bolt of energy flew out of a passage on the right side of the cave before it ricocheted off the wall and flew at us causing us to move to either side of the cave to avoid the blast.

"Well someone doesn't like to be disturbed," Rage said.

"Look whoever's down there we mean you no harm so can you not shoot at us?" I asked causing another bolt to fly past.

"Stay back unless you want to be turned into a jackalope," a voice called which sounded male.

"Wait a second I know that voice, Discord is that you?" Fluttershy called causing many of the group to stare in shock.

"F-Fluttershy?" the voice called again.

"We're coming down," I announced as I led the group further into the tunnel.

We walked down the side path and followed the orange glow till we came across a camp fire with two occupants sitting beside it. One was a male Draconequus with a white goatee and also seemed to have a resemblance with Eris and wore a mismatched business suit. The other occupant was a white furred female alicorn with a crimson mane and she wore a white shirt and amber jacket along with a pair of jeans.

"Mother, Discord!" Celestia and Luna shouted as they ran over to hug the two.

"What's happening?" I asked.

Family members," Rage said as he and the mane 6 walked over to the alicorn and Draconequus leaving me with Nightmare Moon who was looking at the other alicorn nervously.

"Well that explains a lot," I said.

"It's wonderful to see your all safe but why are you here and why is Elisa here and unconscious?" the alicorn asked.

"She came to help us against the caribou but then we came down here to help a wraith named Bones find a fancy sword. While we were down here Elisa got attacked with some magic from a demon that showed us our biggest failures but-," Pinkie said in one breath.

"Whoa whoa slow down, a wraith, who is this Bones?" the alicorn asked causing the group to point at me and Nightmare.

"Oh please tell me Dream Cather is just pretending to be Nightmare Moon and that she wasn't possessed b a demon again," Discord asked.

"Actually Nightmare here is with us. You see after I was ahem cleansed by the elements of harmony, Nightmare Moon was ripped from my very being and given a body of her own. She's been living on her own till our hooded friend found her and brought her to safety from the caribou and during our short period of time I've come to accept her as Ash accepted Rage," Luna said.

"So I see and you must be Bones correct?" the alicorn asked.

"Indeed and I presume you are uh...Faust, the maker of Equestria," I said.

"Correct now tell me why did you bring my daughters along with a handful of my civilians down to this place and why are you with them in the first place?" Faust asked in a stern tone.

"Ok first I didn't want them to come but they are a persistent lot and secondly we have a common enemy Diann, King of The Caribou," I said calmly.

"I'm listening," Faust said.

I then gave both Faust and Discord a brief rundown on what I was and what was happening and when I finished I waited for Faust to speak.

"It appears Diann and his sons have much more to answer for then I thought but in the mean time I owe you my thanks for aiding my little ponies in this dark moment," Faust said while I just nodded.

"Mother I do not wish to be rude but why were you hiding in this cave?" Celestia asked.

"We weren't as much as we were imprisoned in here K.K. We tried as hard as we could but there was just no way of getting out of here till our undead buddy here opened the way," Discord said as he patted me over the head annoyingly.

"Discord I told you not to call me that," Celestia said.

Soon the two started bickering and I saw Faust pinch the bridge of her muzzle in annoyance.

"Do these two squabble from time to time," I asked Luna.

"More then you think," Luna said.

I gave a nod before I gave out a sharp whistle that caused everyone to cover their ears because of our surroundings.

"Now that I have your attention can we leave. I'm pretty sure many here are freezing their tails off so how about you lot argue when we leave," I said.

I then led everyone out of the cave and into the cold. Now, unlike the other circles, this one was the largest and the easiest to get lost in but I managed to get us to the very centre of the circle which was a massive frozen lake surrounded by massive blocks of ice.

"Now what?" Applejack asked.

"I just need to unlock the portal out of here," I said as I looked around the the frozen lake and found a slot.

I drew Hingure from my back and inserted the blade into the slot before I turned it causing the ice to rumble and a bright light appeared in the centre of the lake. When we walked over to it I saw the gardens where we first entered the inferno.

"Time to go but only one can pass through at a time so make it fast cause once it's closed it can't be opened for another year," I said causing everyone to start entering.

First it was the mane 6 then Elisa then the princesses and just as Nightmare was about to go through there was a massive explosion of ice sending the rest of us flying backwards and onto our backs I managed to recover my senses quickly and heard the sound of footsteps and when I sat up I saw a figure dressed in black and gold roman centurion armor he had short black hair and a rough face and a pair of eyes that told me everything i needed to know about this guy...trouble.

"Lucifer!" Rage shouted.

"Geeze how many lives do you know in this dump?" I asked no one in particular.

"Ah Burning Rage I thought I could smell the scent of vengeance and I can see you were kind enough to open the portal to escape this place for me," Lucifer said.

"If I were you Lucifer I'd get lost before this get's nasty," I said with a growl.

"Ignorant speck you dare threaten me," Lucifer spat as he summoned a blazing whip and attacked me with it forcing me to dodge it so the whip hit the frozen ground causing it to explode throwing me a fair distance from the portal

Lucifer then used the whip to lash out at the others causing them to dodge and the same thing happened with the ground.

"Lucifer stop this now have you not learned your lesson," Faust growled.

"Oh I have learned much while I've been imprisoned here Faust and in that time I've made an important decision I believe it's time for a change in management. This portal will send me back to heaven where I will kill god and take his place before I destroy that half breed's brat Midnight Star," Lucifer said.

Hearing the words destroy and Midnight had set me off because one of the things I will not forgive is someone planing to harm a young and innocent child. So I pulled out my shadow blade and turned it into a whip before I flung it at Lucifer wrapping it around his neck before I flung him into the ground and dragged him around me till I had my back to the portal and Lucifer was in front of me.

"You lot get out of here I've got Lucifer," I said

Not wanting to argue the group nodded and took off while I turned to face Lucifer.

"It is clear you are not a mere mortal," Lucifer said.

"Damn right I'm not," I said as I charged at him.

Lucifer then flung his whip at me sending me flying towards a wall but I dug my fingers into the ground and managed to slow myself down. Suddenly the ground beneath me was pushed upwards so I pushed off the ice stack before anymore damage could be done and onto a wall before I slid down it.

"I grow weary of this game," Lucifer said as he summoned several bright glowing orbs around him.

The orbs then fired laser beams at me forcing me to dodge them while sliding down the wall. When I reached the floor, I slid under another blast before I leapt into the air. I drew Hingure from my back and slashed at his eyes forcing him to scream in pain while covering his face. I landed behind Lucifer and made a beeline for the portal.

"Later Lucifer I'll be sure to drop in again so we can finish this," I said.

"No!" Lucifer shouted as he sent a blast of magic at me but he missed me entirely.

I jumped into the portal and in a flash of light I was sent tumbling across the ground in the Aephoceria gardens before I stood up and saw the others were staring at me before I saw the portal was still open and Lucifer was on a war charge for it. I then twirled Hingure around before I slashed at the portal closing it just before Lucifer could leave.

"Damn you all!" Lucifer shouted as the portal closed leaving me to collapse on my back with a sigh before my body changed back into a wolf.

Chapter 14 Bonding Time and Memories of The Moon Princess

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I woke to the sight of my bedroom ceiling and sat up while stretching my limbs out. I let out a yawn as I looked around and saw Nightmare was missing so I just gave a shrug. it's been a few days since our trip into the bowls of hell and Rage and I have been working on liberating small towns in Equestria while we wait for Elisa to wake up. So I got up and got changed and walked out of my room and down the hall heading for the training arena because I wasn't really needed at breakfast. So I just decided to go set up the training area while I wait. A few minutes after I arrived and set everything up both Nightmare and Faust arrived.

"Morning you two," I said.

"Oh hello Bones," Nightmare greeted.

"So what brings the both of you here?" I asked.

"We ran into each other in the hallways and I'm truly thrilled to have another daughter," Faust said with a giggle.

"Daughter?" I asked.

"Indeed I was just as shocked too," Nightmare said

"But with how Ash and Rage accepted each other as brothers and Luna doing the same, I suppose it's only logical for me to call her my daughter," Faust said.

"Well congrats, I guess. Oh and by the way Faust I've been meaning to ask out of curiosity how are you coping in being back after a year and in this place no less?" I asked

"It's not my first banishment Bones but I'm absolutely thrilled. It truly warms my heart to see life being breathed back into this place. I'm just shocked Ash and Rage were restoring this place right under my very muzzle all this time without me ever knowing it," Faust said.

"Heh," I chuckled slightly.

"You know Bones my greatest surprise was when I was told you are a wraith and not only that but The Hand of The Reaper himself. Also the fact you possess the Crystal Heart itself in your chest makes me wonder why Celestia hasn't tried to kill you yet," Faust said.

"Oh she has tried...twice now but we have an agreement going. I give up the heart as soon as we take back the Crystal Empire that way I'm out of everyone's mane so to speak," I said before I saw a saddened expression fall on Nightmare's face. "Hey why so glum?"

"Oh it's nothing," Nightmare said while looking away from me causing me to shrug before I went back to what I was doing.

"You know Bones you should try making some friends with some ponies," Faust said.

"Excuse me?" I asked in case she was joking.

"Well why not?" Faust asked.

"Faust, wraith's are not meant to form bonds with the living cause one, we're dead and two, a bond with someone can put said person or pony in danger," I said.

"Perhaps but you strike me as the type who doesn't care for those types of rules. I can see through that exterior that even you don't like being alone," Faust said causing me to stop working.

"Maybe you should stay out of my business," I said before I resumed my work.

"Very well Bones but still I recommend trying it, you may be surprised in what you'll find," Faust said before she and Nightmare left.

I went back to what I was doing and soon I head voices and saw the mane 6 had entered the arena.

"Good to see you all made it," I said.

"Alright back to some training," Rainbow cheered.

"What are we doing this time?" Twilight asked.

"I figured we should try something new, a game," I said.

"A game?" Applejack asked curiously.

"Oh is it a board game, a party game?" Pinkie asked.

"An intellectual game," Twilight asked hopefully.

"This game is called King of the Hill," I said as I gestured to a group of circular platforms that were stacked up to make a hill.

"King of the Hill?" Rarity and Twilight asked.

"Oh I take it you've heard of it," I said.

"Well the name is different but it's a game played in the Dragon Lands called King of the Horde," Rarity said.

"Basically one player stands on top of a stack while other players try to push him off," Twilight said.

"Well seems you two know what you're doing because you're right but. In this game you have to use what you've learned and anything else in order to knock me off the stack and whoever does so gets a reward," I said as I climbed onto the stack.

"A reward like what?" Rainbow asked.

"Oh that can wait till later think of it as motivation," I said.

"Enough talk your're mine!" Rainbow shouted as she charged at me using her wings. I effortlessly moved to the side avoiding her attack before I elbowed her in the back of her head, sending her tumbling to the bottom of the stack.

"Rainbow!" the girls cried out as they ran to check on her.

"What'd you do that for?!Nnot once have ya hit us before!" Applejack said angrily.

"True but before I was so rudely interrupted, I was going to warn you that for this exercise I have permission from the princesses saying that I can fight back and I will not be soft with any of you just because you're mares and because some of you are timid," I said.

"That's it!" Rainbow shouted as she charged at me.

I simply rolled my eyes and waited for Rainbow. When she was close enough I raised my leg and let the soul of my boot connect with her chest, knocking the wind out of her, and sending her falling back down to her friends who caught her.

"Like I said I will not hold back," I said before I gave them a taunting gesture with my fingers.

One Hour Later

I let out a sigh as I watched the mares groaning at the bottom of the stack.

"I believe that will do for today," I said.

"Hahaha Oh man you lot look terrible."

I looked at the source of the voice and I saw Spike, Soarin, Comet, Big Mac and Thunderlane were here.

"I hope all of you are not here to make fun of us cause I'm really not in the mood," Twilight growled causing Comet and Spike to gulp.

"No, no we actually came here to ask Bones something," Thunderlane said causing me to raise an eyebrow.

"Well we're done with training so he's all yours," Rarity said.

"Y'know, all things considered, you lot have it good cause Ash was nothing like Bones here," Soarin said.

"Oh yeah?" Rainbow asked.

"Yeah," Soarin said.

"Ash was worse," Mac said.

"If you want proof ask Elisa and Evo those two can tell you everything," Spike said.

"Ok you lot let's talk elsewhere," I said as I gestured to the door the stallions and dragon came out of. We walked a fair way down till I came to a stop and looked at the males. "So what do you want from me?"

"We were curious and were hoping you wanted to hang out with us," Spike said causing me to stare at the group.

"Did Faust put you up to this?" I asked.

"Nnope," Mac said which I believed because supposedly the Apple Family never tells lies or so I'm told.

"Why would you ask something like that?" Comet asked.

"Faust told me I should try making friends," I said.

"Well then what are we waiting for?" Spike asked.

"You all want to hang out with a creature that can literally suck a soul from someone?" I asked.

"Why not? After all you said you don't take souls unless it's time, besides I'm feeling confident today," Spike said. causing me to roll my eyes in my mind.

"Alright say I accepted, where would we go and what would we do?" I asked still skeptical about this.

"Skate park. We all saw how you enjoyed it so we thought we'd go there," Thunderlane said.

"Hm...Alright you twisted my arm, I'll go," I said.

"Alright let's go!" Spike said.

We walked down the hallway's and out of the castle and through the city till we arrived at the skate-park which seemed a little quiet except for a few foals skating about. One of them happened to be Scootaloo.

"Hey Bones I was wondering if you were going to show up again," Scootaloo said when she noticed me.

"Hey Scootaloo been awhile," I said.

Gonna do some new tricks?" Scootaloo asked.

"I don't know, memories haven't entirely come back but I think I can show you what I do know," I said as I summoned a plain skateboard.

I was about to show Scootaloo and some of the foals who wanted to watch some tricks when suddenly Celestia appeared from out of nowhere.

"Bones what are you doing?" Celestia asked sternly.

"What does it look like, I'm skateboarding?" I asked.

"Why?" Celestia asked.

"Well for starters it's one of the only things that I can do for fun around here also why not?" I asked.

"Bones I believe you should be something more accustomed to your age," Celestia said causing me to recoil slightly at her words.

"First off what age would that be and secondly who died and made you my mother," I said.

"Bones you know-," Celestia started but I cut her off by selecting a song on the I-Pod and set the volume up to max.


I leapt off a ramp, placed my board under me and started skating around the park much to the foals amazemen. Celestia was screaming to get my attention which I continued to ignore but the stallions seemed concerned. i was enjoing the feeling of the wind in my face and the fun of skating around the park. I decided to go on the giant U ramp so I teleported to the top, went over the edge and fell before I went up again while catching some serious air. The music slowed down as I went up and picked up again as I went down. I was really enjoying myself when suddenly Celestia's horn lit up and before I could do anything my surroundings changed. I hit the ground hard and when I got up I saw I was in the dining room. At the table was Dream Catcher, Chrysalis, Eris and Discord who was playing with Loki. I remember when Discord first met Loki he fainted, even Faust was a little startled. When I looked in front of me I saw Celestia was standing in front of me with her arms crossed under her bust and tapping her fingers on her arm.

"Care to explain what that was about?" I asked while I got up.

"I don't like you treating me with disrespect in front of my subjects and foals in that manner Bones. So until your attitude improves I forbid you from leaving the castle," Celestia said.

"Forbid me...is she serious?" I asked as I looked at the other royals who had an unsure look. "Listen up sweetheart you can't tell me to do jack alright because one I'm not one, of your subject's two, I don't care and three, the one who needs to improve their attitude is you. Now if you don't mind," I said as I pushed my way past Celestia and headed for the door.

"Bones don't-," Celestia started but once again I cut off with music.


I skated down the halls determined to get as far away from Celestia as possible. As I skated down the halls I had to swerve around servants and guards. I then just aimlessly drifted down the hallways. I became so lost in thought I was brought out of my trance when my face hit the ground. Once I got up and looked at my surroundings I saw Luna was on the floor rubbing her head and that's when I realized I must have collided with her.

"Crap my sincerest apologies Luna I wasn't looking where I was going," I said as I stood up and offered my hand to her.

"It's quite alright Bones and to be frank I wasn't paying attention either," Luna said as I helped her up. "Bones are you alright, you seem troubled."

"It's your sister, I doubt she and I are gonna be friends an time soon," I said.

"I see but please be patient with her it took her awhile to warm up to Rage it will take her time to get to know you," Luna said.

"That's what I hear every time Celestia and I get into a scuffle," I said before we entered a long silence. "Luna I've been curious for awhile now but how exactly did you meet the Five Knight's of Equestria."

"Oh I'd be happy to tell you but perhaps we should talk in a more comfortable area instead of a hallway," Luna said.

"I know a place if the mare would be kind enough to follow," I said as I bowed causing Luna to giggle.

I led Luna through the castle and into the gardens till we came to an area filled with full grown cherry blossom trees and at the back, near a small wall that looked out over the horizon, was a stone bench for sitting on.

"Wow," Luna said as she looked around.

"I know, I was just wandering around this labyrinth of a garden and just stumbled across this place. If I had to guess it was put in about three and a half years ago," I said.

"Must be Ash's doing, he always wanted to make a meditation garden somewhere and I guess this is where he wanted it," Luna said as she walked over to the wall and gazed out over the horizon.

As she looked around I saw her brow furrow in confusion when she saw the ship Rage, Elisa, Evo and I arrived on. Which was sitting in the middle of the plains which was kinda ruining the view.

"Something wrong?" I asked.

"It's that ship I know I've seen it before but I can't put my finger on it," Luna said.

"I'm sure it'll come to you," I said.

"Perhaps...now I believe I have a story to tell," Luna said as she drew a rune in mid air.

Suddenly there was a blinding light forcing me to cover my eyes. When I opened them I saw I was in some kind of forest and in the middle of a clearing I saw a cottage.

"It's peaceful here is it not?" Luna asked as she walked up beside me.

"Quite but...where are we?" I asked.

"We are in the Everfree forest before the three tribes came together...you are aware of the story of Heart's Warming Eve, are you not?" Luna asked.

"I know the tale," I said.

"Good now as I was saying this is a time before the three tribes came together. Our family was living out here away from the troubles the three were having. We were living a peaceful life never bothering with the outside world, that is until my pride got the better of me," Luna said before she snapped her fingers and we appeared inside the cottage. There were only two rooms but I saw most of the princess and Discord as foals and I also saw this place was a mess.

"What happened in here?" I asked and as if to answer my question tiny Celestia bellowed out one word.

"LUNA!" Celestia yelled.

Seconds later a even shorter Luna walked into the house looking rather pleased with herself.

"Greetings all wert thou all surprised?" Luna asked in a an odd speech.

"Surprised is not the word we would use," little Dream Catcher said.

"Luna how often must we tell thee to not make a mess when we must clean?" little Chrysalis said.

"But we were merely trying to help with your chores," Luna said in a surprised and saddened expression.

"We realize thou intentions mean well Luna but now we must work twice as hard to clean up so I must ask you to stay out of our way from now on," Celestia said as she and the others went to clean up the mess.

I then looked at Luna and saw tears poring from her eyes before she became angry, grabbed a nearby bag and began to fill it with food and a couple of toys. All the while no one was looking before she stomped out of the cottage.

"So you ran away?" I asked.

"Shamefully yes, but I was merely a child," Luna said as she snapped her fingers causing our surroundings to change to a dark part of the forest and I saw little Luna was walking around looking at her surroundings and looking a little intimidated. "It's been hours since I ran from my home and I ended up in this part of the forest."

Suddenly the bushes behind little Luna began to shake causing her to run away screaming her little head off. Both Luna and I followed her and I watched as Luna tripped over a root and fell down a slope into a muddy pond. At first all was calm before Luna burst out of the mud for air then crawled onto shore and rested there before she began to cry. She cried for awhile before she stopped and looked around before she stood up and I saw her horn begin to glow before a light shot up in the air creating a beacon. It didn't last long and then she collapsed in exhaustion. Suddenly I heard movement approaching and saw a creature seen in nightmares step out of the shadow of the trees. It was a giant warped version of a baboon with claws on it's hands and split feet and finally the beast had a head of a spider on it's shoulders. Little Luna also saw the thing and tried to move but was too exhausted to do so. Just as the thing lunged at her something jumped out of the bushes and at the creature, knocking it off it's path but the thing wasn't done with the beast cause it jumped onto the creatures back and started tearing into it's skin before it jumped off the creature. It stood between it and little Luna and that's when I saw the thing was a strange wolf with some kind of shackle on it's left foreleg.

"One chance creature, leave this child or pay the price," the wolf growled.

"Thou speaks!" little Luna screamed.

The wolf ignored little Luna and leapt at the creature and was not letting up on it. The creature then slammed the wolf into a tree before the foul beast went to deliver a blow that would kill the wolf. However three falcons swooped in and attacked the creature by clawing at it's eyes and when I looked at little Luna I saw a rat was tugging at her clothes with it's teeth.

"Follow me," the rat said.

Little Luna stood up and began to follow the rat however the creature was not about to let's prey escape. So in a wave of it's arm, it knocked the birds aside and was about to go for little Luna but it forgot about the wolf who was back on it's feet and tackled the beast. It began to drag the creature back into the trees by it's leg while the falcons came back clawing at the beast's face. The rat led Luna over to a secluded spot in the area before it ran off into the forest after the animals and creature. I then remembered the number of animals and turned to Luna.

"I take it those five were the Five Knight's?" I asked.

"You are correct," Luna said

After a few seconds Faust appeared from teleporting and looked around frantically.

"Luna where art thou!" Faust shouted.

"Mother!" little Luna shouted as she reveled herself from her hiding place.

"Oh my daughter thank the old ones your're safe," Faust said as she crouched low and embraced Luna, not caring for the mud coating Luna. "Luna what art thou doing in this part of the forest when I have said tis much too dangerous for thou?"

little Luna looked up at Faust but her eyes were pouring out tears and when she tried to speak all that came out were sobs. Faust saw something was troubling her so she held little Luna close and teleported away leaving us alone in the clearing.

So what happened after that?" I asked.

"We went home then me and my siblings got scolded by mother and she told me she was relieved I was safe. I was given a bath and told everyone of what happened, which no one believed, before we all went to bed," Luna said.

"I see and the knight's?" I asked.

Luna snapped her fingers and we appeared in the cottage. I saw Faust preparing breakfast for the siblings when suddenly there was a tapping at the door which no one but Discord seemed to notice. So he flew over to the door and opened it revealing the wolf, falcons and rat from before causing him to yelp in shock and duck behind cover causing everyone's attention to shift to the door.

"Salute," one of the falcons said causing most of the foals to shriek and hide behind Faust.

"It's thou," little Luna said as she got off her seat and walked over to the animals at the door, followed closely by Faust. "Why art thou all here?".

"We came to return this," the wolf said as he removed something from his back revealing little Luna's bag.

"Our bag," little Luna cheered as she took her bag and held it close.

"Thou must be the ones who protected our daughter and as a mother I cannot thank thou enough," Faust said as she gave a bow.

"You are most welcome," one of the falcons said.

"Who art thou?" Celestia asked summoning the courage to peek out from behind Faust.

"I'm known as Link," the wolf said.

"Altair Ibn La-Ahad," the middle falcons said.

"Ezio Auditore da Firenze," the first falcon said.

"Arno Victor Dorian," the last falcon said.

"Corvo Attano," the rat said before the memory ended and we appeared back in the real world.

"Over time they were turned back into their true forms and we were discovered by the three tribes and well, the rest is history," Luna said.

"It's quite a story Luna and I thank you for sharing it with me," I said.

"It was nothing," Luna said.

"Ah there you are."

I looked at the source of the voice and saw Nightmare approaching us.

"Oh hello Nightmare," Luna greeted.

"Did any of you here those explosions?" Nightmare asked causing both me and Luna to look at each other in confusion.

"Can't say that we have because Luna and I were memory walking," I said.

"I see," Nightmare said.

"Still the sound of explosions are not to be taken lightly. If you'll excuse me I should inform the rest of my family on this," Luna said before she left.

"Memory walking?" Nightmare Moon asked.

"Luna was showing me of when she first met the Five Knights of Equestria," I said.

"I see," Nightmare said.

"*sigh* I need to get out of this castle before I go batty," I said.

"Didn't Celestia forbid-," Nightmare began.

"To hell with Celestia's orders. I don't deserve to be treated like a prisoner by the ones I'm trying to help just for being what I am and if she has a problem, well tough," I said before I left.

I created a door and walked through it and arrived in front of the forest that separates the kingdom from the rest of Equestria. I took a breath and walked inside the forest and after a few minutes I heard music drift in through the trees.


As the music went on I felt the desire to run and so I did. At first it became a jog then it turned into running and finally sprinting. As I sprinted I felt like another piece of me had been returned. You see when I awoke I felt cold and empty but as the days went on I came to ignore it, that is until I started skateboarding, now it was close to what I'm feeling now but not quite fulfilling unlike this, this was invigorating. I continued to sprint dodging and leaping over root's and objects in my path. As I ran through the trees I saw something appearing and disappearing behind trees. The thing continued to elude me but I continued to run after it and was slowly catching up. I followed with extreme determination till finally I burst into a clearing. Just then the music began to fade as I looked around and as I did I saw a large hill with a ledge perfect for wolves for when one want's to howl at the moon.

Speaking of wolves I saw one sitting atop the hill and looking at the sky. I walked up next to the wolf and when I got close it turned to face me and that's when I took in it's appearance. The wolf looked male and was coated in grey fur and had bone white tribal marks going along it's sides and chest. I also took note that it's eyes were olive green. I did nothing but stare at the wolf and I was completely frozen by those eyes that spoke volumes of greatness and wisdom but also fierceness and had seen more then one should in a few lifetimes. The wolf then looked back at the ledge of the hill and got up before it started softly pawing at the ground as he looked back at me. I then walked forward and examined the ground and saw nothing out of the ordinary so I used my hands and started digging away at the ground till finally my claws scratched at something metallic. I moved the dirt aside and pulled out a metal box. I looked at the wolf who was looking at the box before he looked at me and gave me a head gesture to open it.

"Great, I'm following orders from a wild animal," I thought.

I opened the box and the first thing I saw was a pale soft fabric. I placed a hand on it and felt the softness and something firm beneath it so I moved the fabric and saw an old leather bound book along with a gold bracelet. It was made up of two thin pieces of metal and connecting the two pieces was a pair of wolf heads. Finally, beside the book, was a key and some kind of brass pocket knife. The key was golden with a crescent moon on one end while the other end made up Ash's cutie mark. I then picked up the book and had a flip through it and saw it was a sketch book of some kind. There also appeared to be blueprint's in here as well. I was about to put the book back when I saw stitched onto the soft fabric in blue was the the words Ash Blade.

"What's going on here?" I asked as I went to look at the wolf but once I did he wasn't there and when I tried to find his scent, I smelt nothing, like I was alone here this entire time. "Weird, I'm normally the one who does the haunting, now I have a ghost haunting me."

I then packed up the contents of the box and decided to carry it back. Why not teleport...because I didn't feel like it. Once I was out of the forest I continued to walk towards the kingdom. Soon I walked through the streets and noticed that there were quite a few still awake. Finally I arrived at the castle. I silently walked through the hallways carrying the box I found till I arrived at Luna's room I placed the box on the ground in front of the door before I knocked and began to walk back to my room. I heard the door open behind me but I didn't look back because I wasn't in a talkative mood right now. I then heard the door close but I kept walking to my room and when I arrived I saw Nightmare was asleep. So I quickly cleaned myself up before I got into some PJ's but instead of going to bed I grabbed my flute and sat on the balcony railing and began to play a song.


The song echoed through the night air and as I played the light's in the windows began to disappear meaning the owners were falling to sleep. Once I had finished I put the flute away and crawled into bed and as I began to fall asleep I saw Nightmare had a pleasant smile on her face.

Chapter 15 The True Monsters Which I Slay

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I woke up feeling rather groggy. I lazily opened my eyes to see Nightmare was waking up herself. I sat up and cracked my limbs and got out of bed. I went to grab my coat and some clothing before I went to go have a wash.

"You know there is a much nicer place to bathe."

I looked at Nightmare who was sitting up on the bed.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Luna told me about this amazing bathroom that's in the castle," Nightmare said.

"It's just a bathroom. I don't really care where I get washed as long as I get washed," I said before I entered the bathroom.

I was walking down the hallway heading for the dining room. When I walked in I saw everyone, except Luna, was at the table eating breakfast. So I sat down beside Nightmare Moon and listened to everyone's conversations. Eventually I heard the doors open and saw Evan enter with a white wolf with red tribal markings on it and horns on the side of it's head in a cage and multiple magic restraints placed on it. I overheard from Rage during one of the morning conversations that Elisa had been turned into a wolf but how it happened I was unaware.

"What's going on with Elisa?" I asked.

"She almost turned into a hollow." Evan said as he put the cage down next to the table before sitting down.

"She gonna be alright?" Rainbow asked.

"Yes, she will. There will be changes to her form from this accident but she'll revert back to normal." he said before cupping his hands together and leaned onto the table with his elbows as he looked at everyone with a serious expression. "Now for the reason I came. Faust and Rage already know but I want to know if you want everyone else to know."

"I think I speak for everyone when I say go ahead," I said.

"Well, as you know, we are from a demision where people are displaced. Hundreds of people have been sent to different versions of equestria that corresponds to what they were displaced as. Elisa's little sister decided to come after us in an attempt to be with her brother again and was sent to an equestria that was related to the anime Bleach. Elisa or Ethan, as he was known at the time, spent around six months there before shit hit the fan." He said before he paused. "Now what I'm about to say is very serious and doesn't leave here. All the soul reapers were turned into hollows and Ethan was forced to kill his own sister."

"That's a lie and you know it Evo," Rage said as he slammed a fist on the table.

"What do you mean?" Evo asked in confusion before his expression turned serious once again. "What happened during the memory you saw?"

"Some dude named Aizen killed Elisa's sister, Samantha, right in front of him because she stepped in the way of Aizen's sword to protect Elisa," Rage said.

"I get it, he blame's himself because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and because of that it cost her sister her life," I said.

Evo had paused for a second before speaking again."Hm, well still. The memory was enough to trigger her hollow within. I have no idea how the lich eye is involved with this, but in order for her to revert back to normal she needs to stay calm. Which hopefully will be easy."

Suddenly Luna appears on my lap and grabs me by the front of my coat, forcing me to stare into her eyes.

WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT BOX! Luna roared in my face.

Now, for most, they would be screaming their heads off in my position. But since I was dead, I had very little to fear. So I just grabbed Luna by her shoulders and pushed her away till she was at a comfortable distance.

"One, do you have any idea how awkward this is. Two, don't shout in my face again. Three, *sniff* *sniff* whew, get a mint gir,l morning breath ewww," I said fanning a hand in front of my face. Luna sniffed her breath before she blushed in embarrassment and got off of me. "Now what did I do to you which led to this?"

"I wish to know how you came by this," Luna said as she summoned the box I dug up yesterday.

"What's inside?" Soarin asked.

Luna used her magic to open the box and out floated the items that were inside. The blanket floated over to Rage, the book to Twilight, the bracelet to Faust, while the strange key and other device floated next to Luna.

"Ash's baby blanket," Rage said.

"This is the arm band I gave Ash on our last Heart's Warming together," Faust said.

"And this is definitely Ash's book," Twilight said as she started to look through the book.

"I'd like my question answered Bones. Where did you find this box?" Luna asked.

"Buried in the forest just east of here," I said.

"Why would someone do that and how did you find it if it was buried?" Gilda asked.

"That's the weird part. A grey wolf with bone white marking on it's sides and olive green eyes showed me," I said causing everyone to stare at me in shock. "What?"

"That description matches Ash's wolf form perfectly," Rarity said.

"Wait, hold up, are you all saying that Ash is haunting me?" I asked.

"I highly doubt it, seeing how he never knew you." Evo said.

"Perhaps, but if so why did a wolf that matchs Ash's wolf description lead me to this and, here's the part that's really bugging me, all of Ash's items were buried with him in his tomb right, including these items?" I asked.

"Naturally," Celestia said.

"If that wolf was Ash, why would he bury these objects after he's confirmed being dead and why involve me?" I asked causing everyone to look at each other.

"That seems to be the question isn't it," Rage said.

"One that deserves to be investigated at a later time. For now lets discuss what we do now since you now have your weapon Bones." he said motioning me to take the floor.

"*sigh* Well I believe the most obvious one would be morale. Most of everyone here saw what I saw in the Woods of Suicide down in the Inferno," I said causing everyone who went with me to suddenly turn sad. "Right now the mares of Equestria are slowly losing hope and are desperately looking for some sort of sign, telling them this is almost over. Right now we have the sign we just need to get everyone to see it."

"And how do we do that? Most of the mares that we have with us are no match for Diann and his sons." Rage said before looking at the others. "No offence."

"I was thinking we do it over television, down in Apple Wood," I said.

"That's a start, but you do realize if we go and do that the caribou will be on our asses as soon as we go live," Evo said.

"True but thats why I need to have you, Elisa and Rage come along. I also have a quick get away planned in case things do go south, so no sweat," I said.

"Also we have a camera crew here that would be more then happy to help and we have our top two unit's willing to come along as well," Rage said.

"Well I see everything's in place except for Elisa," Evo said gesturing to the white wolf in the cage. "who is still out of it. Seeing how she's acting on animal instincts, there's no way to talk to her in this state."

"Any way we can help?" I asked.

"Well the only way i can see is if Fluttershy could take care of Elisa when she wakes up." He paused just as I heard a growl. I looked and saw that Elisa was now awake and glaring daggers at Evo. "Well speak of the devil." he said to which Elisa barked twice at him.

I suddenly heard a gasp escape Fluttershy's mouth.

"Such language," Fluttershy said.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Elisa said...fuck you," Fluttershy said nervously.

"Heh got a smart mouth for a lady hey lass," Rage said with a Scottish accent.

Elisa growled back at him before laying down and glaring at Evo again. He looked at her for a few seconds before looking back at us.

"Now, before we try and have Fluttershy talk to Elisa, is there any other questions or information you all would like to know about us?" he asked with open arms.

"Not so much to you Evo but rather Bones cause you see, Ash appeared to be studding Wraith's if these notes are anything to go by and I'm curious to know if they are accurate," Twilight said as she gestured to the book in her hands.

"Ash was studying Wraith's," Luna asked.

"Hmm the more we know." Evo muttered.

"So what does it say?" Rainbow asked.

"Well so far I've read what we already know and that Reapers have their wraith's organized into three fractions like the army back on Earth. There's the land faction, the sea faction, and the air faction," Twilight said.

"Pretty accurate," I said.

"So that's true?" Rainbow asked.

"Mm hm, since the world is so large it has to be divided into small sections and then even smaller sections. The Wraith's that work on land, we call those Undertakers. The Wraith's that tend to the dead at sea are called Ferrymen. Finally those that die in planes, we call them Wings of Death," I said.

"Oh, here's something I didn't know, during the ages Wraith's have been given two different name's. One is called 'The Crow'. It says here that when one dies a crow carries said soul to the 'Land of the Dead'. But sometimes, when something so bad happens, it leaves a haunting sadness and the soul is unable to rest and sometimes said crow can bring that soul back to put the wrong things right. Ash has added some really old newspaper clips about mysterious murders and reports about people presumed dead walking around wearing...mime face paint with a crow by their side," Twilight said.

"Hm, appears Ash is an educated one, gotta give him that," I said.

"Is this true also?" Luna asked.

"Somewhat. You see, Wraith's aren't allowed to bring souls back like that and if they do, they have to stay in their crow form to keep the soul attached to the body. But staying like that also makes us extremely vulnerable. Now Wraith's don't do that unless the Wraith has pity on the soul for what happened to them," I said.

"And I assume you didn't do any of this?" Celestia asked.

"Wrong...Twilight, is there a newspaper clip mentioning a guy called Eric Draven?" I asked.

"Uh...yes, it mentions an Eric Draven and Shelly Webster. Eric was in a rock band called Hangman Joe's and was a lead guitarist while Shelly was a well respected civilian. Says here that these two were getting married on the 31st of October," Twilight said causing Cadence to sigh.

"Who get's married on Halloween?" Rage asked.

"No one," I said causing everyone but Twilight to look at me.

"He's right, says here both of them died on October 30th. Eric was found in the street surrounded by glass with a stab wound in his chest and two bullet shot's in his back. When authority's arrived they determined that Eric received these wounds while in his apartment before he was tossed through the top window of his building which was six stories high. As for Shelly Webster, she was found by paramedics in the apartment and she showed signs of being beaten and raped. Died in the hospital 20 hours later, killers were never found," Twilight said sadly causing many to share her expression.

"What about suspects or witnesses?" Rarity asked.

"No one talked Rarity. Local gang's had a firm grip on that neighborhood. Anyone who talked would share in the same punishment and eventual the case was forgotten along with so many others," I said.

"So what does this Eric have to do with anything?" Soarin asked.

"You brought him back," Rage said causing everyone to stare at me. "Didn't you?"

"I have a soft spot for young lovers," I said as I showed them a picture of a mime mask and a calendar marked October 30th which was etched into my left shoulder's fur.

"So how'd it go. Eric get back at them?" Rainbow asked.

"Sure did. Gotta say, kid had style when it came to killing his target's," I said.

"So what was the other name Twilight?" Comet asked.

"Huh?" Twilight asked.

"Another name for Wraith's, you said there was two," Comet said.

"Oh right the other name, ahem...another name Wraith's are known by is Angels of Darkness," Twilight said causing Celestia to snort in laughter.

"Something amusing?" I asked with a growl to which Elisa growled as well.

"I just can't see Wraith's being called Angels when all you do is bring death," Celestia said.

"I'm going to take a walk," I said before I left.

"Is it okay if I come with you?" Evo asked.

"If you don't mind killing caribou then sure," I said.

"Sure, haven't killed anything in a while." Evo said before looking at the others. "Please try and get her to help us while in that state." he said before getting up and following me.

I led Evo down the corridors, heading for an empty balcony when I hear footsteps coming from behind me. When I look, I see Rage running towards us.

Hey, hold up guys," Rage calls out when he reaches us. "Got room for one more?"

"Your funeral," I said with a shrug as I spun around and resumed walking. After a few seconds I heard the two catch up.

"Where do you plan on attacking?" Evo asked

"I was thinking Vanhoover I would have gone for Apple Wood but we kinda need Elisa for that. Also if I have to hang around Celestia for any longer I swear I'll rip her throat out with my teeth and leave her remains for blood flies," I said.

"Blood flies?" Rage asked.

"Nasty insect's that like to make hives in corpses," I said.

"Charming," Rage said.

"I'd have to agree with Bones, and I would be lying if I said that Celestia was pissing me off as well." Evo said as he put his hands behind his head. "Now I do believe that if we go with what Bones said this will hurt the economy of Diann's."

"Indeed. Rage, would you like to tell?" I asked.

"Sure, now I don't know what it was like in your world but here it's a massive airship port. Plenty of cargo was exchanged back then but now enslaved mares seems to be the top seller. Granted there are few ships now but there are still those that sell mares. In fact many royal ships stop there to resurply and sell off or pick up some mares before heading to the main reeducation center, formally known as the Crystal Empire, which is now under the control of Blueblood," Rage said.

"So simply if we attack here then one massive load avoids the Crystal Empire," I said.

"That would be good, but not good enough," Evo said.

Something you wish to add?" I asked.

"We need to make sure they can't bounce back from our attack. We need to burn the town to ashes. Yes it would hurt us after defeating Diann, but it's better that it hurts him rather than us," Evo said.

"And what about civilians?" Rage asked.

"Don't tell Elisa this but I'm more proficient in magic than she gives me credit for. I've delved in elemental magic and with this magic, it allows me to destroy whatever I want. The least thing we have to worry about is getting everyone out of buildings and the people I may mentally scar." Evo said.

"An Ultimate Judgment Spell, that's nuts," I said.

"An Ultimate what?" Rage asked.

"Ultimate Judgement Spells are spells that are able to annihilate those who are an enemy of the spell caster while leaving all others and everything else untouched, but the drawback is it takes an overwhelming amount of magic to use," I said.

"Yes well that is the price of choosing what you want to destroy. But luckily I have a very large mana pool." Evo said with a smirk.

"I don't like it but I understand this needs to be done. But now we just need to get there," Rage said.

"I suggest we teleport. If we combine our magic it will take less of a strain on all of us, and we'll still have sufficient amounts of mana left for when shit gets crazy." Evo paused. "But before we go we should get what ever supplies are needed, plus I need to go back to my ship and change. I'll meet you back in the royal gardens." he said before disappearing.

Castle Gardens 10 minutes later

Rage and I sat around in the gardens waiting for Evo to return. Rage was dressed in his armour and I was armed with both Hingure and my Shadow Blade. Neither of us said a word to each other as we waited when suddenly Evo appears out of midair. I saw he changed his appearance to a pair of black pants, a black vest with gold trim and a pair of black and gold gym shoes. Plus he has a black hooded trench coat in his left hand and a brown hooded trench coat in his right hand.

"There you are," Rage said.

"Yea here I am, and I brought the both of you something." Evo said before throwing the coats that were in his hands at us. I got the black one and Rage got the brown. "It's to keep your identities secret."

"Suppose it will do," Rage said as his armour disappeared and put the coat on while I put mine on.

"Alright, let's do this," I said.

"I need you to charge up your magic and then place your hand on top of mine." Evo said as he held a hand out in front of us before closing his eyes.

Rage and I did as he instructed and began charging up our magic. Once it was done, our surroundings changed and I saw we were on a hill looking over a seaside town with large towers for airships to port.

"Well we're not here to admire the sights, let's get down there," I said as I pulled the hood of my coat over my head.

"Alright." Evo said as we made our way into town.

And with that we made our way down the hill towards the city

"Now remember, we don't cause any trouble until need be." Evo said as we came up to the walls that surrounded Vanhoover.

"Noted," Rage and I said in sync.

Evo nodded as we reached the gates before being stopped by a caribou in silver armor. He looked over the three of us for a second before pointing to the right.

"I'm going to need you to step over for a search." he said. I looked over to Evo and saw him nod his head once before doing as the guard said. I went along with it and followed them to the side where the guy instructed us to remove our coats. "I'm going to need you to remove the damn coat now."

"Sir I don't think you know but my friends are albinos, so the sun hurts them." Evo said as he leaned forward and clapped his hands together with a smile.

"I don't give a shit. They will take the hoods off or else we'll send them to prison for disobeying orders." the caribou said as he rested his right hand on the hilt of his sword on his waist.

"Fine but they can't be in the sun for more than a few minutes." Evo said with a sigh as he leaned back and closed his eyes. Rage and I did as the caribou said and pulled our hoods down. I saw that he was looking at us as if trying to tell if there was any fault. He looked us over for a minute or two before turning around and throwing a hand back at us.

"You can go through." he said as he walked away. I looked to Rage and he gave a shrug before putting his hood back on and when I did I saw that Evo opened his eyes once more.

"Now that that's over, let's go and size up the town." he said as he walked ahead and through the gate. I just went with it and followed him into the town.

The inside of the town had a long street that ends at town square where the town hall is located. Along the street are a few bars, shops of various types, a smithy a few hundred feet down on the right, a few hotels here and there and a few side streets that led who knows where. But like in each town I've visited, mares were treated like animals and males held the leashes.

"Hey Evo, I've noticed this earlier but why are you so ticked at Celestia? I can understand Elisa being ticked since she's a god of death but why you?" I asked.

"She's starting to piss me off because she's getting onto you just because your a wrath. She has no real evidence not to trust you and she's only basing you on some past experience." Evo said.

"Well as thankful as I am, it's really my problem to deal with but I am glad for you sticking up for me," I said.

"I'm glad you think that way." He said before we walked in silence. That silence was broken when he spoke once again. "Evan."

"Sorry," I asked.

"My name. It's Evan." he said before looking at me. "I usually don't tell people my name because I have trouble trusting others, but I trust you."

"Thanks," I said with a smirk.

"Mares For Sale! Mares For Sale!"

All three of us snapped our heads to the sound of the voice before we rushed off towards it. We came across a wooden platform with different mares on it and a caribou shouting at the top of his lungs to get everyone's attention.

"Gentalstallions and male caribou, feast your eyes on these sluts from across Equestria! All of them healthy and ready to be fucked and bred!" the caribou shouted.

"Okay, he's dead!" Rage said as his left hand began to smoke.

"Whoa hold on, I've got a better idea. Evan, we need to take out any and all anti aircraft weaponry to get out of here. Can you take care of that while we keep these guys busy here?" I asked.

"Sure sounds fun. While I'm gone though try and bid on the mares, when they ask you who's gonna pay tell them I will. Just say I'll be here soon. Be back in a few," he said with a thumbs up as he disappeared in a whirl wind.

Rage and I stood among the crowd and the caribou continued to shout to get customers. As the minutes passed a fairly large crowd had gathered and I had to quell Rage's temper before he blew our cover.

"Males from all over, today is your lucky day! I have brought you all beauties from the farthest reaches of our planet! Each one is guaranteed to leave you satisfied and-," the caribou said.

"Get on with it!" a stallion in the crowd shouted.

"Ahem anyway please welcome our first slut," the announcing caribou said as he gestured to the side of the stage.

I then saw a unicorn stallion drag a unicorn mare on stage. Her coat colour matched Rainbow Dash's and her mane was a two toned orange. Her cutie mark was of three different coloured pins. She was slender and attractive but the one thing that through off her beauty was that she was covered in seamen, like she had just been raped. She also looked absolutely tired, like she hadn't slept in awhile.

"Sassy," Rage said.

"Know her?" I asked.

"Aye, she used to work for Rarity before the fall. She was in charge of one of Rarity's boutique in Canterlot. We talked a few times and became friends," Rage said.

"Shall we start the bidding at 500 bits?" the announcer caribou said.

Several hands raised in the air but the quickest was Rage's.

"Alright the male in the brown duster has stared off at 500 bit's, shall we raise it to 600 hundred?" the announcer asked.

"600," a caribou said.

"600, do I hear a higher bid sir?" the announcer asked.

"1000," Rage said earning muttering from the crowd.

"1100," the opposing caribou said.

"1500," I said startling the crowd and the bidding caribou.

"Do any of you wish to bid higher?" the announcer asked gesturing to Rage and the caribou.

"He's with me," Rage said while the caribou shook his head.

"Sold to the two in trench coats, come up and collect your new slut," the announcer said causing Rage to growl at the word slut.

Rage and I made our way through the crowd till we arrived at the stage and as Rage went to grab the leash attached to Sassy, the stallion moved it away from him.

"I'd like to see some payment first," the announcer said.

"Oh right a friend of ours called Evo has the money and he'll be along in a bit," Rage said.

"No bits no slut," the announcer said as he began to turn away.

"Hold up, I'm back." I heard Evan say and I turned and saw him walking up to us. "You having trouble?"

"We were just telling this guy on how we were gonna pay," I said.

"Okay, you got her?" he asked.

"Not yet but allow me, this one's on me," I said as I placed a hand on the stallion holding Sassy's leash

Suddenly my hand gives off a silver glow for a brief second. Then suddenly the stallion starts to scream in pain as his flesh begins to rot and disintegrate, leaving behind only his bones.

"What!?" the caribou asked in shock as he watched the stallion die horribly.

"Guess I should come clean, we never intended to pay for the mares," Rage said as he walked over to the caribou announcer, grabbed him by the throat and lifted him into the air. "We're here to liberate them from you sacks of shit."

Suddenly the caribou is engulfed with hellish flames causing him to scream in pain before he was tossed into the staring crowd.

"Ah, I love the smell of chard caribou in the morning," Rage said as he inhaled the scent of burning flesh.

I then looked at the crowd before us and I saw they were still staring at us in fear.

"Boo!" I said as I jerked forward suddenly, causing the males to scramble in panic. Many mares took this as a chance and started fighting back against their soon to be dead masters. "The fires of revolution have been fanned."

"And let them burn brightly." Evan said as several explosions could be heard around the city.

"I take it that was your doing?" I asked.

"Yes it was. I had explosive runes placed on all AA guns and ammunition stockpiles in the city. As well as two ships in the harbor." Evan said.

"Great, now Evan, I need you to round up all the mares and any brainwashed stallions. The ones who are brainwashed have glowing green eyes, it's not their fault that they're like this. Rage, can I leave burning this place down to you?" I asked.

"Sure but we best do it before anyone leaves," Rage said.

"No problamo I already took care of it," I said.

"How," Rage asked.

"If I even try to explain it I would most likely break your brain," I said.

"Rage, don't worry about it. Let's get this done as quickly as possible." Evan said as he got up onto the stage and went backstage.

"Rage, you know what to do," I said.

Rage just rubbed his hands together before he jumped off the stage. Suddenly flames shot off his hands like a flame thrower and began to burn down buildings. While he did that I selected a song to play on my IPod.


As I watched Rage begin to burn the town down, I saw caribou guards come running into the square.

"Oh goody, more caribou for the slaughter," I said to myself before I drew my shadow blade and lunged at the new arrivals.

I slashed, cut and butchered my way through the caribou's forces and when I was done with them I saw more down the street, only they were civilians but it didn't matter to me. So I let a feral grin spread across my face before I charged down the street and killed all them too. I kept on hacking and slashing every caribou and traitor stallion in sight till there was no one about. I saw Rage was enjoying himself with more of his burning victims. I saw, when we were done, the ground and anything that wasn't burning was coloured red with blood and a few civilians ranging from mares to foals had gathered. The mares were doing there best to shield the foals eyes. I then saw a lot more mares had ran out from behind the stage and joined the group. I then saw Evan had appeared from behind the curtain after the mares.

"Are all the females that were back there here and safe?" Evan asked as he walked towards us.

"Over there with the mares and foals that came to watch. How about the brainwashed stallions, also we need a transport," I said.

"All the brainwashed stallions in the city have been taken care of and are unconscious. I could teleport them to us at any time, so no worries there. As for transport." Evan said as he reached us. "Can you guys fly helicopters?"

"I can operate airships, not choppers," Rage said.

"I don't use helicopters so no point in me learning how to use one," I said.

"Well there goes one of my ideas." he said with a sigh. "Then I guess we can use the pelicans to get us out of here. I'll have to have them on auto pilot since no one knows how to fly one."

"Why don't we just take one of the airships in one one of the docks? Not like anyone is gonna use them after today if we blow them up," I suggested.

"He makes a good point, besides we're gonna need a lot of pelicans if we're gonna transport this lot. An airship can do that with only one," Rage said.

"We could but it will be tremendously slower than the pelicans and we have no idea what aircrafts they have in their arsenal. I mean they did have a battleship in the harbor that resembled one form world war two." He paused as he brought a hand to his chin. "How about this, I fly a Harrier to protect you guys and you get everyone with the airships."

"You know, not that that's not a good idea, but you make it sound like you didn't take out the AA guns," I said.

"That's not what I'm saying. They could have had someone send a distress signal before you burnt the place, and they could be on their way here now with reinforcements. But if you think it's a bad idea then I'll take your word for it."

"Airships that are built for battle are slow because of all of their armour and weapons and since there aren't any settlements near here it will take hours for them to get here. It will take them even longer to figure out where we went," Rage said.

"Let's get everyone going then. I'd rather not be here when they come to investigate why this place isn't responding," Evan said.

"Agreed," I said.

"You guys address the crowd on the situation. I'm not very good with groups of people." Evan said.

"Oh right, best leave this to me," Rage said as he turned to the staring crowd. "Hello, many of you know who I am, some maybe not, but none of that matters cause now I'm here to tell you all one thing; the nightmare is coming to an end. The caribou are about to learn a very important lesson, Don't Fuck With Equestria cause after today a message will be sent. A message displaying our power and our hatred to them. The caribou say they have won when, in truth, those words are false. Me and my allies haven't given up. The royal family is safe along with whoever is ready to fight to take back what is theirs from these vermin," Rage said as he picked up a severed caribou head and tossed it into a fire. "So tell me, are you ready to join us? Are you ready to take back what's ours and drive these cowardly, disgusting, disrespectful bastards from our shores and in the name of our fallen king and my brother Ash Blade, bring freedom to those who are still trapped under Diann's hoof?" Rage asked as he raised an arm in the air.

At first no one did or said anything but after a few seconds a mare raised an arm in the air.

"My husband was turned into a monster. He was a good stallion before this happened. He would never harm a soul and now these caribou have done the worst to him. It's time I pay them back with blood," the mare said.

Soon, one by one, others raised their arms in the air. I gave a nod to Evan, who had us and every pony in the city we came to save, transported into a hanger that had a couple of ships in it.

"Now everyone will be going onto this ship here!" Evan yelled as he pointed to the largest ship in the hanger, and on the bow it had the words 'Valiant' engraved into the sides. "If there are any wounded, find and take them to the medical bay."

I went to help out where I could and soon enough everyone was on board. I closed the door behind me when I got aboard and when I reached the bridge I saw Evan and Rage where there.

"Everyone's on board," I said as I stepped onto the bridge.

"Alright let's get outta here," Rage said before he pulled a leaver and the engines spun up. After a few seconds the ship lifted into the air and flew out of the hanger but stopped a safe distance from Vanhoover. "This should be good enough distance."

"For what?" Evan asked.

"Uh destroying the city remember? I had an idea in mind but since you are the god of destruction, would you care to do the honors?" Rage asked.

"Oh yea, forgot about that and sure." Evan said with a smirk before shooting his arms into the air and closing his eyes. He stood there for a second, I didn't think he was doing anything until his hands started to glow red. "By the powers of the gods, angered by mans nature and greed. Let my foes feel your wrath and destruction." he said as a giant fiery rune started to grow above the city until it was as large as the city was wide.

"Destruction Rain!" he yelled before a beam half the size of the rune came down and destroyed everything in it's path. Whatever wasn't vaporized by the beam was destroyed by the debris that was moved.

"Whoa," Rage and I said in sync.

"Yea," Evan said with a huff as his arms went limp and fell to his sides. "that's half of the extent of my power." He paused as he took a few deep breaths. "But I rarely us it since most of my strength lies in brute strength." he said before suddenly spinning around opposite to the city and looked out into the distance with a scrutinizing gaze. He seemed to be looking at something off in the distance but when I looked to where he was looking, I saw nothing.

"Something wrong?" I asked.

"It's.... nothing. Thought I felt something." Evan said uncertainty. "But we need to go, now."

Rage gave a nod before he pulled a leaver and I felt the ship move forward and flew towards the forgotten kingdom of the Demonic Angels.

Little While Later

I sat on the bridge with Rage and Evan and was looking out at the endless horizon. We were over the forest that separates Aephoceria from Equestria and as I saw the faint outline of the kingdom come into shape I remembered if I went back I'd have to deal with Celestia. I wasn't in the mood to talk to her yet so I stood up and began to walk to the door.

"Going somewhere?" Rage asked noticing me about to make my departure.

"I need be alone for a bit cause I'm still a little miffed from this morning. Also I don't wanna be there to explain how we saved this lot," I said.

"Just don't let her get to you Bones. If need be I'll back you up." Evan said with a smile as I walked away.

I walked through the corridors and looked at the mares, stallions and foals as I passed till I walked onto the deck and over to the side. I then stepped on the rail and jumped off the ship. I plummeted downward and crouched onto my knees when I made contact with the ground to cushion the fall. Once I was on the ground and I had recovered from falling, I looked up and saw the ship leaving the area. I then stood up and began to walk down through the trees towards the kingdom and as I did music filled the air.


As the music played, I felt I had became lost in a dream. The very air swirled around me showing strange shapes. I couldn't tell where I was going and once the music ended so too did my conscious.


"So this is it?"

"Fraid so but all have to understand why I'm doing this,"

"We know, we just wish it didn't"

"C'mon as much as it pains me I'm not going there forever. Once I'm finished I'll be right back,"

"We know you will kid just make sure you kick plenty of ass and try not to die alright...King of The Starry Heavens

"Don't call me that you old bastard,"

I woke up and saw the night sky hanging above me. I was confused about why I could see the sky when I was in the forest, so when I sat up I looked around. I saw I was on the boarder and ahead of me was the kingdom. I didn't bother asking how I got here when I knew the forest was alive. The question here is why did it bring me out. I then shrugged off the question and walked towards the kingdom. By the time I reached the gates it was 11:00 pm and I saw many buildings were closing for the night.

Suddenly I heard a scream come from behind me so I spun around and saw a mare run out of an alley but tripped on a slightly raised stone and fall onto the ground. Almost immediately a large twisted monster made of both flesh and metal stumbled out of the alley. As soon as I saw the abomination and felt the waves of darkness pulsing from it, I remembered that this thing was something that wraiths were designed to destroy. I then summoned Hingure to my back and glared at the beast.

"Souls...must have...more...souls...more...power," the creature muttered as it raised an impossibly large arm that was twisted and distorted and had massive claws on it's fingers ready to carve into the paralyzed mare's flesh.

"Oi," I said, stopping the creature from harming the mare and causing the both of them to turn towards me. "Miss, I suggest you leave while I take care of this."

The mare nodded frantically before she got up and ran. I then took the time to study my new opponent and saw fresh blood running down one of his arms. Since that mare didn't appear to be injured I assume this thing had killed someone else and that mare just happened to be passing by when it happened.

"You, soul who has dared defile the path of life. You have taken an innocent life and consumed their soul," I said as I drew Hingure, twirled it around and pointed the point at the monster. "Brace yourself...your soul is mine."

At those words, the creature roared and charged at surprising speed. The thing was so big and had so much metal on it I didn't think it would be this fast. The monster jumped above me and attacked so I used Hingure to deflect the attack and I saw another attack incoming but I deflected that one too. I watched as it sailed over me. I then ran after the thing and tried to impale it but the thing dodged to the side and ran up the side of a building before it leapt at me, forcing me to jump backwards while the creature slashed at the road. It attacked again while I was in mid-air from the jump but I blocked it, however I was backed against a wall.

The creature readied itself for another attack so I ducked below it as the beast's claws tore off a chunk of the wall before I rolled behind the thing and saw it charge at me. I then tossed Hingure into the air, sending it into a spin and when the monster's face came in contact with it, Hingure sliced off a piece of it's face and knocked it off course before I caught Hingure. It was only a second but the abomination recovered an attack. But when it did I just dodged and blocked the attacks. If an one was watching, it would look like I knew where he was gonna attack before it did and I was dancing to it.

I finally decided to end this. So as the beast made a swipe with it's claws for my feet, I leapt into the air and placed my feet on the back of the metal abomination's head and leapt high into the air. While the moon silhouetted me I then placed a hand on Hingure's blade and rubbed my hand along it. As I did a black aura appeared around it and both the handle and the blade extended, becoming an nodachi. I fell back down to the ground and I saw the creature leap at me. I watched as time slowed down but I angled my body so that my head was facing the creature. I crouched my legs close to my body and made a rune appear behind me before I leapt off it and at the creature. The pair of us slashed at each other as we passed and when it was done I landed on the ground while the creature's arm that it used to attack me with turned to bloodied ribbons and the body was cut in two before it hit the ground. Suddenly a red orb with a black orb inside of it and small hexagons covering the sides like a shell rose from the body. I knew this orb as a damaged soul.

I walked towards the soul and as I did, Hingure transformed back into a katana. I then held Hingure out to the soul and Hingure suddenly glowed white before it leapt out of my hand. As it did Hingure began to change before it landed behind the soul. Once the glow died down instead of a katana I saw a figure in a dark coat and the body suggested it was feminine. She wore a midnight blue shirt underneath and dark grey pants with black spiked combat boots. I saw the coat had spikes on the shoulders and the lunar phases were going along the bottom of the coat. The woman had a modest bust size and her face showed she was young yet pretty and wore black lipstick and midnight blue eyeliner. She looked at the soul with a neutral expression before she grabbed it and began eating it like an apple. Once she was on the last bit she tossed it into the air and it landed in her mouth before she began to chew on it.

"Good meal Hingure?" I asked.

"Indeed, thanks Bones," Hingure said.

Suddenly I felt we weren't alone anymore so I looked at a rooftop and saw the royals, the mane 6, Elisa, Evan and Rage were there staring at me and Elisa now looked like an anthro wolf. She was wearing a pink bra and some pink panties but her hands still looked like paws.

"Shit, I'm out," Hingure said before she turned herself into a katana and sheathed herself on my back before I looked at the spectators.

"Sup," I said.

"Nothing much, just arguing." Evan said as he jumped off the roof and into the street.

"And that was before we got word of a wolf causing trouble." Rage said as he also jumped down.

"Yeah not much I could do about that. My new friend here was about to kill a mare if I hadn't stepped in," I said.

"What is that?" Applejack asked as she inspected the dead monster.

"Not sure what it was before but now it's a dead Kishin Egg," I said as I walked over to said Kishin egg.

"What's a Kishin Egg?" Twilight asked.

"Once an ordinary mortal who consumed the soul from another mortal which turned them into what you see before you," I said before I placed my fingers into the puddle of blood and rubbed it between my fingers. I then licked it only to spit the blood out again. "And from what I can tell this guy was once a unicorn stallion before this, name was Cobalt Steel."

"He was one of my subject's and you killed him?" Celestia asked in an angered tone.

"He died the moment he did this to himself," I responded.

"He didn't need to die you maybe could have saved him but no. I bet you just killed him because it was easier and you enjoy killing," Celestia said.

"Ok That's It!" I yelled.

I then teleported in front of Celestia and grabbed her by the mane and began to pull her into the alley where the monster came from. I saw most of Celestia's family and Twilight went to stop me however Faust, Rage and Elisa intervened.

"Bones unhand me at once!" Celestia demanded while trying to loosen my grip and find some solid footing.

I ignored Celestia and continued to follow the blood trail left by the Kishin Egg till I arrived at the source. I then released Celestia and forced her to look at the scene before us which was of another mare, however there was very little of her left. Blood coated the walls and ground and her body looked like it was being eaten.

"This is what one of your subjects has done Celestia, it butchered this poor mare and ate both her body and her soul. It is very possible that it has done this to others also so tell me who's the real monster here, the one who did this?" I asked as I pointed to the corpse. "Or me, the one who kills them to prevent things like this from happening."

With that I stormed off and as I did I saw everyone was staring at the scene in horror. Rarity and Fluttershy had fainted and Pinkie looked like she was gonna be sick.

I arrived back at the main road and saw the corpse of the Kishin Egg so I walked over to it, summoned a black rose and dropped it onto the Kishin. I watched as the body turned to dust leaving nothing, not even blood behind, before I teleported into my room and went to sleep.

Chapter 16 Can the Dead be Loved?

View Online

I woke up and saw I was alone in my bedroom. I went to grab my clothes and head for the bathroom when I remembered Nightmare's words from yesterday about the bath. So I walked out the door and into the hallway. I was met with a pair of maids who were surprised to see me and as we looked at each other both mare's cheeks had a light shade of red on them. I looked down and saw I was wearing a pajama shirt and pants but the shirt did little to conceal my fitness, explaining the mare's reaction. I turned to leave when suddenly I realized I didn't know where this bath was so I turned to the maids who were still staring at me.

"Excuse me, could you tell me where the large bath is?" I asked.

"...Oh yes, please follow us, we shall escort you," one of the maids said as they began to walk down the hallway.

We walked through the castle and as we did the maids talked quietly amongst themselves. I decided to not listen in because it wasn't my business. Soon we arrived at a door with blurred glass in the center before the maids came to a stop.

"Here it is," the maid said.

"Thanks for the help," I said.

"Would you like us to help wash you?" one maid asked nervously causing me to recoil in surprise and left me speechless.

"Now now ladies I'm pretty sure the both of you have work to do," Rage said as he walked around the corner, much to my relief, before he shooed away the maids.

"Thanks for that, wasn't sure where that last bit came from though," I said.

"It's cool, mares do stuff like that when they take a fancy to someone," Rage said.

"Oh...well that's a little unsettling," I said.

"Why you gay or something?" Rage asked causing me to punch him across the face. "Ow...good hit but in all serious here, you gonna take a bath?"

"Yes why?" I asked.

"Mind some company?" Rage asked causing me to raise a fist. "No no I'm being sincere I was on my way here for a bath myself when I ran into you.

"Well I guess it's okay long as you don't mind bathing with a dead guy," I said.

"Now you're making this sound weird," Rage said.

"I'll hit you again," I threatened.

We stepped inside and saw a steam filled twisting hallway. I followed it and walked into a massive circular room with a large basin of water. Pouring from the ceiling and into the center of the basin was a waterfall of warm water. When I looked around the rim of the massive bath I saw grates that the water went into when it was overflowing and at the bottom of the colossal bath was a mosaic tile design.

I got out of my PJ's and stepped into the water and for some strange reason I could feel the water and it also felt really nice.

"Quite a place to get washed eh Bones," Rage said who had stepped in while I was lost in thought.

"Definitely but why I can feel the water is beyond me," I said.

"Must be the underground herbs that grow around the spring. Zecora said these herbs are used for regeneration and health improvement, also relaxation," Rage explained.

"Noted," I said.

"So Bones any ideas on what we can do today?" Rage asked.

"Not really, our stunt yesterday would have surely attracted some attention. Best lay low for a bit and wait for Elisa to go back to normal," I said.

"Good idea...What about Celestia?" Rage asked.

"What about her?" I asked.

"I think you might have finally knocked something into her head but she hasn't said anything," Rage said.

"If there's something she want's to discuss with me then I'll listen but if it's something not worth my time then I'll just leave cause I don't deserve to be treated like this just because of who I am," I said.

"Amen pal," Rage said.

Rage and I spent a good 15 minutes bathing before we got out and headed for the dining room where we saw everyone besides Evan was there but not everyone was in a pleasant mood.

"Morning," I said announcing our presence before we sat down.

"Hey you lot get this, Bones here is becoming rather popular with some of the staff, pair of maids even offered to wash him," Rage said causing me to shoot him a glare while everyone stared at me in shock.

"Nothing happened alright, offer was turned down," I said.

"Where are they now?" Nightmare asked as I noticed her grip her chair tightly.

"No idea," I said.

"Excuse me Bones...About yesterday, you said that you hunt down creatures like that Kishin Egg. What others are there?" Luna asked.

"Lot's thralls, ghouls, Kishins and Kishin Eggs, White Walkers, Sand Stalkers anything that's dead and will seek to harm the living," I said.

"I see," Luna said.

"I take it some of you have more questions for me," I asked

"Yeah what was going on with your sword yesterday?" Applejack asked.

"Oh...Well that was Hingure's spirit form. Much like Elisa's swords except mine eat's corrupted souls to become stronger so it can be labeled as a Master Death Weapon, which she is," I said as I summoned Hingure.

"What's so special about becoming a Master Death Weapon?" Twilight asked.

"It's a high honor for us weapons. It means we are worthy of being used by the Reapers who guard their world from darkness," Hingure said while still in her sword form startling almost everyone.

"Might as well reveal yourself if you're going to join the conversation," I said.

Hingure then turned into her spirit form before she gazed around at the others before her eyes rested on Gilda.

"Nice boot's," Hingure said.

"Nice coat," Gilda replied.

"I think we're gonna get along just fine," Hingure said with a rare smile before she looked at Celestia. "And as for you bitch I don't care if you are a princess or a goddess. Disrespect my maker again and I'll show you a whole new meaning of the word hell cause you know nothing of the horrors we've seen and faced," Hingure said while pointing at Celestia and causing many to gasp at what Hingure said but Celestia didn't respond.

"Settle down Hingure I don't need you to interfere with my problems," I said.

"I'm your sword master, it's my duty to stand by you no matter the cause," Hingure said.

"Loyal one might give you a run for you're bit's huh Dash," Soarin said.

"Excuse me Hingure do you know Bones identity of when he was alive?" Twilight asked.

"No, wraith's had their life names hidden for a good reason. For you see if one wraith had an argument with another, one of the wraiths could target members of the living and so to prevent this, wraith's were given cover names or titles. Example with my master here he has the title "The Reapers Hand" so nasty incidents don't happen in the future but the wraiths will still be able to remember their lifetime before becoming a wraith," Hingure said.

"Hey you guys kill any wraiths before?" Rainbow asked?

"Rainbow Dash," Rarity scolded

"What we're all curious about that, besides this is the best opportunity to ask," Rainbow said.

"Yes in fact our first one was a Ferryman," Hingure said.

"Hingure," I said.

"What's wrong?" Chrysalis asked.

"That contract was a massacre when we arrived. It's one of the reasons why humans see us as monsters and why I put down rouge wraiths as quickly as possible. But the incident before that was a bloodbath and was way out of control before I could do anything," I said.

"Could you explain?" Luna asked.

"I can do better then that I can show you but everyone who can't handle mass bloodshed should leave now," I said but nobody left. "I'm surprised you all wish to stay, you too Celestia."

"I believe it's time I actually see what it is you do and who the real monsters are," Celestia said causing me to nod. I snapped my fingers causing the area around us to change to one of an ocean under a night sky and below us a single ocean liner sailed over the calm blue.

"Whoa this is a lot more different then a memory walking rune," Rage said.

"That's because this is a spell called "Eye of God" we're basically looking through the eyes of god on an event that has happened in the past even if I wasn't there," I said.

"Whoa neat," Rage said.

"This is quite fascinating," Twilight said as she looked around and scribbled something down in a notepad causing Hingure to mutter the word egghead under her breath.

"So is that where it happened?" Rainbow asked pointing to the ship causing me to nod.

I snapped my fingers and we appeared on the deck of the ship. We saw people on the deck of the ship slow dancing to the sound of a woman singing something in Italian on the PA. The music was lovely and as I looked at the dancing crowd I saw a little girl dancing with the captain causing me to give a sorrowful sigh which went unnoticed by everyone.

"I thought you said this was going to be a massacre," Rainbow said.

"Give it a second," I said.

As if on cue I saw a machine whirl to life which was attached to a wire that went around the deck. As the machine wound up all the loose wire no one suspected a thing when suddenly the wire was pulled from it's place and was retracted towards the machine. The wire was then pulled through the deck cutting down everything in it's path, including the dancing crowd, before it became taut leaving a vibrating sound in the air. No one, not even my fellow observers, moved. No one breathed. Everyone was trying to figure out what had happened. It was like standing in a frozen garden with ice statues.

I pointed at the feet of one of the humans on the deck and saw blood begin to pool at his feet at an alarming rate, and as one, all the passengers collapsed, all of them severed in two. But in the center, crouched low, was the captain with the little girl held protectively in his arms. I then saw I had made my appearance behind the captain just as soon as the top of his head fell off. The little girl looked at the fallen body before she looked at me and screamed, causing both me and my past self to fling our arms up to our ears and cover them while our bodies became disoriented for a few seconds before going back to normal. Once I had recovered I saw I was in my true form in the past providing no clues as to who I was.

I then snapped my fingers and we appeared in a pool area showing some of the crew, all armed with weapons, executing passengers and tossing their bodies in the pool. I saw one crew member was behind them and armed with an MP40 before he shot the crew members and left. I then showed everyone the hold where the rest of the crew came in and started looting the place. One then shouts and holds up a 5 kg gold bar. The rest of the crew then scramble to grab a piece when suddenly a beautiful woman in a red dress steps in unfazed by what was happening. The leading crew member steps away from the crew and gazes into the woman's eyes before he turns around and shoots the remaining crew. When he turns around to face the woman he is met with the barrel end of a gun before he's shot in the head. Once the body falls the woman tosses the gun away and turns to face a figure whose face was shrouded in the dark and was dressed in a tux. The figure stepped out of the shadows revealing a man in his mid twenties and blonde hair before he and the woman engaged in a kiss. After awhile when the man pulled away, the woman began to choke before blood spilled from her mouth. She collapsed to the floor but the man just gave a little wave as he watched the woman die before he left.

"Rouge Wraith," Rainbow said.

We then appeared in a hallway showing dead bodies and foam pouring from their mouths indicating they were poisoned. My past self then appeared and walked down the hallway when we heard sobbing. My past self followed the sound when we found the little girl. We saw her looking at two bodies, most likely her parents. My past self began to walk up to the girl when suddenly the Wraith appeared causing the girl to look at him before he shot her in the stomach causing everyone to gasp while Elisa growled fiercely. That's when my past self appeared next to the Wraith and used Hingure to sever off one arm before he cut off the other and drove Hingure into the Wraith's chest then pinned him to the wall. My past self then went to check on the girl but only after one second of holding her, the little girl gave her last breath. That's when my past self put down the body and looked to the still struggling to get free Wraith. My past self then grabbed the wraith by the throat and stared into his eyes causing fear to appear on the Wraith's face. My past self then lifted the Wraith into the air leaving Hingure to cut open the Wraith. My past self then grabbed Hingure before he pulled her free then reached in and pulled out the Wraith's blackened soul before he dropped the disappearing body and engulfed the soul in Death Fire before disappearing himself just as the area around us returned to the castle dining room.

"So one Wraith has the ability to do that?" Twilight asked.

"Lure fish in with bait and wham you're dead. The gold was the lure but that woman was the hook. She seduced the men into doing it and, well you know the rest," I said.

"Damn...Got anymore?" Rainbow asked shrouding the table in silence.

"Seriously," I asked.

"Yes but I pick this one," Rainbow said.

"Kay what do you want to see?" I asked.

"6th of June 1944 Normandy," Rainbow said causing Rage to spit out his orange juice.

"D-Day!" Rage shouted

"Yes Ash never showed us, hell not even told us what it was like during World War 2 and it's been bugging the hell out of me. All we've seen is Ash flying a plane and a little combat with him in it," Rainbow said.

"Perhaps it is better that we don't know Rainbow," Luna said.

"If you're sure Rainbow I'll show you but be warned that fight was nothing to mess around in, trust me I saw the entire thing," I said before I snapped my fingers causing us to appear on a beach where an explosion went off beside us startling everyone before I selected a song to listen to while we watched.


I looked around and saw concrete bunkers siting on the beach cliffs gunning down soldiers with machine guns. Metal blockades were going along the beach to prevent tanks from getting through and a lot of dead American troops were on the ground. Finally I saw the ocean had turned red with blood from how many soldiers had died in the water. Explosions appeared in random spots blowing soldiers apart while some hid behind cover screaming their throat's raw in terror.

"Sweet me, Ash fought his way through this?" Faust said as she looked around at the carnage.

"No one said war was pretty but this place has nothing on Operation Market Garden," I said.

Just then I saw an explosion blow a couple of marines to bits before I saw a soldier beside me get cut down by a machine gun. I saw one trooper was walking around with a missing arm which looked to have been ripped off. He seemed to be looking for something and when he found it and picked it up I saw it was his missing arm. Suddenly I saw a landing boat go up in flames probably the result of a flamethrower being shot. The group stared on in horror as they watched the flame covered soldiers rush for water to douse the flames or get shot by the Germans.

"Is there any way to find out where Ash is?" Luna asked.

"I say he'll be along shortly," I said.

As if on cue a landing craft arrived beside us and before the ramp could lower a soldier vaulted over the ramp armed wih a M1-Garand and ran into the battlefield. The Germans then brought their focus on him and fired but the soldier kept running and dodging ,even jumped into an explosion like it were nothing before he ducked behind cover alowing us to see it was Ash. His face had been hardened and scared by war. The Germans continued to rain bullets down on Ash but soon gunfire sounded off behind us coming from the rest of the soldiers who were on the landing craft. I saw they were aiming for the bunker giving Ash time to run out of cover and further up the beach.

"Wow slippery bugger that one," Soarin said.

"Eeyup," Mac said.

"C'mon let's see where he's going," Rainbow said causing everyone to follow.

We watched Ash run into the heat of battle only stopping in cover to take a breather. As we followed I saw corpsmen tending to the wounded. I then watched Ash as he ran over to a soldier who had his gut's spilled and was trying to hold them in while crying out for his mother. He picked him up as best as he could and dragged him over to cover where he tried to flag down a corpsman. Everyone could only stare as the man screamed in utter agony before the life left him. Ash stayed with the man the entire time till he died before he glared at the bunkers in utter hatred and I saw his eyes were an icy unforgiving blue. Ash then charged towards the bunkers. He tossed a grenade at the barbed wire, blowing it up before he ran past the busted wires and up the beach cliff dodging an MG nest's wrathful bullets. When the MG overheated Ash drew a pistol and ran towards the MG nest and shot the occupants.


We looked at the source and saw four men link up with Ash, two of them were armed with Thompson sub machine guns and one with a flamethrower.

"Sir what now!?" One shouted

"We clear out these bunkers, lighten the load for our boys and push our way forward!" Ash shouted.

Ash and the soldiers ran up the rest of the way and began shooting at the Axis forces before they stacked up at a bunker. Ash tossed a grenade into the bunker and let it explode before he turned to the soldier wielding the flamethrower.

"Wade smoke the son's of bitches!" Ash shouted.

Giving a nod the soldier walked in front of the doorway and unleashed a torrent of fire which engulfed the insides of the bunker. I showed the Germans scrambling to escape the flames by an means necessary.

"Don't shoot let em burn!" one of the allied troops shouted.

"Was that ours?" another one asked.

"Doesn't matter let's keep moving," one soldier shouted.

We watched as the allies swarmed up the beach. During the fighting we saw Ash was caught in a melee fight with a German SS commander. Ash then grabbed a shovel from off his back and drove it into the commanders shoulder then took his pistol and shot another trooper.

Soon the Germans surrendered and we watched Ash walk along the lines of surrendered Germans. Then he stopped and looked at something he walked along the lines, drew his sidearm and shot a surrendered German wearing a uniform of the Nazi SS commanders in the legs forcing him to his knees before shooting the commander in the head. All the while Ash's face held no emotion as he executed the trooper, that's when I ended the spell. When I looked at the others I saw all of them were shocked at what they saw, even Rainbow looked like she regretted watching that.

"He executed that man even though he surrendered...Why did do that?" Twilight asked in disbelief.

"SS troops, that bunch were by far one of the most hated soldiers during the war for good reason. Each and every one of them was to be executed on site when found even if they surrendered," Rage said

"To think our fight with Celestia looked like a mere preschool roughhousing compared to that," Dream Catcher.

"And the fact Ash went through that...blood bath is something else entirely how long did the war last Rage?" Shining asked.

"Six years in Europe and eight years in the Pacific. As for America, it lasted four years," I heard someone say and I looked up and saw Evan entering, as well as others.

I looked at the new arrivals and saw it was Elisa and Evan's version of the royals I saw their Celestia wore blue shorts and a pink shirt but her mane and tail weren't flowing, instead they were pink. Luna wore some kind of gaming shirt and black jeans and like her sister, her mane and tail weren't flowing and were light blue. Cadence was wearing a simple pink dress and as for Shining it turned out his counterpart was female and wore a tight white shirt and blue jeans. Next came Faust wearing blue skinny jeans and a tank top. Then Lucky Shot wearing her vault-tech jump-suit then Wrathful Blaze wearing a brown stetson and pants, as well as a white tank top. (Introduced to the last three on our trip from their world to here.) And finally I saw Evan was wearing a black tux with a red tie and had a slight buzz atop his head.

I looked at the group and saw most of them were staring at the royals in shock and I saw the new arrivals had similar expressions on their faces.

"Didn't tell them where they are?" I asked.

"I did, but I may have forgot to add the fact that there were other versions of them here." Evan said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

I looked at the other Celestia before I got out of my chair and walked towards the door.

"Bones?" Rage began.

"If this Celestia decides to put me on a leash like the other I swear to the lord almighty I'm going to do something very violent," I said before I left

I walked out the door and down the hallway not really a care where I was going till I stumbled upon the doorway to a music room. When I peeked inside I saw a shiny black piano was sitting in the room. I walked inside and saw no one around so I walked over to the instrument and tapped on a few keys and saw it had been tuned. I then looked around and made sure no one was here before I sat down and started playing on random keys. Suddenly I felt something take control of my hands and began to play a song on the piano.


The music was beautiful and also haunting but I let the music carry me away. I just let my hands do the work as I became lost in thought. I didn't even know I had stopped playing when suddenly I hear clapping coming from the door. I spun around and saw Nightmare and the two mares Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody were applauding me.

"A superb performance," Octavia said while she continued to clap.

"How long were you all there?" I asked.

"Awhile now but I didn't know you could play on a piano, you've been holding out on us," Vinyl said.

"Believe me I didn't know either till now," I said.

"Pardon for asking but what was that song?" Nightmare asked.

"Hm...Moonlight Sonata I believe," I said as I looked at the piano before I looked back at the others. "So haven't seen you two since Ponyville, doing alright?"

"Sure am horn's back, we're not being raped, I'd say we're doing great," Vinyl said.

"Although I wish none of this happened in the first place," Octavia said with a sigh.

"So what brings you here Nightmare?" I asked.

"Two Celestia's are a bit too much even for me," Nightmare said.

"Fair enough so want to do something together?" I asked.

"What?" Nightmare asked.

"Well I'm board as hell and I'm not planing on going back into that room unless I'm sure I won't have two pains in the butt yelling in my face," I said.

"Fair point but what can we do?" Nightmare asked.

"Got me I'm just about ready to slam my head into a wall to entertain myself," I said causing the mares to snicker

"As amusing as that would be I have a better idea. Luna has some game consoles in her gaming room that we can play just as long as we don't do anything to mess up her games," Nightmare suggested.

"Hmm...I'm down with it, beat's beating my head against a wall," I said.

Well you two lovebirds have fun," Vinyl said as we left before Octavia elbowed her in the ribs and when I looked at Nightmare I saw she was blushing.

Nightmare led us to the gaming room and I have to say Luna really likes her games.

"Wow," I said as I looked at the mass collection of games.

"Now then how about we start off with some simple shooters," Nightmare asked.

Hours Later

Nightmare and I played countless games for hours and she seemed to take great pleasure in rubbing in the fact she had won whenever we played against each other, which happened to be a lot. I then heard Nightmare's stomach growl much to her embarrassment before I offered to go get something for her to eat. When I arrived at the kitchen no one was around but sadly there were no already prepared meals so I was forced to make something. I didn't know an recipes but thanks to me watching Pinkie making pudding once I decided to make one by using ingredients I know for certain taste good, judging by everyone's reactions at desert time. Once I was done with it I put it in the oven to bake and once it was done and I took it out, the scent became intoxicating. I then grabbed a knife before I covered up the pudding before I took them to the game room. Once I arrived I saw Nightmare was scrolling through songs on the IPod before she put it down when she saw me.

"What's that?" Nightmare asked.

"Just some pudding I made," I said as I set it on a small table.

"Made?" Nightmare asked.

"Don't sound so surprised I think I did well if the smell is anything to go by," I said.

"I'll be the judge of that," Nightmare said as she reached for the pudding but I slapped her on the hand. "Ow What in Tartarus Was That For!?"

"Still hot you're going to need to wait for it to cool down," I said causing Nightmare to huff and go back to her chair.

"What were you listening to?" I asked.

"More like I was going to before you arrived," Nightmare said.

"Don't let me stop you," I said before Nightmare selected a song and let it play.


When I first heard the song I was confused on why Nightmare would want to listen to this. When I looked I saw she was just as surprised. I saw she went to stop it but she ended up swaying her head to the song and I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it myself. I walked up to Nightmare and offered her a hand to dance. She stared at me in shock but then she smiled before she took it and once she stood up we held each other at a comfortable distance and began to slowly sway to the music. As we did Nightmare rested her head on top of mine. At first the feeling was awkward but I shrugged it off and continued till the song ended and when it did Nightmare and I looked into each other's eyes before we stepped back from each other.

"I've never danced before," Nightmare admitted with a blush.

"That's fine I doubt I've ever done dancing when I was alive," I said as I rubbed the back of my head and tried looking for something to end the awkwardness. "I'd say the pudding has cooled care for a slice?"

"Did someone say pudding?"

Nightmare and I jumped when we heard the second voice and saw this world's Luna standing in the doorway.

"Luna how long were you there?" Nightmare asked.

"I just got here but real question here is what are you two doing here?" Luna asked as she stepped into the room.

"We were kinda bored so I suggested we come here to play some shooters," Nightmare said.

"I see now what's this I hear about pudding?" Luna asked.

"Your welcome to have a slice not like I can eat any myself," I said as I cut a piece each for the two mares.

Once I handed the mares their pieces they took a bite and their eyes widened and remained still as stone. I thought I may have done something wrong but that changed when they scarfed their pieces down with looks of bliss.

I take it that it tastes nice?" I asked.

"Nice, this is heavenly. I think you may have been more of a brilliant chef in life then a warrior," Nightmare said.

"I have to agree," Luna said.

"Well glad you like it," I said.

Suddenly both mares go for another piece and when they noticed the other going for the pudding the two growled at each other.

"What do you think you're doing the rest is mine," Luna and Nightmare said in sync

"Whoa you two there's enough for another slice," I said.

Suddenly the two mares lunged at each other and started to fight for the pudding. A large dust cloud was created and I could see limbs appear every once and awhile from the two. I then looked at the pudding and decided I best get it away from them before things got out of control so I grabbed the treat and left the room. I walked down the halls thinking about what I should do with this pudding and I saw this worlds Celestia walking towards me and stopped in front of me.

"Bones," Celestia greeted.

"Celestia," I greeted in return.

"Where are you off to and with a...pudding no less?" Celestia asked.

"Long story but I...," I started before I was cut off.


"Damn they're quick," I said as I looked down the hall just in time to see Luna and Nightmare tumble out of another hallway. "Listen Celestia I..." I started but I saw a piece of the pudding was gone and I saw a large smile on Celestia's face and she was chewing happily. "Oh crap."

"More," Celestia said with a crazed look in her eyes.

"BONES GIVE ME THAT PUDDING!" Luna and Nightmare roared as they ran towards me.

"Shit," I muttered.

I then tossed the pudding into the air and teleported behind the fast approaching Nightmare and Luna, which were moving so fast they failed to stop before running into Celestia. Once the pudding came down I caught it and ran off with three pudding crazed mares hot on my heels. Nightmare constantly tried to grab me with her razor sharp nails that could cut through a caribou's flesh in a single slash which spurred me to run faster. Now I know I shouldn't be worried about them in my condition but still that would seriously hurt and I'd rather avoid that. I then saw a small table at the end of the hallway and saw it was casting a rather large shadow so I ran for it, leapt into it and slid along the ground into another hallway, hit a wall and let out a groan of pain.

"Well that's one way to make an entrance."

I looked at the source of the voice and saw Discord hanging from the rafters like a bat with his tail holding onto one of the elegant stone beams.

"Hi Discord if I may ask what are you up to?" I asked.

"Oh just doing a bit of deep thinking my time spent in the inferno has given me a new thought on the world around me," Discord said.

"I hear ya not a place one expect's to go is it," I said.

"Now what exactly are you doing at this moment?" Discord asked.

"Running and hiding. Your sisters Luna, Celestia and also Nightmare are going crazy for this pudding I made," I said.

"Hm that wouldn't happen to be a caramel and marble chocolate pudding would it?" Discord asked.

"Yeah but how did you know?" I asked.

"Celestia has an addiction for marble chocolate especially if it's on a cake. Luna has a deep love for caramel and I can only assume Nightmare has the same love for that stuff. If you put those three together no wonder things got crazy," Discord said.

"Oh great...Any chance you can help me?" I asked.

"Get in-between those three and that; Bones, I may be crazy but I'm not stupid. You're on your own for this one but don't worry I'll save a prayer for you," Discord said before he vanished.

"I'm touched," I said in an annoyed way.

"Yeah Discord will do that."

"Gah!" I shouted and leapt away from the source of the voice only to see Pinkie. "Damn it all to hell Pinkie if I wasn't dead already you would have scared the life out of me."

"Sorry but what are you doing here Boney?" Pinkie asked.

"Trying to get rid of this," I said as I looked down at the pudding but I saw a piece of it was missing and when I looked at Pinkie I saw she was chewing on something before I looked at the pudding again and connected the dots just in time to see a creepy look appear on Pinkie's face as she slowly looked at me. "Aw man give me a break."

I then ran down the hallway while Pinkie screamed for more of the pudding and as I passed by a hallway I saw the three alicorns had caught up to me. So putting everything I had into my feet I ran as fast as I could but suddenly I was tackled by all four mares. We went sailing through a set of doors that lead to a large balcony where the pudding was thrown from m grip and went over the edge.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" the mares all shouted in perfect sync at the loss of the desert.

"Whew glad that's over," I said as I stood up I was about to go back inside when I heard sniffling and when I looked I saw the mares were staring at the end of the balcony where the pudding disappeared and had tears in their eyes. "Damn it I'm gonna regret this," I thought as I walked in front of the sniffling mares. "Alright I'll make a new one for dessert tonight just as long as this incident doesn't happen again deal?"

"Deal!" the mares shouted.

I left the balcony and walked down a random hallway but I felt a presence behind me and when I looked I saw Celestia.

"Something you need from me?" I asked.

"Listen Bones I know things haven't been...stable between us," Celestia said.

"You tried to kill me several times," I said.

"Yes and attempts I've come to regret now that I see what you do for everyone. I've always seen Death as a cruel master that just seems to take those closest to me and even after living for so long I still think so. His latest conquest was Ash which is the reason I hate you...Ash was probably one of the best sources of happiness my sister had since her return only to be claimed by Death in the end which is why I hated you...I blamed you for destroying my sisters happiness and for that I am sorry," Celestia said causing both of us to stare at each other in silence.

"I can see you mean it Celestia but I need to remind you one day soon I'm going to need to give up this heart and you know what that means," I said as I tapped the area of my chest that held the heart.

"I'm aware but-," Celestia started.

"No but's Celestia I know what you're saying but please understand this is for the best," I said.

"I...Very well," Celestia said.

Celestia and I stood in silence when suddenly I felt a very familiar pulse of magic that brought back dark memories.

"Bones what was-," Celestia started but I didn't hear the rest because I ran down the hallway in search of the source of magic.

Nothing else had mattered at the moment. Everything, including the crystal heart, was screaming at me to find the source of the magic. I put everything into my legs and sent out pulses of magic to help me find the source of what I felt and when I found it I ran towards it. When I arrived I saw it was behind a set of doors in a room so I pushed open the doors and let them slam against the walls. What I saw horrified me. There on the ground, drawn in chalk, was the same transmutation circle that covered my left eye and powerful but familiar magic was pouring out of it which I remembered as Twilight's. I summoned Hingure to my back, ran towards the circle and clapped my hands together and placed them on the circle. Suddenly I appeared in a blank white void. I looked around and saw a massive familiar set of stone doors with a strange tree shape engraved on it and in front of the door was a blank figure that looked equine in shape and stood on two legs. The only visible facial features on the figure where faint lines that made a mouth and I saw the figure had a black aura around it. I then remembered the figure's name was Truth, suddenly Twilight appeared out of nowhere and looked like she was reaching out for something.

"How was it?" Truth asked.

"Now I see my theory on living transmutation wasn't wrong after all it only need's one more ingredient to work and the answers are in here. Please, I need you to show me again, I need to bring him back," Twilight pleaded as she placed a hand on the gate.

"Sorry but the toll you paid cost you everything," Truth said causing my eyes to widen in horror.

"Toll what do you mean?" Twilight asked.

"This," Truth said as the fingers on Twilight's left arm began to disappear and reappear on Truth and slowly Twilight's entire arm began to disappear. "This is the law of Equivalent Exchange."

I ran towards the two and drew Hingure before I ran into Twilight and grabbed her. As I passed Truth I glared at it and saw Truth had a surprised look on it's mouth. I cut a hole in reality and tossed Twilight through and I was about to jump through also when suddenly something grabs me and I see it's a long black thin arm with tiny fingers on the end and it was coming out of the stone doors. Soon more and more grabbed a hold of me and began to drag me to the doors but I managed to sever some with Hingure and let the rest tear off pieces of my body before I ran through the portal. I made it out and tumbled to the ground on the other side before I looked back and saw more of those arms were racing for the portal I made so I slashed the portal with Hingure dispelling it and shattered a piece of the ground with my hands which had a part of the transmutation circle on it ending the circle's magic. I took several deep breath's out of instinct then suddenly I hear screaming and I look to see Twilight clutching a bleeding stump which was once her left arm. I move towards her as quickly as possible cringing from the pain Truth left me with. I saw a lot of my bones were showing but my clothes were unharmed I then placed my hands on Twilight's stump and started applying pressure to the massive wound.

"Bones whe...where's-," Twilight started.

"Save...your strength," I said weakly.

"Where's...." Twilight began but she fell into unconsciousness

Suddenly I heard something behind me and when I looked, the only thing I could see was a twisted moving corpse. The body had it's organs all over the place and it's bone structure was a mess. The only thing I could recognize was a head and an arm which was trying to drag itself closer to us before it went limp. I then heard footsteps running towards us and when I looked I saw someone enter the doorway and I saw it was Rage, his face can only show horror as he took in the scene.

"Twilight...hospital...now...dying," I said still exhausted from the recent event.

Rage didn't hesitate to grab Twilight and disappear in a flash before I dragged myself over to a wall and sat against it and stared at the mess around me. Suddenly Celestia arrives and she had the same reaction as Rage and seconds behind her is the rest of the princesses, mane 6 and Elisa and Evan's group appear as well along with Evan himself

"What happened?!" Evan yelled as he looked around the room.

"Living...transmutation," I said weakly gaining everyone's attention.

"Bones what happened?" this world's Celestia asked in shock.

"Twilight...in...hospital," I said weakly causing Twilight's friends along with, both Cadence's and both Celestia's to leave while the rest of the group stayed and stared at the result's of Twilight's transmutation before Nightmare walked over to me, picked me up and became a way of supporting me to stand. "Thanks."

"Why is she in the hospital?" Evan asked with a serious tone.

"Let's just get to the hospital and I'll tell you everything I know," I said before I shuffled my way over to the deformed corpse and grabbed some hairs from it.

Nightmare's horn then lit up and we appeared in the hospital ward. I asked a nurse on Twilight's location but the poor mare fainted at the sight of me so this world's Luna went ahead and asked another member of the staff on the location and asked them to attend to the unconscious nurse. The staff member pointed us in the right direction and once we arrived I saw Twilight was on a bed still out cold but her stump of an arm had been wrapped in several bandages but those bandages were beginning to turn red with blood while the others watched over her.

"The doctors have placed Twi in a stable condition but she's lost a good deal of blood so she should be out for awhile," Rage explained when he saw us.

"Bones please tell us what happened," Rarity pleaded causing me to sigh before I sat down in a vacant chair.

"Alchemy has many abilities as you all know...," I started.

"We're not here for a alchemy lesson Bones!" Rainbow shouted but Rage held his arm out to stop her.

"Go on," Rage said.

"But there are certain types that are a taboo to perform. The one you saw the result of was one of the most forbidden, living transmutation or rather human transmutation. This transmutation is used to create living sentient beings or...bring someone back from the dead," I said causing everyone to gasp.

"B-b-b-but why would she do that?" Fluttershy asked.

"I don't know but the reason this transmutation is forbidden is because there were those that thought others could create an obedient arm but the main reason is because most of those who do commit the taboo will either go insane, die or be changed forever," I said.

"Changed how?" this world's Celestia asked.

"No idea depends on what Truth showed them," I said.

"Who in tarnation is Truth?" Applejack asked.

"Truth is an it. It's all and it is one. It could also be either you or me or anyone here," I said.

"So it replaced somepony?" Rainbow asked.

"No it sees what we see and hears what we hear and speaks what we speak but it doesn't interfere with what we do. What Truth is is the greatest collection of knowledge anywhere. Bigger and more vast then an library you can think off," I said.

"But why is Twilight missing an arm?" this world's Luna asked.

"Truth took it as payment for the knowledge it showed her. Truth would have taken her entire body and soul had I not interfered," I said.

"That's the reason why you never commit that crime. I remember two brothers who wanted to bring their mother back. It cost one boy his arm and leg, the other his entire body. Luckily the first boy was able to attach his brothers soul to a suite of armor before truth could take his soul." Evan said as he looked at Twilight with a disapproving gaze.

"I know those two as well but you're wrong about one thing the elder brother who lost his arm and leg actually lost his leg to Truth and sacrificed his arm to attach his brother's soul to the suit of armour," I said.

"What happened to them?" this world's Faust asked.

"No clue," I said.

"That's nice and all but I think the main question here is what was Twilight doing with such a...disastrous transmutation circle?" Rage asked.

"I was trying to bring back Ash."

Everyone's eyes turned to the bed and we saw Twilight was trying to sit up but she clutched her arm in pain and fell back to the bed. Just like that this world's Celestia rushed over to check on the lavender alicorn like a mother would with her child.

"Impressive, most people would have been out for longer then what you've had and the fact you seem rather calm right now only impresses me more," I said.

"Twilight what do you mean you were trying to bring back Ash?" Celestia asked.

"When Luck Shot brought it up I couldn't handle it anymore. I also thought if I was able to bring back Ash we could stop the caribou much sooner," Twilight said while sobbing slightly.

"Twilight as much as I wish to see Ash once more I will not accept or have my subject's harmed just for that and even if I did what would he say upon leaning of this?" Luna asked.

"I-I didn't think on that but now I may have just killed Ash a second time," Twilight sobbed as she gripped Celestia tightly while Celestia gently rocked her back an forth.

"No...you didn't," I said.

"What?" Twilight asked.

"I pulled a few strands of hair off the body you made Twilight I want you to look at them and tell me what colour it is," I said as I got up and placed the hairs before Twilight before I sat down again while Twilight studied the hair.

"Blonde," Twilight said.

"Exactly and I saw Ash's hair is jet black with a silver streak in it," I said.

"But I could have just put Ash's soul in a different body," Twilight said.

"Wrong again, from what I saw the body had no soul signature and it only had enough energy to move one arm before it gave out. What you did was just create a deformed corpse," I said causing Twilight to smile.

"Thank you Bones," Twilight said.

"Now Twilight I need to know how you learned of that circle," I said.

"Well...it's on your eye," Twilight said causing me to place a hand over my right eye. "I saw it was an alchemy circle and decided to look it up and found out what it means."

"Well as interesting as this is I say it's time we ended this Q and A session," Hingure said who was standing in the doorway.

"For what purpose?" Rage asked.

"Twilight committed a very serious crime now she has to face the consequences like the others," Hingure said as she turned her right arm into a blade and aimed it at Twilight causing Celestia to hold Twilight tightly. "Move aside."

"No if you're going to kill her then you'll need to kill me too," Celestia said.

"Since you're protecting her it just makes you an ally and must also be eliminated," Hingure said as she prepared to take a swing at them but I grabbed Hingure's arm stopping her. "Master?"

"This isn't her fault...it's mine," I said.

"But master," Hingure said.

"I should have told her the do's and don'ts of alchemy so as her teacher the blame lies souly with me," I said before Hingure transformed herself into a katana and placed herself on my back. "Sorry her sense of justice is strong, she commit's herself to righting wrongs and giving wrongdoers what they deserve but sometimes she tends to go overboard," I said as I began to make my way out.

"Wait Bones if that mark is on your eye then does that mean?" Rarity asked stopping me.

"Yeah...I also committed the taboo," I said with a sigh.

"What did you give up?" Applejack asked but I let the question hang in the air for a bit before I placed a hand on my chest before answering.

"My heart...Now if you'll excuse me I have a body to take care of," I said before I left.

Chapter 17 A Cold Heart's Warming

View Online

It's been months since Twilight has attempted to resurrect Ash Blade and, in that time, Faust has created a new arm for the lavender alicorn by using Life Fire. Twilight also has to relearn how to use it because her nerves suddenly have to get used to the fact that they have a new limb to help move. Meanwhile, I took the liberty of giving Twilight's creation a burial in an unnamed grave but as I said, that was months day ago. Now winter is here and Nightmare and I were walking down one of the kingdom's snow covered streets, merely doing some window shopping before we headed back to the castle. When I looked around, I saw foals playing in the snow and festive decorations had been spun across the streets bringing a warm feeling to those who saw them. 'Why decorations?' you ask, because apparently a holiday called Hearth's Warming Eve is here which celebrates the founding of Equestria and as Nightmare and I walked the streets, I heard Ponies were singing.


"It honestly amazes me how you ponies can just burst into a random song whenever you feel like it," I said.

"That makes two of us," Nightmare said.

"It is weird when they do that." I heard a voice say in front of us.

When I looked I saw Elisa wearing a black beany, a red fuzzy jacket with a white shirt underneath, blue skinny jeans and a pair of black Vietnamese military boots.

"Oh hi Elisa doing some window shopping?" I asked.

"No, I came out for a walk. Clear my mind of some things." Elisa said with a sad expression on her face as she shifted her hands in her pockets.

I was about ask if she was alright when suddenly I hear something coming from behind Elisa. When I looked I saw a massive ball of snow rolling down the hill towards us. It was too close to do anything to dodge, so with the seconds ticking by before impact I could only think of one thing.

"Aw hell," I said with a groan as I face palmed.

The boulder of snow slammed into us and sent us rolling down the hill. The world became a blur of colours and I couldn't tell which way was up. We must have been rolling for a few good minutes till finally we hit something and came to a stop. When I pushed myself out of the snow I saw both Nightmare and Elisa do the same and oddly enough, I heard a familiar laugh and saw Rage was here also, half burred in snow.

"Sorry you lot, I tried to stop but it was snow use get it snow use," Rage said as he went on laughing.

"That joke was so bad you should feel horrible for even thinking of it," I said as I climbed out of the pile of snow. When I looked back at the others I saw Nightmare was attempting to strangle the air out of Rage but Elisa pulled her off before she proceeded to do it herself.

"This is a brand new jacket you ass. Luna made it for me!" Elisa said in Rages face.

I decided enough was enough so I pulled Elisa off Rage before I looked at Rage.

"Alright Rage I'll bite what's going on?" I asked.

"Like I said I'm sorry also it wasn't intentional, I'm watching the foals at the moment. They were making a snow pony at the top of the slope when suddenly the bottom began rolling down the hill I tried to stop it but uh...well, this happened," Rage said.

"You could have melted the snow with your fire to stop," I said causing Rage to look at me and blinked once then twice.

"Oh yeah, I guess I could have done that," Rage said as he brought a closed hand down on his open palm

"Yea it would have been a smart idea. Anyways you may want to get back to the kids before the CMC decide to do something outrageous." Elisa said as she walked towards the fillies and colts.

We arrived where the foals were and saw them having a snowball fight but I decided to stay out of it and let the foals and the other adults play. Once they were done Rage took the foals to a massive store. The place was a triple storied building and was decorated with browns, golds and deep reds and I saw tinsel and decorated Hearth's Warming Eve trees spread around the store. I then saw foals playing with the toys while their parents watched them. Then I saw a toy train that went around the whole store onto ever level and going into the walls as well. We let the foals run around and play with the toys and I saw Rage, Elisa and Nightmare had gone after them meanwhile I just had a look around the store. I saw Pip fiddling with a small tin wind up robot before he put it back and sighed.

"Something troubling you kiddo?" I asked as I approached.

"Oh hi Bones and yes there is something that's...troubling me," Pip said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Do you think everything will go back to normal one day, you know when all the fighting stops?" Pip asked.

"I don't know Pip but I don't think everything will be the same," I said.

"Oh...What's dying like?" Pip asked.

"What?" I asked in a soft but confused tone.

"I was just curious?" Pip said.

"I...I can't really recall what it was like Pip but, as a wraith it's part of or duty to make a souls death as calming and as peaceful as we can. Show them there is nothing to be afraid of," I said.

"Did you help my dad?" Pip asked.

"Um...I'm afraid I can't answer that one either," I said.

"Oh," Pip said downheartedly.

"Listen Pip while we're here how about I get ya something, y'know...cheer you up?" I asked.

"Oh no that's okay use it for something you want," Pip said.

"You're sweet kid but what can a dead guy buy?" I asked.

"Um?" Pip said thoughtfully.

"It's a rhetorical question now go pick something," I said causing Pip to run off with an embarrassed blush.

A little while later Pip met me at the counter and I saw he was caring a small pirate ship. Once he placed it on the counter I pulled out enough bit's to pay for it.

"Excuse me miss but what's that sign for?" Pip asked as he pointed to a sign behind the cashier that said Children's Charity.

"Oh that my dear prince is for the children that are having a tough time this Heath's Warming since the fall. Many children have been abandoned and for the ones that made it here all the money that we make this week goes to the children that deserve a Hearth's Warming as well," the cashier said.

"That so...Well please would you add this also?" I asked as I placed a hefty amount of bit's on the table.

"Sir I,I don't know what to say to such generosity," the cashier said.

"Consider it a gift," I said.

"Well then sir for our gift to us please take a small token of our appreciation," the cashier said as she reached under the table and pulled out a purple velvet box. When she opened it I saw it was full of charms and bracelet's of the such.

"Uh how about you pick one Pip," I said causing Pip to take a look and after a few seconds of looking he pulled out two braided string bracelet's with a pair of turtledoves on it.

"Oh splendid choice your highness, do you know what turtledoves represent?" the cashier asked.

"Mm-hm Auntie Fluttershy told me the represent love and friendship," Pip said.

"Indeed your highness and since there are a pair of bracelets you keep one and give the other to someone important in your life and that person will be with you forever," the cashier said as she helped Pip tie the bracelet to his wrist.

"Then I'm gonna give this one to you Bones," Pip said as he held out the other bracelet to me.

"Uh I don't kno-" I started but Pip interrupted me.

"You said I could pick and this is my decision now hold out our wrist already," Pip said as he held out the bracelet ready to tie it around my wrist.

So I did as asked and held out my wrist so Pip could tie it on and once he was done I gave it a gentle rub. Pip and I then bid the cashier farewell and linked up with the others outside before we left for the castle. We walked through the gates and through the lower half of the castle and into the upper half. I could never get over how magnificent this place looked. It was like this place was designed to look good no matter where it was or the weather surrounding it. My mind was brought back to reality when we walked into the sitting room. I saw everyone was there including Twilight who had her new arm resting in a sling. The sitting room was like a large living room in an ordinary home and, despite it's size, it had a cozy feel about it and is where everyone can sit down and take a load off.

"Ah welcome back everyone," Faust said when she saw us.

"Well now that everyone is here how about we head over to the theater and watch the play?" Celestia asked.

"But Celestia we've gone to watch that every year since the event happened, why don't we do something else instead," Dream Catcher said.

"I have to agree with Dream Catcher after a few thousand years it tends to get old," Chrysalis said.

"Well I'm open to suggestions?" Celestia said.

"How about we tell our own stories?" Twilight suggested causing everyone to look at her.

"What?" I asked.

"Well...A few years ago I told Starlight a Hearth's Warming tale because she was feeling kinda down. So I thought we might tell some Hearth Warming tales or ones from memory," Twilight said while shifting nervously under our gaze.

"Hm not a bad idea Twilight," Faust said.

"So who wants to start off and say their tale?" Elisa asked.

Everyone besides the foals then gathered in a circle and since Twilight suggested it she went first. When she finished the next pony took over and as the hours ticked by only Faust and I were left. She was telling everyone of a time when she and her foals, the princesses and Discord, lived in some tower and was teaching them magic.

"Now Celestia decided she should get me a self cleaning mop with a conjure water enchantment on it so that it never dried out and added a fire repellent charm along with a self replicating charm so it could not break or burn and since I had hundreds of rooms, Celestia copied the mops and sent them to work. However the problem was she forgot to add an off function," Faust said recalling the story while the female royal siblings were trying to hide in embarrassment but Discord took it with pride. Celestia in particular was lying on the floor with a pillow held over her head nd from what I could see she was more embarrassed then the others.

"So what happened?" Rainbow asked.

"I open a door, get washed away by an indoor tsunami and discover the entire lower half of the tower is flooded and all Celestia could say was surprise," Faust said causing a few to roar in laughter including me but no one was louder then Rage.

"Oh sweet merciful Ash you five were absolute terrors weren't ya," Rage guffawed while the princesses tried harder to hide.

"Why did you have to tell them that one?" Luna grumbled.

"They may have been adorable home raised bundles of a chaos but they were my adorable home raised bundles of chaos and I wouldn't trade them for anything no matter how crazy they drive me. Speaking of should I tell you all of when Luna and Celestia made their first attempt at cooking?" Faust asked causing Luna and Celestia to sit up with looks of horror on their faces and before anyone knew it the alicorns in question placed a hand over their mothers mouth.

"I thought it was agreed we would never speak of that again," Luna growled

"How about we move on to the next person," Celestia suggested.

"That would be you Bones," Nightmare said.

"Indeed but what to tell is the problem," I said as I rubbed my chin thoughtfully.

"How about your most festive story you have." Evan said.

"And it has to be awesome and cool." Elisa added.

"Hm...I think I've got something, it's festive alright awesome depends on who you ask I guess," I said as I snapped my fingers causing the world around us to change. We were in the sky above a city on Earth called London which was covered in snow.

"Whoa where are we?" Rainbow asked as she looked around.

"Earth London, December 24 sometime in the 1800's. C'mon I'll give you the tour," I said before I snapped my fingers causing us to fall.

Most of the group were screaming their heads off except for Elisa while I was merely laughing at the situation. As we approached the street I flew off with the others being dragged behind me, almost as if we were attached by an invisible rope. I slowed down when we approached landmarks like the tower of London and Big Ben, even stopped by parliament and Buckingham Palace where we peered through the windows and saw a massive table being set up for tomorrow. All in all London looked beautiful this time of year and in this age and judging by their looks everyone thought so too. We then speed off again before we landed in a street but for those who didn't have wings and Rage their landing came in a little harder then the others.

"Oooo that looked like it hurt," I said as I looked at the group who were groaning in pain.

"Dude don't do that again flying without using me wings was...not natural," Rainbow said as she flew into my face.

"Of course it isn't, ever flown with magic before?" I asked as I walked around her and went to help up Rage.

"That was weird I slipped on some ice," Rage said as he got up.

"So?" I asked.

"Shouldn't physics be um different here?" Rage asked.

"Uh no, we can still interact with things and also animals just we can't interact with anything sentient or anything connected to anything sentient," I said

"Fair enough," Rage said.

"As glamours as that tour was, why exactly are we here?" Twilight asked.

"Oh right almost forgot, this way," I said as I led the group down a street full of activity.

I saw kids skidding across the snow by hanging onto the backs of horse drawn coaches which seemed to confuse Nightmare and the group from Elisa and Evan's world. Merchants were selling their stock and people gave a greeting to one another as they passed. All in all it was quite pleasant until we came to a baron, cold and deserted street, deserted by all but one man. He was an old skinny gentleman with silver hare reaching the bottom of his ears dressed in a black coat and top hat and carried a cane in his bony grip, a pair of stray dogs ran past us but stopped upon seeing the man before they whimpered and ran back the way they came.

"Who's the old guy?" Rainbow asked.

"Wow you really are blunt with your words aren't you and to answer your question that man is called Ebeneezer Scrooge," I said causing Elisa, Evan and Rage's faces to light up in realization. "And judging from your reactions you three know this story huh?"

"I think the question is who on Earth doesn't know it," Rage said.

"What's going on?" Rainbow asked.

"This is the story of how someone who was out of touch with the holidays can reconnect." Elisa said as she looked back at Scrooge.

Suddenly I saw a boy wearing a brown cap and jacket with black pants and a tattered scarf covering most of his face come walking into the street.

"Merry Christmas Mister Scrooge," the boy said as he passed.

"Bah humbug," Scrooge said as he walked into a building and slammed the door closed behind him surprising everyone including the boy but he shook his head and continued on his way while I watched him go

"Well that was quite rude," Rarity huffed.

"That's what Scrooge was. Folks back on Earth have a saying 'Don't be such a Scrooge' when someone is in a grouchy mood even though this is just a story and isn't real," Rage said.

"Actually it did," I said.

"Huh?" Rage asked.

"All of this really happened Rage how else can I be showing you this?" I asked causing Rage to look around in surprise before he placed a hand on his forehead.

"Why should I be surprised, after all I've seen the impossible become possible so this should be nothing new to me," Rage said

We walked over to the building and I began to take in the details. The walls were made of bricks and a window sat at the front of the store and I saw a wooden sign hanging on the building that said 'Scrooge and Marley'. We walked over to the building's window and saw Scrooge sitting at a desk counting coins and sitting at a desk was another man. He had a long set of ginger sideburns and hair and he was wearing a light brown coat with grey finger-less gloves and dark brown pants desperately trying to keep warm.

"Whose that there?" Applejack asked.

"Bob Cratchit, Scrooge's loyal clerk. Man works hard and well, he's a good man with both a wife and family but his weekly pay is 15 shillings which in Equestria is not even half a bit," I said which caused everyone to stare at me in shock before I waved my hand, changing the day into night. Both Scrooge and Bob were at work counting money when a young man entered the building wearing a coat and top hat.

"Merry Christmas uncle," the man said as he removed his hat.

"Humbug to Christmas," Scrooge said.

"Christmas a Humbug, uncle why so cross?" the man asked.

"What else can I be when I live in such a world of fools as this...What's Christmas time to you but a time for paying bills without money, a time for finding yourself older and not a penny richer. If I could work my will every idiot who goes about with "Merry Christmas" on his lips should be boiled in his own pudding and buried with a stake of holly trough his heart," Scrooge said making some of the group gasp.

"Uncle!" the man said in outrage

"Nephew! Keep Christmas in your way and I'll keep it in mine," Scrooge said.

"Keep it, but you don't keep it," the man said.

"Then let me leave it alone then," Scrooge said.

"Uncle I don't think you understand what this time of year is...Christmas has always been a kind and charitable time. A time where families gather together to enjoy each others company, a time where men open their shut up hearts and think of all people as fellow travelers to the grave, not as creatures bound on other journeys and therefore uncle, although it has not put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket, I believe it has done me good and I say god bless it," the man said causing Bob to give a small applause.

"Quite the speaker that one," Celestia whispered to Faust causing her to nod.

"Let me hear another sound out of you Cratchit and you'll keep Christmas by losing your situation," Scrooge said as he stood up and walked towards Bob while pointing a quill at him causing Bob to quietly go back to his work while Scrooge went back to his seat. "You're quite a powerful speaker sir a wonder you don't go into parliament."

"Don't be cross uncle please come dine with us tomorrow and be merry," the man said.

"I'll see you in hell first," Scrooge said causing the group to gasp in shock once more while the man sighed.

"I'm sorry with all my heart to see you so resolute but I have made the trial in homage to Christmas and therefore merry Christmas Uncle," the man said.

"Good afternoon," Scrooge said.

"And a happy new ear," the man said.

"Good Afternoon!" Scrooge shouted.

"And a very merry Christmas to you as well Mr Cratchit," the man said as he shook Bob's hand.

"Oh uh merry Christmas to you as well," Bob replied before he walked the man out and returned to his desk.

A few seconds later the door opened once again and two large men wearing fine clothing walked in.

"Ah good afternoon Scrooge and Marley, I believe?" the man asked looking at Bob who then pointed at Scrooge causing the two men to walk and stand before him. "Have I the pleasure of addressing Mr Scrooge or Mr Marley?"

"Mr Marley has been dead these seven years...He died seven years ago...This very night," Scrooge said.

"Oh...Well uh we have no doubt his generosity is well represented by his surviving partner," the man said before he cleared his throat. "At this festive season of the year Mr Scrooge it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision for the poor and the destitute many thousands are in want of common comfort sir and it so happens a few of us are endeavoring to raise a fund to buy the poor some meat and drink and also some means of warmth. Would you like us to put you down and if so how much," the man asked as he took out a small book and a quill.

"Nothing," Scrooge said.

"Oh so you wish to remain anonymous?" the man asked.

"I wish to be left alone, I don't make merry myself at Christmas and I can't afford to make idle people merry. I support the prisons, the union workhouses and the breadmill and those who are badly off must go there," Scrooge said.

"Many cannot go there sir and...frankly many would rather die," the man said.

"If they are to die then they had better do it and decrease the surplus population," Scrooge said earning another round of gasps from the group. "Good afternoon gentlemen."

"Good afternoon," the man replied before he and his companion left.

"Just what in heavens name was that that...that...that...that heartless man," Rarity fumed

"He sounds worse then Snowfall Frost, speaking of which this story is beginning to sound familiar," Twilight said.

"Well actually Twilight the two are the same. Difference is this is Earth's version and the point of it is different as well," Rage said before we peered back inside the store to see Scrooge looking at a pocket watch before he put it away and looked at Bob.

"I suppose you want the whole day tomorrow?" Scrooge asked.

"Indeed I do sir," Bob said hesitantly

"*sigh* Well I suppose you must have the whole day but I expect you to be here all the earlier the next morning," Scrooge said as he packed up and walked over to the door with Bob doing the same. Once they were out the door Scrooge locked it before both he and Bob went their separate ways, one happier then the other.

"Now what?" Rainbow asked.

"Now we go to Scrooges home," I said before we appeared in front of a large two storied house which was dark and gloom without a single shred of Christmas about it.

The group gathered around the gate while I sat on the high walls that surrounded the property. I watched Scrooge walk up to the door and went to grab his keys from his pocket but he dropped them before he bent down to get them. When he stood up I saw the door knocker had turned into a glowing face of an elderly man with his eyes closed, a bandage tied around his head with the bow at the top when Scrooge noticed the face he gasped in shock before he slowly went to touch it. But the mouth and eyes snapped open with a ghostly moan causing Scrooge to fall onto his back and scramble to the bottom of the stairs and when he looked back at the door the door knocker was back to normal.

"Uh what was that?" Discord asked.

"You'll see," I said before we appeared in Scrooges bedroom. He was dressed in his night shirt and cap and I saw a four poster bed with bed curtains going round it.

Scrooge sat in a large velvet chair before a lit hearth with a meal in his lap when suddenly there was a slight tapping sound causing Scrooge to look but nothing was there. So he put his food aside and went over to the door and locked it before he went over to another door that led into what appeared to be a reading room without any bookshelves and locked it before he went to sit back down in his chair.

"I'm giving myself the willies that's all," Scrooge muttered to himself.

Just then I heard a bell ring once indicating it was nine o'clock and once the vibrating tune stopped I heard the creaking sound of a door opening before it closed. Then there was a loud thumping sound followed by the sound of dragging chains followed by another thump and more dragging chains. The sounds repeated getting louder and louder meaning whatever was making them was getting closer till finally it stopped. The doorknob slowly turned but couldn't go all the way and everything was silent.

"It's all still a hum...Ah!" Scrooge screamed as a spectral iron chest bound in chains was tossed into the room.

The chest was soon followed by another and another and then a few more. Once the chests stopped flying through the door a ghostly man walked through with the same face as the one on the door knocker but his body was covered in chains which were attached to the chests.

"Greetings Ebeneezer," the ghost spoke in a hollow tone.

"J-Jacob, Jacob Marley? H-h-how can this be?" Scrooge asked.

"Pay attention Ebeneezer for I have not much time to pass you this warning," Jacob said.

"Warning, what is the meaning of this Jacob?" Scrooge asked.

"Ebeneezer, do you see these chains I bare? These are the chains I forged in life, the chains of selfishness. I made it link by link and yard by yard and your chain was as long and heavy as mine seven years ago and it has only grown since then," Jacob said.

"Surely there must be some way to prevent this, please Jacob, please," Scrooge pleaded.

"Listen Ebeneezer there is a chance of escaping my fate, a chance and hope that lies with three spirits who will come to haunt you. You must listen to them Ebeneezer and they will judge you to see if you are worthy of redemption," Jacob said.

"When shall these spirits arrive?" Scrooge asked.

"Expect the first tonight when the bell tolls one, then the next upon the next night at the same hour and the final one upon the next when the last stroke of twelve ceases vibrating," Jacob said before he floated back over to the door, dragging his chains along the way before he looked back at Scrooge. "Look to see me no more."

With that Jacob vanished, I then snapped my fingers and the room became dark. The fire in the fireplace was out and the bed curtains were drawn across the bed suddenly the bell tolled one and instantly a candle sitting next to the bed lit up, giving light to the room. I saw Scrooge appear from behind the bed curtains and when he looked around he saw the lit candle. I then gestured to the candle and saw the wax slowly turn into a female body while the flame grew a face and the flames became long hair that reached the shoulders.

"Hello Ebeneezer Scrooge," the female candle said.

"W-who are you?" Scrooge asked.

"The Ghost of Christmas Past. Now we must get a move on, we don't have all night," Past said as she floated off the bedside table, candle holder and all.

"Go, go where exactly?" Scrooge asked.

"To learn of your past," Past said before she floated over to a window which opened on it's own.

"But I am mortal I shall fall," Scrooge said.

"Grasp my holder and I shall guide you," Past said.

Scrooge did as instructed and soon we flew out of the room. I decided to stop paying attention to everyone speaking cause I know what happened here but I continued to watch. Past led Scrooge to a small village where Scrooge grew up before we flew back to London and to a place called Fezziwig's where there was a Christmas party going on and it's where Scrooge found love which Cadence loved. But her mood changed when Ebeneezer grew to love his gold more then her ending with her leaving Scrooge. Then he pleaded to Past that we leave and when we did, we appeared back in Scrooge's room just as the bell struck one again. Suddenly laughter echoed around the room and a bright light came from beyond the door to the reading room. The door opened suddenly, revealing a bright festive room.

"Enter Scrooge," a deep voice called before the laughter resumed.

Scrooge did as instructed and walked into the room with the rest of us following. Upon first glance I saw the roof, which was once closer to the ground, now towered over us like a cavern and in the far left corner of the room, sitting atop a huge mountain of food, was a male giant with a large brown beard and long hair. He was at least 12 ft tall, clad in green robes with a brown scabbard on his waist and wore a wreath of holly on his head and carried a horn in his right hand containing a bright fire.

"Come in come in and know me better man (laughter) I am the Ghost of Christmas Present," the giant said.

"Wow that guy has a great laugh," Pinkie said

"You have never seen the likes of me before?" Present asked

"Never," Scrooge said.

"Never walked forth with my elder brothers?" Present asked.

"I don't think that I have, you have many brothers?" Scrooge asked causing Present to laugh again.

"More then eighteen hundred, eighteen hundred forty two to be exact," Present said.

"That's...a lot of siblings and if he's the younger one just how big are his brothers?" Rainbow asked

"Rainbow, shush" Elisa said.

"I see you wear a scabbard but no sword," Scrooge said causing Present to look into his scabbard with a surprised look.

"Indeed...Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men," Present said with a smile.

"Spirit conduct me where you will," Scrooge said but the spirit chuckled and guffawed

"Touch my robe," Present said as the drawstring of his robe extended to the floor allowing Scrooge to grasp it.

Once again I decided to tune out but continued to watch. With a wave of Present's horn the floor beneath us became see through and the room began to move causing everyone to almost fall over and look for something to grasp onto which was secured to the floor. Suddenly the room broke away from the house and we saw it was daytime right now. Present then flew us across the city where we came to a two storied house before we flew in from above and descended into a room full of people who seemed to be playing a guessing game, Scrooge's nephew Freddie appeared to be among them. Scrooge seemed to be the answer of the game before Freddie proposed a toast to Scrooge much to Scrooge's surprise. Next we appeared outside an old building that was smaller then the others seen so far and it was slightly decaying. When Scrooge asked Present informed him it was the home of Bob Cratchit and his wife and their five children. Everyone saw that they had little to eat and also Scrooge seemed focused on one of Bob's kids which was a small lad nicknamed Tinny Tim who had to move about on a crutch.

"Well time to go to work," I said suddenly while the group watched the family eat.

"Work what are you going on about?" Rage asked.

"Whose the last spirit left to visit?" I asked as a bell rang somewhere off in the distance just as Present and I disappeared into a growing fog.

"Spirit wait you must tell me what happened to Tinny Tim!" Scrooge called out but received no answer.

I stood in the fog and watched the group when suddenly the world changed and became Trafalgar Square during the night. When suddenly a bell in Big Ben rang out twelve times and as the last bell drifted into an echo I took control of Scrooge's shadow and shaped it to form me in m true form. Once that was done the shadow severed from Scrooge and rose off of the ground, becoming three dimensional and everyone could see I now stood at 11 feet and towered over Scrooge but all the group could see was black. The shape of my true self was there but no colour or anything and once Scrooge noticed me he got onto his knees and put his hands in a preying motion.

"Am I in the presence of the Ghost of Christmas yet to come?" Scrooge asked but I remained silent. "You are about to show me shadows of things that have not happened but will happened is that so spirit?" Scrooge asked but once again I remained silent. "Ghost of the future I fear you more then an specter I've seen but I must ask you what happened to Tinny Tim?"

I then extended my wings and in a powerful flap I sent the group flying into a graveyard. I followed along with them and when the group recovered they looked at their surroundings and looked at me, awaiting what was going to happen. All I did was point to a small gathering of people gathered around a freshly filled in grave. The people were Bob Chitchat and most of his family and as they began to leave Bob stayed behind before he placed Tim's crutch beside the grave before he began to cry his heart out and I could see a few faces had some tears running down their cheeks. Rainbow was among them but she quickly wiped away her tears trying to keep up her tough girl act

"Oh no spirit please no tell me this isn't so please spare that poor boy," Scrooge pleaded as he looked over the tombstones at Bob and his son's grave.

I then summoned an orb showing the scene of Scrooge in his office with the two men who were gathering donations before I began to play it

"If they are to die then they had better do it and decrease the surplus population," the recording of Scrooge said causing a guilt and shameful look to appear on Scrooge's face before I crushed the orb. I led Scrooge away from the scene and deeper into the graveyard to a dark lonely corner of the graveyard that was occupied by a single gravestone.

"Spirit, where are we going?" Scrooge asked before I stopped "I fear to ask, I really do, but what was the source of such unhappiness?" Scrooge asked while I just pointed to the gravestone.

The gravestone was being grown over by a few small frozen trees and from here I could see the tombstone was cracked slightly and the name on it was covered by snow. All in all the grave looked forgotten and abandoned, Scrooge then walked forward and examined the grave.

"Spirit before I draw nearer to that stone to which you point answer me one question are these the shadows of things that will be or shadows of things that may be men's courses in life foreshadowing certain ends, but if these courses are departed from, these ends will change isn't that so?" Scrooge asked but I snapped my fingers causing a fierce wind to blow through the graveyard blowing away the snow covering the name on the stone reveling the name Ebeneezer Scrooge. "No...Please...No spirit please hear me, I am not the man I was. Why did you show me this if I'm past all hope?" Scrooge asked as I showed him his date of birth upon the stone. "Please spirit assure me that I can change these shadows you have shown me change them b an altered life," Scrooge pleaded as I showed him his date of death which was December 25. "Spirit I will honour Christmas in my heart and I will not shut out the lessons of the past the present or future! oh spirit please tell me I may sponge away the writing on that stone," Scrooge pleaded but I snapped my fingers causing the ground beneath Scrooge to open up plunging Scrooge into his grave. But before Scrooge could fall into his coffin I snapped my fingers and we all reappeared in Scrooge's room right as he fell out of his bed.

Everyone except Rage, Elisa and Evo was confused as to what was happening as they watched Scrooge dance around for joy while laughing like Present before he ran over to the window.

"Yo," I greeted gaining the group's attention.

"Bones where did you disappear to?" Rainbow asked.

"You don't know?" I asked with a raised eyebrow

"Rainbow, Bones here was the ghost of Christmas future," Applejack said in a deadpan tone.

"Well how was I supposed to know he was all...dark and stuff," Rainbow said.

"Feather brain," I muttered under my breath as I shook my head before I looked back at Scrooge.

Scrooge discovered it was Christmas day and so he rushed to get ready before he rushed outside and began to do good by spreading his cheerful mood he donated 200 coins to the poor, did carriage skiing like the kids do, sang carols with the carol singers, brought a massive feast for Bob's family that was fit for kings before he went to dine with his nephew and finally the day after Christmas when Bob came to work Scrooge announced he was going to raise his salary and help with his family before I ended the spell with Scrooge walking down a street with Tim on his shoulders. Once the world changed to the living room, everyone began rubbing their eyes and when I recovered I saw the foals were all asleep on a massive cushion.

"Bones wh-," Celestia began but I made a shushing noise and held a finger to my lips before I gestured to the foals.

Everyone smiled at the foals before their respective families picked them up and carried them to bed while everyone else did the same.

Chapter 18 We're Gonna Be Stars

View Online

I woke up to the sound of a couple canaries singing softly outside on the balcony so I sat up and saw Nightmare was sleeping gracefully next to me. I couldn't help but smile at the dark alicorn as she slumbered. Suddenly her face became pained and she started muttering something. I then realized she was having a nightmare so I placed a hand on her shoulder and rubbed it causing her to relax and sigh warmly. Once I was confident that the nightmare had passed I got out of bed and went to the large bath to soak before I decided to go explore the castle.
I pushed open the doors and saw a massive circular room with a balcony going around the walls for viewing the dance floor. A large painting of the sky during twilight was on the ceiling along with four golden chandeliers with a few gems near the lights to bathe the room in colourful lights when the lights are turned on. With that observation I left the room before I decided to go look at the babies room, so I walked to the room and entered. I saw the three foals weren't here so I took the time to look around. I then ran my fingers across the crystal mobile when suddenly I saw a stuffed brown teddy sitting in the crib. I picked up the teddy and looked at it when suddenly I felt a presence behind me.

"Must you stare at me from the shadows?" I asked as I turned to see Elisa.

"Yes because you are different than other wraiths." Elisa said as she walked up to me.

"That so, enlighten me," I said as I put the small bear back in the crib.

"You feel," Elisa said.

"Feel?" I asked.

"Yea, feel. You show much more emotion than just hatred and the obligation of order. And don't say you don't because i see the way your eyes change when you are around the young ones." She said as she crossed her arms.

"Perhaps I did say I have a soft spot for young lovers, kids may also be included in there but most of the time I'll stick with following my given orders," I said.

"Well just don't be afraid of others getting close to you. Some see it as something that will hold them back, but it may save your life." She said as she turned to leave.

"I'm not getting close to them because I don't want to, I'm not getting close to them because if I do that will only cause heartache in the end," I said before I teleported away to the dinning room and saw Celestia and Faust were there.

"Oh good morning Bones sleep well?" Faust asked.

"Well enough, where's everyone else?" I asked.

"I suspect most of them are still asleep where as for my sister, Cadence and Eris are tending to their little ones," Celestia said.

"Makes sense considering I just came from the foals room and saw they weren't there," I said as I sat down in a chair.

"And why were you in the foals room?" Faust asked curiously.

"I don't know I was just wanting to explore this place and ended up in the foals room," I said.

"I understand this castle has that...allure to be explored doesn't it," Faust said with a smile.

"Indeed. A few days ago I pondered if this place was designed to look extraordinary no matter it's surroundings," I said.

"That actually would explain a lot but Bones may I ask what you plan to do today," Celestia said.

"Actually remember that discussion on improving civilian moral?" I asked causing the two mares to nod. "I was planing on starting this attack today."

"Starting?" the mares asked in sync.

"Indeed I've done some scouting of Applewood and I've discovered that it will be extremely difficult to get in and may take time, can't just walk in and go berserk like last time," I said.

"About that I'm not exactly pleased with the state you, Rage and Evo had left Vanhoover," Celestia said.

"For the record that was not my idea, that was Evo's...Wait a second you just gave me an idea Celestia," I said as I stood up from my seat.

"One that I hope doesn't leave Applewood as a crater," Celestia said.

"Nothing drastic like that, I'll see you later," I said as I teleported onto the bridge of the ship Elisa and her group along with Rage and I arrived on where i found Evan looking over a holographic map of Applewood. "I see you're giving this mission as much thought as I was."

"Well I'm glad. Seeing how we can't just go in there with no plan. I was thinking we could go in stealthy and broadcast the message, and all we have to do is pre-record a message and upload it once we get there." Evan said as he held his chin.

"Good but since the caribou need to pay and we need to rescue any mares there I was actually thinking a little differently. I was going to ask if you can weaken them by starving the caribou into lowering their guard then Rage and Elisa can make a diversion while I take care of broadcasting the recording," i said.

"So essentially a wood pecker maneuver? Anyways I could use a scenario where I could use my new devastation spell I've been working on," Evan said.

"As long as the town doesn't become a massive crater by the end of the day because Faust and Celestia are still a little miffed about Vanhoover," I said.

"I guess turning the city into a giant crater wasn't the best idea out there, but they could have been able to restart the town," Evan said.

"Uh huh but any way can I count on you for this?" i said.

"Yea I'll go along with it. Even though I prefer to confuse the enemy and send them into paranoia." he said before gathering some papers and placing them inside a satchel on the table. After that he turned his attention back to me. "Well I'm done with the plans. Let's go and gather the other members of the team and get ready," Evan said.

I simply gave a nod before we walked out of the bridge and returned to the castle where we informed Rage and Elisa of the plan before we got to work on creating the message to be broadcasted across the country. I then got to work on training the mane 6 while Evan went to work on starving the caribou.

"Morning you lot," I said as I entered the training yard.

"So what are we doing today?" Rainbow asked.

"Now we get to do something fun," I said as I walked over to an object covered in a large cloth. I pulled it off revealing the weapons Ash made for them. "I'm going to teach you how to use your weapons."

"Yes!" Rainbow cheered when

"Come again sugarcube, since when did ah get a weapon and why in Equestria did someone build me a weapon and how does that pony know what I prefer in a weapon?" Applejack asked.

"Oh that's right you were still captured when we were given these," Rarity said.

"Well to shorten the story Ash crafted these weapons for you in the case you needed to defend yourselves and he knew you six pretty well so I think it's only fitting he picked out the weapons for you," I said as I handed Rarity's and Rainbows weapons to them when suddenly I saw Gilda come running in. "Your late."

"Huh," Rainbow said in confusion.

"Sorry Bones got caught up in my morning drills that I forgot about this," Gilda said as she flew over and lined up with the girls.

"*sigh* Well you haven't missed much," I said as I grabbed her katanas and handed them to her.

"Wait hang on a minute ,since when do you train with Bones?" Rainbow asked.

"I...don't really know how to weild these things and so when I found out about Bones training you guys I asked him for some private lessons. Bones then agreed and one day he said he was going to combine my training with yours to make this easier and well here we are," Gilda said.

"If you ladies are done chatting we can got on with this," I said before I walked over to the rack again.

I then grabbed a lavender coloured staff with a star shaped magenta crystal on one end and handed it to Twilight. I then handed a butter yellow bow with a green plant pattern covering it to Fluttershy along with a matching quiver filled with arrows. Next was Pinkie Pie's which was a pink rope with a metal claw attached to one end while the other end had a metal ring attached to it which was called a rope claw. Finally, this weapon was quite an interesting one to look at, it was a large and heavy looking axe which had a wooden handle with a trigger and a hole at the top of the blade and at the bottom of the weapon was a symbol of three apples in an upside down triangle which I recognised as Applejack's cutie mark. As I looked at the weapon I remembered it was called a guillotine gun.


I handed the guillotine gun to Applejack but she misjudged the weight when I gave it to her because she nearly dropped it.

"Whoa it's heavier then ah thought," Applejack said

"What kind of weapon is that?" Gilda asked.

"A guillotine gun a duel purpose weapon for both melee and ranged combat," I said.

"Wait a second this here handle is made of Sweet Apple Acre trees," Applejack said.

"Many warriors of old made their weapons out of materials from their homeland or attached little trinkets to their weapons that remind them of home. This reminds the wielders of what they're fighting for and what they're willing to die for to protect. Example the wood the handle is made from is from one of your apple trees," I said causing Applejack to look down at the weapon.

"Hang on you said that thing is a guillotine gun but it looks like a regular old axe to me, how can it be a gun?" Rainbows asked.

"May I?" I asked as I held my hand out to Applejack.

Applejack handed me the weapon before I walked over to the rack and loaded a mortar shell into the gun. I walked over to a bunch of mannequins and started swinging the weapon around cutting the mannequins down before I aimed the axe at another group of dummies and pulled the trigger. First there was a sharp recoil and a boom before I saw the mortar bomb fly out of the barrel and land in the middle of the dummies blowing them to bits before I shouldered the weapon and looked back to see seven shell shocked faces.

"Whoa nelly that there is one mean weapon," Applejack said as I handed her back the guillotine gun before I walked to the front of the group again.

"Now then I want each of you to find a practice dummy so we can get started," I said causing everyone to do as I asked but when they stared using their weapons I saw that Ash didn't take into consideration that none of them was strong enough to wiled them. Unsurprisingly Fluttershy was unable to draw her bow. Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash were sloppily swinging their weapons about and Twilight...well I have no idea on what Twilight was doing, she was just tapping it against the dummy expecting something to happen. The only one who knew what they were doing was Gilda. "Ok, everyone but Gilda stop and line up in front of me," I said causing the mane 6 to line up before me. "It appears I forgot to take your physical strength into account, that and none of you seem to know how to wield your weapons properly.

"Excuse me I can wield these bad boys just fine," Rainbow said as she held up her pistol swords.

"That right, then please do your worst I insist," I said as I held my arms out.

"What?" Rainbow asked.

"You heard me you don't need to worry about me since I'm already dead so what's the worst your going to do?" I asked.

Rainbow looked me over studying me with her gaze before she flew at me and swung her swords at me but I held my hands behind my back and stepped backwards avoiding the blade. The blades appeared to be too heavy and that caused Rainbow to stumble but she just got back up again and swung once more but I dodged again and once again she stumbled from the weight of her blades. This went on for a few minutes when finally Rainbow stopped and was using one of her swords to support herself.

"What's the...point...in this if...your...just...going...to dodge," Rainbow asked while she tried to catch her breath.

"I just wanted to show you what your lacking," I said as i gestured to the ruined training yard, dummies had several slashes in them and weapon racks were knocked over. "All this happened because you didn't have control over your weapon RD. Control is critical when in battle, it determines your life along with the life of those around you. For example," I said before I grabbed one of Rainbows swords and walked over to a pair of dummies. I then swung the weapon cutting of one dummies head but before I could cut off the next I stopped the blade right before the dummies neck. "That is control, to be able to wield the weapon without killing your allies. A warrior who does not know control is a lot more dangerous threat then a trained master." I said before I handed Rainbow back her sword and got them to line up again before I summoned a very large bowl for each mare and handed one to each of them.

"What's this for?" Twilight asked.

"Are we doing baking?" Pinkie asked excitedly.

"No Pinkie and what those are for is to carry water that you are going to get," I said causing the mares to tilt their heads to the side in confusion while Gilda, who had been watching, started to snicker. Go on now chop chop," I said.

The mane 6 went to go do as I asked while I set up two crates for each of the girls. When the girls came back I had them set the bowls on a crate and than have them sit on the other.

"What happens now?" Rarity asked.

"Raise your hand with the palm facing the water," I said as I sat on a seat.

"Kay now what?" Rainbow said.

"Hit the water with your hand and hard," I said.

"What?" Twilight asked.

"Hit the water, all of you and as hard as you can," I repeated causing the girls to shrug at each other before they did as I asked. "Again," I said and again they hit the water and did this till the bowls were empty.

"Now what," Pinkie asked.

"Refill the bowl; and start again," I said.

"Are you trying to make us look like idiots?" Rainbow asked.

"I don't do anything if it's a waste of time. Now refill the bowl and start again," I said.

One Week Later Outside Applewood

Elisa, Evan, Rage and I stood atop a hill that looked over the proud city of Applewood. However by looking through a spyglass I could see caribou were walking around clutching their stomachs. I couldn't see any mares just males before I handed the spyglass to Rage.

"Gotta hand it to you Elisa you know how to make these bastards starve," Rage said

"Well it was easy with Evan's help. I had mutated a sample of a disease from our world," Elisa said.

"So shall we go in?" Rage asked.

"I got this," I said before I teleported us inside the city but we ended up at the front gate where we were soon spotted by the caribou guards on the wall who called out to us but we ignored them "That can't be right we should be inside not out here."

"I know what's going on. I did some digging and found out that Applewood used to be a home for movie stars and some celebrities along with a few civilians before the caribou took over. In order to protect itself from any crazy fan ponies, reporters or ponies trying to get some information they can use to blackmail someone famous or important, anti-teleportation wards were set up through the city so we're going to need to leg it to the studio and through all the caribou stationed here," Rage said.

"Well that kinda sucks, not entirely, but still suc-," I started but suddenly an arrow became impaled in my throat cutting off the rest of my sentence. "Really shoot a guy in the middle of a conversation?"

"No respect," Rage said.

"Well then I guess we have to go teach this guy some manners." Elisa said.

"Here allow me," Rage said.

Rage then reached his right arm into a flaming red glyph circle and pulled out am 88m AA gun. He held it with two hands before he pulled a trigger and completely destroyed the gate and wall and any caribou on the wall with a projectile made of hell fire.

"Hm loud effective but not exactly subtle," I said as I pulled the arrow out of my throat and healed it.

"When breaching something like this there is no such thing as subtle," Rage said as the massive gun disappeared.

"Fair point," I said.

"Well you guys sure take the fun from a gal." Elisa said before giving a sigh. "Lets get moving. If that caribou wasn't effected by mine and Evans spell then there may be more."

"Don't be so down Elisa. I'm confident that there's something here to satisfy both our bloodlust," Rage said.

"I honestly don't. I want this to be a simple in and out mission." She said as we made our way into the city.

"Elisa it's never that easy." Evan said.

I scanned the surrounding area's for any caribou before I looked at the arrow still in my grip when suddenly an image flashed through my mind showing an ethereal bow in my grasp. I saw the bow was made of pure void energy and when the flash stopped I saw my empty hand once more. I then charged magic into my hand and the same bow appeared in my grasp. Suddenly I heard a yell and I saw a caribou charging at me with a spear aimed at me but with quick reflexes I drew the bowstring back and an arrow materialised in the bow before I released it. The arrow flew at the caribou and impaled him threw the neck causing him to collapse to his knees and die and when I looked at him I saw he had been starved a great deal.

"Oh goody I was hoping these bastards hadn't been starved so badly they lost their spine," Rage said when suddenly growling came from up ahead and I saw more starved caribou riding on equally starved War Beasts however these War Beasts had their faces mutilated by blade pierces. "And the good news keeps getting better."

"Must be loyal beasts if they decided to not eat their masters," I said.

"Elisa would you like to have a go?" Rage asked.

"I'd be delighted." Elisa said as as she summoned Shi and rushed the caribou and their beasts.

As I watched Elisa cut down her opponents I took notice on how Elisa tore right through them leaving behind mutilated corpses. Some missing their limps others cut in pieces, there were some with their heads missing and others with their heads squashed by either Elisa or the War Beasts but when the dust had settled all that was left was death. A lone caribou rider with a gash in his side laying beneath a War Beast with one of it's own fangs impaled through it's eye and Elisa standing in pools of caribou blood was all that was left breathing. She then went over to the caribou rider, he looked to be normal and a little bigger than the others and as Elisa gave the caribou a kick to get his attention Rage, Evan and I then walked over to her. As we did I saw the caribou was speaking and as we got closer I began to hear him better.

"-Because I was chosen to be great, to be like the great king." the caribou said.

"Great like that filthy piece of shit you call a king pfft don't make me laugh," Rage said as we approached.

"No like Ash Blade," the caribou wheezed.

"What?" Rage asked as the temperature slightly increased around him.

"Hold up Rage, he might not mean anything by it." Elisa said as she turned around and placed a hand on Rage's chest. Slowly turning back to the caribou, she looked on with a glare. "And what do you mean by that?"

"He was the true one, pure. Having both good and evil within him," he started before coughing up some blood. "It was a shame that none of us could have been able to face against him. Our king would have beaten him and tamed his bitch in front of him, but that tim-," he didn't finish as Elisa kicked him in the arm.

"What rank are you?" Elisa asked.

"Why?" the caribou asked.

"Answer the damn question," she said with an even tone as she drew her sword and aimed it at the caribous throat.

"I am or was the captain stationed here," the caribou said.

"Good, then this will make things easier." Evan said as he walked up and placed a hand on the caribous head. The caribou in question tried to fight but Elisa pressed the swords tip closer to the throat, and after a minute or so Evan retracted his hand and stood up.

"Got something?" I asked.

"Yea, they're using Applewood as a giant relay station for communications. As well as other things." Evan said in disgust. "After we send the message I'm frying the network. Hopefully that will cause them to stop for a little bit so we can attack places without them getting reinforcements," Elisa said.

"Now let's not be hasty I would actually like to 'borrow' one of their radios before we destroy anything we may be able to pick up a few targets of interest and get an earlier update in case we are discovered," I said.

"That's...actually a good idea," Rage said.

"Not everything in war needs to be murder and mayhem," I said
"True, but we may need to be careful because they could have passwords and encrypted messages. " Elisa said as she looked at me.

"Don't worry about that. Dickhead here knew everything about the encryption and passwords." Evan said as he jabbed a thumb to the caribou.

"Great and speaking of said dickhead what do we do with him?" I asked as I looked at the still breathing caribou.

Suddenly Rage snapped his fingers and dozens of blades shot into the caribous body, killing him instantly.

"Problem solved," Rage said before he began to walk off.

"I'm guessing Ash is a sore subject?" Evan asked.

"Imagine how you would feel if a species desecrated a tomb and body of someone close to you, who sacrificed their very soul to save you and throw in being a creature of vengeance into that," I said.

"Yea I guess I would." he said as he followed Rage.

"Sometimes he needs to learn when to say things and when to not." Elisa said with a shake of her head.

"Why don't you guys go kill some caribou I'll link up with you all later after I've broadcasted this tape and grabbed a radio," I said as I began to walk away.

As I walked to the studio I saw dozens of caribou withering in pain while clutching their stomach's. I decided to leave them be and let Evo and Elisa's spell kill them but as I walked the streets I couldn't see a single mare. I even checked dozens of homes but the only living sentient beings inside were caribou and traitor stallions I soon came to a massive wall that provided a barrier around the studio and there was a gilded gate as an entrance which was closed and had a few starved caribou pounding on the gate for entry. This mattered little to me because I activated my wraith walk before I walked through the crowd and gate before I appeared once again but once I looked around I saw caribou walking around like nothing has happened. Here they all appeared to be fine and healthy, there was also quite a large number of mares here all crawling along the ground in skimpy outfits. I then sent out a pulse of magic and felt a dome shield going around the studio which must have shielded the caribou from the spell.

"Well looks like we're gonna have to do this the hard way huh Hingure?" I asked as I un-sheathed her from her scabbard.

"Finally, I thought I'd never get a turn," Hingure said.

I walked forward towards the caribou and eyed them waiting to see who would become my first victim and my answer came when I saw a caribou slapping a thestal mare across the face. The feelings that were coming from Hingure were making a request that we kill him first, a request I was more then happy to oblige. So walking over, I tapped the caribou on the shoulder and when he turned to face me I held the blade of Hingure against his throat pressing it against him just enough to draw a drop of blood. I let the information sink in that this is where and how he was going to die and when the information sank in I slowly pulled the blade across his throat and let him collapse slowly choking on his own blood. With that done I looked at the mare who was staring at me in utter shock. I raised a finger to my lips and made a shushing noise causing the mare to nod. I then heard someone shout for guards and I looked around and saw the crowd was panicking and fleeing for their lives.

"Oh how I love a good hunt," I said before I ran at the fleeing crowd.

I began to cut down the caribou males and traitor stallions while the mares struggled to fight back or fled for safety. Soon enough a row of caribou guards appeared, I just smirked as they all charged at me spears drawn but I sheathed Hingure and summoned my Phantom Bow, as I like to call it, and fired an arrow. As soon as the arrow impacted the caribou I instantly ported in front of the hit caribou much to the guards shock and surprise. I then gripped Hingure and drew her from her scabbard on my back and decapitated the caribou in one blow before I sheathed her again.

"You know Hingure I seem to be having a slight difficulty drawing you from my back, mind if I place you on my hip instead?" I asked.

"No complaint here," Hingure said.

I then removed Hingure from my back and placed her on my right hip while the strap turned into a belt. I then unsheathed her in a reverse grip before I twirled her around for experimentation before I sheathed her once again.

"Not bad certainly more comfortable then before," I said.

"I agree now then let's go give these assholes what they deserve already," Hingure said.

I continued deeper into the studio, killing any caribou who stood in my way or trying to flee. I also gave each mare a rally point to head to and wait at when this was over. I soon came to a studio hanger that was at this moment broadcasting so I quietly entered and saw it was some kind of news studio and that they were reporting Applewood's starvation crises on air which I found perfect. I silently walked up to a caribou guard and used Hingure to slash at the guards legs behind his knees causing him to collapse to his knees screaming in pain. I then leapt over the caribou while doing a front flip and impaled Hingure through his throat before I pulled her out and landed on my feet before I saw another guard charge at me with a sword raised for an overhead strike. I reached upward and blocked the attack and grabbed his arm before I pulled him down while using the arm that held Hingure which resulted with the caribou being impaled on my blade. I then pushed the caribou off my arm and quickly sheathed Hingure and summoned my Phantom Bow and summoned two arrows to the bow. I then launched them at the reporters who were sitting at the news desk killing the pair instantly, meanwhile all the other caribou ran out of the room but I let them go deciding I'd get them later. I then found a disk player and inserted the disk before I hooked it up to one of the still active camera's. I then looked at a screen which once showed the news scene which now showed Faust and the princesses standing before it.

"Hello everyone first allow me to apologise for your regular TV schedule however there are those that would prefer to shut our voices out. I expect right now there are those who are shouting orders into phones and caribou with guns are on their way to apprehend my associates who are busy broadcasting our message as we speak, a message for the scared, the lost, the heartbroken and the ones who have almost given up hope. This message is to tell you all is not lost. Equestria has not completely fallen and it never will. Sure they may sit on the throne and claim they have won but they are far from winning. We still stand fighting back against the caribou even though the false god king Diann lies claiming to have turned my daughters into his sex slaves. He continues to lie to his subjects suggesting that females are tyrants over males. He is a power hungry cur and he will not stop till he is satisfied. So until the day comes when Diann falls we will remain fighting to take back what is rightfully ours. I know many among you are scared and some no longer have control of what you do but please hear me when I say stay strong and do what ever you can to fight back and please never give up hope, always believe things will change for the better because they will with the ones standing beside us. We will surly prevail and to the bastard traitor stallions and rapist caribou I have only a warning and a piece of advise, slit your own throats here and now and save our brave warriors the trouble because if not then when death comes for you, and it will, it will be far more painful and far less merciful," Faust said.

"We are the proud leaders of Equestria and we will bend our knees to no one," the princesses and Faust said in union before the video ended.

"Now then onto the next task," I said before I noticed one of the caribou reporters was still alive and was trying to crawl to safety, so I grabbed him by the front of his suit and hoisted him into the air. "Where's the radio room?"

The caribou just glared at me before he spat in my face so I prepped my claws and was about to drive them into his shoulder.

"Trixie know's where it is."

I looked at the source of the voice and I saw a naked blue coated mare with a silvery mane and tail sitting on the ground. She had a magic wand with a magic vapour trail coming from the tip of the wand as a cutie mark and she had a stump on her forehead meaning she's a unicorn she wore a black collar around her neck and I saw she had been tied to some heavy equipment which explains why she hasn't run in terror like the other mares that were here.

"Trixie?" I asked.

"Yes Trixie will help if you cut her loose from this collar," the mare said as she pulled herself away from the equipment as far as she could showing me the collar I then realised she was speaking in third person.

"Don't you lay a hand on my bitch," the caribou that was still in my grasp said.

"Shut up already," I said in an annoyed tone before I looked at the now named mare called Trixie.

I was about to speak when suddenly I felt something impale my neck and when I used my free hand I felt it was a blade the caribou in my grasp must have grabbed before he impaled it through my neck. I then pulled it out and tossed it away before I slowly turned to the now fearful caribou. I let out a growl before I brought my jaw around his throat resulting in mass amounts of blood to pour from his neck like a fountain before I ripped him away tearing his neck apart. I tossed him onto the news desk and spat out the contents of my mouth. I then walked over to Trixie and saw she was glaring at the caribou in disgust.

"I'm surprised that you're not freaking out by that," I said as I got rid of her collar.

"Trixie has seen far worse ways to kill somepony then that but Trixie is confused as to why you aren't dead," Trixie said.

"Perhaps another time for now you said you know where the radios are?" I asked.

"Indeed Trixie will show you," Trixie said as she began to walk away and I began to follow.

The walk didn't take long and we soon arrived at a small cube shaped building with a massive antenna standing next to it. I walked inside and saw everything I needed was in here. Wasting no time, I grabbed everything and placed them in a pocket dimension to be retrieved later before I set some detonators. I then walked out of the area and once Trixie and I were at a safe distance I activated the trigger and both the station and the antenna went up in smoke and fire.

"We'd better link up with the others, I'm sure that they've cleaned up their areas by now," I said as I led Trixie over to the other mares.

"These others you speak of, Trixie wonders if Burning Rage is among them?" Trixie asked, suddenly I hear an ungodly roar come from somewhere within the city.

"Oh he's here alright but I imagine he's not in a pleasant mood at the moment on account of something a caribou said or did," I said.

Once we arrived at the spot I saw there were more mares here then I assumed.

"Whoa that's a lot of mares," I said.

"Most of them were living in the city before the food started running out and when that happened guards came and rounded all of them up and brought them here and left the males who were starving to rot in the streets," Trixie said.

"I see...here, going to need this," I said as I handed Trixie a flare gun. "Use this when you see an airship called_,"

"The Pale Horse," Trixie said.

"Yeah light that up and we'll bring her down for you, till then wait here," I said causing Trixie to nod before I began to walk away.

I walked out of the studio grounds and was about to go looking the others when suddenly a Panther De Ville comes racing down the street towards me.

With barely any time to dodge I jumped into the air as the car slammed into my legs sending my head into the hood. I shook my head and looked at the driver and saw he was wearing wealthy clothing indicating he was some kind of official, probably the mayor. Next to him was a black collared aqua coated mare with a purple mane with an aqua and lavender strip running through it. She was trying to hold on for dear life and in the back was large bags of gold, no doubt this guy was trying to flee and taking everything he considers valuable with him. But unfortunately for him he got one of the worst people around here to run into. I dug my claws into the car's hood and began to crawl to the interior. The mayor tried to shake me off by swerving the car but I held on tightly and continued to move forward to stop the car. Suddenly I notice the mare in the car pointing at something behind me and when I look I saw a makeshift ramp made from barrels and planks of wood on the side of the street and the car was driving towards it the car drove up the ramp at an odd angle and sent the car into a barrel roll three times. The car rolled across me till I was thrown off and rolled across the street while the car came to a rest on it's tires a little further down the street. The car was battered and dented and smoke was seeping out from under the hood, I then heard it try to start up a few times but the car was too beat up for that the mayor then shakily got out and began to limp away as quickly as he could. I then slowly got up and walked over to the car and saw the mare inside was still in there and was bleeding from her forehead slightly. I checked her pulse and found out she was still alive but was just unconscious. I then noticed my face in a mirror and saw patches of my face had been ripped off before I got out.


I looked at the source of the voice and saw Rage running over to me while Elisa and Evan were being carried by him.

"Hey Rage what happened?" I asked as I looked at Elisa and Evan.

"Just mopping up some caribou when these two got hit by a sniper Elisa's out cold and Evan took a shot to the leg we also heard the crash, you okay?" Rage asked.

"Yeah...sure," I said simply unfazed by the crash.

"Is she...?" Rage began as he gestured to the mare.

"Unconscious from the crash possible concussion though. Mayor tried to flee while we were busy, tried to run me over," I said.

"That him?" Rage asked as he looked behind me at the mayor who was 50 yards away by now which is certainly impressive for someone who's injured.

"Yep," I said.

"Alright take care of these two, I'll handle that bastard," Rage said as he began to set Evan and Elisa down.

"No need I've got this," I said as I summoned my Phantom Bow and drew back the bowstring. I aimed the arrow at the caribou before I tilted the the bow upward and released the bowstring sending the arrow flying. The arrow arched through the air and came down and hit the caribou right in the middle of his back before he was engulfed in spectral blue flames.

"Nice shot but when did you know how to use a bow?" Rage asked.

"Just today, well remembered to anyway. Now let's get these three to the studio and while we head over, I need you to summon The Pale Horse and tell them to look for a flare gun signal," I said.

"Sure," Rage said before I went into the car and pulled the mare out. As I grabbed her I saw she had a stump on her head meaning she too is a unicorn. As I was pulling her out I looked at the gold and I had a thought.

"Hey Rage all this gold do you think we might be able to put it to good use?" I asked looking back at him.

"Hm you know I think I might just have a use for that," Rage said.

"Kay you head over to the studio and I'll meet you there," I said while Rage gave a nod before he left.

Once I had pulled the mare free from the car I used my magic to grab the bags of gold and carry them back to the studio. When I arrived I saw mares were boarding The Pale Horse, I then walked aboard and as soon as I stepped on the mares gave me a wide breath of room either because I was carrying an injured mare or because what happened to my face brought them fear it mattered little to me. I just brought the mare in my arms to the infirmary and set her down beside Elisa and Evan told the on board doctor, who was a mare, about what happened. Suddenly I felt the ship move meaning we were taking off. I left the infirmary and placed the gold in the hold before I joined Rage on deck and watched Applewood disappear into the distance.

Aephoceria 2:30 pm

The ship docked into the castle docking station and the injured were rushed to the medical wing while all the mares were given clothing and had their collars and wing boxes removed. As for the unicorn mare's horns, Amalthea, Faust and Chrysalis were helping as many as they could with their magic but such a thing was quite taxing for them as well. I then noticed zebra shamans were also helping restore mares horns by giving them a strange elixir I then saw the mare I brought aboard along with Elisa and Evan were also on stretchers and were being taken to the infirmary as well.

"A congratulations is in order I suppose."

I looked at the voice and I saw Celestia standing beside me.

Judging from the condition on your face I say it must have been some experience," Celestia said.

I decided to not say anything and just watched as ponies rushed about trying to help out where they could. Suddenly I saw Twilight rush up to me and grab me by the front of my shirt.

"Where Are They!" Twilight shouted drawing a crowd of eyes.

"Must you be so loud?" I asked as I rubbed my ears.

"Where Are They!" Twilight shouted again only louder.

Where are who?" I asked.

"Trixie and Starlight, Rage said you found hem and brought them here.

"I have no idea who this Starlight is but I believe Trixie is getting her horn mended," I said causing Twilight to run off. "What crawled up her skirt?"

"Trixie Lulamoon and Starlight Glimmer, Trixie is an old magic rival of Twilight's before she became her friend and Starlight Glimmer is Twilight's pupil in magic and friendship. Rage mentioned to me that you pulled her out of a car," Celestia said.

"Oh well when you say that I believe I do know where she is. I saw a couple of doctors taking her to the medical wing in fact I was about to go over and check in on her, would you mind telling Twilight?" I asked.

"Very well," Celestia said before we went our separate ways.

Once I made it to the medical ward I asked for Starlight Glimmer's room and I was told she was roomed with both Elisa and Evan and all the other patients who we brought here in the main medical room. So I walked over to the door and entered and saw a long room with beds stacked against a wall with windows on the other side providing a spectacular view for any patients being tended to. I saw Rage talking to the doctor so I walked over to Starlight's bed looked down at her.

"Doctor said she'll be fine but we should be careful when she wakes up just ease in the information that she's somewhere safe," Rage said as he walked up beside me on my left.

"I heard you roar in the city, something set you off?" I asked.

"Yeah guess you could say that," Rage said.

Suddenly Starlight's eyes snap open and she grabs Rage by the arm and is breathing heavily.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa Starlight your safe take it easy," Rage said as he gently grasped Starlight's arm and patted it, coaxing her to calm down.

"Rage...is that you?" Starlight asked.

"In the flesh," Rage said.

"Rage you need to listen to me, it's important," Starlight said.

"Well whatever it is can wait, we need to make sure you don't have a concussion," Rage said.

"Rage...I saw Ash," Starlight said.

Chapter 19 Ghosts and Kings

View Online

"What do you mean she saw Ash?" Nightmare asked as we walked down a corridor on our way to the infirmary along with the princesses of this world.

"I have no idea, all she said is that she saw Ash before she passed out and Rage had her moved to a private room before he told me to get you lot while he left to find the girls and stallions," I said.

"It shouldn't be possible. The dead stay dead. Nothing can bring them back save for necromancy and even that can't fully bring the dead back...can it?" Dream Catcher asked.

"Not to my knowledge no," I said as I shook my head dismissively.

"That doesn't matter. She saw Ash that's all I care about right now not how," Luna said with a determined look on her face just as I heard Celestia give out a sigh causing me to slow my pace till I was next to her.

"Something bothering you?" I asked.

"I worry for her, she misses Ash deeply. Her heart refuses to accept the fact that he is dead but then again...I was told it took Mother quite some time to recover from when we lost our father since alicorns are immortal. Once an alicorn's mate is gone the alicorn sinks into a deep depression and yearns to see their lover again much like anypony would. However an alicorn's is much stronger and can sometimes commit us to do the unthinkable like Luna becoming Nightmare Moon once more and for our Mother to almost take her life," Celestia said.

"I see, guess it's a difficult position to be in," I said.

No one else said a word the rest of the way. When we entered Starlight's room we were greeted by the mane 6, their coltfriends, Spike and Trixie.

"Hello your highnesses I'm am truly relieved everyone is safe," Starlight said.

"And we are just as relieved that you are also safe. Now tell us everything we're all ears," Faust said.

"Well...," Starlight started however it seemed she was struggling to speak.

"Its alright Starlight take your time," Twilight said causing Starlight to take a deep breath.

"It happened on the day I planned to take my own life," Starlight said causing the mane 6 and Trixie to gasp.

"Starlight why would you do such a thing to yourself!" Trixie demanded while she grabbed Starlight by the shoulders.

"I'm sorry Trixie but *sob* *sob* I was running out of hope and I couldn't take it. *sob* The caribou that owned me, he was evil, sick and twisted. He inflicted so much pain on me and took pleasure in it. He even left deep cuts on me and didn't give me any treatment for days *sob*. Starlight said while tears poured from her eyes. She even showed us some nasty scars that were just hidden beneath her fur.

This set Rage off and caused him to kick a trash can into a wall while a dangerous fire burned in his eyes. Eris then coaxed him to calm down which worked before he apologised and joined us again.

"As I said my treatment was horrible and so one night I managed to smuggle a sharp knife away from the kitchen. Once the bastard was done raping me and fell asleep I held the knife in my grip ready to take my life. However my own body soon gave out and I fell asleep also, but as I slept I saw Ash," Starlight said.

"Your saying you saw him in a dream?" Spike asked in an unsure tone.

"At first, I thought it was a figment of my imagination but it was something else Spike. Much like how both Queen Luna and Princess Dream Catcher can enter our dreams," Starlight said.

"I can confirm this but only if we enter your unconscious mind," Dream Catcher said as her horn began to glow.When that happened the world around us rippled like water and became an endless celestial plane showing nothing but Starlight holding a sharp knife in her grasp and ready to plunge it into her heart.

"Are you sure that's a wise idea?"

Everyone looked around for the source of the voice including the dream version of Starlight when suddenly the fog began to materialize something above Starlight's hand. As the shape grew I saw it become a hand and it was holding Starlight's hand as if it was stopping her from plunging the knife into her heart. Soon more and more of the body began to appear leaving the head for last and when it did appear I saw it was Ash himself. As I took in Ash's face I saw the portrait of him and Luna along with his sons along with his head being in a jar and when I saw him at the landing on Normandy. All of that and it couldn't do him justice to when his face is full of life and not scared by war. The best way to describe him now is that his face had to have been carved by gods cause no one could look like that naturally. Ash's eyes seemed to have a gentle warmth to them that brought comfort and he was smiling down at Starlight in a way that could rival Faust.

"Guess that's something that comes with being a father," I thought.

"Ash," Starlight croaked when she saw Ash causing her to drop the knife which turned into fog as soon as it touched the ground.

"It's good to see you too Starlight," Ash said when suddenly Starlight threw herself at Ash and wrapped her arms around him and cried into his shoulder. He brought his arms around her and stroked her back gently. "Shhhh Shhhh It's okay Starlight it's alright."

"I'm *sniff* so happy to see you Ash even if you're just a figment of my imagination," Starlight said as she pulled away after a while but Ash flicked at her ear causing Starlight to let out a yelp of pain.

"Tell me something, since when have I said I was a figment of your imagination?" Ash asked playfully as he had an amused look on his face while raising an eyebrow.

"Wait you're here as in actually here in my head?" Starlight asked in shock.

"In the flesh...well so to speak but yeah, I am here. Much so in a way both Luna and Dream Catcher are when they are checking in on ponies dreams. My spirit is here but my body...well...you know," Ash said.

"You know about that?" Starlight asked.

"Kinda hard not to when it's my body we're talking about," Ash said.

"Ash I have so many questions to ask you, why did you do it, couldn't you have found another way? Do you know how hurt everyone was when you died-," Starlight asked while tears streamed down her face but Ash interrupted her by placing a finger on her mouth

"Slow down kid I know you have a lot of questions but I'm not here to answer them," Ash said before his smile turned into a frown. "I'm here to discuss why you tried to take your life tonight."

"What?" Starlight asked.

"I know what you were going to do tonight Starlight. But I need you to believe me when I say that such a thing will only bring more suffering, not only to you but to the others as well," Ash said as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Then what am I supposed to do I can't go on living like this for the rest of my life," Starlight said as she broke down into sobs again.

"I know," Ash said as he brought a hand to Starlight's face and wiped away her tears. "Believe me Starlight, I know. But trust me when I say that you won't have to live like this for long."

"W-what do you mean?" Starlight asked as she looked back at Ash.

"I've, shall we say, called in a favour from someone...Starlight believe me when I say this to you but help is on its way, I just need you to hang on alright," Ash said as he stood up.

"Help...But who can help us?" Starlight asked.

"You need not worry about that," Ash said when suddenly the world began to crack and crumble. "Appears you're waking up which also means it's time for me to leave," Ash said as he began to walk away.

"What, no wait Ash please you can't leave!" Starlight cried as Ash turned around and she ran at him and wrapped her arms around him in a hug but Ash then placed a hand on her head and began to stoke it like she was a child.

"Starlight, remember when you asked if I knew how everyone felt since my death...Well I have an answer for you...It was by far the most painful thing I ever felt ever. Much worse than when Tirek incinerated my heart and more cold then when I had to use the Nether Lord eye. But Starlight if I could do it over again I would," Ash said before he began to vanish into nothing. "Fear not for me Starlight for I am still with all of you in more ways than one."

Suddenly the world around us changed back to the hospital and I saw everyone was staring at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Bones is it possible in any way that you know Ash?" Luna asked.

"Hell, if I know," I said.

"If you do it would explain quite a lot," Twilight said.

"What are you getting at?" I asked.

"Bones we think Ash may have sent you down here to help us," Rage said causing a large silence to encase the room.

"Ah heh...what?" I asked with a nervous laugh.

"Well…all were saying-,” Twilight started.

"No way just no, okay. The only orders I take are from Death and if not then why would I be down here?" I asked.

"Well how do you know that?" Chrysalis asked.

"I-I," I started when suddenly a nurse walks in.

"Excuse me everypony but visiting hours are over and Miss Starlight needs her rest you can come back to visit tomorrow," the nurse said.

Most of the group nodded before the mane 6 said their goodbyes to Starlight before we all left. Everyone headed for the dining hall but I headed for the bedrooms to think. I got changed into a pair of pyjama pants but no shirt and sat facing the window, watching the darkening sky for a while. I eventually heard the door open then close but I didn't turn around because I knew who it was.

"Hey Nightmare," I said.

"Hello," Nightmare said before there was a shuffling of clothing. "We missed you at dinner."

"Can't eat besides I needed to do some thinking," I said.

"About what everyone was suggesting? Nightmare asked.

"Yeah," I said. I felt movement on the bed soon followed by Nightmare hugging me from behind and placing her head atop mine since she was incredibly taller than I am.

"I don't know who sent you down here Bones but if I'm being honest, I'm glad they did. If it weren't for you I would still be sleeping on the cold stone ground of the old castle or worse, captured by those foul caribou and I would still be bitter and full of hate...You saved me from that Bones and I don't know how I can repay you," Nightmare said as she held me just a little tighter.

"It...It's quite alright Nightmare and if I'm being honest also I probably would have done something stupid by now if it weren't for your company so...thanks," I said as I looked up at her just in time to see her blush.

I sat in Nightmare's grasp for awhile, it was nice and warm and brought me a pleasant feeling when suddenly I decided to play a song on my flute.

"Care for some music?" I asked as I summoned my flute.

"I'd love to," Nightmare said before she released me, so I walked out onto the balcony and brought the flute to my lips and began to play.


For some reason my flute sounded different tonight as if more flutes had been added to the song creating an echoy and haunting sound, not that I was complaining cause it actually sounded nice. Like before, as I looked at the city, I saw light's disappear meaning the owners were going to sleep. Once the song ended I walked back into the room where I saw Nightmare was under the bed covers but she was still awake and was smiling at me.

"Beautiful," Nightmare said as I set the flute on a bedside table and got under the covers where I was immediately embraced by Nightmare from behind who had buried her muzzle into the crook of my neck.

I was a little startled by the show of affection from the dark alicorn but I wasn't going to stop her because one she was already asleep and I didn't want to wake her, two because she was actually really comfortable and warm and finally, because something inside me told me to leave her and so with that I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

The Next Day

This morning I woke up to the sweet scent of morning dew and when I opened my eyes I only saw black. I could fell Nightmare's arms were still wrapped around me in a hug and I could fell her massive breasts against the back of my head. I then pushed my muzzle forward and I could feel whatever was in front of me was something very soft. Suddenly the thing moved away causing the sunlight to blind me till my eyes adjusted and I saw Nightmare's wing was draped across me like a blanket. Leading me to the conclusion that it was her wing that was blocking out the sun.


I looked up and saw Nightmare was awake and giving me a smile.

"Hey...sleep well?" I asked.

"Very," Nightmare said nuzzling the top of my head.

"I see and not that I'm complaining but why hug me all night?" I asked.

"Oh I'm sorry you were just so warm and fluffy, I couldn't help myself," Nightmare said.

"It's cool I gue...Wait fluffy since when?" I asked.

"I don't know but I just found out last night and couldn't help myself," Nightmare said.

"Well as 'fluffy' as you may claim I am I still would like to go have a wash," I said.

"Aw," Nightmare whined in a cute pouty way before she released me and I went to the bathroom. As I passed the balcony window I could smell the scent of morning dew however unlike the scent from before as I woke up the former was...sweeter.

Nightmare's P.O.V

"Well, well, well look who's become affectionate all of a sudden."

"I only spoke truth he is rather comfortable to snuggle with," I thought.

"So what happens now?"

"I intend to go soak myself in that luxurious bath before I head to breakfast," I thought before I grabbed some clothes and exited the bedroom.

"I meant what happens now with Bones?"

"What's supposed to happen?" I asked.

"*sigh* Still have such a long way to go,"

I arrived at the large bath's door and walked in and as I did I could hear giggling. As I approached I saw it was the Element Bearers along with all of my sisters along with Eris and Cadence.

"Good morning," I said making my presence known as I stripped off my clothing.

"Oh hello darling did you sleep well?" Rarity asked.

"Quite well actually," I said with a smile as I stepped into the bath.

"I must say Nighty you look quite beautiful when you smile," Celestia said.

"Oh...do...do you think so?" I asked.

"Oh look she's blushing," Dream Catcher cooed.

"Is it over the compliment or is it because you and Bones have been sleeping in the same bed and actually did it now?" Cadence asked.

"What" the Bearers of Harmony and I asked in shock.

"Please Moon I can tell you have been thinking about him. It's part of my job to know what your feeling and I sense you actually love him," Cadence said.

"Well...I...Perhaps there is something," I said causing Cadence and Rarity to squee like a little filly.

"Details darling what happened?" Rarity asked in excitement.

"Nothing like that happened I just...snuggled him as we fell asleep," I said.

"Oh so adorable," Cadence said.

"What did he feel like?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"Well he was warm, soft and fluffy," I said.

"Bones, fluffy, seriously?" Rainbow Dash asked while trying hard not to laugh.

"Indeed but he wasn't wearing a shirt last night so it was easily noticeable," I said.

"No shirt oh how bold," Eris commented with a grin full of mischief.

"I also told him how grateful I am for everything he's done," I said.

"It seems that someone has found their very special somepony," Rarity said in a sing song voice.

"Perhaps," I said.

After chatting for a few minutes we decided it was time we left so we got dressed and left for the dining room. Once we entered we saw Mother, the stallions Bones rescued along with Spike sitting at the table along with Discord and Bones himself lounging back in a chair.

Bones P.O.V.

I saw the mares come in and take a seat at the table suddenly I heard the doors open once more and I saw Rage walked in.

"Morning all, pleasant dreams I hope," Rage said as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Yes actually Rage thank you in fact. The music last night was quite relaxing, knocked me right out," Faust said.

"Music wait you heard it too?" Twilight asked.

"You as well?" Dream Catcher asked.

"I think the entire kingdom heard it and Faust's right, knocked me right out," Rage said.

Nightmare then looked at me but I shook my head before I focused on the others.

"Oh by the way Bones you, me, Elisa and Evo have become the worlds most wanted and feared," Rage said as he summoned a newspaper.

"We all got bounties?" I asked.

"Better," Rage said before he cleared his throat. Is the End Neigh the lands of Equestria have been rattled thanks to the broadcasted message from the Queens and Princesses of Equestria who had launched an attack on the peaceful city of Applewood. Like the cities and villages before it all the mares were taken leaving a massive body count of brave caribou and loyal stallions in it's wake. The great and brave mayor of Applewood was found lying dead in the streets no doubt trying to save some of his fellow males from death."

"Bullshit, that asshole was only trying to save his own skin," I said.

"The mayor was found with his skin horribly burned but an autopsy showed the mayors insides had been frozen solid and when we questioned one of the survivors he described the scene as 'horrifying, that it was just three humans and the wraith that brought this chaos and death to Applewood.' One of the humans is the former Seventh Knight of Equestria and Vengeance, Burning Rage. However the last two humans are unknown at this time. Right now law enforcement are doing what they can to catch the four fugitives and the former rulers of Equestria. Priests across the world are claiming the same thing, that these four are the infamous and deadly Four Harbingers of Caribou Devastation which can be found in our Book of Providence the four that will bring about the fall of the Caribou Empire along with the death of our royalty."

"Pfft seriously?" I asked with a small laugh.

"Yep apparently that's what they think we are The Harbingers of Caribou Devastation," Rage said before he started to laugh.

"Oh ho ho ho ho the things mortals think up these days never ceases to entertain me. Harbingers honestly," Discord said while clutching his waist in laughter.

"I wonder what this Book of Providence is that the newspaper mentioned?" Twilight said.

"Well Twi you're in luck because I managed to snag a copy from a church in one of the villages we liberated. Apparently the caribou have their own gods that they follow and that they wrote the original a long time ago. The book is much like the holy bible from Earth only it's more caribou themed," Rage said as he summoned an old book.

"Rage please tell me why your're reading their...horrid literature, oh no offence to any of your books darling," Rarity said looking at Twilight.

"It's alright Rarity I know what you meant but even I'm curious Rage, why read such a thing?" Twilight asked.

"I'm learning about them 'if you know your enemy and know yourself you will succeed in every battle. If you know yourself but not your enemy with every victory you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither yourself or your enemy you will succumb in every battle, this is the art of war' by Sun Tzu 544 to 496 B.C.," Rage said.

"Oh, so he can be taught," I said playfully.

"Anyway says here that The Four Harbingers of Devastation work in the same way as The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse work, except there's no lamb or seals to summon The Harbingers. These guys come when they are ready I guess," Rage said as he opened the book onto a marked page.

"How are they similar?" Celestia asked.

"Well there's four Harbingers and they also share the same names of the Horsemen just in a different order of arrival," Rage said as he turned to look at the book he was holding. "The first Harbinger that stood before me, calm, weary but decaying from starvation. In a voice to match his condition, he called 'Come and See' and wherever he goes the crops will wither into dust and the crows will feast on flesh. He wielded the power to destroy his enemies from the inside and his name was Famine. The second to stand before me was bathed in blood and wielded a sword coated in the fire's of Tartaraus with eyes that carried an anger without equal. With a voice like thunder he roared 'Come and See' and behind him marched the ghosts of carnage and the Harbinger's name was War. The third Harbinger that stood before me was cold and pale, she wielded a scythe to reap away the souls of the living. In her eyes was a great sorrow to them and wherever she went decay would follow in her wake and in a voice like a ghostly whisper she said 'Come and See' and the Harbingers name was Death. The eyes of the last harbinger that stood before me held an unbreakable will and showed me he would bend his knee to no one. The Harbinger then called in a mighty bellow that shook the heavens 'Come and See' and gifted to him was a crown to wear upon his brow and wielding both a bow and sword to break the will of many and so he went conquering and to conquer and the Harbinger's name was Conquest and the three before him followed in his wake."

"Whoa eerie," I said.

"I know. Kinda got us all figured out here," Rage said.

"Well it's obvious you're the Harbinger of War Rage but the others...," Celestia trailed off.

"Agreed now for Famine my guess that would be," Rage started.

"Evan," I finished. "It was his spell that starved the caribou in Applewood."

"True and since this illustration says that Death is a she I guess that makes Elisa The Harbinger of Death not to mention it fits her perfectly and all that's left is you Bones," Rage said.

"Wait, wait, wait you're Conquest?" Rainbow asked causing everyone to look at me.

"It seems so," I said.

"Again that fact is also fitting," Rage said.

"How?" Gilda asked.

"Think about it, no matter how many times Celestia has snapped at Bones he's never backed down from her never gave into her accusations, an unbreakable will, and no matter how many strikes he's taken he still stands tall among others in the end. Plus we all know he can use a sword and when we were in Applewood I saw him use a bow and not only that in the text it says 'the three before him' meaning me, Elisa and Evan would follow in his wake, he took charge down there like a leader and it was also his idea in the first place to fight back against the caribou. So I would say he's more then earned the title Conquest," Rage said.

"Well then what about the crown that was mentioned?" Rarity asked.

"That could mean anything Rarity just because a crown is mentioned it doesn't mean he needs to have one it could just be a metaphor for conquest right Bones?" Rage asked.

"Yeah," I said in a depressed tone.

"Something wrong Bones?" Nightmare asked.

"Oh it's-," I started when suddenly I felt a dark pulse of magic and judging from the others reactions they felt it also.

Suddenly the doors flew open and revealed Tia and Lulu. (Elisa's and Evan version of Celestia and Luna)

"Celestia did you feel that," Tia said.

"Indeed I did it almost felt-," Celestia started but I didn't hear because I teleported to the source.

I was standing in the grassy field outside the kingdom. I was in my true form and I was looking around for the source of the magic. When I turned around I spotted it, it was a cloaked figure just like I am and he was holding a jagged scythe.

"Took you long enough been standing here for five minutes," the cloaked figure said as he turned to face me.

"Ghan you must have more loose screws then Discord for coming here traitor," I spat with venom in my voice as I summoned Hingure to my hip.

"I was actually sent here by my new king Diann," Ghan said.

"King and what did he promise you in return for your loyalty?" I asked.

"Souls of course. That and one or two bitches to fuck," Ghan said causing me to grip Hingure's handle tightly. "Certainly a nice place to hide really well hidden and also defendable," Ghan said.

"Be quiet get on your knees and I just might make this painless," I said as I drew Hingure.

"I'm afraid that's not going to happen. You see my king's generals are having trouble finding your little base and so he has sent me to locate you and kill you myself but don't worry, we haven't revealed your location to him...Not yet at least," Ghan said.

"We?" I asked.

"You honestly didn't think I was the only wraith on his payroll. Now why don't you stand down Hand after all, you're out matched and out classed," Ghan chuckled.

I had enough and rushed at Ghan and went for a sidewards attack but he blocked it with his scythe.

"Guess asking you to join us is out of the question," Ghan said.

I kicked Ghan in the chest sending him flying backwards. I walked towards Ghan and as I did I saw everyone from the dining room had appeared. When they saw me they ran towards me but with a wave of my hand a massive barrier around me and Ghan formed, sealing us off from the outside world while the others tried banging on the barrier.

"A Dance of Death then," Ghan said.

"We finish this now," I said.

Ghan and I charged at each other and our weapons met with an angry clang. Ghan made a swing at me, forcing me to jump back from the blade before I lunged at Ghan with a thrust but he blocked the attack which resulted in him getting pushed backwards against the ground. He then rushed at me with a flurry of attacks leaving me with little option but to block and wait for an opening. I eventually saw it so I rolled behind him and took a swing at him but he blocked the attack and punched me in the face, knocking me to the ground before he kicked hard enough to send me flying into the barrier. He then charged at me again forcing me to dodge and block a follow up attack but then he hit me with the butt of the scythe, leaving me dazed.

"What's this now, I thought The Hand of The Reaper was supposed to be tougher then this," Ghan said as he knocked Hingure from my grip and slashed at my chest causing me to scream in pain and collapse onto my knees while the wound smoked and burned. I then saw the others were trying to breach the barrier but weren't succeeding. "You care for them," Ghan said snapping my attention back to him who was watching the group. "Don't worry, after I'm done with you I'll send them to follow."

That set me off, I gave a dark growl before I used my feet to trip Ghan up. I kicked him away from me before I called Hingure back to my hand.

"How about a magic show," Ghan said as he summoned a pair of glyph circles which fired beams of red energy at me.

I created a shield of magic and managed to block the strong attack but most of the magic rushed past me and destroyed the barrier separating Ghan and me from the others.

"My turn," I said as I dropped the shield and launched black lightning at Ghan. However the tips of the lightning were shaped like skulls with long fangs which bit into Ghan's body causing him to scream in pain.

"Impressive...King of the Starry Heavens," Ghan said causing the group who was spectating to look in confusion.

"Don't you know I hate that title?" I asked as I prepped another spell.

Ghan sent another pair of beams at me but once again I summoned a shield one of the beams hit but the other moved around my shield to hit causing me to use Hingure to block the beam. However Ghan appeared behind me and slashed at my back making me lose my concentration on the shield and beams which hit me, forcing me to my knees. Meanwhile Ghan got behind me and when I looked at him I saw a red orb appear beneath his hood which turned into a massive beam that caused a bright blast that launched me across the ground. Once my senses came back into focus I saw a large trench was made thanks to the blast and when I looked at my body I saw a large chunk of my waist was gone causing everyone to gasp in shock while Ghan approached me.

"You know, I was expecting more of a fight from you. If anything I'm disappointed but you are quite the old warrior," Ghan said as he placed a foot on my chest which caused Nightmare to try and make a lunge at Ghan but Rage held her back. "Fiery one that one not to mention those assets. I think I might keep her as a fuck toy after I'm done with you."

Ghan then swung the point of his scythe at me to impale me in the face but inches before the blade could make contact I grabbed the blade and held it there. Ghan then realised I stopped the blade before he tried to tug it out of my hand however I wouldn't let the weapon even budge.

"You should have kept your trap shut Ghan, first mistake you made was telling me that I wasn't a match for you," I said as I applied pressure to the blade and shattered it causing Ghan to back away in surprise as I stood up and the wound to my waist repaired itself. "Second was that you planned to kill that group over there after you supposedly kill me," I said as I summoned Hingure back to my hand and began to walk forward while Ghan stepped back. All the while shadows whipped around me in a deadly manner and the temperature around us began to drop to the point frost covered the grass around us. "Finally you told me that you intend to keep Nightmare as your fuck toy am I right, now that right there went and pissed me off."

"S-stay back y...y...you monster," Ghan stuttered clearly in fear but all I can do was laugh.

"Maybe I should give you a demonstration on why some choose to call me the King of the Starry Heavens," I said as I raised Hingure straight up into the air and made a slashing motion above me.

And just like that the sky split open revealing a dark purple night sky full of stars, when in reality all I did was create a cloud of magic in a way as if I cut a hole in the sky. that showed everything from beyond the day's sky. Suddenly seven of the stars lit up and plummeted to the ground and once the glow wore off from the stars they showed they were actually shiny polished silver swords embedded into the ground in the exact same position as they fell surrounding Ghan.

"Enough!" Ghan shouted as he launched another beam at me.

I used Hingure to deflect the beam and launched it at one of the swords which bounced off that blade thanks to the polished surface, acting like a mirror. The beam then flew at another blade but bounced off that blade as well and it continued to bounce off the blades before it bounced off the last blade and hit Ghan in the back. I then tossed Hingure high into the air before I used impossible speeds to rush at one of the swords embedded in the ground before I grabbed it and drove it into Ghan's left arm before I rushed for another sword and drove it into Ghan's right knee, forcing him to kneel. The next sword went through his right hand followed by his left foot then his left shoulder then his waist then his chest before I appeared back where I was standing before. I held out my hand and caught Hingure as she fell. I then looked at Ghan and saw that every place I struck was smoking and Ghan appeared to be gasping for air.

"Seven star strike, Corona Borealis," I said.

"Damn...you,"Ghan whispered through laboured breaths as I walked up to him.

"I'm afraid the only one damned here is you," I said as I drove Hingure through Ghan's face, killing him.

I then pulled Hingure out of Ghan and just as I did the swords impaled in him turned to stardust and vanished while Ghan's body turned to rock and shattered into dust leaving behind a black orb which is Ghan's soul. I then snapped my fingers and the soul vanished so I could sought it out later. I then sheathed Hingure and transformed back into a wolf before I made my way over to the group but I had to limp there because the wound in my waist hadn't completely healed. When I arrived I saw everyone was struggling to think of something to say.

"That...Was...AWESOME!" that is until Rainbow shouted while doing a few mid air loops.

"Well glad everyone was entertained...now if you'll excuse me," I said as I clutched my waist in pain.

I then teleported back to my room and lay on the bed while clutching my side before I decided to use the God's Eye spell to look at Ash's past just to help me take my mind off the pain in my waist.

7:30 pm Aephoceria Dinning Room

I was walking down the hallways of the castle towards the dining room to join the others...why you ask...well in truth I was feeling kinda lonely but anyway, as I made it to the door I could hear everything that was happening inside.

"-andthenhewasalllikezoomzoomzoomzoomandimpaledallthoseswordsintothatbadwraith-," I heard Pinkie say in one breath.

"Pinkie we know, we were all there and we saw what happened," Twilight said with a sigh.

"Makes ya kinda glad he's on our side," Rage said.

"Hey do you all remember when that wraith called him the King of the Starry Heavens also that text in that Caribou book about the Harbinger Conquest having a crown," Gilda asked.

"Hey yeah now it's all coming into place but...why King of the Starry Heavens sounds like Luna's job," Rainbow said.

"Indeed even I am most curious about this," Luna said.

That was when I decided to open the doors and walk in and take a seat at the table next to Nightmare.

"Hello everyone," I said casually.

"Bones about earlier and your title-," Luna started.

"I don't know how I got it Luna the only thing I do know is that I hate it when someone calls me that," I said

"But why?" Rarity asked.

"No clue just know I hate it and that's all," I said.

"Well I'm sure your past will be quite a fascinating one to tell once you reclaim it," Celestia said before she took a sip of tea.

"Perhaps...Oh and speaking of pasts I was looking at Ash's and he has quite a fascinating and secret one. In fact did you know he was once a spectre in world war two?" I asked causing everyone to look at me in confusion.

"As in a supernatural ghost of something?" Twilight asked.

"Uh no...Ash told none of you about the Spectre Squad?" I asked.

"Ash never talked about his days during combat we suspected there were some haunting memories," Luna said.

"Well I guess that would make sense after all, wasn't pretty," I said.

"But you can show us right?" Rainbow asked.

I looked around and I could see everyone was looking at me begging me to fill in the blanks for them.

"Well I guess it would be cruel if I cut this conversation off now," I said before I snapped my fingers and we appeared in a dessert area filled with ruins and soldiers dressed in world war two uniforms were shooting at one another. "Welcome to Egypt, land of the pharaohs and sand year 1939."

"So what's Ash's objective here stealing secret plans, taking out the bad guys?" Rainbow asked.

"Training," I said causing Rainbow's excitement to deflate.

"Train where exactly?" Rage asked causing me to gesture to the empty ruins around us. "Seriously?"

"Yep Ash's company here were tasked to train to fight in this place no combat was expected to arrive here," I said as I gestured to allied soldiers.

"Let me guess something did happen?" Gilda asked.

"Apparently the Nazis were planning to use an SS Battalion to launch a sneak attack on Cairo however these ruins had an oasis and provided shelter for the troops so they had to go past here first what they weren't expecting was the Allies there which led to this," I said as I gestured to the scene around us.

"So what happened?" Pinkie asked.

"Well the Allies were in a bit of a tough spot you see. In World War 2 a company like this is normally made up of 100 to 250 men, these guys have 135 men as for the Nazis they were a battalion which is normally made up of 400 to 1000 they had 600 on their side," I explained.

"The Allies were greatly outnumbered," Nightmare commented.

"Indeed they managed to hold their ground for four days but the enemy's numbers were much too great. The 135 men were cut down to 24. The Allies knew they had a very slim chance of survival and Nazis knew it too," I said as I gestured to the dying Allied soldiers. "The Allies had no way to call for help except for a horse to carry a messenger so it was agreed, under the cover of night, the one in charge, their Sargent, would travel across the desert to the closest HQ which was 12 hours to and 12 hours back to bring back reinforcements."

"A day! Ash and those fellers had to hold out for a day? These fella's ain't even properly trained," Applejack asked.

"You said it yourself, these guys had a very slim chance of survival," Rainbow said.

"Maybe actions will speak louder then words," I said as I snapped my fingers and we appeared in a different part of the ruins near a campfire surrounded by Allied soldiers. The sun had set hours ago shrouding the dessert in a moonless night.

"Damn it!" a soldier shouted as he tossed a rock at a wall. "Can't we do anything besides sit here?"

"And what would you expect us to do, we can't do shit with the supplies we have we might as well bite the bullet," Another soldier said.

"No Eric, you know we were told to hold our position here," a familiar soldier said.

"Screw the orders Wade, we're leaderless and outnumbered. Face it it's over," Eric said.

"The Sargent gave us an order Eric and that was to survive till our reinforcements get here. So that is what we're going to do," Wade said.

"Well when you've got a plan please by all means share with us," Eric said as he gestured to the group but Wade just lowered his head in defeat. "I thought so."

Suddenly a soldier sitting alone in the corner stands up and grabs an M1-Garand which was resting against a wall and begins to walk away.

"Hey Ash where you off too?" a soldier asks as he noticing the leaving soldier and causing all our eyes to fall on him as he turns around to address the soldiers.

"I'm gonna get comfortable and wait for Hitler's boys to show up cause if today is the day I die you can bet your sidearms I ain't going down without a fight. But I'm not going to ask any of ya to come with me after all I ain't in charge so do what you all will you know where to find me," Ash said before he turned around and left.

We followed Ash to where the previous battle took place and we watched as he got onto his hands and knees and began to crawl beneath the bodies of his fallen brothers in arms and enemies much to Rarity's disgust. Once Ash got comfortable he readied his M1-Garand and aimed it at where the enemy would emerge and as he waited a soldier from the campfire came to Ash's side and did the same thing then another and another and as time went on all of the Allied soldiers waited beneath the dead for their enemy to reveal themselves. As they waited the blood of the dead poured over the living making it seem as though they had fallen also. Then out of nowhere a massive sandstorm appeared and the enemy decided to use this to attack but little did they know, they had just gone from hunter to prey.

The Allies then made their move and as if the dead had come back to finish the job the soldiers stood up and thanks to the blood that clung to their skin and clothes the sands from the storm also began to stick, making it seem like the dessert was helping them blend in with the environment. The soldiers then scattered and went after different targets. I then snapped my fingers and we appeared in a hallway that was sheltered by the storm, filled with the dead and a pair of soldiers were searching the bodies for any live ones, however they weren't looking in the right place. I saw a pile of sand move which was actually Ash sitting behind a pillar in a position making him seem like a pile of sand. Once he stood up he quietly got behind one of the Nazis and grabbed the Luger he had holstered on his hip and shot the Nazi in the back of the head and before his partner could turn around and figure out what happened, Ash shot him too.

"Was ist los?"

Ash quickly lay on the ground and pulled his first kill on top of him concealing his body in the sand just as another pair of Nazis walked in and immediately saw their fellow soldiers were dead. The quickly rushed over to them but when they were close enough Ash used the Luger to shoot the first Nazi in the chest three times causing him to stumble backwards into his partner. Ash then threw his kill off him and got up while dropping the Luger and drew a knife from his boot and lunged at the other Nazi who had dropped his dead fellow soldier and knocked him onto his back before he impaled his blade into the Nazi's neck, granting him a slow death before Ash removed his knife, stood up and left.

"That...was so bucking cool," Rainbow said in awe.

"So they survived?" Faust asked.

"Indeed when the reinforcements had arrived they saw the remaining 24 standing over the mostly dead German battalion," I said.

"Mostly dead?" Celestia asked.

"When the storm passed only one of the enemy managed to survive and when he was picked up in the desert, he was babbling warnings to his fellow soldiers of the terrors he had seen committed by the ghostly soldiers. He told them of how the dead rose once again and wiped out the battalion, as if they were nothing and the name of the new enemy which he called Spectres," I said as I showed them their mark which was a hooded angry skull with pointed teeth and a pair of crossed scythes behind it.

Suddenly I heard a deep thud and when I looked I saw Rainbow was on the floor twitching slightly.

"I think you overwhelmed her with the story," Rage said.

"So what kind of missions did Ash and the spectre's do?" Gilda asked clearly eager to learn more.

"Only the most impossible of missions," I said.

Chapter 20 Regret

View Online

I stood in the training area with Hingure in my grasp. I was doing practice swings and the bearers of harmony were still busy slapping the bowls of water while Gilda was practising on some dummies. It has been a week since my fight with Ghan and I was still thinking about those other wraiths he mentioned and how they know about our location. I was also a little on edge about when he said they won't say so which begs the question how long will that last for until we have a fucking invasion on our doorstep.

"Okay this is getting ridicules," Rainbow cried as she tossed the bowl of water away.

"Rainbow Dash-," Rarity started to scold.

"No Rarity I can see Gilda using her swords but all we're doing is slapping water in a bowl," Rainbow said.

"Once upon a time there was a young boy on Earth whose father had dropped off at a Shoaling monastery to study Kung Fu," I said as I sheathed Hingure.

"Oh great, a story," Rainbow groaned.

"After a year the boy returned home to visit his family and when they asked what he had learned...the boy simply hung his head in shame and told them that all the monks had him do was slap water in a barrel for that year," I said ignoring Rainbow.

"Well we don't have a year cause the more time we spend here the worst the world gets...y'know what, screw this I'm done. I'll figure out how to use my blade myself," Rainbow said as she got up and began to walk over to the rack.

"The boy's family didn't believe him and so the boy raised his hand and slammed it onto the table they were sitting at causing the table to break in two," I said causing Rainbow to stop in her tracks.

"So we'll be able to break tables?" Twilight asked with scepticism in her voice.

"No something better," I said as I walked over to the weapon racks and picked up Fluttershy's bow and gestured her to step forward. When she did, I handed it to her. "Draw the bow please."

Fluttershy looked at the bow in her hands nervously before she took a breath and pulled back on the bowstring effortlessly till she reached her cheek.

"Well bake me in batter and call me a fritter," Applejack said as she stared at Fluttershy with wide eyes along with the rest of the bearers while Gilda looked on with a smirk before I looked at Rainbow.

"I never do anything unless there's a reason for doing so," I said.

"Did you know?" Twilight asked while looking at Gilda.

"Trust me I was in the exact same position as you when Bones here became my teacher," Gilda said.

"So what now?" Pinkie asked.

"Now we're gonna teach you how to use your weapons," I said.

"We?" Rarity asked.

Just then the doors opened and Rage, Chrysalis, Fleur, Mac and Spike walked into the training yard.

"Rainbow, Rage will be you're new instructor with your duel swords. Twilight, Chrysalis will be the one training you since she also uses a staff. Pinkie you'll be going with Spike. Applejack you're brother is the only one I know of who knows how to handle heavy melee weapons and finally Rarity you'll be with Fleur de Lis since she has used fan blades before," I said.

"Wait what about Flutters?" Rainbow asked.

"Fluttershy will continue to be my responsibility since I'm the only one who can shoot an arrow from a bow. Now then let's get to work," I said clapping my hands twice.

Later That Day

I was walking through the castle on my way to check in and see how both Elisa and Evan are doing since I've been told they have been violently thrashing in their sleep yet they haven't woken up yet. So I was going to check on them and see if I could try and rouse them the old fashioned way but when I entered their room I saw Luna, Nightmare and Dream Catcher were here and had their eyes closed and strings of magic from their horns were connected to the still sleeping Elisa and Evan. I then grabbed a chair and got comfortable and waited for the three alicorns to finish up whatever it was they were doing before I tried my way, which wasn't long when the magic stopped flowing and the alicorns opened their eyes.

"Eek! Bones what are you doing here!," Dream Catcher shrieked when she saw me.

"Apologies I just thought I might come in and see how those two are doing but I came in and saw you three and figured I shouldn't disturb you," I said as I gestured to Elisa and Evan.

"I see...Well you would be glad to know they shall be waking soon," Dream Catcher said.

"Quick question what were you three doing just now?" I asked.

"Oh that's right you've never seen us do our dream walking while in the physical world," Nightmare said.

"Dream walking as in the same thing you did when you saw me vs the Seven Deadly Sins?" I asked.

"Somewhat however not all was...quite as we expected," Luna said.

"I'm surprised Lulu isn't here thought she'd be the first to jump into Elisa's dreams," I said.

"Her magic is not quite used to our world yet so until she can adjust to it she will not be able to dream walk yet besides...it's best she wasn't here," Luna said.

Before I could elaborate Elisa and Evan began to stir before they opened their eyes and sat up.

"Hey you two, welcome back to the living," I said.

"Yea it's good to be back, but I wish I could get the assholes that were snipping us," Evan groaned as he rubbed his head.

I then walked over to Elisa and saw she was clutching her head in fear and mumbling that it was just a dream over and over again.

"Hey you okay?" I asked as I placed a hand on her shoulder.

"It felt so real. All of it..... was so real." she said as she looked up to me.

"It's okay Elisa you were dreaming, everything is fine now. You're awake and you're safe now okay," I said causing her to take a few deep breaths and calm down slightly.

"If it was a dream, why did I feel pain?" she asked causing me to look at the alicorns in the room.

"I don't know Elisa I honestly don't but like Bones said it's okay and it's over," Dream Catcher said.

"Once you both are ready feel free to come to the dining room for lunch. I'm sure your Luna will be glad to see you," Luna said before she and the others left I also gave Elisa a gentle pat before I left with them and when we were a good distance away I spoke up.

"You know what's going on don't you," I said causing Dream Catcher to sigh.

"Yes...Elisa had a vision of a possibly on what's to come," Dream Catcher said.

"And I'm assuming it involves this place and something really bad correct?" I asked.

"Yes again," Dream Catcher said.

"So why didn't you say anything?" I asked.

"We thought it best if we didn't...After seeing that and explaining it to Elisa that it was a vision we thought it best that he doesn't start panicking and blaming himself over something that may not happen," Dream Catcher said

"I know the meaning of fear but what we saw...I can't even begin to describe it," Nightmare said.

"We must alert everyone and evacuate Aephoceria," Luna said.

"Now hold on, you said it was a possibility of what's to come right...now tell me was I in there?" I asked.

"Yes and yo-," Luna started.

"Alright then, then we just need to find the last piece of the crystal heart and set the world right once more before what happened in there happens," I said.

"Bones how will that-," Dream Catcher started.

"Even the tiniest change can make the biggest difference," I said before I left.

Little Later

I was walking down the corridor after I finished directing some Flame Guardians who were carrying a crate of weapons to one of the palace walls. When Luna told Rage and Shining Armour of the situation, they both sprang into action and ordered every single one of the guards to be on high alert until further notice; I even saw Rage order a couple of AA guns be set upon the battlements for the airships but back to the present. I had a piece of paper in my grasp which was a decoded message we intercepted thanks to the stolen radio from Applewood. I walked into a relaxation room and saw all the royals from both worlds along with my fellow harbingers were here as well, however two of them were laughing their heads off.

"Ah Bones I was just telling these two on the titles the caribou gave us in the papers and their Book of Providence," Rage said as he gestured to a laughing Elisa and Evan.

"That so is that why you two are laughing? I asked.

"Yea." Evan said.

"It was." Elisa added.

"Well glad to see you're amused but we intercepted a message from the caribou," I said.

"Great let me guess they know our location," Rage said.

"No but there's good and bad news about that problem that I'll tell you later. This one is different and the word regret seems to be repeated a few times," I said.

"Regret...Any idea what it is?" Luna asked.

"Dear Equestria we regret being ugly disgusting caribou assholes, we regret coming to Equestria, we regret raiding your king's tomb and villages, we regret raping your mares and we most definitely regret incurring the fury of the Four Harbingers," Rage said.

"They should be regretful. But since they started the wheels of Fate, there can be no going back." Elisa said.

"I actually think that the word regret is a code word for something, maybe even someone," I said leaving the room in silence for a few seconds.

"How do you know?" Celestia asked.

"Regret is currently being held at a place called Shardore Fortress," I said.

"Wait a second I know that place," Rage said.

"You do?" I asked.

"Yeah that was where Ash got a new set of armour plus killed a Lich there. It's also where we found that damn amulet that got stuck in your eye Elisa," Rage said.

"Mmm," Elisa hummed as she rubbed her Lich eye. "How about we pay a visit? See if anything is going on,"

"I was thinking the same thing but there is a problem, this is a literal fortress we are talking about. Those things were designed to keep out intruders," I said.

"No problem you see after the Lich incident I decided to learn all I could about that place just in case the need arose and thankfully I learned several ways to get inside. The question is do we want to storm it or do this quietly?" Rage asked as he looked at me.

"Hm...how's the fortresses layout?" Bones asked.

"Place sits on a mountain right in the middle of several one way in one way out between that mountain and another, accessabile only by a draw bridge and a portcullis. There is a hidden way in but it exits at the other side of the fortress. Place is spacious enough to grow it's own food and has it's own water supply and the place is well defended with caribou soldiers even the secret passage may be compermised," Rage said.

"Hm how many weather ponies do we have?" I asked.

"Enough to cover a large area," Rage said.

"Okay I think I may have an idea but we're going to need to make a new way in somewhere higher then the fortress so we can do a quick recon and we'll need a distraction," I said.

"I think I have an idea for all that," Rage said with a grin.

"Does it involve explosives?" Elisa asked with a deadpan look.

Shardore Fortress Two Days Later 6:00 am

"Breathtaking but what is it with ponies building structures on top of mountains?" I asked as I looked at my fellow harbingers as we stood before an army of Eternal Flame Guardians who were under Rage's command.

You wanna get a closer look?" Elisa asked. "Only one way to find out."

"Alright Rage, Evan we'll leave the army to you," I said.

"Hey before you leave should we use our harbingers names?" Rage asked.

"What the hell for?!" I asked in an annoyed tone.

"Code names," Rage said with a shrug causing me to look at Elisa and Evan for their opinion.

"Eh let's humour them." Evan said with a shrug.

"I don't care, as long as we get the job done." Elisa said in a serious tone.

"*sigh* Fine. War, Famine you know what to do let's go Death," I said.

"Try not to die Conquest," Rage said but I flipped him the bird before I teleported ourselves onto the top of a mountain where a group of weather ponies were just finished making a massive fog. "Status?"

"Just finished making the fog now sir they won't see you coming. But sir mind if I ask, how do you plan on getting over there?" the leading pony asked.

I just gave a smile and walked over to a strange wood and metal contraption and pulled a lever resulting in a pair of ropes shooting out of the devise and into the fog. A few seconds later the ropes go taunt and I tested their strength before I pulled on another lever and planks of wood slid along the ropes creating a bridge.

"You ready for this?" Elisa asked.

"Need you ask?" I asked before I summoned my bow and launched an arrow into the air signalling Rage and Evan to start the attack before I ran onto the bridge.

I ran through the fog and soon streaks of blue appeared, arching through the sky before they came down with a thundering boom meaning the catapults have been fired and had hit their targets, if the screaming was anything to go by. Once I passed through the fog I looked and saw our bridge had connected with a tower's wall below a window so I gestured to Elisa to go through the window which she nodded while I leapt onto the fortress wall below us. I then ran along the wall and saw many caribou stand in my way but I just drew Hingure and effortlessly cut them down before they could do anything and before too long I made it to the gate house. I then cut the ropes holding the bridge up before I began turning the crank to raise the portcullis.


Once I latched the crank so the portcullis wouldn't fall I looked out a window and saw that the main force had charged into the courtyard and leading them was Rage. He riding on a black horse covered in armour with a flaming mane, tail, shoulders and hooves and burning eyes and sharp teeth. If Rage hadn't explained that it was a motorcycle transformed into what I was seeing, I would of thought he had summoned a demon.

Upon a closer look at Rage I saw his armour had an addition to it, a cape made of fire and smoke that flowed like fabric in the wind giving him the impression that he was actually war itself in the form of a man. I then heard movement off to the side and I saw a caribou trying to stay hidden from the battle but it was a pity for him that he was trying to hide in the same room I was standing in. When he saw me he screamed in terror and tried to flee however I used my shadows and grabbed him before I held him before me.

"Unless you don't want a new hole to breath from tell me where I can find Regret," I said firmly.

"D-dungeons, she's in the dungeons," the buck whimpered.

"She?" I thought.

I tossed the coward away and watched him jump over the wall whether he fell to his death or landed on a ledge safely was of little concern to me. I left the gate house and began to make my way to the dungeons but on the way I saw the flame guardians were massacring the caribou with great ferocity, almost as if they were carrying all of Equestria's anger and were dishing it out to the caribou. I then walked inside the fortress and the caribou were kind enough to point the way. Upon entering I saw the dungeons were quite spacious and round. I then grabbed a set of keys that had numbers on each one and were hanging on a hook and began to look for Regret but all I could see were mares of all types. The black collars who shied away from me and the red collars who were licking the cell's bars seductively when I stood before their cells. So I found the key to all the black collared mare's cells and tossed the key inside for them.

"I know you don't have any reason to believe me but I am not here to harm or rape any of you. I am here with an army and your knight of vengeance to free you and find a female nicknamed Regret. So please, if any of you may know where she is I ask you to help me," I said.

At first all I received was silence but then one mare reached through the bars and pointed to a small alcove that had an iron cell door with no bars or windows on it, just rusted iron. I gave a nod to the mare in thanks before I walked over to the door and opened it only to be hit with the powerful odor that made me recoil in disgust at the stench of sex, sweat and blood. I then saw it was dark inside so found a lantern and lit it before I went in.

The room was large and I couldn't see much in this light but suddenly I heard the sound of sobbing and rattling chains so walking towards the sound. When I found the source I had to do a double take because there, chained to the ceiling and floor in a position that left her completely exposed was a caribou female or doe as I believe they're called and beside her was a purple and white griffioness who was also in the same position, however she was covered in injuries likely the result of torture that had become infected.

"Who are you?" a voice asked which came from the doe. "I get the sense of death coming off you. Does that mean your my executioner cause if so then do your worst and may Ash Blade himself drag Diann into the lowest pits of Tartarus."

"You're right about the executioner part however...," I said before I snapped my fingers causing the chains to shatter causing the doe to collapse to the ground. "...it's not your head that I'm putting on the chopping block."

"Who are you?" the doe asked.

"Some call me Bones others The Hand of The Reaper and very few The King of The Starry Heavens but to you and your fellow species my name is Conquest," I said causing the doe to gasp and place a hand over her mouth.

"Can it...Are you really Conquest?" the doe asked.

"Yes," I said.

"So...the shouting and explosions...is that...," the doe trailed off.

"That would be War, Famine and Death keeping those savages you call bucks and stallions busy and I take it you're Regret?" I asked.

"That name...it was given to me by that heartless bastard before he took away my real one," the doe said in disgust.

"Uh...sorry," I said as I rubbed the back of my head.

"*gasp* Oh no Pita!" the doe screamed as she tried to get up and help the griffioness but she collapsed.

I then broke the griffioness's chains and lay her on the ground before I checked her pulse, breathing and body condition and the result was horrifying to say the least.

"What's wrong?" the doe asked fearfully.

"She has three broken ribs and these wounds have gone on for day,s weeks even without being treated her breath is short and ragged and her pulse is extremely weak. If nothing is done she's going to die and soon," I said.

"No...please I beg you save her use part of my life if you have too I don't care but please help her," the doe begged in tears as she cradled the griffioness's head.

"Don't worry I can delay it for now but she needs medical attention and I advise against moving her without a stretcher, we don't want to risk injuring her further so until I get back stay put," I said earning a nod from the doe before I left.

I exited the cell and was halfway to the exit when suddenly I heard the sound of clanking metal against metal coming from the exit and I saw a dark figure approaching but a nasty feeling was welling up inside me that made me want to vomit. I then looked and saw all the mares were cowering to the farthest part of their cells away from the exit so I placed my hand on Hingure and stood patiently for the thing to walk through the door. The first thing to appear was a metal boot that looked familiar then more and more metal appeared leaving me to believe it was a figure wearing armour however the armour was identical to the armour I was told Ash Blade wore when he died however the chest area looked a bit more...mechanical then the original.

"What the hel...," I started but didn't finish because the thing rushed at me with amazing speed and hit me, sending me flying into the wall behind me before I fell to the floor. "Ow."

I pushed myself up and looked at the thing and saw it walking towards me and as it did it flicked it's right arm downward and a blade appeared in it's hand. So I then stood up and drew Hingure and rushed it myself. I hit it and sent it skidding back against the floor a few feet before it straightened out and a snort of smoke came from the helmet.

"If were going to do this...then I'm gonna play some tunes," I said as I selected a song to listen to.


I began nodding my head in time with the beat before both me and the figure charged and locked blades against each other and stayed there for a few second glaring before we pushed each other away and attacked each other, only to clash blades again and again till I ducked under the figures attack with a spin and slashed at it's waist. My blade tore through the metal as if it were tissue paper which was no surprise for me and also meant this armour was but a cheep knock off from Ash's if the stories I've heard were true. I then saw blood seep from the wound but the figure did nothing to show any pain which was impressive considering the damage I just did. My opponent then attacked with a flurry of slashes and thrusts which I dodged and blocked while moving backwards, Suddenly I felt the wind get knocked out of me by a punch from my opponent right to my gut which caused me great discomfort before he grabbed me by the fur on top of my head and tossed me behind him. I then stood up and saw my opponent had massive holes in his back and above them was a yellow glowing hexagon, I then wondered what they were for and my answer was massive jets of fire shooting out of them.

I rolled out of the way and looked at the fire before I turned back to the metal warrior and saw it turn to me and twirl it's blade around before it got into a fighting stance. I growled and run at him and once I was close enough it attacked with it's sword but I deflected it and leapt into the air and went to deliver a roundhouse kick but the warrior managed to grab my leg and pulled me over him and slam me into the ground. I then rolled onto my back and saw the warrior prepare to impale me but I just kicked him in the face, leapt to my feet and thrusted my sword into his chest where his heart would be. The pair of us stood in silence for a few seconds but I then noticed there was no blood yet my blade was piercing the armour and was halfway inside his chest. Soon the warrior switched hands with his blade and wrapped it's hand around my throat and lifted me into the air with ease. He then went to impale me with his sword but I grabbed it by the blade but soon my hand began to smoke meaning the blade was made of soul steel so I used Hingure to sever the arm off at the elbow before I used her to slash at my opponents eye causing it to drop me and stumble back and turn away.

I then heard a sparking sound and saw the arm holding the blade had sparks coming from the wound but also blood was seeping from it as well and when I looked at the figure I saw the same thing on the wound that was on what was left of the still attached part of his arm. I then saw the helmet had come off from my last attack and when the warrior turned to face me I could not be prepared for what I saw.

It was Ash but yet at the same time it wasn't. I could easily recognise the black hair and silver stripe but the face had a metal lower jaw and teeth one of the eyes was covered by a piece of metal but for the eye I could see it was blood red and seemed more...electrical and my last attack seemed to show a metal skeleton beneath.

The fake Ash then held it's hand out and the sword flew back at him before he charged, forcing me onto the defence and as he attacked I tried to figure out how to beat this thing till finally I remember that yellow hexagon on it's back. So when the fake lunged at me with a thrust I stepped to the side, grabbed the arm and used it to help me slide underneath my opponent before I stood up and slashed at the hexagon. This caused the fake to tense up and begin to collapse and as I gazed at my downed opponent I wondered on how many sins the caribou will commit in order to get what they want. With that I left the dungeon and headed for the courtyard but not before covering up the body and when I arrived I saw guardians were mopping up the remaining caribou and the harbingers were all together. As I approached I began to listen to what was going on.

"Got you a present." Elisa said as she pointed to an injured caribou.

The caribou in question had a gunshot wound in his left thigh and left knee. He is also wearing a commanders outfit, that consisted of blue and gold.

"So this the piece of hydra shit that runs this place huh?" Rage asked as Elisa set the commander on his knees before Rage.

"To hell with you harbingers!" the commander shouted.

"Been there, done that. Try to come up with something more intimidating next time would you," Rage said as he crouched before the commander who just spat in the face of Rage's helmet but Rage just wiped the spit off and stood up.

"You'll need to be far more intimidating if you want to scare me Conquest," the commander said but this just caused Rage to laugh. "What are you laughing at!"

"You seem to have me confused permit me, this is Famine she is Death. I am War and I am the last one here you want to piss off cocksucker," Rage said as he cracked his knuckles before he kicked the commander in the chin sending him flying upwards slightly before he landed in the dirt. "Oops my bad did you need your mouth to suck Diann's cock like a good little cock sucker?"

"That will do War," I said as I approached.

"Ah now this right here is Conquest," Rage said as he held an arm out gesturing to me.

"I'm gonna need some medical assistance in the dungeons and two stretchers. There is something you all need to see especially you War so wait until later until you decide what to do with him," I said as I gestured to the commander.

"Understood," Rage said before he gave a whistle and several flame guardians walked up to us two were wearing white heavy armour and a red cross on their shoulders and had a pair of stretchers with them. "Hold him till I get back," Rage said to a different pair of guardians.

"Tuigsinn," the two said before they crossed their spears above his neck in perfect sync holding the commander in place.

I led the group into the fortress and down to the dungeons. I then had Rage instruct the medic guardians to have the griffioness taken back to the Pale Horse immediately while the rest free the females and also take them to the ship causing them all to nod and do what I requested. As the guardians went to work I saw the doe walk up to me and bow from the waist.

"Thank you," the doe said while she bowed.

"Don't thank us yet we still need to get her back," I said causing the doe to nod and leave.

"Hey this may not be important but I found this on the desk in the commanders room." Elisa said as she pulled out a gun, a pepperbox to be specific with a black and copper coloured handle.

When Rage saw the gun he gently took it and held it before him and touched it to his head as if giving prayer.

"An item of Ash's?" I asked.

"Yes he took it off Sombra after we took back the empire when it returned...now I know exactly what I'm gonna do to that asshole when I get back up there," Rage said as a fire flickered in his eyes and his cape looked hotter.

"There's more," I said as I walked over to the cloth covering the body of the fake Ash and removed it. I looked at the others and saw their faces were filled with a mix of shock and absolute hate.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SHIT!" Rage shouted as an aura of malice and fire swirled around him.

"Seems to be an experiment of some sort they made." Elisa said as her hands shook.

"Yes it does and if word gets back to the others, and I know it will, it's not gonna be a good day. Especially for your Luna." Evan said.

"Indeed and it's a problem for us also cause this thing tossed me around like a rag doll before I slashed this," I said as I pointed to the hexagon above the thrusters.

"Load it on the ship but keep it covered the less that know about this thing the better," Rage said to a pair of guardians who bowed and began to get to work while the rest of us left.

"We're gonna need to grab some info on this thing from one of the caribou stationed here. One of them must know something willing or not," I said.

"A hundred bits says the commander knows something. Also Bones I need to talk to you about the caribou recruit that I dragged back with me." Elisa said with crossed arms.

"A recruit, what about him?" I asked.

"Well, the kid said that he wasn't like the others. But that could be a way for him not to get killed. He's being watched up top with the commander, so if we question him I think we can get some info from him as well. Might not be so useful but it will tell us why he said that."

"I'll be the judge of that," Rage said as we exited the castle and into the courtyard.

As we approached the prisoners Rage then snapped his fingers and made a head gesture to the guards holding the commander to which they nodded and picked him up and dragged him away while Rage walked over to a young looking caribou most likely the recruit Elisa mentioned. The recruit looked up at Rage with fear and a small amount of awe before Rage harshly grabbed the caribou by the throat and brought him close to his face but Rage's grip wasn't strong enough to cause the buck to choke. Rage's eyes then lit up with fire and he sniffed the caribou a few times before he released him.

"Get the cuffs off," Rage ordered and a guardian obeyed.

"He's good," I asked.

"He's no angel no surprise. However he doesn't stink of sweat and cum mixed together and there's no sins of lust or lying on him and very little sin at all for that fact," Rage said.

Once the cuffs came off all the prisoners began to shout in outrage at the recruit


"Cockless mare lover!"


"May Ash Blade strike you down!"

The last remark caused the guardian beside him to pull back on the prisoners antlers and plunge his sword down the buck's throat before he said something in Demonic Angel.

"He says none of you are worthy to so much as speak our king's name which I wholeheartedly agree," Rage said with a growl before he made a nod to a decorated general who gave an order in Demonic Angel and the guardians responded by executing the prisoners. "Now Bones that female caribou from before, what's going on there?"

Later Aephoceria Airship Dock

The cargo door at the bow of the ship opened and the guardians assisted all the female prisoners in getting off the ship before they were taken to get some clothes and help. Meanwhile my fellow harbingers and I were escorting the three caribou we took aboard and the still injured griffioness. The three caribou were looking around in awe trying to take in everything at once but the ex-commander couldn't dwell for long because Rage had him at sword point. I then saw this world's rulers approach so we halted our walk and let the rulers approach us. When they did the doe and the recruit immediately got onto their knees but the commander stood tall and defiant while the guardians walked on carrying the injured griffon to the infirmary wing for immediate treatment.

"You do not bow?" Luna asked the commander who just spat at her hooves.

Rage then flipped his sword around so he was holding it by the blade and whacked the ex-commander in the back of his legs forcing him to kneel before he flipped the blade again and held it to his neck.

"I trust you four have a good excuse for bringing these three here?" Faust asked.

"Pardon for doing so your highness but the doe here was a captive among the caribou and was the target we originally went in for. As for the young buck here it turns out he is not like the rest of his ilk. He detest's raping mares and has tried to help them in small ways several times this has been confirmed by both War and several mares that were once prisoner. As for the last one, the now ex-commander of Sharddor Fortress, we would like to question him for information," I said trying to sound professional.

"I see," Faust said.

"Your highnesses," the doe spoke causing all of our eyes to turn to her. "I know I don't have the right to ask this of you but please, I beg of you, let me stay by Pita's side while she recovers."

"Conquest would you care to elaborate for us?" Celestia asked.

"I believe she is talking about a young female griffon princess. The two were locked in the same cell and when I arrived Pita's condition was very poor and was on the verge of death however I was able to delay it and she is now being transferred to the medical wing as we speak for treatment and from what I can guess these two are close," I said as I looked at the doe before I looked back at the rulers.

"Very well...But however she is to have a pair of guardians with her at all times till we all say otherwise," Luna said.

"Thank you your majesties thank you," the doe said as she bowed her head to them.

"Sluts," the ex-commander muttered under his breath earning a kick to his jaw from Rage sending him flying a few good feet.

"That will do War," Faust said when suddenly the ex-commander quickly got up and made a break for the ship.

"Famine," I said.

"On it." Evan said before summoning small knives and throwing them at the caribou's legs.

Said caribou made it a few more steps before slowing down and dropping like a bag of potatoes before I walked over to him and grabbed him by the fur on his head.

"Try to run again and I'll make sure I tear your legs off," I growled before I dragged him back over to the group.

"I'll take this one to interrogation. I'm sure there's lots you want to tell me isn't there," Rage said with what I could guess was a sadistic grin before he grabbed the buck and took him to the interrogation room before I brought my eyes to the recruit.

"And what of him?" I asked as I pointed to the buck.

"Elisa you're the one who wanted to bring him correct?" Luna asked.

"Yea I am. I thought that maybe I'd see what he has to say. Couldn't really hurt anything since we can kill him in an instant." she said as she went and grabbed said recruit and started to walk away. "I'll see you guys later, gonna have a 'friendly' chat with this guy here."

"Alright than is there anything else that needs to be brought to our attention?" Luna asked.

"There is but that can be discussed later and if you wish, bring the bearers. I'll be at the laboratory as soon as I dropped the doe here off at the hospital," I said as I helped said doe stand up and led her towards the hospital with two guardians following us.

"Shye," the doe said.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"My birth name is Shye the name Regret is just a name they gave me when I was imprisoned," the doe said.

"I see...Conquest is just a title name for me. I don't even know my real name so I go by Bones till I remember my real one," I said.

"You have amnesia?" Shye asked causing me to nod. "I'm sorry...I can't even imagine what that is like."

"Don't worry about it after all not your problem," I said as we arrived at the hospital and when we entered Shye was greeted by many conflicted looks but some of them were disgust causing Shye's gaze to fall to the floor but a small snarl from me and the two guardians stepping forward caused everyone to go back to what they were doing before we continued and arrived at a pair of doors. "Pita is being tended to now and will be out soon, for now wait here."

"Thank you...for everything," Shye said as I began to walk away but I just raised an arm in acknowledgement before I left for the labs.

I pushed open the doors to the lab and saw the covered body of the fake Ash was lying upon a table. I then grabbed a set of tools for both mechanical and biological use should either need arise before I put on a set of gloves and a plastic apron and a mask. Once I was ready I pulled the cloth off the body and began to work on the chest area.

Half an Hour Later

I had just finished up examining the head when I put down a screwdriver and picked up the the piece of metal that was covering the fake's eye. It turns out it was some kind of ear piece and screen to allowed the user to make targeting easier. I also saw the devise had a built in camera and microphone, fortunately both were ruined when I fought this thing. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Come in," I said as I put the earpiece down and threw a cloth over the body.

The door opened and I was greeted by all of this worlds princesses along with Nightmare Moon, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Gilda, Vinyl, Octavia and finally Daring.

"I wasn't expecting you four here," I said as I pulled off the mask and looked at Vinyl, Octavia, Gilda and Daring.

"It's nice to see you too Bones, after all this time that's all you can say?" Daring asked in a hurt tone.

"What are you going on about we talked when you were in the library last week looking up some history on Demonic Angel tech," I said.

"Touche," Daring said with a small nod.

"And as for us we were with either Rainbow or Rarity when the message came so we decided to follow," Vinyl said.

"Uh Bones you mind telling us why we're here...and why you are wearing an apron and gloves covered in blood standing beside a table with something beneath that cloth?" Twilight asked

"Look I know this all looks...questionable, but I can assure you it's for the right reasons if you'll hear me out," I said causing the princesses.

"Alright Bones please explain what's underneath that sheet?" Celestia asked.

"Alright but brace yourselves because this will cause quite a shock for most of you," I said as I removed the cloth and showed them the fake Ash causing Luna, Rarity, Octavia and Twilight to cover their mouths with a gasp while Gilda, Faust, Celestia and Rainbow stared at the body in anger while the rest stared in shock.

"Bones, what is this thing?" Nightmare asked recovering from her shock first.

"Before you all jump to conclusions, I can assure you this is not the Ash most of you know. This thing is some kind of clone of Ash and robot hybrid," I said.

"So what...some kind of Ash cyborg?" Rainbow asked.

"Indeed and it's no joke either. This thing put up one hell'va fight before I took it down," I said.

"You fought it?" Luna asked.

"It was standing between me and the exit out of the dungeons so I guess it's some kind of caribou made soldier that was able to somehow use magic," I said causing Twilight's eyes to widen.

"Magic but...how?" Twilight asked.

"No idea but this thing is an interesting mix of metal and flesh. Metal for bones and flesh and muscle covering it to make it look somewhat normal. The torso is entirely mechanical to improve it's strength and speed and it has no vital organs except for a heart in the upper right corner of it's chest, opposite side of where it would normally be to confuse opponents much like it did me," I said.

"But why does it need a heart if it's mechanical?" Gilda asked.

"Machines also need a life source Gilda, like fuel for a car or electricity for a light bulb. This thing also has something similar and that is blood, which explains why I'm covered in it when I accidentally broke one of the tubes containing it," I said.

"So it's alive?" Faust asked.

"Not exactly because there's no soul in this thing however it does have a brain in the head," I said.

"A brain?" Rarity asked.

"Unlike a computer a living brain can do the unpredictable," I said.

"And what of it's memories, is it possible that it may contain Ash's memories?" Luna asked.

"That's a tough one but most likely it's as jacked up as mine when I awoke in Equestria," I said.

"So that motherless dog has created the perfect soldier all the while they were using Ash's face," Octavia growled as she stamped a hoof on the ground earning a series of slack-jawed looks from everyone. "Pardon my foul tone your highnesses."

"I believe everyone is entitled to be outraged over this, I am no acceptation," Faust said as I saw a flash of anger in her eyes for a moment.

"What now?" Luna asked.

"I believe I should tell you how this all started."

We all looked at the doorway and I saw Shye was there.

"Shye, how's Pita?" I asked.

"Resting now but the doctor said she's extremely lucky to be alive but we will have to wait to see if there's any permanent damage," Shye said.

"That's good to hear." Faust said with a warm smile.

"Shye, did you say you know the reason for all of this?" I asked.

"Indeed...My name is Shye Stormhoof and before the world was conquered by Diann I was queen of the caribou," Shye said.

Chapter 21 I'm Not A Babysitter

View Online

Silence engulfed the room as we all stared at Shye. I could see she had worked up a lot of courage to say what she had just said and when I looked at my fellow occupants I saw they were all struggling to take in the information that she presented to us. So, I decided to start us off before anyone said anything stupid.

"Take a seat," I said as I gestured to a chair in the room, which Shye took, while I made one out of shadows for myself. "Ok now please start at the beginning."

"About a few hundred years ago I was living happily with my now former husband. Our home was peaceful and all was right...however as the years went on our love began to dwindle till there was almost nothing left. One time as I was in the market in disguise I saw a crowd had gathered around a young griffioness who was having a tough time understanding our country's currency. Now the reason why the crowd had gathered was because no one has ever seen a griffon before since we're a very isolated nation. In fact, we all thought we caribou were the only sentient creatures on the planet until she showed up," Shye said.

"Makes sense since that also explains why we never heard of you before until a year ago," Twilight interrupted causing some to shush her.

"Go on Shye," I encouraged

"I then saw the griffioness was becoming rather nervous so I removed my disguise and ordered my people to go back to what they were doing before I introduced myself to her and she introduced herself as Pita. She then told me that she was a griffon and that she was here exploring the world. We soon became friends after that. We then had weekly meetings and I discovered we had much in common more than I had with Diann and after a year of friendship I...I came to discover that I loved her and she loved me in turn," Shye said causing a small sound to appear and when I looked at the source I saw it was Cadence who had an embarrassed blush on her face.

"So, you found out you were into girls fine, but what does this have anything to do with Diann?" I asked.

"It was when I came clean and told Diann that I did not love him anymore and that I had fallen for Pita. I thought he would just accept it and move on and find another to love however he became furious and had Pita locked away in the dungeon and forbade me from seeing her. But I wouldn't allow that to stop me so I decided to break her out, however I was caught and imprisoned also and things went downhill from there," Shye said.

"And your saying this happened over 100 years ago?" Vinyl asked.

"Yes, you see when Diann found out what I tried to do he told me he had a dream of him making a vow to our gods. That he would put all mares in their place and that the gods granted him gifts to help achieve this and gave him the title of god king. When that happened, he raped me for days until I conceived eight bucks," Shye said.

"The sons that each rule a country," I said.

"As soon as they were born Diann took them and began turning them into...," Shye began but was struggling to finish.

"It's alright Shye don't think about that. But tell me this why not attack the world immediately? Why wait for so long and how is it that you, Diann and those eight lived for so long?" I asked.

"Diann said he had discovered a ritual in taking years from others and adding it to his own. He even committed that ritual on his sons, myself and Pita saying he wanted us to be there when the world bows to him and see if I still didn't love him. But he needed to convince the kingdom of what he planned to do was right. Slowly he began to turn the populace into what he wished and then he needed to expand his army and that took time also. When they were, ready Blueblood appeared, and told them of Equestria and the other lands. When Diann sent scouts to investigate, stories returned of your king Ash Blade. Many doe, including myself, believed if anyone could save us it was him but when news reached us of his death our hope shattered and Diann saw an opportunity to actually become a god. So he ransacked your kings tomb and drank his blood, turning both him and his sons into what he is now," Shye said causing a few looks of anger to appear on some faces.

"And what of this monstrosity?" Luna asked in slight anger as she pointed to the fake Ash.

"Diann had that and others made to break the hope of those who still had some around the world, making it seem that Ash Blade himself had fallen to Diann's whim," Shye said causing me to stand up and walk to the door.

"Bones?" Nightmare asked.

"I'm going to inform the others of this," I said before I looked at Shye. "Thank you for telling us this Shye it explains a lot. I know it wasn't easy to summon the courage to tell us that, so for that I applaud you," I said before I left.

I walked down the halls to the interrogation rooms and when I entered the viewing area I saw Spike, Mac, Soarin and Comet were here and were looking through the one way window at Rage and the ex-commander. The ladder was hanging from the ceiling by his arms and chains while Rage was using him as a punching bag.

"It's kinda scary how people can be taught stuff like this," Comet said.

"I wouldn't say people are taught," I said startling the group of males.

"Oh Bones it's you we didn't hear you come in," Soarin said as he relaxed from being startled.

"Apologies," I said.

"What was that you said about people not being taught this?" Spike asked.

"Well I guess you can be taught the basics on it. However think of interrogation and torture as an art, how you want to carry it out...well that depends on your imagination I guess," I said before I tapped on the glass grabbing Rage's attention.

Rage then wiped the sweat from his face before he began to leave but not before he sliced a rope that was connected to a wall which dropped the buck to the ground. As Rage came out I walked over to the door and saw him.

"He's a stubborn one. I'll give him that," Rage said.

"Don't worry about it Rage I found out what we needed to know and more," I said.

"So what your saying is that he's useless?" Rage asked causing me to nod. "Gimme a second."

Rage walked back inside while I went to the window and watched Rage grab the buck by the sides of his head and hold him in the air. While the ex-commander struggled to escape Rage's grip, which was futile. Suddenly Rage grew fiery claws from his fingers and pushed the claws on his thumbs into the caribou's eyes causing him to scream in agony before Rage tore his face open, spraying a lot of blood over himself but the males beside me didn't even flinch. Rage left and walked over to us after wiping his face and hands from all the blood on him.

"Now tell me what's going on," Rage said.

Two Days Later

Breakfast had just finished and I was heading for the market to have a look around. I was wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans with boots all in dark colours and I was standing in the castle foyer admiring the view which I gotta say was breathtaking. The best way to describe it in size would be cavernous, decorated with clouds and golden chandeliers along the ceiling while golds, reds and whites went around the room with a black and white marble tiled floor that was polished to absolute perfection. Trenches of fire where carved into the floors and spiralled up pillars that went along the sides of the room along with doors that led to different parts of the castle and finally, at the back of the foyer, opposite the main entrance doors inside a half dome and cylinder section of the room where sunlight was shining through the dome's windows stood a massive alter. Upon the alter stood a pair of statues one was of a beautiful female angel wearing a stunning dress and a crown and beside her stood a handsome male demon who seemed to be wearing some royal outfit and regalia along with a crown and finally being held between the two was a baby wrapped in cloth leading me to assume that was Ash and his parents.


I looked at the voice and saw Nightmare looking around the massive room in wonder.

"Indeed...I spent so much time just teleporting or using the airship hanger to leave this place I never took into consideration about what the foyer looks like and I have to say it's not disappointing in the slightest," I said.

"So where exactly are you going Bones?" Nightmare asked.

"The market, I wanted to see how everyone we brought back is adjusting here and also see what's new but what about you?" I asked.

"I was trying to explore this place however a trip to the market seems much like a nicer option...i-if you don't mind the company that is?" Nightmare asked nervously.

"Not a problem in fact some company would be nice," I said.

Nightmare and I then left the castle and stepped out into the cool morning air and down to the market where ponies were going about their business like always. Kids were playing, shop keepers were selling merchandise, if one were to arrive here they wouldn't believe it if they were told that we were at war. I saw Nightmare was also smiling as she watched the ponies going about their daily lives and not being disturbed from her appearance. Suddenly I hear cheering coming off from somewhere in the town.

"Is that cheering?" Nightmare asked who seemed to be searching for the sound.

"I think so...wanna go find out where it's coming from?" I asked causing Nightmare to simply nod.

We made our way through the market till we arrived at a massive spacious area filled with ponies all looking at a small stage with a white sheet as the background and as a cover with a microphone on a stand in the center and finally a small box sitting on the ground in front of the mic.

"Is there some sort of event going on?" I asked.

"Not that I know of," Nightmare said before I turned to a stallion.

"Hey what's going on?" I asked.

"Some kind of singing show. Basically ponies just step on stage for a turn and that box selects a song and shows the lyrics to sing. Once it ends that pony steps off and another steps up and get this the songs are from King Ash Blade's home world," the stallion said.

"Is there a prize?" Nightmare asked.

"I don't know I think this is just for fun...Oh hey seems it's a group this time," the stallion said as he pointed to the stage.

I looked to the stage and saw two mares and two stallions get on the stage both groups seemed to be teenagers. The group then gathered around the mic when suddenly the lights turned on and the music started before the group began to sing.


As the song went on the ponies danced as they sang and I couldn't help but smile and bob my head in time with the beat. I then felt Nightmare's hand brush against mine so I looked down and saw her reaching out for my hand which I grasped before I looked back at the stage. As we continued to watch I took note that Nightmare's fur was extremely soft and when the song ended the group gave a bow and the audience including Nightmare and I cheered.

"Guess we found the source of the cheering," I joked.

"Hey why don't you go up?" Nightmare asked.

"Oh no that ain't happening," I said.

"Pweety pwease?" Nightmare asked giving me the biggest eyes she could muster along with the quivering lip.

"*sigh* Fine but I'll only do it if you go first," I said.

"Hmm very well I suppose those terms are agreeable," Nightmare said before she teleported on stage, selected a song and began to sing.


I was taken by storm when I heard Nightmare sing and I could assume that the audience felt the same. In any case Nightmare could really sing and I, along with everyone, showed it by clapping, cheering or whistling when the song came to an end and Nightmare appeared beside me once more.

"A deal's a deal Bones," Nightmare said.

"Okay, okay just don't expect much I'm not even sure if I can sing," I said.

"Only one way to find out," Nightmare said before I teleported onstage. As I looked out at the spectators I will admit I was a little intimidated.

Suddenly the lights dim till a single spotlight shines down on me and when I look at the box I see a screen big enough for me to read what's on it and as the music begins I take a breath and start to sing.


As I sang to the lyrics the stage exploded with lights and colour but I stayed focus and continued to sing. As the song ended the audience roared in applause so I gave a small bow before I teleported to Nightmare's side.

"Not bad...for a dead guy." Nightmare said with a playful smirk while I just rolled my eyes.

"C'mon let's go see what else is around," I said as we left.

Somewhere Close By Third Person P.O.V

"You see what I'm talking about, look at them. I mean did you see Nightmare blushing when Bones sang not to mention the whole hand holding thing."

"Okay I'll admit it at first I thought those two being together was weird but after that I gotta say they do seem perfect for each other."

"Ha I knew you'd agree. Now then we just need to figure out how to get them closer."

Hey you two are you done with my sing along machine?"

"Shh keep it down, we're busy trying to figure out how to get Nightmare and Bones together."

"*gaaaasp* Are they in love oh I have to throw a fallen in love party!"

"No not yet!...Unfortunately those two still seem to be in denial we just need to keep an eye on them and wait for the perfect time to make our move."


"Make your move on what?"

Elsewhere but also not that far away

"So it's true our glorious queen has returned to us."

"Indeed but what should we do now?"

"Alert the others now that we know she not a rumour we must make our move and soon."

"Understood...And what of the Diamond Dog he seems close to our queen?"

"Hmm...He must be one of our brothers secretly working for our queen leave him alive for now unless he proves otherwise."

"Very well."

The Next Day Bones P.O.V.

I was sitting in the dining room waiting for everyone to show up and as I sat I was looking at some of Ash's history to pass the time when suddenly the doors opened and everyone entered.

"You're here early Bones," Faust said when she saw me.

"Yeah I was looking at some of Ash's history," I said as I gestured to the orb.

"Oh yeah what war was it this time?" Spike asked.

"Not a war but a battle in 1527 in Rome. Ash was a member of the Swiss Guard who were fighting against the Habsburg Monastery," I said.

"Swiss Guard huh so Ash once served the Holy See...Man that was a slaughter," Rage said as he sat down.

"What happened?" Rainbow asked as curious as ever.

"Swiss Guard were defeated easily. It was 189 against at least 20'000 all in an effort to buy Pope Clement time to retreat to Castel Sant'Angelo or Castle of the Holy Angel if you prefer," I said.

"May we watch?" Rainbow asked.

"I guess so but be warned Ash dies in this fight," I said before I enlarged the orb to the point we we had a 360 degree view of the battle and that is when I decided to put on some music.


I pointed out Ash to everyone and we all saw he was wearing Swiss Guard clothing and armour and was surprisingly wielding a halberd with a rapier on his hip. I noticed the Swiss Guard appeared to be fighting in a tight packed area of Romes streets filled with all kinds of alleyways and stairs but I doubt the others cared because all eyes were on Ash as he spun around and swung the halberd and took down a row of five enemies before he impaled an enemy on the spike. He then ran forward pushing the enemy off the staircase before he spun around and blocked an attack from another opponent

Ash then backed down the stairs, keeping his gaze firmly locked on the enemy and when Ash's opponent attacked Ash once again impaled his enemy on the spike but lifted him overhead and slammed him into the ground behind him. Suddenly there was a bang which caused Ash to stumble back and collapse and when I looked I saw a man walking down the steps reloading a rifle. However Ash wasn't done yet because he got back up and grabbed the halberd just as the man finished reloading. When he went to aim it again Ash used his weapon to knock it away causing the rifle to go off before he brought the blade down on the gun cutting it in two before he impaled the man in the face with the spike on the back of the halberd and tossed him away. He heaved the blade into another's chest who had just appeared but when Ash went to remove it he discovered it had become stuck. Ash then saw more arrive causing him to abandon the halberd and draw his rapier to fight the enemy. I looked at the others and saw Ash fight with mild curiosity even Nightmare was intrigued I saw Ash had finished off his opponents before he winced in pain and removed his armour. When he did I saw his uniform had a large splotch of red on the right side of his chest and when I looked at his armour I saw the bullet from before went through his armour.

Suddenly I heard crying and I could see Ash could hear it too cause he ran to find the source which was a little boy in the middle of the battle crying his eyes out. Suddenly a pole holding a set of banners begin to collapse on the child but Ash ran into the conflict, grabbed the boy in one arm and moved out of the way just in the nick of time before he ran through the streets and met a woman who reached her arms out to Ash and took the child from him and with a quick thank you she ran off. But before Ash could leave he cried out in pain as an enemy came up behind him and slashed downward at Ash's back with a rapier causing Ash to collapse to his knees while the enemy then walked in front of Ash and prepared to finish him off. But Ash drove his rapier through his enemy's neck and after a few seconds the two collapsed to the ground.

"Coward, attacking someone who has their back turned to you," Nightmare seethed.

"That's a battle for you Nightmare either fight fair or not at all but in the end it's all about survival," Rage said as I ended the spell.

"*ahem* In any case I have something serious I need to talk with you all about," I said causing all eyes to turn towards me. "While Nightmare and I were down in the districts yesterday I saw several ponies had very little food in their stalls and when I asked one he said that no new shipments of food have come in."

"So in short we're going to have a food crises unless something is done? Celestia said.

"No problem we just steal from another supply train and problem solved," Rainbow said.

"I'm afraid that's not going to work Rainbow you see those trains don't have enough to feed this entire kingdom the best it will do is simply delay it," Rage said.

"Rage is right what we need is a more permanent solution," I said.

"Like growing our own food?" Twilight asked.

"Hey yeah mah family and Ah could set up an apple orchid right here. Folks got plenty of tools in that there market we can use but the problem is we need to find ground suitable enough to grow food," Applejack said causing Rage to laugh.

"Prey tell Rage just what is it you find so amusing?" Rarity asked.

"I'm sorry it's just *snicker* Ash had plans to invite the apple family into Aephoceria so they could set up a farm here in case things ever went south for any of them. Ash himself checked the area and he said the ground is just begging to be planted," Rage said causing Applejack's eyes to widen.

"He didn't?" Applejack asked sternly.

"Oh yes...Ash wrote up the deed years ago. Said he was going to give it to you in case the need arose and until it came that patch of land would remain barren to anything," Rage said as he summoned a scroll in a burst of fire and handed it to Applejack who opened it and scanned the contents.

"Consarnit that damn fool why'd he have to go and do such a thing like that for us?" Applejack said in an angry tone while her friends and the royals just smiled.

"I asked him the same thing after I told him what your reaction would be and you know what he said...'I owe that family'," Rage said.

"Dagnabit Ash," Applejack said as she pulled her hat over her face but I could just make out a smile behind her hat.

"Actually I believe Ash organised a place for the rest of you bearers," Rage said rubbing his chin.

"WHAT!" the mane 6 said in sync.

"Yeah a new boutique for you Rarity, a bakery for both the Cake Family and Pinkie. A small nature themed cottage in the lowest district away from all the hustle and bustle of the streets and businesses. Also it's right beside an open area sanctuary perfect for taking care of animals which obviously goes to Fluttershy. A cloud house that Ash put together for you Rainbow which is close to the city's sports stadium and finally a library not too far from the castle," Rage said as he gestured to each gobsmacked mare.

"He did all that...for us," Rarity asked in shock.

"And you're all surprised because?" Celestia asked with a smile.

"Oh but Rainbow Ash said that you're going to need to fill out the interior to your own specifications but he left the structure to you," Rage said.

"Sweet I can't get comfortable unless the house was designed by me," Rainbow said with a fist pump.

"So we have farmers, land and tools. Still need plant seeds and lumber for a barn to make storage," I said.

"I believe we can get both items in Appaloosa," Mac said.

"Hey yeah and most of our family live there too," Applejack said.

"Well then let's get going already," Rainbow said.

"And what makes you think you're coming along?" I asked.

"Now hold on a second you can't just bench us like that," Rainbow said as she flew in my face.

"Need I remind you that you haven't finished your training?" I asked.

"Well just call it learning experience gotta know how good our fights are right?" Rainbow asked causing the bearers to nod.

"Plus you're gonna need me and Mac over there to get everypony over there to cooperate with us and prove we're friends," Applejack said.

"You know I've also been itching to get some payback myself so I believe I'll come with you," Luna said.

"Same here," Faust said as she stood up along with the remaining royal sisters plus Discord, Eris, Cadence and Shining Armour.

"Whoa hold on look I get you guys want vengeance but three of you seem to forget that you have three very powerful babies here that need attention," Rage said as he gestured to Midnight, Loki and Flurry Heart who were playing in the corner.

"Hm how about you two take care of them?" Eris suggested gesturing to both Nightmare and me.

"HUH?!" Everyone in the room screamed even the three foals seemed shocked at the suggestion.

"Uh...what?" I asked.

"You want us t...to...take care...of your foals?" Nightmare asked with extreme hesitance.

"Hm you know that's not a bad thought Eris," Celestia said.

"Wait what?" I asked in shock.

"But princess are you sure that's wise this is my niece we're talking about," Twilight said worry clear in her voice.

"I have no objections with it," Cadence said.

"HEY!" I shouted getting everyone's attention. "Just what makes it okay for you lot to be deciding for me and Nightmare here. I mean seriously do either of us look like a babysitter?"

"No but you're both the best option we've got," Luna said.

"And why is that?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well the foals seem to have taken a liking to you two and since Nightmare and myself are similar in how we behave little Midnight won't even know the difference," Luna said.

"Also you seem to be forgetting that time when you calmed down those three just by looking at them," Cadence said with a smug grin.

"Can't you get someone else like the royals from Elisa's world?" I asked.

"They're covering for us in court today," Celestia said.

"And the Immortals would never dare let us go into such a hostile area without them being there," Dream Catcher said.

"And I just texted the others asking them to come along," Rainbow said as she closed her phone.

"I hope you enjoy running laps Rainbow," I said with a growl while she just smugly smiled.

"Also we aren't exactly used to the idea of two caribou walking around the castle even though you say they're clean and have a pair of guardians with them it will still take time to trust them. We would prefer it if somepony, say like you two, were watching over the foals since neither of you are very fond of alowing any children to be harmed you'd both be perfect," Faust said.

"Well she's got us there but we know nothing of taking care of foals," Nightmare said

"Don't worry you two will do fine besides we'll write down some things in case you need some assistance in taking care of them," Cadence said causing both Nightmare and I to look at each other with a look that said it all 'This wasn't going to end well.'

An Hour Later Airship Dock

"-and here's Flurry's favourite toy Wammy. If she starts throwing a fit just give this to her and she'll calm down," Cadence said as she handed me a stuffed snail toy after the three mothers had finished cramming an agonising amount of information into my head.

"Wammy got it," I said as I placed the snail on a mountain of baby items.

"Bones, Nightmare we really appreciate this," Luna said.

"Well we weren't exactly given a fair vote in this," Nightmare said.

"Look at it this way you two this shows how much trust we have in you," Eris said.

"Hey are you three coming or what?" Rage called from the ship.

With one last goodbye kiss to their foals Eris, Cadence and Luna left for the ship.

"Well how do you suppose we handle things now?" Nightmare asked.

"You do know I'm probably the last guy you should be asking that right" I said.

"I know but it's just that...I'm scared of taking care of foals. I'm worried they'll be terrified of me," Nightmare said.

"Hey if there's anything they should be scared of it's me but it's like Luna said they seem to of taken a liking to us," I said.

"I guess you're right," Nightmare said with a smile.

"Alright now that that's settled what do you think you foals want to do first?" I asked as I looked at the foals only to see that they were gone. "Oh no."

"Where could they have gone they were right here!" Nightmare said starting to panic.

"Calm down listen first thing is to not panic we'll split up and look for them," I said as I placed a hand on Nightmare's shoulder calming her before she took a breath and gave a nod and left while I teleported back inside the castle.

Suddenly I heard the sound of cheering echoing through the hallways and was getting closer when suddenly I saw the CMC were riding a food cart and the foals were on the cart as well. So I reached out with my magic and grabbed the group of kids and let the trolley crash into a wall before I sat the giggling babies on the ground along with the dizzy group of foals.

"You lot alright?" I asked the CMC.

"We're fine but that was crazy. One minute we're walking through town next thing we know were on that trolley with these three," Pip said as he held up Midnight.

Suddenly Nightmare appeared behind the foals and breaths out a sigh of relief "Phew they're safe I'm glad you found them Bones," Nightmare said.

"Wait what's going on?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Oh both Nightmare and I were tasked with watching these three while they were in Appaloosa for some seeds," I said

"Hey maybe our sisters are going to rescue some of our family," Apple Boom said.

"Hey yeah," Sweetie Belle agreed.

"I wish they brought us along we could have been a big help," Scootaloo said.

"I think it's best you didn't after all looking after you lot and completing the task they needed to do may have been difficult for them," I said.

"We ain't so short as to not take care of ourselves," Scootaloo said with a huff.

"I think what Bones means is that you should look at it from their perspective. If you did go then either your parents or siblings would constantly worried about you and that could lead them to harm because they were worrying about you," Nightmare said.

"Oh I guess we didn't think about that," Scootaloo said.

"Hey guys maybe you can help us with something," I said.

"What is it?" Rumble asked.

"Well both Nightmare and I have never taken care of foals before and we were wondering if you could help us," I said as I gestured to the youngest three who were playing with Nightmare's tail.

"Sure thing we'd love to help cause if I was able to take care of Midnight for two years I can certainly do it for a day," Pip said causing the rest to nod in agreement.

"Thank you all," Nightmare said with a thankful smile.

"So what's first?" I asked only to receive a growl from behind Nightmare and I saw three foals holding their stomach's with discomfort. "I guess that answers that question."

10 Minutes Later Castle Dining Room

"When Cadence said mashed peas were Flurry's favourite I don't remember her saying they were her favourite thing to decorate walls with," I said just before I dodged another green projectile that ended up splatting onto a wall.

"Speak for yourself Bones at least you aren't buried in a mountain of mashed pumpkin," Nightmare said her body minus her head had been covered in mashed pumpkin and Loki was happily eating away at it.

"Hey Midnight here comes the air plane,"

I then looked at the rest of the CMC and saw Midnight was eating his food calmly and when I looked at Pip I saw he was making plane noises as he swerved the spoon with his meal on it in the air as if it were a plane before he brought it towards Midnight who leaned forward and accepted the food.

"I wonder if that world work on Flurry?" I thought as I grabbed the spoon and scooped up some mashed peas from the jar. "Flurry Heart here comes the air plane."

Flurry Heart giggled as I made the sounds of a plane and swerved the spoon through the air with my magic and when I brought it close to her she opened her mouth and accepted the food and I did this till she finished the jar.

"How did you do that?" Nightmare asked when she saw what I did.

"I learned it from them," I said as I pointed to the CMC.

"It's actually a trick Pip learned from Uncle Ash when Midnight didn't want to eat," Rumble said.

"Hey how about we go watch a movie now?" Scootaloo suggested.

"Yeah," the CMC cheered.

"You guys go ahead I just gotta help Nightmare out of this mess," I said as I handed Flurry over to Sweetie Bell while Rumble grabbed Loki and left.

I then used my magic to help Nightmare clean herself up before we left for the movie lounge and when we arrived I looked around and saw a homey room with faded white walls and wooden posts in the corner and wooden lower wall and white carpet with couches and chairs all facing a massive flat screen TV. Finally off to the side was a massive bookcase with a massive collection of movies on the shelves. I then looked at the foals and saw the two colts were arguing over something while the fillies watched with the expression of boredom on their faces.

"And I'm telling you that we should watch Pirates of the Caribbean," Pip said.

"And I'm telling you we should watch Zathura," Rumble argued.

"What's going on?" I asked the fillies

"They're arguing of what we should watch," Apple Bloom said.

I then looked at the two colts and I then noticed Midnight spread his wings and fly over to the bookcase and sit in front of a small cupboard door.

"Say what's in there?" I asked as I pointed to the door.

"Hm oh just some foal videos that Dad brought from earth for Midnight," Pip said.

"Well in my opinion I think it's best we let the foals pick after all we can't watch anything too mature for them," I said causing the two colts to agree.

I then walked over to the cupboard and opened it and I saw Midnight reach for one so I pulled it out and saw it was a show called 'The Tigger Movie' and on the front cover was some kind of tiger along with a blue donkey, a piglet, a joey (baby kangaroo) and a yellow bear all dressed up as tigers.

"What manner of entertainment is this?" I thought as I stood up.

"That one?" Pip asked.

"Something wrong with it?" I asked.

"Well no not exactly it's just...Dad was with us when we last watched it," Pip said.

"I see...Well Midnight asked to watch this so I guess we're watching it," I said.

"Eugh more sappy stuff," Scootaloo complained.

"C'mon Scoots It'll be fun," Sweetie Belle said.

"No thanks nothing against you all but this movie just ain't my style," Scootaloo said.

"Mine either I'm out," Rumble said as the two got off the couch.

"And where're you two going?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Maybe explore that ship in the field maybe even find something cool," Scootaloo said.

"And just what makes you think you're just allowed to waltz on in there?" I asked.

"Well...uh," Scootaloo said nervously.

"You both can go inside on the condition an adult goes with you just so no one blows us all to kingdom come," I said.

"Wait it can do that?" Rumble asked.

"Mm-hm," I nodded.

"Well then will you come?" Scootaloo asked.

"Huh?" I asked.

"You seem to know about the ship better then anyone here so why don't you come along?" Scootaloo said causing me to look at Nightmare.

"Go ahead I can keep watch on this lot till you get back," Nightmare said.

"Very well then...alright you two let's go," I said before I made a doorway and led the foals through it and into Elisa and Evo's ship.

The two foals became ecstatic and began running around looking at everything their eyes could take in. They asked me many questions about the ship so I either told them what I knew or shrugged at the question till we arrived at the cryo bay.

"Whoa where are we?" Rumble asked.

"The cryo bay basically these tubes put you in a deep sleep and freeze you're body to a point where you don't age at all till you're reawakened," I said as I tapped on an empty pod.

"So you could be asleep for over 1000 years and you wouldn't age at all?" Scootaloo asked.

"Pretty much," I said with a shrug.

"Whoa," the two said.

"So whose in these ones?" Rumble asked as he gestured to six closed pods with fogged windows.

"No clue but they must be important if they're in those things now let's be off and-," I started but was interrupted when I heard a beep come from behind me and when I looked I saw Scootaloo with a hand on a terminal. "What the hay happened to don't touch anything without asking!?"

Scootaloo jumped back from my shout and looked at me with a nervous yet guilty smile. Suddenly I hear a hiss of air come from the six tubes and the foals flee behind me in terror while I gripped Hingure but didn't draw her. The pods opened causing smoke to fog the area then suddenly I hear the sound of feminine moans and once the smoke clears away I saw the mane 6 who looked like they were waking up informing me that this group was most likely from Elisa's world.

"Uh my head, it feels like I had too much hard cider," Rainbow Dash groaned as she gripped her head.

"Girls you all there?" Twilight asked.

"Ah'm here," Applejack said.

"Ohhh same," Rarity said as she stretched herself out.

"I'm okay," Fluttershy said meekly.

"Pinkie...Pinkie?" Twilight asked only to receive a snore from the crazy pink party pony who was still asleep. "Pinkie now's not the time to be napping.

"Huh...who oh morning already," Pinkie asked as she awoke.

"Where are we?" Applejack asked as she rubbed her eyes.

"I believe I can answer that," I said causing the group of mare's eyes to focus on me.

"Who in Tartarus are you?" Rainbow asked getting ready for a fight.

"Take it easy Rainbow Dash, I'm not you're enemy," I said.

"Rainbow Dash?" Scootaloo asked as she peeked out from behind me.

"Squirt you're okay!" Rainbow shouted as she went to rush forward but I stood in her way.

"Miss Dash I regret to tell you that this Scootaloo is not the one you know?" I said as I held my hand out to stop Rainbow from getting closer.

"What?...You got a screw loose or something pal that's Scootaloo she's my biggest fan," Rainbow said.

"In your world perhaps but in this world she's the adopted little sister of this world's Rainbow Dash," I said earning confused looks from everyone but Dash's face had one of shock.

"Little...sister?" Dash asked.

"Wait a second, this world?" Twilight asked.

"Listen I know this may come as a shock to all of you and I'm sorry to be the one to break this to you but the world you six knew is dead and gone and all that is left is but a barren wasteland of magic radiation," I said causing looks of shock to appear on everyone's faces.

"But how did that happen?" Rarity asked.

"About two hundred years ago when Elisa Smith and Evan returned to your world bringing along both Ash Blade and Burning Rage the four stormed Canterlot leaving a mass body count in their wake. They brought down Diann and rescued you six and the Princesses however things went to hell when the zebra's launched magic imbued nukes that came down and wiped out Equestria turning it into a wasteland. However right after Elisa Smith sent Ash Blade and Burning Rage back to their world Elisa placed you, the princesses and much of Equestria's population into secret underground bunkers she called Vaults where I believe many went under cryo freezing much like you six for over 200 years," I said.

"200 hundred years," Twilight said as she collapsed to her knees while everyone looked mortified.

"So...everyone we knew is...gone?" Fluttershy asked with tears in her eyes.

"I'm not sure but it is possible that they were also placed in cryo sleep like you all were but are yet to awaken," I said offering them hope.

"Wait half a minute you didn't answer my question what do you mean this world?" Twilight asked.

"Ah yes I apologise, anyway the world where you all are at right now is the one where Ash Blade and Burning Rage came from," I said.

"So...that handsome man in that stunning yet very heavy armour from Canterlot who helped save us...this is the planet he came from?" Rarity asked.

"Universe more like it," I said.

"Hey don't go saying anything like that about Uncle Ash!" Rumble shouted angrily.

"Oh one moment," I said as I turned to the foals. "Listen guys do you mind if you head back cause I'm gonna be awhile filling in this group and showing them around, please?"

"But we can help," Scootaloo said.

"I appreciate that Scootaloo but something tells me that Nightmare's going to need more help then I do...you both know how much trouble those foals can cause," I said.

"Alright Bones," the two said.

"There's a good colt and filly and once I'm done I'll get you and the others something sweet kay?" I asked.

"Deal!" the two said before I made a doorway and let them go through before I made it disappear.

"Sorry about that," I said as I turned back to the mares. "Now as I was saying this is the universe that Ash and Rage came from, same planet as yours just a different reality."

"That colt just called him Uncle Ash are they related somehow?" Applejack asked.

"Not by blood I think it's more like bond but anyway were was I?" I asked.

"You were telling us where we were but I was about to ask you why we are here?" Twilight asked.

"Ah right well the reason you're here is because Elisa wanted to keep you safe for you see after the nukes came down some of the caribou population survived and began raiding Vaults and of all the Vaults yours was the most sought after," I said causing the mares looks to shift to disgust. "Anyway that is when both Rage and I arrived at your world. We came looking for both Elisa and Evan and after some...well a disagreement in the zebra kingdom we told Elisa that this world had fallen siege to caribou from this world for the past two years."

"Bastards are all the same no matter what world your in," Rainbow spat.

"Anyway as a way of keeping you all safe Elisa brought you here with him," I said.

"Well that's all well and good but may I enquire as to where in Equestria are we and what is you're name?" Rarity asked.

"Oh permit me but my name is Bones it is a temporary name till I regain my memories," I said with a short bow.

"Oh you poor thing," Fluttershy said.

"Your concern is appreciated but now if you ladies would kindly follow me I will show you where we are," I said as I created a doorway for us to leave the ship before I walked through.

Once I exited the doorway I saw I was standing in the field between the city and the forest and I was facing the forest so I walked to the side and looked at the door. I watched as the others came through before I made the door disappear as the group walked behind me.

"So we go into the forest now?" Pinkie asked.

"Sweet Celestia no I refuse to get my hooves dirty," Rarity said with a huff.

I then coughed into my fist gaining the six's attention before I gestured to the kingdom causing everyone's eyes to widen to the size of dinner plates while Rarity started stuttering gibberish.

"Is...is...is that...this worlds...Canterlot?" Twilight asked.

"Pfft in your dreams this is Aephoceria the kingdom of the Demonic Angels and was Ash's birthright," I said.

"Whoo wee that there is one heck of a castle," Applejack said.

"No kidding that place is enormous," Rainbow said.

"It's so lovely," Fluttershy said.

"Oooo I can't wait to look around," Pinkie said.

"And this place is older then the princesses themselves," I said wowing the six.

"It must have been made by gods," Rarity said.

"Well actually it was made by Angels and Demons but never mind that, c'mon I'll show you the city," I said as I teleported everyone to the front gates and led them through the streets.

"Uh excuse me Bones," Twilight spoke after awhile of walking.

"Yes miss Twilight?" I asked.

"I was just wondering but what's that shrine those Zebra are praying to, for Celestia?" Twilight ashed as she pointed at one of the shrines dedicated to Ash and it had four Zebras on their knees praying to it.

"No not to Celestia or the other princesses those shrines are dedicated to Ash," I said.

"Why him?" Pinkie asked.

"Well...three years ago there was a massive battle that was said to split the sky and ground. It became the most intense battle the world had ever seen," I said.

"And which country was Equestria fighting against?" Rainbow asked.

"Not a country miss Dash, demons. It was a battle that involved every single country in the world standing against the demons of Tartarus led by the Demon King Heartless who happened to be Ash's clone brother," I said.

"Cloned how?" Twilight asked in interest.

"I'm not sure myself miss Sparkle. All I know is that Heartless is a clone of Ash but anyway during the battle Ash and Heartless duelled and from what I've been told it was one hell of a sight. However to end the battle Ash had to make a great sacrifice, in order to kill Heartless he had to surrender his own soul," I said causing a few of the girls to gasp. "Yeah but Ash gave his life that day for the worlds safety and because of his actions during his time in Equestria he united the nations like they had never been united before and during the battle he demonstrated great power which caused everyone to start praising him as a god."

"So those shrines are dedicated to Ash then," Twilight said.

"Indeed but I need to warn you of somethings," I said.

"Like what?" Rainbow asked.

"Well...The death of Ash caused a worldwide stir and those closest to him took it harder then anyone else did and things only got worse when the caribou showed up.So I recommend you don't bring this topic up lightly," I said.

"Well considering what I've seen so far that may be a good idea," Twilight said.

"You said the caribou made things worse about Ash...What happened?" Rainbow asked.

"Well after Ash's death a tomb was built to honour him and the soldiers that died in that battle and items that belonged to Ash, important relics I guess, were also placed in the tomb. But the tomb was plundered by the caribou who took everything inside that belonged to Ash including Ash's body and to add salt to the wound when the caribou came claiming to be friends they revealed their true intentions and presented Ash's body like a trophy. We discovered that they drank his blood which granted them the same powers Ash contained," I said. repulsing the girls.

"Land snakes...That just disgusting," Applejack said resisting the urge to barf.

"Those sick unfeeling monsters," Rarity said.

"Believe me I know and from what I've been told Ash's friends were beyond hatred. Rage became so angry the very fire he controls melted half of Canterlot," I said.

"Damn that would be a sight to see," Rainbow said as she folded her arms across her chest.

"Indeed...Ah we're here," I said as I gestured to the massive castle doors before us.

"We're going into the castle!" Rarity exclaimed.

"Well yeah where else would your princesses and Gleaming Shield be?" I asked.

"Wait our princesses and my sister are here!?" Twilight shouted.

"Oh uh I guess I forgot to mention that part," I said as I rubbed the back of my head.

We walked up to the doors and the flame guardians at the door stood at attention and the girls became greatly fascinated with them. They opened the door revealing the castle lobby causing the girls eyes to go wide once more.

"There are no words," Rarity said in awe.

"Who are they?" Twilight asked gazing at the statue.

"Oh oh a guessing game," Pinkie said excitedly.

"Those are Ash's parents King Ronsihr, a Demon, and Queen Agla ,an Angel, and in their arms little Ash Blade,"

"Oh he's so cute," Fluttershy cooed.

"C'mon more to see not a lot of time to do it in," I said as I led the group into a corridor.

I led the group around the castle telling of the different rooms but I had to drag Twilight away by the tail when we came to the door that leads to the library.

"In here is the movie lounge speaking of I need to check up on some foals I'm supposed to be babysitting," I said as I went to open the door.

"A Diamond Dog...babysitting?" Rarity asked with scepticism.

"For the record Miss Rarity I'm not a dog...I'm a wolf don't confuse the two cause it's insulting," I said as I got close to her and growled.

"M-my apologises," Rarity said nervously.

I opened the door and looked inside but immediately I felt that something was wrong. I saw the movie was still running yet most of the CMC were asleep however the foals, Pip and Nightmare were missing and when I sniffed the air I could smell chemicals in the air. I immediately rushed in and checked those that were still here and heard all of them were still breathing causing me to let out a breath of relief before I levitated them out of the room for fresh air. I smelt the air again and detected three new scents that I didn't recognize which means someone else was here and most likely kidnapped the missing group. With all the facts gathered I left the room.

"Bone's what's happening?" Twilight asked when I exited the room but instead of answering I ran down the hall following the scents.

I then ran down the hallway and found a pair of guardians.

"You two sound the alarm! The royal foals and Nightmare have been kidnapped! I want this place locked down now, no one get's in or out," I said.

The guardians immediately ran past me down the hallways while I ran ahead still following the scent.

"Bones what's going on?" Twilight asked as she ran to keep up with me.

"The royal foals have been abducted along with Nightmare," I said without looking at her.

"Nightmare as in Nightmare Moon?" Rainbow asked.

"I know what you're thinking but it's not her she's been reformed and is trusted enough by Luna to take care of her kids," I said.

"Wait your Luna has kids?" Rarity asked.

"Well whoever took them is gonna get one hell of a kick out of me," Applejack said.

"Well I'm gonna do a lot worse I can promise you that," I said with a growl.

I kept following the scent and soon sirens went off within the castle. I felt insanely strong magic barriers going up around the walls meaning it was impossible to break or teleport through the walls. I then noticed the scent was getting stronger meaning I was getting closer. I then ran around the corner and saw three cloaked figures running down the hall and I could smell the scent coming from them so I then teleported in front of the three and drew Hingure.

"What the Tartarus!" one yelled.

"Other way!" another yelled.

However the mane six and a squad of guardians blocked their path. The three then turned back to me but a squad of royal guards led by the immortals came up behind me and pointed their weapons at the three.

"There's no way out you three so hand over the foals and Nightmare and I may just spare you," I said.

One of the figures then tried to blast a hole through the window however the barrier sent the blast back to the figures horn earning a yelp from the figure.

"I'm not gonna ask again boys," I threatened.

"Back off!" one figure shouted as he set aside his cloak to reveal a scared Flurry Heart and in his other hand was a dagger. "Or the foal dies!"

I saw the other figures reveal the other foals and saw they were just as scared. I could feel the guards behind me and the six mares were getting nervous but I kept my composure.

"Just what exactly makes you think you'll get away with this, just what is it all for?" I asked.

"We are here for our true queen, our mistress Nightmare Moon. For too long she had been shadowed by those...false princesses, no longer," the figure said.

"If you were here for Nightmare then where is she and why take the foals?" I asked.

"Our mistress is here," the figure said as he levitated a small ball out from under his robes and inside was a swirling purple mas of smoke and stars pounding angrily on the inside of the ball. "And as for the two colts they are of Luna's blood technically making them of our mistress's blood also and as for the other two, they'll make perfect hostages and if they survive this they'll be perfect soldiers."

"Why put Nightmare in a ball like that I thought you served her not imprisoned her," I said.

"Ah yes you see our queen appears to be under some sort of enchantment claiming that everypony will die under her glorious eternal night. We intend to fix that now step aside or else," the figure said, bringing the blade closer to Flurry causing everyone to tense up

I stayed still for a few moments staring into the figure's eyes before I slashed the air with Hingure three times before I began to slowly sheath Hingure much to everyone's except the figure's surprise.

"Sheathing technique," I started.

"What?" the figure asked.

"Phantom Scalpel," I said as I fully sheathed Hingure.

The three figures then collapsed to the ground causing everyone to stare in shock.

"What the devil!?" a figure shouted in shock.

"I simply severed the tendons in your limbs you three won't be moving till those heal," I said as I walked towards the three and levitated the foals and Nightmare away from them before I broke the ball and freed Nightmare."Look out!"

I saw one of the figures levitated a gun out from his cloak and aimed it at the foals. I then stepped in front of the foals and had my back to the gun and let the figure unload the magazine into my back. Once that was done I saw the foals were looking at me in fright.

"Hey you guys where're those smiles I love to see" I asked with a smile of my own causing the three younger ones to smile but Pip was still nervous. "There they are," I said before I looked at the shocked figure. "You're gonna shoot a group of kids?" I asked causing the figure to spit on the ground "You sick bastard...you lot are not gonna want to see this," I said as I levitated the foals over to Elisa's mane 6 and gestured for Nightmare to go with them which she nodded and left with the mares and foals.

I then grabbed the figure by the hood and made sure I grabbed his mane before I yanked him onto his knees. I drew Hingure before I drove her blade downward into the figures back as if I was inserting a new spine. Once I made it to the guard I tore the blade through the figure, cutting open his back before I wiped my hand across Hingure's blade cleaning off any blood.

"Get'em to lock up, do what you will with the body," I said as I sheathed Hingure and began to walk away.

Once I caught up with the mares I saw the foals were awake and while Elisa's mane 6 were talking to the princesses and Gleaming Shield, who must have been caught up in the lock down and they must have come looking for what caused it.

"Ah there you are Bones," Tia greeted as I approached.

"Dude that was totally awesome you just slashed the air and boom took down three guys as if they were nothing," Rainbow cheered as she flew above the group.

"I bet you'd change your tune once you know the other part of my identity," I said casually.

"What makes you say that sugarcube?" Applejack asked.

"Bones here is a wraith," Apple Bloom said causing the mares to let out a yelp and back away as if I was diseased much to Nightmare's annoyance.

"My name is Bones and I am the Hand of The Reaper," I said with a bow.

"Now now girls I can vouch that Bones is here to help this world against Diann and both he and Nightmare Moon here have been through enough. As it is from many in this world and have worked hard to gain their trust," Celestia said.

"Wait...seriously you're a wraith?" Rainbow asked.

"There a problem?" I asked.

"It's just...you aren't what I was expecting," Rainbow said.

"Would you prefer I looked like...This?" I asked as I stepped back and changed into my true form startling the group.

"No...no stay as wolf," Rainbow said clearly terrified of my form so I did as requested.

"Why are you here?" Twilight asked.

"I have my reasons but if you'll excuse me all that running around has made me tiered, I'm gonna find a nice sunny patch of grass and catch some Z's later," I said before I left.

One Hour Later Castle Gardens Third Person P.O.V.

The three youngest foals were flying around Nightmare as she walked through the gardens. The three were giggling as they played tag with each other while Nightmare watched with a smile. Suddenly Flurry flew before Nightmare and booped her on the nose implying she was it.

"Oh I'm gonna get you now," Nightmare said with a grin before she took off after the foal.

The group flew about the gardens, the foals hiding where they could and Nightmare searching every nook and cranny for the foals. She eventually spotted Midnight trying to find a hiding place but Midnight also saw Nightmare.

"You're mine now little one," Nightmare said with a grin as she flew towards the child.

Midnight then flew off in a random direction but Nightmare was close behind and when Midnight flew through spaces too small for Nightmare to pass she turned herself into smoke before she turned back to normal and continued the chase. Once she was close enough she gently grabbed Midnight and landed on the ground before she lifted Midnight's shirt slightly and blew a raspberry on the young one's exposed stomach causing him to giggle uncontrollably in delight. As Midnight's laughter died down Flurry and Loki flew over to the two.

"So what do you three all feel like doing now?" Nightmare asked and all three of the foals responded by letting out a large yawn. "I guess that means it's time for a nap."

Nightmare then levitated Flurry and Loki into her arms and just as she was about to leave the sound of snoring entered her ear. Curious she followed the sound till she saw a patch of grass surrounded by trees with sunlight shining on it from a large hole in the canopy and laying down on his back with his hands resting on his chest was Bones, sleeping soundly.

"Guess he found that napping spot best we leave before we wake him," Nightmare thought but as she went to turn away the foals flew out of Nightmare's arms and layed themselves on parts of Bone's body. Loki curled on Bone's tail, Flurry curled up on Bone's stomach while Midnight used his magic to lift Bone's arm before he crawled under it and placed the arm over him like a blanket. "Well it does look comfortable," Nightmare thought before she lay beside Bones and rested her head in the crook of Bone's neck. "It's hard to imagine him as a wraith when he looks so peaceful. The warmth of his body, his calm breathing makes him seem more...alive," Nightmare thought before she let sleep take her.

Hours Later

"I leave my sons alone for a day and what happens, trouble lingers in the area ," Luna moaned as she Cadence and Eris rushed down the hallways looking for their foals.

"Also the fact we have another set of bearers is surprising. Can only imagine the day both Bones and Nightmare had especially after what Elisa's group had told us with those three stallions," Cadence said.

"I'm more concerned about what Rage is going to do to them. He looked as mad as when we first discovered what the caribou did to Ash," Eris said.

The three mothers then entered the gardens after being told by one of the castle guards that Nightmare and the foals had entered the garden but were yet to come out. When the three found them they couldn't help but smile and coo at the sight of Bones, Nightmare and the foals all snuggled together on the grass. Before they left so they could leave the group in peace Cadence took a photo on her phone so she could show the others.

Chapter 22 Uncovering the Past

View Online

Dawn Castle's Tallest Tower Bones P.O.V.

I was sitting on the roof of the tallest part of the castle, the winds were freezing but I hardly took notice of that fact and watched the endless horizon before me. I took a deep breath before I stood up and leaned forward and fell off the tower. The wind blew against me as I fell through the air, I then looked below me and saw the training yard below so I angled my body and aimed for the center before I flipped through the air and landed superhero style earning shrieks and yelps of shock and terror from behind me. When I looked I saw this worlds bearers were here.

"Salutations," I said as I stood up.

"Land snakes Bones where'd you come from?" Applejack asked.

"Tallest tower, bit of a drop though...you lot here for training?" I asked as I spun around to face the mares properly.

"Sure are," Twilight said.

"Uh huh," Applejack said.

"Yeppers," Pinkie said.

"Aw yeah," Rainbow said.

"Hear hear," Rarity said.

"Um...yes," Fluttershy said.

"Well hate to break it to you guys but I'm not taking classes today. I figured you lot could use a break since you had you're trip to Appaloosa yesterday," I said.

"What, you mean we woke up early for nothing!?" Rainbow yelled

"Shame, I was looking forward to watching them train."

I looked at the doors and saw this world's Luna, Celestia and Nightmare walking over to us.

"That's the way it is I'm afraid. Besides too much training will cause problems in the future so consider this a day of rest and relaxation," I said.

"Oh this will be a perfect opportunity to go see Aloe and Lotus. I heard they have opened up a new spa here in this city...however they won't be awake at this time of day," Rarity said excitedly before her excitement changed to a small frown.

"Well since we can't do anything why don't you show us some more of Ash from World War 2," Rainbow said causing me to raise an eyebrow at her.

"What's your interest in World War 2 RD?" I asked causing her to shrug.

"I remember Evo mentioning that there was a war in someplace called the pacific. Would you mind telling us about that?" Twilight asked.

"Hm the pacific...Well it was certainly a hell raisier that's for god damn certain, where should I even start?" I asked.

"For any long story start at the beginning," Celestia said.

"Alright well do any of you know of a place called Pearl Harbour?" I asked.

"I do...I went there with Ash during our honeymoon. He told me much about what happened there," Luna said.

"Well what happened?" Rainbow asked.

"This happened," I said as I activated the Eye of God spell and showed them a burning pearl harbour and planes buzzing all over the place while the Arizona was quickly sinking dragging down those who were still trapped inside.

"Sweet mother of Faust," Applejack said.

"The Japanese made a surprise attack on this place killing over 2,400 people, civilian and soldiers alike. This triggered the United States to enter the war," I said as a silver like P-51 Mustang with a winged wolf painted on the side flew over us and shot down a Japanese zero.

"Aw yeah kick some ass Ash," Rainbow cheered as she watched the silver plane shoot down more planes

"Anyway when this battle ended Ash was sent to Cairo for training which in turn led to what you all saw before hand," I said.

"The Spectre Squad," Celestia said.

"Yeah, after that day Ash and his squad mates and their sergeant, sergeant Dean Murphy underwent special training for a few months learning over a dozen languages and techniques. Also how to blend in with different squads before they were shipped off to Russia to a place called Moscow before being shipped off to another place called Stalingrad where they had to complete an assassination mission. Then being shipped off to an island called Guadalcanal and let me tell you the training and their time with the soviets was gruelling to the point of absolute hardening," I said.

"How tough did it make them?" Twilight asked.

I snapped my fingers and we appeared in the clearing of a jungle at night where we saw several fox holes. We saw a pair of soldiers were watching the treeline when suddenly several distant booms echoed through the night followed by explosions getting closer and closer till you could see them through the palm trees.

"Bud...Bud we gotta go, WE GOTTA GO NOW!" one of the soldiers yelled as the two began to run for cover. However before they could get into a fox hole the two were blown back when a shell came down and blew the shelter to bits along with anyone in there.


The soldiers looked and saw a soldier waving them over, so the two didn't hesitate and scrambled into the fox hole where they were greeted by twelve other men. Seven of them were familiar faces from Cairo. They and one more were sitting calmly within the fox hole as if the bombardment above wasn't happening. I noticed those who were calmly sitting wore patches with large red ones on them instead of the Spectres patch while the remaining four were gripping each other in terror and also had red one patches. There was even an Australian Shepherd there that was whimpering in terror but was being held and stroked by one of the calm soldiers.

"You boy's alright?" a man asked as he approached the two soldiers and I saw the man was wearing a pair of shades and had the stripes of a sergeant on his sleeve.

"Yes sir," one of the soldiers said.

"You'd best take a seat boys and get comfortable," the sergeant said before he went and sat with the other seven soldiers.

"Geeze look at those guys. It's as if they're used to this shit," one of the four terrified soldiers said as he gestured to the calmer group.

"Must got nerves of steel and believe in their luck," another said before they all cowered again as a shell went off close by.

"If you guys can get some sleep do so, gonna be one long night and it may be better to die in your sleep then being awake to witness it," A soldier said and when I looked I saw it was Ash who spoke. He was sitting on a large rock with his back against the wall before he pulled his helmet over his eyes and leaned back against the wall to get comfortable.

"Who are you guy's?" one of the trembling soldiers asked.

"Private Ash, you met our sergeant we call him Mr Shades. This is Wade call him Wall on account of his size, there's Flynn call him Bloodhound once he has his sights on someone he hunts them down with extreme persistence Jeremy call him Chatterbox-," Ash said.

"Hey why ah Chatterbox?" Jeremy interrupted.

"Cause once you open your mouth you cant shut it," Wade said causing the eight to chuckle.

"Anyway that's Dimitri Reznof over there we call him Hammerhead and yes he is Russian but treat him with respect he's with us," Ash said.

"Why're you called Hammerhead?" a soldier asked.

"First kill I used my head to hit a guy into a wall brought the whole wall down upon him crushing him," Dimitri said.

"Guy over there is Felix call him Ole Faithful cause no matter what he's right on time when we need him," Ash said.

"Damn straight," Wade said as he grabbed Felix in a headlock and began to give him a noogie much to Felix's discomfort

"And finally the guy brooding in the corner is Eric call him Thunder," Ash said.

"How'd he earn that, from a fight name?" a soldier asked.

"No when we first heard Eric fart he sounded just like thunder," Ash said with a smirk.

"Fuck off Ash," Eric said causing everyone to laugh.

"What about you?" a soldier asked.

"He ain't got one yet still figuring what to give him," Dean said with a smirk.

"Better be good," Ash said causing the group to chuckle

"Dang look at them all how can they be so relaxed and laugh at a time like this," Applejack asked.

"That's just the kind of training they got. A Spectre is trained to fight under pressure and to always keep their cool in the face of danger," I said as our surroundings faded into darkness but became light again when someone was moving palm tree leaves away from the entrance.

"Sound Off!" the soldier shouted causing everyone to shout out their last names before they crawled out of the hole.

We then followed and we looked around at the destruction of the area. Wrecked trucks, fallen trees, injured being carried on stretchers, collapsed fox holes, it was a mess. Some soldiers had broken down to tears while others worked to dig out the buried and I showed our group the fox hole that was hit and saw a mess of broken wood, bodies and guts.

"My word," Rarity said.

"There were three things these guys had to survive against, the Japanese, the jungle and starvation. But it wasn't long after they took Guadalcanal they headed for a place called Cape Gloucester where they were constantly soaked by rain. It was an extreme challenge just to get vehicles through the muck, hell even the Japs were having a hard time fleeing for dryer areas, leaving behind their sick and wounded to die," I said.

"What, they just left them!" Rainbow shouted in outrage while I just nodded.

"This is from when Ash arrived at a medical station for the Japs," I said as I snapped my fingers and we arrived in a thick jungle with muddy ground.

We then saw Dean leading the Spectres into an old Jap camp where dozens of flies flew about. I looked around and I saw some Japanese bodies laying between roots of trees with maggots crawling over their exposed insides. Dave then got into a jog and stopped a still live Jap soldier from pulling the pin on a grenade before he skewered him with a bayonet. Ash then separated from the group and looked around inside a hut and saw another live Japanese soldier lying on a bed and muttering to himself while looking at Ash. So Ash shouldered his gun and grabbed a stool and used it to sit beside the bed before he spoke to the soldier and showed his knife causing the soldier to nod. Ash lifted the soldiers head and slit the nape of the soldiers neck, granting a quick and merciful death.


We all snapped to look at the voice and we saw Dean standing in the doorway.

"Sir?" Ash asked.

"Your new nickname, it's Angel," Dean said before he left.

"Things were never easy here, hell even fighting became even more treacherous," I said as our surroundings became dark with rain bucketing down hard and a line of allied soldiers stood. All guns trained on the dark thick jungle as thunder and lightning rolled across the sky revealing the terrain for only a moment.

Suddenly after a few moments of waiting shouts echoed in the night and in a flash of lightning it revealed the enemy causing the Americans to open fire and for the Japs to shoot back. As we watched the fight screams and bangs from guns and explosions from grenades echoed all around us, driving a little fear into the group next to me. When morning came we saw the ground was littered with Japanese corpses while the Americans stared at the aftermath or looted the corpses.

"As the fighting went on things continued to get tougher for the marines, they even had to wait for rain just to get themselves cleaned," I said as I snapped my fingers and we appeared in an American camp when suddenly rain started coming down and many men stripped down to their birthday suits and began to wash themselves causing most of the mares faces to turn red.


"It's about time!"

"So your saying these men just stood out here in the rain to clean themselves," Celestia asked as she looked around with a predatory look in her eyes earning a glare from Luna.

"There wasn't a lot of clean water in the area and I wouldn't recommend bathing in the ocean," I said.

"As uncothe as this is I would agree about bathing in the ocean," Rarity said as she looked up and away from the marines.

"So everyone did this including Ash," Rainbow asked.

"Yep...Right over there," I said as I pointed at the guy in question.

Right there in front of a tent stood Ash as bare as the day he was born and standing not too far away from him was Mr Shades (who happens to be bald beneath his helmet). Both of them washing themselves causing everyone's blush's to return with a vengeance as Ash was busy scrubbing his hair. I noticed most of the water falling off him was as red as blood.

"The health of the corps is only as strong as the health of the individual marine and marines will make every effort to keep themselves clean," Dean said as the rain stopped much to every soldiers annoyance. "Hey...Hey don't you quit on me fuckers not till I rinsed."

"Ahh you gotta be kidding me," Ash said as he went to collect his clothes.

"Wow never new Ash could be so wild and bold," Rainbow said with a grin.

"Rainbow Dash!" Rarity yelled in a scolding tone.

"Aw come off it Rarity you're seeing what I'm seeing and from the blush on your face you liked it. But I gotta say Luna you picked up a nice one," Rainbow said.

"Rainbow's right, truly a large...specimen," Celestia said while licking her lips hungrily.

"Cease with thy words this instant!" Luna yelled.

"Anyway getting just the basic necessitates was a real hassle around here. It was all work around here, it's a miracle if you can get some sleep and a relief if one of the crabs around here hadn't crawled into one of your boots during the night," I said as I pointed to Ash who had came out of the tent wearing some tattered clothes and well worn boots.

We then followed Ash as he went around the camp and saw him walk over to a group scrubbing the oil out of drums while one of them was sitting on an oil drum smoking a cigarette.

"I like to watch you boys sweat," the soldier said with a smug grin as he took a puff.

Ash then grabbed the cigarette from the soldiers mouth before he threw it into the dirt and stomped on it snuffing it out.

"If you like sweating so much why don't you grab a brush and start scrubbing," Ash growled before he grabbed a brush and shoved it to the soldiers chest.

The soldier took the brush and walked over to a barrel before he got to work and Ash walked away.

"Next thing to happen was The Spectre Squad was being shipped off to Normandy and fought in Europe till the 26th of September of 1944 before they were brought back to the pacific to take on another island called Peleliu where they had to take an airfield. First the navy bombed the island for three days straight and that is when the marines followed. The soldiers were told the fighting would last for a few days but those days became bit more then two months of fighting," I said as I snapped my fingers and we appeared on the island after a battle. We stood before the busted airfield, Ash was looking around checking for survivors when suddenly he accidentally stood on a severed forearm and when Ash crouched down and picked it up he noticed a wedding ring on the ring finger before he put the hand down.

"Hey guys check it out, we're rich!"

We all turn our heads to the sound and see a marine with his hands and a knife in a Japanese man's mouth before he pulled out a gold tooth and showed it to everyone much to my groups disgust, including Ash's. He stood up and began to make his way over to the soldier with a look saying he was gonna beat the ever loving tar out of him and as I looked at him, I noticed once again his eyes turned from olive green to an icy,unforgiving blue. But a hand grabbed him by the shoulder and Ash saw it was Wade.

"It's not worth it," Wade said while Ash yanked his shoulder from Wade's grip and walked away.

Soon enough the Spectres and the Platoon they were hiding in were leaving the airfield and heading into the jungle but came across another platoon heading in the opposite direction, all of them looking like they went through the ringer. As they passed, Ash handed the wounded a cigarette before they departed. With a wave of my hand I fast forwarded the walk till we were in the jungle when suddenly a gunshot rings out and hits a soldier in the chest, killing him.

"Sniper!" Ash shouted causing the marines to scatter.

Dean led the Spectres behind a bunker for cover while gunfire went off around them and as the Spectres took their positions, ash paused before he looked at a firing grate in the bunker before he moved closer to it. Once he was close he signalled the squad to be quiet before he gestured to Dean to come over and listen to the inside of the bunker, so I did too and heard Japanese whispering inside.

"Son of a bitch!" Ash shouted as he fired into the bunker with his Thompson sub machine gun.

The squad then scrambled and took positions around or on top of the bunker and bottled up the entrances.

"Angel, up here. Wall go get us a flamethrower!" Mr Shades yelled.

"Yes sir!" Wade said before he left and Ash scrambled onto the bunker.

Ash kept eyes on the surroundings until he spotted a metal cone sitting on the bunker right in front of him.

"Shades," Ash said getting the sergeants attention before he gestured to the cone.

"Good idea son," Dean said before he removed the cone revealing a wide pipe before Ash pulled out a grenade.

"Fire In The Hole!" Ash shouted before he pulled the pin and released the trigger and tossed the grenade into the pipe and backed away.

Not long after there was an explosion and screams of pain came from within the bunker when suddenly a Jap soldier came out with a primed grenade. As the soldier tossed the grenade Ash shot him.

"Grenade, Move!" Ash yelled warning his squad as he backed away. When it went off Ash was tossed from the bunker with a few pieces of shrapnel in his face.

Ash lay there in a daze before he began to stand up when more shouting drew his attention and Ash saw a Sherman tank taking aim at the bunker. So moving quickly ash got out of the way just in time for the tank to fire and hit the bunker. Suddenly more Japs came out of the bunker, one of them spotted Ash and shot at him but Ash quickly dodged it and when the Jap went to shoot again his gun got jammed. So he tossed it away and went for a katana that was on his hip and drew it before he ran at Ash but Ash drew a knife and ran at the soldier. When the katana wielding soldier swung at Ash, he grabbed his wrists to block the attack but the blade still embedded itself in Ash's waist but not too much while Ash drove his knife into the soldiers chest. The Japanese soldier then fell to his knees while Ash remained standing clutching his bleeding side and when the two locked eyes the Japanese presented his katana to Ash but Ash seemed hesitant before he grasped the handle and the soldier before him died.

Ash stared at the lifeless body in silence when suddenly Wade came back with a flamethrower and burned the remainder of the Japanese out of the bunker and everyone watched as they burned to death. With that Ash retrieved his knife and the scabberd on the soldiers waist before he went to find a corpsman. I then snapped my fingers and the platoon Ash and the Spectres were secretly apart of walked back into the airfield, tiered and exhausted, before the squad separated and went to find a place to sit and get some rest. I then saw Ash pull out a box of cigarettes and place one in his mouth before he lit it much to everyone's surprise before he held the katana in his hands.

"I didn't know Ash smoked," Twilight said.

"Most soldiers did smoke during the war as a way to calm their nerves also became a small form of currency among the soldiers," I said

Suddenly a man wearing a blue shirt and tan pants wearing a pit helmet walks over to the Spectres.

"Hey any of you guys got a Jap weapon, I'll pay good money for it," the man said causing the Spectres to stare at him. "Seriously a bayonet, gun, a flag I'll take it."

"Yeah sure I keep them in my ass...go ahead and reach up and grab what you want," one of the unknown Spectres said as he leaned to the side presenting his behind to the man while causing a few of the Spectres to laugh.

"Seriously I gotta get me a Jap sword, can't go home from the war empty handed...Hey how about you will you sell me that?" the man asked as he walked in front of Ash who was examining the sheathed katana.

"Piss off pal," Ash said without even glancing at the man.

"Oh watch out boy you don't wanna go and piss off Angel," Eric said with a carefree smirk

"C'mon what are you gonna use it for?" the man said as he grabbed the katana.

Faster then anyone expected Ash stood up and shoved his shoulder into the man knocking him to the dirt before he drew the katana and held it at the man's throat while everyone stood in silence. As I looked I saw Ash's eyes had once again turned blue.


Everyone besides Ash looked at the voice and I saw it was Mr Shades.

"You mind telling me what the hell is going on here boy," Dean said as he walked up to Ash's side with a scowl on his lips.

"Not his fault Sarge, Ash's new friend there tried to grab the katana he was given by a dying Jap," Jeremy said.

"Alright...Ash lower the blade," Dean said and at first Ash stayed still till he did as asked. "Thank you and as for you boy I'd get moving if I were you" he said as he placed an arm around Ash.

"So what do I do now?" the man asked.

"You want a Jap weapon pal there are plenty of them laying around so just do what we do. Go in there, find what you want and prey you don't get shot," Eric said before the guy left.

"Fucking Seabees," Ash said with a growl as he and Dean left

"After the months of fighting on Peleliu, the Spectres were shipped off to Europe before returning to the pacific sometime in January before heading to another island called Iwo Jima which held a dormant volcano. After bombing the island the marines went ashore only to discover the Japanese had made a network of tunnels going all over the island, even within the mountain. So the landing became a slaughter for the marines but it was also on this island where hope was given to the Americans," I said.

"How so?" Rainbow asked.

"Luna did Ash ever show you a photo or perhaps a statue of a group of soldiers raising an american flag?" I asked.

"Yes now that I think about it there was a little statue of such a thing in Ash's personal study. It sat on a shelf on a wall and when I asked about it he just said a simple photo can inspire millions," Luna said.

"Indeed it can. You see after days of trying to root out the Japanese from their holes, a platoon was sent to scope out the mountain and the Spectres went with them. Once they were at the top a few soldiers decided to raise the american flag," I said as I snapped my fingers and we appeared at the top of Iwo Jima looking over the vast ocean which was filled with navy warships.

"Whoa nice view apart from all them ships and stuff," Applejack said.

"View's over hear AJ," I said as I gestured to a group of marines raising the flag while one guy took the picture.

"Just like the statue," Luna said.

Suddenly cheers rang out from the shore and warships horns blew making the sound be heard from miles around. The soldiers atop the mountain cheered their hearts out as well.

"Next day a picture of what happened here was on the front page of every newspaper in america, inspiring other men to join the fight. However once everybody left Iwo Jima things got a lot worse then they ever had for the marines," I said.

"Another island?" Twilight asked while scribbling down notes.

"Yes this place was called Okinawa a 'civilian' populated island close to the Japanese mainland," I said empathising the word civilian.

"So what happened?" Fluttershy asked.

"The Japanese were making the marines pay dearly for how far they advanced. So much rain poured down, the mud reached the soldiers knees and it made it impossible for vehicles to get through the mud. So they couldn't get the wounded or the bodies of the deceased out of there, so they were left to rot. Place had the highest number of casualties in all of the pacific," I said as I snapped my fingers and we appeared in a muddy area.

Marines were walking along the road and coming from the opposite direction were civilians of Okinawa. Men pulling wagons and carrying heavy loads, mothers carrying their crying babes and children staring at the soldiers as they walked past. Wondering on how many soldiers they killed and if they had killed their elder brother or father and when Ash walked past, the civilians glanced at the katana on his side.

"They don't seem to like you carrying that thing around...perhaps they think you looted it from a dead Jap," Flynn whispered into Ash's ear.

"Let them think what they want I couldn't care less," Ash said as they continued to walk.

The walk led the group onto some steep hills, the mud made it difficult to get a grip on the ground. Suddenly Ash lost his grip and fell off the ledge. He tumbled down the hill and landed in a flooded MG nest full of murky water that was sitting on the side of the ridge halfway to the bottom. When he got up his right arm was inside a decaying skeleton's ribcage while maggots were crawling all over the skull's face and chest. Ash then looked like he was gonna start hyperventilating before he yanked his arm out of the corpse and stumbled backwards back into the water. When he got up again he had more corpses latching onto him. Ash then scrambled to get out of the water before he fell to the bottom of the hill and began to quickly remove his coat. He drew his knife and began to use the back end to wipe of any remaining maggots on him and once he was done he took a breath and looked at the flooded MG nest.

"Hey Ash looks like you made some new friends," Eric said from the top of the hill.

Ash could only stay there staring at the corpse filled water while my group was just as horrified at what they saw.

"Terrifying hmm," I said gaining the groups attention before I snapped my fingers.

Our terrain changed to a slightly more flat surface while rain came down. It was dark out, Ash and the Spectres were digging holes to take cover in when suddenly Eric hits something. When he pulls the shovel away he sees a decaying Japanese soldiers body, his shovel broke through the ribcage releasing a putrid smell.

"Dear God what the fuck is that stench!" a Spectre shouted

The squad then gathered around Eric's hole where they spotted the source of the smell causing some to throw up.

"Unbelievable," Dean said.

"We might as well be digging our graves," Jeremy said.

Eric grabbed his shovel and went to dig in another spot before Mr Shades spoke up.

"Where you going Eric holes are supposed to be 5 meters apart," Dean said.

"Sir with all due respect there's a dead body in there," Eric said.

"The whole island's a graveyard Thunder," Dean said.

After awhile of silence Ash stepped forward.

"Eric you take my hole I'll take this one," Ash said as he climbed into the hole.

"You sure Ash?" Dean asked.

"I bathed with a couple of dead guys today Mr Shades...I doubt sharing a grave with one tonight will be a hassle," Ash said as he removed some mud from the hole with a shovel.

"Alright then son your call," Dean said before the group scattered.

As the group watched Ash try to get comfortable with the corpse, gunfire echoed not too far away but not one of the Spectres moved until Dean ordered Ash, Dimitri, Wade and Eric to go grab some ammo. So the four left and came to a pass being guarded by two columes of rock with MG nests sitting upon them, firing at the enemy on the other side while flares lit up the skies. Behind the columes was an ammo dump, once the enemy went to reload the four ran across the road and grabbed what they needed before they waited for the enemy to reload once again.

"Friendly's coming in!" a soldier in the MG nest shouted.

We all watched as a Japanese family ran across the battlefield heading for the American side while the Japanese soldiers rained bullets down on them. The suddenly the bullets hit them and they all collapsed much to everyone's horror. Suddenly a little girl lifts her head out of the mud and reaches out for Ash's group. Ash then get's up but Dimitri and Wade grab him.

"No Ash they're too far out!" Wade said.

"Wade is right my friend you will never make it," Dimitri said.

"Like hell I'm leaving her!" Ash shouted.

"Ash there's nothing we can do," Dimitri said.

"Dimitri I'm not letting that happen again!" Ash shouted with tears in his eyes causing the group of three to pause. "I...just can't let that happen again."

The three nodded before Wade slapped him on the shoulder earning Ash's attention.

"Covering fire!" Wade yelled causing MG's to start up again.

Like a bat out of hell Ash ran across the muddy field the machine guns keeping the Japanese at bay before Ash grabbed the child in his arms while whispering comforting words in Japanese before he made his dash back to safety. The Japanese opened fire once again but it didn't stop Ash, it only pushed him to go faster. Once he was safely behind cover he set the girl down and took off his poncho, placed it on the little girl and spoke with her in Japanese earning nods or head shakes from the girl as his answers.

"Jesus Christ Ash you must have a guardian angel watching over you or you are one," Eric said.

"You boys go back to the Sarge tell him I'm gonna get this little one to a safe place," I said.

"All right Ash," Wade said before Ash picked up the little girl and began to carry her away.

"That was crazy. I mean those guys just stood there while that kid was in trouble and out of everyone Ash was the only one who went out there," Rainbow huffed in anger.

"This place is terrible," Pinkie said as her mane straightened and she took on a sad look.

"It get's worse," I said causing everyone's eyes to snap towards me in shock.

"How the hay can this get worse. Civilians are getting shot at and dying bodies litter the place, left to rot. Everywhere you step could mean you're stepping on a grave not to mention the rain coming down and you're saying it get's worse!" Twilight shouted with a crazed look.

I then snapped my fingers and we appeared before a hill with a path leading up it. On either side of the path were the marines watching the path as if they were waiting for something. Soon crying could be heard coming from the top of the ridge and soon a woman carrying a crying baby came into view followed by several civilians. Suddenly the woman stops as she spots the soldiers before she held the baby out to them and starts crying much to the marines confusion. Ash steps forward and began to speak to the woman asking what was wrong but the woman just begged Ash to take her child. So Ash stepped forward and just as he was he was about to take the child, a shot rings out and a bullet whizzes past Ash. When he looks at the woman again he sees explosives wrapped around her waist. He then goes to grab the baby again and run but Shades grabs him and pulls him away just as another shot rang out hitting the explosives on the woman, blowing her and her child to bits while Ash was tossed into a rock by the force of the explosion, causing the group beside me to stare at what occurred in horror. Suddenly Japanese soldiers came out of hiding and began to use the civilians as shields. I then looked at Ash who was recovering from the blast and he saw what was happening just as his eyes turned blue once again.

"You know, I've noticed this a few times all the way back to Normandy but have any of you noticed Ash's eyes can turn blue?" I asked as I gestured to Ash.

"Hey he's right," Pinkie said.

Suddenly Ash got up and let go of his rifle, letting it clatter on the rocky ground and went for the katana on his hip. He then ran into the battle, keeping the lower half of his body low to the ground. With reflexes that were faster then any average human being, Ash cut through the enemy forces with great precision, leaving civilians unharmed while dodging the enemy's bullets while his allies could only watch as he single handily tore through the Japanese. He continued up the ridge and disappeared from view while screams of death and terror echoed on for a few minutes till finally it stopped. When it did the allies moved up the ridge following the path of blood left by Ash and when they found him, he was standing among at least 20 corpses. All of them severed in one way or another while Ash's uniform was saturated in blood and in his right hand was the katana, just as soaked in blood as Ash was. We all moved in front of Ash and I saw his eyes had returned to their olive green color but the facial expression was unmistakably seething fury. I then snapped my fingers and we appeared back in the training grounds, the group around me at a loss for words on what they saw and while they were all in thought I decided to just leave.

Late at Night Relic Room

I was sitting in the room where every God Piece we collected was scattered about, while on a pedestal was Ash's head in a jar. I know not on how or why I arrived here or for how long I have been staring at the severed head but I know it must have been for awhile because my body was beginning to feel stiff. I then stood up and began to make my way to the doors but before I could grasp the doorknob I felt a presence close by and when I turned around I saw it was Ash in his wolf form, sitting in-front of the pedestal staring at his head.

"Hello again Ash," I said causing the wolf to turn towards me.

Ash then stood up and walked past me and through the doors to the room. I then opened them and saw Ash still walking away from me so I decided to follow him. He led me down the hallways till we came to a set of doors before he walked through them and when I entered I saw the room was some kind of war room and in the middle of the room was a circular wooden table with a holographic map of Equestria on it. Ash then got onto the table and pointed at a city on the north east cost of Equestria called Manehatten.

"You want me to head there?" I asked causing Ash to nod. "Is there something there that belonged to you?" I asked causing Ash to nod again. "That's all I need to hear."

I then created a doorway and stepped through it and saw I was standing in a dark ally in-between two massive buildings which I saw on the holographic map of Manehatten.

"I wonder why Ash brought me here?" I asked myself.

I then heard barking and growling coming from behind me and when I looked I saw three punk stallions with sticks trying to back a brown and white sheep dog into a cage and just looking at the dog I could tell it was a female.

"Get in there you mangy mutt."

"Get her in the cage!"

I then saw the dog go to bite one of the stallions but she ended up getting hit with a stick which was then I decided to intervene.

"Why don't you boys play nice...or do I need to beat some manners into you?" I asked causing them the stallions to turn towards me.

"Fuck off bastard, this don't concern you," one of the stallions said before they turned back to the dog. One raised his stick above his head and went to hit the dog.

I then grabbed the stick and used my other hand to break it and when one went to hit me I blocked his attack with one hand and kicked him in the chest sending him flying into a wall. I used the one half of my stick still in my grasp to hit another stallion across the face, knocking him out while the third dropped his weapon and backed away with his hands in the air. I then turned to the dog who was looking at me in confusion.

"They're just jealous that they don't and can't have your looks girl," I said before I gave a nod before she went and bit the stallion in the rear.

I then left the ally, looked around and saw the streets were filled with caribou walking about with mares on leashes. I gave a disgusted snort before I thought about going about handling this but when no ideas came I threw caution into the wind and descended to put my earphones in and selected a song. I backed away into the ally once again before I took off at incredible speeds.


As I looked around the world seemed to have slowed down but I didn't care because my body felt a serious rush going through it. I then drew Hingure and ran up to the closest caribou and ran Hingure across his back, slicing it open. I watched the blood float through the air making it a beautiful spectical before I turned to the rest of the caribou down the street. I flexed my hand that was holding Hingure and ran down the street slaughtering any caribou or traitor stallions I saw.

Third Person P.O.V.

The day in Manehatten began like any day for the former pop star Countess Coloratura (or Rara as some of her friends called her). Wake up, eat, get fucked, follow her master to work, get fucked, eat, fucked, head home, fucked, eat, fucked then sleep once more but the worst part is that her so called master is none other then her former manager Svengallop, who seemed rather giddy when he