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Solaris Night

I am born of the Light and the Darkness. I am the Good and the Evil. I am the guardian of the Sun and the solider of the Moon. I am Solaris Night.



It was a beatuiful day outside. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming, it was a perfect day to try out some new spells that the Ponyville librarian came up with. However the spell goes awry and causes a chain of events to take hold on their world.

Meanwhile on a planet far far away, a group of freedom fighters are trying to escape from their pursuers after a failed attempt at sabotage. One by one they are being captured until only one reamins standing, but even he eventually runs into a dead end. With no means of escape he prepares to fight until a blinding light envelops him and transports him to Equestria.

In a new and unfamiliar world, with no means of return, he must adapt to his environment. But how can someone of a violent nature like himself integrate into this new alien society? And will he ever learn the meaning of friendship?

Cover art done by the amazing xXAngeLuciferXx.

(Proof read by EMBER SPIRIT SHIELD from Chapter 12 onward)

Note: First of all, this will be my first long story, so any and all constructive critisim is welcomed.
Second, while the tag says human it is not technically a Human in Equestria.
Third, this takes place before Canterlot Wedding and will span across multiple seasons. Also I will may change a few things in future seasons.
Fourthly, I may add a gore tag, but only maybe, not 100% certain, and sex tag only for humor and suggestions (no clop though, sorry to all the cloppers).
Finally, this story will greatly revolve around Dragon Ball, but it's NOT a Dragon Ball crossover. By that I mean, Ki blasts exist, heavy paralels between Saiyans and the protagonist (protagonist is NOT a Saiyan though, just a lot like them) and, surprise, transformations.
Hope you enjoy :pinkiesmile:.

Chapters (48)
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Comments ( 546 )

You tossed a line with no bait buddy get a little further into the story before you leave it hang and see if there is interest.

7692305 I mean you set the story up and its just getting ready for the meat of the story and no more chapter not shooting it down at all just kinda a tease.

Liking it so far can't wait for some more that fight was intense as hell

Why are they so shocked....he said he was like a wolf. Wolves eat meat.


God I'm loving this Story
Glad he did not forgive them besides fluttershy and twilight, because most story wood forgiven the main six off the back.
He fucking wolf his kind eat meat.:moustache:

7707288 If he was anyone else he probably would have forgiven them, but since he is kind of an asshole it's a completely different story.

This is great more fights please. More anger i love it!!!

7708859 You'll have to wait a little bit before there will be another fight. I am still considering if I should include Trider in the Dragon Quest episode or not. But one thing I am certain of (next sentence is a major spoiler for the future story, read at your own discretion) that I will include him in the Hurricane Fluttershy episode and make him train the mare.

7709465 He said alcohol doesn't affect him in even larger quantaties and he is part wolf, so put one and one together and you get your answer.

Great chapter 3
So Trider is a lovable asshole. Well the good new is that Trider and Spike are friend. is Trider going to teach Spike how fight or will he be Spike male figure in life, sense Spike grew up with mostly around females, and also teach Spike how to fight. So Trider like a cowgirl rough riding all day everyday.:moustache:

Knew I followed this for a good reason liking the story please continue.

This story is so good its unbelivebel.
Just one question in the last chapter you ended with trider saying "were's the meat" what happend after that?

7709565 Honestly, I haven't even thought about Trider training Spike, I had someone else in mind for that, but now that you mentioned it, it actually makes for a good idea. I'll see what I can do and thank you for the suggestion. :twilightsmile:
Also, hells yeah man, who wouldn't love a rough ride by a cowgirl. Especially Trider since he is probably the only one who can actually survive a clash with the mare. :rainbowlaugh:

7710516 Just your regular stuff you probably already read in every other HiE story. They are shocked, become suspicious of him, explain they don't eat meat, he has a breakdown, eventually they all calm down, he explains he is an omnivore and that they don't have to supply him meat if they don't want to since he can hunt for it himself in the Everfree. That is basically how it went down, you can add in some of the details by yourself if you want. I didn't write that because, I didn't feel like it, I didn't want to drag the story any further and it would of probably felt redundant, since everyone else already wrote something familiar.
Sorry for the long comment here is a Twitatoe, courtesy of Potato-Banana-21 from DeviantArt.

7710650 thats a good reason god thats so boring when the oc/protagonist have to explain that. Thank you for not including it

Been awhile since I followed a good story from the beginning last story I followed was your human and you. and I must say this story is coming out very nicley can't wait for more :yay::moustache:

7710968 Thanks man, I really appreciate it. And if I may, I would recommend you to try to read some of these stories Spiders and magic by Maximus_Reborn, The Exile by Daybreaktigre14 and Trans-cosmic by Radiant Dawn. They are some of my favorite.

Loving it keep up the awesome work can't wait for moar:pinkiehappy: so glad I followed this story:twilightsmile:

No way am I the first to read this chapter:pinkiegasp: and I just finished the last chapter to:rainbowlaugh:

It's a miracle you're alive, even more that you woke up after just four days.

It's the mares you fought yesterday as well as a few more important guests.


Comment posted by Solaris Night deleted Nov 10th, 2016

7712029 It's even better when you realize that he's also fighting against an oppressive government, and is apparently very good at handling sharp objects.

Love this chapter. So three apologies done for and three more to go, you think Trider can pull off ?

7711084 :pinkiegasp: I've read 3 of your top favorite books but the other two I havent seen yet are they really good?:rainbowhuh:

Before you realise it I'll have him speaking the way when V first met that woman, whos name I forgot.

7712877 You'll have to tell me which ones exactly, but I can tell you they are all good. If you want me to tell you what they are like tell me which ones you haven't read yet. :pinkiesmile:

7713052 can you tell me a bit about the exile before I start reading it looks interesting:twilightsmile:

7713265 We follow the story of a boy (name can't remember haven't read in a while) who is the son of Discord and Celestia, he goes from school to school trying to hide the fact that Discord is his father. He then comes to Ponyville university starts to fall in love with one of the mane 6 and fights dark forces that descend over the school (clop included).

7713273 wow sounds way more interesting then I thought:pinkiegasp: I think I'll read it thanks for the recommendation:yay:

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