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An experienced thief dies before his time, leaving a mess that God must fix, the solution God thinks of is reincarnating him in the My Little Pony universe with the power of The Gamer.

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I enjoy gamer stories and redeeming/ possessing blueblood stories so I can already tell I'm going to love this

:raritystarry: I got the whole package :ajsmug:

i do like where this is going :rainbowkiss:

Hope this doesn't get dropped like so many other stories. :fluttercry: pls update on a regular schedule. It reduces our stress. Please!!!!!!

I enjoy these types of "the gamer" stories.
Hope you don't end up in the same pitfall like so many others who have made "the gamer" based fan fictions have.

Hehe I will . I have 5 chapters ready for this.

This could be interesting. Let's see where it goes.

Jack Starling, twenty-five years old, thief, con-artist, womanizer, gambler.

This boi a pimp also this story has a very interesting idea and i like it :pinkiehappy:

Indeed, most gamer stories i have read use the same ideas and events as the original gamer comic

( https://m.webtoons.com/en/fantasy/the-gamer/list?title_no=88&webtoon-platform-redirect=true if you are interested)

Huh interesting concept though I do have a question. HOW THE F*** IS THE LUCK STAT 150 AT LEVEL 10?! Cause really the only thing I can guess is 'cause he was lucky enough to be born into royalty' cause it's either that or prior to our MC taking his body Blueblood had a gambling addiction and someone got pissed at losing so much money to him thus giving the opportunity for this to happen.

LUK comes from the soul of our dear protagonist. He’s lucky as fuck.

That was annother option but I figured whom he got stuck in would influence more than just the more body specific stats though one would think the INT and WIS stats would be higher due to the fact that he asked to keep the memories of Blueblood so you would think it would be higher than 20 for each. Course then again this is Blueblood and most of those two could be from the MC. Though I hope you gave the one that killed Blueblood a good reason and didn't just pick him taking Blueblood's place considering his relative unimportance to the canon of MLP and just the general hate the guy gets. Not defending him I don't like him either but there are a few fics on here where the guy is a decent person or a cool guy just hiding behind the mask of a annoying pompous snob.

Yeah, the reason will be good the one that killed Blueblood had a good reason, or at least that’s what he or she thinks. And yeah Blueblood stats are under leveled. Our protagonist has 50 points to spend so he could put them back on track. While he has the memories of Blueblood , Blueblood never did anything for himself, was a spoiled brat. The only benefit out protagonist got from Blueblood is the money the prince had. But besides that nothing else.

Comment posted by SleepyBear deleted Aug 5th, 2019

I am aware of the comic, and read it myself.
But thanks anyway.

needs some heavy editing but otherwise I am liking it. Keep at it!

I would honestly just make him a new body. I would let blueballs body stay dead

Only part I'm disapointed about is we don't really get to know our hero until after thigs get crazy. Yea you have your typical exposition dump but thats not as personal as seeing it from his perpesctive. Otherwise I'm interested and will keep reading.

Comment posted by Jest deleted Aug 5th, 2019

It would have been cool if he had told Celestia some troll comment at the end, like :
Good luck with sister
Remember friendship is magic/a key
Don't worry night and day will be together again
A mare of the night will be freed from darkness
Be ready for reunion of the sisters
Harmony will free from darkness/won't banish again
Are you ready to forgive and be forgiven?

Or something like that, I don't have now better ideas
But if he told her something like that and she would understand the meaning later when it's all over and not straight away, would create a funny situation

Very good start. Some editing and it would be perfect. Also MOOOOOOOORRRRRE

yeah while my English is improving every day is hard for me to have perfect grammar. xd really trying though.

ill try to find an editor, which is hard.

I'm glad you like it.

Good start. And now MORE! :pinkiecrazy:

He should say: Tell Twiligt that she doesn't need to send letter each week or one day she will go nuts XD

Yes but maybe something more subtle, something that you will need to think for a moment to understand

I mean a troll like comment that after thinking about it for a moment you will get it's meaning but it's also enlightens you that only two of you know it and you are surprised he knows about it

But what he could tell Celestia in that way?
Maybe about Luna and Discord?

Comment posted by Jest deleted Aug 6th, 2019

Have him yell as Celestia leaves: "BEWARE THE CAKE! The Cake is a LIE!" :trollestia:
just to make her question things.
Please use the 'cake is a lie' meme as either a prank of a joke in this story... please? I honestly want to see how Celestia would react. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm liking what I've read so far. I'll give this a follow and a like for now, maybe a Favorite after future chapters.

There is a webcomic about a guy that has the gamer power, the gamer power allows him to live in the real world but like hes playing a video game, he levels up and gets stronger and stuff.

I really like this one of yours

Don't worry night and day will be together again

Next chapter tomorrow :3.

Well...I got nothing :| I am not a good Troll :(
But maybe:

A. "Remember to do nothing. You have a reputation to uphold."
B. "Auntie, Twilight was better before she got wings! ... too soon?"
C. "Oh, while you be there, can you ask how rainbow taste like?"

Hmmm..yeah, I suck at this! :pinkiecrazy::facehoof:

A and B are funny as fuck

Editing, please. I can barely read it.

Also, the only astronomical theory of multiverses is that if the universe is infinite in extent, then it'll have every possible configuration in it somewhere, and also since the universe's expansion is accelerating, there will be causally disconnected regions that might as well be different universes. If you want that section to make sense, then it'd be a good idea to read a summary of the Tegmark classification system.

The editing part is done my child. I have an editor working on it , like a vampire in equestria the chapter will have a E when that happens

I'm enjoying this fic so far, I feel it's a good sign that even before being edited, I was very invested in what was going on, and excited to read more.

The Gamer Crossover? Hell ya. OP AF TIME HERE WE COME!!!

Comment posted by Lesolan - Rest In Peace deleted Aug 6th, 2019

reincarnates as BlueBlood? you got my attention :pinkiehappy:

"Please your highness, you have to go back to bed." one of the nurses said to me, it startled me that when I turn to see her, I saw her name on top of her head, and her level.

everyone must have realized who he was at this exact moment, right?

<Alicorn of the Sun - Princess of Equestria> LV ??? - Celestia

I feel like this will end up coming back to bite our protagonist eventually

Chapter 1 and 2 are under editing. :D

I'm sold. Please don't stop off the face of the Earth like other writers do when they hook me in with thiet amazing work

'Removes glasses' go on:moustache:

i dont know abut the whole blueblood thing but the writing is good dont see that often anymore and it looks interesting so i guess ill give it a try?

Come on man, you're killing me here....... please say the next chapter will be out soon!!!

It’s already done. It’s just the conundrum of releasing it without editing or wait for the editing.

So perhaps I’ll let my readers decide if they want the chapters to be released without the editing and then read the edited versions.

Well ill read both lol

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