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Luck? I don't need it, I just need everyone else's to plummet while I'm around.


I may not have been the best student, but to be fair I never put in any more effort than necessary. I barely passed my classes not because I was a bad student, but I just didn't care, even when challenged to a duel I didn't even try to win. This time was the last time as I was caught in a bad mood and actually fought back for once, the loser didn't take too kindly to getting curb stomped by a low level mage who's just short of failing all his classes. You can see where that's going.

Some may recognize the cover art from Lord Despair's story, "A Wizard's Tale". I honestly just typed dark mage in google images and it was one of the first that popped up. How could I not?

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I am interested, please continue.

Okay you had my interest, now you have my attention. I hope to see more.

ah yes, good ol' quanzhi fashi aka versatile mage. Good source material to draw inspiration from. I wonder if this dude's gonna get access to the dark element as well.

You have caught my attention

I would like to humbly request more of this. It seems like a really interesting concept that I would like to see more of. Especially the magic system and how that works.

Can dark magic do something like Box of Truth Star vs. the Forces?

from wiki:
To all who seek the path of knowledge,
listen well to this decree.
Surrender to the eye of justice.
Swear an oath of truth to me.
―Box of Truth[src]

  • In "Butterfly Trap", it is revealed that the Box of Truth actually has multiple settings and that the one used for Truth or Punishment is the "party" setting. Other settings include "intervention", "bachelorette", and "trial".
  • When in "Punishment" mode, the Box is able to resist any and all magic, even that of the Magic High Commission.

For "Trial by Box", the box serves to present case evidence and detect lies during testimonies. Unlike "Truth or Punishment", the jurors (and sometimes the defendant) are the ones who ask questions and allowed one question each.

In case of lies, similarly to "Truth or Punishment", the box traps everyone present in a giant metal cube that shrinks and threatens to crush them unless the liar tells the truth. At the end of the trial, the box hands down its verdict depending on the trial's outcome.

In short, it has multiple functions one of them is trial. In it, they have to say an oath and then it reads their mind. If they try to lie they will be punished for example being trapped in a giant box that will shrink that can't be escaped by any means, even magic if not told the truth

Not like the box of truth, but it can punish people for lying. The one used here just detected lies.

Never watched Star vs the forces of evil.

Ouch, damn hypocrites! So how long until word gets out he uses dark magic and he is shunned I wonder :facehoof:

If he is, he always has hexes that affect luck.


Yeah burn how long do they work and on how many? Are they constant? Passive? Active?

That will only work for so long and wouldn’t that be breaking his side of the deal with the two hypocrites?

Please note, I am unfamiliar with the setting he is from!

Personally I wouldn't really consider a temporary hex of bad luck to be malicious, especially compared to the number of other hexes and curses I can think of.

Also it was just the character calling them hypocrits. Different magic, different rules as he said a few times, dark magic for him might not be dark magic for others.


Even when it means the death of the one under the hex? Bad Luck can mean anything as it is a broad term. What if he uses it of let’s say for example: Spitfire, an hour later she dies as a result of that bad luck making her miss timing on a stunt and plowing head first into the ground?

Would you still consider it NOT malicious then?

While there may be differences in the use of magic, that won’t matter to the general public as they have been conditioned by time and propaganda to see ANY type of Dark Magic, be it Equestrian or not, as evil.

in Spitfire's case that wouldn't be luck, that would be a mistake. In his current setting, the worst that could happen would be like a guard's weapon breaking. Think of how Qrow's semblance works in RWBY, the only time it nearly hurt anyone was when Ruby almost had part of a building fall on her, and his Bad Luck Charm semblance only affects others in range. Giving a noble or a POS guard bad luck for a short time I don't plan to be dangerous to that extent.

Other examples being losing a game of poker, wind causing your arrow to miss, the sun gets in your eyes and distracts you for a second, no toilet paper (WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW???), family walks in during certain activities, the fun stuff.

The people that disliked this story are bucking Idiots. Hah pony curse words

If the story has a very small dislike count, I like to ignore them or pretend they are likes. In stories with very high like/dislike ratios, it's safe to say those people are trolls.

i want to see more of this and ya who says magic can be good or evil, magic just is it's how you use the magic that puts a good/evil aliment on it. heck you could use necromancy to SOLVE murders by summoning the spirit of the one killed to tell the law how they died. heck i bet some jerkwad wizard manage to use cureing/healing spells to over heal someone to the point of cancerous growth/death.

Or ressurection, because one death wasn't enough!

Do not let them control, enslave you
What about using alchemy to turn one object into bits, gold,diamonds, money?

This is my life now. I have no control. Is this the universe's way of getting back at me for never applying myself back home?

It all balances out in the end.

Well shit, you can tell they were waiting for this.

If they try and put chains on your so called “Dark Magic” then give them the middle finger and go hide in the Everfree!


Yeaaaah, why is my gut telling me not to believe that?

I mean, Dark Magic has turned two characters into villains in the series! One being Celestias own Sister and the other being an abused Foal who would become one of the worst tyrants since Discord.

I can honestly say that Celestia would JUMP at the chance to control or eliminate that kind of power though any means be they legal or not.

Not for long anyway. I'm not too sure, I make this up as I go. No real planning unless I'm bored and my mind drifts elsewhere, which isn't very often actually.


Sometimes the best stories come from the seat of our pants :rainbowlaugh:

My upcoming story is testament to that, I know the beginning, I know the ending, but the middle? Yeah I am gonna need new pants by the end :pinkiehappy:

I don't know why, but everything seems to work better when I don't have a plan and just wing it. And I'm the kind of guy who out of boredom thinks of scenarios I'll likely get in and the MANY ways they can go.

Contingencies for your contingencies, Plan B’s for your Plan Z’s yeah?

Trust me I know.

You know my pain. Question isn't which one I choose, but which ones I remember and how much do I care about the outcome?

MY BAD! I meant to press edit, not publish!


For me it’s the Severity that decides the outcome.

Anyway, I can’t wait for what happens next!

Sun's rage? Don't piss off the sun.:trollestia:

I have heard of moon elves and everyone has heard of dark elves it's just they are most commonly referred to as Drow.

Actually, that's a thing. There is a whole supernatural (please note the lower case s) book series in which the main character does exactly that. Also, Jonah Hex.

Like me and my insane DnD campaign.


Don’t get me started on D&D! The group I hooked up with just got done fighting and beating Five Black Dragons and are now building a giant War Blimp!

Though I have missed the last two sessions due to extenuating circumstances, I can say without a doubt it be crazy!

You want crazy? My character Is their guide. He is a dwarf who helped take down the last BBEG. Our healer is an NPC. She is the elven king's youngest daughter (or so we tell them). The guide is a dragon who decided to give mortality and righteousness a try. That and the last BBEG was a threat to his board and hunting grounds. So he turned himself into a dwarf and joined the only adventuring party willing to oppose the BBEG.


Heh, quagmire doesn’t even describe your campaign!

Can't, he just summon the Gods to this world to scold alicorns down ?
Not in a sense to transport them but like using a video conference

If I didn't saw the blog I wouldn't know about chapter 5
This is another time when I don't see a story show itself as last updated in my library/Bookshelf

Probably because I accidentally hit publish earlier than I meant to, and republishing it didn't update it as it would have if I just started a new chapter and copied everything.

You've captured my attention. I hope to see more of this in the future.

any clue when the next update will be? this is honestly super interesting and i wanna see where it goes from here!

No idea. Taking a short break from writing after finishing the last arc on the KH story.

This is very interesting, and I hope to see more.

What are the chances of someone getting cursed then he needs to heal them?

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