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Knight of Crows

"Why would I need the army when I can literally throw the entire armory at you?" Anyone with powers like Noctis or Archer and Gilgamesh.


My introduction to this world wasn't exactly what you would call warm. Long story short I accidentally unleashed the Starscourge and wasn't able to fix it, luckily I was imprisoned by the princesses before too much damage could be done. They managed to finish what I started and made great progress in keeping the plague away from most towns and cities, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get my side of the story out (not that they would believe me) and was branded a monster. Well thanks to 1,000+ years of being stoned and Discord being an idiot or just being himself I am free to correct my fuck up.

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Promising FF story. Looking up for the next chapter.

I'll keep an eye on this one.

Hmm, not many good FF stories. Will keep an eye on this!


Starting off pretty good.:pinkiesmile: Hope to see more soon.:pinkiehappy:

I don't even understand nor know anything about final fantasy yet I love the shit out of this story, please more my friend

I think FFXV is on sale on Xbox at least, great game, think I like it more than FFVII, the remake will hopefully change that though.

Well let's hope my friend, might get it since its on sale then. Thanks for the info my friend.

If you like it get the season pass and episode Ardyn. While you could end up spoiling the game for yourself the gear you get from completing the dlc is pretty good, especially the greatswords.

Really? They're saying Ardyn is responsible for the choices that Luna made?
Unless he or his demons directly corrupted Luna, then that's just them deflecting the blame for something Luna did herself.

Also, the princesses totally ignored what Twilight said about how Ardyn acted and what he said and just went straight to Luna declaring that he needed to be punished and Celestia pretty much declaring her belief that he will intentionally cause the same disaster he did on the past.

I can understand why they would do that because they probably genuinely believe Luna wouldn't have gone Nightmare without Ardyn's presence due to their reluctance to admit their own flaws,nand it makes sense for their anger and fear to override rationality, but that doesn't mean they are not being irrational about things at the moment even if it makes sense in context for them to act that way.

Just wanted to voice my thoughts real quick.
Keep up the good work.

It's fine and I actually like it when people voice their opinions on certain things. If you'll recall though even Ardyn was still devastated to a degree and blames himself when he put together his unintentional involvement in her banishment. Add demons into the mix when everyone already feared/ hated the night and by extension her and you've essentially remade greek fire. She became the monster everyone wanted her to be and endured the same punishment Ardyn did for half as long, but still for bullshit reasons.

Also could anyone really believe him? I didn't go into detail, but it was implied that Ardyn was not only the first demon they knew of, but they believed his actions back then were intentional. When events like how Celestia and Luna reacted happen I ask myself "how would one be expected to react?" After a wordless encounter with a potentially world ending being that has killed and spread a very deadly disease that turns people into monsters that only come out at night they are understandably not willing to reason with it. Luna less so because while he isn't responsible for her actions he still shares the blame for making her already difficult life that much harder, he was a 'catalyst' for Nightmare in a way, and when the world is still feeling the effects of what happened before then of course he would still be blamed.

I try to find that line between how the character would react and how I would expect a human to react.

I get it. I understand why it is realistic for them to be acting this way, and was simply commenting from an outside perspective that grants me information the characters lack.

It is clear from our perspective that they are responding in the wrong way and letting their anger at Ardyn cloud their judgement and that blaming him for Nightmare Moon is incorrect, but they do not know what we do and so don't understand how wrong they are because they have no way of knowing it yet. It makes sense for Luna to think Ardyn is the one to lay all the blame for Nightmare Moon on, because she would see the demons making things worse as the sole reason she became so full of anger and resentment.

It makes sense for it to be that way, but that doesn't make it totally right in the grand scheme of things.

What I am saying is that it all makes sense and is well-written, and characters being somewhat irrational or blinded to the truth because they don't understand the whole situation or have some sort of strong bias is not necessarily a bad thing since a lot of people really are like that.
I'm not criticizing, just making an observation because I really like analyzing that sort of thing.

You know what should Ardyn do? Nothing. Let the demons run wild for a bit and made clear to the ponies that evil or not, he's the only hope they have to survive.

Also, can you tell me how does the 'publish chapter, submit story' part work? Because I tried a few times and my 'stories' folder is still empty.

The story needs to be at least 1k words, then after saving the changes and publishing the chapter you submit it. It can take a little bit if it's moderator approved especially if it's your first story.

Done all the steps but still doesn't show. Suppose it's the moderator.

Hey, do yo want to know what's my story about? For starters the ponies are anthro too, but the OC is not human... nor an Equestrian.

It's an Stellaris crossover. Dragon-like bounty hunter (and former Spartan/Jedi expy. He's also more than a thousand years old) and his Inostrancevia pet go to the planet by orders of the government to hunt down and kill psionic deathclaws that got sent there hundreds of years ago (and traumatized Celestia). Kills Storm King, ponies and others attack and hate him because he's a 'murderous alien dragon', but the twist is that he hates them back (he's nice to those who are nice to him, but the idiots who attack him end up either crippled or dead).

The pairing is OCxCelestia, who in this story will be nearly useless in a fight because she got PTSD from the monsters and because psionics render magic useless, but helps the OC to soften up.

I didn't play Stellaris, but I'll see where it goes.

'Course, first it has to be admitted in Fimfiction.

.....Well if the Sisters still think he needs to be locked away after THAT....Well then they don't deserve to be Rulers of Equestria.

A haunted man, Hunted for something out of his control. Pity be those who anger him, for he has nothing to lose.....not even his life.

Edit: Oh Luna damn it, where do those snip-its of quotes keep coming from?! I swear I don't even THINK when I write them out :facehoof:


Not bad.:pinkiesmile: Don't know what i was expecting but this was pretty good.:pinkiesmile:

"I am out of shape!"


please continue this, this is epic and hope this will have a couple of chapters into the double digits and have a good ending...no a great and deserved ending for ardyn. something that he can finally have a happy ending and maybe be the thing he was supposed to be...a hero and known as a loving man and brother to all.:twilightsmile:


When this story gets much further...kinda hope the 'gods' make an appearance..if only so a stronger Ardynn can stab Bahamut to death.

This is a good story so far, and I can't wait to read more of it.:pinkiehappy:

Hope to see new chapters soon

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