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I have been wandering the Nothingness for a long time... If any should fall here, I will try to help them find a way out. If not... May you find your way in the Nothingness.


A little notice · 6:54pm April 15th

Hello readers!

So. I will do a slight thing to my story. I just have to clean the tags. Just to clarify, it just means that I'm taking them away for now. If the tag shows up, I'll be adding that tags content to my story. I'm just now seeing that there might actually be too meany tags.

So for now they are being taken to the sideline for a meaby appearing later.

With that being said,

May you find your way in the Nothingness.

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thanks for the fav

Im planning on it, yeah. This is going to be a long running fic with no end in sight as of yet. Tbh, its also largely practice for my own novel that im planning to write and publish. Hopefully that goes well, haha

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