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I have been wandering the Nothingness for a long time... If any should fall here, I will try to help them find a way out. If not... May you find your way in the Nothingness.


A little notice · 6:54pm Apr 15th, 2018

Hello readers!

So. I will do a slight thing to my story. I just have to clean the tags. Just to clarify, it just means that I'm taking them away for now. If the tag shows up, I'll be adding that tags content to my story. I'm just now seeing that there might actually be too meany tags.

So for now they are being taken to the sideline for a meaby appearing later.

With that being said,

May you find your way in the Nothingness.

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Update. · 4:40pm Mar 23rd, 2018

Hello everyone!

Just letting you all know, there won't be another story going to be posted for a while. If you joined the Nothingness/followed me late, then the first blog is old. Don't look into it. I will be releasing another chapter of "Nobody's new friendship" soon(ish). I hope you are all patient with me.

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A new story is inbound!!! · 5:14pm Mar 13th, 2018

Hello every viewer. I have an update. I have a new story coming up and it's (Drum roll please) A Displaced story!!! (Yay) 'Like there aren't enough to fill a fucking city.' Anyhow!

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