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Anon is the only human in Equestria.

It can be hard to feel alone, despite having come to know a few ponies he can call his friends. Humans are so different from ponies, and it can be hard suddenly losing so much that you thought made you the person you are.

But, is this a final goodbye..?

Short Story.

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okay ow my feels

Great one! *Sniff* I-I'm not crying!

Wow. This hit the heart.

This one did a number on my heart, in a good way.

So Am I alone in wanting a sequel to this

I can picture the sequel now, derpy crashing into anon wherever he is to deliver the mail.

Pretty cute letter that Anon sent.

When life gives you lemons, you throw them away and get a healthy apple instead, right?


Anon's letter stung me harder than I thought it would.

Excellent work!

Ok so I've read some very VERY good one-shot letters. I don't think this one is the best of them, but I do think it captures the spirit of MLP the best :)

Why does this remind me of that one song?

Thanks for including Spike, adding him and the final parts talking directly to each of the mane 6 made this so much deeper

Can we perhaps get a sequel of the 6 and spike reading the letter

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