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"More content soon™" -said before disappearing for months


This was it, it was Anon's last day that he was allowed to live with Twilight rent-free. She had gotten sick of him lounging about the library eating all the food and complaining.

He had already tried to move in with the other girls of the mane six, but he quickly decided not to when he remembered all of their own quirks.

Finally giving in Anon decides to get a job, he becomes the Ponyville therapist.

Rated T for cursing and sexual/mature references (no clop).

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Hmm...needs another chapter to determine how the story is going to feel. You have much potential here, if you treat it right.

I shall watch to see where you go. Interesting so far. :rainbowderp:


yep I pretty much think the same from the little I took a look at. I read it completely later when I have more time.

I'm still working on it, I don't like doing things sloppily and I have other things that I'm working on that you can feel free to look at in the meantime!

Bursting into Rarity's business with a loud "SOMEBODY" while kicking open the door,

*points finger guns* eyyyy

Hold on, we're still not done.


Well, since this story is about Anon, I am going to assume everything is going to go to shit, and then everyone will laugh.
Poor anon. Nothing goes right for the guy.

That's a general assumption that I will not say is incorrect.

Things are going to be fun!

I'm not sure what you mean, but this is only the first part of this 'chapter.

I wouldnt mind helping, but compy is busted so proof reader would be the best I could do...

That's perfectly fine. I'll send you the link and the story and preview password when I get some progress on it. Thank you so much for your help (even though you haven't done anything yet :derpytongue2:)

I'm honestly surprised someone as popular as yourself even read my story. Thank you!
(500+ followers WOW)

I'm a bit confused. Didn't he become a therapist for patient sex? I mean, he pretty much denied a sex offer from Lyra AND didn't make a move on Berry Punch (she seems like an easy to convince target). :rainbowhuh:

Comment posted by Punished Venom Muddy deleted Aug 15th, 2017

"I don't like water, there's no flavor and sometimes it takes funny and makes me fall asleep!"
* tastes

Now that's a story I'd like to see continued! Keep up the good work. Also I want to see Anon make some sweet princess terapy.

I definitely have plans for the celestial sisters. Especially Luna!

I plan on keeping this going as long as I can keep coming up with dumb shit to write. Glad you enjoyed it!

Also, a new chapter is going to be released soon!

Congratulations; Your story isn't even half as long as any of mine and it's already better... I'm sad now.
Anyway, keep it up!
I'm enjoying it thoroughly :P

Don't feel too bad, I still make really (like really) stupid mistakes. It means a lot to hear that my stories are good tho, Thanks!

Fact: I read a lot and play d&d so that's where I kinda taught myself to write.

I tried to learn d&d, but a friend of mine kept making it weird... He tried to sex my horse

Haha, classic. I know what it's like to have friends like that

This was the most intense trip you had ever felt, everything was a blur! You moved from the dace floor, to the bar, to the restroom, to the bar, and then back to the dance floor all in what felt like seconds. You could taste colors and see sounds, you were really in it to win it. Eventually you found yourself using some moves you had never known before , your shirt missing and sweat pouring down your body as you partied hardy. Finally, after what felt like hours (which it probably was) you regained control of your body and mind, finding the club almost devoid of life.

If you didn't get tf2 flash back from this video you are a lot better than me

lmao, tf2 was one of my all time favorites. Though I haven't played it in a couple years :derpytongue2:

They must've added that taunt recently, I don't remember it. It looks great though!

Yes they have I had all of them including the xmas 2016 update that's besides the point this is GUD story gets a like and a fave in my book

"Can't hear you, thinking with my dick"....

That has to be the single greatest line ever.

This seems like a rather random chapter. Though the title raises my curious eyebrow. Is there going to be a part three that somehow connects it with part one? Just curious because of the near identical name.

That's for me to write, and you to read :rarity wink:

I know it's already been offered, but I'd also be happy to help if the position becomes open. :ajsmug:

That's greatly appreciated and I'll be sure to send you a PM whenever I start writing another chapter or story, same offer still applies. You would get a acknowledgment in the description/author's notes of anything you helped on.

Okay, just a heads up though, you should probably PM me between 8 PM-12AM Canadian time, because I'm in China, and that's 12 hours off. :twilightoops:

OK I'll try to keep that in mind, I wouldn't want to create any scheduling issues for someone who volunteered to help :derpytongue2:

ShE WuSS Look'N kinDa DUMb WIt Her finGer aND heR THumb N Da SHAPE Of an L on hEr 4HEAD!!!

So this went from zero to one hundred is ten seconds flat.

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