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Why do I write? Because it's fun! :D


A simple story between Equestria's resident human, and a certain cyan pegasus mare.

I just felt like doing something short, sweet, and simple. :heart:

Art Belong To: iloota

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It has been six months since Princess Luna's return to Equestria, however everything is still so new to her. Equestria is not as it once was, and so much seem new and strange. From the words, to the customs, and even the way they conduct their ruling.

Luna felt lonely for a long time, that is until she discovered the joys of gaming. She even found a new friend, just one small problem, he is human, and not from their dimension. Well, it would not be a problem, not if Luna would not have used a certain spell to drag her newest friend through their online game and into Equestria.

Turns out dragging a human through a game and landing him in Equestria has some unforeseen consequences... Other than the fact he is a pony now...

Editor: SoloBrony

Story Inspired by the cover used.
Cover Owner: RedchetGreen from DeviantArt

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This story is a sequel to The Legend Of Nicholas

Nicholas is the resident human of Ponyville, accepted and loved by all the ponies, especially the foals. Every year on hearth's warming eve, Nicholas makes toys for every foal in town.

However lately, Nicholas has had strange dreams about himself, about a crystal star, and about an Alicorn. Every night he feel more and more restless, and somehow he feels he must go. Nicholas has always had questions about who he is, and why he is in Equestria.

Without knowing why, he has a feeling that this year he might find answers. Of course, that feeling is only made stronger when eight reindeer come for him during the night, asking him to travel with them to the far North.

It is time for Nicholas to face his destiny, and be who he was always meant to be.

Story Inspired by: Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

Art made for me by: Hoodwinked MCShelster

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Long ago, two enemies destroyed one another in a fight to the death. Their spirits sealed away for the past 500 years, until an expedition released them from their prisons.

One spirit possessed a stallion, while another possessed a ninja plushie, a plushie that will soon drag a colt named Button Mash into a demon hunting adventure. Great evil stirs, and it is up to Button Mash and his cuddly killer ninja plushie to stop it!

Art made for me by: Hoodwinked MCShelster

Story inspired by Checkered Ninja, a book/movie from my home country of Denmark.

While the setup is similar, the plot is different. If you ever get a chance to see the movie, or read the books, you totally should. If you can find some in your native language.

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This story is a sequel to The Farmer & The God

It has been four years since Thor returned to Asgard, and since then a lot of things have changed for Applejack. Her life has changed, along with the lives of her friends. With their lives seeming to move on, Applejack starts to wonder about her own life, and if Thor will ever come back for her.

One day a stranger comes to Ponyville, and gives Applejack a strange old book. This sets Applejack on a journey to the mystical world of myths and legends, through the massive sea that divides the living world from the afterlife, through Midgard to find the rainbow bridge, to the land of wonder. Land of the gods.

Art made for me by: Hoodwinked MCShelster

(Please note this is not Marvel Thor, contrary to popular belief there are other versions, like Norse Mythology ;D)

Hello, and welcome to the sequel of The Farmer & The God. Before you proceed you should know some things may have changed since the first one. The story is the same, but the description of Thor has changed.

I could go back and change it in the original story, but I like to keep it as it is, flaws and all. It is a good reminder to me how far I have gotten.

So if you go back to read it, you should know there are mistakes I would not do today, habits I have shaken off. It feels very much like a fan fic in the the most cringe way possible, but in a good way for me.

That story will always hold a special place in my heart. :heart:

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The old sailor Stardust, is back from the sea, and uses his time back in Ponyville to help the foals in need. They can call the foal help line, and just talk, and get a good advice to take with them. It is an important job, one that should not be taken lightly.

So one can ask how the hell Stardust got in on it... Here is some examples of these conversations... Celestia help us..

(A tribute for a Danish comedian that made parody help lines when I was a kid!)

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Many years ago, when Equestria was still young, was a young princess, who struggled living in the shadow of her older sister.

History will tell us about Nightmare Moon rebelling against her sister, and threw Equestria into what she wanted to be eternal night. History will note the captain of the Luna guard standing by his mistress's side, until she was defeated and exiled to the moon. Then he fled, forever in exile, and dishonor.

Now, with the return of princess Luna, and the defeat of the shadowy entity known as Nightmare Moon, we learn that history, was wrong.

At least in one BIG detail..

Inspired by: NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE | Tangled The Series

Editor/Old Equish language expert: Mornings Dew

Coverart made by/belongs to: TheDracoJayProduct

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Anon is the only human in Equestria.

It can be hard to feel alone, despite having come to know a few ponies he can call his friends. Humans are so different from ponies, and it can be hard suddenly losing so much that you thought made you the person you are.

But, is this a final goodbye..?

Short Story.

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Colt Detective is the story of Clue Chaser.

After his father committed suicide, he was taken in by his uncle Time Turner and now lives in Ponyville, trying to adjust to his new life there. But Clue is convinced that his father was murdered, even though no one believes him, which weighs down on him considerably.

Thankfully, with the help of some friends--including the imaginary voice of his hero, Phillip Finder, protagonist of A.K. Yearling's Equestria Noire series--he'll find his way and gain the experience and knowledge he needs to become a true detective and maybe even find his father's killer.

Inspired by: Case Closed

Note: This is my first detective story, and I will try to make the cases make sense and work on them in fine detail. But this is my first detective story, so be gentle as you read it. And please don't read a chapter, then comment about a mistake, then keep reading the chapter, then comment again. Please read the whole chapter first, then comment, please.


Big thanks to PonyJosiah13 for letting me use Phillip Finder as a character mention and tribute in my story. If you're looking for an amazing detective story, be sure you check out his profile and have a look at his stories about Phillip Finder and Daring Do which was the first time I got introduced to the character. But there is a lot of great detective stories there, so go check him out! :eeyup:

And also big thanks to Hoodwinked MCShelster for the amazing cover art! Really love how it turned out! ^^

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Every child has some sort dream, of some sort of adventure. Being small or big.

That was the dream of one human boy, to experience a grand adventure, having the powers of his favorite fandom, Dragon Ball. Like so many others, he had thought of himself as a Saiyan, practiced the Kamehameha, and pretended to go Super Saiyan. It was the only thing that let him escape his hard life with his foster family.

Then one day, on his tenth birthday, he is given a birthday wish from a friend.

He wishes to be a Saiyan, and be sent to a world of adventure. His wish is granted, and he gets more than he had imagined.

Like a mother, and friends.

Cover Art by FrostTheHobidon. Goten with his hair cut, made for a video series of the YouTuber MasakoX titled What if Raditz Turned Good? and its animated follow up, Dragon Ball R&R.

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