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Why do I write? Because it's fun! :D


Twilight has wondered ever since her brother got married to princess Cadance, why hasn't Celestia or Luna ever married?

To her shock, she is told, they are married!

Celestia and Luna decides to tell the story of how their husband, an ordinary human from a world called Earth, arrived in Equestria. How he was chosen by the gods, infused with the powers of his choice, and how he became a god.

Join Twilight as she learns the details of an almost forgotten time before the unification. How they met, and how he saved their world from monsters she could never imagine in her worst nightmares.


NOTE: This is not a marvel crossover, this is inspired by Norse mythology.

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Living alone and far away, Daniel has an average life, a modest income, everything is just, normal and quiet, just like it should be, right?

Well, life has a way of calling your bluff and send your life upside down when you least expects it. Daniel finds that out when his quiet life is turned upside down by a group of colorful ponies crash into his life.

Not only that, but these ponies are turning human, so, not only does he have six magical talking ponies turning human, but he needs to keep it a secret, and look after them because... He is just a nice guy? Goodbye average life, goodbye peaceful and quiet days, miss ya!


I should note this is my first story using first person view.

Also that this is my venting story, so chapters can be as long or as short as I feel in that moment. This is just to vent some extra creativity and just have fun.

And so, if you have some fun chapters in your head, then feel free to share, like small ideas you think could be funny to put in! :twilightsmile:

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One cold Hearth's Warming Eve, a pair of ponies find a human infant, crying, alone and cold. Not knowing where he came from or who he is, they decide to adopt him and raise him as their own.

Little Nicholas is crafty, if he was a pony he would surely become a carpenter like his adoptive father, but instead, he uses his skills to make toys and thank all the ponies of Ponyville each year with their very own toys.

This is the story about how the human Nicholas became a saint, and a legend all foals would one day come to know. Santa Claus.

Inspired by:
The life and adventures of Santa Claus.
Christmas Chronicles

Chapters (11)

A year ago, a few months after the changeling invasion, a pony, only calling himself Joker, turned up and started to spread chaos.

He killed ponies, planted bombs, hurt the ponies of Equestria and the mane 6, badly.

Twilight is determined to find out why he did these things, she wants to understand, maybe even rehabilitate him. She goes in with a recorder and decides to interview him, listen to their conversations as Twilight tries to dive deeper into this pony's head and hopefully make sense of his madness.

Only question is, can she trust what he tells her?

NOTE: This is just a story I do when I feel bored. This is just a pony version of A Joker, not THE Joker. So don't go into this story if you expect a perfect replica. This is purely for fun, some light writing so to speak. This is just a version of A Joker. Please keep that in mind before you read. :pinkiecrazy:

P.S. The Joker is not Cheese Sandwich. :rainbowlaugh:

This story is inspired by:

The killing Joke
Dark Knight Rises
DC Comics

Chapters (12)

Celestia is pregnant, every pony is excited to see the newest member of the royal family!

Follow little Spero from the moment he is born throughout his life as he grows and learns about the world and what it means to be a prince of Equestria.

However those close to Celestia still have no idea who the father is and Celestia isn't telling. For little Spero it is a secret that he will continue to chase.

With villains, secrets and nobles all around the young prince, he most prevail! But with a little helps from his friends, anything is possible!

Long live the prince!

Note: It should be said the first chapters will be brief, as we will cover points in his baby years first. It will become bigger and bigger in time.

Timeline: His birth will be after the defeat of king Sombra and the return of the Crystal Empire, so like in the middle of season 3.

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Jedi Knight Revan Blake has barely managed to escape the clutches of the empire. Order 66 has destroyed the only home and family he has ever known, in desperation Revan gathers what he can of Jedi knowledge and jumps into hyper space. Using the force to guide him, he picks a random system, knowing full well he could run into a sun or a meteor belt.

Trusting the Force, he jumps into hyperspace with the goal of protecting Jedi history and teachings. However, as he travels something goes wrong, some unknown force pulls his ship from hyperspace and makes his freighter crash into the Everfree forest.

Being the only human, the only jedi, the only force user, Celestia offer him a home in the hopes he may find the peace he needs. However, the force awakes, and Revan knows he is the only one who can teach it safely, the only question is, should he?

What unknown path has open up for our young Jedi!

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The kingdom Equestria has always been a relative safe place, but with villains out there creating chaos new bands of bandits appears throughout the kingdom. In responds the Blue Guard is created, garrisons of loyal peacekeeping soldiers that will patrol and keep the peace.

How long until corruption starts to take control of the garrisons? Dirty bits from the nobles, keeping the princesses in the dark and certain ponies oppressed? Who will fight the dark underworld and the corrupt classes? Who will defend the common pony?

The hero they will call to is, Night Wonder!

A blade wielding vigilante that will fight the evil that nopony else can deal with!

Cover Art Commissioned of: Hoodwinked MCShelster

(This story is based of Zorro, though I felt it would be cheap to call him the same, so I will call our Zorro pony for Night Wonder! ^^ )

MLP Is owned by Hasbro

Zorro the character is from 1919 and is public domain.

Picture of Moon, could not find the owner.

Picture of Night Wonder: Drawn by a friend.

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One late afternoon Applejack is caught in a freak storm that seemingly appears out of nowhere, getting home wont be easy. As a lot of sticks and branches fly everywhere she get's dangerous close to getting hurt when suddenly someone saves her!

A mysterious stallion mange to shield her from the danger, but get's himself knocked out. Where did he come from? Who is he? He has no idea, he has forgotten. So until his memories comes back he will stay at Sweet Apple Acres and get better.

Though one cannot sit still at the farm so he soon volunteers to help out and proofs himself useful much to amazement and maybe interest to a certain blonde mare?

But who is he really? Can Applejack find out and can she accept the truth when she does?


(This is my first fiction on this platform, so any feedback would be much appreciated since English is not my first language ^^)

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