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Why do I write? Because it's fun! :D


This story is a sequel to The Legend Of Nicholas

20 years has passed since Nicholas was first found and adopted by a pair of ponies.

He is now a young man, living in his workshop deep within the Everfree forest. His story has grown, and each year foals expects to get a gift from the jolly human.

Twilight has only just learned about him, when Applejack takes her and their friends to him.

It is time for the legend to grow, Nicholas has had strange dreams as of late. He feels something is calling to him, and he cannot get his mind of it.

He wants to travel.

Inspired by:
The life and adventures of Santa Claus.
Christmas Chronicles

Chapters (5)

Mathias Frost.

He was just enjoying himself during a weekend event with his Roman reenactment club. Everything was as it should be, but during a mock battle he found himself alone in the woods, and before he knew it, he was in Equestria.

It took a few weeks, but after they were sure they had no easy way of sending him home, Celestia decided to grant him citizenship! He could have stayed at the palace, but not wanting to do nothing he decided to work. Luckily, there is a job available for someone like him!

Ponyville needs a new guard, and being the only one, he will also be the highest ranking one, effectively making him guard captain of Ponyville.

Working for Mayor Mare, he is the law, and is required to keep the peace in Ponyville. Easier said than done...

How will the ponies take to him? Can he make friends? And can he avoid getting fired?

Chapters (2)

It has been quite a ride, millions of people around the world have for many years enjoyed the world and the fandom of My Little Pony.

It has however come to an end..

Will we always be able to escape to that happy place of adventure and friendship? Will we always remember? Or will the show glide into happy nostalgia?

Twilight and her friends are about to find out the answer to that very question.

Chapters (1)

Quick note: This is my first CYOA story. So bear with me. It is also an experiment and a mini story to try out a new writing method.

You and Rainbow Dash have been friends for many years.

Although you you've both grown, gotten new friends, new lives, you still hang out a lot. You love to race, to tease, and play games with Rainbow.

Though you heard from a certain white unicorn is working at a maid café. Naturally you could hardly resist the chance of seeing Rainbow Danger Dash dressed as a maid.

Off to the café you go!

Good luck! :pinkiehappy:

Chapters (17)

Pax was as normal as normal could get.

He was a normal earth pony, with uninteresting cutie mark, and uninteresting future. Pax refused to accept his role in life, he wanted to be a great hero, save Equestria! Just like the six elements of harmony!

However during his attempts he found an old a sealed away evil. Without knowing the danger, Pax struck a deal with the creature and gained the powers he needed to become a hero!

Unknown to him, he had unleashed an unrelenting evil upon the lands. After being confronted and exposed, Pax was locked away as the elements tried to seal the creature away once again.

Wanting to make up for his mistakes, Pax sacrifices himself, bonding with the creature, trapping it inside himself and then seals them both away.

Now he's trapped for eternity, leaving him to deal with his shame and guilt...

Chapters (4)

A string of unexplained events has recently taken place in Canterlot City.

Rainbow Dash brings her friend's attention to the fact a human has been seen performing crazy feats, saving people all over the place!

Of course they're all skeptical, namely Twilight, who does not believe what Rainbow claims this person has done is possible. That however changes as she finds the new kid of the school, Anon, displaying such a abilities!

He is strong, he's fast, he can fly!

Follow along as Anon get used to his powers, tries to learn more about them and save the day on top of it all.

It's the rise of a hero! Stopping criminals, saving damsels in distress, and trying to keep it all hidden from his friends!

(Please note that this won't be the OP Superman powers thing. So please don't dismiss this story because of that fear.)


Editor: Jason Monroe

Chapters (5)

A human turning into a pony has decided to keep a journal. Follow along as he writes his experiences.

Not much more to say about that, though it be an interesting concept, sure people have done it before, but I wanted to give it a go too.

The chapters will be each time he writes about his day, I'll try to keep this one updated a few times a week as they will be small, but I have other and bigger stories, or things I have to do in real life, so I might not always be able to.

Chapters (17)

It takes a certain kind of pony to become a personal servant to the princesses. One must have patience, grace, a clever head, and be a problem solver.

Dapper Dash is one such pony.

Although skeptical about the idea of having a personal butler, Dapper Dash soon proves he is anything but an ordinary butler. While most ponies would be rattled or nervous around Celestia and Luna, he seems to be calm, and even managing to keep up with them.

He's a true gentlecolt, and not only that, he is quite the learned stallion, impressing even princesses. Clearly he is more than than he seems, but not much is known about him. With the drama around the palace it may be good to have an ally that can think on his hooves.

After all, a butler is there to make life easier for their charges.

Big thanks to Hoodwinked MCShelster for the amazing cover art! Really love how it turned out! ^^

Chapters (10)

Rainbow Dash have achieved her dreams, she is a Wonderbolt. Her life is perfect, well, almost, something is still missing from her life, but that will soon change, because today is the day everything finally falls into place.

Her coltfriend, Pax Light, a stallion she has had her ups and downs with, but in a good way, has finally asked her to marry him. But of course, it is not the only great thing about this marriage, she is not only going to be a wife, but a mother as well.


Just a short story I wanted to do. Something sweet and straight forward, one can say it is part of a bigger story I want to do someday, but today I just wanna write this small happy moment. ^^

Big thanks to the editor who is; Jason Monroe

Chapters (2)

Always watching, that is what he does everyday. For how long, he no longer knows.

Neither does he know his name, his purpose, or what he is. The only joy in his dark and bleak life is watching the colorful lives of the ponies of Ponyville. Wishing, he could be a part of them, imagining he could be like them and their lives...

But alas, he seems to be a doomed to a life alone, forever in the shadows... Right...?


Inspired by: Slenderman

And also hugely inspired by: The King of Carrot Flowers by ShadowBoxingKing. Check it out if you want a really beautiful Slender Pony Story. :eeyup:

Edited by: Jason Monroe

Chapters (1)
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