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This story is a sequel to Stories from the Nightly Twilight Thread

More second-person narrative tales of you dealing with the everyday adventures that come with befriending a magical purple unicorn and her dragon assistant.

Pavlov's Pony - In which you demonstrate classical conditioning to Spike.
Twilight versus the Seat Heater - In which you and Twilight go Christmas shopping.

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who hobbled down the stoop to


heaved it towards the center of the room.A trail of unraveled paper

No space after full stop.

This is funny and adorable. Just like the first one. Im guessing the 3 dislikes are from people that didn't actually read it and just downvoted because its human in Equestria. Oh well its their loss.

I love it. Twilights fascination with an electric car seat is truly adorkable. :twilightsmile:
It would be great to see another part where they actually shop at the mall.

Thank you, those errors have been corrected.

Im guessing the 3 dislikes are from people that didn't actually read it

I believe so too, and that dislike problem no doubt applies to every story.
That's just the way the site is set up though. Can't do much about it.

Whenever (or if) I come up with some good ideas for another story, yeah.
Can't make any promises, though I do have a rough outline for a Twilight story sitting on the backburner.

The cover art for this keeps melting my Heart :twilightblush::twilightsmile::heart:

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