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Princess Twilight, ruler of Equestria. Yet she feels unsure how to rule her new kingdom. She has her friends, she has Celestia, Luna and Cadence, even Discord to give her advice, but it still doesn't seem to be enough. Until one day not long after her coronation, she received a letter from the unknown with an offer to meet others who might give her the confidence she needed. From who else but her selves?

This tale is a mix of homages to some of my favourite MLP Fanfiction and other ideas of my own which I'm not quite sure if I could write a full dedicated story about. There will be (possible) spoilers for both the other fics and possibly some of my own if I proceed to follow up with them.

Reader's Discretion, this Fic contains spoilers to several other Fics listed:
Change Series by tom117z
NegotiationsVerse by Rated Ponystar
Past Sins by Pen Stroke

Other stories referenced:
Bride of Discord trilogy by DisneyFanatic23
The Color Goddess by MuseScript
Princess Celestia: The Changeling Queen by vren55
A Tale of Blue and Red by Stratocaster
Steel Soul by Masterweaver

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Conversations into alternate realities? This seems like my kind of story. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. :twilightsmile:

You have my curiosity. I'm very interested in seeing what alternate version of Twilight are brought into this.

Definitely sounds like an intriguing idea.

As for other versions of herself that Twilight could talk to:'

One of them could be Dr. Twilight Sparkle, an adult version of her human counterpart.

Another could be Twilight the Great, from a universe where the Mane Six and the Pillars switched roles. (i.e. Twilight was Celestia and Luna's mentor and a considerably younger Starswirl was Celestia and Luna's shared personal student).

The address for needed info on the possible series is


In this case, it would be sometime after that Twilight returned from dimensional limbo.

Another possibility could be Bed Head's Flipverse that had Spike as the pony and Twilight as the dragon (assuming Bed Head gave you permission to use the character).

Another version could be one of the universes where the Sonic Rainboom never happened, but she still managed to have a rather good life, make some great friends and help save the world on a dozen different occasions.

Another version she could talk to would be one of the many versions of her male counterpart Dusk Shine

Another version she could talk to could be one that experienced having her horn shatter at her entrance exam, but, through extra-hard work, learned how to be extremely good with tools and potions as well as do most of the stuff she could before even without her horn.

And, I'll let you know if I come up with other stuff.

Well, getting permission will be hard for most of what I had in mind mostly due to Author in activity.

Yeah. That's more than fair enough.

That's the trouble with this kind of story. You're not even guaranteed the authors that are active, and ones you want to use, will say you can use their version of the character.

Excellent job on this chapter. Love the work that went into the dialogue and characterizations. Definitely loved how the older and wiser Twilight was able to give her main counterpart so much helpful advice (as well as that "testing trick" and the possible foreshadowing with the "Empress"). Also looking forward to seeing which two alternate Twilights are next.

Other possibilities for alternate Twilights:

A starship captain from a universe where magic and technology both developed at an equal rate.

One of her human counterparts who became Spider-Woman (i.e. somebody who has been through A LOT of REALLY bad spots, but learned to work through them with guts and ingenuity while still using her gifts to help others).

Anyway, certainly looking forward to more.

You can use the Twilight from my story

One question though will the events in this story effect the ones it references or do we not have to worry about inter-dimensional lore?

That didn’t work so well in transformers.

That all depends. Most cases, I'd like to say the impact would no different from just another ship entering the harbour (this is an anthology after all), but if you want I could allow the impact to be greater.

Coming from you, I am honored.

That’s okay I’d rather not have to deal with inter dimensional lore and that.

Love this spin on Main Twilight's meeting with Dusk Shine. Yeah. Absolutely loved them actually giving each other advice (Twilight reassuring Dusk, Dusk giving Twilight helpful pointers on running Equestria). Indeed, I liked him admitting to knowing about the practical, common sense details, but not being experienced enough with politics to implement them - though, thinking about it, putting up with those type of politics for over a thousand years would probably be a good reason for Celestia AND Solaris to wish to retire once they thought their intended successors were ready, even if not a good reason to NOT do more to prepare them beforehand. I also liked the subtle details in the universe beyond the gender-flips (such as the differences in dragon culture) - which makes me think that, in this version of Equis 63, it might be the counterpart to the real Grogar rather than Eris in disguise (which would be quite welcome; frankly that was one of the few problems I had with the finale as it seemed like the writers kind of dropped the ball on that one).

But, anyway, certainly looking forward to more of this.

Excellent job on this latest chapter. Definitely loved the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations, general chapter wrap-up and future chapter set-up. Definitely liked the stuff about how Main Twilight could get the wrong universe TWICE (though neither time was a total waste as she was able to introduce her prehistoric counterpart to things that would help with her world's advancement and, in this second one, she at least figured out the reason for the universe mix-ups, got to provide some helpful advice to another version of herself AND found some possible warning/foreshadowing of another, crazier Twilight lurking in the multiverse.

VERY certainly looking forward to more of this (especially since the next time is presumably going to be the RIGHT universe).


I kind of want to see the cavepony.

You're starting to make me wish Twilight could meet her counterpart in my own ongoing Baldness story.

Oh, you wrote that one?
I mean, I haven't read it yet but it is in my read later list.


At this part, a certain clip from DBZ Abridged came to mind...:trollestia:

VERY good job on this latest chapter. REALLY good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Definitely feeling bad for Spike concerning Garble's prank, but now Rarity has visited one of the universes. The details of the differences in the local Twilight's universe certainly make sense, but I DO feel bad for the Empress concerning she has outlived all of her friends except her Spike, though the accomplishments of her and her friends certainly sound quite respectable at least.

VERY certainly looking forward to more of this.

Good to see Twilight's friends have learned nothing from School Daze.

I'm really enjoying this fic so far! I'm honestly flabbergasted this doesn't have more views, I'm definitely really eager to see who this mystery world hopper is, as well as just generally curious about all the other potential counterparts Twilight has yet to meet!

The writing does feel a little rushed at times I won't lie, It's not bad by any means, but I think some of the more dialogue heavy parts could use some more description, maybe some imagery of what Twilight is imagining or thinking as her counterpart is speaking. I'm better at demonstrating what I mean so I'll just use a sentence from the above: Twilight looked at her in disbelief, "How could you be so callous? A version of us just died at the hooves of a crazed, world leaping pony! How could you act like it was nothing?"

I would probably do something like: Twilight looked at her in disbelief, tears pricked the corners of her eyes as anger shook her body. "How could you be so callous? A version of us just died at the hooves of a crazed, world leaping pony! How could you act like it was nothing?!"

Definitely more of a stylistic choice but I thought I would recommend it nonetheless. Keep up the great work! I'm looking forwards to the next update! :twilightsmile:

Well, this was certainly an intriguing chapter. Again, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are pretty well done. I could certainly understand how the main Twilight could be so badly shaken from the chat with her counterpart in the previous chapter, but I also appreciate how, at the very least, chatting with the other Twilight of THIS chapter taught her to be even more appreciative of her friends (and, yeah, I could see how the main Twilight could be that disgusted with this one's callousness, even with the acknowledgement of how all that bad life experience could negatively affect somebody like that).

But anyway, very certainly looking forward to seeing what universe is next.

Noted. I'll try to do that next time.

Again, great job on this chapter. The assorted notes from the crew in charge of the multiverse were quite well done (especially with the description for the reason for diverting Main Twilight's attention, the references to Generation Five and the foreshadowing for future threats).

Definitely looking forward to more of this.

Well, this is once again, a rather intriguing chapter. The exchanges, (very brief) action, characterizations and future chapter set-up were quite well done in all the right places. Yeah, definitely feeling sorry for Spike concerning the "having to oversee the clean-up of a debate between a Minotaur and a Yak". Though, yeah, Rainbow and Twilight did have that initial misunderstanding with "Lady Twilight" and her squire Spike, but at least that cleared up before anybody got seriously hurt. Of course, it sounds like one of the differences between the two Equestrias in this case is that the Changelings are still enemies in Lady Twilight's Equestria. Also loved the details of the counterparts to the rest of the Mane Six as well as the stuff about King Sombra being gradually reformed by becoming more open to more honorable tactics and Main Twilight sharing the information of the caverns.

Again, certainly looking forward to more of this.

This was definitely an interesting chapter to read. The notion of something as war-like as the crusades, basically being a gigantic version of chess, was a twist I didn't see coming. I definitely like the idea of that concept being something that appeals to Sombra, and slowly bringing him around to the notion of changing his ways.

Another excellent job on this latest chapter. Again, the exchanges, characterizations, action and future chapter set-up are all wonderfully done. Felt bad for Main Twilight breaking the news of what happened to the better of the two Empress Twilights seen so far to her wisdom counterpart before both Main and Wisdom ended up meeting that alternate Time Turner and his world's Twilight while they were in the middle of one of their adventures. Admittedly, I don't know much about Doctor Who other than the insultingly obvious basics (not a fan, but HAVE heard of the character), but I still admit that the action is well done. Enjoyed the information exchange as usual, but, yeah, the ending of the chapter is giving me the sort of bad feeling that is good for story-telling purposes.

VERY certainly looking forward to more of this. Maybe one of the future universes Main Twilight and at least one of her friends visit could be a super-hero universe modelled after either DC Comics, Marvel Comics or a combination of both. And another universe could be modelled after a classic adventure video game (such as the Super Mario Brothers franchise, Sonic the Hedgehog [Twilight would definitely have the brains and possible flying ability to be an excellent Tails], or what have you). I have a feeling that a few super-heroes would be pretty helpful in the upcoming big battle.

Sheesh, spoilers much. Now I'm going to have to delay that chapter.:rainbowlaugh:

Oops. I guess we could chalk that under accidentally accurate guess. I didn't mean to spoiler anything. That's why I used the spoiler bars. (sheepish grin) Glad I was able to at least provide you with a laugh, though.

You sir, you just won my approval.

So this story continues to live. Very good. I'm interested in seeing who all and what all gets to be involved in this work as it expands.

Just to be clear, there is no way I am neglecting any of my babies. When I start something, I intend to finish it one way or another. In other words, not one of them will be cancelled until finished.

Hey there. Thanks very much for getting this next chapter up. Certainly liked the touch about the short note that not only shows understanding of Twilight's situation, but also provided a potentially helpful next target universe.

VERY certainly looking forward to more of this.

Whoa mama. Definitely a great job on this chapter. Again, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are well done. Really appreciated Twilight's chat with her Archivist counterpart. Indeed, I COULD understand how the recurrence of this "Anon" character could drive the latter to that level of insanity (for the reasons she mentioned herself), especially if she already had the grief of outliving and having to bury Spike. Though, in addition to the list of alicorn versions that haven't been warned yet, maybe she COULD have also asked about an additional list for versions of herself who could be useful in helping stop whoever has been targeting her alicorn counterparts (Of course, the odds are that there would be at least a few names that are on both lists). But, I DID like that scene with Main Rainbow at the end.

REALLY looking forward to more of this.

Just so you know, this story may or may not have help inspired the latest arc in my own story, which has the canon Twilight from the cartoon finding herself in the reality of the story.

Oh, she'll find out what she's missing soon enough.

"Sorry Twilight," Spike hung his head low apologetically, "I still need to monitor Rainbow Dash while she takes lessons from Princess Luna on how to Dream Walk."


Is it just me or do is that jab about Flash Sentry a bit out-of-place in this story? Given what Twilight was doing she herself probably thinks she deserved far worse than a slap. And yet that comment is made and gets dropped instantly.

Other than that, a good and interesting read.

It happened in Rest; before Flash deserted the Equestrian military, he had a massive argument with Twilight. The rest is history.

That's canon. Flash and Twilight were dating but Flash argued what they were doing to humanity was wrong which lead to a fight between the two. Flash, out of anger, slapped Twilight during it and was both kicked out of the Guard and broke up with Twilight. He later joined the Resistance and married Lyra while having a family with her.

heres one of my favs so far twilight sparkle from star trek : phoenix and crossing the Trixie bridge is another if you like to do chapters based on both twilights

Can you give me the links? I'll try to check them out.

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