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Spirit: A Martian Story · 6:54am Apr 23rd, 2020

You remember this comic?

It's about Opportunity's twin Spirit.

Well, there's a short film of it now, and Spirit is being voiced by none other than Tara Strong!:twilightsmile:

You can watch it here: https://aldrinfoundation.org/spirit-a-martian-story/

Also, shoutout to Daedalus Aegle for letting me know that this even exists.

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Comment posted by Oaklamenda01 deleted Jan 4th, 2020

Huh, interesting question. Let's see. In no particular order:
-Tara Strong
-Tabitha St. Germain
-Rebecca Shoichet
-Jennifer Hale
-Christian Wewerka

I could name others I like, but those five probably top the list as far as having delivered the most memorable VA performances in my book.

Who are your favorite voice actors?

Ranma Saotome the shows MC, sometimes went by the name Ranko while in girl form

How is your name a Ranma 1/2 reference?

hehe, while I have not seen all of the anime (literally only a few eps and a movie) I love Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction. I also SO wish I had Ranma's curse. XD I am currently reading a Ranma 1/2 x Final Fantasy X cross over too!

Yes, it is.:twilightsmile:

There's not a lot a lot people who catch this. You can count yourself among a select few.

Just gotta ask. is your name a Ranma 1/2 reference? :rainbowhuh:

It's Aphrodite as depicted in the game Smite.

Who's the woman in your avatar, where is she from, and where did you find the artwork?

Comment posted by Razalon The Lizardman deleted Nov 21st, 2017

:rainbowlaugh: Well, you wouldn't be the first to get drawn in solely by the avatar.

But if you're also a fan of Sketchy's work, you might be interested in some of the tie-ins I've written for his stories:
My Overbearing Aunt: The Nightmare Gambit
Now That I've Found You
Love Thy Neighbor

You get a follower for that avatar ALONE, my new friend.:twilightsmile:

Are you still doing commissions?.

I really loved "The Family That Plays Together, Lays Together"! I actually had a similar idea but with more characters if you're interested.

Because I like that picture. And I think Aki was one of the best characters on 5D's, at least for about the first half of the show. But Ranma 1/2 ranks much higher on my anime favorite list, and it's also the first anime I really watched back in the day. And it's the first show I read and wrote fanfiction of. Hence the pen name.

Anyway, they're both redheads. So it works, doesn't it?:twilightsheepish:

I've been curious about this but if your pen name is Naughty Ranko then why are you using Akiza from Yu-gi-oh 5D's as your avatar?

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