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Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. While Equestria has been a land of peace and harmony for much of its history, it has also seen its fair share of battles.

This anthology of past battles aims to give the reader an unbiased view and historic perspective of some of the most pivotal moments in Equestrian military history as well as a view into the minds of the most brilliant and eccentric commanders of their time.

These are their stories.

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Bagpipes play in the early morning mists as we pay our respects to the fallen hairs cut before their time.

One chapter in and already I'm laughing. I shall be watching this one with great interest.

oooooo This was too great, and the ending was really sweet. (yes pun intended)

War! War never changes! :raritydespair:
Also War has never been so much fun. :pinkiehappy:

Thumbs-upped and tracked

This is superb. So far the lunar republic seems to be holding the moral high ground. I wonder if that will last.

If you listen, you can hear Twilight pounding her head on her reading desk as she reads this, and realizes how dumb Celestia and Luna were at her age.

Love the story. Couldn't help but think that :b

This reminded me of a bit that I slipped into one of my stories:

With her library closed for the weekend, in the afternoon she’d gone to the park to do some light reading. … Her plan had been to read Sugar Water’s Record of the Cola Wars and lose herself in the history of an earlier, more bellicose era of public taste tests, brutal media campaigns, eroded market share and ill-conceived reformulations.

This was both quite silly and immensely entertaining.

causing Starswirl the Bearded to remark: “When everyone is equally unhappy, that’s the hallmark of a good compromise.”

When YOU are happy with it, that's the sign of a GREAT compromise :trollestia:

This story brought this to mind. Totally irrelevant, but amusing.
Part of the Triptych Continuum, but a stand alone story.
No need to read anything else to understand it.

EPrincesses Can't Cook
Following a certain eclipse, both halves of the Diarchy have agreed to work on their absent culinary skills. Anise Verum and Blending Stock are the lucky ponies who get to change that status. ('Lucky' may not be the right word.)
Estee · 11k words  ·  573  7 · 8.6k views

Interestingly cool! I love it

This story was delightfully funny.

I was grinning from the start, but Head Chef Cream Puff channeling Churchill's "We shall fight on the beaches" speech caused me to lose it. Looking forward to more overblown hilarity!

Months if not a year of beard, lost before it's time to the cruelest cut.

(Starswirl, thankfully did not also have a year's ration in crumbs stuck in said beard as the fastidious stallion he is.)

This anthology looks like it's going to be absolutely awesome!

What followed has been hotly debated by historians friendly to either side as Philomena the Phoenix invaded Kitchen airspace undetected, settling near a frying pan and causing a small grease fire which prompted the kitchen staff to evacuate the area.

Dammit Philomena XD

Rarity did not see her sister flee the battlefield. If she had, she would have thought no less of her. A battle was no place for a filly, and although the number of defenders had doubled, prospects still looked bleak, until a new battle cry boomed across the field: “Cutie Mark Crusaders Postal Workers! Yay!”

And thus they knew, doom had arrived upon them

"losses:2 muffins from Derpy’s lunch basket which had gone stale by the time the siege was lifted"

War is hell!:derpytongue2:

One of the few times when a Cutie Mark Crusade had a positive result. :rainbowwild:


Out flew the web and floated wide;
The mirror crack'd from side to side;
'The curse is come upon me,' cried
The Lady of Shalott.


Derpy best pony: CONFIRMED. :derpytongue2:

(This was both extremely entertaining, and very heartwarming. I quite enjoyed.)

Another funny chapter! Great job!

Pinkie the Wallbreaker Pie


“Boulder says you called.”


Dawwwwww, this is really cute. Nice to see there was no hard feelings towards the old leader’s and the sisters.
I wonder when the pillars are gunna show up, abd pay along with filly Celestia and Luna

"Professor, did you know this was going to happen?" :ajbemused:

"Due to national security concerns I can neither confirm nor deny any rumors that the stars warned that 'the blizzard of distrust gives way to the also-freezing blizzard of mirth', or that I chose to leave town that day for that reason." :moustache:

Obligatory reminder of the time some US soldiers were destroyed by Norwegian schoolkids in a snowball war.

("I also can neither confirm nor deny that any author squeed with delight at any references, oblique or otherwise, that may or may not be contained within this record of events.")

When both sides are happy it's miraculous!

When I was a kid, I read the story of how schoolkids smuggled several tons of gold out of Norway during the Nazi occupation during WWII (I'd link it, but ICR the name).

Moral of the story
Do NOT mess with Norwegian schoolkids.

I think my favorite part of this was "Acting Adult Clover the Clever" :P

Yet they pressed on regardless and found the train still in station, held there by a valiant rear guard action fought by another clan member: “Give me oranges or give me death!” The shouting and ranting stallion standing on the tracks held off the iron carriage all by himself while the train conductor yelled back: “That doesn’t even make sense! Get out of the way, you lunatic!”

Oh my gods. This is the best part of the whole series - the fact that the narrative is clearly embellishing way beyond what actually happened, and the ponies who aren't direct participants are just as clearly bewildered by the seriousness being taken in mundane tasks. :pinkiehappy:

Excellent Chatter 1 I give it 10 out 27 .
And if yor interested I have some ideas for fanfics you mite like to write

The ensuing naval arms race prompted the Sunny Trail Seas Fleet to sign off on one more, rather unusual, design, the crewed flight-deck cruiser Kindness . Rear Admiral Trailblazer's initial opposition to the concept was overcome after much pecking and pinching by the Squad (two seagulls and a crab), waterfront locals who volunteered to serve and were finally given their own command with the words: "Let's just humor them so they'll leave me alone, please."

critters gonna crit

A moment of silence please for the Sprouticus Maximusbamd her crew.

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