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What would happen, if Discord, Lord of Chaos, held a bi-weekly poker round with Mongol Warlord Genghis Khan, Roman Emperor Caligula, German Poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Greek Philosopher Socrates?

You'd think their conversations would be pretty interesting, with a clear distinction between madness, savagery, reason and poetry, right? Well, you'd be right, but probably not in the way you thought.

Now what do you think would happen, if for some reason they had their poker night at Fluttershy's house?

Teen Rating for strong language and sexual themes.

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No! Not the Sheep!

Strange and enjoyable, I loved eet. :moustache:

OMFG A Story by Naughty Ranko that isn't Clop or her Highschool DxD Crossover :pinkiegasp:

Jokes aside this was a very entertaining Story with an interesting Premise :yay:

Well, that was different :rainbowderp: But funny :twilightsmile:

I now can't help but think that Caligula, Genghis and Goethe would make a good harem for Luna. Socrates, meanwhile, rolls in the hay with Big Mac. While Twilight watches.

Well, Caligula, Genghis and Luna certainly would have a lot to talk about. They're all a little misunderstood. I can see what you're insinuating with Socrates and Big Mac there. Those crazy Athenians.:rainbowlaugh:

But I think Goethe may have a better time partying with Berry Punch and Pinkie Pie.:pinkiehappy:

XD that was great! If you make a sequel, can you put Loki in it? Think of all the horse jokes!

Oh, there's an interesting idea. Gods from different mytholgies instead of historical figures. I'll have to think about that.

This was great fun. Nice collection of figures. And that idea with the gods, I suggest doing it with gods from whatever you want, not just real life mythology. It's been done before, but I can just see Discord and Sheogorath being best buds over being random.

And Flutters being embarrassed after the first night is adorable, oddly enough.

This.... just made my entire week^^ *is still laughing so hard*

great job^^

Socrates was especially hilarious. I am greek and take no offense to the jokes.


It's all in good fun, after all. I'm German and Goethe still got his as well. It's not really about the nationalities anyway. It's more about these personalities and the preconceived notions we have of them.


Well, Caligula, Genghis and Luna certainly would have a lot to talk about. They're all a little misunderstood.

(RoyalCanterlotVoice) First, we shall drink and commiserate over how the bloodshed overshadowed our many real accomplishments, and then we shall commence the orgy! (/RoyalCanterlotVoice)

Those crazy Athenians.:rainbowlaugh:

That too :eeyup: I was also thinking of the common fanon that Big Mac is a deceptively deep thinker. On the other hand, it seems here that Socrates himself might not be as deep as his fanboy Plato presented him as :derpytongue2:

4809823 But i am just saying i can take a joke about a great Greek figure._

That was hilarious! And I'd love to see what would happen with Discord playing Poker with some gods. Oh, especially if Zues was there, so Discord can get super over-protective when Zues makes a comment about what a lovely pony Fluttershy is while stroking his beard.

And is it weird I have the sudden mental image of a short epilogue chapter where Fluttershy is explaining what all happened between her and Discord last night and she gets up to when she closed them in her room all alone...

:yay: And then I got out the squirt guns.
Discord: ...what?

I don't know which would be funnier: Fluttershy deliberately trolling him that way to show she can be a prankster too; that she was being kinky; or that that's what she genuinely thinks a couple does in the bedroom because of a misunderstanding with her parents when she was younger involving a late night glass of water and wet sheets.

Good one although Fluttershy seem too brave in this, or maybe we just dont know her when she want the D :yay:

oh good god my sides! It hurts! The laughter! To much! :pinkiehappy:

Discord playing Poker with some gods

Please no, the chaos would be too much. Although it would be hilarious. :pinkiehappy:

Lol little boot is never going to live down appointing a horse to the senate even thou he only did it to show how stupid the they were and how there word doesn't matter and the Caesar is the only word that matters. But even thou with all that stupid stuff he did at lest he was a better ruler than Tiberius. It would have bin cooler if you added more people like Rameses II (the pharaoh of the 19th dynasty) or maybe Richard Nixon. And made it longer cuz I wish I could see more of the conversations that would go on between all them. But all in all it was a great story. I fucking love history

Your story was nice, but the romance part kind of killed it for me. Still great story!:pinkiehappy:

4809823 you can say that again

Wunderbar. *claps*
This really made my morning.

I was actually considering putting in a Pharao, before I settled on Socrates as the fourth member. But then I would have probably gone for Hatshepsut, the 18th Dynasty Queen, and maybe even her stepson Tutmosis III. I find their relationship fascinating, and I don't believe he destroyed her momuments after death out of hatred for denying him the throne, but because the priesthood and public opinion forced him to.

Nixon would have been a little out of my comfort zone. My interests and education range from ancient times till the Middle Ages, maybe a little into early modern times. American history isn't really my strong suit, so I stuck to things I knew.

In the end I decided to keep it at four people. Makes the story tighter.

Well, originally I just had the five guys shooting the breeze in a non-descript location. But that was a little too random. By revolving the discussion around the Discord/Fluttershy relationship, and having the four historical personalities dish out relationship advice, it focused the story quite a bit. So I decided to relocate them and actually bring Fluttershy herself into the story, so I could actually have some pay-off for that.

Roman Emperor Caligula

I am going to make so many fisting jokes.

All the best times in my life happen around a poker game. The best of times.


4813216 Hatshepsut would have been a good idea and your right Nixon alto he did do a lot of good things as president like he Established the Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety and Health Administration but nobody cared about all the good.
they only care about Watergate. he wouldn't be good in the story cuz of his personality I would instead pick President Andrew Jackson he did some stuff that's important like the Spoils system
But it's more because of his personality a down to earth cocky
Asshole. he was the first President that wasn't in politics or a army general but since your not that big on Presidents what about the Babylonian Dynasty,
Ancient Mesopotamia like Hammurabi That eye for an eye dude or Ashurbanipal he was the first egghead you know because he made the first library.

It's good to finally find a guy or girl (or who ever you are) that knows about history. everyone I know hates history or doesn't know what I'm talking about.

Girl, if you want to know. I have a master's degree in history, actually. Although my specialty is the Middle Ages, Roman and Greek history has also been a big part in my lectures and courses.

Unfortunately the early cultures like Egypt and Mesopotamia weren't really part of my curriculum, although there are written sources. But for the most part they're firmly in the domain of the archeologists. I've had a big interest in Egypt since childhood, but admittedly I don't know that much about the ancient near East, except in the instances where they have contact with Egypt, either through war or trade.

I'm happy to see someone appreciate all the historical bits in this story. I was afraid that some of it might go over peoples' heads.:twilightsmile:

4818054 oh damn. I sometimes forget how there are many different age groups of people that are on this site. I usually think everyone is a 17 year old teenager like myself.
And you know what's weird is I have read some of your other story's but I didn't know you were the author of all of them. Witch means you must be doing something right if multiple story's of yours pulled me into reading them and I didn't know they were linked to you.
(Also on a side note do you have to see season 2 of high school dxd for your crossover because I have only seen season one but man I love the plot and main characters, the feels and emotions. but as a guy I never thought I'd say. because of that show I got tired of seeing boobs.)


Also on a side note do you have to see season 2 of high school dxd for your crossover because I have only seen season one

You'll get what's going on, even if you haven't seen Season 2, for the most part. But there's gonna be some pretty heavy spoilers for it.

but as a guy I never thought I'd say. because of that show I got tired of seeing boobs.

:rainbowlaugh: I know, the fanservice in that show is pretty ridiculous at times. Which is a shame, cause people tend to see only the boobs, not the story or characters.

I do have another option for you, though. Instead of watching the second Season of the anime, you could also read volumes 3 and 4 of the light novels here:
Fan Translation Page That's what Season 2 is based on.

4818182 alright thanks. It was nice talking to you. Sense I fallow some of your story's and now you. ill see you around kind stranger. Have a nice day... Or night depending on where you are.

This is fucking funny as hell. XD

Oh god, those five playing poker and now this? I wish, I wish, oh I wish deeply that there is a sequel to this of like a second poker game, but with other people. Like maybe Applejack and a few Cowboys or Indians like Sitting Bull, Billy the Kid, and others.

Surprisingly mild, but entertaining as hell! Nice!

Why am I not surprised that Discord would play poker with them? A conqueror, an emperor, a poet known for being drunk or high, and a philosopher. Shame they couldn't play Tenmujin place because he lost his house in the packing. Not many can say that.

he could of asked me to play poker to i love it and i could of gave Discord better dateing tips then Genghis, Johann, Caesar and Socrates too

Very enjoyable story.

hey, muy buena historia, me encanta la conversación y los consejos que le dan a Discord, fue muy divertido leer esto, sin duda una de las mejores historias que he leído. La única cosa que me genera algo de ruido es que Fluttershy se haya animado a tener intimidad la primera noche después de su confesión, fue inesperado y dulce pero bastante rápido en mi opinión

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