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A fellow who writes about the little things in life. Also, a big fan of Luna, from the very beginning.


A gardener's life is a treasured one, and Princess Luna's is no different.

As like many others, she tends to her flowers, watching them grow, bloom, wither, and fall. Sometimes they help her grow, too, sharing in their stories, entwining them with hers. Such as it has always been, over time immemorial, whether it be friendship or love or the familial ties that bind.

Equestria is the largest garden of all, and their stories are hers to keep.

Featured from 12/01/2021 to 14/01/2021.

Edited and proofread by VoxAdam, pre-read by SockPuppet, Kizuna Tallis, Doctor Fluffy, and TheIdiot. Thanks, everyone :twilightsmile:.

Cover by viwrastupr

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 14 )

Ayy, very good to see this in the light of day. Will be sure to prioritize the reading.

...Sledge you took my heart, gave it a ride, and smashed the roller coaster into the ground.

I was not expecting this, at all.

All in all, a very good job done, feelings are quite good. You show how annoying duties are :3

Also, if anyone else is wondering, the reason why Starswirl is spelt wrongly is because of an artistic reason. Sledge wants it like this, so don't keep asking :)


I liked almost everything about this first chapter, but specifically Mistmane's characterization. Also, I see those freckles :)


:twilightsmile: glad you've enjoyed it! And happy to see Mistmane's character resonate with ya, heh. She needs more stories.


Aw. Thanks, heh :twilightsheepish: happy you've liked it :twilightsmile:

I keep telling you to read Sledge's stuff. :rainbowlaugh:

You should have expected it.

breaks into giggles

Whoo-hoo-hoo! You did it again, Sledge! Hit it right out of the park right there! Good work, and can't wait for future chapters! Great work!

Thanks! Glad you've enjoyed it :twilightsmile: Stay tuned.

I haven't read much yet, because I'm finding the incessant spelling "Starswhirl" very distracting. I don't know whether it's a misspelling or a major plot point.

Comment posted by Sledge115 deleted 6 days ago


On second thought, changed the spelling.

This looks interesting and I've put in my read later list. Said list is rather long so I don't know when I will be able to provide proper comments.

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