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I ain't gone yet. · 5:16am May 13th

Now, with the whole clusterfuck around the main spectrum story and the destruction of the group most of you reading this had had joined, the reasonable assumption is that Light and Snowbound, and maybe even Convergence are dead. They were even added to some story bookshelf that said "Never to be completed" or something.

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Thanks for the fave on "Can Ya Fix Her?" :twilightsmile:

2284646 I am absofrigginlutely still interested in helping you out with that.

Have fun with Mankind Divided! As Peptuck said, already my skull runneth over with inspiration.

Heya. :pinkiesmile: Though I decided to hold back on Fallout 4 after reading the reviews which suggested it to be essentially a prettier-looking, more gimmicky Fallout 3, my interest in writing that FO:E deconstruction has hardly wavered. Would still be glad to have you along if this takes off.

And more to the point, the positive feedback on the other big game sequel this year, from a series we both love, has inspired me to do something I never do, actually go out and buy a premium copy shortly after release. I'm referring to, of course, the Day One Edition of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, ready for a tryout on this first day of the week.

This makes me feel excited. :raritystarry:

2172969 HARDCORE HENRY IS BITCHIN' GOOD! And there's a.... certain scene with Sharlto Copley singing "Under my skin" that makes all those jokes I made about Kraber being Nathan Wallace from Repo: The Genetic Opera

(...That is all)
Fucking hysterical. Actually, everything about Mr. Copley is fucking hysterical or awesome in this.

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