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EqG fic writer, editor and FimFiction's pre-eminent dispenser of casual Simpsons references since 2021. (They/Them)

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goodluck with the series....

just say so. Just trying to help and do something good



I'm going to be frank. The constant messages from you are getting really uncomfortable for me. I already told you I wasn't accepting outside ideas for this verse, and you sent them to me anyway, repeatedly. You're talking about yourself like you're my co-author when I never agreed to anything like that. And the fact that you spent all day yesterday sending this stuff to me feels very obsessive.

I'm glad you like these stories, really. But they are my stories, I'm going to handle them my way, and the way you're trying to insert yourself into the creative process is not helpful for me. If anything, it's making me more stressed about wanting to write these.

I'm going to ask you once, and only once: Please stop.

  • Viewing 39 - 43 of 43
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