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Similar to Icarus, Sunset tried to reach the skies only for the sun itself to bring her back down with force. Now she waits in a dark cell for the day of her execution.
But in what would be her last day outside of Tartarus, an intervention from a mysterious individual grants her a chance at redemption.

However, this redemption won’t be earned without labors, and they’ll only increase in difficulty as she completes them.

Inspired by No Time For a Sunset written by Thought Prism which you should go read if you haven't.

If you have, and you're wondering how did I go from Lancer to greek mythology... I've no idea.

Pre-read by the wonderful Dewdrops on the Grass and daOtterGuy

Chapters are being edited by the ever helpful EileenSaysHi! All chapters have been updated! I'm forever thankful for all their help.

Cover Art done by me.

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I'm just gonna put this on my read later list for now. Also, hi:heart:

I have a feeling she did die and was revived hence why people already left? pretty sure guards and everyone would stay to see why a goddess stop the execution

As Sunset says, the actions of the gods are absolute, so they can't do anything to Sunset unless Celestia makes a new declaration against her. And since they don't care for Sunset, they had better things to do than just stick around to see what she does.

Ok fair. so the guards that abuse her was like "eh, not my problem anymore' thats so lax.


Interesting start, I am intrigued. Can't wait to see what you do with this.

“You must be laughing,” I tell the voice in my head.

“This brings me no joy,” Celestia responds.

“Yet you’re allowing it.”

Suddenly, a hot wind blew against the crowd, silencing them, and even the guard had to step back, allowing me to stand back up with a grin on my face.

Even when angry, Celestia still seems fair.

Interesting start. Definitely tracking this

Heh, and the inspiration for this was a fic set on a futuristic space station where Sunset is the one in charge, not Wallflower. Funny how the imagination can lead us in totally opposite directions.

This is the most opposite source of inspiration I've had, but not the weirdest.

A most intriguing world and set of circumstances. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

Sign my up, I'm in for the long haul! :raritywink:

You know, the description doesn't really do the story justice. When I read this, I was like, 'okay this is another of them 'heresy' fics, with tyrant goddess being stupid and blaming Sunset for some stupid thing'. Nope, not even remotely. Sunset attempted to convert Celestia's followers to worship her, steal her relics of power, potentially usurp her as the Sun goddess. Yeah, that would do it, and this is probably not even the first offense on Sunset's part. Celestia's decision isn't really an overreaction, given the circumstances. This setup genuinely suprised me, and for the better.

OOOOO didn't realize you wrote a new story, I saw this in the update section and clicked and I wasn't disappointed

Glad you weren't disappointed. I hope you like how it's going.

Spot on. Sunset isn't innocent or misunderstood here (In fact she's very unapologetic about it) she commited a crime and got punished accordingly, and now Celestia is done with her.
However, I'll mention that while taken to the extreme, there's valid reasoning for some of Sunset's problems with the gods, but they don't justifiy her actions.

More will be shown as she completes more labors.

I'm glad that it took you by surprise and I hope the next chapter will keep your interest.

The Pillars as gods... interesting.
Has Cadance ascended to godhood, becoming the goddess of love (like Aphrodite/Venus)?
I do like how Luna is a bit lenient, but can only put up with Sunset' arrogance for so long

Yes, Cadence is a goddess too. They'll talk about her in the next chapter.

Hahahaha, Sunset's attitude towards the gods is one of her biggest obstacles.

This is really really creative, can't wait to see where it goes next 🙏

She's still a beyond useless cow full of shite.

Let's see how you feel when you've got parasites chewing through your guts or a stab wound bleeding you dry. The goddess of healing is right up there with waiters and IT staff on the list of people you don't want to antagonize.

What Sunset needs to ask herself is where any of the virtues were during her apotheosis plot. And yes, that includes Magic, because as a certain filly taught us, seeing it solely as power is both wrong and ultimately self-defeating.

I’m so bored that I wouldn’t mind hearing a voice different than the one in my head.
Mostly because it keeps whispering useless stuff in my ears.

Hmm. Just regret and self-reflection, or a sign of something worse?

“If you stop your meckerm I can patch you up.”
“Ye better dae, fuckn’ dobber.”
The woman rolls her eyes. “Stinkstiefel.”

I thought stories on this site had to be in English. :rainbowwild:

Looking down on me like they’re perfect. Like they know me better than myself.

Maybe not the first one, but the second... Sunset, they are gods. If nothing else, they have the edge on experience and unbiased perspective.

Hopefully part of Sunset's atonement will be learning that politeness costs her nothing, but can return considerable dividends. She may have discounted it along with her followers, but we'll see in time.

Fantastic designs for all of the goddesses' communities. Wallflower's is especially striking. A humble goddess of the lost, bringing Lethean relief. Definitely looking forward to seeing what the second labor entails. And Trixie is pitch perfect. This looks like it's going to a lot of fun.


waiters and IT staff on the list of people you don't want to antagonize

You have to be pretty dumb to anger the people that keep your internet going and handle your food.

A humble goddess of the lost, bringing Lethean relief

Lethean. Love the word. Makes it sound like Wallflower is some kind of eldrich god :rainbowlaugh:

since the gods have childrens here like in the myths, i bet than Sunset is either Celestia or Wallflower daughter, simply, Sunset doesn't know it.

It might explain why she can speak like this to gods and not being killed, what Sunset did would never go like this if she was a simple witch.

If she is Celestia daughter, it could explain how Celestia was actually regretful of making Sunset die, yet, for the gods, their childrens betraying them is still resulting to death penalty, but she did let Wallflower save her, as for Luna, she would consider her niece actions bad, but since she is her niece, she doesn't want to kill her dear sister child, even though said child is ungrateful.

If Wallflower is her mother, it could explain why Wallflower would do this, and Luna threatening Sunset about hurting Wallflower could be because Wallflower used her magic to make the gods forget than Sunset was her daughter.

Please tell me you will update soon.

As for Cadence, if she is the goddess of love yet Twilight is human, it might be than in this story Shining Armor is a hero who isn't a demi-god like Jason, and so it could be why he was able to have a relation with a goddess.

Sunset being Celestia daughter would be a usual explanation, Sunset being Wallflower daughter would be a absolute twist.

Maybe than Sunset father is Celestia's son and he had Sunset with Wallflower, which could still explain the theme of the Sun, yet Sunset would not be as glorious as "daughter of the queen of the gods" and it could explain why there was a need of godly intervention, when If Celestia had being her mother, and knowing than she isn't a cruel megalomaniac horny piece of shit like Zeus, she could had only banish Sunset instead of going for the kill.

Also, sunset having the blood of the Sun goddess but ultimately being the daughter of the goddess without glory would be quite the irony.


Please tell me you will update soon.

I'm close to finish the next chapter, so I'll update soon-ish

Two things I'll clarify, is that I meant daughter not as blood relative, but as adoptive.

The ‘children’ of gods get some powerful blessings when they’re chosen.

And that Celestia isn't the queen of gods. That would be Harmony (as in the spirit of the Tree)

Sadly, I don’t make the rules.

That would be Harmony’s business.

Celestia has earned a good reputation among the other gods, and has a lot of followers that keep her as one of the more influential entities, but isn't a supreme ruler.

I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far, and I hope next chapter will keep it up.

oh, it is sad.

I still think than Sunset might be the daughter of Wallflower by blood, and i do find the irony of it fitting.

Sunset being the offspring of the forgotten goddess still have a beautiful irony, and i doubt than at least some gods of equestria wouldn't have fun this way.

edit : also Wallflower making others forgot she had a daughter sound like a Wallflower thing to do, especially as a goddess and if the usual fashion is having their childrens initially being their followers chosen to be their childrens and then having a child with a mortal is considered bad.

So, is there a chance of Sunset being the blood daughter of Wallflower ?

I find the idea of it as a interesting twist since usually Wallflower have the sama age or is younger than Sunset in stories.

Also, the gods wouldn't go out of their ways without a solid reason, Luna clearly did helped Sunset because Wallflower wanted Sunset to meet her, and i doubt than any gods, even the ones of Equestria who aren't the psychopaths of the greek pantheon, would interfere with a far more powerful deity punishing someone who tried to weakened their powers and betrayed them.

Sorry but I can't answer your question without spoiling further events. Chapter two should give you the answers you seek so just wait a few days till it's out.

is there going to be a schedule for the story ?

Sadly, no. The chapters are long, each containing a labor and everything in between that happens to Sunset, so it takes a while to complete.

The next chapter is currently 70% done.

The first 2 chapters (the ones that are out) are the ones that are gonna be judged for the sunset X EG villain competition.

I tried to get the third one in time but it's still missing two scenes

I’m willing to wait and judge that chapter if you finish it before the 4th.

Sun mommy is a pretty funny insult

Still remains most curious indeed. Backstory! A whole lot more of it is coming too, I feel.

Well, there's still seven more labors to complete :rainbowlaugh:

To be fair if you look at sunsets perspective, shes a person who rapidly rose from the bottom to the top due to talent. Of course it went to her head, too his extent is extreme yeah but I can see why someone would view gods negatively

I love this story so much so far, can't wait for more

Glad to hear it. There's a lot more but it'll take a while. Chapters for this are very long :rainbowlaugh:

Considering this seems to be going in the direction of sunflower especially with it being in the contest , I'm thinking its gonna be her being related so celestia or someone else.

I was definitely expecting some decently bad atrocities since yknow, this is based off the Greek pantheon but holy damn a whole extermination of a species? Thats like the holocaust on steroids and coccaine god damn.

I like Wallflower here. She's a very human Goddess. A very hidden Goddess with a good head on her shoulders. Sunset's great too. Your setting her growth up well.

Is Wallflower Persephone aka Dispoina aka Kore?

I'm happy to hear it! They'll both grow a lot during this story.

Yes, she would be Persephone, but her backstory is different.

Since i hoped Wallflower was Sunset blood mother, i am really sad than she had both mortal parents.

although why didn't you said directly than she wasn't ?

This was a good chapter, the "make love not war" (literally for Luna and Chrysalis) idea made sense with MLP ideas, while having the extremely messed up parts fitting to greece mythology, also, a deity fighting a powerful foe in a duel while a other cause chaos in the camp of the ennemy is so fitting, i wouldn't be surprised if it actually happened at least once in greek mythology.

Yeah, sorry. It's always surprising what theories readers come up with, that's why I don't want to straight up deny things and just let it be known in the story.

Also thank you! I'm trying to mesh the two cultures together so hearing it worked for Chrys Cadence and Luna makes me happy.

And yes, I'm sure some Greek hero pulled something like that :rainbowlaugh:

it was mostly because i really wanted Sunset being a actual demigod and being Celestia daughter was too easy and Celestia killing her own daughter would be a grey area about how sure it would be.

Honestly, the timberwolves being initially a starving family who's father made them ate human flesh is really something i could see in greek mythology, thief+murder is already a big no no,but cannibalism always held a special place in the "things who will make you suffer" on the greek gods list.

Also (and please answer to my previous post as well) is there deities who had actual demigods childrens ? If the story somewhat follow canon in terms of relationship, Cadence will have her daughter Flurry Heart with Shining Armor, but except that ?

That was actually based on the Greek version of the werewolf curse. Some bastard tried to feed human meat to Zeus and got cursed.

And Sunset's fully human, but there are ways to achieve Godhood

i know this story, lycaon gave meat of a human (one of his guests if i remember, as he really had a problem of killing his guests) to Zeus because he wanted to be sure if it was Zeus, and Zeus wad offended and disgusted by it and so killed his sons and turned Lycaon into a werewolf in punishment.

all those kings giving human meat to gods really were dumbs.

And i know than there is ways to achieve godhood, it was said many times.

I still liked the idea of her being the real deal (demigod that is) rather than some wannabe like Trixie who was liked by one.

Also, i liked the idea of Sunset being the child of the forgotten goddess due to the irony.

There will be at least one, not counting Flurry. That's all I'll say.

In this world Godhood is earned more than hereditary

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