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Wallflower is bored, alone, sad, and hungry, just like any other day, but when she goes to order food, a sushi restaurant gives her an offer that would fix these three things. With the cutest deliverer.

Inspired by the artwork from the talented BranewashPV (who's also responsible for Balloon To The Moon), and written for Sunflower Day, also known as Scampy's Birthday.

Edited and pre-read by the very cool people Gay For Gadot and daOtterGuy

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help im drowing in cuteness

*throws life preserver* Oh crap, now I'm the one drowning! :derpytongue2: Send/call for help!!:applecry:
Tell my family I love them! :yay:

*dies from cuteness and adorableness*

so sunset decided to come back its kinda obvious but the story was cute nonetheless can anyone say sequel

I'll need to brush my teeth to avoid the cavities this fic is threatening to inflict.

This was super adorable, and I'm glad I got to preread it :D

This definitely deserves to be in the featured box.

Oh my goodness this was soooo cuuuute! :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

Loved the writing too :heart:

This was ADORABLE :rainbowkiss:

Wallflower is also severely depressed and needs therapy ASAP. Possibly meds too. Good thing Sunset's there to help in that :twilightsmile:

okay that was adorable! I kinda wished would coulda seen Wallflowers reaction when she finally realizes this other girl (aka Sunset) was the pony lol

Ohhh mama, I have got to write me one-a these!

As cute as this is, I feel like the heartwarming parts are just as important. I think we all have moments in our lives when we could use something like the cheer up special. Something to lift our spirits and take us out of our funk.

Thank you for this drop of warmth this morning.

Are we really that cute to you humans? Hm...

That was cute. I'm kinda surprised Walflower didn't recognize Sunset, but I guess her being a pony threw her off a little, but she should have recognized her in human form.
And that end image is just adorable!

Well that's just the sweetest thing ever. :rainbowkiss:

Uhhh.... *gestures vaguely to the entire MLP Fandom for the last 11 years*

Yes? :pinkiecrazy:


I feel like there should’ve been a tag for [Cute], because this was simply adorable! Here’s an upvote and a fave!

That was too cute. I felt bad for Wallflower, which made it so sweet when she started getting cheered up.

All hail Best Sushi Pone.

It isn't stated, but Wally does know, the boop on her nose was recognized.

You're welcomed! I certainly could use some friendly service like this some days.

The story doesn't follow canon, reason why I added the AU tag. This is their first time meeting.

Praise be!

FACT: They wind up smooching shortly after the story ends, and then go on many wonderful Gay Dates™

also ty ty this was super cute and a wonderful thing to wake up to 🙏

I'm happy you like it! Enjoy the rest of your birthday!

Also, that fact is very fact. A lot of smooches and dates.

Comment posted by Stet709 deleted Jan 10th, 2022

Ah I see. Would explain the fact that Sunset can revert to her pony form.

canonically incorrect size, but still adorable
also you kept misspelling "sapphire"

So adorable *thunk passes out from too much adorable*

That's some weapons grade cutonium.

Too much cute! The shields weren't meant to repel this much cute!

Canonically, size comparison is impossible because there isn't a non-transmogrifying portal to put ponies and humans in the same place. The "Alternate Universe" tag takes care of that issue and also makes you look silly for bringing up "canonically incorrect" in the first place.

My heart starting beating so fast that it stopped... and then started beating normally again...

I think I just suffered a cuteness integer overflow....

how did i miss that tag lmao
disregard the size complaint
my criticism of how sapphire kept getting misspelled still stands tho, as does my compliments on how cute the story is

If it really bothers you, it's due to English not being my main language, I was led to believe it was spelled that way.

That's a cute image at the end.

First of all, I must make this clear.

This is a friggin adorable story with a heartwarming ending.

But I'm also curious about something: is Sunset in this story the combination of a shapeshifter and an empath? Does she use her job to look for people who are in need of companionship?

Those are good questions, but they'll remain a mystery.

You're free to make up your theory of it.

That was a really good story.


No comfort specials. :fluttercry:

tfw no adorable little Sunset Shimmer pony/cat to deliver your sushi and give you snuggles and boops... :fluttercry:
why even live?


Was super happy to help with this! What a great gift for Scampy. :heart: And congrats on the Feature!

Oh man. This is absolutely too cute. You should get a ticket for being too cute. There should be fines and penalties for something being this too cute.

I do love those pictures. Seeing a story to go with them is a genuine delight. Thank you for it.

My heart. No, my heart! It's bursting! Cuteness overload! Aargh, too cute!


I was nearly murdered by cuteness because of this fic, and I wish to experience it again for the first time. I toss a fave to you, dear writer, for I haven't felt that warm and giddy in a long while.

If someone makes an SFM/VR version of this similar to My Little Dashie, it will get tons of views.

So, here she was, sitting in the kitchen, counting tiles to pass the time.

I have been that board before makes me sing this

by the way this needs a sequel maybe with other ponies doing food deliveries

do you want murderous monster beasts? Because that is how you get murderous monster beasts. I'll take SIX.

Hail sushi pony overlord!

Just in case no one mentioned it, this story is ADORABLE!

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