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This story is a sequel to Principal Celestia Hunts the Undead

“Look, I know Mom and Aunt Luna said I shouldn’t work ‘the business’ without them. And I know they’re right – college will be hard enough without battling the hungry dead. But people out there need a bad-ass monster hunter to save them, and that’s what I’ll be.”

“Just don’t tell Mom. You know how she gets.”

(Slice-of-life adventures of Canterlot College's rookie band of monster hunters.)

Now with a Tropes page, courtesy of AnoneMouseJr.

And check out this fan art!

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A sequel? How exciting!

Looks great already! Looking forward to this one.

“I’ve lived in barns, subway terminals, the old rec building before it got demolished… a dorm will be fine. Plus I’m rooming with Applejack, and if there’s one person who can keep me on the straight and narrow, it’s her.”

She has a point.

“Laugh away, you two.” Celestia haughtily tilted her head, giving her beanpole build an even greater height. “Perhaps I will find comfort in the arms of my boyfriend.”

Of course.

“Closets are for brooms.” Applejack pulled a pillow from one of the boxes and tossed it onto Sunset’s bed. “I told her upfront that what they say about girls who wear flannel is true. She spent the rest of the semester acting worried I was gonna jump her. She’s gone, and no hard feelings, but good riddance.”

Oh. What DO they say about girls who wear flannel?

“I’ve been here since last semester.”

Oh boy, this is gonna hurt.

The small girl chuckled at their embarrassment, seeming to grin in genuine good faith as she waved them to stop. “It’s alright, I’m used to it. I know you guys are trying, and I’ve learned to see the good in how I am.”

Ah, this is post FF, so that'll help. Who names their kid WALLFLOWER though? Kinda cruel, innit?

“Really.” Wallflower nodded, honestly in better cheer than Sunset had ever seen. “Twilight even looked at me with some kind of magic detector. It found nothing… go figure, right? She thinks this might be a side effect of me over-using the memory stone. But don’t worry, I’ll speak up if I need to.”

Probably overuse of the memory stone, yes. Hopefully it'll fade away in time and as you're able to make a point of speaking up.

“Mom...” Flabbergasted, Sunset sank back in her seat. “I can’t accept this.”

Yes. Yes you can. You are a college student. No matter how much money you have, you will end up spending an exorbitant amount on something you didn't even WANT in the first place, but are essential for class or some bullshit, and eventually, despite your best efforts, one day you're gonna end up a little too close to zero than you'd like, so take the fucking money. (Remind me to tell THAT story).

“Oh, no worries at all!” Luna laughed, then drained the last of her coffee. “This came from outside all that.”


“Do you remember when Princess Celestia visited, and gave us the box when she left?”

Sunset nodded. “The candy box, yeah.”

“It was gold.” Celestia took another sip. “Then… um, then last Christmas she sent me a lovely opal brooch.”

... That, yeah.

Celestia’s response came with the practiced tone of one who argued the same in a mirror. “I think the good princess would be far more interested in seeing you happy than in me hoarding her presents. It is on you to ensure the gift is budgeted well.”


“And you’re not going anywhere.” Gently, firmly, Celestia held her steady. “We’re not going anywhere, either. We’ll just live in different places. Like Luna and I, how we have our own bedrooms now. Change is scary, but it often turns out well. You taught us that.”

Change isn't fun. It's not. It's gonna be weird for the first few weeks, but you'll get used to it eventually. Plus, with modern tech, you can contact them ANY time.

Yay! A sequel! I'd like to see Celestia's totally real boyfriend please! And also, Wallflower playing basketball.

I not long finished re-reading the first one. This is a nice surprise and a good start.

Ironically I was thinking about re-reading the original just last night, and today this comes out. Nice timing.:pinkiehappy:

I don't know who Wallflower Blush is but this is starting of pretty nice.


Oh. What DO they say about girls who wear flannel?

Stereotype lesbian clothes. Might be colloquial, though.


In that case wouldn't basically EVERYONE be wearing flannel since lesbian ships are SIGNIFICANTLY more common than straight ships? Granted, this is mostly due to the rarity of good male Characters.


In that case wouldn't basically EVERYONE be wearing flannel since lesbian ships are SIGNIFICANTLY more common than straight ships?

Not in RL. >_>

To our eternal chagrin Rune Soldier Dan seems to be a fan of realistic spectations about sexuality. So no AppleSet shipping, no matter how we desperately want to see the shenanigans that could come from that, specially in a dorm with Walfower.

But then again this is a comedy, the lack of the romance tag might just be about it not being a focus, but existing as a backdrop for said shenanigans :pinkiehappy:

I know I'd like that :twilightsmile:

Ah. I see you are going with the old, "no guys, college dorms are totally not just slightly larger janatorial closets."

Interesting addition of Wallflower early on, still with some weird ability. I'll be looking forward to where this sequel goes!


If they did anything, they’d forget Wallflower is there and she’d be forced to watch. Repeatedly

I’ve been wondering what a still-kinda-invisible Wallflower would look like in a story. Looking forward to another fun ride!

And of course she love it and make them extremely uncomfortable every time she remembered them of it.
Not that it works stop them the next time :pinkiehappy:

Oho, who is this mysterious fourth roommate? A background pony? OC? Trixie? Running gag where we never actually meet her?

Sequel HYPE!!! Let's do this! I wonder which CHS student is the fourth roommate?

I really love the notion of Wallflower Blush making it through the zombie apocalypse by avoiding eye contact. :rainbowlaugh:

Cthulhu seems a bit of a steep learning curve. Going from Vampire-hunting to Great Old One hunting is a bit on the lines of going from rat-catcher to dragon-slayer.

The only question is, when she's going to read al Azif?

I’m excited to see where this one goes

This is immediately going on the follow feed.

Oh, I'm so happy to see this story! Thank you so much for writing it!

Yay sequel! Does this mean Dashwhinny: The Musical will get a sequel next? :pinkiehappy:

Things I am here for: this.


I missed the last one until it finished, by whatever gods still exist I shall not miss this!


Don’t know about anyone else but if it saved me from a zombie apocalypse I would probably accept being totally ignored.

Huzzah, the sequel is here! I just hope Principal Celestia doesn't secretly follow Sunset everywhere to make sure she's safe. And huh, interesting choice of roommate in Wallflower. Even if being ignored forever can get really frustrating, at least the monsters ignore her too. In a world like this, that's almost a superpower.

Looking forward to more of this fic's insanity.

Empty nest syndrome is hitting Celestia hard, big time. Hopefully, her 'boyfriend' will comfort her in her hour of need.


I can imagine the struggle that Trixie would have in deciding this.


She wouldn’t have to worry. For the Great and Powerful Trixie is a vampire. Unlikely to fall to zombies.

First chapter: Wallflower and feels.

I'm in.

I am stupid excited for this sequel. :pinkiehappy:

Aw yeah, there's that Cthulu we know and love! Fun addition having Wallflower there. I wonder if we'll see Limestone again, with AJ as Sunset's roomie.

And predictions for the fourth suite mate... Adagio, it's definitely Adagio!

And so we begin anew...

Huh. Just five hundred dollars worth of textbooks? I guess Sunset's takijg it easy this semester.

I have to wonder what supernatural phenomenon's going on with Wallflower. Odds are there's something. Weremanatee Fluttershy, anyone?

Looking forward to the madness. I'm sure this will be a lot of fun.

Looking forward to the story .. just hope the Luna/Celestia/Sunset dynamic doesn't die down.

Maybe if it got a sudden upsurge in nice comments. :trollestia:


Lets talk numbers, how many nice comments are needed? I can do lots.

Seriously though, of the 70 (mostly smut) Harshwhinny fics on this site with the Romance tag, I've favorited three of them. Of the three, your fic is by far the best. I know this because I've reread it before. I noticed it as one of the "You may also like" fics on the sidebar and went "Huh, that was a good fic, I should reread it." The rest, as they say, is history. I don't reread fics lightly. After all, having been on this site since November 2011, I'd like to consider myself an expert in pony fanfiction (also an expert lurker but that is a story for another time and for when I've had more alcohol).

Long story short, I remember Dashwhinny: The Musical long after I read it and really really enjoyed it. Personally, I think it deserves a sequel, but I'm just a random commenter (who is commenting on the sequel of another fic I enjoyed, though lets not go down that rabbit hole) so my opinion don't really matter. Either way, I enjoy your writing and look forward to the rest of Sunset Shimmer Hunts the Undead (even if Dashwhinny: The Musical doesn't get the sequel it totally deserves).

This comment was way longer then I thought it would be. Who knew that booze turned me into a writer?

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but why is Sunset going into nursing? Was it foreshadowed in the first fanfic, and I just don't remember? I ask because the shorts indicate that she would be more interested in a design or artistic field. She took an art class and seemed to have a talent for painting, she made a comic book starring her friends, and she even became a graffiti artist.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to more, and I hope that the high school teachers will show up since they're still in the same town.

From the epilogue of the last fic (no worries, it's been a while):

“Nursing, but that’s just a springboard. I want to go on to be a pediatrician. Like, one of the really intense ones that do surgeries and remove tumors and stuff. I figure life sucks enough when it doesn’t say, ‘Sorry, you don’t get a chance to live it.’ If I can give kids that chance for six figures a year, it seems pretty win-win.”

More specifically, I like the idea of the Humane 7 having practical aspirations rather than wish-fulfillmenty ones. Rainbow's hoping to go pro with soccer, but she's studying sports medicine in case it doesn't work out. Applejack's studying business management because farming is more than just picking apples. And Sunset wants a job where she helps people and gets paid well for doing it. Opportunities may open and aspirations may change, but that's the spot they're in now.

Thank you! I really enjoyed writing it.

And I love Harshwhinny too much to leave her behind here.

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