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In the aftermath of the Inheritor War, the Spider-Verse has lost many Spiders to the Vampires onslaught. Yet on Earth 621413, a world born without a Spider, a new darkness rises when a twist of fate alters the course of history, a darkness that can only be contained by a Spider born of Two Worlds

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Interesting. can't wait to read more.

Tracking and waiting for the next update.

Needs a little bit of editing, but this looks interesting. Ill follow for now, lets see how this goes.


Spider-Shimmer and Wall-Venom?

Not as actual name suggestions, but more in the same sense that, outside of their in-setting context, outside observers might refer to them in that way to differentiate them from their multiverse analogues.

Wanderer D

I had played with the idea of doing a Gwen/EqG crossover. Glad to see someone else take a shot at it! Just one question. Are you going to touch on Gwen being Gwenom still? Given your apparent inclusion of Venom?

I need to keep an eye on this story for sheer concept. Not a bad start, but can you keep this level of quality?

This is why I hate Wallflower Blush as well as the fourth EqG special....

Are we talking about The Thousand?

Now I must know more, what Kind of power will Sunset have?

Oh jeez, I hope not, that would mean Wallflower is dead now.

Good start, I have high hopes. I still need to see Spiderverse though... hopefully it's on Netflix soon.

I'm liking this so far. Though come on Gewn, don't tell Sunny about yourself, say "spiders need to stick together" and then dip without helping her with the new powers. Seriously bitch move.

Wanderer D

Feels a bit forced for Gwen to go all "hey Rookie!" are you just basing her off of the movie or Marvel Rising? Seems a bit counter intuitive for her to treat Sunset like that, say all that stuff to her, then "stay away". What was the point of that conversation? I mean, the story is just starting, granted, but if she's already veteran dimension-hopping she wouldn't have that much of the anti-friendship thing going on? Gwen here might need a bit more focus on what she's actually about.

Anyway, I'm glad you're continuing this! So don't be discouraged. Those points above are just food for thought as you move along in your story.

Comment posted by dragonfang33 deleted January 12th

We're going for a Gwen that's a mix of the comics, Rising, and movie. Her arc is for her to warm up to being Sunset's mentor, and finally abandon her "i don't do friends" persona, but right now we have her at the point in her life where she's still haunted by what happened to Peter, and the events of Spider-Verse and being hunted as a fugitive on Earth 65 have taken their toll on her mentally.

“What in the name of Celestia is happening to me?” Sunset shouted. It was at that moment though, an elderly man, with a greying mustache and wearing dark glasses opened the window next to Sunset.

“Keep it down will you,” the man said, “I’m on the phone,” it was then the man noticed that Sunset was actually clinging to the wall with little more than her fingertips and feet, “Wait, how are you doing that?”

“Sir,” Sunset replied, “I honestly have no idea.”

“Hang on a second,” the man said, as he grabbed his phone, “Jack, Steve. It’s Stan stop the presses I’ve got our Power Ponies killer.”

Even in fanfiction, the tradition lives on.

It's not a tradition it's a fact of life: Anything Comic Book related must have a Stan Lee cameo :raritywink:

Long live Stan! What is Sunset's spider name though?

Is this a sequel to something?

Will Stan Lee be the One Above All in this story?

I'm hoping Gwenpool shows up in this fic.

It's rough. You jump to different point of views without any proper transition a little too much, and some of your descriptions are a little repetitive.

But, I like the concept a lot. I want to see where it goes, but I would recommend an editor or two.

so, whats the design for Sunset's Spider outfit gonna be?

Wanderer D

I ship them. (Why not? Morales can date someone else.)

stan lee is the watcher not the one above all

this is great i hope you update soon

also gwens costume is a symbiot

Glad to see this story back with a nice chapter!

Noooo Trixie, you and Sunset became friends in the last movie! Don't be a villain.


In the Equestria Girls universe the head of SHEILD is Nicker Furry.


Yeah this needs an editor badly.

This site has a line break code.

That one.

Let's just say there's no better choice for the EqG version of Mysterio then Trixie

Ever since Trixie's father was (unofficially) revealed I've always liked the idea of him being Mysterio with poor Trixie being left trying to crawl out her villainous father's shadow. Sadly no one has jumped on that idea yet for some reason.

Basic editing hint #1 from someone who also had to learn stuff like that. Whenever you change the scene, put a few lines with a couple of asterisks in the middle, to visibly show a scene break. If you're not sure what constitutes a scene break, imagine playing it like the Star Wars film in your head. When the scene change event happens, that's when you add the asterisks.

* * * *

Like that. There's actually a manual of style that's commonly used for story submissions to magazines and other publications. You don't need all of it for stories here, but some of the formatting rules might help. It's available in PDF format, but I can't remember where. So you'll have to hunt it up. If I can find it, I'll edit the post. :twilightsmile:

Please tell me Wallflower didn't just get another venom trope symbiote...

I really like Venom. Always the villian though.

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