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FimFiction Pet Peeve · 10:44pm Dec 31st, 2014

Given that:

A) It's generally widely accepted that Equestria's cultural and technological development, relative to ours, only goes up to somewhere in the '80s at the very latest;
B) The only video game we've seen in canon is an arcade cabinet (in 'Hearts and Hooves Day');

Why, then, does every single Button Mash story have him playing modern-day titles and genres, instead of Asteroids or Pac-Pony? :twilightangry2:

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Delighted to see you've been enjoying my work. Thanks for taking the time to read it! :pinkiesmile:

Thank you for faving Breaking (Down The) News.
The Sun would like your statement before they make up the story anyway. :moustache:

Thanks for the favorite!

It's good to see you around again :moustache:

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I don't think I've said this, but I'm glad you've been enjoying my fics. :D

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