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Rao the Red Sun

Master of procrastination and occasional writer of pony stories.

Projects in Process

All titles tentative, because I suck at naming things.

From the Ashes
Dark Souls soft-over. Not really a crossover, but borrows themes and imagery. Current word count: 2300

Sequel to Inquiry. Current word count: 5900

Princess Not Included
Sequel to Duty. Current word count: 620. Yes, I am actually planning that far ahead. It's weird for me, too.

Latest Stories


WriteOff Shill: Redux: Artlectic Bugaboo · 3:54am July 16th

So, it's about that time again. Figure I'd plug the WriteOff event before it actually got started this time. Seems helpful. Anyway, this is one of our odd rounds, called "pic2fic." Instead of writing a story based on a prompt, we'll be having art submissions based on the chosen prompt and then writing our stories based on one (or more) pieces of the submitted art.

It'll be fun, so don't be a stranger; especially if you're an artist.


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Thanks for the follow !

Well what ever you call it, it's pretty good, and funny.

I suppose technically that would be true, yeah. Though I tend to just think of it as "the face I wear around pony related sites."

Thank you for the Fave on The Queen Dress. Queen Rarity appreciates the adoration of all her subjects. :raritywink:

  • Viewing 40 - 44 of 44
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