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Rao the Red Sun

Master of procrastination and occasional writer of pony stories.

Projects in Process

All titles tentative, because I suck at naming things.

From the Ashes
Dark Souls soft-over. Not really a crossover, but borrows themes and imagery. Current word count: 2300

Sequel to Inquiry. Current word count: 5900

Princess Not Included
Sequel to Duty. Current word count: 620. Yes, I am actually planning that far ahead. It's weird for me, too.

Latest Stories


Ot No, It's WriteOff Time · 12:43am March 6th

The sun, moon, stars, and hearts of all WriteOffTopia have aligned in a never before seen triple helix shape, finally allowing the Dread Prompt "Ot" to escape its prison beneath the long forgotten dreadwaves. So, if you want a chance to write some silly or serious or possibly category non-conforming horse words, now's a good time.

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Thanks for the follow !

Well what ever you call it, it's pretty good, and funny.

I suppose technically that would be true, yeah. Though I tend to just think of it as "the face I wear around pony related sites."

  • Viewing 42 - 46 of 46
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