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Princess Cadance—being young, foolish, and smitten with possibly the only stallion at her school who barely knows she exists—makes a choice that alters destiny in ways she could have never predicted.

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I have no idea of WTF I just read. And not in the good way. In that, I have no idea of all of what just happened. Just that Lovebutt fucked up something as a teenager.

And the guilt is eating her alive.

This is a fascinating take on Cadance and her abilities, albeit an utterly heartbreaking one. I yearn for more information. What exactly is this Voice of Fate? When did this ability manifest? And what happens next? I'm dying to know so much, but I'm satisfied enough with what's here now. Thank you for sharing it!

Now that's a lovely expansion. Thanks for writing, Rao!

Nicely done. Liked it back in the WriteOff so it’s no surprise that I loved the expanded version as well. Glad to finally read it.

Thanks for writing this!

Your Celestia letter conveyed authentic love. I adore it. I'll be rereading this story as a palate cleanser the next time I see a fic that butchers Celestia's characterization. She didn't need verbosity or ambiguity, it was enough for her to paraphrase I'll still love you. Celestia has a superpower--she can play positivity straight. Obviously the show itself has that aspect, it's what caught me off guard in the first place.

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