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Sometimes, fiction matters.

Now with a Spanish translation by Spaniard Kiwi!

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Is this what I think?



absolutely brilliant :heart::twilightsmile::heart:

This story deserves 5/5 staches. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

And I am sure :trollestia: would agree, for it is a good joke on those with issues with Eternal.


HA! Well played sir, well played. Nicely done in and of itself, may I add.

Well done, sir. Take all of my sta-, er... thumbs ups! I always enjoy stories about stories.

Narrativium is indeed powerful stuff.


OH, most wonderful of Stories...

Eternal touched me, and this just did the same.

I truly love our fandom.

Bravo to you sir, Bravo!

(EQD within the week, this story deserves it)

I was actually two chapters away from the end of Eternal when the (hacking? or whatever it was) happened last night. I suddenly felt this acute feeling, like I was the butt of some cosmic joke - you don't smash the DVD player right as someone's about to find out that Darth Vader is Luke's father! So fortunately, I got the link to the GDocs version from this story just a few hours ago, and finished it.

And honestly...what Device Heretic has created is a masterpiece that digs deeper into the true subtleties of emotion than any other story I've ever read does. Not fanfic, story. (I'll be the first to admit that I don't read as much as I should, but point stands) I'm actually kind of glad I was forced to space out my reading between yesterday and today, or else I might not have been equipped to deal with the immense emotional gravitas of the final chapter and epilogue. I cried and I'm not afraid to admit it, but now...I more or less feel at peace, with myself and the world. It's an air of sheer serenity.

And this story is a very interesting take on it, and I wholly agree with the message you've presented.

Fiction matters, and art in general matters. More than most things in the world, I think.

I bucking love this fandom so much.

252138 His epilogue alone robbed me an entire day of emotional stability. From 2 AM to about 8 PM I had to be careful about my thoughts, or I'd spontaneously burst into tears again. It was hard to explain to my friends and family that my distress was caused by "pony fan fiction."

Had he not initially separated the final chapters and epilogue, my whole weekend may have been nothing but weeping in a corner.

Edit: Pony fandom is best fandom.

"I can't quite explain it, but I think everything I read… is real." ...Wow. I just realized it, I feel the same way sometimes...

Oh my god! This was amazing. Great work.

Now imagine another fic, about the same subject, with celestia talking with the author, just a short thing with a great idea and conversation. Just like this one.

Eternal made me cry.

This made me grin like a madman.

And that is what I love about this fandom.

Touching. If I had a bookshelf of pony fiction, this would get slotted right next to Eternal. :twilightsmile:

The most exquisite piece of fiction about fiction (and fiction about fiction about fiction) I've ever read. Outstanding work.

Also, I can't help but suspect that Roman à Clef might be Luna. Or perhaps even Twilight herself. (Aside from being device heretic, of course.)

As a huge fan of Eternal and Heretic, I just gotta say...

...I liked it. A lot. Good job, Sky.

And so the Eternal fanfiction begins.

Excellent story. I love your dialogue- nice pacing, sounds natural, mixing longer turns with short phrases.

a well deserved feature box for you!

Congatulations on the feature. :twilightsmile:

An excellent take Eternal and the impact it had, which was itself outstanding. Horns up, good sir!


Fiception! :twilightoops:


This works as a great complimentary piece to Eternal. It makes one's mood lighter, while still retaining the profound nature of what it was based off of.

I can only imagine how the following night played out, though. Hijynx ensue, perhaps? :twilightsheepish:

Never read Eternal. Don't really intend to. This was a good read. Definitely going into my favs. :heart:

I can't believe Eternal is gone! I tell no joke when I say it literally changed me.


Obviously it is Pinkie Pie, explaining everything. :pinkiehappy:

Okay, someone is going to have to tell me...

What the heck is this Eternal everyone keeps referencing? Never hard of it, and it's apparently better than a good part of published literature, so someone should kindly direct me to it? Please?

Eternal is an amazing story exploring the relationship between Twilight and Princess Celestia. If you read this story, you've unfortunately spoiled yourself a bit, but it is still definitely worth your time (a lot of your time, it's a very long story). It was published on this site, but due to trolls, it has been unfortunately deleted. The link at the beginning of this story will take you to where it was archived on Google Docs.

As for this story... the thought of Twilight Sparkle herself going through the feelings I had, the thought of every story happening somewhere... this story evokes a lot of emotions from me, just like the story it is about, and I call that success.

252494 Right? That's practically my view on fiction. That if it's written...it exists, somewhere. And I love the idea, mainly because of some of the ideas I've written and wished were real. Unfortunately, that means I'd have seen my own death a few times that were dreams written down.

This story was excellent. I haven't read Eternal, but I don't think I need to, in order to connect with this story. This was wonderfully written, emotive, and very sweet. Thank you for writing this.


Eternal is a fanfic that was originally hosted here on FIMFiction. However, some parasprite hacker has compromised the author's account. He's been harassed up and down the Internet, and we may never see him again, which is a crying shame.

However, fans have mirrored the story. You can find it here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Mb29QAKEAPzg_AKuKngglnc1dTAC-YvDPUsCX1inn4I/edit

@Skywriter: This is beautiful and wonderful. Be proud.

:twilightsmile: OMG this is such a good cap-off to Eternal. I was really emotionally fragile after finishing it and was still trying to come to terms with the heavy feelings that it evoked in me when I read this. I can say that this story has given me some much needed and very satisfying closure on my whole Eternal-emotional-floom-ride. thank you for such an awesome story and perhaps one of the most touching themes of fiction in general; that what we read and write matters. you sir, have made a good-'un.

Wonderous work! I remember when I started reading this, and read that it was about Eternal. I followed the link and was halfway through the first chapter before I realised that I had already read it.
This is a great story, thumbs up!

Had some errors I disliked, but I rather enjoyed it.

I love how, despite her reliance on the Royal Canterlot Voice, Luna is the more easygoing of the sisters. I really want to see whether Celestia is able to unwind if she goes out incognita.

I read Eternal last week, and it was absolutely incredible. Any fence-sitters (I'm looking at you, 253278 and 253188 ) would do well to try it out. The plot takes so many expectation-defying turns, and the Scope of the story is blown open multiple times, kinda like the last chapters of Lewis' The Last Battle, where the world is an onion but each layer further up and further in is bigger than the one before it.

Before this, the only "Characters read fanfiction!" stories I'd come across were mere tongue-in-cheek drabbles, that never took themselves seriously. This has changed that. Multitudinous ovations to you, good Sir.

Excellent work, and a wonderfully fitting companion piece to "Eternal"!

Thank you for this. Device, too, is flattered.

253894 Give him my best, would you kindly? I wish I could send him cookies, or something more substantial than loads of praise and sympathy.

Wait, what? Eternal is down? *checks*

This. This is why we can't have nice things.

Fortunately, I'd already saved everything too, but I think something went wrong with my copies. So I went and saved all of the Googledocs too (and thanks for providing them), but BOY did that take a while.

Your own story was good, but the meta-fictional interactions are causing a snarl in my mind. Possibly with my Suspension of Disbelief, I don't know.

Eternal has permanently changed my perception of the words "faithful student", "perfect", and, well "eternal."

So I can say with a steadfast certainty that device heretic has left a lasting impression in my mind with his stories. It is not often that a story will leave me so emotionally moved that the mere mention of such related words would send shivers down my spine.

Stay strong device heretic.

And Skywriter, thanks for bringing the readers' attention to Eternal with your own work. Eternal is a story that deserves to be shared.

Well, that was as pretty darn fantastic way to cap off a week of reading.

Well that was certainly unusual. Good, though...I'm not going to have anything original left to do when I finally get around to writing Celestia >.<

I expect this is somewhat disorienting for Device Heretic :p


This is a nice tribute to a wonderful story that deserved all the praise it got. I haven't been moved by a story, especially a fanfic, like that in years. I still hope (and believe) that "Eternal" and its author will be back some day (hopefully with a new story in pack :twilightsheepish:), once the troll(s) have moved on.

253821 Moony Woona! :pinkiegasp:

Also yes, this story is epic! :pinkiehappy:

I just finished Eternal a few hours ago. Then I read this. Lovely Compliment, and love how you put pretty much ever other fiction into this. Loved the comment you made on Cupcakes. :rainbowlaugh:

252970 If any fanfiction deserves fanfiction, its Eternal.

Or maybe Airshipping is Magic, but that's a whole different affair.

Also, because it's required...

We need to go DEEPER O.O

So thats what happened to it and just when i was going to download it :applecry:
this is pretty damn good too

The emotion in this is beautiful. I thank you for it.

Damnit and i was tracking Etrnal to read it sometime...oh well i am going to and come back afterwards to read this!

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