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Cartography art! · 9:58pm Nov 16th, 2018

A cover-type image, by Ruirik.

I may be replacing the current title image with this one in the near future!

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Still writing lots! I'm posting under a pseudonym on RR for...certain reasons. I have a partially-finished scifi novel still on the burner.

I'm inspired by Zelazny and Cherryh, as well as older (60s-70s) scifi and fantasy in general.

hey Daetrin, tell us what you're up to these days. I'd sure read a continuation fic, and I'd buy a new novel you might have written for Amazon. Did you just get out of the writing game for good?

Oh, and I'd love to know what authors inspired your writing style, whether they're fic writers or not.

2419179 Greetings from 10 weeks in the future! I read his novel myself some time ago, and can confirm it is excellent.

Still waiting on more, by the way.

2440445 Fair enough. You definitely have come a long way as a writer. I mean, if you posted them here I imagine it would be with a huge all-caps disclaimer, "THESE STORIES ARE OLD, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!" :rainbowlaugh:

Also, how did I not know that you had a novel? I guess I'd better order a copy, pronto!

2440233 Ooh, probably not. My super early work is not really that good...even OTEOTM is pretty shaky, even earlier stuff is far worse.

  • Viewing 63 - 67 of 67
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