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This story is a sequel to Triptych

A collection of stories from the Apotheverse
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Chiaroscuro - Twilight and Chrysalis discuss the changeling problem.

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Ohh did not expect another!! Time to re-read and remember whats going on!!

On a side note is there a way to uncheck a story without doing it chapter by chapter?

Oh, now I'm a bit bummed that it's just a snippet, you've left me wanting more, with this.

Hmm! Neat! I love that take on changelings, Twilight's role and the tie-in to Cartography of War. It's self-contained but dang does it remind me why I love your writing. :) Leaves me going "wow that was tasty" and yet hungry for more.

Woo! I was very happy to see this pop up on my feed. I enjoyed the theme of differing perspectives and how, by broadening our persepctives, we can become something more.

Daetrin is love. Daetrin is life. I feel like it's been all too long since I've been able to dip a toe into this world of gods and creatures and equines.

Apparently in my editing I somehow un-tagged this as complete.

The reason I'm tagging it complete is that I don't have any other stories I am currently working on in the Apotheverse. When one occurs (if it's a short story like Chiaroscuro) it'll go up here.

Actually didn't even think on this until the shower this morning, but Cadance is mentioned in this chapter, and now I'm curious how she fits in. Is she an alicorn? I mean, it's feasible, since alicorn != god in the Apotheverse. If Equestria('s soul) or some other force (love) had a need to elevate an agent, I suppose it could do just that like was done in Triptych, without necessarily attaching godhood to it.

Hope you feel inspired to write something on it someday. :)

7508514 Cadence is an alicorn, but not god. We met her briefly in Triptych - she probably could have become a god, if she had wanted, but to do so would sacrifice things she isn't willing to give up.

Well, that was short but excellent. A nice perspective piece that makes me wonder if the attempted invasion really went very differently than canon and manages a sympathetic Chrysalis without feeling out of character.

Is Chrysalis a God? You could argue such, I suspect, if she's the Goddess that rules her people, but her reactions to Celestia's power make me suspect that if she is one, she's a much lesser one.

7508629 For me, the important thing is to make sure that Chrysalis is not evil. She may have bad reasons, have made bad choices, or be completely contrary to the pony method of doing things. But I grant her the legitimacy that she was doing the best she thought she could, even if it was a bad thing.

I'm gonna have to re-read then. I honestly don't remember seeing Cadence in Triptych!
Now I'm additionally curious how Cadence could have done it, given the weight of Twilight's own anomalous ascension.

You might like Green Fields, Red Lights, then. It's a story where no one's evil. Not even the plague goddess that kills thousands. You really don't need to have played the crossover property to enjoy it. And it has a scheming but sympathetic Chrysalis.

Just be warned it gets a bit dark in places.

Estee just finished Triptych.
It mentions that 5 others died so that Cadance could ascend but gives no details

Different "Triptych".

I don't remember whether I'd seen Daetrin's or Estee's first, but I've enjoyed reading both (unrelated) 'verses. Daetrin's starts with "Off the Edge of the Map".

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