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There are many big transitions in a pony’s life. Few are larger and more life altering, though, than the ascendance undergone by Equestria’s newest triarch, Princess Twilight Sparkle. In these three brief interviews with each of Equestria’s rulers, and one pulled from the archives of the previous decade, we attempt to get a look at life, through the eyes of the immortal.
(Collab with LEPShot)

Chapters (4)
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This was a wonderful story. I especially liked the Celestia/Luna chapters. The sisterly interactions were hilarious.
Twilight, in both her chapters, was kind of sad, though. However, it is a VERY beautiful story and well written. Congratulations.

That was a good read for me. Celestia and Luna made me laugh, But The Twilight part made me cry. I love reading even though i end in tears. I love and Hate you. Hate you for making me Cry but love you for that Amazing Story. Please Write More.

It was nice to see how Luna and Celestia act like actual sisters. The ending is nice and kinda leaves room for imagination.
Wonderful story!

you had to throw in the last second FlutterMac didn't you? :twilightangry2:

besides the Fluttermac (and I'm capable of ignoring two sentences.) I quite enjoyed it.

I must apologize but when me and LEP considered the possibility of a relationship for Fluttershy, Mac made the most sense. As you say, just two sentences. :twilightblush:

:fluttershysad: What's wrong with FlutterMac?

Okay, I generally hate it when people thumb down a story without explanation.

So here's mine:
Pointless. This story is pointless. It tries to be somehow contemplative and deep, and an introspection into the characters we know and love, but underneath the words there's... nothing. Aside from the things that are obvious and we already knew about these ponies, the rest is either horridly vague or an imposition of the authors' headcanon that is unsupported by any evidence, or, somehow, both. I do not see what there is so be gained from this story; it does not link the reader with the characters; it does not explore any meaningful theme (except perhaps "growing old", and in that case it does so rather poorly); and it has no interesting plot to speak of. The shippings were similarly without reason or justification, and they grate.

It is well-written in a technical sense; spelling and grammar are great, and the flow is nice. But I finish reading it with a sense that I have utterly wasted my time.

It's pointless. Thumbed down.

2428103 I see what your saying, but in response, i say that these chapters are too short to have deep meaning. I dont think that its bad because of it or that the authors are bad, but the brief story means that surface level is all your going to get. Im thumbing up because the little feels i got from such little writing is still pretty good.:twilightsmile:

Short and sweet, pretty well done. I was about to turn this one down because of the negativity of the comments but afterwards I was proven wrong. A good story to fill in a couple minutes :)

A very good story, only one minor thing: the writers of the show said Twilight will not outlive her friends. Whether this means she's not immortal or her friends will live longer then normal is still vague

I've always liked to imagine Luna as the impulsive hedonist! The night is for secrets and passions and why don't we have a Luna emoticon?!

2428103 I don't see that it needed to be deep and meaningful. It was a nice, fluffy character study in miniature.

Apologies, this was written and completed almost two months before the McCarthy interview. We did not have this information.

He was an... interesting character. I truly did not know whether he wanted to work on spreading harmony to the world, usurp my throne, or spend our lessons roaming the gardens and trying to woo me on any given day.


2430481 That's the problem. I didn't think it was "fluffy" or "nice", either. Actually, I thought it was a little melancholy, if anything. Nothing any of the characters said made me happy, and the humour that was there felt flat and inappropriate.

I'm not really sure what to make of this. On one hand, it's well written and covers an interesting topic (interviewing the princesses about their life) but on the other... There's nothing here. It's vauge and wishy washy stuff about life in general, and the only 'hard' stuff is headcanon that bears little relationship to the content of the story. The Fluttermac thing especially makes no sense within the context of the story, and was unpleasantly jarring for me.

Whilst I love the sisterly interaction between Luna and Celestia, Celestia feels too... Unprofessional. Sure, we know she likes to play little jokes, but she is very subtle about it, and half the time you're not even sure it's happening. But here, she came across as really quite and immature.

Just my thoughts on this.

Had some faults, but it was a nice little fic and I enjoyed it. I prefer Twilight outliving her friends because I am weird in the fact that I enjoy sad emotions, so I like that it was mentioned.

Thank you! I hate happy endings so much it's difficult to state with words.:flutterrage:

2430321 No need to apologise, I was just notting something. Interviews and new bits of cannon do tend to erase fanfics chances of being headcannon, but that's not too bad if the fic in itself is good

I really love the teasing sisterly bond between Celestia and Luna, but I don't think she "created" the ponies, or even the nation of Equestria. According to the Hearth's Warming Eve pageant, ponies founded Equestria (I like to think that Celestia and Luna were wanderers before they decided they needed to build a permanent home so they could more easily impart their wisdom)

Aaand the sleeping pills in her tea should kick in in three... two... one...!

Do not be alarmed, the minor tremor beneath your hooves was simply my sister’s flank hitting the tiles.

This chapter made my day...I can't get over teh lulz. Thank you! :twilightsmile:

I love this!! I feel like you got each of the Princesses spot on... Celestia in particular. :)
The style is very personal, and the two sister's out of text conversations (both Luna and Celestia) were hilarious!!

Over all, I loved how the story didn't have a specific reason... though I don't see the need for calling it pointless. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I saw the story just as a way to provide insight into the more aloof characters of MLP. Which happens to be the rulers of Equestria. THE STORY WAS AWESOME BTW!!!!!! I LOVE THIS STORY!!!

Anyways, I kind of hope y'all will do more like this. Not many people can write in the style of this particular story and write it well. You two did just that and (for me) it came of brilliantly.

Keep up the great work!!!

lol , I love the relationship between tia and Luna

2430461 agreed. GIVE US LUNA EMOTICONS !:flutterrage:

But here in Ponyville, I have gained a perspective that one simply cannot acquire whilst sitting quietly at a desk.

How appropriate, then, that I am sitting quietly at a desk to read and understand this.

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