This story is a sequel to Ageless, or Celestia Plays Dice With the Universe

Twilight learned she was ageless a few weeks ago. She also started dating Celestia a few weeks ago. Life moves swiftly, even for the long-lasting and the long-suffering. There are a lot of things that Twilight will have to adjust to. Dating Celestia may be the easiest of those things to accept.

Editing/Pre-reading done by the ineffably gracious and generous TheMaskedFerret and oftentimes by the lovely, beautiful, and brilliant ScarletWeather, whom I love with all my heart.

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oOo......c-cynewulf....I love you. you wrote a twilestia story.....AND IT HAS MORE THAN ONE CHAPTER!?


7801341 well, you can't see them, but it has like 20 something planned chapters, actually.

Off to a great start, and I wait giddily for more. With Rowan-Oak appearing, are we to understand this as a happier parallel world to Night? Or just making references as they seem useful?


It'd bind up neatly in a volume with Ageless, I bet.

7801385 isn't everything I do?

To an extent, and in some ways. I usually have stories parallel to Night/Song continuity. Same pones, same places, always a song, always Rarity the Warrior Poet, always Jannah, etc. Even if you don't see these things it will usually be correct to assume they exist somewhere in the story's world whatever story of mine you read.

There is always Jannah.

But yes, that's Brigantine and her son is still Fable. He's younger here, tho.

7801393 What a lovely idea. Perchance to dream and so on.

I've already fallen in love with Ageless all over again. And a continuation has me champing at the bit.

(Also I really need to finish reading the thing you sent me. I've had way too much in my mind as of late, but I promise the moment it clears that's on the agenda.)

I admit my first thought with the Rowan-Oaks was "what is the Roanoke reference I'm missing and why am I not smart enough to knit these pieces together", but that was immediately lost as soon as I remembered something else which is that you write Celestia better than anyone on the site. Or at least, you certainly write the version of her I think works best. She's unsure and confident all at the same time, and consistently trying to balance her agelessness with the concerns of the moment. That's a big part of the strength of the first story, and I'm glad it's only building here.

Oh and it would be remiss of me not to mention that Rarity's letter made me laugh.

Keep shining, you beautiful diamond. I'll be here, watching.

7801532 not Roanoke but Rowan Oak.

Brigantine Rowan-Oak and her son Fable and his homogay romance with Rainbow Rays who was a cameo for the writer RazedRainbow were first introduced in The Night is Passing!

It's an elaborate Faulkner reference. Fable iw from "A Fable" and Rowan Oak is the name of William Faulkner's house in Oxford, Mississippi. It's brilliant. A Fable is actually plotted out on the walls of one of the rooms, in fact. Faulkner named his house for the wood described as the substance of Aeneas' vessel.

7801544 Of course Faulkner picked the Aeneid.

I have no idea why my brain keeps saying "of course" he would do that seeing as I've never read him (outside "A Rose for Miss Emily") but for some reason I just keep thinking "of COURSE he picked the Aeneid."

Come to think of it I'm not sure what my bias against the Aeneid is beyond the fact that I liked the Iliad better when I first read them.

I should probably make time someday to actually read Faulkner.

7801583 I have feelings about Virgil.

Yes. Yes you should. I put his Nobel acceptance speech on your wall you must watch it it is mandatory.

He is one of America's greatest writers hands down.

7801667 I like Virgil better when he's showing up in Dante's weird fever dream/allegory/love letter to dead lady/political satire.

Oh, it's so nice to return to this. The Inner Courts are such a strange and delightful idea; and who doesn't love themselves some Twilestia? :rainbowlaugh:

!!!!!!! you made a sequel! awesome!.

Noonday... she is alive,right?

7802378 Aspects don't die.

But sometimes they sleep. Or change.

7801791 Dante's Virgil is the most patient being to exist. He basically drags Dante from fainting to fainting. What a bro he was.

You knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas! Thanks, C. There were one or two typos but I forgot where because Twilestia.

A hallmark of a good Twilestia for me is a Celestia who is still capable of being genuinely surprised by Twilight. Good stuff, here.

WooHoo! So happy to see this posted!

I am digging it so far.

TwiLestia is my weakness! I am looking forward to more. :pinkiehappy:

I don't particularly have any ironclad ships, it just depends on how well the story that presents the ships does it.

For example, I remember reading a story where Applejack & Twilight got drunk in Vegas and got married, but the rings were enchanted and they had to sleep together. It was a good story, and thus I know support that ship.

However, I also support this ship, mostly because of HOW WELL it's written!

7802891 That and he's okay with Dante literally just fangasming in front of him. "Hey Dante your dead girlfriend sent me to let you know that you're kind of in danger of hell, so I'm supposed to give you a massive walking tour before I go back to my literally-joyless existence in Elysium. This means I have to escort you through the parts of hell I'm not supposed to be in. And I might need to carry you. Yes, I'm really VIrgil."

7803494 I don't plug

But I think you would get a chuckle out of Virgil in FlutterSombra picnicking in Hell, that story I wrote whole sleep drunk for a live audience

Shall we tentatively call it the Courts-verse, if only so I can declare myself an enthusiastic fan of it?

I love the whole concept of the Inner Courts, your execution of said concept even more, and I'm overjoyed to see you writing more of it.

I can't believe it took me past the first paragraph to know who was writing... Truly, that is Rarity. Excellent diction and direction.

It was pure irresponsibility that brought me to the bottom of this comments section...but I am very, very excited to be along for the ride on a sequel to Ageless! I just recently read it, so it is an absolute treat to be getting this story now. May the words flow like silk; heaven knows I'm invested now.

7801400 I find these differences in approach among writers to be so interesting! Most of my stories are in wildly different settings, sometimes even with wildly different versions of the characters. (A few overlap, like Ember's and Honey Pie, but mostly not.) Do you ever find it a constraint, to work more or less in the same universe all the time?

7804342 it would be constraining... If I were bound to a continuity.

The nice thing about Night/song lore is that it was always heavy on "alternate worlds are possible" and so wide variations in tone, genre, and setting are easy to excuse. It doesn't demand much aside from references and themes I would have employed regardless because I'm me!

Ah, I hope you enjoy this as much as I expect to! Already going good places.

Glorious TwiLestia shipping AND Twilight learning to be Celestia's peer?

I'm already in love with this fic!

:rainbowlaugh:Always great to see the friends' reactions after a relationship kicks off.

Adorable Twilestia and chessmaster Celestia... good to see more of this universe.

(Though not without yet another reminder that I really ought to get to TNIP one of these days, alongside the other epics I have queued....)

the young but overeager young Twilight Sparkle

She was young. Very young.

Celestia and her senschal


and a terribly individual.


It looks absolutely stunning and marvelous.

Huzzah! It continues. Definitely looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

I agree! Huzzah, Huzzah, Huzzah!

“I know, I know, you’re terrible disappointed in me.”

An astounding sequel, that I will continue to follow.
Also, I love your taste in music. It never ceases to amaze me.

Fascinating to see Twilight's Court in action. They're all still getting see to the arrangement; I just hope the growing pains aren't too awkward.

Hmm. Is this the first we've heard of capital-S Singing in this context? I can't recall whether or not this sounds familiar.

In any case, a very lovely date.

It seems that agelessness shall never cease to have a new capital letter.

A lovely chapter, as usual.

Iiiiiiiiiiinteresting. Advancing the relationship while also building the world and the history around them. Good stuff!

I still want to see the Court Mane 6's flesh and blood inspirations to meet them. Actual Rainbow Dash trying to get a suit of armor like Court Rainbow Dash is something she'd do.

Now that is an interesting development... :pinkiehappy:

Has Twilight talked to her friends about the Inner Court already? I imagine it would be a bit awkward to explain you have a magical reflection of your friends living in your head to provide running commentary on your life.

7846317 She has not.

You know, I just had a thought.... What if Pinkie Pie had a Court without being an alicorn? It would sure explain the voices she hears that the others don't. :pinkiecrazy:


... It's just a bunch of clones of herself. Not even Mirror Clones. None of them different, no Pinkamena. Just Pinkie x 20.

Hmm, it wouldn't be impossible for Twilight to visit her ancestor. They have Starlight and the time travel spell so they can do it. The real question is can Twilight meet her and not change her timeline.:applejackunsure:

7849769 yeah it's less a question of impossibility and more one of is if possible to make this not the stupidest idea ever? Time travel is dangerous and so on

7850079 if we are to dance this dance, then it might do yo consider the source of these complaints: Job is in fact utterly separate from the Godhead, being only the form and the soul of a man, and unable therefore to be anything else.

Its interesting you say this, as this is the sequel to a story originally inspired by an idea borne of ancient Christological speculation.

And, in that vein, I would say that you are correct in so far as you have the OT sense of things. But I tell you a mystery: we shall not sleep, and yet we shall be changed.

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