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Luna's affection for Twilight Sparkle has grown, but what is the Princess of the Moon to do? Perhaps the advice of a random pony will help guide her on her path of love. And with any luck things won't get awkward. Or out of control.

This story was requested by roxas2017 and I finally have something to show for it. My first non Sparity story, hope it goes well.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 6 )

Oh. That's really nice start.
Definitely gonna look forward to the next chapters.
Please, have Cadence be Ship-mistress with her OTP chart.
(If you don't have anything planned already that is. If so, then don't worry bout it, tis but a suggestion)

But there is one thing for you to know.
If this story dies before its completion you can be sure as hell that I'll be standing there, in the night, next to your bed, while you sleep, with a knife in my hand, to kindly motivate you to finish this story.

Well your sparity story is good and this also looks promising.

I don't mind seeing a bit of Spike n Rarity in this too, ya konw (hint, hint).

Wellllllll, I don't like giving spoilers, but I just wouldn't feel right if I wasn't shipping those two together :ajsmug:

Not to worry, the only way I'd leave a story unfinished is if something truly dreadful happened. 😅

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Oohhhhhh, ok, that’s easier than I thought. Thanks a bunch

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