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Spike is a dragon who was raised by ponies. Rarity is one of the most successful fashionistas in all of Equestria. This is the story about how a certain drake won the heart of his special lady and the lives they build with each other. Many challenges await our intrepid heroes, from threats to Equestria to the matters of the heart.

(The story will mostly be Sparity, but like a newly opened harbor they'll be more ships in future. Would hate to make anyone feel left out.)

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Oh man this is great. It if fun seeing all the crazy shit Spike had to deal with on this day. I hope next chapter can be from Rarity's perspective and we get to have some idea on how she feel, or bud of feelings for Spike. So when she gets back he can confess to her.

As much as I HATE spoilers, I will say that it is in deed from Rarity's perspective. Bit of a writer's block on the chapter, but I'll power through it :)

Heck of a job, Wit.

You did well in creating an active world. The characters act as they should amidst the chaos. It's been a while since a story hooked me into seeing a pairing like a carrot dangling from a string.

Beware to proofread. Nothing major. Sporadic missing punctuation. Nothing to hamper the story but hurts immersion.

Keep writing.

Darn, I thought I fixed the punctuation. I'll be more careful next chapter

Comment posted by Silver Wit deleted Dec 1st, 2018

This was great for sure. I love how you wrote Rarity hunting for the comic. It got the feeling of us when we are on the hunt for a comic down. What I am hoping now is we get to see Rarity really think of her relationship with Spike and just how much he means to her. It could be he has helped her out in Canterlot more than she even knew. Or something else comes up that gets her thinking of Spike. It is just as of now Spike's side of the story can't really move forward till Rarity gets back but Rarity can start to really ponder her feelings for her good friend. Anyway great chapter and I can't wait to see more

Great story so far, keep up the good work.

Thanks so much for the kind words. At its core I wanted this chapter to show Rarity discovering that she has more in common with Spike than she realizes. Also I should probably mention that you won't be seeing any heavy emotions from Rarity...yet. I'm going for a more slow boil, see the feelings she didn't know she had come to the surface. Love takes time and true love is patient after all. :raritywink:

A delightful chapter.
I like a good slow cooker of a story and this seems to fit the bill well.
Good references.
I look forward to more.

:moustache: Oh poo....
:facehoof: Spike language!
:rainbowderp: She hosed Spike dude!
:flutterrage: Rarity how could you!
:pinkiegasp: You hussy!
:ajsmug: You be giving up his great back rubs
:raritystarry: What have I done?
:derpytongue2: derp.
:trollestia: Hero, Royal connections, good cook, dragon lord, changeling king maker, cute waddle DUH!
:twilightoops: Rodolfo?

Hopefully Rarity will realize what a catch Spike truly is. But that's another chapter, for another time :raritywink:

You write a very enjoyable story:pinkiehappy:

I'm glad you like it. My goal is to write a better chapter each time :)

Liking the story so far. Though, I will say this...please PLEASE PLEASE don't go with the cliche where the stallion Rarity dates is your typical bad person where he only likes her for looks or money or fame :raritycry: I'll take any other type of stallion than HIM.

Or whatever it's your story :twilightblush:

Keep it up :twilightsmile:

I do hate spoilers, but I will say you won't have to worry about the stallion too much. He's more of a stepping stone in a larger story. Glad you're liking it so far, hopefully I won't disappoint :twilightblush:

:ajbemused: Kicks Magillacutty & Buc McGee at your service
:twilightangry2: Heavy Hitter meet Tom!
:raritydespair: I said we were never going to speak of this again
:moustache: I'm seeing double,,, Wow two Raritys


If your gonna make Spike small and weak in here, then you probably should get artwork that signifies that, because he looks like he's in his late teens or something judging by the picture. Uuuunless he's gonna be older later in the story? Hm. I don't know, but if he's the same...12-14 year old? (at best) like in the show then of course it's not gonna work out with Rarity because she is like 21-23 (at the youngest). It's confusing. Am I missing something? Well at least you got me hooked so there's that.

Uhhh... let's just say, the picture will make more sense very soon. 😜

Well, you DEFINITELY wren't kidding about your boxart that's for sure. For the most part i'm on the same boat as you about your decision to do what you did, except add a few more years to every character. Besides, this is fanfiction where people can write whatever the hell they want, i've seen stranger things:rainbowderp:, believe me, so this is isn't that far fetched. Continue on :pinkiehappy:

And I shall continue onward. Also, yeah thinking about it now adding a few more years would be beneficial. 😛

Thanks for the new chapter, can't wait to see what happens next :twilightsmile:

You are welcome. I won't say much about the next chapter other than I'm going to have fun writing it :pinkiehappy:

Hahaha you tease

:applejackconfused: he's big
:rainbowkiss: he's small
:pinkiegasp: he's big!
:fluttercry: he's too small
:trixieshiftleft: he's too big
:scootangel: he's small again
:unsuresweetie: he's a little bigger
:applecry: he's gigantic
:twilightoops: he's shrinking
:duck: Poor dear, quit embarrassing him. He's perfect the way he is...
:moustache: can I take a nap? All this stuff is tiring
:facehoof: control Spike
:moustache: easy for you to say, you're not surrounded by a bunch of hot mare's ... oops
:eeyup: eeyep! he's really small again

Please do continue with this story !!!

Not to worry, the next chapter is almost done. Sorry for the looooong wait. It's finals season. BUT the story shall go on! :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for the new chapter, I enjoyed the read. tbh though I think I need to re-read the whole story again as I have a bad memory and can't remember what happened before this chapter, woe is me :pinkiehappy: but I hope to see more Spike being bad ass and with Rarity of course lol thanks again, can't wait to see whats next, keep up the good work

To be fair that's probably on me from the lack of updates. But I'll do everything I can to get more chapters out in a timely manner. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter :raritystarry:

Hahaha don't worry, I don't mind the wait for a Sparity story :pinkiehappy: I just finished re-reading it all again :twilightsmile: truth is it's a nice read and I enjoyed it. I do like my Sparity lol

Well thank you for your patronage and kind words :raritywink:

Oh my God! Get to the Sparity already!

Patience dear reader. The most delicious of curry is made over time with a low flame. Then, when you bite into it, you'll experience the wonderful flavors that have accumulated, and after the flavor you get that delightful spice that brings it all together. (Translation: Apologies for the slow start, but their will be Sparity I promise.) :twilightsheepish:

:yay: cozy's not a problem
:twilightsheepish: why not
:yay: by the power of DISCORD! :twilightoops:
:moustache: YEPPER

thanks for the new chapter, can't wait to see what happens next :pinkiehappy:

“W-w-what if she’s out for revenge after she’s free?” Fluttershy said hiding in her wings. “Oh dear, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep at night.”

Umm, you're friends with Discord? In fact, you might actually sleep at night with Discord, who, as you may recall, also helped Tirek steal most magic of Equestria...just like Cozy Glow helped Tirek steal magic from Equestria? Just a tad hypocritical, don't'cha think? Even if you are correct that Cozy isn't reformed in this case.

“Try to understand, our hooves are tied,” Luna continued. “When word got out about how we locked up a filly in Tartarus, the backlash has been ferocious. These ponies don’t even care about her crimes or misdeeds, they just see this as a wrong to be righted.”

Uhh, so we're just going to ignore the whole Nightmare Moon thing and how ponies pretty much accepted you right back into the royalty after you returned and nearly plunged Equestria into eternal night again?

Again, yes, Cozy Glow isn't at all reformed, but still, this is a pretty hypocritical way to go about it, as far as the ponies are concerned. You do good at playing devil's advocate with Starlight relating her own personal experiences, but seem to have other characters with nefarious pasts or incidents just gloss them over with little understanding or sympathy of releasing Cozy Glow from Tartarus. Heck, even Twilight turned Ponyville in a huge brawl after using mind-control magic in the want-it-need-it spell incident, with almost no real consequences/punishment for her behavior. Double standards?

Hmm, I appreciate the feed back. I suppose having most of the characters being so hypocritical stems from my own untrusting issues, I felt like having someone so close only to stab you in the back would be a pretty good reason to cast doubt. Perhaps a little tactless I'll admit but it made sense to me.

Though I will admit I didn't notice it being hypocritical. I'll try and work on that in the future

...Maybe that's how it happens most of the time, sure, but if you spend too much time building up, the reader will get bored and go elsewhere. Well, at least that's what I have always done, but maybe that's just me.

I am so intigued !!! When will Rarity know that Spike grow to protect her ? And what Is Cozy planning ! This story is awesome !

I'm so glad you like my story. I hope you'll love the answers to your questions when they come up :pinkiehappy:

And I can't wait to show what happens next. Especially since a very important plot point is coming up.

That just wants to make me read it more 🤣🤣 now i really cant wait :twilightsmile:

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