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With Spike having become an adult, Canterlot now plays host to dozens of mares from the the Crystal Empire set on attracting his attention. Rarity, faced with the prospect of having real potential competition for Spike's heart, is forced to confront her own long-developing feelings for Spike, and the question as to whether Spike still feels the same way about her. Meanwhile, Spike decides that the time has finally come for him to tell Rarity how he's felt about her and finally put the question of their relationship to rest, one way or another.

With both ready to confront their feelings towards each other, the question becomes, what could possibly go wrong?

Note: This story is part of the Guarded Emotions continuity.

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Really good so far, keep it up my good man :pinkiehappy:

What should be happening but isn't: Rarity turning herself in for being a sex offender (grooming a minor).

I am shocked someone said it.

Despite the fandom as a whole enabling this sort of thing, and despite everyone in it being complicit to some degree, there are those of us who oppose it where and when possible.

Mareity #5 · Last Monday · · 1 ·

Not a bad first chapter. I'll keep an eye on this!

You appear to think you are speaking truth to power, but actually you're a rude jackass kramering in on someone's first chapter and essentially calling them a pervert before they've even done anything. Stuff it

What a hero you are... :rainbowlaugh: 🙄

I am liking this so far.

Ooh, Rarity’s got competitions. And it’s not just Gabby.

You do realize that Lauren faust did say that Spike is older than the main 6 because he's a dragon and dragons age differently, right?

I like it so far, can't wait for the next chapter. :pinkiehappy: Keep up the great work :twilightsmile:

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