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"Late night, come home. Work sucks! I know!"


Spike and Starlight became friends the moment life put them in the same castle. As they grew closer over the years, they didn't think anything could break their friendship.

Unfortunately, all it took was one night to throw that belief into chaos. Now, they have to not only work together but battle their own doubts and insecurities to figure out a way to fix the broken bond between them.

Edited by Curify

Artwork by lockerobster

Note: This story deals with some mature themes and may not be comfortable for all readers. Just a heads up.

Chapters (4)
Comments ( 97 )

Pretty much all the inspiration for this fic's outline came from this song:

You've done it again Famous, you created something amazing. What more needs to be said? (Funny thing, I was listening to this while reading.)

That's some good stuff. I love 60's rock n' roll and such. Thanks so much for reading!

Another great story down for sure. This was amazing and as someone who has been in this situation it was so accurate lol. Great job yet again.

A Spike x Starlight fic?
By Famous?
Um, yas pls

Thanks, bro! I drew a lot from personal experiences, too. I lost a friend a ways back because of something like this and the conversation we had was beyond awkward. I tried to channel a bit of that here.

You're quite welcome. Keep up the good work!


Now if only you'd give me some Spike and Flitter goodness...

Oh Twilight, how little you know.

For what this situation was, I think you played it out very well. Great dialogue, great pacing, a great story overall :twilightsmile:

Keep up the good work my good man :pinkiehappy:

I'm so glad you liked it! This was a passion project for me, so it makes me happy that others appreciate what I was trying to do.

Thanks for reading as always, my friend! I'm super happy you liked it.

Wow. This resonated with me a lot more than I thought it would. Seriously, Famous, You deserve a spot in the Pantheon of amazing authors on this site. You just keep knocking it out of the park.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! I pulled a lot from my past experiences for this one, so I'm glad you appreciated the idea i was going for.

Well, I'm a 17 year-old boy, about to be 18 in a few months, and considering the stuff I'll no doubt have to deal with in the future, I feel stories like this are things that really put my anxieties at ease. So thank you for that. There are two more of your old stories I'm about to read, so look out for my comments on those.

Sweet! I shall await with great angst.

(Don't hate me too much. My old stuff was a lot less refined then my stuff from 2016+)

Well. This is... mysterious.

:duck: Miss Glimmer may of broke him in, I'm going to wreck his world.
:moustache: rock?
:raritystarry: TOM? >,>
-----------------------------------------------------> zip! ---------------------------------->:moustache::rainbowwild: gotcha!

:trollestia: Royalty first!
:facehoof: Should of had him fixed when he was a dog

Hello, crippling depression my old friend. Welcome back, I missed you. *pours two glasses of scotch* Please, have a seat and let's catch up.

(Hnnng this triggered me in a very emotionally honest way)

She made a mental note to casually and non-suspiciously ask Twilight about it later

This totally needs to happen in a follow-up chapter! :rainbowlaugh:
(And the whole shtick is bound to come up one way or another, seeing as they all live under one roof ... that conversation with Twilight ought to be all sorts of amusing :trollestia:)

Welp, this became my bed time story. :P Nicely done.

It's sex related. It's always sex related when guys and girls act like this!:ajbemused:


Ah, seems you met him too?

Can i get a glass?

Incoming drama next chapter! I sense more tears ahead.

I feel like Rarity speaks from experience.

“Because,” Spike replied. “It wasn’t anything like I expected it to be. She didn’t scream my name or moan out loud or try to take control or anything. She just laid there and kissed me and stared at me. I didn’t know what to think! It was like trying to put together a bookshelf, but when you put Rod A in Slot B the whole thing falls apart!I had no idea what I was doing, and all I knew was how I felt, so as soon as it was over, I ran for the hills before she could say anything and—”

The highlighted sentence alone warrants a mature rating. Wew.

Called it! This is probably the 2nd story that I've come across that has Starlight and Spike's transition from friends to lovers have such a rocky turn.:rainbowhuh:

Good job on the feels!:moustache:

“Spike?” she said turning her body around and setting the coffee on the table. “I don’t want to drown my waffles in syrup for the rest of my life.”

God, that's deep.

Now remember class: Drakes are dumb, Mares are overemotional and always use your mouth words.

...I have no idea why i wrote that.

That's right. The cheese is heavy with this one!:rainbowlaugh:

Spike is definitely the bigger idiot here, lol. That said, you showed the awkwardness and worries rather well, along with them both strongly desiring to begin a romantic relationship. I count myself lucky that starting my relationship with my girlfriend was much less confusing and scary than this, lol.

Whew, finally got around to finishing this chap!

Most curious... :rainbowhuh: a bad fight, a hard crush on one another? idfk what, but I shall press onwards!

And Twilight, dear Twilight... the Princess of Friendship and yet it sometimes you're pretty blind to your friends feelings, it feels like.

Good show Fam, good show.

W h e w, well that explains a lot, hmmm...

Gotta agree with Rarity, dudes are stupid, I should know... I'm one of them :rainbowlaugh: hehehe.

Nicely done Fam.

Anytime someone mentions Canada I get all excited. I'm Canadian, so does that make sense?

Yes. You guys have great Hockey and basketball teams

Ahhh the good old both like one another but don't know if the other likes them back :trollestia: that's always a fun time :yay:

Good show Fam, hehe

Once again, you showcase your mastery over the realm of messy romance. I wonder where you draw your inspiration from? :ajsmug:

I can't really levy any complaints on this story. You set the emotional scene very well from the start and built on it in a way that truly felt real, and that's something to be proud of. This was a really great read, man. Good work!

It's not like I, want to have a taste
Already dead, so why would I care?
I just want to chase, and rip your face
It's got nothing to do, (do, do)
With your brains.

Wheeew... well, Fam, took me some time to read this but it was a good read dude, a very good read and a nice take on what you said in the A/N. I quite enjoyed it.

Awesome work well done, hopefully those two manage to figure things out a bit further and live life to the fullest... better to live life knowing then to die never knowing but wanting to, or however that saying goes? Iunno.

Good show Famous, good show :heart:

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