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I believe that the stories we tell far outweighs all the gold in the world. Since the wisdom we can acquire from them will help envision the life we can make for ourselves.

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Where I've Been and What's Happening. · 3:38pm Sep 5th, 2018

Hey everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read this post as well as continuing to read my stories. I really do appreciate it :twilightsmile:

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I see how it is. You'll follow Famous but you won't follow me.


Greetings, Tex. Did you happen to receive my PM?

Well it just so happens that my Dad was born in Texas.

Hey sorry it took a while to respond. As the name implies, yes I am, born and raised. I'm sure you understand that I'm a little hesitant to give any more personal info...other then yeah, I was born in 1995, but yes I am from Texas and proud of it :ajsmug: And that's cool that you live in Texas too.

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