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I like reading stories more than writing them, but I thought I'd give writing a shot anyway.

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I just posted my first round of reviews with Seattle's Angels · 4:36am Jan 12th, 2020

Last month I got a notification that my application to the Seattle's Angels group was accepted. This is the group's first post of the new year, and I knew I couldn't miss it. So, click the link and look for some underrated gems that may have flown under your radar.

Seattle's Angels: Round 164

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It's all good. You're here to enjoy reading fanfics, I'm not paying you for anything:pinkiehappy: I just like to show my appreciation and didn't quite know what the shelf meant. I thank people for favs, but I also appreciate it if you just took the time to read. Feel free to leave a comment when or if you get around to it. :twilightsmile:

In all honesty, I actually haven't yet. I just reorganized the story into a 'Completed Stories I haven't read" bookshelf because it's finished. I can move it up the list if you want feedback quicker, but I fogured I should tell you.

Been a while. Thanks for getting through your backlog and checking out smitten:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for adding When Darkness Falls to your favorites!

Thank you for the favorite!

  • Viewing 150 - 154 of 154
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