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"Damnation is only a daydream away, but still, we carry on..." -Morbid Angel

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New chapter up. · 8:21pm April 6th

CONTENT WARNING for mentions of grief and sexual abuse. I had to write the background so people could understand the full context behind the story. If that's not a topic you feel like getting into, skip this one and wait 'til chapter six. It's a lot more light from here. Just letting you all know in case it turned out to be too much.

Seraph's Kiss (Chapter 5)

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a mix between dark fantasy, adventure, horror, and sci-fi. I like stuff with modern and/or futuristic settings, creepy environments, original RPG style storylines, hulking monsters, and badass fight scenes.

I hear you're looking for this story:

TSweetie Bot annoys Sunny
A century has passed, but the immortal Sunny Starscout still fights for harmony.
Bad Dragon · 4.7k words  ·  37  8 · 685 views

Cool. I'll look into it.

You made a thread about magic type.

In my novel:

TSweetie Belle Gains a Soul
In her darkest hour, Sweetie Belle finds salvation, but it comes with a terrible curse.
Bad Dragon · 132k words  ·  178  45 · 6.7k views

, Twilight tries to teach different magic types to Sweetie Belle.

Every relationship I've seen IRL was the absolute bare minimum. Maybe that explains why they all ended horribly.

Yeah that's called a healthy relationship; we're all just down bad.

  • Viewing 133 - 137 of 137
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