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Fireheart 1945

"Defend your clan, even with your life." - Warrior code, Warrior cats novel series


On sin · 7:10pm Saturday

What is sin?

Sin is the willful choice to disobey God. When we choose to break a promise, when we cuss someone out, when we physically assault someone, when we fiddle about with someone else's spouse or go fornicating, when we bring harm to children and direct our abuse at anyone, we sin.

Sin is the opposite of God's character and purpose. It is the opposite of doing good. And it is willful.

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Yeah. It's... slow, but I'm hoping to continue it. Hopefully, I'll get back to writing it soon.

Are you still writing the Changeling War?

Hello friend, wonder if you have seen my post on the Christian Bronies' forum post: http://chng.it/DMcZkPpZ

Do you have a favorite Pillar of Old or more?

As well as favorite Cutie Mark Crusader(s) and character(s) from the 2017 MLP film?

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