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Fireheart 1945

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Robotech refit · 7:54pm August 7th

Well, the title of this blog speaks for itself. I've unpublished almost all the chapters for the tagged story, and I'm probably going to just erase most of them and start over. It has, or I feel it has, so many holes in it that I was not able to continue. I was uncomfortable (not sure that's the right word) with how it was going, and plus due to a declining interest in the story in question as well as the show itself, it's been lying there in the hangar for a couple years. Well past time for a

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Please make more chapters of your MLP & Gilligan’s Island crossover.

as Robert e lee said to his solder and generals god go with you


It's on my tracking list :raritywink:

Would you like to read this story I made?

From Repair to Despair

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