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"Defend your clan, even with your life." - Warrior code, Warrior cats novel series. Also, if you don't like that I post Christian blogs, then please either do not subscribe/watch me or complain.


Regarding discipline · 5:20pm 9 hours ago

...the Christian is never condemned, only disciplined. that is good news.

The context of God's redress is a Father/child relationship... Do not mistake His discipline as anger and feel that your relationship to him has cruelly changed, That is Satan's lie. You have been adopted into His [God's] family, and His discipline only enables you to fully enjoy the benefits of His fatherhood.

- Dr. Charles Stanley, A Touch of His Love, page 107.

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Happy Late New Year.

Also you should do a blog about your opinion on Bible Flock Box. I thought he was good until he started talking about soul sleep and annihilationism

Merry Christmas :twilightsmile:

The 'Nameless Queen' Author AniMun has returned. I see a comment from you from the story to vote back than.
He announcement today his return :twilightsmile:

Oh, sorry about not responding; forgot as a result of school and haven't been checking. Please take this to a PM, so that I can be more easily reminded of this conversation.

  • Viewing 302 - 306 of 306
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