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The Original Lie and Sin · 3:52am April 15th

The first lie in the Bible and in human history is noted in Genesis 3. In Genesis 3:1, the devil, in the guise of a snake, asks Eve whether or not God has actually said whether or not they can eat from the garden. Eve's response, in verses 2 and 3, is to say that God told them to neither eat nor touch it (in reality, God said nothing about touching the fruit), or else she and Adam would die. In verse 4, the devil tells her that they will not die. He expands, in verse 5, saying

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The one entitled "A couple of things wrong with the modern church."


Which blog was it?

Also, consider yourself forgiven, whatever it was.

Hello, brother in Christ. Earlier I made a response to one blog entry you made on a Christian group on this site and I must ask was it an appropriate response? Because I wasn't trying to be confrontational about it.

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