You know what we want, knighty. Give us new ponemojis! With Vinyl, Octavia, Luna, Lyra, etc.! We want new ponemojis! When do we want 'em?! NOW!!

(If you're unaware, these are ponemojis: :twilightsmile::flutterrage::raritycry:)

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We need at least ONE Luna emoticon.

Need those good good meme faces

the Luna one is hit or miss, but the others are definitely NECESSARY!!!

-Trump 2016

I'd appreciate more Ponemojis as well, but I'm mostly on the fence here, Mostly because I don't like rushing people.
But I will agree...

This Ponemoji needs to happen.

410828 We can't get killed for trying.

Yeah ok, new characters and Luna have been missing emojis, so...


dude I love to have ponemoji's I have been wanting that for a while now can someone please make this happen

410828 Have you tried bribing him? :moustache:


lol you'll never get anything from this

it's been years and kniggy never added more emoticons

I would love to see an evil laugh/chuckle emoji, either with Chrysalis or Sombra.

Emojis for every single character. Sunset in pony AND Human form.

410774 I don't think he'll go that far, dude. Sorry.

all i want is an emoji of gilda with the middle finger (claw?) raised

Sunset and Discord emoji. 'Nuff said. :moustache:

Ponemojis for Ponemojis god! :flutterrage:

Luna and Cadence emojis

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