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I love Fallout Equestria, the Austraeoh series, and enjoy some strange ships. I'm incredibly inconsistent with updates and Minuette is my favorite pony.

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Where I've Been (Spoilers, I am Still Alive) · 3:22am May 22nd

Hey guys, so I kinda disappeared on everyone awhile ago. At first, I was giving myself a break, then real life shit started happening with my parents separating (not a clean break and not mutual, very ugly), followed by depression, the feeling of failure only grew the longer I didn't update, and I did what I do when that happens: escape. I've watched so many series, caught up with so many podcasts, and played so much Animal Crossing, and that's not even going into books, webcomics, fics, and

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Sounds like fun, I'll check it out sometime!

Hehe, I have a series shipping background ponies.

Yay! Another Minuette fan! But ye, Minuette's my favorite pony and she needs more fics (as do some other obscure background ponies). Well, that and I disagree with a number of fandom headcanons based solely on her color palette. Still, hope I can do her justice as canonly as possible. Well, along with some degree of my own personality which anyone who writes inevitability puts into characters who seem to align with parts of them. Aside from that, there's so many theories I have about what her cutie mark could mean, it could be anything from her just being great at making hourglasses to having time travel capabilities herself. Somehow she's always in the background at most of the important events in the show, and I don't entirely dismiss it as a coincidence or background pony padding. Anyway, I could go on and on about Minuette, so I'll just stop here for now. This was supposed to be just a short reply, but I gush about stuff like this. Also love uncommon background ship pairs!

Yay! Another Minuette fan!

2188524 oh it's my pleasure! I love Silver Spanner. I hope people give the contest a try!

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