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Revamp 3: Revenge of the Vamp · 2:08am Feb 25th, 2018

Okay, Last of the TSW series revamped. I changed the focus of Golden Bit's plot, so it hopefully makes a little more sense, but try not to expect miracles, here. Anything more intensive would have required practically rewriting the whole story, and I'm definitely not doing that. I was going to do more with the final chapter, but honestly, I just want to move on to newer stories. I'd rather wrap up AO so I can hopefully get to that new FireLight story that's been trying to get out of my

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Boi, wut happend

I will be waiting for it. Hopefully it's worth it.

Never had a request before. Maybe if I return to that story, you might see something like it. :twilightsmile:

Hey, i like the story "I've Been Waiting for a Girl Like You". Can you make a futa-Velvet/Fleur De Lis Story with kissing, stockings on both characters, and large tits. A One-Shot will do. Tnx 😀😀😀

I have a request regarding The Teacher, the Sorceress, and the Wonderbolt. It's been a while since I read it, but I'm pretty sure there was a chapter, in either this story or the sequels, where Twilight went into detail about what it was specifically she liked about the three mares. Could you tell me where that was, again?

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