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Welcome Starcraft and Starcraft 2 fans. MLP:FiM fans welcome too of course.

This is where you can post your own Starcraft crossover fanfiction. I know you've all seen Ponycraft 2 video made by StubbornlyObsolete, and that might have caught your attention to the science fiction series, or maybe you're just one of those fans who loved Starcraft since the first game.

Either way, just post anything here Starcraft related, and we look forward to reading your fanfiction crossovers with MLP. Don't forget to post them in the categories whichever they are most dominant in theme.
All authors who post a Starcraft fanfiction will be converted to contributor.

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Comment posted by the Jabberwacky deleted Nov 23rd, 2014

That never works for me. LOL. Last time I got worker rushed, I had like.. 10 workers to their 6

336894 I got put in silver when I worker rushed someone.

I've been Bronze rank 1 for like.. a week.. Name is Krasus xD

331285 They still do say the quote in SC2 :D


It must come naturally :P
Also I like the user-name, good old throwbacks to BW...
Actually, I think archons still say that in SC2, but it was the infinite HP cheat in BW too xD


Hey! I'm asian!

And I'm actually not bad at SC...


/personal revelation


MEMBER 100:twilightsmile::eeyup::rainbowkiss::rainbowwild:

325069 Really? I might stand a chance then :)

325004 Dang. To be honest, I haven't seen many people beyond silver league. Even then, they were playing arcade games.

324079 Well either way I'd be destroyed, from what I hear most of Asia is pretty good at Starcraft

I am pleased to say that Koprulu Sector has reached a mile stone today. TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND WORDS! :pinkiehappy:

324042 Why does everyone automatically assume that I'm on the South Korea server? I'm on the Southeast Asia server. South Korea has their own server.

We're getting pretty close to... 100 MEMBERS!

313149 South-East Asia you say... As in South Korea?... Ummm... I'd rather keep my ladder points if that's all right with you :P

On my forth story now. Who is leading the way?
<--- This guy!

Check it out. Born of Sin

316860 And keep up the good work. I'll have ideas of my own to be creating when I return.


I've written three, and I'm pretty sure I have the longest story on record so far.

316818 If you ever see a stray Starcraft Story, give the author a link to add it here. We can get more members.

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