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Welcome to the World of Warcraft FIMFiction group!

Anyone can submit a story to this group, just make sure it's related to WoW in some way.

Also, please add it to the right folder. :pinkiesmile:

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How do you decide between "Main" and "Other"?

Hey I truly need some help on a story cause I am trying to create a story where an unorthodox race from Azeroth goes to Equestria such as Quilboar, Ogres(all types), Centuar, or Gnolls even. I cant get them started even if I literally tons of ideas

I need help please

Looking for horde players that play on zuljin

Comment posted by Just another hoerse love deleted May 13th, 2015
Comment posted by The Twisted Shadow deleted Oct 23rd, 2014

345680 ... Well, that seems pretty more powerful than my bow and arrows... I don't do magic so you got me. I never play mages, ever. For magic is heresy.

345677 All I need to do is death grip you, chain you then beat your ass to death or just respec to frost and one shot macro you with my mage.

345676 Not unless you get close enough to me before I shoot your ass with my trusty bow and mighty arrows! :twilightangry2:

345629 Alliance pansy, my Orc or BE would smack you into the ground hard >:)

I feel like playing me some WoW as my night elf, eh. :twilightsmile:

This is awesome, why can't we have nice things in here?!

Muh amazing attempt at making banners because I dislike the default cottage.
Taktician plz come back

It would be neat if the very oldest members got the Contributor status, or whatever it's called.

:moustache::pinkiecrazy::moustache: see what you did there

Horde is the best pony :pinkiecrazy:

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