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Patreon Voting Deadline · 7:44pm Nov 9th, 2018

Just so you guys know my first Patreon fanfic poll will be ending tomorrow. This is deciding which fic I will focus most of my effort on and (hopefully) finish the next chapter by the end of the month. Right now it's 2 to 2 between "Epicness" and "(Un)Dead" (so I may have to just toss a coin. Remember, $1 patrons get to vote, and $3 patrons get to look at and leave comments on the fic google doc if they so choose. The link to my Patreon is at the top of my page.

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Can you bring back the 9 chronicles when you can

Just as Nightmare Night comes around... this happens.

Welcome back, Sir

Ok, wanted to be sure, it's been a while since I thumbed through the tags that I don't know what new stuff they added recently.

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