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Merry Christmas! Here's what's been happening and where it's going. · 10:01pm Dec 25th, 2019

So here's what's been happening for... well, years now. First of all, I was a grad student, trying to get a Master's Degree. I had some big up s and some decently bad downs. In addition, I was unemployed for seven months AND I live with my parents. Not exactly a good combination for free time, not having money and being hounded because of it. Then I finally managed to get a job... as a telemarketer. I've been working there for the past six months and honestly, if it wasn't for the the fact that

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You manage to find something good?

Thanks for the favourite on Cards Against the Princesses!

Dunno, but I just sent him a message. Been a while since we talked.

Sorry to bother you, but is Zman537 ok, or did he lose his password or something?

I hope to hear more from you dear sir, and read from your hard work.:moustache:

Followed, and may you have a merry holiday!:moustache::twilightsmile:

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