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Made in honor of the ‘Whispers of the Old Gods’ set leaving Hearthstone’s Standard Mode. Goodbye, C’Thun, you were essential for a newbie like me claming so many wins.

Our heroines try, and fail, to stop a cult named Twilight’s Hammer from resurrecting an unfathomably powerful creature from beneath the very earth. With anypony that could stop them captured and defeated they can only watch helplessly as it rises from its sleep to bring doom to all...

Turns out, it really just wants a snooze button.

This stupid thing got featured!? HOW!? And on Friday the 13th, no less...

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Ekhidna #1 · Apr 13th, 2018 · · 1 ·

I bet C'Thun dreams are filled with sunshine, rainbows, a lot of silly party hats, and tea parties.

Words can't describe this pice of art


. . .Did he just talk back to an Old God?
. . .
. . .Are we sure his name is Crushing Steel and not Death Wish?

Poor elder gods all ways getting woken up by petty mortals

Okay, I loved this take of the whole 'cultist trying to bring the Old Ones back' shtick.:moustache::rainbowlaugh:

Here are some corrections to some mistakes I found in the text.

Her a dark violet light tinged the surrounding wasteland coming from the runes underneath her and her friends,

Don't you mean 'Here the dark violet light...'

Twilight looked around to her friends and family, t not knowing what to say but trying to convey it nonetheless.

Do you mean to say in this part '...family, not knowing...'?

For several minuted, every creature just stared at the spot, then back to each other.

Here you mistyped, it is supposed to be an 's'.

Now, with my nitpicking done...

Have a fav and thumbs' up for making me laugh with this!:rainbowlaugh:

Oddly enough, Crushing Steel's last thoughts were, "Well, at least this one didn't immediately turn himself into a sheep."

Amusing in concept, if a bit rough in execution.



C'Thun is secretly a brony, which is why he came to this world. :rainbowwild:

Thanks for nitpicking. Fixed it.

Rough in what way? Lack of detail? Grammar?


Just found out a small detail that evaded me the first time.

"An apparent affect of my presence, something that I had no control over.

Effect. With this, I believe there are no more typing errors.

I hope to read more from you in the future - your ability to write comedy does bring a smile to my face. :twilightsmile:

Just seeing this has motivated me to write a story about the Shudderwock.

Aside from the nits others are already picking at, there were a few points where the phrasing was awkward and the sentences just didn't seem to flow well, even though they were grammatically correct.
The most obvious example I could find was:

As more tentacles burst forth a massive orb burst forth, larger than any mountain, and underneath a mass of flesh with more eyes and tentacles bursting from it.

Using the phrase "burst forth" twice in rapid succession like that technically isn't wrong, but it still looks weird and gives the sense that you didn't really know what you were doing there, and the third instance of the word "burst" at the end certainly didn't help with that.

Some helpful advice for future writing: the thesaurus is your friend.:twilightsmile:

Funny thing, now Twilight can claim to be his chosen.

8861459 8861397 Thanks to both of you. usually I pick up on those things but I started and finished this today because I wanted to get it out in time, so I missed it. Thanks.

Ha! Didn't even realize it!

Don't let Sargeres know you've got an Old God squatting there, my little ponies.:rainbowderp: He tends to get pissy about that sort of thing.

You're welcome. :twilightsmile:

Now I want to read a 100k+ fic about the silly adventures of a bored Old One.


Someone make this!

I, too, relied on C'thun. May his slumber by plentiful. :fluttershysad:

I fought all 4 Old Gods before they left Standard. That Druid used all 4 of them in one game and it was beautiful. I even got to use their Yogg-Saron and C'thun against them, since I was running Priest.

From one Hearthstoner to another, this was a good little read. Nothing earth-shattering, but a great way to see out the forgotten Old God. Perhaps now he can finally sleep.

Wouldn't it be funny if ALL sleeping old ones were this way? "It's called eternal slumber for a reason you fools!"


You know what the best part is? That animation is entirely too accurate.

Check the guy's channel. He's got more.

I did. They are also too accurate


i fucking love this 10/10

As a wow lore fanatic, I ADORE THIS STORY. 10/10

Ladies and Gentlecolts, this year's Darwin Award goes to Crushing Steel!!!

Additionally, I imagine that the reason the heroes were first defeated was because Twilight Sparkle was having a field day trying to change the name/clarify/and-deny-she-had-any-hammers of Twilight's Hammer.

And next time on WOW crossover hour, Twilight Sparkle restarts the Twilight hammer in an effort to ensure C'thun is never awoken again. Does so accidently twenty years later when she mutters his name in her sleep.

That was hilarious. I know nothing about the lore in question, but I love the idea of an Eldritch Abomination just wanting to go back to sleep. Where can I find more stories like this?

unexpected results.

Wrong one, though.

He's from World Of Warcraft.


For 'unexpected results' refer to 'Bow down before the God of Death'.

I wanna see some Yogg Saron. Yep. Bow down before the god of death! Whispers of madness. Yogg Saron IS nothing but a mass of just mouths. Even his eyes are...mouths. He disguises himself as a young female in trouble before you fight him. Turns out you're doing what he/she wants. Yoggy would make a great villain. C'thun was cool, but all I can think of is that annoying Ahn'Quiraj crap and Silithus.

you will die.....your friends will betray you.........you will betray your friends.

Fucking brilliant. Would've made it even better if changelings were the ones to summon him

Is that a fanfic name? Can you link?

Now this, this is a real work of art. This is the greatest fanfic on this website. Liked and followed!

Oh wait, I just realized, you’re referring to Yog-Sarron’s effect, right?

Rip year of the mammoth. I'll miss C'thun and the jade idols. :fluttercry:

But seriously though this is a nice little fic.

8863014 "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye."

so very true so bee careful with Atiesh

"Well... That was a thing that happened," Starlight Glimmer stated.


I shouldn't have read this in public, I started laughing, boomed out "none demand of C'thun", and then started cackling. It was great. Well done. :moustache:

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