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(Takes place mid-season 7. Ignores MediEvil 2)
(Gore tag for what naturally comes with fighting undead)

Equestria is in peril. Grogar, the Lord of Tambelon has returned, his armies of demons and undead having proven too much for Equestria, and his tactics able to cripple them before they could mount a proper defense. Celestia and Luna have been captured, and even Discord has been brought down. Pockets of defense stand, but all hope seems lost against the Goat Lord and his overwhelming Necromantic powers.

But those powers may also be his undoing, as they've inadvertently resurrected an ancient warrior who's more than familiar with battling the undead... and being one. Now if only he could mumble something out that everypony could understand...

Thanks to edCOM02 for the great cover art!

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Any one else getting a Dungeons 2 narrator vibe from this chapter or is it just me?

It was supposed to emulate the style of the narrator in the Resurrection remake, so I hope I did a decent job.

Wouldn't know as I haven't played any of the games I do know who the got resurrected. Can't wait for more!

I never played the game, yet I can see that the story will be great!:yay:

I'll be tracking this baby!:rainbowkiss:

After this

He was quite the fearsome fellow, what with his large curling horns, his deep red eyes, and his perfectly practiced evil laugh,

I tead the rest in narrators voice so yes it does a lot XD.
Nice choice of music.
Glad ot see an update again even if it is a new story.
Hope it isn't just a 1 april joke. :D


"Well, well, well... It has risen once again. Sir Daniel Fortesque, the great Hero of Gallowmere, reduced to a forgotten dusty old relic buried deep in the land of Equestria. Well, things have changed since you've been away. It's a brand new world, but with the same old problems. So find yourself a weapon and get ready for a scrap!"

I sadly never played the original, but YouTube let me watch gameplay and I loved it immensely. Sir Daniel Fortesque is a bit out of his depth here, wonder how the Mane six will react to a friendly undead?

This is definitely going to be fun. Keep it up!

I think I'll wait until several more chapters are out before I start reading this but from the ratings it's doing well so far and I hope it continues.:twilightsmile:

Can I use this? Or like most of it?

Poor fortesqu risen once angain to kick undead ass

Oh, this is going to be a good crossover fic, I can feel it in my bones :)

Just because I hate April Fools that much, I am going to do my best to put up another update tonight. Who know if I'll succeed.

Mate, I fuckin' loved the Medievil games! They were insanely fun when I was younger, even my mam got into them

Oh hey, you actually did it! Well, now I'm certainly looking forward to the rest of this.

Interesting premise... And I don't mind the use of "epic-off-screen-war/battle" stuff/trope. But let's see how Dan does this... With no jaw.

I am definitely going to be watching this. I still have the medievil game from when it first came out. Don't have a console to pay it on though. I just can't seem to give the game away.

If someone out there knows how to play old PlayStation games on PlayStation 4 let me know.:pinkiehappy:

Edit: I was looking for a way to play MediEvil on my PS4 and I found this. Dan is getting a remake this year!

(Announced last year)

fun even when evil wins it loses.

We all know how Rainbow will react. Tackle first, regret later.

I'd ask if I could buy it off you, but you seem attached.

An author after my own heart.

I have a PS2 so I can play my own copy of the game. Seeing this story has made me want to play it again. If only to see all the gargoyles again.

You simply can't understand how wmuch I love this game. Thank you from the bottom of my hert

Oh, this is gonna be good... Never played the game, but I've seen enough to know I'll like this.
It should prove to be fairly... humerus.

“Fak me. Nah agahn,” he mumbled as he facepalmed.

It's hard for an hero to rest in peace these days. Lol. :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

i don't know about the ps4, but the ps3 can play it juuuuust fine!


This seems promising. But first I must know. How much fencing will there be and how realistic? Just to set my expectations and prevent a bunch of martial artists and/or historians (like me) from nagging you for "not doing it right".

Clicking through the featured box, ladeedadeeda-

Real One: Fortesque has done it without a jaw, the left eye, double-tasking while putting his head on a zombie head and his headless body, I can safely assure you, he'll do it.

I cannot wait to see how this plays out!

Hell its about time I see a crossover with Sir Dan

Holy walls of text, batman!

8834391 8835189

There will be basically no expert swordplay here, just a skeleton who know how to swing a sword (and a few other weapons) and hold a shield well enough to get by.

please give Daniel his dragon armor and dragon helm



“Fak me. Nah agahn,” he mumbled as he facepalmed.

Daniel dont curse your game may be rated teen but language is not one of the reasons

And unknowingly sealing his own doom…

Evil overlords does tend to seal their won doom while trying to prevent it don't they :coolphoto:

“Fak me. Nah agahn,” he mumbled as he facepalmed.

Yeah sorry, we need yo to go and defeat another evil overlord with a tendancy to rasie the dead and bring about their own doom :moustache:

I remember this game, though I honestly only played a demo for the Playstation 1. It was annoying that such demos reset themselves after a certain amount of time was up. In my childhood I practically rushed through the level to see and enjoy as much as possible of the game. :twilightsheepish:

Is it just me, or is Dan getting better at talking without a jaw? Then again, he's been through this song and dance at least twice now. Probably more, since it appears that his Egyptian girlfriend has dumped him at some point.

nice work looking forward to the next chapter.

Fortesque is always a win.

Well, yes, he needed to it all the time in M2.

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