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The Saiyan


Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super ahead!

After the battle against Lord Beerus, Goku and Vegeta started to train under Whis, who wishes to help them hone the powers of the Super Saiyan God..

But Whis sees the flaws in how Goku and Vegeta behave in times of battle, and seeks to rectify that. And so, he warps the Saiyan duo to Equestria to learn about the magic of friendship.

Can the Saiyans learn a thing or two in Equestria? Will the Equestrians be able to handle the insanity of having two warriors like Goku and Vegeta in their world? Find out in Dragon Ball Super: Equestrian Chronicles!

Set during MLP Season 5 and sometime before the Resurrection F Saga of Dragon Ball Super. Will be a semi-adaptation of both series with both worlds involved.

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I take, this is set right at the beginning of Super? Exact time would be nice...
Wait is this a different planet or Universe?
I wonder how Celestia, Luna and Discord all compare to the power of Whis and Beerus.

Anyway thumbs up, I await more.

Can't wait for more. I already like the story.

This story is interesting so far. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Hmmm. Vegeta sure I can see that he did it back at Bulma's party after all. But Goku? I'm not seeing it sorry. The groveling I mean.

7957559 It's set after BoG and before Resurrection F. In this case, Equestria is just a far-off planet, and Whis and Beerus are stronger than the alicorns and Discord, but they're still powerful in their own right.

7957832 Thanks! The wait shouldn't be long.

7958488 It was more for humor. Goku's still pretty relaxed around Beerus when he's not threatening to blow up the planet.

7958867 Beerus/Celestia friendship. The two share a mutual respect which I'll get into later.

7959283 Thanks!

OMG this is so weird! I had to stop reading every few sentences just to repeat to myself how wierd this is. I LOVE IT!:pinkiehappy: definitely waiting for the next chapter.

7959699 Oh thank goodness. I was trying to apply my own logic to the situation. I had decided that Luna was the supreme Kai equivalent, Celestia the Angel and Discord the God of destruction. Or perhaps Celestia the Kai, Discord the Angel and Luna/Nightmare Moon the GoD (just realised God of Destruction can be shortened to GoD)
Obviously none of those fit quite perfectly, so different planet makes way more sense.

Thank you for putting up with my rambling and I look forward to future chapters.

I was more wondering who was going to front the bits for those 300 cupcakes. I mean, what even is the exchange rate of Zeni to the Equestrian bit?

7960893 Oh. That will be addressed next chapter. I saw Bill and thought the original name for Beerus. Sorry. :twilightblush:

7961890 Ah a nice start so far and set in a perfectly timed setting in respective shows storylines. I see you have set it in the middle of Season 5, but before Make New Friends, but Keep Discord. Great job on job capturing both Goku's and Vegeta's personalities without going too overboard with it.

If that is the case the season 5 finale The Cutie Remark should grand ramifications since it exists in the DragonBall verse. Especially with all those new timeliness and how time travel works in Dragonball. If it is similar then that means not only those alternate timeliness still existing, but could even be in the same one as Future Trunks'. Seven Time Rings would be produced due to Starlight and Twilights's actions. That is also including the ones produced during the Cell Saga and DBS's Future Trunks Arc. Marking them as a great red target bullseye for both Goku Black's & Future Zamasu's for their "Justice".

Also if the regular MLP Equestria exists in Universe 7, then does that means the EQG world exist in Universe 6? I mean they are parallel/sister universes after all. Plus it would make sense.

Makes sense to me; I was also wondering if Glimmer's time-mangling would be a bridge for Future Trunks. After all, as DBA's Perfect Cell so eloquently put it; "Multivesal theory is a bitch." :pinkiecrazy:
No harm, no foul. My bad for not being clearer to begin with.:twilightsmile:

7960148 That's a pretty good estimation, I say. They may be the most powerful Equestrians, but Goku and Vegeta are in a whole other league.

7962336 Thanks. I want to expand upon the whole multiverse lore once I get to the Universe 6 Tournament. I'm still deciding on how that's going to happen differently.

7963611 I'm defintely gonna get to Future Trunks at some point. One of the best DBZ characters imo. But I'm not sure how soon that's gonna be, honestly.

And it's no problem. I just got mixed up.

Tbh I think getting the saiyans on a diet would be easier then teaching Vegeta friendship and this might be not only his but yell for several villain they've fought like Frieza, Kid Buu(yeah ik he became ubb), Babidi, etc

PSST Technically Goku's a prince too by marrige...

Goku! But Vegeta! B-but Goku! You know what, crap it! Vegeta's my hope for the winner! Or maybe a solution where they are both forced to stop?

Eh. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!

Royal guard one:( looks at the other guard) should we be concerned that two practical gods are about to have a fight
Royal Guard two: trainee s*** like this happens every other week you get used to it just ignore it we're basically eye candy for the princesses
Royal Guard one: but I thought we were supposed to protect the princesses?
Royal Guard two: what could we do against something that could defeat the princesses they can move the Sun and Moon we'd be more like annoying flies to anything that's a threat to them
Royal Guard one:( looks down depressed) aw

My money's on Goku and hopefully some senzu beans

I hope Celestia and Luna get their butts kicked from being soft.

well... this is going to be quick they don't stand a chance against Goku and Vegeta but id like to see them try.

It sounds more like vegeta and goku are fighting rather than the royal sisters. But i'll wait and see.

7964650 Indeed. Goku's stomach is practically a void for food.

7969415 Honestly, I kinda forgot about that. It's not brought up often and even so, Goku certainly wouldn't remember knowing him.

7973728 The ponies know not of what they've done.

7973731 The life of an Equestrian royal guard in a nutshell. :rainbowlaugh:

7974013 No senzu beans yet.

7975647 Yeah, I should've been more clear. It's Goku and Vegeta who are sparring. The princesses are watching to get a view of what they're capable lf. They may fight the princesses at a later time. But for now, it's Goku vs Vegeta,

7975643 Thanks.

Now that is off to a good start, also glad the Saiyans didn't get nerfed or the MLP characters are near Goku and Vegeta's level, personally I don't think any of the MLP aside from the Princesses, Discord, Tirek, Chrysalis, Sombra etc are above 1,000, even then I think it might be a stretch given how Roshi was able to destroy the Moon with his power when he had a power level of 180 and I don't any of the characters aside from the most powerful ones can accomplish that feat, at least IMO, but anyway, can't wait to see the reactions of the ponies seeing the Saiyans in action, I also take it Goku and Vegeta aren't Super Saiyan Blue's yet

7975856 I figured as much I just noticed in the comments that a lot of people were saying they were gonna fight the princesses.

I hope Vegeta says he's the prince of all saiyans and I'm expecting Blueblood to be a racist asshole

OOOh demigra interesting choice. I like it.

while physically they might stand much of a change the only one who mcould fight equal is Discord... and that's because of his hax as a reality warper.

Before you ask a Hax is a power or ability that allows a being to fight way above their weight class because of the ability in question nearly or completely closes the gap in question. While DB does have it's "reality warpers"... they are pitiful to the point calling them that would be completely laughable. The only exception being Angels like Whiss who can undo time across the universe be three minutes.

I'm not so sure either Goku or Vegeta should teach Pinkie or Twilight these things. Pinkie's already a handful and she already has physics as her bitch while Twilight doesn't have the build and will prefer diplomacy and magic. Also, despite being an alicorn, she doesn't really look like she can take a "hit" from 'em. I don't even KNOW if ponies can learn how to use ki!? Actually the thought of Pinkie learning how to fly with ki scares me.

Enjoying it so far though I thing the chapter titles oughta be formatted like Dragonball Super Episode Titles. You know a Declarative Statement and a Question that mostly sums up the episode.

As to teaching the ponies to use Ki, well DBZ rules are a little lax about what a being looks like vs how strong they are. Just looking like you can't take a hit is no indication of weather you can or not. Characters like Majin Buu don't look like they can fight but are insanely powerful while ones like Mr. Satan look very tough but are weak.

7979498 Thanks. He'll be an overarching villain in a way.

7976528 Goku and Vegeta have only just started training with Whis. Goku has his God form while Vegeta is still working on getting the form. They'll get to SSB soon enough. And with the ponies, yeah, compared to those two they're weak, but at the same time I don't want them sidelined all the time.

7977374 Well, Blueblood being an asshole is to be expected. But who's worse: him or Vegeta? Cause I think the Prince of all Saiyans might teach him a lesson in humility.

7979562 Yeah. Discord may be the strongest in terms of magic. Really, the only reality warper besides Whis I say would be Majin Buu.

7979625 Heck, for all we know, Pinkie already has Ki, but chooses to surpress it with how random she is. I kinda want Goku and Vegeta to at least train them to better defend themselves for threats from their world. But we'll see how that goes.

7979667 That too. Ki is a concept that is strange. We know that it's in the twelve Universes and that God Ki is a thing, but it looks like some characters learned how to use it properly from others, like I don't think Goku started flying till after training with King Kai. Maybe I can do something with that.

And the titles? I actually wanted to do that. Just give me a bit.

7981230 Hee, noticed the rewrite of the chapter titles. Trying think of the title after you finish a chapter, I know I've gotten stuck on stories because I titled them first.

7979562 Janemba and Super Buu Gohan absorbed were some strong reality warpers. Janemba can change the spiritual and physical makeup of Otherworldly simply be existing, disintegrate and reassemble at will, manipulate matter, create a blade so sharp that it cuts rips in space to cause broken shards of dimensional glass to fall upon your enemy, and create portals casually that send or redirect attacks, energy blasts, or body parts anytime.

While Super Buu change can cause breaches between dimensions to open simply by yelling, and later he nearly causes the Universe to collapse in on its self by causing it to collide by neighboring dimensions. Well before Vegito stopped him of course. Not to mention his natural magical abilities,( healing, candy beam, etc.), absorbing abilities and regeneration. Discord is nothing to them.

Ki energy is a natural source of energy that exists in ALL forms of life. The difference being whether or one can harness or manipulate said force, or are even aware of it for that matter. Anyone can learn to so. However how it comes to manifest or is used depends on the user. Greatly so. Ki is made of three aspects: Genki for "Energy", Yuki is "Courage", Shoki is for "Mind". They have to all be in sync in order to function, but there are variations where they are manipulated singularly.

For example Genki is only Energy in one's self, but represented in Spirit or Life energy in general. That is why on many occasions the Z Fighters are able to lend their own said force in order to aid or empower others even if temporarily. All ki has both Positive and Negative aspects to it. Depending on the user it will vary greatly. Be ware that they naturally repel each other. Especially in the more pure it is, the more effective it will be.

This is why the Spirt Bomb or Genki-dama is able to work by collecting and harnessing nearby or if your mental or will is strong enough, beyond that general radius to people, plants, animals, oceans, to even planets or stars. However taking too much will end up robbing them of the very natural energy they need to live, thus killing them.

Yuki or Courage is best represented by one's inate bravery, willpower, or perseverance. Think of it as a heightended sense of adrenaline. It usually comes about when to push more energy into the task, activity, or action you are doing. One can empower either themselves or others this way to produce incredidle feats.

This is why Goku and Piccolo power levels increased when they each used their respective signature attacks on Raditz. They enforcened their will to be able perform said techniques and have them be able to the action is required. Obviously at the time it only reached so high, but enough reserves and further training later will prove most fruitful. However pushing ones self far beyond their limits can have severe consequences, of which including breaking ones arms, paralysed, or even ki blindness.
Though certain techniques or manuvers can overcome these, it is still a very real risk.

Now Shoki or Mind is the cultivation ones thoughts, intellect, or feelings. It allows us to focus on our inner most selves and access to concept of ki manipulation in general. By reinforcing the focus you allow your inner wells of energy to be able spring forth to physically manifest. Then on you alter it to as see fit to better see your purposes. It also how one can or feel another's energy, control far off energy blasts, shoot eye beams, perform telekinetic, Pyrokinetic, or other elemental properties their attacks, flight, and even read minds.

However if the user is troubled mentally or emotionally so, it will hinder or even dampen their focus, thinking, and overall acess to their ki. Even to the point of limiting their overall potential, as seen with Gohan, Krillian, and even Future Trunks at times. Having a strong and healthy mental state is vital to be able to use and on troll one's ki. Otherwise you only end up hurt yourself in the long run.

These all have to in check and in balance in order to properly grasp or handle ki. True while some can favor one aspect over others, it still stands to reason that you need to be aware that is not all they should be focusing on. Other factors are the Body which is the maintaining one's physical health, diet, and resting. Diseases or injuries obviously are no help in this category, and can affect overall ki flow to waver or deplete.

Also as Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Super in its entirety show, ki is NOT magic. Magic is a completely separate form of energy with its own set of rules differing from ki in general. While one can be proficient in both Magic and use ki, it does not affect one's natural ki. It can circumvent some limitations that ki has, but it does not make the overall ki or power level any stronger. Unless purposely used to boost, or enhance by giving elemental or special properties, it is considered an outside resource to power.

Now Ki can manifest around the user in what many would call an "Aura". It usually appears partially or fully all over the user's body. The visibility of which depends greatly from both how great or low their overall Ki or "Power Level" is. Both the size, and pressure one sends out can give indictators about that in person as well. Colors will vary wildly especially once they to better harness it themselves. Though at first it will usually manifest clearly or whitefish in color for those still new to it. Other factors that contribute to appearance in Auras are morality, personality, race, techniques, transformations, and God ki.

God Ki is a completely different matter for it achecked by those who reached a certain immense threshold of strength, have reached a sense of enlightenment fufillment of ones mind, are deities, or have fine ki control to the point it does not leak out unnecessarily, or It is a level beyond basic ki itself, but can function similarly. However further mastery of this high class state comes greater realms of power to near cosmic levels in retrun. To the point it enhances one's natural abilities beyond their orginal limits, and bring forth new potential new ones. It is still a contested factor, but is a powerful aspect few will ever hope to reach without experiencing or being subject to it first.

Go here for further questions or examples: http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Ki
I also highly reccomend go going to Kanzenschuu for information as well be it for interviews, articles, podcasts, or the forums there.

7982753 I can only see this as being a longer explanation of my point. A being does not need to appear extremely tough to be a powerful Ki user. Beerus for example looks quite skinny but he's a deity, one of the most powerful beings in Dragon Ball. Heck none of the gods of destruction are muscular. The most powerful form of Buu is Kid Buu even though Super Buu looks stronger. I was aware that Ki and Magic where separate, just like how in Star Wars the force and magic are separate.

7983407 I was mostly generalizing for anyone that came across my comment. Plus I feel many would think I was leaving things out. I am fully aware anyone become strong, hence why it said multiple times, ki is in all life forms regardless of race. Even animals nature etc.

Also it just seemed to me that some, (but not all), were confused of the actual basic aspects and how applicable they were. I sorry if went long winded, I tend to keep going when I am in a groove. So to speak. So for that I apologise.

7981770 Well, not to say too much, but the power boost is mainly for Starlight against the Equestrians. Towa has separate plans for Goku... And it involves a certain Saiyan.

7983407 I never knew Ki was explored this much. Thanks for the info. I had a hunch Ki and magic were separated anyhow.

So, Ki exists within all beings. Then that means that with the Mane Six, they have the potential to use it should they choose to learn to harness it from Goku and Vegeta.

Now imagine Discord doing a Kamehameha. Or Twilight with a Spirit Bomb. Heck, are Twilight and the Princesses capable of gaining God Ki if they trained hard enough considering their status? It worked for Vegeta, who according to Goku didn't need the ritual.

Or am I just thinking wrong?

Lol TFS reference I think you should have mentioned the muffin button tho XD

Funny enough I always thought vegeta's portrayal was spot on:pinkiehappy:

I really want to see Goku ask Discord fora Muffin Button! Itwould be hilariouse! :rainbowlaugh:

7983907 Well yes the denizens of Equestria or Equss as a whole could potentially learn to make use of their Ki. It is however not something readibly available to everyone. Even with teaching it is a process. Also a factor that ties in with Body aspect is the fact how it generates and corrolates with said ki flow.

See these for example:
How to start: https://youtu.be/5qxHE-S2Xio

Bringing it out: https://youtu.be/F9iPdC05T8E

Do note these take place days apart from eachother. Even though Videl is stronger than her father and many others already even she cannot grasp too fast in comparison to like Goku or Kid Gohan in the Sayain Saga.

Also noted by Gohan is that once you established being able to draw out your ki, you now have work to be in control of the rest of it. You need to manage your ki so it can compensate for your body. Your overall mass basically.

So if the user is huge or giant size but has barely any ki control it will basically useless to them. However the opposite holds true if they are small in body but have too much energy to properly maintain then it overwelm or make them suffer.It has to flow throughout the Body like a bloodstream or water and eeach all the necessary or vital areas.

Mismanagement or improper placement of ki control could lead to dire situations. If you are too lax you risk exposing yourself to injury or harm from usually minor things.

This is is why sometimes in Dragonball characters that ought have prevailed or brush off certain attacks end up failing to do so due either being offguard via distraction or overconfindence. This is why some of recent episodes Krillin and Goku were harmed by bullets, despite being able to dodge them.

Now For Ponies it is a bit complex because all tribes have naturally atuned sources of magic within them. Both in passive, (pegasi wings, bodies& hooves Earthponies hooves & bodies, and active (Unicorn horns, Alicorn: All), forms.

So if thet were to learn ki they would either have to learn to handicap that aspect of themselves til they are at a stable stage to handle both or learn to somehow churn both forms of energies. The second of which would prove to the most dangerous if not properly handled. Fatal even.

But as Dabura, Towa, Buu, Namekiams have shown, it can be done. Though probably without sacrifices.

Another thing is their overall livilihood will determine their chances of ki control being successful or not. For instance Applejack would actually be able to grasp most of the basics. Since as a farmer she has become physically fit, is aware of the importance of needing balance in nature, and
is usually a level headed indiviual.

However if we were to see for Season 1 & partly 2 Twilight it is different. Well when she was just regualr unicorn she would not being able to grasp the basics due to her neuortic tendecies, anti social nature, know it all demeanor, and anxieity induced panic attacks. Not to mention she is probably not that atheletic.

Now for Alicorn Twilight due to her emotional maturity, experience with various dangers, and now a slight boost tother aspects to the three tribes' magic, flys regualarly, and has become a little more spiritually intuned. These set her up as much more likely to bring it forth, but some of her past flaws will hinder her progress and overall potential. While having gained acess to the other pros of the other tribes, she rarely ever takes advantage of them. For she barely changed her daily habits or health lifestyle. She kinda eats unhealthy amount if junkfood. Plus WAAAY to much indoors. So its split.

Discord even if he could have acess to ki, I doubt he would focus long to properly control it. Ki requires a balanced overall flow throughout ones being. While he is a powerful magicak reality warper, It would probably be too much of a hassle to regulate all of that energy. Plus as we find out in the Season 6 finale when he lost his magic, he states he had not walk ti anywhere at all for eons. So it is clear his magic is a crutch for him as without it he is a silly limp noodle of a being. Barely any stamina or cooridination to speak of. Not to mention since it be his first time it be a wonder how he gets to properly regulate his energy through his various chimeric limbs.

As for techniques, each one is unique and have several requirements to mimic or master. Unless you are a prodigy or have a firm grasp on how your or ki in general works.

I do not see anyone able to use the Kaioken anytime soon. So you can forget about the higher levels of it as well. The Kaioken multiplys the overall maximum ki output. Just once is twice the amount the user has at their peak. Each subsequent level mutlipys the previous levels by two as well.The highest ever recorded is twenty times.

However this a doubledged sword for it causes immense strain on the user and drains their energy and stamina quickly. Also too much use will keep building the amount of energy inside ti even beyond they can handle. A visual cue if this is shown when Goku muscles bulging in larger quanities. This is actually due to the intense ki stored inside. Its all coiled like a spring. Howeber once they run of stamina or internal storage it all lets lose at once. The ens reresults could backlash horribly upon the user leading to numbeness, paralysis, or outright internal damage due to their own ki imploding on themselves.

Things are not so black and white see.

Now for the royalty being able to use God Ki. Well I sense them potentionally just only being to sense it just like how King Kai or dietities could. Though I see the royal sisters as the Equss equivalant to Dende, Kami or Elder Guru, role wise, a touch of between mortal and God but just with more magical variety. Equss's Gaurdians.

Alicorns I could see only getting as strong as low ranked Kais at the most. On average. Alicorn Twilght potentially maaaybe a low ranked Kaioshin in training. If she really pushes herself maybe close to Supreme Kai Shin's level.

They could not hope to reach Beerus's or even Whis's level. So forget that.

7975856 bring in black goku plus zamasu I like to see how that goes on

7969415 right.....funny how tiny details like that slip through the floorboards.

Awesome! :rainbowkiss: :twilightsmile: :raritystarry:

Will the ponies one day meet Beerus and Whis? That would be awesome.

Set during MLP Season 5 and sometime before the Resurrection F Saga of Dragon Ball Super.

Will said saga still take place?

Ohhh, I'm so excited for the next chapter!Please post it soon! Here, have this for encouragement! :fluttercry:

By attacking and enslaving Vegeta, Starlight has brought trouble on herself along with any other time shenangans she will do.

I'm never gonna find a awesome Blueblood in a dbz story am I???? :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

I think vagita is going to be really pissed when he's free from starlight's mind control and Goku tells Vegeta that starlight was mind controling him

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