• Published 18th Feb 2017
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Dragon Ball Super: Equestrian Chronicles - The Saiyan

Goku and Vegeta find themselves in Equestria in hopes of becoming stronger thanks to Whis. Can they learn the magic of friendship or will Vegeta go insane?

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Welcome to Ponyville! What World is This?

Goku and Vegeta wandered on, their destination unclear. The two walked for a few minutes, silence being passed among them, that is until Goku broke it. "So, Vegeta. What do you think is here? Whis mentioned that it might be weird."

Vegeta huffed, "I'm not sure and frankly I don't care."

Chuckling, Goku responded, "Yeah, that's what I figured!" he rubbed the back of his neck. "Oh, hey, a town!" he was right. Near where they were standing was a small town, but they couldn't be quite sure who or what lived there exactly.


And with something in sight, Goku and Vegeta took off, using their ki to get there faster. A few seconds later and they arrived right outside the town beyond the number of trees. The two landed and walked in, hoping that they weren't met with hostility. "This can't be too bad." said the orange-clad warrior.

"For you, maybe. As a Saiyan warrior you should always be ready, Kakarot." Vegeta scolded.

Cracking his knuckles, Goku chuckled, "You act like I'm not. I hope that whoever's here is strong!"

"Same here. It's the only reason why I want to bother sticking around." admitted the Prince of all Saiyans.

"What am I even looking at?"

Vegeta asked this question upon walking into the town. Standing around were horses. No, ponies. Each of them looking like they were straight from a rainbow. "Kakarot, please tell me we were sent here by accident..." he groaned in disbelief.

The ponies around them were surprised, but Goku just waved, "Hi, there. What's up?" he chuckled in a friendly manner, "Is it any different from our world, Vegeta? We've been to Namek! They could be friendly for all we know!"

"H-Hi...?" a pony returned a wave from Goku, unsure of how to react.

A smile was returned by Goku, "Don't worry! We're not gonna hurt you." he assured, wrapping an arm around Vegeta, earning a disgruntled sigh from his ally and rival. "We're just wondering..." he heard the sound of rumbling, and looked down, seeing that the sound came from his stomach. "Heh heh... Is there any place where we can get some food?"

"U-Uh?" the pony stammered. "S-sugarcube Corner? There are lots of treats there!"

Turning left, Goku waved as his back turned, "Great! Thanks for the help!" he said. The Saiyan looked back with a thumbs up, easing the mare and anyone else watching. But a sneer from Vegeta made them shiver.

"I can't believe that we just arrived in a new world, and all you're focused on is the food." grunted the Saiyan Prince.

Patting his stomach, Goku replied, "I can't fight if I'm hungry, Vegeta. I gotta be at the top of my game if we're going to be training in this world. And that includes eating."

"Hmph. Very well. If we're going to be eating... I can probably eat more than you." Vegeta boasted.

"You're on!" Goku shouted back, and pointed at a building, "Is that it?" he asked, looking at a place that looked like a giant gingerbread house. "I think I can eat that all on its own."

"Please don't, Kakarot..." muttered Vegeta, "Let's just get inside before something goes wrong."

The Saiyan duo stepped into the building, having to lower their heads in order to enter. They towered over everypony in the room and were given glances upon entering. Awkward silence filled the room as Goku smiled sheepishly. Vegeta merely crossed his arms, choosing not to say anything.

"Hi, I'm Goku!" introduced the Saiyan, "And this is Vegeta! We're not gonna hurt anybody here, so get back to doing whatever it was you did!" somehow that convinced everyone to go back to eating.

"Grr. So much for this. I was told we were going to train, it's like this world hasn't seen humans before." grumbled Vegeta.

Goku raised a brow, "They probably haven't, Vegeta. In the meantime, we should keep to ourselves I say. Until we earn their trust." he decided.

"Do you want to get in front?" a stallion whispered nervously.

Raising a hand, Goku replied, "Nah. You were here first. Looks like it's pickin' up speed anyway."

A few minutes passed and Goku and Vegeta were in front of line, the orange-clad warrior placing a hand on the table. "Hi there! Can we have... Three-hundred cupcakes?" he asked kindly.

Mrs. Cake raised a brow, "Excuse me... Did you say three-hundred?" she wondered, confused on whether or not she heard his words correctly.

Nodding, Goku said, "Yep! Three-hundred! I'm starving!"

Sighing, Mrs. Cake whispered, "If only Pinkie were here..."

"Hi there!"

The Saiyans hopped back in surprise at the sight of the pink pony popping out from behind the counter. Mrs. Cake held her chest as she breathed. "Pinkie... You're going to give me a heart attack at some point." she chuckled. "I thought you were with your friends n your break?"

"I was, but then I heard that you needed my help! So I came back!" Pinkie exclaimed, her eyes turning to see Goku and Vegeta, "Ooo, new customers! My name is Pinkie Pie, and you are..."

"Goku and Vegeta! Nice to meet you, Pinkie." Goku offered a hand, which Pinkie shook enthusiastically.

Mrs Cake whispered into her employee's ear, "They asked for three-hundred cupcakes."

The pink mare paused, her mane shaking. The Saiyans gave her a weird look and saw a wide grin form on her face, "Three-hundred!? I'll be back in a minute."

Vegeta smirked, "Heh. There's no way she can get three-hundred--"

"Here you go!"

Standing on the counter was a tower. "Three-hundred cupcakes, counted to the exact number! I hope you enjoy!" Pinkie exclaimed to the duo.

Vegeta's jaw was agape, "Wha... But how?!"

Rubbing his hands, Goku heard his stomach again, "This world is awesome!" he grabbed the tray by the sides and balanced it as he slowly walked, "Whoever eats more wins, Vegeta!"

Instead of answering, Vegeta shook his head in disbelief, "What have I gotten myself into..."

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